Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 1
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to the First Novel in the Dream A Little Dream of Me

She Mends Me: Part 1

She Mends Me
by MyGirlReyes

Winner of the Golden Labyrys Award: F/F Slash SciFi/Fantasy FanFic in the Category of Angst.
Winner of First Place in the Category of Outstanding Scully/Other or Reyes/Other Slash Romance and
Winner of Fourth Place/Honorable Mention in the Category of Outstanding Reyes Characterization
of the 2003 Spooky Awards - The X-Files FanFic.

THANK YOU!! Readers and voters, from the bottom of my heart. MGR

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Monica Julieta Reyes, Dana Katherine Scully and all other Original X-Files characters included within this story belong to Chris Carter, the Fox Broadcasting Network & 1013 Productions and are being used here without their permission. I am just borrowing them for a little while to satisfy my own needs and desires for their otherwise rather boring lives. No Copyright Infringement is intended. No profit will be realized.
Rating: (Parts 1-9: R) (Parts 10 - Conclusion: NC-17) for A/AC/BN/MV/P/SL/Bi-S/UST. The rating is for Angst, Adult Content, Brief Nudity, Mild Violence, Profanity, Strong Language, just a smidgen of Comedy/Bi-Sexual Innuendo and Underlying Sexual Tension.
Pairing: Scully/Reyes.
Episode Spoilers: Lazarus, Requiem, Per Manum, This Is Not Happening, Dead or Alive, Existence, Nothing Important Happened Today (Eps 1 & 2)
Summary: First story of the Dream A Little Dream of Me Series, primarily dealing with This Is Not Happening of Season 8. What happened after Scully & Reyes met for the first time up on that remote hillside in Helena, Montana? What more happened when Reyes came by Scully's motel room the night she "saw something"? And what happened after Scully realized Mulder was truly gone? Did Reyes step in to help "heal" her pain and "mend" her broken heart? Oh yeah. Scully & Reyes will begin a beautifully budding new friendship.
Crossovers: None for this story
Feedback: Yes! Please! It would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear from you. My email addy is listed at the bottom of each Installment. Thanks!
Permission to Archive: Please ask for permission before archiving anywhere. And please keep all Disclaimers, Author's Notes and Special Notes with the story at all times. Thanks!
Date Archived: September 29, 2003 to ScullySlash, The Basement and The Redlight (X-Files Slash Archivists). February 5, 2004 to The X-Files Most Unwanted - Seasons 8 & 9 FanFic Archive. Story was: Started on 11/02/2002. Finished on 09/29/2003.
Annabeth Gish: My hero... gush... gush... "Thank you, Annabeth! For giving me the inspiration to create a life-partner for Scully through your excellent and tender portrayal of Agent Reyes." I absolutely love Annabeth Gish. So, I guess my stories are written partly in tribute to AG, the actress herself, as well as her portrayal of Agent Reyes. I just love ya, AG. You are so beautiful, inside and out!
Gillian Anderson: "Thank you, Gillian! For the inspiration!" To Ms. Anderson for sharing her wonderful and amazing talent and love for her fans throughout nine years with "The X-Files". What a wonderful show and a wonderful lady. We will miss the character of Special Agent Dana K. Scully deeply.
Robert Patrick: An extra big "thank you" to Mr. Patrick for his excellent portrayal of Agent John Doggett during Seasons 8 and 9. I grew to love you, too, Agent Doggett.
David Duchovny: What can I say? Without Mr. Duchovny's wonderful talent and willingness to share it with us for the first 7 years... well... there would never have been an "X-Files" or a "Scully and Mulder".
A Quick Note about Reyes: My characterization of Agent Monica Reyes, throughout the Dream A Little Dream of Me Series, is somewhat different from her portrayal on the actual TV show, The X-Files. Early on in the TV show, her Extra-Sensory-Perception Abilities were mentioned. But for whatever reasons, TPTB decided to drop that element of her character. Or at least not build on it, like I think they could have. In my series of stories, I have continued that possibility and given her character great insight into the feelings and emotions of others, especially those that she loves and cares about. Also, she likes many of the same kinds of things that AG herself likes; such as musical tastes, favorite foods, things like that, that I could find on her websites. And, too, I have incorporated many of AG's "feature movie" work and "made for TV" work into Reyes' back history - again - as a way of giving tribute to AG herself.
A Quick Note about Scully: In this particular story, She Mends Me, Scully will be portrayed as she has never been. She has just lost the most important person in her life. So, she's not too tightly-wound together anymore. She's close to her limit on how much more she can take. Granted, she is one tough lady, but, hey, let's give her a break and let her lean on someone else for a change.
Time Line Inconsistencies: Well. I am somewhat confused as to when this episode is to have actually taken place. It aired for the first time on February 25, 2001 (USA) and Scully's baby is born sometime around May 20, 2001 (Existence - USA). But then the baby is only a couple of days old for the following Season 9 Opener, Nothing Important Happened Today, which aired on November 11, 2001 (USA). Now, is November 9, 2001 the baby's birthday or May 20, 2001? I'm just so confused. LOL! So, after much thought and contemplation, I decided to split the difference between November and May and give the baby a late February, early March birthday. So, in that sense, I have messed with the time line, I guess. Hell. I don't know. It depends on which airing date I prefer to take literally. I think the fan-based The X-Files Time line would say that late May 2001 is probably the birth date for Scully's baby. But, that still does not flow with the following November. Shit. Maybe I should have split the difference and had William born in August 2001! LOL! Oh well. It's The X-Files, for Crissakes! With Time line inconsistencies at times, right? LOL! Therefore, I went with the birth occurring sometime between Scully & Reyes' birthdays and set it for late Feb/early March of 2001. That would be a nice birthday present anyway - a new baby - for Scully (& Reyes) to love and cherish. So, anyway, yes, I took some liberties with the start date of my Series and the events of This Is Not Happening. This episode occurs about 4-1/2 to 5 months before Scully gives birth. Which would set it back into late October of 2000. So that is what I went with, late October, 2000. But other than that, everything else is consistent with the sequence of events, time frame differences, etc.
Actual Scenes from Episodes: Quite often, I have included actual dialog and scenes from the episode, therefore adding to the conversations or including possible thought processes happening inside each character's head, as they listen and converse with their comrades. It was a lot of fun to try and include the actual dialog and scenes from the TV show and then build upon them. Have fun finding the scenes.
Special Author's Notes: Part 8 will have a couple of Special Author's Notes pertaining to that specific installment. The notes will be listed at the bottom of the page.
A Special Note of Thanks: to Kristi of "No Frickin' Way" & "Absolute Annabeth", Cassie of "Addicted to Doggett", Gishphile of "All Things Annabeth", Delsea of the "All Annabeth Shrine", Megan of "Road Runners", Dana_Starling of the "Monica_Dana List", BethJulieta, Mari_TXF and Janet G. for all of your confidence, support, help with the Spanish translations, and access to the many images, collages and designs used within this story. Each of you know who you are. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. MGR
Character Situations before We Start the Story: Special Agent Fox Mulder has been missing for around six months. Special Agent John Doggett has been assigned to assist Special Agent Dana Scully in her search for her missing partner, Agent Mulder. Scully believes Mulder is a victim of alien abduction. Doggett does not. She is a believer. He is not. Assistant Director Walter Skinner witnessed Mulder's abduction. He is now a believer, also, but Doggett is not. He and Doggett received information from the Helena, Montana Police Department two days ago, regarding the return of a Ms. Teresa Hoese, possibly another victim of alien abduction. She had been abducted late last spring, in Oregon, the night before Mulder. And now, several months later, she has been found, barely alive, in a large field on the outskirts of Helena, Montana. She was taken to the St. Jean Hospital, located in downtown Helena, Montana. But, late last night, the ER doctor that had treated her, Dr. Desai (at least a man that appeared to be Dr. Desai) had her moved from the St. Jean Hospital to an unknown location. And so now - again - she is missing. Agent Doggett has called in an old friend and co-worker, Special Agent Monica Reyes, from the FBI New Orleans Field Office to help on the case. She has already surveyed the open field where Ms. Hoese was found earlier this morning, then met Special Agent Dana Scully and Assistant Director Skinner up on a very remote hillside just on the outskirts of Helena, and is now at the hospital, in the x-ray image lab, studying the x-rays, from Ms. Hoese the day she was admitted, looking for anything that appears out of the ordinary. Her brief meeting with Agent Scully and AD Skinner was tense, to say the very least. Neither are happy that she was called in and is now here to give of her unsolicited expertise on this case. But Reyes will give it her best, in spite of the tense situation she finds herself in. That being said...

FOREWARNING - If at all possible, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you view a copy of the DVD, PAL, VHS or your own home-taped version of the Season 8 Episode This Is Not Happening before reading the First Installment of this story, or parts of it may seem to jump around on you, the reader. After the First Installment things should flow much more smoothly for you. Thanks!

Okay... Whew... And now... On with the story...


NOTE: Story Begins with Scene from "This Is Not Happening" - Season 8

She Mends Me

"Umm," Special Agent Monica Reyes groaned in frustration...

