Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Conclusion
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She Mends Me

By MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Conclusion

The North-side Sidewalk of the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBIHDQ) - 950 E Street NW:

6:54 AM: Scully pulled her sedan up to the sidewalk, finding Doggett, Skinner and Reyes all standing there discussing the great challenges that lie ahead for Reyes, as soon as she got back home to her own turf of New Orleans and tried to lead another team of agents into finding this most recent little child gone missing. She had been updating them both on all the difficulties she and her partner back home had been having with trying to nail these kids and their ringleaders, and then finally getting them all off the streets and incarcerated once and for all. They all three were frustrated with the system. And it seemed that the courts were not willing to see the big picture and just how much of a threat this gang truly was to the young children of southern New Orleans. She was busily crushing out a cigarette as she and Scully made eye contact. She smiled then winked. Scully smiled then winked. Doggett waved. Scully waved back. Skinner walked around to the driver's side of the car. Scully knew that she had better roll the car window down.

"Are you up to this?" he asked.

"Up to what?" she said furrowing her brow.

"Taking her to the airport," he said as he nodded over towards Reyes and Doggett.


"Are you sure? You look a little..." he shrugged.

"Yes. I'm just... I had a hard night. And a hard last few days. And..."

Skinner nodded as Reyes opened the passenger's side door of the car on the other side. He glanced back up. Doggett was busy giving her another quick hug. He smirked. Reyes then got into the car, shut her door and began to put her seatbelt on.

"Reyes?" he said through Scully's window.

"Yes sir?"

"You remember what I said now, okay? Don't you ever hesitate in calling me when you need some help. That's what we're here for. And if there's anything we can do on this end to help with the situation down there you just call. Okay? Call me. Call Doggett. Call Scully. Call any one of us. Just call us. Okay?"

Scully sat there having to hold back a laugh at the complete turnaround he had made since earlier this morning, when he had wanted to chew Reyes' ass out. Well, good. He had remembered what a good agent she was after all.

"I will. I know who my friends are," Reyes replied.

Skinner grinned. He liked that. And he liked Reyes. And actually, he was quite saddened to see her go. "All right. Safe trip. Keep us informed," he said as he patted the doorframe of the car, then leaned back up and walked back over to the sidewalk.

Scully chuckled as she rolled her window back up. "What was that all about?"

"I don't know. You know him better than I do."

Scully chuckled again, as she looked both ways then pulled back out onto the street.

Reyes then glanced back to the backseat of the car and to her overnight bag. "Did you have any trouble packing my things?" she asked.


"You sure?"

"Umhum. You had most everything already packed up anyway. It didn't take but maybe five minutes."

"Okay," Reyes said as she reached over and caressed Scully's cheek.

Scully clasped her hand, kissed the inside of her palm, and then placed it on her thigh.

They rode along in silence for a few moments.

"You've got my cell-phone number and my private email written down, right?" Reyes said.


"And you've got my home address and my home phone number and my office phone num..."

"Shhh. Shush. Yes. I've got every known number known to man that pertains to you already written down and programmed into my phone, okay?"

"Okay," Reyes said a little dolefully.

"What? You think I'm going to forget about you? Hum?"

Reyes just watched the road in front of them, not saying anything. And actually, she was not so sure.

"Hey. Is that what you think?" Scully said again.

Reyes felt tears begin to flood her eyes.

Scully glanced over at her for a moment. "Oh Monica, no, don't do this, you're just... You're tired... And you've got a lot of weight on your shoulders right now. So..."

"So what? Act like everything is just fine and dandy? And I'll wake up tomorrow morning with you still in my arms? And not a thousand miles away? And... And..." she hesitated, stifling a sob. "Well, I just can't do that! I can't just pretend that... that everything is... is..." she choked out a sob as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Oh, God, Moni, no, don't do this, please, don't do this."

"Don't do what? My God! I'm dying here with the thought of leaving you!"

"Oh baby," Scully responded as she glanced back over, then let go of her hand to cup her wet cheek. "Oh gosh. What have we done? Hum? What have we done?" she mumbled.

They both had fallen so deeply-in-love with each other it hurt. That's what they had done. And it hurt like hell, the long, looming separation they would soon be facing.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Alexandria, Virginia
US Airways Ticket Counter:

7:19 AM: Scully glanced at her watch as Reyes walked up to the young US Airways employee to claim her ticket and check-in her firearm. Within seconds, she had her airline ticket in hand and clearance for weapon concealment while in the air. She was being given exclusive-clearance and top-priority-status for anything she needed from the US Airways Airline Corporation. Because the young man behind the ticket counter had already been informed of her urgent and immediate need to flight back to New Orleans on official government business, before she had even arrived. He had not been given any specific details of course. But he had been informed that it was urgent, extremely urgent. And she had all the power, and all the clout, to get whatever she needed from him on this quick little trip back to New Orleans.

"Good luck," he said as he handed her the customer copy of the transaction.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow.

"It's all over the news. Two little kids missing in New Orleans," he clarified.

"Oh. Okay. Well, thank you. We'll need it," she responded.

The nice young man smiled.

Reyes smiled in return, then turned to find Scully. She quickly spotted her, then picked up her overnight bag, securing its strap over her shoulder, then grasped the handle of her briefcase and picked it up off the floor as well, then headed in Scully's direction.

"Well? Did you get it?" Scully said.

"Umhum. What about you?"

"Yeah. Mom will have to show her ID later but, they did a provisional transfer, just until she can come in and verify."

"Good. Great. I'm so glad that your mom will be able to fly down with you, I... Oh God, you know I want to, but..."

"I know, but... Duty calls."

Reyes nodded as they began to walk down the main concourse towards Terminal C.

Scully glanced back up to her. "Monica, those two children really need you right now, you know? They really need you."

"So you caught that, too," Reyes responded as she glanced down, making eye contact.

...Oh. Okay... Scully cocked an eyebrow. Well, that had not been quite the response she had anticipated. "Um... Caught what?" she asked, confused.

"What that young man back there at the ticket counter just said. He said that there were two little children missing."

"Oh... okay... Well... No, I didn't hear him but... It's true. And I would assume that it is all over CNN by now."

"Yeah, and that's what concerns me. If the Team had been successful then... Why are there still two children missing and not just the little Chamberlain boy?"

"Oh. Well, I wouldn't worry about it. You know how the media is. Besides, the Bureau is probably running interference to protect the other child."

"True... Yeah... I hope you're right."

Scully watched her for a few seconds as they continued to stroll down the long corridor.

Reyes noticed the intense scrutiny. "I um... I guess I've just got a bad feeling about this, about Elisa. That's all."

Scully nodded, then reached up and put an arm around her waist.

Reyes smiled as she reached down and did the same.

"You okay with this? Me putting my arm around you?" Scully inquired.

Reyes nodded. "I've got mine around you, don't I?"

Scully smiled and nodded as she leaned her head in against her shoulder. "So, what do you mean, 'a bad feeling'?"

Reyes shrugged. "Oh, I don't know. Something just doesn't feel right."

"Well, can you be a little more specific?"

"Hah! No... If I could, I'd already know where she is! And where the little Chamberlain kid is, too!"

"Oh, hey, now, shhh," Scully responded as she began to stroke along her back and shoulder-blades. "I... I didn't mean to..."

"Oh geez, I know, I'm just... I'm tired. And I'm frustrated. And I... I don't want to leave you. And yet I know that I have to. And that I've got to do everything in my power to find these two missing kids and... And I... My gut's trying to tell me something and I'm so damn... Oh hell, I don't know," she groaned.

"Oh baby, I know. And I wish there was more that I could do to help you with this, but..."

"Umum, it's okay, just... Believe in me. I need you to believe in me. Believe in my abilities."

Scully stopped their casual stroll for a moment, making eye contact. "I do believe in you. I do. I've already seen some of what you can do. But... It's depleted right now, isn't it? And you can't... It won't... It won't tell you what you need to know right now, will it?"

"Right! Yes!" Reyes' eyes widened, her heart and soul jumping with pure joy. "Yes! That's it! Oh Dana! You know that you are the only other person in my life, my whole life! Well, besides my Grandmother anyway, that has ever actually said that to me? That they believed in me? Really believed in me? And... And believed in my..." Her eyes watered up.

