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Website Awards
My website has won two Awards. Thank you!

Go to "No Frickin' Way!" here!

The "No Frickin' Way Site Award" on November 23, 2002, from the awesome Special Agent Monica Reyes Site, "No Frickin' Way"! Thank you, Kristi~!

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My site won this "Site of the Month Award" on December 02, 2002, from the awesome Special Agent John Doggett site, "Addicted To Doggett". Thank you, Cassie~!

FanFic Awards

Fanfic of the Month - 07/04 at ''No Frickin' Way''

She Mends Me was selected as Fanfic of the Month for the month of July, 2004 from the Reyes Site No Frickin' Way. Thanks, Kristi!

Go to the "Golden Labyrys Awards" Page here!

 She Mends Me won this "Golden Labyrys Award" on October 19, 2003, for the category of "Angst" in the F/F Slash SciFi/Fantasy Fanfic world from Sapphic_Warrior of the Golden Labyrys Awards Page. Thank you, Sapphic_Warrior~! Wow! I still can't believe it!

The Spooky Awards - 2003
Wow! My first posted story ever - SHE MENDS ME - won two awards during the 2003 Spookies. Thank you again, readers!

Image by JT
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Graphic by JA

She Mends Me - 4th Place/Honorable Mention

4th - Fourth Place - Honorable Mention on January 1, 2004, in the category of "OUTSTANDING REYES CHARACTERIZATION" from the 2003 Spooky Awards. Fans from all around the world voted for their favorite X-Files Fanfic. My God! THANKS! Readers, fellow authors and all who voted! I am so happy to have even placed in this category! Honorable Mention is simply WONDERFUL! I can hardly believe it and am so ecstatic over this  award for Agent Reyes! Yip-heee! I just LOVE Special Agent Monica Reyes! Thank you again to ALL the voters! YOU made it happen! And I am so very thankful, from the bottom of my heart! 

Image by Kate
Go to "She Mends Me" here
Graphic by JA

She Mends Me - First Place Winner of SRR

And She Mends Me quite unexpectedly won 1st - First Place on January 1, 2004, in the ROMANCE Category of "OUTSTANDING SCULLY/OTHER OR REYES/OTHER SLASH" from the 2003 Spooky Awards, too! And, oh my God! I can't even begin to tell you how surprised and thrilled I am over this! OMG! THANKS! To each and every one of you that supported & voted for SMM in the Spookies - THANK YOU!!! - for believing in me, in my story and encouraging me to keep on writing this long-ass novel until it was finally finished! And you still give me the drive and encouragement to keep-on-keeping-on and do my part in keeping the Magic of Scully & Reyes Romance alive long after the show is over! THANK YOU, READERS, FELLOW AUTHORS & FANS! What an honor you have bestowed upon me. And I'll do my best to keep giving you more SRR stories to read and hopefully satisfy that little "ache" in our hearts now that the show is over. All the best! MGR

The Spooky Awards - 2004
Whoa! Three of my stories won awards during the 2004 Spookies. Wow! Thank you again, readers!

'Rescue Me' 1st Place Winner 2004 - Maggie Scully
Artwork/Graphics by Angara

1st - First Place for the Margaret Scully Characterization Category (which I still can hardly believe. Holy crap! THANK YOU!)...

'Rescue Me' 1st Place Winner 2004 for Monica Reyes
Artwork/Graphics by Angara

1st - First Place for the Monica Reyes Characterization Category. Whooo! Whoa! Yeayah!!! THANK YOU, AGAIN! I wrote it specifically for that character! Weeeeeeee!...

'Rescue Me' 2nd Place (Tied) - Scully/Reyes Slash
Artwork/Graphics by Angara

2nd - Second Place for the Scully/Reyes Romance Slash Category. Whoooo! THANKS!...

'Rescue Me' 3rd Place Winner - John Doggett
Artwork/Graphics by Angara

3rd - Third Place for the John Doggett Characterization Category. Wow! I was really shocked by this one (along with Maggie Scully, too). Whoooo! THANKS!...


1st Place Winner 2004 for Scully & Reyes Slash
Artwork/Graphics by Angara

1st - First Place for the Scully/Reyes Romance Slash Category. Whoooo! THANKS!...


'Valentine' 2nd Place (Tied) - Scully/Reyes Slash
Artwork/Graphics by Angara

2nd - Second Place (Tied) for the Scully/Reyes Romance Slash Category.
Thank you again, readers, for ALL of your encouragement and support. I wouldn't keep doing it and writing without your encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you... MGR


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