Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 12
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She Mends Me

By MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 12

J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBIHDQ) - 935 Pennsylvania Blvd, Washington, DC
Sidewalk directly in front of the Main Parking Garage:

1:26 PM: Reyes inhaled another nice long drag from her third cigarette in the last 10 minutes. She had been craving a smoke for hours, and was now busily making up for lost time, sucking in nice deep long drags as quickly as she safely could do, without getting too lightheaded and high from the nice little nicotine fix. "Whew," she sighed, shaking her head for a moment, and then leaned up against the side of the gray brick building. As many years as she had smoked, she could still get a light little buzz from all the nicotine when she smoked them down as quickly as she had been for these last 10 minutes. "Hum," she groaned, rather frustrated, as a few of Eric's words ran through her mind; words that he had said to her just moments before, on the phone, as he had practically begged her again to take a quick little break from her job and talk dirty to him while he relieved himself. "Um, um, um," she grunted, shaking her head in frustration yet again. ...Horny as hell. And you need me to suck you dry, huh? Um, um, um. Is that all I'm good for? A little phone-sex and me sucking your dick?... Shit!... she thought, shaking her head for a moment again, then chuckling at the irony, as she sucked her cigarette dry of anything else it had to offer her, then crushed it out in the ashtray next to the building. She was really good at sucking things dry. All of her years of experience with sucking on things, sucking things dry, and using her lips, tongue and inner walls of her mouth to create such powerful sensual suction. ...Oh yeah... She could suck most anything dry. And every man she had ever been with just loved her for it, too. And now, only the second woman she had ever been with seemed to love her for it, too; her amazing abilities, talented lips, warm, soft, wet mouth, and hot, slick inner walls and warm, wet, slick tongue. "Oh Dana," she softly verbalized to herself. She loved saying Scully's first name and hearing the soft, sensual whisper of "Dana", roll off her lips. ...Ummm. What are we doing? Hum? What the hell are we doing?... Oh shit... What the hell have we done?... she thought again, shaking her head slightly, as fleeting images of earlier this morning began to flood her thoughts. "Oh geez," she softly whispered again, as her thoughts began to come into perfect focus; thoughts and memories of making sweet, hot, passionate love to Scully. "Damn it," she said as she pulled out a fourth cigarette. At this rate she would be out of cigarettes in no time. "Oh God," she lightly whispered again, closing her eyes, as the sounds, images and physical sensations of Scully's powerful orgasms began to flood her thoughts all over again. "Oh, Dana, God... I'm so in-love with you... Shit!" she said as she turned again towards the gray brick wall, tousling her hair in the process, then leaned back up against the hard brick, her unlit cigarette still hanging out of her mouth. ...God, Dana. I love you! I love you so much it hurts! Shit! And I don't even understand why? Damn! I've just met you! Shit! How the hell could I fall-in-love with you? And so fast? Damn it! Oh Sweet Jesus! How the hell am I gonna deal with this? Shit! And Eric? Damn! You're not going to like what I have to say either. But it's over. It's over, baby. Sorry. But it's over...

...Beep. Beep...

A car horn sounded as she jumped slightly from the sound glancing over her shoulder. Scully's sedan pulled up to the edge of the curb. Margaret Scully was sitting in the passenger's side with the window already partially rolled down. After a nice, casual and relaxing breakfast, they had dropped Reyes off at the FBIHDQ so that she could attend a meeting with DD Kersh, Skinner and Doggett, while they went by Mulder's apartment to check on things and pick up his legal papers. They had dropped her off a little over an hour ago and had now returned to pick her up.

"Hey," Reyes responded, smiling, as she grabbed the unlit cigarette out of her mouth, dropped it into her coat pocket and turned towards the car.

"Hello, dear. Have you been waiting long?" Margaret asked as Scully leaned over from the driver's seat to make eye contact, too.

"No. Just a few minutes. Did you get everything you needed?" Reyes asked as she opened the rear passenger's side door and got in.

Scully then turned in her seat to make eye contact with Reyes yet again. "Yeah. What about you?"

Reyes nodded, fighting the urge to reach up over the front seat and touch Scully in some small way. Any old way would do. She just wanted to touch her for a moment. But she couldn't. They couldn't. Not while Scully's mother was around anyway.

"Doggett still here?" Scully asked, gazing deeply into her eyes, letting her know through her gaze that she was fighting the same need, too. She would give just about anything to be able to reach over the seat and touch Reyes in some small way, too. But they couldn't. They just couldn't. Not now, anyway.

Reyes nodded again, covering the physical sensations she was feeling from just the intensity of Scully's gaze. Scully's look had made her heart begin to race and pound inside her chest all over again.

"What time did he get back?" Scully said.

"Um. Around 1:30 this morning. Flew into Quantico and drove back in," Reyes replied.

Scully nodded. "Skinner, too?"

"Yeah. And John's royally piss... Oh." Reyes hesitated as she glanced over at Margaret. ...Shit...

"He's pissed... At what?" Scully grinned at Reyes' cute little hesitation at almost saying "piss" in front of her mother.