...Ohhh... Scully smiled as she reached up and caressed her cheek. "Well, I believe in you, Agent Reyes. And you don't need any special abilities, or special cosmic feelings, or extrasensory, extra-telepathic, extra... whatevers... for me to believe in you. Okay?"

Reyes smiled the brightest, happiest smile. "Really?" she said.

"Yes. Really. You're pretty amazing just as you are. No extrasensory anything. Just you."

Reyes smiled again.

"Now. What time does your plane leave?" Scully asked as she wrapped her arm back around her waist and started them both to stroll down the walkway yet again.

"8:55. But it's running about five minutes late."

Scully glanced at her watch. 7:21 AM. "Okay. Good. So... We've got some time then. Want some breakfast?"

"Mmm, I don't know, I... My stomach's in knots as it is."

"Well. We need to get some food in you. And there's no telling when you'll get another chance to eat."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Scully wrapped her other arm around her and squeezed her really tight for a moment.

"Mmm, what's that for?" Reyes teased.

"Nothing. Just wanted to," Scully said as she held on a little tighter.

Reyes glanced over at some of the harsh and abrasive looks they were suddenly getting from some of the other patrons. ...Damn. Why are they looking at us like that? Shit!... she thought. "Um. Dana? Are you sure you're not going to run into anyone you know over here, at the airport?" she suddenly asked, a little uneasy with all of the hurtful scrutiny they were suddenly receiving from all the other passersby. ...Damn! What is your problem?... she thought again as an older couple walked by, purposefully glaring at them. She was just not used to all of these disgusted, disapproving looks they were receiving all of a sudden.

"No. Why?"

"Um, I was just... wondering."

"Why? Is this bothering you?" Scully said as she suddenly, completely let go of her.

"I... um. No, I... It's just... different, and... and as long as you're not concerned about it, or... or someone from the Bureau seeing you, then..."

"And what about them seeing you? Is that a problem?" Scully asked, searching for the real emotion behind Reyes' question and comment.

Reyes furrowed her brow. "I um... Wow! I don't know, I... I guess this is all just so new and different to me, you know? Does that make any sense?"

Scully nodded, and yet didn't respond.

They walked on for a few steps in silence.

"Oh God, I'm sorry, come here," Reyes said as she quickly reached back down and wrapped her arm around Scully's waist yet again.

"You sure?" Scully said as she leaned back in along her shoulder.

"Yes. I've just... I've gotta get used to things. That's all."

"Oh! Look!" Scully said brightly, suddenly changing the subject, as she pointed to a little restaurant just up ahead on the right. "They've got muffins!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Banana Nut?"

"Umhum. And Blueberry, too."

"Oh... Well then, could I interest you in a Banana Nut muffin, my lady? And maybe a little cup of decaf?"

Scully chuckled as they turned and entered the little Café.

Chesapeake Bagel Bakery Café - Terminal C Concourse:

Scully was sitting at a little table far over in the left corner of the little restaurant, watching a flock of seagulls as they flew across one of the runways and towards the river.

Reyes had gone to stand in-line at the counter and order two cups of coffee, a Banana Nut muffin and a Blueberry muffin.

"Ohhmm," Scully yawned. She was just so tired. And she knew that Reyes had to be exhausted, too. Reyes had not had any sleep at all last night. At least Scully had managed to get a couple of hours in. "Hum," she sighed, beginning to grow somewhat concerned over Reyes' lack of sleep and what she would soon be facing, once she got back home to New Orleans.

"Hey. Think I got enough?" Reyes teased as she walked up to the table, quickly set the little tray of coffee and muffins down, then reached into her pocket and pulled out a huge, overflowing handful of creamers and sweeteners from her pocket.

Scully laughed heartily, then said, "Ah. Nope. I think we need at least one more handful. At least. Don't you?"

"Aw now. Ya think?" Reyes teased again as she sat down to the right of her.

Scully continued to laugh and giggle.

Reyes then raised an eyebrow at her as she began to open a few creamers and sweeteners, pouring them into Scully's coffee, stirring them up and communicating only with her eyes how much, and if that was enough. And... No, not quite. No? A little more? Umhum. Really? Umhum. You sure? Yep. Really? Umhum. That much? Umhum. More? Umum. No? Umum. That's it? Umhum. You sure? Yep. Never actually verbalizing anything.

Scully was still giggling, her heart tingling from the memories of that morning inside the hospital cafeteria in Helena, Montana. She reached across the table and cupped Reyes' cheek. It had not even been a week since that morning. And yet look at all that had happened between them.

Reyes smiled, then double-winked at her, as only she could.

"Oh, there ya go. Stealing my heart," Scully teased.

Reyes smiled the prettiest, brightest smile, then double-winked at her again, just for her.

They just sat watching each other for a few moments.

Scully then glanced down at her muffin, and then began to pull it out of its protective wrapper, as Reyes followed suit.

"Moni? How's your kitty? You haven't said anything about her since... several mornings ago."

"She's fine. I have a pet-sitter checking on her every day now," Reyes replied.

"Oh... Okay... So, um..."

"He's a little pissed at me right now."

Scully raised an eyebrow. "Who? Eric?" she said.


Scully sat for a few moments trying to decide whether she really wanted to ask any more information about Eric, the other man in Reyes' life, or not. "Do I need to ask why?" she finally said.

"I don't know. Do you?"

Scully cocked an eyebrow then smirked. Reyes had a way of really turning the tables on you if you were not careful. "Um. No... Probably not."

"Good. Then we can just drop the subject."

...O...kay... Indeed... Scully thought.

Reyes chuckled at Scully's changing expressions, then took another sip of her coffee.

Scully just sat looking at her. "Um, by the way. Before I forget this, I... I wanted to tell you something."

"Okay," Reyes said, placing her coffee cup back down.

"I, um... Well... What you said earlier in the hallway about... this being so different and... so new and that... you needed to get used to things and..."

"Umhum," Reyes responded again.

"Well. This is all very new and different for me, too. Okay?"

"How is that? You've had tons of women before, right?"

Scully cocked an eyebrow yet again. "Well, um... I wouldn't say tons," she said as she took another sip of her own coffee as well.

Reyes snorted, then burst into a fit of giggles. "Oh geez, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that... Well, you're a little more experienced than I am, that's all."

Scully began to laugh, too. "Yes. But only with the same sex I would imagine," she teased her back.

"Oh geez. Maybe we better drop this subject, too. For now anyway."

Scully giggled. "Well. Anyway. This is all very new and different for me, too. And what I mean by that is... I don't, usually... I don't... I'm not one to..."

"Yes?" Reyes said, cocking an eyebrow.

Scully set her coffee cup back down, then cupped Reyes' cheek all over again. "Um... I'm not usually one to... do this... Show affection. Okay?"

"Okay," Reyes responded getting lost inside her gaze.

"And, generally... I would never do this... Show affection... Out in public. Okay?" she said again as she ran her fingertips down and across Reyes' lips and then over to the other side.

"Okay," Reyes responded again, her heart doing summersaults inside her chest.

"And, um... generally... you would never catch me... doing something... like this," she whispered again as she leaned into within an inch or so of Reyes' lips. "Especially in... broad daylight... people all around..." she barely whispered again, her warm breath tickling Reyes' lips, as she leaned in and kissed her ever-so-gently on the lips.

"Um," Reyes whimpered into the gentle kiss, then reached up and cupped Scully's cheek as well.

After a few moments, they broke off the tender little kiss and just sat looking at each other, and relishing in every single moment they still had left together before the inevitable separation.

Reyes then clasped Scully's hand from her cheek, suckled on a couple of knuckles, and then set their clasped hands back down on the table.

Scully smiled, then glanced down at her last little bite of Banana Nut muffin.

Reyes smiled, too, then nodded at the muffin and winked.

They finished their quick little breakfast of coffee and muffins, holding hands along the tabletop, and completely ignoring all of the odd, annoying and distasteful looks they were receiving from some of the other patrons sitting nearby.

"Mmm. I think I have an idea," Reyes whispered as she began to clean the little table off from all of the empty sweetener and creamer packets, used napkins, empty coffee cups, muffin wrappers and the like, placing it all on the tray, and preparing the table for the next group of customers.

"What's that?"

"I'll show you when we get ready to leave."

"I'm ready to leave."

"You sure? Don't want another cup?"

"Umum. Let's vacate this joint, while we still can."

Reyes giggled. "What? You're afraid they'll try to bash us?"

Scully just shook her head at the irony of it all. If they stood up and waved their loaded guns around in the air, and then quite possibly shot off a few rounds, the very ones giving them such dirty looks would probably start cheering in the streets! ...Bunch of gun-toting, self-righteous, egotistical, right-winged fanatics... she thought. But let them just kiss each other and hold hands over in a secluded corner and... Well.

The Ladies' Restroom, just out from the US Airways Gate area - Terminal C Concourse:

7:43 AM: Reyes quickly spotted what she was looking for, then clasped Scully's hand. "Come on. Follow me," she said as she led them into the ladies' room.

"You need to go?"

"Umum. Well. Yeah. But that's not why I wanted to come in here."

Scully chuckled. "Okay. But I need to go, so..."

Reyes smiled.

Then they both went to do their thing as a few other ladies came in to do their thing. Reyes finished first, cleaned up, then walked over to the little couch, sitting along the wall of the small lounge area. She dropped her overnight bag down to the side, then set her briefcase down along side of it, and then sat her own tired ass down on the couch and waited.

Within seconds, Scully came out, cleaned up, primped for a moment in the mirror as Reyes smirked, then caught Reyes' reflection in the mirror. She smiled.

Reyes smiled.

She then turned and headed for her. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Waiting for you. Come on. Sit down here with me for a minute."

"Okay," Scully said as she sat down.

They both glanced at their watches at the same time. They had a little over an hour left before Reyes would have to board a plane and leave Scully for New Orleans.

Reyes sat waiting for the last woman to leave, growing a little fidgety, as she began to rock her legs back and forth in frustration.

Scully smiled, laying a hand on her rocking thigh.

Reyes reached down and clasped her hand yet again, moving it to just between her legs.

...Indeed... Scully smiled again. Surely Reyes didn't want to try for a little quickie in the ladies' room.

The older woman finished drying her hands, finished touching up her lipstick, piddled around in her purse for a moment, then finally left.

"Whew, finally," Reyes whispered, then curled her lips as she reached up with her other hand, cupped Scully's face and then moved in for a kiss.

Scully wrapped her arms around her torso, lightly kissing her in return, as she stroked and caressed all along her back and shoulder-blades. They suddenly heard footfalls again and quickly broke off the kiss as Reyes moved her hands down and wrapped Scully up in her arms, then leaned back in against the couch. Scully then quickly leaned in against her chest. Reyes glanced up to see if the newest patron had even noticed that they were there. And it appeared that she had not as she stood at the mirror, checking her make-up, straightening a scarf around her neck and then doing a quick little turnaround to make sure everything appeared to be still in place. She then left, just as hastily as she had entered.

"Hum," Reyes sighed, then shook her head, then wrapped her arms a little more comfortably around Scully. "Mmm, I just wanted to hold you... Kiss you... Without the whole damn frickin' world giving me their unsolicited opinion about it, you know?" she finally whispered into her ear.

Scully chuckled. "Umhum. It is different, isn't it? The Gay world, at least here in the States."

"No shit. And you know what is so sad? I never had even thought about it, how difficult it must be for a couple to... do anything... without the whole damn frickin' world it seems, condemning them, just because they love each other, and want to show a little affection. Damn! I cannot believe I have been so... out-of-touch with so many people, and I... It makes me feel so stupid!... Like a damn fool for not noticing and, trying to help do something about it... Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Gay... Oh hell, I don't know. Damn!"

Scully sat silently for a few moments. "Well. We can't change the whole world today, or tomorrow, or next year, but... maybe a little at a time... Maybe one day..."

"Yeah, maybe. But it shouldn't even be an issue. I mean... What is it? Why do so many people hate us so much? What are they so afraid of?"

"Anything different and what they don't understand."

"Yeah. But they understand 'love', don't they? Or do they? If you really stop and think about it."

Scully chuckled again as she rubbed her cheek along Reyes' chest.

"I mean, it's so much more than the sex anyway. You know?" Reyes added.

"Umhum," Scully responded as she leaned up and kissed her lightly on the lips yet again. "But the sex is pretty awesome, too, don't you think?"

Reyes giggled and blushed.

"Mmm. Quit trying to solve the world's problems right now and just kiss me," Scully said.

Reyes giggled again and then did just that.

They continued to share light conversation and gentle little kisses and tender little suckles and soft little caresses, holding hands and enveloping each other, both knowing that the minutes were steadily ticking away for them. And yet neither willing to bring it up - the most pivotal subject of all for them - when, how, where, or even if, they may try to see each other again in the very near future. Both seemed to be much too afraid to even breach the subject, for fear of what the other one might say. So, they said nothing about their uncertain and ambiguous near future - nothing - nothing about tomorrow, nothing about the next day, nothing about next week, or even the next month. They chose to say nothing. They rather chose to just kiss and suckle and caress and touch and hold and envelope and embrace one another as the minutes steadily ticked away.

But then really, how could they breach the subject? How could they know over the next few days, or even possibly the next few weeks, what the near future held for them? And especially for Reyes, since she would soon be facing down pure evil, and be out on the front lines, out on a case and out in the field, quite possibly even out on a surveillance team and - who knows what all else - trying to find these two missing children and ultimately apprehend the perpetrators. But then, on the other hand, how could they not breach the subject? How could they not bring the most imperative, life-changing, altering-of-the-future, prevailing subject, that would affect their mutual lives and futures forever, up? How could they continue to just ignore the inevitable separation, without even discussing some type of plan, then putting that plan into action, and actually being able to see each other again, and in the very near future? And really, could they ever truly say good-bye to each other anyway? No. For how could they? When they had only just begun.

Waiting area for the passengers of US Airways, Flight 289, Gate 37 - Terminal C Concourse:

7:55 AM: Several planes had landed over the last couple of minutes, causing the ladies' room to become overrun with patrons. So, Scully and Reyes had decided to just accept the fact that their formerly quiet and secluded little haven had just been permanently invaded by life in general. Consequently, they had moved out to the gate area, and found another somewhat secluded spot to sit, all the way down at the end of a long row of seats, facing a big picture window and looking out across the runways and areas where the jets came in to unload and reload, refuel and take off again.

After a minute or so, Scully had finally convinced Reyes to lean her head in against her shoulder as she wrapped an arm around her, and then began to massage her temples and sinus cavities, using both hands, as she massaged and stroked and pressed just above Reyes' eyes and sides of her face. Reyes had begun to develop a headache. And she had already taken two Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules she had conveniently stashed away inside of her briefcase. And she was now allowing Scully to use those very strong, powerful and skillful hands of hers to help ease the pain, and help rid her of this developing headache.

Mmm," she lightly moaned in spite of herself and her surroundings as Scully skillfully stroked and massaged and pressed against her pounding temples with her thumbs and fingertips. "Um," she lightly whimpered again, beginning to give in to the wonderfully soothing and relaxing sensations, collapsing down a little farther into Scully's arms, as Scully adjusted her legs, then instructed her to put her head down in her lap, her legs up on the seat next to her, and then just lie down completely for a quick little nap. "Umum," she barely grunted at the idea, almost asleep.

"Umhum. You need to take a quick little nap."

"Umum," she grunted again as she swung her legs up anyway, following Scully's instructions, then rolled her shoulders and head more comfortably into Scully's lap and chest.

"That's it, time for a quick nap, my sweet," Scully whispered, smiling, as she crossed her legs, quickly creating a very nice warm, soft and cushiony little pillow with her lap, arms and chest, wrapping her arms more securely around Reyes' upper torso, supporting her head and shoulders, as she felt her dropping off into a much-needed little nap, not quite fully asleep and yet not quite fully awake. She then scooted down in the seat just a little, pulling Reyes' shoulders and head up to rest more comfortably along her chest and breasts, then wrapped an arm more securely around her, and kissed her lightly on the forehead, as she began to run her fingertips and thumb all along her temples and sinus cavities again, just above her eyes.

"Um... feels... good..." Reyes barely whispered again into the relaxing sensations, readjusting her shoulders and dropping an arm down around Scully's waist and hip, as she collapsed her cheek more deeply into Scully's chest.

"Shhh, go to sleep, my sweet," Scully barely whispered to her again, just above her forehead, then kissed her so tenderly along her hairline, then rested her lips there, basking in the feel of Reyes dozing so trustingly snug in her arms. ...Oh God, Moni, I love you. Oh wow, how I love you. And I don't even know where this is coming from, this insatiable need to love you, feel you, hold you, and take care of you. My gosh. I just don't know. I've never felt anything quite like this before in my life. Not for anyone. Not ever. Umm. Did you know that? Hum? Do you know that, baby? How much I love you? And need you? And how much you bring out the best in me? Hum? Do you know that, baby?... she thought as she began to lightly rock her in her arms, glancing up at the reflections along the big picture window in front of them, and noticing a few sparse passersby still communing behind them and behind the row of seats. But basically, they had the whole area to themselves as people unloaded from a plane, then left, or possibly boarded another plane and then left, leaving them between flights again, with very little commotion anywhere around them. ...Good... Good, good, good. Nobody to bother us. Thank you, Sweet Mary... she thought again as she continued to barely rock Reyes in her arms, running her fingers through her soft, dark brunette hair, stroking her temples and massaging all along her forehead and crown. "Hum," she barely sighed herself as she leaned her chin down along Reyes' forehead, closing her own eyes, and then resting them, too, from her own lack of sleep. And she truly did not feel like stomaching any prying, nosy and especially disapproving eyes anymore anyway. But, she would, if she had to, and if she began to receive any from future passersby. For her "baby" was asleep right now in her arms. And she would not allow anything or anyone else to awaken her, as she replenished her strength and stamina, preparing for the coming storm in New Orleans.


8:33 AM: "Um," Reyes whimpered lightly, twitching slightly again in Scully's arms, as she heard the sounds of another young family walking by, just in front of them, with two little girls wanting to watch the planes out the big picture window.

"Shhh, sleep, sleep," Scully barely whispered again just along her forehead, quietly reassuring her that she was safe and secure in her arms.

"Um," Reyes whimpered softly again, then tightened her arm around Scully's waist for a moment.

Scully smiled as she looked up and caught the smiling eyes of the young mother quickly perceiving the situation, and softly instructing her two little daughters to be soft and quiet with their little words of delight. For someone was trying to sleep just behind them.

The two little girls glanced around, smiling and giddy in spite of themselves. Then the younger one reached out towards the sleeping beauty, lying so comfortably in Scully's arms, and whispered, "She sleeping?"

Scully smiled, then nodded and winked.

The young father then reached down and reminded his little daughter to be quiet and not awaken the pretty lady, for she needed her rest.

The little girl nodded in understanding, then sprinted over to the window next to her sister, so she could quickly spot anything she might have missed during that quick little conversation.

Scully smiled again as she watched the two little girls, so innocent and naive, maybe a year or so apart, pointing and patting and leaning their little foreheads against the big picture window, their mutual little fingerprints spread out all over everywhere, as they jabbered softly to their parents all about everything they were seeing.

The young mother then glanced over to Scully for a moment; not to pry, not to be nosy, and especially not to disapprove, but just to acknowledge the scene, and the obvious need for Reyes to remain asleep in Scully's arms.

Scully watched her, too, then cocked an eyebrow, as she so instinctively tended to do.

The young mother smiled and winked, then reached out to her younger daughter again, tapping her on the shoulder and reminding her to whisper, and keep her voice down, so that the pretty lady behind them could sleep.

The little girl glanced back around, her little palm over her mouth, her eyes wide-open.

Scully smiled at the cute little expression.

Then the little girl whispered, "Shhh."

Scully smiled again, doing the same, "Shhh."

The little girl giggled, then turned back to the window again to see what else might be happening out there among all of those long runways and short ramps and big parking areas and large fuel trucks and loaded luggage carts and... Oh wow, there was just so much to see, for such a little girl as she.

Scully's smiled again. Kids - so sweet and innocent. Suddenly, a tear began to roll down her cheek. The very thought of Reyes having to leave her now, much sooner than they had ever anticipated, was bad enough. But the reasons she was having to leave her so soon - the reasons - two little innocent children, just like these two little girls - a little boy, and a little girl - a little boy and a little girl in grave danger. And the turmoil and extreme pressure Reyes was already under to find these two little innocent lives and rescue them from evil. "Oh baby," she barely whispered as she quickly wiped another stray tear away. She glanced back up at the TV screen, the sound muted, and just to the right of where they were all gathered. Well. She knew one thing, as she watched the latest news images flash across the screen. She was not going to tell Reyes of the latest news reports when she awoke, not if she could help it. Because according to these latest news reports on CNN, flashing across the screen again, and intermittently for over the last ten minutes, it was true. What Reyes had feared earlier this morning was true. The little Garcia girl had still not been rescued. Something had gone wrong, horribly wrong. And Reyes would be utterly devastated when she learned about it. And Scully could not really tell from the muted news reports of why, what or how it had happened, or what had gone so horribly wrong to create such a calamity as this.

"Um," Reyes whimpered again, her eyes fluttering open for just a moment, from the sounds and sensations of more people and movement beginning to surround them. A plane had landed much farther down from them and at another gate. But people were beginning to bustle about all around them just the same.

"Shhh, it's okay, sleep, sleep," Scully whispered again, hoping that Reyes would continue to sleep for at least a few more minutes - at least. For she needed this rest so badly as she faced down pure evil from the gang back home in New Orleans.

Reyes suddenly opened her eyes, her lips slightly parting.

Oh, was she ever so kissable. ...Um, um, um... Scully cocked an eyebrow at those deliciously, slightly-parted lips.

Reyes then looked at her trying to get her bearings.

"Hey," Scully whispered, smiling, as she reached up and gently caressed her cheek.

Reyes focused her eyes. "Hey," she whispered back.

"You've been sleeping."

"I have?" Reyes whispered in surprise, as she began to tentatively rise up out of Scully's arms.


"I... Wow! I'm sorry, I..."

"No. It's okay. You needed it. Still do," Scully reminded her as she reached up and caressed a dark circle underneath her eye.

"Yeah, but... Gosh, I... I didn't mean to drop out on you like that," she whispered again.

"Why? I wanted you to."

"Really? You're not upset with me?" she replied as she then sat all the way up, glanced around for a moment, then stretched a kink out of her back, as she inhaled a nice long, deep breath, waking fully up.

"No, of course not. How's your headache?"

Reyes looked at her for a moment. "Gone," she whispered, smiling.

"Good," Scully responded, smiling as well.

They sat there for a few seconds, just looking at each other. Reyes then glanced over at the young family just in front of them, then wrapped her arm up around the back of Scully's seat.

"Moni. Try to catch another couple of hours on the plane, okay?"

"Okay. I'll try," she said.

"Oh my, I just... I hope you can. It's going to be so hard on you," Scully said as she reached back up and lightly caressed her cheek.

"Oh no, I'll be all right. I've done it before."

"Umhum, and look what it did to you... Monica, please... Take time for yourself, every chance you get... Eat. Sleep. Take a nap. Whatever you need to do to..."

"I can't. Not until I find this little boy," she argued.

"Hum," Scully just sighed, concerned as ever.

"What time is it, anyway?" Reyes said, glancing down at her watch.

"About 8:30, 8:35. You got maybe 35, 40 minutes in," Scully answered. She had been watching the clock, too.

"Um. Okay," Reyes said as she glanced back over and watched the little family just in front of them for a few seconds. The young mother glanced over to her, too, then smiled. Reyes smiled in response, then said, "Well, guess I need to call the office, hear the latest."

Scully stiffened for a moment. ...Oh my... Should she tell her? Or just let someone from her office tell her. "Um, Monica. Are you really sure you need to do that right now?"

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "Yes. Why?"

Scully then glanced up at the TV screen.

Reyes followed her gaze. After a few seconds. "Oh! Christ! Dana?!"

Scully just wrapped her arms around her as they both began to watch the disturbing images flash across the screen.


8:37 AM: Scully sat quietly, with her head leaned up against Reyes' shoulder, Reyes' own arm wrapped snuggly around her, as she talked to her ASAC about the latest developments in New Orleans via her cell-phone. All Scully could do was just sit, and listen, and ache, and hurt, and try to fathom the next few days alone, without Reyes. And she had not anticipated this, not this at all. And not so soon. Especially when Reyes had just told her yesterday of her plans to stay with her, fly back home to DC with her, and then stay on for a few more days, sharing the time, her apartment, and especially her bed with her. Oh no. She had not anticipated this at all. She had not even had any time to try to prepare herself for this. She wiped another quick little tear from her cheek as she leaned her head in a little more cozily against Reyes' shoulder.

"Shhh," Reyes instinctively whispered to her as she instantly reached up with her hand and feathered her fingers through her hair, then commented a little more to ASAC Cunningham about the little Garcia girl, the little Chamberlain boy, and just how far off from the original target zone the team had veered, trying to recover the little girl. Scully snuggled in a little more cozily, nuzzling her face in against Reyes' neck and throat. "Umhum. I agree," Reyes whispered softly again into the mouthpiece, then turned and kissed Scully yet again on the forehead, just as she had been doing for the last few minutes; lightly kissing her, and combing her fingers all throughout her hair; caressing her, touching her, and loving her, even as she talked on the phone. Scully just continued to soak in as much of her as she could, while she could. Reyes' scent, Reyes' warmth, Reyes' voice, Reyes' touch, Reyes' very essence, as the minutes continued to slip away, slip, slip, slipping forever away from them. "Umhum. Be there in less than three. Right," Reyes said again. "Touchdown's at 10:39 your time. Umhum... I know, we'll get them... Right... Adios," she said, then hung up her cell-phone and slid it back down inside her pants pocket. "Ohhh," she inhaled deeply, then sighed even more deeply as she wrapped her free arm back around Scully, squeezing her tightly in her arms and kissing her yet again on the crown.

"Well? What did he say?" Scully asked, her breath tickling Reyes' neck.

"Um. Actually, he's not sure what went wrong. But..." Reyes then hesitated, glancing back over at the little family and then several others within possible earshot.

"It's okay. I'll find out later," Scully responded, immediately understanding the situation.

Reyes nodded, then reached down with her free hand and clasped Scully's, placing it in her lap.

Scully began to stroke her thumb and then a knuckle and then a finger and then began to search for her ring. "Oh! I forgot something," she said suddenly, as she rose up from Reyes' shoulder and arm.

"What's that?" Reyes whispered playfully, watching her, and then glancing over her shoulder, slightly behind her, at the young father casually watching them. He smiled, somewhat embarrassed. Reyes smiled, too. She had already figured it out that this nice young couple was very open and accepting of those that loved just a little differently from them. He smiled again, then reached over and picked up a daughter, setting her in his lap.

"Here. I almost forgot," Scully said again. "Give me your hand."

Reyes wrinkled her brow for a moment. "Oh! My rings!" she said as Scully took a hand and began to slide one up a middle finger. "Geez, I left them on the sink this morning, didn't I?" she said again.

"Umhum. And I swear. I liked to have never found my keys. When did you stuff them down inside your sweats?"

Reyes giggled. "Last night. And I was wondering how you found them? I mean... Since we... You know..." she shrugged.

"When you were drying your hair. I was trying to find them, busting my ass all over the kitchen searching for them. And then I picked your sweats up off the bedro... Um... Well... They..." Suddenly it hit Scully that the young couple could hear every single word they were saying.

"They fell out in the floor. In the bedroom," Reyes teased.

"Umhum. Something like that," Scully grinned.

Reyes smiled again as she handed Scully her other hand.

Scully then began to slide her other ring up her middle finger, then struggled a little bit with getting it over the knuckle.

Reyes giggled. "My right hand. It's just a little bigger."

"Oh, is that so? I would have never guessed, when you switched on me last night," Scully teased.

Reyes felt her cheeks grow bright crimson red at the memories of being inside of Scully, once with her left hand and then twice with her right, her fingers pressed so deeply snug inside of Scully's warm, wet, slick folds during the night. "Hum," she sighed, nibbling on her lower lip.

Scully finished her little task, then leaned back in along her shoulder, never letting go of her hand, but just repositioning it back down inside of her lap again, playing with her ring, spinning it around her finger, and rubbing all along her knuckle.

Reyes glanced down at their hands inside her lap, then began to caress and massage along Scully's hand and fingers, too, as she rubbed her other palm up and down along Scully's upper arm, then leaned in, and lightly kissed her on the crown before resting her chin there.

The truth of the matter was, neither knew quite what to say anymore, as they sat and waited. For they had already said everything they needed to say to each other, telling each other how much they loved and cared for each other earlier in the day. So, all they could do now was just sit, and wait, and ache, and hurt, and grieve, and mourn the inevitable. And they could continue to hold each other, hold hands and lean in against a shoulder and a crown. And just sit, and wait, and ache, and hurt, and grieve and mourn some more before the inevitable.

"Umm," Scully suddenly groaned into Reyes' neck.

"What?" Reyes whispered in concern, lightly kissing her on the crown yet again.

"Oh... Gosh," Scully whimpered again.


"Nothing, I... The baby's just doing summersaults inside of me all of a sudden."

"Really?" Reyes whispered wrinkling her brow.


"You're okay though, right? He's okay. Nothing's wro..."

"Oh no. He's fine. He's just... getting very active. Waking up I guess."

"Okay," Reyes replied, letting go of her hand and reaching in along her abdomen, placing her palm over Scully's unborn son through her jeans. She really could not feel anything through the thick denim, but she just needed to do that for some reason. Maybe she needed to say good-bye to him, too, just as she would soon be saying good-bye to his mother - maybe. She smiled, closing her eyes, as she felt the warm, familiar tingling sensations begin to seep through and radiate into her palm, even through Scully's thick denim jeans. ...Ohhh... Bye, bye, baby boy. See you later, little guy. You be good. Your mummy and I love you so much... she mused, not even thinking about it, what she had just actually, telepathically communicated to him - spirit-to-spirit and soul-to-soul - that she loved him, along with his mother, as she instinctively pressed her palm a little more snuggly against Scully's swelling abdomen.

"Mm," Scully whimpered softly yet again as she instantly cupped the back of Reyes' hand and pressed it even more intimately against her abdomen and unborn son, then snuggled her head in along Reyes' shoulder again, closing her eyes, too, just trying to remain calm, cool and collected. And not just lose it completely in this very room, inside this very airport, over her pain and agony of having to say good-bye so soon, and the pain and agony inside her heart, and the huge, massive, suffocating, gaping hole inside her very soul that was beginning to develop and swallow her up into nowhere with every passing second.

"Dana? You sure you're okay?" Reyes whispered again in concern.

"Umhum," Scully nodded, her eyes still closed, praying for the strength to get through these next few minutes without completely breaking down in front of Reyes. For Reyes did not need to see that, not right now. She did not need to see anything even remotely close to that. For Reyes needed to retain and conserve all of her energy for what was awaiting her back home in New Orleans. "Mm," Scully whimpered softly yet again in response to feeling her son's little movements settling back down inside her womb, while Reyes' warm, soft hand pressed so intimately against it. She then clasped Reyes' hand and pulled it up to her lips, gently kissing it along the first knuckle.

"Mommy! Daddy!" the two little girls suddenly cried out at the same time.

Scully jumped slightly at the sudden cries, opening her eyes.

"Look! Look! There it is!" the older one said, pointing at a big plane taxiing in. And sure enough, it was the plane Reyes would soon be riding coming in.

Reyes glanced out the window herself at the plane, then glanced at her watch.

"Daddy, is that your plane?" the younger one said all giddy and excited.

"Umhum. Won't be but just a few minutes now," he responded, picking her up and into his arms, squeezing her tight.

Scully suddenly broke into tears from hearing his words, soft sobs filling the air.

"Oh honey, shhh, it's okay, I'm right here, I haven't gone anywhere yet. Oh, shhh, baby, come here, let me hold you," Reyes began to whisper and sooth, rising up in her seat and wrapping Scully up in her arms as Scully just collapsed down a little farther against her shoulder and chest.

"I... I can't take this, I can't take it anymore, I can't, you leaving me, I... I can't, I can't, I can't..." Scully began to mumble into her neck, crying softly.

"Shhh, oh baby, God, I... I don't want to leave you either, but I... I don't have a choice, I... Oh God, baby..." Reyes responded, her own eyes flooding with tears, too, as she wrapped Scully up more tightly in her arms.

The young father glanced around, seeing the pain and agony the beautiful, petite red auburn-haired woman was in, all of a sudden, as her just as beautiful, tall dark brunette-haired companion tried to comfort her. He quickly decided to move his little family farther down the row of seats and towards the center of the room to give them more privacy.

Reyes continued to whisper sweet words of love and endearment into Scully's ear as she glanced up for a moment, locking eyes with him.

He nodded in understanding, his own eyes flooded with tears, as he moved his little family farther down and away from them.

Reyes nodded and winked, thanking him silently for his compassion, as she continued on with her quiet whispers into Scully's ear, "...shhh, honey, I'll be back, I'll come back as soon as the case is over, okay? I'll come back, fly back, I'll be back in no time, no time at all, and then we'll be together again, okay? We'll be together..."

Scully nodded through her tears, clutching Reyes' shirt tightly with her hands, hanging on.

"...shhh, oh honey, I love you. I love you, and I'm going to do everything I know to do to make this work. We can do it, we can make it work, baby, I know we can. We've just gotta think through it, okay? We've just gotta think through it all..." Reyes whispered again.

Scully nodded again, whispering, "I know, and I'll come to you, I'll fly down to you," as she rose up from Reyes' chest and shoulder, making eye contact, tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"Oh God, look at you," Reyes whispered, cupping her wet cheeks, then leaning in and giving her a quick little kiss. "Oh baby, it's gonna be all right," she said as she wiped more tears from Scully's cheeks. "We'll get through this. We will. I know we can. It won't be easy, but..."

Scully nodded again, sniffling, "And I'll come to you, okay? I'll come to you. As soon as I get everything finalized up here, I'll come to you. I need to take care of a few things with... with Mulder's apartment and everything... But then I'll come to you, fly down to New Orleans."

Reyes' heart fluttered inside her chest, brimming with pure joy. Scully had just said it again, that she would come down to New Orleans. And Reyes had been so afraid to even hope for that possibility, that Scully might actually be willing to fly down to New Orleans and come to her. But now, Scully had just said it again. And she had said it twice! She had just said it the second time that she would fly down to New Orleans and come to Reyes if necessary.

"Okay. Well. We'll talk about it some more when we've got some time, but... Oh God, honey," Reyes whispered again. "I'd give anything if I didn't have to leave you right now, I'd give anything, I'd give my..."

"I know. I know, baby," Scully whispered as she leaned back in and just held on a little longer.

Twenty yards up from Scully and Reyes, next to a support column by the gate attendant booth:

8:51 AM: Skinner eased back around to the other side of the column, continuing to keep himself out-of-sight, as he leaned up against it for a few moments, his eyes closed, trying to come to terms with what he had been observing over the last thirty, maybe fourty minutes. For only maybe sixty feet away from where he stood now, he had spotted Scully sitting over in the far corner, in that last row of seats that faced out onto the runways. And earlier, he had almost walked directly up to her, in search of Reyes, when suddenly he had seen Reyes' head and shoulders all cuddled up in her arms. And he had been shocked. And he was still shocked. He could hardly believe it. He still could hardly believe what he had seen. And especially how peacefully Reyes had been sleeping, Scully resting her own chin along her forehead, combing her fingers through her hair, and occasionally giving her soft, gentle little kisses all along her forehead and crown as she dozed so peacefully in her arms. ...Oh, Scully... And Reyes!... Damn!... He still could hardly believe it. But, he had wondered about it even back in Montana. And now, he had pretty good, solid evidence that they had crossed that line after all. He looked down at the latest file folder he had in his hand, filled with the latest faxed information from Reyes' home Field Office. Well. He would just tell SAC Reigel, or ASAC Cunningham, that he had missed Reyes. That was what he would do. For she really could not do much from the plane anyway, as she read the latest reports on the botched "Amata E. Garcia Case" and now the most recent "Brandon C. Chamberlain Case".

He leaned back out and glanced around the column. Scully and Reyes were still sitting there on the edges of their seats, leaned up against each other, their hips and knees pressed in against each other. Reyes was still cupping Scully's cheeks, and whispering something to her, her eyes so beautiful and tender, as Scully nodded and reached up caressing the side of her face again, her caress so beautiful and tender, as she caressed that soft, smooth cheek. The beauty, the tenderness, the intimacy, the love - it was so obvious now. And it just radiated into the area all around them, illuminating the surrounding space. And he still could hardly believe it as he continued to watch, Scully suddenly leaning in again and giving Reyes another quick deep, tongue thrusting, passionate kiss, right on the lips. ...Whoa! Damn!... He felt his loins respond, his shaft tightening between his legs. ...What a kiss! What a beautiful damn kiss!... he thought. Reyes suddenly opened her eyes as she returned the passionate and juicy, little wet kiss, glancing up and over towards the column and ultimately towards him. ...Whoa! Damn!... he thought again as he quickly leaned back behind the column and hid. He had almost been caught by her very perceptive, inquisitive, instinctive eyes. He then leaned up against the column. ...Oh Dana... he thought, so saddened for her. How in the world was she going to get through this, saying good-bye to someone she had obviously fallen so deeply-in-love with? He closed his eyes again as he stood there, leaned up against the protective column, sheltering his presence from them. ...Hum... Well. He would have his hands full with his favorite female federal agent, Dana Scully, just keeping her semi-together and able to do her job, with everything that she had been going through over these last few months, and then to lose Mulder and now to lose Reyes, too. Oh yes, he would have his hands full, just trying to help keep her semi-together, semi-functional, and semi-able to do her job. "Hum," he sighed, then wondered if Doggett knew. He might try to feel him out later on in the day and see. But then maybe not. Maybe what he should do was just hang around in the shadows and wait until Reyes had boarded the plane and left. And then maybe he would approach Scully, talk to her a little bit, feel her out, and let her know what he knew, and then just be a supportive friend, if she needed him to be. Maybe. He would wait and see.

"SECTION A! ROWS 1 THROUGH 8! NOW BOARDING FLIGHT 289! OUTBOUND FOR NEW ORLEANS!" suddenly rang out over the intercom.

Uh-oh. Their time was running out.

Scully and Reyes still sitting quietly along the row of seats, facing the runways:

Scully jumped at the sound as Reyes glanced down at her ticket for a moment, stuffed inside an outer pocket of her day-planner lying on top of her briefcase. People began to hustle and bustle all around them.

"Monica? Do you need to go get in-line?" Scully asked, glancing up and making eye contact.

"No, not yet. I'm in the last section. Section C. But... Maybe we should move, go over there by that big column by the gate attendant," Reyes whispered. "See? Over there? It's still somewhat secluded if we step in behind it and..."

Scully glanced over. "Yeah, okay, too many people buzzing around over here," she agreed.

Reyes then picked up her overnight bag as they both began to stand, Reyes stretching her legs out a little bit from the long sit. She then reached down for her day-planner and briefcase.

"No, I'll take it," Scully said as she grabbed Reyes' day-planner from her hand.

"Okay," Reyes smiled. She could use the help. And the way that Scully had just clutched her day-planner to her chest and directly over her heart. ...Ohhh... Dana... She had no doubts at all anymore, just how much Scully truly loved her, whether she said it very often or not.

Scully smiled, too, then clasped her hand, leaning her head back in against her shoulder, as they began to walk over to the small area in the corner and towards the column, somewhat secluded from all of the other patrons.

They zigzagged their way through the bustling crowd to their destination, passing the nice young family as the husband and wife hugged and kissed, saying their good-byes, the wife sniffling and shedding a few tears, as the husband then reached down and picked up a daughter, tears in his own eyes as the little girl cried, too, realizing that her daddy would soon be leaving.

Scully glanced up at the scene. Her eyes began to well up with tears all over again herself. It hurt so much, saying good-bye.

They reached the column, eased around behind it, Reyes quickly setting her overnight bag back down to her side along with her briefcase, then whispered, "Come here, I need to hold you," to Scully as she reached around her again, holding her so tenderly snug against her chest.

Scully leaned in...


... dropping Reyes' day-planner down to the ground as she wrapped her arms around her as well.

They both giggled at the sound.

Reyes then knelt down to retrieve it and quickly put it inside her briefcase, pulling her airline ticket out of its protective cover before locking her briefcase down permanently for the plane ride. She quickly reread her section, row and seat number - Section C, Row 23, Seat 07 - then placed it on top of her briefcase. She then stood back up, easing Scully back into her arms, as Scully leaned in again, wrapping her arms around her and holding on; just holding on, to the best thing in her life.

They continued to stand there, in silence, and all wrapped up in each other's arms, neither knowing what in the world to say to each other anymore, as the minutes kept slip, slip, slipping away from them - slip, slip, slipping, and ticking away, and gone forever.


"SECTION B! ROWS 10 THROUGH 19! NOW BOARDING FLIGHT 289. OUTBOUND FOR..." the announcement started again.

Scully jumped again as Reyes' heart tightened in her chest.

...Ohhh God, help me get through this... they both thought, for their time together was running out and slip, slip, slipping away from them so rapidly fast. And yet they both were tenaciously determined to remain strong and calm for the other. For neither, needed to see the other completely lose it right here, in this very room, and inside this very airport, as the minutes continued to slip, slip, slip and tick away.

"Mmm," Reyes moaned, then leaned her head down along Scully's shoulder, soaking in every single second that she was still with Scully, and all wrapped up in Scully's arms.

"Mmm," Scully moaned as well, as she tightened her hold around Reyes, soaking in every single second that she was still with Reyes, and all wrapped up in Reyes' arms, too.

After a few moments, Scully lifted Reyes' head up off her shoulder and made eye contact.

Reyes smiled, then double-winked at her, as only she could.

"Oh God. Every time you do that," Scully whispered, smiling, her heart fluttering inside her chest, as she then pulled Reyes' head down and rested their foreheads together.

Then they just stood there, forehead to forehead, gazing into each other's eyes, Scully cupping her neck and face, as Reyes held her in her arms.

After another few moments, Reyes whispered, "Look at us. We look like two lovesick adolescents. First time in-love."

Scully smiled, caressing her cheek. "Yeah. First time," she whispered softly, her heart tingling yet again.

Reyes smiled, too, then began to lightly moan into all of the wonderfully sweet, little suckles and kisses Scully began to give her as she began to gently suckle and kiss all along Reyes' cheeks and neck and throat, and then back up along her lips, people bustling about all around them, and yet neither seeming to care or notice anymore, as people continued to hustle and bustle all around them. They were just so lost inside each other's gaze and touches and caresses and kisses and suckles all along each other's cheeks and lips and faces.

"Mmm," Reyes moaned again, then gently broke off the sweet and tender little shower of tender kisses and caresses. "Dana... I've still got those three vacation days coming. Cunningham will give them to me. I know he will, as soon as we find these two little kids and..."

"Okay. We'll talk about it. Call me tonight. Or... Well... As soon as you can."

"Okay. Your plane leaves at 4:35 tonight, right?"

"Umhum," Scully nodded.

"Okay. I'll... I may be out in the field but, I'll call you. No matter what, I'll call you tonight, okay?"

Scully nodded again as she reached up and caressed Reyes' cheek once more.

"SECTION C! ROWS 20 THROUGH 28! NOW BOARDING FLIGHT..." the announcement rang out again.

They both jumped, Scully shivering a little bit as Reyes' lower lip dropped.

Well. This was it. This was the moment. This was the pivotal moment - that would instantly throw them back into separate lives, and separate worlds, a thousand miles apart.

They gazed into each other's eyes. Their eyes locked. Their world stopped. The earth stopped spinning.

Reyes then suddenly began to shiver and tremble inside Scully's arms, the painful reality sinking in, and nothing, not a damn fucking thing she could do about it.

"Shhh," Scully whispered, grabbing onto her more urgently. "Oh Moni, baby, why are you trembling so, hum? What's making you tremble so?" she whispered.

Reyes then broke into tears, her body shuddering and trembling, as she buried her head in against Scully's neck and shoulder, sobbing.

"Oh no, baby, shhh," Scully whispered again, stroking her back and shoulder-blades, and holding onto her even tighter, as she trembled and cried in her arms.

About thirty feet up and to the right of them, behind another convenient column:

Skinner glanced back around from his newest hiding place. They had almost caught him earlier. Or at least Reyes had. He could hardly believe it, when he had glanced back around and there they were - right there - practically on his ass. And luckily, Reyes had just glanced down to Scully for a moment, or she would have caught him, dead in his tracts, spying on them. Not that he was actually spying on them. But then again, maybe he was actually spying on them to some degree. Well, no. Actually, he was just trying to get a feel for how close they had truly become in just a matter of days. For it had not even been a week! And look at them now. ...Damn!... And he was still amazed at the intensity they seemed to share. And the out-and-out, blatant attitude of "Fuck you, if you don't like it" as we show each other a little affection. And he was shocked at that, too, by both of them. He knew that Scully would normally never be so blatantly open with her affection. And he really did not think that Reyes would be either. For one thing, it could destroy their careers. ...What a mess... he thought as he glanced back around again. ...Ohhh... His heart stopped for an instant. ...Ohhh... The way Reyes was trembling and crying into Scully's neck and shoulder was tearing his heart out. He could be a very sensitive and caring man when he wanted to be. He would never want anyone to know that. But actually, he was a very caring and sensitive man. And the scene before him would rip anyone's heart out as he casually watched Reyes just lose herself completely into Scully's warm, tight embrace.

He continued to casually watch them from a distance, when suddenly he realized that Scully had begun to sob and cry again, too, burying her head into Reyes' shoulder and neck, too; both of them shivering from the intensity, their eyes so red and their shivering, trembling bodies saying it all. ...Ohhh... His heart went out to both of them, the hurt, the pain and the agony they both seemed to be going through from this premature call back to New Orleans for Reyes. ...Ohhh... Wow. How he wished there was something he could do to help ease their pain. And of course he would feel that way towards Scully. But he also felt that way towards Reyes. He really liked Reyes. She was special. Something about her was very special. And undoubtedly that special part of her had somehow reached down inside of Scully, and had somehow managed to pull this more tender, loving, gentle and affectionate side of Scully back up to the surface, too. ...Ohhh... Wow. Life could be just so unfair at times. And love could hurt. Love could hurt like hell, like a stake in the heart.

He continued to casually watch them from a distance, occasionally glancing back around from the protective column. He soon began to realize too, that they were not projecting a "Screw you. Fuck you" attitude after all. Oh no, not at all. Actually, they were trying to stay as well-hidden from all the other passersby as they possibly could and yet still say good-bye to each other, hold onto each other, cry softly into each other's shoulders, and kiss each other those last few times before the ultimate separation. ...Ohhh... His heart so went out to them. And he truly hoped that Doggett knew about it, too, and that Reyes had talked to him about it before she had left this morning, because Skinner wasn't stupid. He had quickly perceived how close of friends Doggett and Reyes truly were. And maybe that was what that tight little hug over at FBIHDQ had been about this morning - maybe.


Skinner glanced back around for a moment, then decided to just casually walk a little farther down the concourse and wait. He wanted to give them their much-deserved privacy, too. It was none of his business anymore. He had seen enough - more than enough. And now, he needed to just respect them, and give them their privacy, as they shared these last few precious seconds together before Reyes had to ultimately get on that God-forsaken plane and go back home to New Orleans.

Scully and Reyes, still standing behind the convenient column just next to the gate attendant booth:

Reyes' body was still trembling from her soft sobs into Scully's neck and shoulders.

"Shhh, baby, shhh, it's time to go," Scully barely whispered to her, stroking her back and shoulder-blades, trying desperately to regain control of her own trembling body, warm tears and spiraling emotions.

"I... I know, I just... I don't know how," Reyes whimpered. And she truly did not know how in the world she could just let go, walk away, and leave the only woman of her dreams behind.

"Oh my God," Scully responded. What Reyes would say to her at times. "Shhh, baby, come here, let me look at you," she whispered again as she pulled Reyes' head back up off her shoulder and pressed their foreheads together again, one more time, as they gazed into each other's tear-filled eyes.

Reyes just stood there, watching and waiting, and gazing into Scully's beautiful, dazzling Dana-blue eyes, drinking in the beauty and color of those magnificent ocean-blue, tear-filled eyes, her arms wrapped snuggly around Scully's waist, soaking in the feel of that small and petite little waist, soon to be swelling from her unborn son growing inside of her.

Scully smiled, rubbing their noses together for a moment. ...Oh Moni... "I love you. Okay? I love you," she whispered softly, starring into those beautifully sweet and tender, dark chocolate-brown, tear-filled eyes of Reyes', still cupping her wet cheeks. "No matter what happens, or what the future holds, always remember how much I love you. Okay?... Remember."

Reyes nodded. "And I love you. With every ounce of my soul, I love you," she whispered in response. "And you'll always be with me. Always. Always inside of me, inside of my heart, my soul. Always," she whispered again, sniffling some more, as she regained control of her emotions.

"Oh God, Moni, I love you. I do. I love you, so much. Don't ever forget that, okay? No matter what, don't ever forget," Scully whispered again, as fresh new tears began to fall from her eyes, too.

Reyes just nodded through her tears as she cupped her cheek.

"Miss?" The gate attendant called out, as the last few remaining passengers made their way past her, through the gate, and on up the small hallway and ultimately into the ramp towards the plane.

Scully glanced up over Reyes' shoulder making eye contact with the attendant, and then nodded in response as she wiped a couple of tears away.

The gate attendant nodded, too, then pointed at her watch, indicating the seriousness of the situation. If Reyes did not hurry up, she would miss her flight, for the plane and the pilots would certainly not wait.


"I know."

"You gotta go, baby."

"I know."

Scully then pulled her head in and gave her one more, last, fervent kiss on the lips, the fervent kiss growing more intensely passionate with each passing millisecond.

They both moaned and groaned into the wonderfully sweet and passionate last kiss, moaning and groaning a little more, and then suddenly breaking it off, gazing into each other's eyes, as they both panted from the intensity.

Reyes then swallowed hard, licking her lips, then reached down and grabbed her overnight bag up off the floor. She threw it over her shoulder and readjusted the weight as she continued to just gaze into Scully's tear-filled eyes.

Scully smiled, in spite of her tears, then reached down for Reyes' briefcase and ticket, picked them up and then handed them to her.

"Thanks," Reyes whispered.

"You're welcome," Scully teased, smiling again, as she fought back her tears, determined to not just lose it in front of her, but stay strong for Reyes. She could collapse a little later - in a half a minute or so - after Reyes had left to go and board the plane. But not yet, not quite yet. Or Reyes would never be able to find the strength to turn, and walk away, and leave her behind. And she knew it. "Baby, it's time to go," she heard herself say once more, wondering how in the world she had found the strength to say those words to her again.

Reyes nodded, folding her lower lip inside her mouth, as her eyes filled up with unshed tears all over again. She then closed her tear-filled eyes, sucked in a deep breath and then turned for the gate attendant.

Scully just watched her, as she handed the gate attendant her airline ticket, and then waited for the attendant to do whatever it was she had to do, to clear the ticket.

Reyes stood there for a couple of more seconds, then took the cleared ticket stub back from the gate attendant's hand, and then quickly turned back around, just so she could take in one more look at Scully - the beautiful, incredible, wonderfully strong and courageous woman of her dreams - just one more time. Just one more look, at Scully's face - that soft, smooth and silk-skinned face. And Scully's eyes - those beautiful, sparkling ocean-blue eyes. And Scully's nose - that cute little warm, nuzzable nose. And Scully's lips - those soft, full, beautifully plump and cherry-red, kissable lips. Just one more look, one more peek, one more glimpse, one more gaze, before she had to leave.

But Scully wasn't there. Scully was gone.

"Dana?" she whispered, barely audible, her heart tightening and beginning to pound inside her chest. Where had she gone? Reyes quickly glanced around the area. "Dana?" she whispered again, a little louder this time. ...Where are you? Where did you go?... she mused, her heart pounding and racing fretfully inside her chest.

..."Oh, baby. It's time to go. You've got a job to do,"... she heard Scully's soft and tender voice whisper inside her head.

She looked around again, all over the area, but Scully was still nowhere to be found.

"Miss?" the gate attendant reminded her.

Reyes turned back and looked at her for a moment, then glanced back around towards the same area, searching for Scully, anywhere for Scully. But Scully was still nowhere to be found. She then glanced back around to the gate attendant, swallowed hard, readjusted her overnight bag thrown loosely over her shoulder, tightened her hold on the grip, then nodded, as she then began to jog through the gate, and on up the small hallway, and then bump her speed up into a full-out run towards the ramp and up towards the plane, as Scully then stepped back out from behind a column and watched her, for as long as she could, as she sprinted away, sprinted away, sprinted away...

And Scully watched her, for as long as she could, as she sprinted away, sprinted away, sprinted away...

...The END...


Author's Note: This story was inspired by the Season 8 episode "This Is Not Happening" and by the words of the following song, She Mends Me, by Marc Anthony.

She Mends Me
Marc Anthony

Look at me
I'm not the one I used to be
She smiles at me
I live the light I used to see

There she goes, and I know
On my own, I'm not whole
Can't believe, she can't see
That she's taking the best part of me

I'm half the one, with half the heart
With nothing left to tear apart
Half of me is walking 'round
The other half is on the ground

...She Mends Me...

What's to see
I had it all in front of me
It's all on me
Who lives the name of vanity

There she goes, and I know
On my own, I'm not whole
Can't believe, she can't see
That she's taking the best part of me

I'm half the one, with half the heart
With nothing left to tear apart
Half of me is walking 'round
The other half is on the ground

...She Mends Me...

Tell me where I am
Nothing else can replace her
How do I go on the way I am?

I'm half the one, with half the heart
With nothing left to tear apart
Half of me is walking 'round
The other half is on the ground

...She Mends Me...


...She Mends Me...


I just could not resist when I heard this song. It seemed to fit Scully and Reyes so perfectly... MGR

And now, you have come to the end of the First Story in my Budding Series of Stand-alones, called, the "Dream A Little Dream of Me" Series. I certainly hope that you have enjoyed it. I never intended for this story to be so long. But it seems that Scully & Reyes had a lot to do, experience and say to one another in this one. I look forward to writing the next one and taking you into Reyes' world in New Orleans as she tries to catch the culprits and save the two little children.

This story was started on November 2, 2002 and finished on September 29, 2003.

Also, I would like to thank Kristi of "No Frickin' Way" & "Absolute Annabeth", Cassie of "Addicted To Doggett", Gishphile of "AllThingsAnnabeth", Megan of "RoadRunners", Delsea of the "All Annabeth Shrine" and Dana_Starling, first of all for all of their support, and secondly for allowing me to use images, screen grabs, collages and the like from their respective sites and collections for use on this site and within this story. Also, I would like to thank BethJulieta and Mari_TXF for all the help with the Spanish goof-ups I had originally written into the story. "Gracias," for offering and helping me to get it much more accurate and smooth for my Spanish-speaking friends. And also again thanks to Beth J. and to Janet G. for your ongoing support throughout this little endeavor. Your notes of encouragement helped me find the courage to finish this long project. Again, "thanks" to you all. MGR

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