9:35 AM - Monday Morning - October 23, 2000
Inside the Imaging Room at Saint Jean Hospital - Helena, Montana:

"Umm," Special Agent Monica Reyes groaned in frustration, wiping her eyes and rubbing her forehead. She had a slight headache from lack of sleep, lack of food and starring at this x-ray film monitor for the last several minutes. She had been studying Ms. Hoese's x-ray film for the last several minutes, looking for anything that appeared to be out of the ordinary. Assistant Director Walter Skinner had just left the room, after updating her on some very crucial information that Doggett had conveniently left out earlier this morning. She was actually somewhat disappointed in her good friend, Special Agent John Doggett, and for several reasons. First, he had called her in for her professional opinion on a whim and asked her to fly up to Montana as a favor to him. And then he had deliberately not given her all of the information on this case, hoping that she would just second his opinion without any further analysis. And that was not right. How could she form an honest opinion without all of the specifics, all of the crucial details and any other pertinent information necessary to further evaluate the case? Second, he had given her a rather biased viewpoint of Agent Mulder and Mulder's beliefs about extraterrestrial life forms, aliens, alien abductions and the like. Again, that was not right, nor was it fair, to her or to Agent Mulder. Mulder may not be the UFO cult-seeking crackpot, determined to prove his alien conspiracy theories at any cost, "loose canon" that Doggett had led her to believe after all. Actually, from what Skinner had just told her, she and Mulder just may get along very well together. It sounded as if he was considered a "black sheep" himself among his colleagues. And she could relate quite well to that description. She had been called a "crackpot", a "nutcase", a "loony tunes" and many other derogatory names herself, and on several occasions, because of her unconventional beliefs. In the past, she had had no reason to question Doggett and his motives. But from now on, she may just have to rethink that and question him a little more closely. And to top it all off, he should have consulted with Skinner and Agent Scully first, before he called her in on this case, instead of hitting them broadside earlier this morning with her presence. Now that was so unfair, not only to her, but to Skinner and Scully as well. How awkward it had been up there on that hillside when they had all first met. Skinner and Scully had been blind-sided, having no idea that she was here, who she was, when she had been called in, when she had arrived, or why she was even here in the first place. Now that was just downright aggravating. No wonder they had been so distant and unreceptive at first meeting. She would have felt the same way given the circumstances.

...John Doggett, I swear, I'd do just about anything for you, but sometimes, I swear, I ought to just kick your ass!... "Ah," she sighed. ...Shit, John. Putting me in that situation... she mused, shaking her head at the irony of it all. She then glanced up, aware of someone watching her from the hallway.

'Oh hi,' she said, with a warm and friendly smile.

"Oh hi," she said with a warm and friendly smile. It was Special Agent Dana Scully.

"I thought you'd be combing the hills with Agent Doggett," Scully responded, full of disdain for this woman. Doggett had no business calling this woman in on this case, and especially behind her back.

"I'm on my way out to see him. I just wanted to see film on this woman's injuries, Teresa Hoese," Reyes responded, watching her closely for a few moments and then turning back to the x-ray film.

Scully raised an eyebrow, somewhat puzzled. ...Okay... she thought, then walked into the room and closed the door.

Reyes continued to study the x-ray film.

"Is there something you're looking for, Agent Reyes... in particular?"

"Is there something you're looking for, Agent Reyes... in particular?" Scully asked, somewhat intrigued. Although she was pissed as hell at Doggett, she had to admit she was rather curious about this woman. However, she would never want anyone, and especially Agent Reyes to know that.

"Implants. Or signs of them," Reyes answered, keeping her voice calm and neutral. She could feel the little redhead's growing suspicion smoldering around the room.

"Implants? I don't understand," Scully questioned her.

"Metallic implants, placed in the body, often times in the nasal cavity. Sometimes made of bone or cartilage, making detection a little more difficult," Reyes said, keeping her voice mild and relaxed. She was determined to remain warm and receptive, even if Scully remained cool and aloof.

"Yeah, I'm well aware of how they work," Scully smirked.

"You said you didn't understand," Reyes said, glancing back over at her again and giving her a shy smile.

"I don't understand your interest in what is commonly considered evidence of alien abduction as a 'disbeliever' in that phenomena," Scully stated matter-of-factly.

"I'm not a disbeliever," Reyes answered somewhat defensively.

"Excuse me? I, I, um... I'm very confused," Scully stammered. "I know what I heard. And I heard you say that what we're dealing with here is nothing more than a UFO cult."

"There's the confusion," Reyes said, turning again to look at her and smiling. "I still believe that. But it doesn't mean I don't believe in the phenomena."

"You believe in extraterrestrials?" Scully retorted in disbelief.

"Let's just say I don't 'not believe'. As I said... I try to stay open"...

Reyes stifled a soft laugh, amused at Scully's sudden change in attitude. "Let's just say I don't not believe. As I said... I try to stay open," she reminded her, briefly making eye contact as she moved to another part of the room and picked up another photo.

The wheels began to turn in Scully's pretty little red auburn-haired head as she considered what Reyes had just said. ...Hum. Okay... she thought as she turned around to face Reyes. "What is it you specialize in again? Ritualistic crime?" she asked, her attitude warming up in spite of herself.

"Right. Satanic Ritual Abuse. Or I should say claims of it. We never found any hard evidence," Reyes answered, glancing back over at her casually.

"We should talk some time," Scully commented, raising an eyebrow and thinking back to some of the cases she and Mulder had been involved with in the past.

"Not that I don't believe in it," Reyes quickly added. "I'm something of a 'black sheep' in the field office in New Orleans because of my beliefs," she said as she glanced back over at Scully. She did not want to lose the headway she had just gained in Scully's changing attitude. So, she had purposefully given her just a little bit more personal information about herself, hoping to peak the other woman's curiosity.

Scully nodded, curious at Reyes' choice of words. ...Black sheep? Hum... she thought, as Reyes' little offering of bait had worked. Scully's innate curiosity was getting the best of her, in spite of her resolve. "And what beliefs are those?" she just had to ask, as she began to pay more attention with this latest little tidbit of information.

Reyes hesitated for a moment, considering her words carefully. "I just have certain spiritual notions. I believe there are energies in the universe," she continued, watching the little redhead for a reaction. "It might sound kind of 'cosmic' but I think I'm sensitive to them. I mean... I get these feelings."

...Feelings?... Hum... Scully nodded, mulling over this latest information and not deterred in the least by the idea. She had seen this kind of thing before, first hand, in her experience with the X-files. ...Okay. Interesting... she thought. The wheels were now turning full speed inside her pretty little red auburn-haired head. "And do you have any 'feelings' about Agent Mulder?" she asked, a little ray of hope entering her consciousness.

...Aw, man... If only... Damn... Reyes thought, glancing back down for a moment, then looking back up with such sadness in her eyes. "I don't know Agent Mulder. And I don't have any feelings about him," she responded. And she regretted so much having to say that. Even so, it was the truth, like it or not. "But I am feeling your fear. And fear's not going to help you find him, or anyone else. Maybe you can try and stay open, too," she said empathetically, feeling such sorrow and pain in her gut. She knew Scully was hurting - hurting badly.

Scully nodded, her fear and sorrow breaking through that tough exterior.

Reyes folded her lips, barely nibbling on her lower lip, then opened the door and left the room.

Scully stood there for a few more seconds, reeling with emotion.

Scully stood there for a few more seconds, reeling with emotion. ...Wait. Wait a minute... she thought, as she quickly walked out into the hallway, glancing to the right and then to the left, looking for Reyes. "Agent Reyes!" she called out as she spotted her.

Reyes was already several yards down the hospital corridor when she stopped and glanced back, surprised to hear Scully's voice calling for her.

"Um... Agent Reyes... Do you have time to, um... get a cup of coffee or something?" she asked, suddenly feeling very fragile and very much in need of a friend.

Reyes immediately picked up on her unspoken feelings of distress, glanced at her watch and smiled. "Sure, Agent Scully, I'd like that. Just let me make a quick phone call, okay?" she warmly responded.

Scully nodded, smiling in return. "Meet you in the cafeteria then?" she said, a feeling of warmth flooding her senses and relieved that she had caught Agent Reyes before she had left the building.

"Yeah. Give me a few. I can't call out inside the hospital," Reyes said, smiling again.

"All right. See you in a little," Scully replied, smiling in return, in spite of herself, and feeling much better already as she turned to walk down to the visitor's cafeteria.

Reyes momentarily placed her hand over her heart feeling the warmth radiating from all the way down the hallway, hitting her squarely in the center of her chest. "Weird," she mumbled, wondering what this latest sensation was all about. ...Oh well... It was much better than the distress she had been feeling just moments before. She chuckled, shaking her head at the irony of it all.

Visitor's Cafeteria - Saint Jean Hospital:

9:48 AM: Scully glanced around the big cafeteria and spotted a small table over by the large window facing the hospital visitor's center parking lot. She headed over to the little table, set the tray down, took a seat, and then placed the two cups of piping hot coffee and two freshly-made muffins out in front of her. She looked outside watching Reyes casually strolling back and forth along the sidewalk talking on her cell-phone and sucking a long, deep drag off her cigarette every little bit. She smiled to herself. Reyes was very pretty, just an absolute doll. She had the prettiest smile. Who would have thought? At first glance one would never have guessed her line of work. She seemed what? Too polite? Too nice? Too warm and friendly? ...Hum. Funny... Scully smirked, continuing to watch her, as she strolled back and forth, very animated with whomever she was talking to on the phone. ...Probably Doggett... Scully guessed, but she did not know that for sure.

Reyes suddenly stopped in her tracks, appearing to be quite upset with the other person on the other end of the line. She crushed her cigarette out with her boot, flipped the cover on her cell-phone, put it back in its holder against her hip, knelt down to retrieve the crushed cigarette of the ground, and then headed for the door to the visitor's cafeteria.

...Hum... Scully cocked an eyebrow wondering what that was all about and who had upset her so much. But then again, it was really none of her business.

Reyes entered the hospital corridor finding the first ashtray available and pitched her crushed cigarette. After all, she did believe in a clean environment and protecting the outdoors from trash and litter. And one of these days she really was going to quit, just not today.

Another couple of minutes passed when she entered the cafeteria instantly spotting the little redhead. She smiled, then headed over to the little table, too.

"Hey. Umm, that looks good," Reyes said as she smiled the prettiest, brightest smile...

"Hey. Umm, that looks good," she said as she smiled the prettiest, brightest smile then pulled out a chair and took a seat.

Scully smiled back. She just could not help herself. She really liked that smile. It was so warm and friendly, and actually quite contagious, if she thought so herself. "Hi. I um. I didn't know if you had breakfast earlier or..." she shrugged, glancing down at the two muffins placed next to the piping hot cup of coffee.

