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Well. Looks like you finally made it!
To the Stories Page that is.

Oh. Hi!... Ummm, it gets a little HOT in here...
Oh hi. Um, listen. It may get a little hot in here
Especially with Monica anywhere around...

Ah, Dana? You're embarrassing me...
Oh, I promise you. It's gonna get hot all right...
Besides. Life with you is beyond my wildest dreams ...

I hope you enjoy my stories and the life I have created inside my goofy little head for Monica and Dana. Some of the stories will be pure fun. Others will be pure angst; and then others will be a fine mixture of the two.
Some are stand-alones within the newest "AND BABY MAKES THREE" (A Day In The Life) Series started in April-2004. Whereas, ALL will be a part of the Novel-Length, "DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME" Series started in November-2002.
In the DREAM Series, my goal is to incorporate most every episode from Season 9 and the four eps Reyes was in during Season 8 into the full-length stories. They will be long, disciplined,  novel-length,  and full of emotion, angst, good times, bad times, everything imaginable for the two-women-in-love. The BABY Series will be fun, pure fun, (and maybe a little angst on occasion) with short little glimpses into their daily-lives as a couple raising Baby William together. At least that's the plan anyway.
I'll have two lists, with links to each story as they are posted on my site. One list will be for all the stories that are a "must read" to keep up with what's happening in the DREAM Series. The other will be for the BABY Series. I will give info as to when to read them, if you want to stay true to the timeline of the Entire MGR Stories Page.
Well, I guess that's about it for now. Thanks and ENJOY! ~ MGR

Here is Moni's link to the SRR fanlisting

Just Another Day In The Life with our girls
1. Homecoming: (80K) Rated: NC-17. PWP/H/SL/UST/FF-SEX. Rated for Adult/Strong Language, Underlying Sexual Tension & Feverishly Fast & Passionate Sex - Scully sees Reyes for the first time after a four-day and three-night separation and has a "homecoming present" waiting just for her.

Started: 09/07/2002 (On back-burner for 17-months)
Finished: 04/01/2004
Archived: 04/03/2004

2. Welcome Home: Rated:
3. In Sickness and In Need of a Little Help (160K) Rated: R.  A/C/H/FF-Slash for Mild Angst, Some Comedy & Humor, FF-Slash Romance - Dana is feeling quite sick and puny. Her little son is not doing so well himself. So, this leaves Monica to sort everything out and take care of her two ailing loved ones. Things become quite interesting indeed for the inexperienced Monica, a sick and puny Dana, and a colicky little infant named William as time goes on.


2004 X-Files Spooky Awards:

1st Place for Outstanding Scully/Reyes Slash Romance

Started: 10/10/2003 (On back-burner for 6-months)
Finished: 05/23/2004
Archived: 05/24/2004

4. Just A Little Monday Night Football (52K) Rated: (Soft R) PG-15.
For Friendship/ Romance/FF-Love. Summary: John and Moni need a night off. Dana does, too. Monday Night Football is on and the three best friends make the most of it.
Started: 10/08/2004
Finished: 10/18/2004
5. Just A Little Tuesday Morning Lovin' (86K) Rated: R
For Friendship/Humor/Romance/FF-Love. Summary: Moni and Dana are in Dana's bed just waking up for the day. John's on the couch still asleep. William's been awake for awhile now, and things begin to happen on this early Tuesday morning to create a lot of fun, teasing and chitchat between the special friends before this day is finally over.
Started: 10/24/2004
Finished: 12/30/2004


6. You're All I Need, My Love, My Valentine (120K) - Rated: NC-17 - For H/SL/P/UST/S - It's Scully & Reyes' first Valentine's Day together as a couple. Need I say more? Okay. Well, how many different places can two people enjoy themselves and make-a-little-love in a 24-36 hour period, especially when they don't have a baby to worry about for the night? Now Need I say more?... Oh my, then use your imagination. Hehehe...
2004 X-Files Spooky Awards:
2nd Place (Tied) for Outstanding Scully/Reyes Slash Romance
Started: 02/14/2004.
Finished: 04/15/2004.
Date Archived: 04/15/2004

Here is Dana's link to the SRR fanlisting

following the Eps of Season 8-9 with our girls

1. She Mends Me (NOVEL) Rated: R (Parts 1-9, 11, 12, 14, Conc:) and NC-17  (Parts 10, 13, 15) for A/MV/P/SL/BI-S/UST. The rating is for Angst, Mild Violence, Profanity, Occasional Strong Language & just a smidgen of BI-Sexual Innuendo along with some major Underlying Sexual Tension - First story primarily dealing with "This Is Not Happening" of S8 and the very first time we are introduced to the new female character, Special Agent Monica Reyes. What happened after Scully & Reyes met for the first time up on that remote hillside in Montana? What more happened when Reyes came by Scully's motel room the night she "saw something"? And what happened after Scully realized Mulder was truly gone? Did Reyes step in to help "heal" her pain and "mend" her broken heart? Ooohhh, don't you want to know? What are you waiting for? Go check it out! PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5, PART 6, PART 7 , PART 8 , PART 9 , PART 10 , PART 11 , PART 12, PART 13, PART 14 , PART 15 and the CONC.


2003 X-Files Spooky Awards:

1st Place for Scully/Reyes Slash Outstanding Romance
4th Place for Outstanding Characterization of Monica Reyes

2003 Golden Labyrys Award:

1st Place for Outstanding F/F Slash Sci-Fi/Fantasy in Category of Angst

Started: 11/02/2002
Finished: 09/29/2003
Date Archived: 09/29/2003

2. Rescue Me (760K) 
Rating: Category: A/AC/V/P/SL/UST - for Angst, Adult Content, Violence, Profanity, Strong Language and Underlying Sexual Tension - Second novel primarily dealing with the time-frame starting with the ending scene of She Mends Me, above, the beginning scene of "Deadalive" - S8 and just a few days after. Summary: Reyes unexpectedly gets called back to her hometown Field Office in Southern New Orleans due to two innocent little children gone missing. Scully needs to fly out to Raleigh, NC and attend Mulder's Funeral. Suddenly, duty has called and will now separate the two new lovers - newly in love. How will they handle it? Can Reyes find and rescue the two missing children? How will Scully handle the sudden separation, the funeral, and all the aftermath of this horrific event in her life as well? Will their new love survive? What are you waiting for? Go check it out. CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9 and CH 10 (Conc).


2004 X-Files Spooky Awards:

1st Place for Outstanding Characterization of Monica Reyes
1st Place for Outstanding Characterization of Margaret Scully

3rd Place for Outstanding Characterization of John Doggett
2nd Place (Tied) for Scully/Reyes Slash Outstanding Romance 

Started: 04/15/2004
Finished: 09/07/2004
Date Archived: 09/07/2004
Date Revised: 11/21/2004

3. These Dreams (WIP) 
Rating: NC-17  Category: A/AC/P/SL/UST - for Angst, Adult Content, Profanity, Strong Language and Underlying Sexual Tension - Third novel primarily dealing with the time-frame starting with the ending scene of Rescue Me, above, and the three months that pass during "Deadalive(S8), that we don't know anything about, leading up to "Empedocles" - (S8). This little ditti feels in the blanks for Scully & Reyes from the next week after Mulder's funeral, until three months later, when Dana is about seven-and-a-half months pregnant. Summary: Dana has just driven/flown down to New Orleans, Louisiana to be with Monica over the next few days. They have been desperate to see each other after all they both have been through over the last eleven days since meeting in Helena, Montana (She Mends Me). This novel begins the morning after - where Rescue Me ends. The ladies begin to learn more about each other. They are totally in-love and begin to find out more about why that has happened so quickly. Neither are quick to jump into a relationship. So why have they fallen so head-over-hills in-love so quickly? Could it be that they have been in love for decades? Centuries? Millenniums? Could Monica's dreams hold the key to their past, their present and future? Are they destined to be together? Saving the world, over and over again, from all the evil powers that be? Read on. CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, ~~~, ~~~, ~~~ and ~~~.
Started: 01/12/2004
Finished: ~~
Date Archived: ~~ 

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