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Important/Informative Links for Our World
Below I have listed some very important links (in my opinion) for you to surf through and look at, just out of curiosity if nothing else. Some of the links might grab you, some might frustrate you, and some might even give you a chuckle. But, no matter what they do for you, I hope you take a look at them, and use them if you need to, to help educate yourself or another. We can all use "a little more knowledge and help" along the way.

On Spirituality:

Conversations With God Foundation - Website dedicated to the "Conversations With God" Book Trilogy & the CWG Foundation discussing the possibilities of a better world, and how to accomplish our goals, from one person at a time all the way to the possibilities of a true Collective Consciousness Worldwide. I highly recommend reading any of his books. Please view the Favorite Other Stuff Page for a selection.
Celestine Prophecy Homepage - Website dedicated to "The Celestine Prophecy" book and movie. Annabeth Gish stars in this movie as "Julia".
Celestine Prophecy Movie Page - Website dedicated to the movie "The Celestine Prophecy".
Deepak Chopra Website - Website dedicated to Health and Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul - the Deepak Chopra way. This man is absolutely amazing. I love this guy. He backs himself up using the science lab, too, on many of his ideas and principles. I highly recommend reading any of his books. For a list of some of his best sellers view the Favorite Other Stuff Page.
God's Debris by Scott Adams (free downloadable e-Book) by the Dilbert artist and cartoonist Scott Adams. This is an interesting little read - and - it's free! Check out the sequel to this book, The Religion War over on
Humanity's Team Website - Website dedicated to the ideas/principles outlined in Neale Donald Walsh's book Tomorrow's God. A Grassroots Organization striving to help educate/change the world into a better place focusing on our collective need to realize that We Are All One with God & Each Other and if we could transcend our religious differences into a New Spirituality where we all could acknowledge and realize that there is only One God Source & God doesn't care about our religious preferences, as long as we all Unite and Love One Another, as any of the "good book/scared writings" teach. Indeed, it is a very interesting/life-changing/world-saving concept. Read his book Tomorrow's God (and his CWG Trilogy) and then consider the possibilities. It could change the world - forever - for the better. Check out their Humanity's Team Mission Statement for more info.
Success Consciousness Website - Website dedicated to "The Power of Creative Visualization", "The Power of Intent" and "Changing your Life for the better". Great articles for download & e-books on the subjects available.
On Global Warming & The Environment:
Earth 911: Making Every Day Earth Day - Website dedicated to helping individuals (and companies) learn and find ways to build, shop, recycle, etc in their specific areas using more earth-friendly ways and preventing the continual destruction/mistreatment of our Mother Earth. This is an excellent website - one of the best on the subject. It covers so many topics and also provides a place for you to key-in your Zip Code (USA residents) and find the nearest "Green" shopping centers, drop-off  and recycling centers, etc for just about anything you can think of, from your holiday trees to old appliances. Here is a link for my neighbors in Canada as well: Canada Earth Day: Making Every Day Earth Day for drop-off and recycling centers in your area. I highly recommend this site.
Global Green USA - Website dedicated to the United States and other foreign countries focusing on three major environmental issues facing the world today - Climate Change (Global Warming), Weapons of Mass Destruction (Safely and appropriately eliminating them) & consistently providing clean, safe drinking water for all. It is quite an informative site, giving info on "how to build green". Brad Pitt is now involved with this organization and is in the process of helping our beloved New Orleans and other various towns/cities of the Southern Alabama and Southern Mississippi area (all hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005) "build green". Although, this site is worldwide, not just specific to the USA.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Excellent Website sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) providing downloadable materials on Global Warming in the form of official publications, documents, press releases, presentation/graphics files, etc, for use by educators and/or the general public. Great for obtaining/downloading brochures, etc. to prove your point that Global Warming is for real.   

Natural Resources Defense Council - Considered to be one of the United States’ most effective environmental action organizations. NRDC uses law, science and the support of 1.2 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places, to ensure a safer, more healthy environment for all living things. Worth Magazine: "One of America's 100 Best Charities. . . . Even by environmentalist standards, this is a relentless group of lawyers and scientists."


Save Our Environment Action Center - Homepage to the collaborative effort of several of the nation's most influential environmental advocacy organizations, including The American Rivers Assoc, Defenders of Wildlife,  Friends of the Earth,  Greenpeace, National Audubon Society, National Parks and Conservation, National Wildlife Federation - to name a few. This is a great site for various links to various subjects concerning the environment and welfare of our planet. Take a look, if you're just not sure what interests you, or what you would like to get involved in. You might find something here.   

World Environmental Organization - Website dedicated to educating the public and developing/implementing scientific strategies that prevent/decrease some of our biggest environmental concerns, including preservation of natural habitats, organic farming, endangered species preservation, animal rescue, renewable energy, solar energy, fossil fuel consumption, climate change and other related topics. Very informative site. 

On Just About Anything Else Concerning Health/Social Issues:

I've also linked to one of my closest, best friend's - my life mate, - main websites, Angara's Novel Endeavors, and her Important Links page because, well? It is so freakin' thorough. Heck. She covers just about everything I had planned to cover myself, especially near the bottom of her page. So... Here ya go... Here's the link:

Novel Endeavors' Link Page - Covering everything from Lesbian Fanfiction and Music Videos to what many around the world occasionally need to know about. Gay and Lesbian Issues, Child Abuse, Rape, Incest, Self-Injury (Cutting), Domestic Abuse, Depression/Mental Health Issues, Suicide, Eating Disorders, Sex/Pregnancy, Drug and Alcohol Abuse. You name it, she's got a link to it, when it comes to helping another find their way. Great links page! And Angara is due ALL the credit. THANKS, Sweetheart! And below are some direct links to some of her other websites. Enjoy.
Her websites are full of "subtexty stuff" for any fem/fem slash fan - the  Scully/Reyes fan,  Xena/Gabrielle fan, Sam/Janet fan, Janeway/Seven-of-Nine fan, etc, etc. You get the picture. Anything for two-women-in-love. Yep. So go and check them out and enjoy her work! Her music videos are amazing... And her artwork... And her fanfic... And, whoa, yeah... Indeed... SHE is amazing!... Thanks, sweetie!...


Angara's CHIMERA  - Primarily a Music Video Site


Angara's Deviant0 - Primarily a "Muse on the Move" website (Some Parts Still Under Construction)


Angara's Novel Endeavors  - Primarily a "Everything you can think of, relating to two women-in-love" website (Some Parts Still Under Construction)

Also, here is a link to one of her best Scully/Reyes Romance stories called A Shot In The Dark By Angara. Check it out. I usually do not use this site as an archive for another author's work, but for my mate, well... *wink* ... This is different.  


Anyhoo. Go check her sites and story out. She is AMAZING when her muse is blessing her with so much inspiration. Whoa! Indeed! ...Thanks again, babe!...  I love you... 












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