"No, I didn't. Thanks. How much do I...?" Reyes responded, beginning to retrieve her billfold out of her purse.

"Oh no. It's on me," Scully said, smiling again.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I invited you, remember?"

Reyes nodded, still smiling that beautiful smile of hers. "Okay. Thank you. So... Which one?"

"Hum?" Scully cocked an eyebrow.

"Which one? Banana or blueberry?" the smiling brunette asked again, pointing at the two muffins in front of her.

"Oh. I don't want one."

"Well, I'm not going to eat them both," she teased cocking an eyebrow herself. "Come on, Agent Scully. Which one? You choose," she teased her again as she took a sip of her coffee.

Scully smirked. She rarely ever ate a muffin but ...What the hell?... "All right. I'll have the banana nut. Need some cream, sugar?" she asked, arching an eyebrow yet again. She had noticed Reyes' reaction to the coffee. It was strong enough to just about get up off the table and walk all by itself.

"Whoa. Yeah. Both. If they've got it. Man... This could shrink your balls off if you had... Oh."

Scully chuckled as she grabbed a couple of creamers and a packet of Equal from the little container by the window, then handed them to her.

"I, um... Sorry, I..." Reyes was a little embarrassed at what she had just said.

"Oh no. I agree. Believe me," Scully replied, chuckling again, then reached for the banana nut muffin.

Reyes chuckled herself, and then began to stir the two creamers and sweetener into her coffee. She took another sip. "Ah. Yes. Much better. Whew..."

They both giggled again and then sat in silence for a few moments. Amazingly enough, it was a very comfortable silence, given that they had only met about an hour and a half ago, on a remote hillside, way out in the middle of nowhere; and given the horrible situation and case that had brought them together on this chance meeting in the first place - Teresa Hoese, being found barely alive and now missing again. And then of course, Agent Mulder, still missing.

"What time are you to meet Agent Doggett?" Scully asked, breaking into the comfortable silence.

"Oh, I've got about an hour or so. No problem."

Scully nodded, taking a bite from her muffin.

Reyes glanced back out the window, lost in thought.

Scully sat watching her for a moment, and then glanced back out the window herself, wondering who had been on the other end of the line and had upset her so much. For some strange reason she did not think it was Doggett after all.

Reyes glanced back over at her for a moment, taking another sip of her coffee. She sensed that Scully really needed to open up and talk a little bit. But, to be honest, the little redhead was not quite mentally up to talking about the case just yet. And besides, that telephone conversation had really upset Reyes. So, maybe the best thing to do, for the moment, was to give her a diversion for a little while, and give her some time to pull her own emotions back in-check, and then the brunette could breach the subject at hand and discuss the case more thoroughly.

"Hum," the brunette sighed softly, placing her coffee cup back down on the table and getting Scully's attention. "I'm sorry, Agent Scully. I guess I'm a little distracted. I'll pull it together here in a minute."

"What's wrong?" Scully inquired. She could see the concern on the brunette's face.

"I um. My cat. I have a very sick cat at home and my friend. He's not taking care of her like I asked him to," she offered.

"Oh. Well that's not good. What's wrong with her... or him?" Scully responded.

"It's a girl. She was poisoned," Reyes said, looking back out the window. She really was upset about her cat, no joke.

"Poisoned? My God. Deliberately?" Scully said, raising both eyebrows, suddenly quite interested in Reyes' little kitty.

"Yeah. She got out last weekend and didn't come home all night. I found her a couple of miles from my place, deep cuts and abrasions all over her, foaming at the mouth, falling in and out of consciousness, having seizures. It was terrible. Horrible really. I... I almost didn't find her in time, and almost lost her. But, she managed to pull through. I finally got to bring her home from the Vet last night."

"Last night? And you're here?" Scully said, feeling a little ache in her heart for Reyes' injured little kitty.

"Yeah, Eric, my friend. He... He's just not into pets. And, oh, I don't know. He's just not as attentive to her as she needs right now," Reyes replied, frowning a little bit, and then taking another sip of her coffee.

Scully smirked. "Hum. Are they ever?"

Reyes chuckled herself, "Good point."

"So is she going to be okay?"

"Oh yeah, if he won't let her back out, damn it. She's still got some very deep cuts that need to heal. And he let her outside again this morning. Shit. I could, I can't believe him sometimes," she paused, sighing again. "And with Halloween coming up? Geez. It's unbelievable what some of these kids will do to cats and small animals this time of year. And Eric, I swear, I cannot seem to get that through his thick head," she added, wrinkling her brow in frustration. "Men... Sometimes... I swear," she sighed, then took her first bite from her muffin.

Scully nodded, surprised that she would be so open about her love life. But then again, why not? At least she had one. "Well, where is she now?" Scully asked, understanding Reyes' concern for her little pet kitty.

"Umm, yummy. This is awesome. Um. She's back inside, thank God. But I could kick his a... his butt for letting her out in the first place," Reyes said, shaking her head and quirking her lips for a moment as she glanced back over at the little redhead.

Scully smiled in return. "Yeah, well, I don't blame you. You sure she was poisoned?" she asked, taking a sip of her coffee.

Reyes took another bite of her muffin. She really had been hungry. Maybe this muffin would help to ease her slight headache somewhat. "Yeah, unfortunately. It's Halloween season and well, you know the rest."

"Oh yeah. Cats and Halloween, it never ends," Scully agreed, shaking her head in disgust.

"Yep. Kids, trying to prove they worship the Devil, better known as Animal Sacrifice, which would fall under Ritualistic Crime, Satanism, my specialty. Ironic isn't it," Reyes smirked.

Scully nodded in return.

"I keep her in all the time, especially this time of year. But occasionally she manages to sneak out on me," she continued, taking another bite of her muffin.

"Well. That's about all you can do. And find these kids. You have any idea who it is?"

"Oh yeah. Had them arrested several times. They spend a little time in juvenile, then right back out on the streets."

"Oh my," Scully sighed. "You think it's Satanic related?"

"Well. Satanism, in and of itself, I have my own thoughts on that. But is it a gang? Made up of teens? A part of a much larger and much more dangerous threat? With an MO of ritualistic crime? That includes the abduction, mutilation, killing and finally ritualistic sacrifice of a small animal? Yes, absolutely. But I can't prove it. These kids, and their leaders, they're very smart. I'm having a hell of a time just keeping tabs on them. They're moving around the city constantly. And the worst part, looks like the courts are going to wait until I bring them the body of an innocent child, brutally and sexually assaulted, beaten and tortured, mutilated beyond recognition, and ultimately poisoned and left to die, before they'll do anything of real significance," she paused for a moment, catching her breath. "Oh man... I tell ya... This juvenile court crap is bullshit with these kids," she said as she shook her head in frustration and took another sip of her coffee.

Scully nodded in return.

"And if Eric would just act like he had a half a brain in his head for a day or two and keep my girl inside like I asked him to do, it would do wonders for my mood," she teased, then glanced back over at the little redhead and winked, taking another bite of her muffin.

Scully chuckled at Reyes' innate sense of humor as she sat there realizing just how much she was enjoying the company of another female federal agent. It had been a long time since she had worked with another woman. It was so different and such a nice change, such a warm and cozy familiarity. She took another bite of her muffin as well, relishing in the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.


They continued to share in light conversation about Reyes' cat, then previous pets that Scully had owned from her childhood days and old college days. Life in New Orleans. Cajun country. Comparing it to living in Washington, DC. The benefits of living near open water and the ocean. New York City. Their time at the FBI Training Academy and Quantico, VA. All kinds of things. Interesting things. Very interesting things, indeed. And come to find out they both had been at Quantico at the same time, back in 1990. Reyes had enrolled in the Fall of 1990, after getting her Bachelors and Masters Degrees at Brown University School of Medicine. And Scully was dumbfounded. For Reyes had a Medical background herself, majoring in the Religious Studies, with a minor in Pre-Med and the Forensic Sciences. Scully was not quite a month over four years older and had already graduated the Academy, but had remained on campus, teaching in the Forensic Sciences Division. Reyes had ultimately switched her interests and was then training in the Ritualistic Crime Division, a part of a Special Task Force, under the supervision of the Behavioral Sciences Unit, the very same unit that Special Agent Fox Mulder had trained under. Amazing. And their paths had most likely crossed even that far back. But neither remembered anything in particular. Reyes soon graduated, and in 1992, was transferred to the New York City Field Office, while Scully remained at Quantico, soon to be assigned to work in the X-Files Unit with Special Agent Fox Mulder.

"So you met Agent Doggett that fall," Scully clarified...

"So you met Agent Doggett that fall?" Scully clarified taking the last sip of her coffee.

"Yes. John and I, we go back a long way. I um. Has he said much about his son, Luke?" Reyes responded, somewhat hesitant to open the subject.

"No. Not really."

"I... Luke was my first case. It... It was... I can't describe it," she whispered, then looked away, sucking in a deep breath.

...Whoa... Scully could see the love and devotion for Doggett in Reyes' eyes. ...Hum. Interesting... she thought, as she found herself somewhat intrigued by this spontaneous show of affection. ...Hum... Maybe she had been too hard on Doggett at times. Undoubtedly, there must be some good in this man for Reyes to show such love and devotion for him. But then again, he could be a real royal "pain in the ass" most of the time.

"Need another?" Reyes asked, pointing at Scully's empty coffee cup.

"Yeah. I think so. How about you?"

"Yeah. I'm really enjoying this, Agent Scully. I'm so thankful you caught me earlier," she said, smiling, as she then grabbed the two empty cups and headed back up to the counter to get a couple of more coffees.

Scully was thankful, too. It had been a long time since she had felt so relaxed and at ease with someone. And especially with someone she had just met. Reyes had such a warmth and an openness about her. Plus, she was so perceptive and attentive to what one had to say. She listened, really listened. She heard every word. And if she did not quite understand one's meaning, she asked. ...Wow!... Scully was not used to such thoughtfulness and consideration. Mulder could at times be somewhat argumentative, trying to prove his point and how her scientific way of approaching - well, just about anything - was so annoying to him. And then Doggett, enough said. But Reyes was just so polite and appreciative of anything one had to offer. Even if she did not agree with you, she did not try to make you feel like an ass, just because she had a differing opinion. What a nice breath of fresh air this unplanned and unanticipated coffee date had turned out to be.

Reyes came back to the table with two coffees, a few creamers and sweeteners in hand.

"Agent Reyes, I think I may owe you an apology," Scully said, taking the fresh cup of coffee from Reyes' hand.

"What do you mean?" Reyes responded, a little surprised at that statement.

"This morning on that hillside. I... um..."

"You were pissed." Reyes finished her sentence for her.

Scully smirked. "Well, yeah."

Reyes giggled. "I don't blame you. John created that fiasco. No apology needed," she stated matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, but, I was rather..."

"Rude?" Reyes said, chuckling again.

"I... um..." ...Damn! Well. Yeah, actually... she thought, remembering back to her own behavior. ..."Rude"?... Hum... That's a very nice way of putting it...

"Hey. Look. I'd be pissed as hell, too, if the guy that had been assigned to help me solve a case pulled something like that. He had no business calling me in without asking you first, or even telling you about it. John can be a real royal pain in the ass sometimes. I know it and you know it, okay?" she said.

Scully raised both eyebrows and then responded, "Yeah."

Reyes cracked up laughing at the expression on her face.

After a few seconds, Scully joined in right along with her.

"You know, Agent Scully. I worked with him on that case and occasionally, we have crossed paths and worked together on other cases since then. I understand your frustration. Believe me. John is so frickin' close-minded to just about anything that cannot be explained by basic science and forensic methodology. He... It's the cop in him. At least that's what he says. But, sometimes I think he just uses that as an excuse."

Scully sat for a moment thinking about her words. "Explain what you mean," she said.

"Well... Actually... I think anything that falls outside of the norm, the more standard and conventional explanation, scares the absolute hell out of him. So, he denies it. He chooses to look the other way and deny what he sees."

Scully nodded, considering her words and agreeing with her. Ironically, she had done the very same thing for the first several years on the X-Files. Poor Mulder, having to deal with her determined mindset to disprove and dislodge any of his far-out and far-fetched hypotheses. "Hum. Ironic," she whispered, barely audible.


"Oh. I was just thinking. I was the same way for a long time," she answered.

They sat in silence for a moment, both lost in thought.

"Agent Scully, you were asking me earlier about Satanism, Ritualistic Crime. In my area it, well. It's very prevalent and the Bureau..." she hesitated. "Well... They prefer that I turn a blind eye. It's... I can't even describe the frustration. I mean, no matter how hard I try, or how much concrete evidence I present, it's never enough. Just like these kids and their ringleaders. My superiors just want me to write it up as juvenile delinquency. Don't call it what it is. It's crazy! The New Orleans Field Office specifically recruited me from the NYC office to join their Task Force, wanting my expertise on the subject. And yet when I do my job..." she smirked.

"Hum," Scully chuckled at the irony, understanding better than just about anyone else in the world her frustration. "Sounds like my Unit. Don't give them the truth. Just give them what they want to hear."

"Yes. Exactly. I... Sometimes I just feel like giving up, giving in to them."

"What do you mean?"

"Agent Scully, I have not signed off on a case that I think is Ritualistic Crime related in... Wow! I don't remember when. But I refuse to sign off on a case, when I know it's full of shit. I just can't do it. I won't do it," she said, then took another swig of her coffee.

"Good for you, Agent Reyes," Scully nodded, impressed with her guts and determination.

"I mean... Well, you know what I'm talking about," she added.

"Oh yeah, believe me, I do", Scully replied. ...More than you know, Agent Reyes, more than you'd ever believe... she thought.

Reyes let out a very frustrated sigh. "How do you deal with it, Agent Scully?"

"Hah," Scully chuckled. "Deal with it? I'm not sure that I do," she said, then took another sip of her coffee, along with another bite of her muffin.

Reyes nodded in understanding. "Agent Scully, I would love to work with the X-Files unit."

"Um. No. No, you wouldn't, Agent Reyes. You wouldn't." ...Believe me... the little redhead responded, as she blotted her lips with a napkin, then added, "Listen. It's even worse in my unit. But, I will tell you this. Mulder and I have worked on cases that, there is no doubt in my mind that Satanism, or at least some type of evil unseen, unexplained supernatural force, was behind it."

Reyes nodded, very interested in what she had to say. "Were you ever able to prove it?" she asked.

"Well. I guess that is the irony, isn't it? We can write it up as 'unexplained phenomena'. Whereas your office won't even allow that."

"Right," Reyes nodded again in agreement. "I'd love to see some of those case files sometime. Be interesting to see if there are any similarities to some of my past cases."

"Indeed. It would," Scully agreed. After a few moments of silence, she asked, "So what keeps you going, Agent Reyes? Why keep fighting the system?"

Reyes sat silently for a few moments. "Hum... Cause I know I'm right," she teased, glancing back over at her with a smile and a wink.

"Hah... I like that," Scully chuckled.

Reyes raised an eyebrow, licked her lips, and then asked, "Need a warm up?" pointing to the little redhead's almost empty cup.

"Yeah. Thanks."

Reyes got back up and took Scully's cup, along with her own, to go and get a refill. Scully was feeling much better. Oh yes, much, much better indeed. She was under so much strain and pressure, dealing with all of her raging emotions and fears about Mulder. And seeing Ms. Hoese in such horrible condition had been almost more than she could take. This had been a nice temporary distraction and she had needed it to regain some of her physical and mental strength back. And, not only that, she had decided that she really liked this fellow female federal agent, Monica Reyes, after all.


10:24 AM: Reyes came back to the table with two new cups of coffee in hand and plenty of creamers and sweeteners stuffed inside her pocket. "Think I got enough?" she smiled, grinning from ear-to-ear, and pulling an overflowing handful of creamers and sweeteners out of her pocket.

Scully laughed. "Hah. Nope. I think we need at least one more handful. At least," she replied, continuing to laugh.

"Aw now, ya think?" Reyes giggled, taking her seat.

"Oh my. This stuff is worse than black oil," Scully said, continuing to giggle.

"Yep. And we keep drinking it," Reyes teased, looking over at her.

"Well. We could always switch to iced tea."

"Oh no, no way. I'd pee all night," Reyes laughed.

"Me, too, Reyes. Me, too," Scully laughed again as well.

They both continued to laugh off and on as Reyes opened creamers and sweeteners, pouring them into Scully's coffee as well as her own, stirring them up, glancing up at Scully, raising and eyebrow or two, and asking her with just her eyes if it was enough. Or did she need more. Just a little bit more... Yes? No? More? Yes. Hum? That much? Yes. How's that? More? Yes. A little more? Umum. No? That's it? Umhum. You sure? Yep... Never actually verbalizing anything. Scully continued to laugh, utterly fascinated with Reyes, and those magnetic eyes and charismatic expressions of hers. She was just so charming and adorable and had the cutest sense of humor.

"Oh wow," Scully finally sighed.

Reyes took a sip of her coffee, continuing to watch her very closely.

After a few more snickers and giggles Scully sighed again, then leaned back in her chair. "Umm... Wow... That felt good," she whispered again, as she closed her eyes and leaned the chair even farther back and up against the back wall.

Reyes smiled, glad to see that Scully had regained most all of her mental strength back. "Laughter helps to mend a wounded heart," she finally commented, still smiling and watching her.

Scully looked over at her, rather startled by the comment.

Reyes continued to watch her, becoming very serious all of a sudden.

"What," Scully said, noticing the change.

"How do you feel?"

"What?" Scully said, a little taken aback by the sudden change in mood and the seriousness of the question.

"How are you feeling, Agent Scully?" Reyes asked softly, leaning across the table and placing her elbow up on the table, so she could rest her chin in the palm of her hand, never breaking intuitive eye contact.

"I um... I'm okay," Scully responded, feeling herself getting lost inside that penetrating gaze.

Reyes nodded, piercing right through that tough exterior and into her very soul.

Scully was almost disarmed by the intensity of the moment. No one had ever reached down inside of her and touched her very soul with just one look in her entire life! "I, um... Whew..." she mumbled, stunned by the change in atmosphere and direction of the conversation. Just moments before she had been laughing and now, what in the world had just happened?

Reyes smiled that warm, bright smile of hers again gazing into her eyes.

Scully smiled in return, still glued to that penetrating gaze. She just could not seem to help herself. When Reyes smiled, she smiled. It was as simple as that. ...Could I bottle that smile up and take it home with me? Please? Pretty please?... she thought as her eyes continued to stay glued to Reyes' eyes, with a slight smile on her lips.

"Agent Scully. Tell me about your partner. Tell me about Agent Mulder."

...Whoa!... Scully's mouth about dropped to the floor. ...Where in the hell did that come from? Jesus!... She closed her eyes again, her emotions raging inside of her.

Reyes reached over and just for a moment rested her hand on top of hers. "It's okay. Take your time," she whispered.

Scully looked at her again, getting lost inside those penetrating eyes again.

Reyes intentionally poured some of her own mental strength and stamina into her look, hoping to increase Scully's, and give her an invisible and untraceable gift of courage and friendship, straight from the heart.

"Oh... Gosh," Scully sighed. She had reflexively taken a deep breath and then exhaled, having no idea at all what had just happened, or what had just been given to her. She suddenly felt so calm and collected, so peaceful and serene. Something she had not felt in days. Weeks. No, actually, more like months. "Well. Where to begin?" she commented, smiling a little.

Reyes smiled back and winked at her. She very rarely - very, very rarely - did that for someone. She could not afford to, or she would have nothing left in reserves, for herself or her own needs for mental strength and stamina. But, she had just given Scully a little boost, straight from her heart. And luckily, they had shared some small talk and conversation about Reyes' cat. Old college days. New Orleans. Quantico. The bullshit of the FBI and the like, before breaching the subject of Mulder. Scully had no idea, but Reyes had known exactly what she was doing. She had given Scully enough time to recuperate from the trepidation she had been feeling just a little while earlier, inside that x-ray room. And if Reyes had opened the subject of Mulder up too soon, Scully would have completely shut down and bottled everything up inside, for fear of completely losing control of her emotions. Scully was a very proud woman. And she never let anyone see her true feelings and emotions about much of anything. But, she needed to open up and talk some of this fear and sorrow through. Or it was going to get the best of her yet. Scully was very strong. But she was not that strong. No one is. Keeping one's emotions on such a tight lid can be so harmful and so damaging to one's soul. And Reyes knew that. And she wanted to build on a trust between them. She was extremely loyal and trustworthy. And she could sense when someone was in trouble and in need of a friend. And Scully was very much in trouble, although she did not even seem to realize the magnitude of it herself. She was very near her breaking point. And Reyes knew it. She had felt it the moment she saw her in the hallway, outside the x-ray room. And she knew she had to do something to help Scully stay on track and focus on the task at hand, which was first, finding Ms. Hoese. And then, secondly, finding Agent Mulder. If they could just find Ms. Hoese, then it could possibly lead them to finding Agent Mulder. The story about her cat was a convenient diversion. And because Scully had been so emotionally vulnerable just a little while ago, she had decided to go ahead and talk to her about it, to give Scully a distraction for a little while. And it had worked, along with that little extra boost and little extra gift of "pure energy", that she had just given to her. Reyes could feel the strength, the stamina and the determination radiating from deep down inside of Scully's very soul again, just as it had been earlier this morning on that hillside. Scully was a very strong and independent woman, full of courage and conviction. Reyes really did like this woman, Special Agent Dana Scully. And she wanted to be of help and support, as much as she could, in finding Mulder and finding him alive.

Scully began to fill her in on some of her and Mulder's first cases together, his unusual and sometimes bizarre ideas and theories, his beliefs in the paranormal and supernatural phenomena, extraterrestrial life and the like. Reyes listened attentively, completely immersed in everything she had to say. Never once did she act as if she did not believe her, nor had any doubts as to what their findings had been. What a breath of fresh air! Scully hardly knew how to react! She even opened up about a few things she had never discussed with anyone else but Mulder, not even with Skinner. What was it about this woman that made her feel as if she could trust her to keep a confidence, really listen and not make a judgment call, but really listen and hear what she had to say? She was so open and receptive to fresh ideas, alternative theories and different possibilities. Mulder would love her! And how ironic was that?

Reyes continued to listen, asking questions when needed for interpretation and clarification. She was completely mesmerized by some of the accounts of past cases and experiences Scully and Mulder had shared together. This was her dream come true, as well as Scully's, to meet another agent that was so open and accepting of inexplicable phenomena and the paranormal.

Scully took another sip of her coffee, glanced out the window for a moment, then looked back over at Reyes. "So, Agent Reyes. Do you still think that what we're dealing with here is nothing more than a UFO cult?" she said, confident that she had given Reyes enough evidence and information to go on to completely change her opinion from earlier this morning.

Reyes stifled a chuckle and then licked her lips. ...Oh boy. Here we go... "Well, um... Actually... I um, I do still think some type of a cult is involved."

"What?!" Scully rolled her eyes. She could not believe it. Not after everything she had just told her. How in the hell could Reyes still think that? ...How...? Damn. Damn it, Reyes!... She was pissed, feeling like she had just wasted the last 45 minutes with this woman, talking to this woman, this Special Agent Monica Reyes, and opening up her heart and soul to her, allowing her in for a little while. She suddenly stood up from the table.

"Wait... Now wait a min... Agent Scully," Reyes said, clasping her forearm, as Scully was abruptly about to leave, reeling with anger. "Hey. Hey now... Now just wait a minute. Here me out, would you? At least here me out," she pleaded with her.

Scully looked around the cafeteria, let out a big sigh and then sat back down. "Okay. All ears," she responded, pissed as hell, not even looking at her.

Reyes smiled, somewhat amused at the fury radiating all around the table. ...Whew... Hot little temper if I say so myself... She chuckled at her thoughts. "Okay. Now, just calm down for a minute, and listen to me, okay?"

Scully said nothing.

...Okay. God, you're pissed... Reyes thought as she took a deep breath. "What if...? What if it's both?" she said, then sat silently, waiting for Scully to respond, hoping to bait her back into the conversation.

Scully said nothing, absolutely nothing.

...Umhum. Okay, remind me to never get you pissed again... "What if Ms. Hoese was taken by say... a cult leader... or a cult member? And they are somewhere near here right..."

"Oh shit, Reyes! Damn it! After everything I just told you? There is no way in hell Mulder is a part of a UFO cult! Damn it!" she yelled. Oh, she was so pissed. Not only at Reyes, but at herself as well, for even thinking she could have trusted this woman.

"Agent Scully, now wait a minute. You didn't let me finish. Now just, chill for a minute, okay?" Reyes responded. ...Shit, woman... It looked like she was going to have to approach this from another angle.

Scully glanced over at her, finally making eye contact.

Reyes breathed in deeply again, settling her own emotions and calming her soul. "Now, Agent Scully? Look. Someone resembling Dr. Desai took Ms. Hoese last night from this hospital, right? And no matter what the police, or Agent Doggett or Skinner thinks. Or, for that matter, what you think, she's alive. She's very much alive and okay. And..."

"Oh for... Reyes! Come on! How can you be so sure? She was barely breathing last night!" Scully countered, pissed as hell.

"Look. I don't expect you to understand how I know this but, I'm telling you, she's okay. I know it. I know it in here, all right?" Reyes said, putting her hand over her heart and then added, "And I feel that she's with others just like herself and..."

"Yeah, right. She's with some cult that believes in Little Green Men, UFO's and Flying Saucers. Right. Right, okay, Agent Doggett. Gotcha. Loud and clear," Scully bit at her, throwing a low blow and rising back up from the table.

"Hey," Reyes whispered, hurt. Now that hurt bad.

Scully looked over at her and saw the hurt in her eyes. ...Well. I guess you really didn't deserve that now, did you?... she smirked at her thoughts and then sat back down, softening a little and folding her arms across her chest. "Go on, I'm listening," she said, one eyebrow cocked.

Reyes inhaled another deep breath, settling the mild burning sensation inside her stomach for a moment. "All I'm saying is, what if it's a group of people that have all experienced whatever Agent Mulder is experiencing right now? What if they all have been taken against their will? Kidnapped, abducted, or whatever? Would they not naturally form a group? A cult? Or whatever we may choose to call it? A coming together? Not only of like minds, but also of likened experiences as well? Agent Scully... Whoever these people are, they are not going to hurt Teresa Hoese. I... Actually... I sense that they are trying to protect her... and keep her safe from... from what I'm not sure."

Scully sat quietly, thinking about what all she had just said. "All right. Like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Agent Reyes?" she finally responded, smiling slightly and referring to an older movie from the early 1980's.

"Well, yeah. Something like that, I mean, okay. Maybe Agent Mulder and Teresa Hoese were both taken by... whatever... and somewhere close by, there is a group of people that have all experienced the same type of thing. One of them came to get Ms. Hoese last night with a pure motivation - not to hurt her - but to protect her, and give her solace from whatever it is that they are all so afraid of. I mean... I just... I know it in my gut, that she's alive. And if we can find her and this group... Well..."

"We find Mulder," Scully finished for her.

"Right. Yes," Reyes sighed, drained from the strain of this latest conversation.

Scully sat quietly, allowing this newest premise to sink in. It made about as much sense as anything else. But it still did not explain how the doctor had been in two places at one time last night. "So, what about the doctor, Dr. Desai?" she asked, cocking another eyebrow at her once again.

"I don't know yet. But I'm open to suggestions," the brunette said, smiling and winking at her.

Scully smirked and then smiled in return, her anger completely gone. She then glanced at her watch. 10:49 AM. They still had a few minutes left before the brunette would need to leave and meet Doggett. "Okay, Agent Reyes. So tell me this. How can you be so sure that Ms. Hoese is alive and well?" she asked, trying to get a feel for all that Reyes had just told her.

"I um. I know it's almost too much to swallow. But I learned along time ago, to just go with my instincts. And my... I... I'm not sure what to call it exactly, but... whatever it is, it's never failed me yet. And where Ms. Hoese is concerned. Well... She's okay."

"All right. I can accept that. But why can't you tell me where she is, where Mulder is, if you know she's with some group?"

"I don't... I don't know. I'm not getting a clear picture of that. I can't control it. God, I wish I could. For years, I've tried. But sometimes I sense nothing, nothing at all. Other times, I can actually become physically sick, the sensations are so strong. Just like this hospital. Hospitals are quite often very difficult for me. I am so bombarded with all the sensations and emotions of those around me. It's... almost too much... More than I can handle..." she hesitated then looked around the cafeteria for a moment, sensing so many varying levels of worry and concern, pain and sadness, with an occasional burst of happiness from a new father. She had to be a very mentally strong individual, just to be able to hold up under the constant bombardment of others energies and emotions radiating all around her.

Scully sat mulling it over, considering the possibility of such an acute awareness, and what a burden that must be in so many ways. "How many know about this? About your...?" she shrugged, not knowing exactly what to call it either.

Reyes smirked. "Hah. Are you kidding? I'm a 'loony tunes'. I've been called just about every derogatory name you can imagine that has to do with someone's mental health and stability," she chuckled.

Scully nodded in understanding, realizing that Reyes had just shared a very personal and private side of herself with her. Most anyone else, especially in the FBI, would use it against her and ...Oh wow!... She had just begun to realize the full magnitude of Reyes' honesty and delicate admission. She glanced down at the table for a moment, overwhelmed with emotion. She was just so weak and close to losing her tight control on her own emotions. But this. Now this. This was special, that Reyes had trusted her enough to tell her that. She smiled. Then decided to tease her a little bit. "Ever been committed?" she asked, playfully.

"Hah. No. Not yet," Reyes chuckled, taking the last drop of her coffee.

"Does Doggett know?"

"Oh God. Some. But he thinks I'm... Good God."

"I bet," she smirked. "So even after all of the earlier conversation about Mulder, still, nothing," she said, saddened that Reyes could not get something on Mulder. Granted, it was far-out and far-fetched but so what? She had seen this kind of thing before and she believed her.

Reyes shook her head, "I... I don't actually know him."

"But... I don't understand. You don't actually know Ms. Hoese either. Or any of these other people inside of this hospital," Scully countered.

"No. But I am in contact with something they have handled, or touched, or worn. Or some place where they have been. Or... I'm in their immediate presence. Or... Hell! I don't know. Like I said, it doesn't always work... I've been in bed with someone, and yet totally miss out on what's really going on inside of his head at the time, and yet visibly pick up on what's happening clear on the other side of town somewhere," she sighed so frustrated, feelings of guilt and blame flooding her consciousness. "And then at other times, there's nothing. Nothing at all from anyone or anything. Shit... I don't... I wish... Oh, I don't know. I don't understand it myself most of the time," she said, shaking her head in frustration and feeling so bad - so very bad - that she could not help and give Scully the information she needed to find Mulder.

Scully nodded, seeing the frustration and pain in her eyes.

Reyes felt so inadequate and remorseful at times, taking on the responsibility and blame when something went wrong. When in actual fact, it was really not hers to take on. Yes. She had this gift of acute intuition and mental telepathy, sometimes called Extra-Sensory Perception. A Sixth-Sense, if you will. And yet, in times like these, when she truly wanted and needed it to kick in, to help a friend, or find the missing pieces, nothing.

"Agent Scully. Do you have anything on you that Agent Mulder wore, like a ring, or his badge, or his driver's license or something? Anything that was in his possession for awhile?"

"No. No, I don't. I..."

"What about your cross?"

"My what?"

"Your crucifix, your necklace. Did he give that to you or..." Reyes asked. She had been feeling some type of energy, that was different from Scully's, radiating from her necklace every time Mulder's name had been mentioned.

"Oh, um, he... He held onto it for me one time, when I was... very sick," Scully said, as she clasped her necklace with her fingers, playing with the small crucifix dangling from the gold chain.

Reyes reached across the table, grazing the little redhead's fingers with her own, feeling an immediate intense connection. They were both startled a little by the intensity. But then Reyes had felt those kinds of things on occasion, with complete strangers in a mall or something. ...So weird... Who knows? Must be some long lost soul, from another lifetime, or another alternate universe or another "something" that she had known from the past or. ...Who knows? Only God knows... She then inhaled deeply, taking the crucifix into her own fingers, starring at the crucifix, transfixed, rubbing it and rolling it through her fingers, then closing her eyes, exhaling and sucking in another deep breath. "He, um... He loves you... very, very much," she whispered softly, feeling the warm and powerful tingling sensation, as she opened her eyes and starred into Scully's.

Scully swallowed hard, feeling her eyes watering with unshed tears. She cleared her throat, her emotions beginning to run wild yet again with overwhelming fear and sadness.

Reyes continued to hold the crucifix for a few more seconds, then let go and caressed Scully's cheek, seeing the unshed tears flooding her eyes. "It's okay," she whispered softly, tenderly stroking Scully's cheek for another few moments, then looked away with an odd expression on her face.

"What? Agent Reyes? What is it? Anything?" Scully asked. Somehow she believed in her and believed that she had seen something or felt something or - well - just something.

"No. Nothing that I can... that will help us find him anyway," Reyes replied. Although, she had felt a tremendous tremor of extreme fear and horror, along with pain - physical pain, excruciating physical pain - and suffering, just as she had let go of the crucifix. She had successfully hidden her physical reaction from Scully. She never wanted Scully to know what she had just experienced. But wherever Mulder was, or had been, it was - it was unspeakable.


8:23 PM: Agent Reyes had decided earlier in the day, to take another quick drive down the same road and area that the young man, that claimed to have seen a spaceship and an alien running away in a field, had driven just two nights before. The same field where Ms. Hoese had been found two nights ago was just a mile or so up ahead when, all of a sudden, the electrical power in her rental car went dead, and then, just as quickly, resumed itself. ...Weird... she thought, as she hesitated in lighting her Morley Light, the unlit cigarette still hanging out of her mouth. Up ahead she saw something that she had never in all of her thirty-two years of life seen before. There were no words to explain, much less describe, what was approaching and brilliantly lighting the night sky.

"No frickin' way..." Reyes whispered, spellbound by the approaching unidentifiable flying object.

"No frickin' way..." she whispered, spellbound by the approaching unidentifiable flying object. ...All right! Yes! This is it!... This is what she had been hoping for. But she had never seriously believed she would actually see one. Not this early in the night anyway. And this - this could lead to not only finding Ms. Hoese again, but finding Agent Mulder as well. She quickly slammed on the breaks to watch where the UFO was headed, turned in that direction and screeched tires, heading for the scene.

Tuesday Afternoon - The Next Day
Helena Police Department - Helena, Montana:

3:52 PM: Last night, Reyes witnessed her first UFO landing, found another victim out in the same field that Ms. Hoese was found in, chased down two men and a pickup truck, then ran the license plate number off the old truck. And then, in less than 24 hours, her findings and perseverance led to finding the location of a UFO Cult Compound, a fully-healed Teresa Hoese, and a man named Absalom, the UFO Cult leader. She is now busily studying video tapes, confiscated from the UFO Cult Compound, in hopes of finding "something" that may help her Squad find the missing Mulder.


4:03 PM: Scully has been interrogating Absalom for the last hour and a half, in hopes of finding her missing partner, Agent Mulder, but with no luck. She is now on her way back to the motel, ready to call it a night, after a long and unproductive interrogation with Absalom, the UFO Cult leader of the compound near Helena, Montana.

Scully's Motel Room - Helena, Montana:

4:41 PM: Scully entered the doorway of her dark motel room and flicked the light switch up and down to no avail. Frustrated, she flicked the light switch up and down a few more times, then entered the dark room. She exhaled deeply and then, suddenly, was frozen in her tracks, for there standing in front of the window was an image of Mulder. She continued to stare at the image, soon realizing that it was not actually Mulder, but an apparition.

"Agent Scully?" Reyes called softly from the doorway.

Scully turned to look at her, acknowledging her presence, and then turned back to the window. Although the image of Mulder had vanished, she continued to stare at the window.

"What?" Reyes asked, barely audible.

Scully hurriedly ran over to the closed window.

"What is it?" Reyes asked again, as she quietly entered the room and stood a little distance behind her.

"I saw him," Scully whispered, her voice full of wonder...

"I saw him," Scully whispered, her voice full of wonder, as she continued to gaze out the window. She then turned again to look at Reyes.

Reyes understood her meaning and come over to the window.

Reyes understood her meaning and came over to the window.

"I saw him," Scully said again, this time trying to hide her inner turmoil.

"I saw him," Scully said again, this time trying to hide her inner turmoil. She still had work to do and she just could not afford to lose it, not just yet.

Reyes nodded nibbling on her lower lip and feeling Scully's anguish in the pit of her stomach. Not knowing what words to say, she instead moved in closer, opened her arms up and then enveloped the little redhead into a warm embrace.

Scully tentatively accepted the warm gesture, lightly wrapping her arms around her waist and closing her eyes then tucking her head in against her chest.

"You saw Agent Mulder," Reyes gently whispered, as she tightened her hold and rested her chin along the top of her head.

Scully nodded, as she buried her face even more deeply into Reyes' warm soft chest, unshed tears beginning to roll down her cheeks and splash against her soft smooth skin.

"Shhh. It's okay," Reyes whispered softly, as she continued to hold her close, feeling her much-needed tears begin to bath her chest.

Scully inhaled deeply, attempting to regain control of her tears.

"It's okay. I've gotcha," Reyes encouraged, surrounding her with her long, lean arms and wrapping her into a protective hold.

Scully instinctively tightened her grip in response to the sheltering arms, then whimpered, "I know. It sounds crazy."

"No. Not at all," Reyes reassured her, affectionately tightening her hold.

Scully began to tremble with pent-up emotions, and she was so frustrated with herself, for allowing herself to appear so damn vulnerable. After all, she was a very proud woman, and yet here she was, allowing this agent that she had just met a little over 30 hours ago, to see her like this, so broken and bare.

"Agent Scully, you need to let it out. Just for a few minutes," the tall brunette whispered, full of warmth and compassion.

"I can't," Scully mumbled, shaking her head negatively with her face still buried against Reyes' chest.

Reyes had been quite concerned with Scully's emotional state all day. She had been feeling the redhead's extreme fear and distress in her gut off and on since early yesterday morning. Their hour-long conversation yesterday in the hospital cafeteria had helped, but Scully was just so near her breaking point. She had been holding all of this in, not for just two days, but for several months! And Reyes knew she needed to just let go and let it out, just for a little while, just for a few minutes. That was all it would take.

"Mmm," she inhaled deeply, then let out a controlled sigh. She squeezed Scully a little tighter for a moment and kissed the top of her head, frustrated, not knowing exactly how to help ease her newly-found friend's pain. Scully could not keep going on like this. It was not healthy. She needed to release some of this pent-up emotion, before it exploded into total despair. Reyes knew that. And she also knew that Scully was very stubborn and was tittering on the very edge of her breaking point, fighting her need for release. "Dana? Trust me. Please," she whispered, barely audible, beginning to gently rock them both back and forth. "Dana?" she breathed again, as she began to rock her like a mother would rock her very own frightened and fragile little child, full of love and affection, gentle and tender, whispering soft and soothing words of encouragement. "Please, Dana. Just let it out, let it ... Hah!"