Margaret just shook her head. She was use to such language with all the Military men and one FBI woman she had in her life. "Piss" was really not that big of a deal, compared to all the other words she frequently had heard come from the mouths of her husband, two sons and youngest daughter.

Reyes quirked her lips, then smiled at Margaret.

Margaret smiled, then winked.

"Reyes?" Scully said, reminding her that she had asked her a question.

"Oh. Um. Well. I filled out the report as accurately as I could and..." she shrugged.

Scully nodded.

That was all Reyes had to say. If Reyes had included spotting a UFO, seeing a spaceship hovering over the compound, seeing unexplainable appearances and disappearances of all the cult members, witnessing Jeremiah Smith changing his facial features into at least three different men, then disappearing into the night himself, and any more wildly bizarre events, then no wonder Doggett was pissed. He still did not believe in everything he had actually seen with his own two eyes. But then he had not actually seen the UFO out along that rural road with his own two eyes either, like Reyes had, or the spaceship hovering over the compound the night that they found Mulder. So, for now, he didn't care what Reyes, Scully or Skinner had to say, he just did not believe in UFO'S, flying spaceships, aliens and little green men. But then Reyes did not believe in little green men either. And neither did Scully or Skinner for that matter. But they all three believed in UFO's, flying spaceships and the evidence of some form of alien life-form existence. Reyes had seen and experienced enough already on this case to make her "a believer" in something extra-terrestrial.

Scully turned back towards the road, put it in drive, glanced out the side window, then pulled back out onto the main thoroughfare. "Moni... Thanks," she said as she glanced up into the rear-view mirror, making eye contact with Reyes yet again.

"For what?"

"For telling the truth. And for doing what I couldn't do this morning," she said, choking slightly on her words. Reyes had faced down DD Kersh, helped shoulder the blame of flying Mulder's remains directly to Raleigh instead of Quantico against Kersh's wishes, handed him Scully's extremely controversial official report, and then defended her own extremely controversial official report as well. Which included written accounts of an eye-witnessed UFO, an eye-witnessed alien spaceship, an eye-witnessed and fully-healed Teresa Hoese, her thoughts on the incredibly convincing and undeniably rock-hard solid evidence of apparent extra-terrestrial activity on this case, and ultimately finding the missing Mulder as she stomached Kersh's anger, animosity, haughtiness and bullshit, in place of Scully.

"Hey. That's what friends are for, right? And, Dana, why don't you let me drive?" Reyes said, leaning up in the seat and resting her palm on Scully's shoulder. Thankfully, they were stopped behind a big Metropolitan city bus, picking up passengers, for Scully's tears just would not stop.

"Dana, dear. I think that's a good idea. You need to let Monica drive. Or me," Margaret added, glancing back at Reyes.

Reyes smiled and winked, letting Margaret know that she could drive. It wouldn't be a problem.

Scully nodded in agreement as the big city bus began to move. She drove about a half a block farther down to the Bank of America parking lot, quickly pulled in and parked the car.

Reyes immediately got out of the back seat, walked around the back of the car and to the driver's side.

Scully had opened the door. But she was still sitting in the driver's seat sniffling and wiping her eyes.

Reyes quickly knelt down next to her, resting her palm on her thigh.

"I... I'm sorry. I..." Scully whimpered.

"Shhh. It's okay. Take your time," Reyes said as she clasped Scully's hand.

Margaret had leaned over in the seat as well, rubbing Scully's shoulders and neck and massaging the tension out of her muscles.

Reyes glanced up at Margaret making eye contact for a moment then winked.

Margaret winked, then nodded in response.

"I'm sorry. I just... I can't seem to stop," Scully whimpered again, frustrated, and complaining about her lack of ability to control her tears at the moment.

"Hey. No one's asking you to stop," Reyes said, reaching up and tucking a few stray locks of hair behind her ear. "Honey... You just went by Agent Mulder's apartment and... and, well..." ...Shit... She glanced back up at Margaret again. ...Damn... She had just called Scully "honey" again in front of someone that might have a problem with it, Scully's own mother.

Margaret just continued to listen and massage her hurting, grieving daughter's shoulders. She didn't appear to have a problem with it.

"I... I know, but..."

"But what?" Reyes whispered again, holding Scully's hand with one hand as she lightly combed her fingers through her hair with the other.

"I... I saw him," Scully said.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "Really?" she replied, quite surprised indeed.

Scully nodded as more tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

"Well... That's a good thing... Don't you think? I mean... He loves you. And he's letting you know that, right?"

Scully nodded again, wiping a few tears, as she reached down and began to fumble unsuccessfully with her seatbelt.

Reyes instantly reached down to help, unbuckling Scully's seatbelt for her.

Scully then turned in her seat, resting her legs out onto the pavement, starring into Reyes' eyes and finding some element of comfort and solace in those penetratingly beautiful, compassionate, dark chocolate-brown eyes.

Reyes shifted slightly to give her a little more room, then glanced up at Margaret for a moment.

Margaret's eyes had watered up, too.

She then glanced back down at Scully. "Dana. It's okay to cry," she whispered softly, giving Scully permission to do what she needed to do - full out cry.

And with that, Scully lost any lingering amount of her self-control and just sobbed, collapsing into Reyes' waiting arms all over again.

"Oh honey, shhh, it's okay," she whispered softly, quickly repositioning her kneeling stance and wrapping her arms more securely around Scully's torso, so she could bear her weight along with her own.

Scully just continued to sob into her shoulder and neck as Reyes glanced back up at Margaret. What an unusual situation she found herself in, she quickly decided. She wanted to do so much more than just hold Scully right now to comfort her. But she had to remain somewhat distant and platonic, for Scully's mother was right there, watching the entire scene.

She continued to watch Margaret as Margaret began to shed some warm, wet tears as well. ...Oh for Godsakes. Now what do I do? Both of you are crying on me... she mused as she wrapped her arms a little more securely around Scully.


1:36 PM: After a couple of minutes, Scully began to rise back up off of Reyes' shoulder. Her eyes were so red and bloodshot.

"Oh Dana," Reyes whispered, somewhat frustrated, as she wiped Scully's wet cheeks with her thumb. ...God!... She wanted desperately to give Scully a much-needed kiss. She knew that Scully needed a kiss as much as she needed to give her one.

Scully closed her eyes for a moment, regaining her composure, then reopened them, gazing back into Reyes' eyes yet again.

Reyes quirked her lips for a moment, then smiled.

Scully tentatively smiled back.

"You about ready to let me drive?" Reyes said.

Scully nodded.

"Okay. Come on," Reyes instructed as she stood up and clasped Scully's hand yet again.

Scully welcomed the added assistance as she let Reyes help her stand. She felt so weak and exhausted from all the immense emotion she was feeling from deep down inside her broken heart.

Reyes backed up a little bit, then reached over and opened the rear door for her. Scully took the hint and got into the backseat. Reyes then closed the door for her and jumped into the driver's seat. She glanced over at Margaret for a moment. Margaret smiled. Her eyes were still somewhat red, too. ...Oh wow... She was amazed that she was not crying, too, with all the female pheromones of emotion swirling around, all around her. She then reached over to Margaret for a moment and held her hand, too. She just could not help herself with that. She was so affectionate. And when she saw someone hurting, her natural instinct was to reach out and touch them, and try to give them some means comfort at least.

Margaret squeezed her offered hand in response, appreciating the warm, comforting gesture. No wonder her daughter had responded so quickly and completely to this gentle and loving, sweet soul. ...Who wouldn't?... she thought. For she was responding just as quickly and completely as her own daughter had, to Reyes' innate sense of compassion, gentleness and love.

Reyes curled her lips into a slight smile as she retrieved her hand. She truly hoped that Margaret's tears were not from how Scully had needed and responded to her instead of her own mother. Scully needed Reyes. But Scully needed her mother just as much, if not more right now. And Reyes truly hoped that Margaret and Scully would both soon realize the magnitude of that need. She turned the ignition, starting the car, glanced up into the rear-view mirror, making eye contact yet again with Scully. "Home?" she asked. Scully nodded. She then put it in drive and headed "home" to Scully's apartment.


1:43 PM: They all rode along for a couple minutes in complete silence. Reyes had remembered how to get back to Scully's apartment building without Scully, or her mother, having to give her any directions at all. Margaret was impressed. But Scully knew that the skill came with intense training at Quantico. A special agent always had to practice remembering at all times where they were, how they got where they were, and how to get back to the original destination. It was so deeply ingrained into their makeup, it had become a natural instinct for most all of them. Although, some still had consistent problems with directions and getting lost. But, generally, if an agent had traveled a road once, then he or she could travel that road again, even in the opposite direction and still figure out where they were and how to get to their final destination. But, most all agents had been baffled a few times through the years and become bewildered with their surroundings. But Reyes was doing just fine, finding her way, making the correct turns, and getting Scully and her mother back to Scully's place, where they belonged.

Margaret glanced over the backseat and to her daughter for a moment. "Dana, dear," she whispered. Scully looked up. "I've never told you this before, but... your daddy comes to me sometimes, too."

"What?" Scully said, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Umhum. He um... I think he knows when I'm sad... or lonely... and... so... he comes to me."

"Really? How?"

"Oh. Sometimes I hear his voice. Or his footsteps in the hallway. Once I even smelled his after-shave and..."

"Mom?" Scully responded, flabbergasted. "How come you've never told me this before?"

Margaret smiled as she glanced back towards the road. "Well. I guess I was afraid you'd think I'd gone loopy," she said.

"Hum," Reyes snorted in spite of herself as she glanced over at Margaret. "Well then. You're in good company. Everybody I know thinks I've 'gone loopy' with some of my theories on things," she commented.

Scully giggled, playfully reaching up and slapping Reyes on the shoulder.

Then they all began to laugh. It felt so good to laugh after all the tense emotion they had all been feeling just moments before.

Reyes glanced back up into the rear-view mirror at Scully. "Well? