Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 2
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She Mends Me

by MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 2

UFO Compound - Outskirts of Helena, Montana:

6:53 PM: Scully continued to run as fast as she could, crying and screaming, and suddenly stopping in her tracks, shocked at the sight of a brightly lit object hovering over the compound.

...shocked at the sight of the brightly lit object, hovering over the compound.

Reyes was just a few yards behind her when suddenly she stopped, frozen in her tracks as well, witnessing the same thing.

"My God..." she gasped, then quickly pulled it together...

"My God," she gasped, then quickly pulled it back together and continued through the woods, chasing after Scully.

Scully reached the compound just in time to see a bright light radiating all around the building. She ran into the building and back to the private room, where she had been interrogating Jeremiah Smith just minutes before. The room was empty, along with the rest of the compound.

'Jeremiah!' she cried, falling to her knees.

"Jeremiah!" she cried, falling to her knees. "NO! NO! This is not HAPPENING!" she screamed. "NO! NO!... GOD!... NO! PLEASE!" she continued to scream, rocking back and forth on her knees, utterly hysterical, as Reyes entered the compound, hearing her squeals of despair. "GOD! NO! No! No..."

Reyes hurriedly ran in the direction of the sounds to find Scully lying face down on the ground, gasping and mumbling incoherently. "Oh God... Dana!" she gasped at the sight, watching Scully begin to roll around on the ground, vigorously beating it with her fists, wailing and sobbing, her whole body violently shaking completely out of control, totally oblivious to anyone or anything else around her.

Never, ever, in her entire life, had Scully been like she was right now, on the verge of complete hysteria and total despair. But, she had just lost the most important person in her whole life, her partner and best friend, Fox Mulder.

"No, no, no, what have I...? NO!" she screamed again, deliberately throwing herself hard against the ground, steadily pounding it even more forcefully with her tightly-balled fists.

"God, Dana," Reyes gasped again as she fell to her knees along side of her, quickly grabbed her up off the ground and into her arms, pulling her up, ever so protectively close, against her chest. "Hey. Hey now. Shhh, Dana, you're gonna hurt yourself," she whispered calmly, cradling her even more snuggly against her chest, protecting her from hurting herself with her wildly hysterical blows.

"N... NO!" Scully screamed out again, terrified of the sudden movement, and not even recognizing that it was Reyes holding her.

"Shhh, Dana, it's me. It's Monica."

"NO! AWAY! Get away! Get...!" Scully began to instinctively fight back, horrified, not even recognizing this woman that she had so intimately clung to just a couple of hours or so before. She was totally lost to the wild frenzy and lost from any comprehension at all that it was Reyes.

And Reyes could hardly believe that Scully could be so far gone and lost into such near madness, that she did not even recognize her. She had known to be prepared for a difficult night. But she had never expected this. Not this at all. Never, in a million years, would she have expected this.

"Shhh, Dana... Hey... Ah... Listen... It's... Aowh... It's Monica," Reyes whispered, slightly letting go of her and then holding her by her shoulders, continuing to calmly talk to her, allowing her to hit and slap at her, only occasionally shielding herself from the more powerful blows. "Dana... Please... Oh... It's Mon... Ah... Reyes, it's Agent Rey..." she continued, trying to get through to her, absorbing the painful blows to her arms and chest, trying desperately to get through to her. ...Dana, please. You know who I am... she mused, as Scully continued to rain blow after blow.

"...Haaauggh!..." Scully cried out again, continuing to punch and scream with a violently wild and feral look in her eyes. She was like an animal, a wild and ferocious animal.

...Oh God, Dana... How do I get...?... "Dana, look at me. Please look at... Aowh!" Reyes cried out, briefly doubling over, clutching her stomach. ...Sweet Jesus... Now that hurt. "Ugh," she groaned, tears filling her own eyes, as she clutched her stomach with one hand while firmly replanting the other on Scully's shoulder.

"...Haaauggh!... Haaauggh!..." Scully squealed again, her eyes still wild with near madness, as she regained new strength, screaming, squealing and pounding her fists and knuckles into the ground, into the air and ultimately back into Reyes.

"Please, Dana... Ugh... I don't know wha... Ugh... God," Reyes whimpered, her pain-filled tears beginning to stream down her face.

Scully steadily screamed and shrieked, striking out at anything - at the air, at the ground, at Reyes again - then accidentally hitting her again in virtually the exact same spot.

"Oh God!" Reyes panted, doubling over again, clutching her stomach, leaned over in pain, as Scully continued to scream incoherently, raining blow after blow after blow at anything that happened to be within striking distance. "Da... Dana!" she cried, slightly rising back up, grabbing a hold of Scully's wrists, one in each hand, and keeping her from actually making any more contact with anything. She knew that if Scully kept on, she would end up breaking at least one, if not both, of her hands. "Dana... Please," she pleaded, recovering a little more from the pain and then fully rising back up on her knees, facing her, still holding her wildly flying fists in the air. "Da... Agent SCULLY!" she finally yelled at her. She hated to do that. She really did. She never cared to yell at anyone. Well, someone she truly cared about anyway.

"M... Moni?" Scully suddenly froze in place and starred into her tear-filled eyes, tears streaming down her own face as well, momentarily comprehending that it was Reyes.

"Yes! Agent Scully, it's Monica," Reyes responded, starring back. ...Come on. Dana, you know who I am... It's Monica... Monica... she mused.

Scully closed her eyes, beginning to squeal and wail, hit, and slap and pound again at anything that happened to be within reach.

...No, no, no... "Agent Scully? DANA!" she yelled at her again. "Look at me! Damn it! Look at me!" she concentrated, focusing her gaze directly on Scully's closed eyes. If ever, she had ever in her entire life, needed her telepathic abilities to kick in and succeed, it was now. Right now. ..."Dana. Stop... Stop it... Stop hitting me... And look at me."... she calmly repeated inside her head, softening her voice, soothingly coaxing Scully with her mind, to open her eyes and recognize her.

Scully suddenly froze in place again, opening her eyes and gazing back into Reyes'. Those eyes. ..."Stop... Stop it... Stop hitting me."... That voice. She recognized that soft, soothing voice bouncing around inside her head. ..."...And look at me."... Those eyes, and that gaze, that penetrating gaze. Her eyes began to focus.

"That's it. Look. Look at me. It's Monica," Reyes breathed softly, trying to regain full control of her own body and the distracting, relentless pain inside her gut. She needed no distractions at all, none whatsoever, if she were to make full contact. She had to concentrate on nothing else but reaching deep down inside and caressing Scully's very soul with her own.

Suddenly, their eyes locked. ..."Yes. That's it. Look at me. Look at me, Dana... Look... It's Monica."... Reyes repeated inside her head. She had made contact. She inhaled deeply, holding the air inside her lungs for a few seconds, then slowly released it, never breaking the spiritual contact they had just made. She then sent Scully another quick little boost of positive energy, straight from her heart.

..."Monica?"... she suddenly heard Scully's own gentle voice say, bouncing around inside of her head.

...Yes! Thank God!... "Yes, Dana,"... she telepathically communicated again. Scully had finally recognized her, spirit-to-spirit and soul-to-soul. "Oh Dana," she audibly sighed in relief, easing up her hold on her wrists. She had reached deep down inside of Scully's very essence with her very own, and found her, momentarily pulling her out of the hysteria.

Scully continued to focus on those eyes, those deep, beautiful dark-chocolate-brown eyes. She remembered. She had been lost inside those deep, dark-chocolate, penetrating eyes a few times already.

Reyes continued to watch her, not breaking the intimate eye contact. She had her. And she was not about to take a chance of losing her now. No. Not now. She then tentatively lowered Scully's wrists down to her lap, easing up on her grip a little more, and keeping her hands resting lightly over Scully's. She finally gave Scully just a hint of a smile.

Scully blinked. That smile. She remembered that smile.

"Hey there. Remember me?" she whispered, smiling yet again, as their eyes remained locked.

"M... Moni?" Scully whimpered.

"Yes. That's right," Reyes answered, continuing to watch her, allowing her to get lost inside her gaze.

"M... Moni, hol... hold me," Scully whimpered, suddenly latching onto her, desperately grabbing on and around her neck, burying her head fully against her shoulder and neck.

...Well... My goodness... Reyes thought. She had not expected such a sudden reaction as that either, as she quickly pushed the pain in her gut thoroughly out of her mind and wrapped her arms around her. "Okay. I can do that," she whispered, tightening her arms around her, too.

"M... Moni," Scully sobbed, her body beginning to fitfully tremble and shake again, tears and sobs and cries starting all over, as the near hysteria began to set back in.

...Oh God... No, no, no, not again... No, not... Shit... "Dana. I gotcha. Now just stay with me, okay? Stay with me," Reyes whispered, kissing her on the forehead and beginning to rock her back and forth, tightening her hold, tears streaming down her own cheeks as well. "Stay with me, Dana. Just stay with me," she repeated again, for she could not afford to lose her completely to the madness again.

Scully collapsed a little farther down into her arms, her body quivering out of control.

"That's it. Stay with me, now. It's Monica," she repeated again, as she quickly wiped a few tears from her own cheeks, continuing to whisper and rock her like a baby, realizing that Scully was growing hysterical all over again.

"Ca... help..." Scully mumbled almost incoherently, continuing to weep and wail, her body violently shaking, as Reyes just held onto her and continued to softly, soothingly whisper into her ear.

"Shhh. I know. I know... It's okay... Just stay with me, okay?"

Scully latched on even more securely, not verbally responding at all. She couldn't. She was again beyond any form of communication or verbalization and any comprehension of anything at all except Reyes. But, thankfully, she did recognize Reyes. And for now, that would be enough.


7:13 PM: After several minutes had passed, Reyes' knees were beginning to ache from the strain. So she readjusted her body and just sat down on the ground, wrapping one leg out and around Scully, while keeping the other one bent up using it to slightly lean Scully's back against it.

Scully buckled in against her bent leg and knee and even more deeply into her chest, her arms dropping lower around her shoulder-blades and waist, still keeping them desperately wrapped around her, as she cried and sobbed and weeped and wailed from her inner turmoil.

Reyes just held on, wiping a few more stray tears from her own cheeks as well, then running her fingers through Scully's hair, occasionally kissing her on the top of her head and whispering reassuringly to her. What more was there to do? What more could she do? But just hold her and continue to whisper to her, caress her and remind her that she was not alone.


7:28 PM: Several more minutes had passed, when Scully finally began to mumble inaudibly again, trying to communicate a little bit.

And Reyes could not understand anything she was trying to say, she was still trembling and weeping so hard. "Hum? What is it?" she whispered to her, wanting her to repeat what she had just said.

"Mon, Moni. Hol... hold me," she sobbed.

"Well, Sweetheart. I am holding you. What's wrong? Hum? Not tight enough?"

Scully grabbed on a little tighter in response.

Reyes followed suit and held onto her a little more securely, rocking her and cradling her, periodically kissing her on the top of her forehead. "It's okay. I'm right here, Dana, I'm right here. I'll hold you, as long as you need, okay?" she continued to whisper soothingly to her. "Shhh. As long as you need me to, Dana, okay?"

Scully nodded through her sobs, desperately holding on. She was like a little child, a sweet and innocent, lost and abandoned little girl.

Reyes' natural inborn mothering instincts had surfaced full force in wanting to comfort and protect this broken and battered, devastated and ultimately shattered sweet soul.

Scully began to mumble again against her chest.

"What? What is it?" Reyes asked her again. She was having a hell of a time understanding anything Scully was trying to say. Her sobs and cries were still just so violent against her chest.

"D... Don leave me," she sobbed again into her chest.

...What in the world?... Reyes thought. ...Why in the world would you even think that I...? I would never... "Honey? I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here. I'm right here, Dana," she reassured her, whispering softly into her ear.

"Plea... Don... lea..." Scully mumbled again.

...What in the *holy hell*? How could you even *think* that I would *ever* leave you like this?... Who...? What...?... Reyes' emotions were suddenly reeling with anger, sensing that somebody, somewhere, along time ago, from Scully's past, had abandoned her, this beautiful woman that she held so securely in her arms. ...God *damn you to hell*!... Reyes was suddenly so angry with the knowledge that someone would ever have done such a thing to Scully. And if she ever found out just who it was... ...I'll make you pay for the *rest* of your *fucking life*!... "Ugh," she groaned in anger, feeling the sensations of Scully's immense pain, not only from tonight, but also from somewhere way on back, a long, long time ago, still locked up tight, very deep inside her soul. "Umm," she groaned again, closed her eyes and leaned her cheek against the top of Scully's head, forcing herself to push her anger aside for the time being. She would have to think on that later. Right now, she needed to remain focused on the needs at hand. And right now, Scully needed her to be calm, soothing and steadfast. And so, that is what she would be.


7:31 PM: Skinner and Doggett had entered the compound, searching for Scully and Reyes. Doggett found them first and quietly put his finger to his lips motioning Skinner to remain quiet.

Skinner softly stepped over a little more closely and peeped into the room. He could see Reyes' back as she sat on the floor whispering something into Scully's ear, with Scully all cradled up in her arms. Reyes was holding her like one would hold a frightened and panic-stricken little child. Scully had completely collapsed into her arms, weeping uncontrollably, her body visibly shaking, totally lost to the world around her.

"Oh," Skinner slightly gasped. ...Oh, Dana... He had never seen her like this.

Doggett touched his shoulder and again raised his finger to his lips reminding him to not disturb them. Then he motioned him to give them some time and space. Doggett knew when to keep quiet, remain out of sight, and let Reyes do her thing, comfort and console a wounded soul. He had seen her do this on many an occasion back in New York. She was the best. The best he had ever seen, at knowing how to deal with something like this. Yes, he had called her in to help find Mulder. But, ultimately, he had a hunch, that Scully would respond to her, too, if it all came down to this, and they found Mulder out there dead in that field, too.

Skinner understood, then they both walked a short distance from the little room to wait, and give Reyes a little more time alone with Scully.

Reyes had heard the slight commotion behind her. But she had never faltered in continuing to soothingly whisper into Scully's ear. She knew it was Doggett and Skinner. And actually, she could really use the help right now. Because for some strange reason, she was becoming quite physically weak herself. But Scully was just not quite ready for anyone else yet. No. Not quite yet. And Doggett had understood that.


7:33 PM: Scully continued to weep and mumble incoherently, an occasional "Moni" slipping out. At least that was what it had sounded like. "Moni", "Mommy", possibly "Mulder", they can all sound quite similar when someone is fitfully crying, out-of-control, and their face is buried up so snuggly between one's breasts. Scully mumbled again, the words "don't" and "leave" somewhere mixed within.

"Shhh. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere, Dana. I'm not gonna leave you," Reyes whispered again, her guts still split apart at what Scully was seeing and feeling. God, the torment this woman was in. She could see fleeting images of a little girl, a crying and trembling, horrified little girl, that someone, somewhere, a long time ago, had ultimately abandoned, leaving her to face some vast and overpowering enemy all alone. And it was ripping her insides apart, right along with Scully's. She would give anything if she knew more about this particular event in Scully's life, and more about her childhood right now. It would help so much in deciphering all of the raging emotions, visions and sensations flashing around inside Scully's head. So many times, when one traumatic event happens, it can stir up old wounds, old forgotten fears, long ago buried memories and deeply rooted secrets from the past. And undoubtedly, this appeared to be what was happening to Scully. She was not only suffering from the anguish of losing Mulder tonight, but was also reliving the pain and trauma of a horrific memory from her childhood as well.

"Whew," Reyes sighed, wiping her eyes and a stray tear or two from her cheeks. ...Shit... I cry when you do, Dana... Did you know that?... she thought. And she was almost beyond her own strength to deal with such immense pain and devastation radiating from the beautiful woman she held so protectively close in her arms. And, for some unexplainable reason, the all-consuming connection between them, between their spiritual selves, was so potent and profound, so overwhelming, she could hardly stay focused on what she needed to do. On what Scully needed her to do. Holding her now for so long, so close and so intimately, without any physical break. She had never felt such an emotionally passionate and intoxicating connectedness to another's inner life-force ever in her entire life! The unwavering connection between their souls was almost... Well... She didn't know exactly what to call it. She had never felt anything quite like it before in her life! And whatever it was, it was coming from Scully. For she had completely shut down her telepathic skills a good half an hour ago. And, most importantly, she wondered if Scully even realized what was happening to them, or if she felt any of the same things as well.


7:45 PM: Reyes inhaled deeply, finding refreshed concentration inside, so as to force out her own thoughts and needs, so she could concentrate on Scully.

"You... lea... me?" Scully responded to Reyes' sighs and movement, again slightly panicked.

"No. No, Dana. Of course not," Reyes instantly responded as she began to stroke the side of Scully's tear-streaked face with her hand, running her fingers through her soft, auburn hair and along her neck, her thumb stroking back and forth along her cheekbone.

Scully began to sob again in response to the intimate caress.

"Shhh... Dana... What are you so afraid of? Hum? Why are you so afraid I'm going to leave you?"

Scully began to mumble again.

And Reyes could not understand a damn thing she was trying to say. ...Damn!... If she could just get a feel for what Scully was so afraid of - right now - at this very moment. Then maybe she could somehow work with it, help her through it, and then bring her back to the present. Because if she did not somehow get her back and completely glued to the present, she could lose her again to complete despair. She could try again, to use her telepathic abilities, and get a clearer picture of where Scully was emotionally right now.

..."Baby Girl. No. Don't do it."...

..."Grams! Oh Grams, help me!"... Reyes stifled a cry at hearing her grandmother's voice coming through so loud and clear inside her mind. Her grandmother was the strongest woman she had ever known. And she had such a complete understanding of how and when to use their extrasensory skills, a gift they shared and a gift Reyes had inherited.

..."Now Baby Girl? You know you can't do that. No more tonight, you're at your limit."...

..."Okay. Okay. I know. Not a good idea."... Reyes telepathically responded. But she was just so frustrated and so deeply concerned for Scully's emotional state. And finding Mulder's lifeless body out there in that godforsaken field was more than enough for Scully to try to handle for the moment. And then to have some deep dark horrific secret from her past begin to try to resurface, now? Right now? As weak and fragile as she was already? ...Oh Dana... She could hardly bare the thought of allowing this to continue, and allowing Scully to suffer so much pain and sorrow, without her trying to use more of her telepathic skills to intervene. ..."But, Grams?"... It was enough to completely break Scully down, and ultimately shatter her spirit and then carry her into such a deep, dark and devilish hole of depression that Reyes could hardly...

..."Baby Girl?... No... And you know why."...

..."But Grams?... What good is it if I can't use it to help her?"...

..."But you have helped her. And you are helping her. And all she needs from you right now is to be held and reminded that she's not alone. And you don't need it for that now, do you?"...

Reyes smirked a little bit at that. Well, no. She didn't need it for that. But, still. ..."I... I know, but Grams, I... Is she still with me? Or is she lost to her past? Crying for her mommy?"...

..."Ask her."...


..."I heard that."...

Reyes stifled a giggle. ..."But, Grams... That's easier said than done, when you can't understand a single word she's trying to say."...

..."Baby Girl, you can do it. Trust in yourself. Trust in your instincts. And no more gifts from the spirit."...

..."Yes Ma'am."... Reyes sighed frustrated. Okay. So, she would not try to use her telepathic skills again tonight, or give Scully another boost of her own energy. Not now anyway. And not anymore tonight, for reasons that only she and her grandmother understood.

..."I love you, Grandma."... she quickly telepathically communicated with her grandmother once again, before completely exhausting and, ultimately, temporarily losing her telepathic abilities for the night.

..."I love you, too, my precious... Always."...

Reyes smiled, slightly choking up from her emotions at hearing her grandmother's kind gentle voice. She had needed that. She had needed to hear those kind, soothing and reassuring words of love and support coming from her grandmother.


7:47 PM: "Umm," Reyes sighed, frustrated. But she knew Grams was right, she would just have to divert back to audible communication only, and forget about the other, more intimate and direct form of communication, spirit-to-spirit and soul-to-soul.

Scully felt the sigh, then collapsed a little farther down into her arms.

"Dana. Do you know where we are? Hum?" Reyes whispered, as she readjusted to the new weight against her body, straightening her back somewhat, and then leaning Scully back even farther against her bent leg and knee.

Scully continued to weep, no response at all, completely oblivious to herself and her surroundings. All she seemed to be able to comprehend was the fact that she was safe and secure in Reyes' arms. And for Scully, that was enough. But for Reyes, it was not enough at all. Scully was not only hurting over Mulder, but also over some very deep, dark and well-hidden pain from her past. Oh no. This was not good, not good at all. Not right now, anyway. Maybe down the road, when she had more of her mental strength and stability back, she could deal with the healing from that painful event, but not right now. She was on overload as it was. Her inner resources were so depleted from losing Mulder. This could take her down so low it could. Well.

"Dana... Who's holding you? Who's got you right now? Hum?" Reyes whispered again into her ear, trying again with no audible response at all from Scully. Gosh. She was just not sure where Scully's head was right now. Was she still lost somewhere way back a good thirty years ago or more? And still crying for her 'mommy'? Or was she somewhere in between, thinking about someone else and crying for them. Or was she hopefully right here, in the present, understanding exactly where she was and crying for Mulder? "Dana... Talk to me. Where are we? Hum? I need to know that you're with me, with Monica, okay?" she coaxed her yet again.

Scully mumbled inaudibly into her chest, snuggling her nose a little farther down between her breasts, and then tenderly kissed her, right between the breasts.

...Whoa!... Hello!... Reyes' eyebrows shot to the ceiling with that tender and intimate little kiss, right on her lower chest and right squarely between her breasts. ...Holy shit!... Thank God, Skinner and Doggett had not been in here to see that! ...Shit!... Somehow, she had a hunch, without any of her mental, telepathic, sixth-sense sensitivity to "feelings" and "energies" extrasensory ability, that Scully was not lost in some horrific memory from her childhood thinking about her "mommy" at that moment. Oh no, not at that particular moment, that was for sure! ...Hum... She must be lost to that other person she had been calling for, just minutes ago. "O... kay," she whispered, then gently moved Scully's head up and along the side of her neck. It was a little too dangerous down there for the moment. "Hey, Dana. Talk to me. Who am I? Hum? Who am I?"

Scully tightened her hold against her, nuzzling her face against Reyes' neck, then began to inch her way back down along her chest.

Reyes gently placed her hand along the side of her head, cupping her neck and throat, not allowing her to move on down closer to the valley between her breasts.

Scully squeezed her for just a moment, then sighed between her sobs.

"Dana. What's my name?"

"M...," Scully whimpered.

...Okay. So you do know... Good... she thought, stroking Scully's cheek with her thumb and running her fingers through her soft and silky auburn hair. ...Holy shit!... she mused, as she suddenly realized the possibilities.


7:50 PM: After a couple of minutes, Reyes heard commotion behind her and turned slightly to see Skinner and Doggett entering the room. Doggett sat on the little cot to the side of them, while Skinner bent down on his knees and rested his warm, strong hands on Scully's shoulders, looking at Reyes and understanding the complete and total devastation of the woman in her arms. Scully latched onto Reyes even more tightly and began to weep again.

" Oh..." Reyes slightly gasped, reacting to the tightened hold...

"Oh," Reyes slightly gasped, reacting to the tightened hold against her body and chest. Scully was suddenly holding onto her so tight she could hardly breathe!

She then watched as Skinner tenderly began to stroke Scully's neck and shoulder-blades, silently coaxing her to relax. Scully finally began to relax a little, but made no effort to leave where she was. For whatever reasons, it appeared that for now, Reyes was the only one she trusted enough to actually hold her. And that was okay. Skinner glanced back up at Reyes and winked. He was so thankful, so very thankful, that she was here, right now, at this very moment, to help him help Scully. For he had never seen her like this before, so totally devastated and utterly dependent on someone else. And he had no idea at all how to go about handling it. But Reyes seemed to be a natural. At least she was with Scully.

He continued to massage Scully's shoulders and neck, shaking his head, distressed and not knowing for sure what else to do. He glanced back up at Reyes, catching her eye. The sounds of Scully's soft sobs continued to fill the room. Never, in eight years had he ever seen Scully so completely shattered. Reyes glanced over at Doggett. Unshed tears had begun to fill his eyes as well. Doggett just looked at her, and then back down at Scully.


8:01 PM: After a few minutes, Skinner just said the hell with official government protocol and sat down on the ground himself, next to Reyes, and put one arm around her, gently massaging the top of her shoulder, while putting his other arm around Scully. ...God... What to do. What to say. What to say or do, at a time like this. Scully just continued to cry and weep, leaned up against Reyes' shoulder and yet aware of Skinner's arm around her, too.

After several moments Scully sighed a little bit, took a deep breath, then whimpered, "I... failed."

Skinner leaned over and kissed her on the top of her head. "No... No you didn't, Dana," he said, hoping to ease that feeling of distress in her gut.

"No! I... I... failed him," she whimpered again.

"Dana... No. What we were dealing with..." Skinner hesitated, as Reyes looked over at Doggett, his eyes all welled up with unshed tears himself. "Dana, this... It... It was bigger and greater than ourselves," Skinner continued, stating the truth. For how could anyone fight against this - an alien flying spaceship abducting human specimens at will?

Reyes continued to watch Doggett, thankful that Skinner was talking to Scully, helping her to regain some of her strength back. And, too, so that she could keep an eye on her other suffering and tormented friend, John Doggett. Doggett was ripped apart himself. He was so broken-hearted for Scully. He had a good idea of what she was going through, too. Hell. He had lost the most important person in his life, too, his only child, his only son. And he felt that he had failed him, too.

Doggett sniffed a little bit, pulled out his handkerchief, and then wiped his eyes as a few tears managed to roll down his cheeks, in spite of his resolve. He was filled to overflowing with pent-up emotions that he had been battling with for the last two days himself. And Reyes knew it, as she continued to watch him closely, seeing him shed a few tears of his own, her guts in knots at all the pain and sorrow filling this room.

She sniffled a little bit herself and wiped another stray tear from her own cheek. Skinner continued to talk to Scully, while Scully continued to cling to her, bathing her neck and chest with more sobs and tears. ..."Oh God. Why? Why God? Why do people that I love and care about have to suffer so? Dear God, why? Sweet Jesus, why? How could this be? How could this happen? How could we not find him? Not get there in time? Why? Why God? Why? I don't understand!... Reyes mulled the hard and unanswerable questions, since the beginning of time, over and over inside her head. "Um," she barely groaned suddenly, out of the blue, nibbling on her lower lip. The pain and burning in her gut was quickly becoming almost unbearable. She loved and cared about these people. She loved Doggett, she liked Skinner, she even liked Mulder, a man she had never even met. And she really, really liked Special Agent Dana Scully.

Skinner could see the pain and discomfort in her face. She was as pale as a sheet from the constant and relentless burning inside her gut. "Agent Reyes?" he questioned her.

"I... I'm okay," she breathed, taking in another deep breath. She had to be, for Scully was not going anywhere anytime soon.

Skinner nodded as he continued to gently rub and massage Scully's shoulders, talking to her while Reyes held her, Scully still crying almost hysterically.

Doggett was at a complete loss as to what to say or do. But then again, what was there left to say or do? It was over. Plain and simple. The case had been... What? Solved? Resolved? Case closed? Just like that? A man is gone and a case is closed? If only it were that simple.


8:03 PM: Another minute or so had passed. Skinner removed his glasses and wiped his eyes. He leaned down a little closer to Scully and began to whisper into her ear, telling her that he wanted her to stay with Reyes, and that Reyes would take her back to the motel as soon as she was ready. Reyes heard everything he had said and nodded in confirmation to his request. Scully nodded as well. She put up no argument. She had no strength left for any argument or for anything else. After another minute or so, he motioned Doggett to follow him outside to the waiting vehicle. Reyes glanced up and double-winked at Doggett, letting him know that she felt his pain, too. Doggett just looked at her, and then nodded in return, lost inside his own torment of losing his only son.

Doggett and Skinner stood outside by the car, continuing to discuss the next move, where to send the body, who to get to do the autopsy, how to keep Scully protected from having to do it herself, whether to use St. Jean Hospital's medical examiner or the county coroner, whether to ultimately send the body back to Quantico or to the District Lab, where to get some fresh new clothes to dress the naked, tortured and mangled body, giving Mulder back some of his dignity, when to call the office, when to give Deputy Director Kersh a personal debriefing, when to get a flight back out to DC, when to begin the horrible task of calling Mulder's friends and acquaintances, when to make an official announcement of Mulder's death, when and who to call, to begin the preliminary funeral arrangements, when to do any number of things. All of the little details, no one has to think about, unless and until they are faced with such tragedy.


8:23 PM: Scully began to regain a little bit of her composure, as she leaned her head back against Reyes' shoulder. Reyes instinctively kissed her forehead in response. She was just so naturally affectionate. She thought nothing of giving Scully a peck on the forehead, or on the cheek, nothing at all. She did that to all of her friends, both men and women alike. It meant nothing more than a close friendship to her. But to Scully... "Hum," she sighed, then leaned her face in against Reyes' warm, soft neck again. She really was not ready to leave where she was just yet. She could stay right here, all night, in Reyes' arms forever. She felt so loved and protected. And she had only met this woman a little over thirty-six hours ago? Oh no. She just did not want to have to get up, to move, to think, to do anything just yet. But she knew that sooner or later, she had to. Plus, her arm had gone to sleep, and poor Reyes. Her leg had probably gone to sleep a long time ago, but she had never complained.

"Mon... Reyes?" she whispered softly.


"I... I guess we... better get up," she whispered, her voice becoming a little stronger.

"Only if you're ready," Reyes reassured her.

Scully nodded. If she did that, they would never leave. She would prefer to stay right where she was all night, in Reyes' arms, forever. But, it was time to get up. She began to rise a little bit out of Reyes' arms and between her legs.

Reyes readjusted her legs and back, then rose up to her knees. ...Whew... That feels good... she mused. They had been sitting on the hard cold ground for almost an hour and a half. She watched Scully closely, not wanting her to do anything she was not quite ready to do just yet. They had all the time in the world for her to get her bearings and her wits about her. Not only that, Reyes needed to regain some of her own physical strength back as well. She felt completely sapped, with just no energy left at all. The severe pain and burning inside her stomach and those two powerful blows had really taken its toll on her. And, too, she felt so incredibly exhausted and light-headed. And the burning sensation was simply relentless.

She began to stand up, but quickly thought better of it, remaining in a kneeling position. ...What the...? What is wrong with me?... she wondered. For she felt as if she could fall back down to the ground herself if she tried to stand.

Now this was unusual. Typically, she did not get light-headed or wobbly and unsteady when her stomach chose to make itself known and create a raging fire inside her gut. Nope. This was weird. She was just not feeling quite right. But, she would get over it. Mind over matter and she would get this thing under control. Besides, Skinner was depending on her to take care of Scully.

She tried again and then tentatively stood up, stretching her legs and back. "Whoa," she softly moaned, suddenly feeling very dizzy again.

Scully looked up at her. "You okay?"

"Oh... Yeah... You're the one I'm concerned about," Reyes replied, then looked back down at her and smiled.

Scully smiled in return. She had actually smiled back at Reyes. She just could not help herself. Even after all of the punching and screaming, weeping and wailing, crying and sobbing and near hysteria over the last hour and a half, she just could not help but smile back. Reyes' smile had just mended another little piece of her broken heart.

Reyes kneeled back down to the ground to face her. "Ready?" she asked.

Scully nodded.

Reyes then slowly began to stand back up, grabbing onto her to help her off the ground.

Scully swayed a little from her physical exhaustion, as well as everything else she was feeling.

"Oops. I gotcha," Reyes said, putting her arm around her and forcing herself to remain strong and steady for Scully, no matter how out-of-control her own body truly felt. Mind over matter. That's how it's done.

Scully leaned into her strong shoulder, for added support, as Reyes then led them both out of the building.


8:29 PM: Skinner and Doggett were standing nearby to greet them. Scully threw her arms around Skinner for a tight hug as Doggett and Reyes looked on. Skinner was such a kind man. He held onto her and rocked her gently in his arms, just as Reyes had done earlier.

...Oh! Man!... She palmed her stomach, just as another sharp pain pierced through her insides. "John. I'll be back in a minute," she whispered to him. He nodded, watching her go around to the other side of the compound. She quickly found a good secluded spot, leaned up against a tree and then began to heave her guts out, nothing but yellow liquid, pure and unadulterated stomach acid, coming up, burning her esophagus and the thin lining inside her mouth on the way. "Sweet Jesus," she mumbled, continuing to retch until, finally, nothing would come up. It was nothing but bundled up nerves, two severe punches to the stomach, no food since around noon, and being on extrasensory overload for the last several hours causing this. But more than anything else, it was the extrasensory overload and overuse of her telepathic abilities causing all of this horrendous stomach pain and vomiting. And it had happened before. But it had been a long time ago. She would get physically sick from others' pain and sorrow, trying to help them through it. She could take medicine to help with the physical sensations. But she had left it at home, by mistake. And, well, here she was, retching her guts out, until nothing more would come up.

After a few minutes, she went inside the compound to find a restroom, wash her mouth out, wash her face and just catch her breath for a minute. ...God! What a trip this has been... She had not been so physically sick in years from a case, or something that a friend was going through. But then again, she did not have her medicine with her either. This would probably not have happened, if she had only remembered to put it in her overnight bag. And had been taking it every 4-6 hours, like she was supposed to do, whenever she was overly stressed. And was that not a joke. Overly stressed. She was a special agent, with the FBI, assigned to the Ritualistic Crime Division of the Behavioral Sciences Unit. A special agent within that department stayed overly stressed. It was a way of life. But, when Doggett had called her two nights ago, and asked her to fly up on a case, she would never have dreamed. "Whew," she glanced up, looking in the mirror, deep breathing and regaining some of her own emotional, mental and physical strength back. It had been a long time since she had been through something so physically and emotionally draining as this. But then she had been giving it everything she had, absolutely everything, to try and find Mulder alive. She had worked all three, her mind, body and soul to a frazzle, just to end up finding him lifeless after all. ...And Dana thinks she's the one that failed... she thought. She then closed her eyes for a few moments, then turned to go and join her comrades outside waiting by the rental car.

Scully was tightly hugging Doggett when she rounded the corner and walked out of the compound. She grinned at the warm sight. She hoped Scully would, at some point, give Doggett a chance. He really was a great guy. And could be a wonderful friend. And she should know. He was one of her best friends, after all. Although they kept how close they really were private from anyone else in the Bureau. She walked up, Scully still holding onto Doggett. He glanced over at her and smiled. Reyes winked at him and smiled back.

"You okay?" Skinner asked her.

"Yeah. Thanks," she replied.

"I think she's about ready to go. Go back to the motel," Skinner continued, glancing over at Scully and Doggett.

"Okay. We can do that. Do you need me to...? Anything with...?" she shrugged, not wanting to say what she was asking within earshot of Scully.

Skinner shook his head. "No. Doggett and I can take care of everything. I just want you to take care of her. I..." Skinner hesitated, and then motioned for her to follow him over to a little more secluded area, while Doggett and Scully continued to talk. "I um... Agent Reyes. I can't say enough, how much of a help you have been these last couple of days. I... I don't know what to say, except that... I think Dana would have been completely beyond... I just don't know what I would have done, had you not been here to help me deal with this."

Reyes reached over and lightly caressed his forearm. She was such a natural at all of this innocent and tender affection sort of thing. She just could not help herself. She loved people and was not afraid to just reach out and touch someone, letting them know how much she cared about them and what they were going through. "I'm glad I could help, but... I'm just so sorry, Sir, for... I'm just...." she shook her head, not knowing what else to say. Times like these were just a bitch, no matter what anyone says.

Skinner removed his glasses again to wipe his eyes for a moment. "It's going to be tough, Agent Reyes. And I think tonight was nothing, compared to the next few months. They were so close. And I... I wish she had a friend... that lived closer in DC. She's going to really need the support... Now more than ever."

Reyes nodded, understanding what he was trying to say. "What about family? Does Agent Mulder have anyone?"

"No. He's the last of his... He's it."

"Oh wow!" Reyes responded. She was just heartbroken at that. ...How horrible... No wonder Scully was taking it so hard.

Skinner cleared his throat and glanced back over at Reyes. "I'm going to call the airlines here in a little bit, see when we can get a flight out. Agent Reyes? What about you? Would you consider...? Do you need to get back to New Orleans? Or..." he hesitated.

"Well. I really had not thought about it. I can do whatever you need. Nothing is pressing, as long as I call the office."

"Good. Let's see what Dana wants."

"Of course," she nodded in agreement. Skinner motioned her to come and follow him back over to Scully and Doggett.


8:34 PM: Scully had been crying again, as she looked up and saw Skinner and Reyes making their way back over to them. Scully smiled at just the sight of her.

Reyes smiled in return. "Ready?" she asked.

"Umhum," Scully responded.

Skinner then handed Reyes the keys to the rental car she had driven earlier in the day. She walked over to the passenger's side of the car to open the door for Scully. Scully got in and sat down, but was having some trouble buckling her seatbelt. Her hands and knuckles were beginning to swell.

"Oh. Here. I'll get it," Reyes said, immediately seeing the problem and kneeling down to buckle her in.

Scully watched her face as she focused on the seatbelt, leaning in and around her, fastening the buckle.

"Tight enough?" she asked, as she slipped her hand down between the seatbelt and Scully's hip.

Scully nodded.

"Okay," she said wearily, so tired and exhausted herself from the last several hours. She caught a second wind and got up, closing the door behind her.

Skinner had been watching the entire scene, intrigued with the tenderness Reyes was showing her and how Scully seemed to need it so desperately. ...Interesting... Of course, tonight was not a good night to make that kind of a call but... then again.

Doggett walked over to say goodnight. Reyes reached up and grabbed onto him, kissing him on the cheek and giving him a tight bear hug, holding him for a few moments. Official government protocol be damned. He was hurting, too, and for so many reasons. Reyes' eyes watered up, remembering back to the day they found little Luke Doggett, dead, in that godforsaken field. Doggett could have burst into tears, right then and there, and yet he knew he had to hold it together. But that loving peck on the cheek and strong bear hug meant more than any words she could ever have said to him at that moment anyway.

Reyes inhaled deeply, her emotions running wild, too. She squeezed him real tight, just before letting go, and then looked at him intently for a few moments. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah," he nodded, trying to smile through his unshed tears.

"Call me. If you need me."

He nodded again, about to choke up with his own memories of loss.

Reyes continued to watch him for a few seconds, gazing into his eyes, then nodded and gave him one more quick little peck on the cheek, before letting go. To hell with what anyone else may be thinking. She loved this guy. He was the sweetest man to her back in New York. And he had been there for her on many an occasion. And he was hurting, too. She walked around to the other side of the car, jumped into the driver's seat and buckled her seatbelt.

She glanced over at Scully.

She glanced over at Scully.

Scully gave her just a hint of a smile.

Reyes gave her just a hint of a smile in return, then winked at her, then reached over and carefully held her hand for a minute. She knew Scully's hands were sore, but she needed to do that. Why, she really did not know. She just knew she needed to hold Scully's hand for a minute.

Scully's eyes watered up again with unshed tears, as she squeezed Reyes' hand back with her own. She had needed that, too. And why she really did not know. She just knew she needed to hold Reyes' hand for a minute, too.

Skinner and Doggett continued to stand there watching, waiting and wondering what was holding them up.

Reyes eventually let go of Scully's hand, glanced out the window on the passenger's side and waved.

They both waved back.

Scully leaned down in the seat and closed her eyes, as Reyes started the engine.

Reyes looked back over at her again, lovingly caressed her cheek for a moment, and then put it in drive. Finally, they were on their way back to the motel, and ultimately, back to the real world.

Continued - Part 3

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