All of a sudden, Scully had powerfully and crushingly tightened her hold, causing Reyes to slightly gasp at the intensity. Scully knew she needed to just let go and cry her eyes out for a few minutes. And then go fuck somebody's brains out, until all feeling and sensation was gone, completely gone. Then she would be numb again, deadened, anesthetized and without any sensitivity, to anyone or anything. And being buried up against this smooth, soft, silky, warm, tender, loving, gorgeously and very available female body was not helping her situation in the least. "I can't," she whimpered, fighting her need to completely collapse into Reyes' arms, her strength and willpower almost gone.

"And why not?" Reyes questioned, as she spontaneously began to rub the little redhead's neck and shoulder-blades, easing the tension in her tight muscles.

Scully said nothing, but just continued to keep her face buried in against her chest. ...Oh God, Reyes. I don't think I can take much more of this... she thought.

"Hum?" Reyes questioned her again, having no idea of the intense battle Scully was fighting inside, to keep from just reaching up, grabbing the sides of her face and pulling those beautiful velvety-soft lips down, so she could kiss the ever-loving daylights out of her, for Reyes had not picked up on Scully's bisexuality at all. Scully was so broken and battered, and she loved the missing Mulder so much, until all of that energy had overshadowed what was happening right now, at this very moment. All of the fearful and sorrowful emotions were what had been at the forefront, not only all day yesterday and today, but for the last few months. And not only that, Scully had practiced for years at keeping that part of herself very well hidden. She had to, for her specific job and her career. Reyes' ESP ability could pick up on many things. But then again, many times, it picked up on absolutely nothing, nothing at all. And undoubtedly, this was one of those times.

Scully tended to use a quick fast fuck to squelch her inner pain and sorrow, and even her anger and agitation, when things did not go her way. A good quick, fast and furious fuck would do wonders for her right about now, especially after that painstakingly difficult and unsuccessful interrogation with Absalom. Yes. A fast and furious, vigorously and overwhelmingly powerful fuck, with a gorgeous dark-raven-haired woman, who just happened to be holding her right now, would do her wonders. And then after that, she would go out somewhere and beat the ever-loving fucking hell out of some innocent tree. And then she would go out and find herself another fucking tree and beat the ever-loving fucking hell out of it. And then she would go and shoot off a full, fucking magazine or two, of fucking 9mm rounds from her SIG-Sauer P-226 out to the high heavens, just for the fucking hell of it. And then she would probably go out and find herself another fucking tree, to beat the ever-loving fucking hell out of, too. And then she would go out and find herself another fucking someone, to fuck their brains out, too. And then ...Oh yeah... That's what she did. That's what she needed. That's how she coped. She had done that kind of thing for years to ease the tension and strain of being a FBI agent, never having a real relationship, only a quick fast fuck on the run, and droves and droves of one-night-stands. It was just so much easier that way. And, too, her strong sexual drive was just so intense. It was hard to find someone with as strong a sexual desire and need as hers. Some would say that she tittered on the edge of an addiction. Well, maybe. Some used needles and drugs, cocaine, heroin. Others used alcohol, wine, beer or the hard stuff. Others used food binges, sweets, cigarettes, gambling, or just so many different kinds of things, to forget their troubles for awhile. Well, she used a good quick fast fuck, with a stranger. Given her extremely powerful sexual craving, it was the safest thing for her to do. At least, that is how she had always rationalized it. Everybody had their own "drug of choice" occasionally used to completely lose oneself to the obsession, forgetting anything and everything else happening in their lives, just for a little while, just until they could regain the courage to try again for another day. And hers happened to be sex. She liked a good quick fast fuck, practically everyday, and sometimes several times day, depending on all the major stresses happening in her life. Thank God for Good Vibrations, vibrators, dildos and batteries. She had taken on many a male and female lover, but she most definitely preferred female. And Reyes was gorgeous, just what she liked. God, she was perfect, except for the boyfriend. She had noticed it immediately, up on that hillside. And under different circumstances, a different setting, and Reyes not being a fellow federal agent - hey - she would take her in a heartbeat, seduce the holy hell out of her, and help her forget about that. ...What was his name again?... Oh God. Pull it together will you?... She mentally chastised herself then turned her head slightly and pressed her ear in against Reyes' chest, listening to her heartbeat and allowing the steady rhythm to lull her back into reality. Funny thing was, she wondered if Reyes had any idea at all what she had actually been thinking. Although, somehow she thought she already knew the answer. Reyes had no idea. No idea at all! And was that not the irony? Ms. "feelings" and "cosmic energies" had no idea at all of the raging lust, and sexual desire, that was surging throughout this woman's body that she held so protectively close in her arms.

Tears continued to roll down Scully's cheeks, tears of extreme pain, sadness and fear, and even some pent-up anger at what she may ultimately find. But also of sexual frustration and need - incredible need - for all different kinds of release. She sighed, as Reyes continued to hold her, beginning to regain some of her strength and resolve back.

"Dana," Reyes softly whispered again. "I... I wish you would let some of this..."

"I can't. I just... I can't, okay?" Scully interrupted her. She had regained control of her tears and had begun to wipe her eyes and cheeks with one hand while keeping her other arm wrapped securely around Reyes' waist.

"But, Dana, it's not healthy. It's..."

"I know. But I can't, Agent... Monica. I just... Not right... You don't understand, okay?"

"Okay. I just, I wish you would trust me. That's all," Reyes whispered again, continuing to hold her and stroke her back and shoulder-blades.

...Jesus... Trusting you is 'not' the problem... Scully mused. "I do trust you," she said, looking up and making eye contact for a moment. ...Now. Trusting myself?... Fuck... "I um, give me a little more time, okay? I... I just..." she hesitated.

"Okay," Reyes whispered softly, understanding her need to remain in control. But, oh, what all she had been missing. How in the world could she miss picking up on all of the pent-up sexual frustration and extreme desire radiating from the warm sensual body she was holding? Her own warm sensual body being the object of said desire. And yet pick up on most everything else? Amazing. But then again, she was so focused in on Scully's mental state and Scully's inner pain and anguish and fear and anger and frustration with the case. And then there was Doggett and Skinner. And then her need to do a good job herself, and not fail any of them. And then to find Ms. Hoese, and then find Mulder and then... Good God, she was just so overwhelmed herself!

After a few moments had passed, Scully leaned her head in against her shoulder, catching another whiff of her cologne. "Mmm," she sighed. ...You smell... so... damn... good... she thought. And she could stay there, right there, in Reyes' arms forever, breathing in that sweet and delicious scent of a woman.

She had recognized that scent earlier yesterday morning, up on that hillside. But it had been a long time since she had been with anyone that had worn that particular brand of cologne, a very long time indeed, and wonderful vibrations and sensations had raced throughout her body. The hint of that scent had gone straight to her insides, to her very core, causing a slight spasm between her legs. Oh yeah. Reyes had no idea, but that had been part of Scully's problem earlier yesterday morning on that hillside. Rude? Aloof? Pissed off? Yeah. All of those emotions were most definitely there, thanks to Doggett. But also, Scully's innate ability to hide her inner core and her true self from someone. She had to hide the fact that she was instantaneously sexually attracted to this woman, this fellow female federal agent from New Orleans. So, she had poured on the unfriendliness, the animosity and reserve. Although, Reyes had managed to somewhat disarm her a couple of times already, and that was rare - very rare, indeed.

"Mmm," she sighed again, reining her wildly erratic emotions and libido back in. Reyes was just so sweet and tender, gentle and loving, everything she had been missing for quite a long time. A very long time, actually. And God, how she needed this, needed to be held and loved and, well, fucked. And she had a very good idea that Reyes could probably fuck her brains out, if given half a chance. But she was just going to have to get over it, pull it together and get on with the job at hand. And Mulder would understand her momentary weakness. He knew, better than anyone else in her life did, how she used sex as her drug of choice. Although they had never been lovers, he had figured it out along time ago, what she was doing, on occasion, when they were out of town on a case. Sometimes, late at night he would have a question or two about the case and go by her motel room to discuss it, just to discover that she was no where to be found. Yep. He knew. He had figured it out a long time ago. And she had a Tattoo to show for it. When the case was very stressful, she was gone, out on the town, late at night, when no one would recognize her, or bother her or follow her. And besides, she was a federal agent, armed and dangerous, when she wanted to be. She knew how to take care of herself. If she ran into trouble, shoot, and ask questions later, no problem. Yep. Mulder would go and get himself lost in a few bottles of beer, or whatever else was available at the time, and watch some cheesy old porn movies, while she would go out and get herself lost inside the real thing, a few bottles of beer, or whatever else was available at the time, and a nice, quick fast and furious fuck with a hot-blooded, in the flesh, one-night-stand. But then, everybody had their own way of dealing with things.

She then leaned back off of Reyes' shoulder, having regained most of her composure. She looked up at the tall brunette and smiled.

Reyes smiled back. "Look, Dana. If you need anything, anything at all, I'm here for you, okay?"

...Oh, for Crissakes, Monica. Damn it! Don't say that!... Scully almost lost it again with that comment, inhaling deeply to fight off her inner battle of raging hormones and emotions. After a few more moments, she backed completely away from her.

Reyes again understood her innate need for control and let go.

"I'm sorry, Monica. I just... Whew..." she exhaled, wiping her eyes and cheeks.

"Hey. There's nothing to be sorry about, okay?" Reyes said, instinctively reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder, but then thought better of it. Instead, she came up behind her and peeped out the window.

"Whew... Damn..." ...Fuck!... Scully inhaled deeply yet again and then released it with another long sigh. ...God damn, I am so fucked up right now! Shit!... she thought. The strain of the last few months and now these last two days? It was just too much! And her pregnancy was probably fucking with her hormones, too. No wonder she felt so out of control. It was just about all she could do to hold it together and do her job.

Reyes then stepped in close, standing right beside her, and gazed out the window, too, her chest and shirt still damp with Scully's tears.

Scully glanced over at her chest for a moment, noticing her hardened nipples pushing hard against the thin light material of her shirt. ...Oh God, Reyes. You're killing me here. Whew... Um, um, um... Her heart skipped a beat at the beautiful sight. She sighed, licking her lips, and then looked back out the window, thinking about what a blessing and sweet person this newly-found friend of hers was. She would never do anything to hurt her, or mislead her, or - or anything like that. She needed a friend. And Reyes had already been there for her, off and on all day yesterday, and earlier this morning, and earlier this afternoon and now - right now. Yes, Reyes had done wonders for her. She would never do anything to jeopardize this budding new friendship with Reyes. Never.

Reyes watched her closely, realizing that the wheels were spinning at full throttle inside her pretty little red-auburn-haired head. "What?" she finally asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"Agent Reyes. I think... I'm afraid that... he might be..." She could not finish her sentence as she turned to look at Reyes, fresh new tears beginning to roll down her cheeks all over again.

...Oh God... Reyes swallowed hard, having no words to comfort her. She feared the same thing, too, for she had absolutely no gut sensations on Mulder's present condition either. And she had been trying off and on all day to get some type of feeling, some type of sensation, some type of vision, some type fo something - anything - to give her something to go on as to his whereabouts. Although that did not necessarily mean that he was for all intensive purposes dead, but it gave no hope of him being alive either. Sometimes her extrasensory gift could be a real royal pain in the ass.

She sighed, as she gently wiped the fresh warm tears from Scully's cheeks. "We'll find him, Agent Scully. I promise you. We will find him," she said.

Scully nodded, knowing that she could not promise finding him alive. No one could. She closed her eyes again and inhaled deeply, regaining control of her tears and emotions.

Reyes continued to gently stroke her cheeks for several moments and then told her about what she had come for in the first place. "Agent Scully. I think I may have found something. Do you feel up to coming with me? Taking a look?" she asked.

"Yes. Of course," Scully replied, her mood brightening a little. She had planned on taking a quick nap. But if Reyes had found something new, her nap would just have to wait.

"Okay. Good. Come on," the brunette said, and then led her out of the motel room and back to a waiting vehicle.

Video Room at Helena Police Department - Helena, Montana:

5:31 PM: Earlier in the evening, Agent Reyes had been studying the videotapes from the UFO Cult Compound security cameras while Agent Scully had been interrogating Absalom. In the process, she found some interesting footage that she now thinks might possibly lead to a break in the case and finding Agent Mulder. Skinner, Agent Doggett and Agent Scully have all gathered with Agent Reyes in the Video Room to see her latest findings.

"I reviewed these tapes from the compound. There are some things here I want you all to see," she commented, as she worked with the controls of the video player. The videotape was showing two men, one of them Absalom, loading a body into the back of a pickup truck.

"They've got a body in there," Skinner commented, watching the video carefully.

"Who is it?" Scully asked, moving in a little closer to the screen.

"You can't tell from this angle," Reyes answered tentatively.

"Well, then where's another angle?" Scully asked, rather impatiently.

"This is the only angle I could find," Reyes answered, glancing back over to her for a moment, understanding her displeasure and wishing she could give her what she wanted.

Scully looked at her, realizing her frustration, then bent down even closer to the screen.

'Wait a minute. Stop it,' Scully instructed.

"Wait a minute. Stop it," she instructed. Reyes immediately stopped the video and stilled the frame.

'That man. I know that man,' she said.

Scully sat down next to her and studied the frame. "That man. I know that man," she said.

'Good. Because here he is again,' Reyes said, advancing the film...

"Good. Because here he is again," Reyes said, advancing the film and showing the same man entering one of the buildings of the compound.

"Who is he?" Skinner asked.

"His name is Jeremiah Smith. Agent Mulder knew him. He believed that he had the ability to heal people," Scully responded, her mood brightening.

"What do you mean, 'heal people'?" Doggett asked.

"Like he did Teresa Hoese," she answered, remembering back to an earlier case she had worked on with Mulder.

Reyes had been listening to the exchange as she advanced the film even farther. "Well, whoever he is, take a look at this," she instructed, then allowed the film to advance on its own, showing Jeremiah Smith entering a building on the compound, passing through a shadow, and then coming out looking exactly like Agent Doggett.

"What the hell just happened?" Doggett said stunned, along with everyone else in the room.

'That's what I'd like to know,' Reyes commented, glancing up for a moment...

"That's what I'd like to know," Reyes commented, glancing up for a moment, then rewinding the tape and allowing it to play back again.

"Wow! That's still Jeremiah Smith!" Scully acknowledged, her hopes and mood continuing to rise.

"The hell it was! That's me! And I never even went in that building!" Doggett argued.

"Exactly! We have to get back out there!" Scully quickly added, realizing the possibilities of what this latest information could mean. Mulder may actually be out there, at the compound, with Jeremiah Smith, at this very moment. She quickly left the room to go and inquire about a vehicle, and then getting the search party together again for the second time in less than 24 hours.

"Good work, Agent Reyes," Skinner commented, praising Reyes' tenacity as Doggett looked on.

"Thank you, Sir. I just, I hope it leads us to Agent Mulder," Reyes said, then smiled as she ejected the videotape and turned off the video player.

"Me, too. Guess we'll know soon enough," Skinner replied, smiling in return.

"Agent Reyes. You're with me," Scully instructed, as she reentered the room.

"Okay," Reyes responded, a little surprised as she glanced over at Doggett and Skinner. They both just shrugged. But Skinner knew that Reyes had, in less than 36 hours, managed to gain Scully's trust and confidence. Something that Doggett had yet to do in almost five months.

"Good. Got a car waiting," Scully said, as she left the room again.

Poor Doggett suddenly felt a little out of place. His new partner now preferred his old buddy, Agent Reyes, from his New York City days to him. Reyes just shrugged at the irony of it all, then opened the door to follow Scully out to the waiting car.

Skinner put his hand on Doggett's shoulder, then said, "Come on Agent Doggett. This may be what we've been waiting for."

Doggett nodded. He was a very good agent, and a really nice guy. He just needed to wake up to the reality of what he was seeing - UFO's, alien abductions and very good evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

UFO Cult Compound Area:

6:41 PM: Skinner, Doggett, Scully and Reyes entered the UFO Cult Compound together, along with the FBI search team, looking for the man called Jeremiah Smith. Scully quickly noticed a young man trying to hide and stay in the back of the large group that had gathered. She called him out from the group and took him to a private room inside the compound for questioning, with Reyes at her side.

Scully interrogating Jeremiah Smith, with Reyes at her side...

While questioning him about whom he really was, and that she knew he was actually Jeremiah Smith, someone knocked on the door. Reyes turned and answered the door, seeing Skinner motioning her to quickly come outside the room. "Agent Scully. I'll be right outside," she said, and then began to leave the room.

Scully nodded, making eye contact, then turned back around, gasping at the young man, whom had now turned into Jeremiah Smith.

"You're going to expose me," the man said. "You're putting people in danger, abductees all over the country," he warned, then, "I save them. I'm the only one," he pleaded, making a case for himself as well as the compound. And ultimately, begging her to just let him go and leave this place in peace.

"Where's Mulder?" she asked.

"You came crashing in here. I was trying to help him, too!" he answered frustrated.

"Where is Mulder?" she yelled, as someone opened the door. It was Skinner again, breathing rather heavily. Jeremiah Smith quickly turned back into a different man that looked like Absalom.

'You'd better come with us,' Skinner said to Scully, sadness in his eyes.

"You'd better come with us," Skinner said to Scully with sadness in his eyes.

"You must protect me," Absalom, who was once a young man, and then Jeremiah Smith and now Absalom again, pleaded. Scully ignored his urgent plea and walked out from the little room.

She then asked, 'What is it?' as she studied Skinner's eyes...

She then asked, "What is it?" as she studied Skinner's eyes, somewhat alarmed by his expression. She then glanced over at Reyes, trying to read in her eyes what was going on. Reyes said nothing. What was there to say?

"It's Mulder," Skinner finally answered. Scully looked back over at Reyes, searching for any kind of sign that he was still alive. Reyes just looked at her, pain ripping through her guts for what was about to take place.

Same large and open field where the other victims had been found:

6:46 PM: "Where is he?" Scully yelled, running up to Doggett, and the large group of federal agents, surrounding a prone body, Skinner and Reyes following along behind.

'Agent Scully. He's over there,' he said, pointing over to the body...

Doggett turned to her. "Agent Scully. He's over there," he said, pointing over to the body lying on the ground covered with a blanket. Scully took off in the direction of the body, Doggett quickly grabbing a hold of her.

'How bad is he?' she asked again, struggling in Doggett's arms...

"How bad is he?" she asked again, struggling in Doggett's arms.

...Oh God, Dana... Doggett thought. He did not want her to see this, see the horror of what Mulder had been through.

Scully continued to struggle in his arms. "How bad is he?" she asked again, struggling to get free from his restraint.

Skinner and Reyes came up beside Doggett, as he continued to hold her, restraining her from reaching the body.

"How bad is he hurt?" she yelled again, still holding out hope for her long lost partner of almost eight years.

Skinner and Reyes were both so completely overwhelmed with grief, not only for Agent Fox Mulder, but for Scully as well, that they just stood there, motionless, as Doggett continued to struggle, trying desperately to protect her from seeing the unimaginable, the unthinkable, the truth, that Fox Mulder was truly gone.

Scully finally broke free and ran to the prone body, yelling that Mulder needed help, yelling, "No! No! No!" She then knelt down beside Mulder's prone body. "NO!" she cried again.

Doggett grabbed her again and pulled her away from the body, telling her what no one else could say, "It's too late."

She was hysterical - screaming, crying, wailing and weeping - and then falling to the ground. And then recovering her footing and running back through the woods, to the compound screaming, "He needs help!"

"Agent Scully!" Doggett called after her, then looked at Skinner, and then to Reyes, crest-fallen from what they had found.

Reyes quickly motioned to them that she would follow Scully, while they did what had to be done for Mulder. Skinner nodded and motioned her to go on. He and Doggett had work to do.


Continued - Part 2

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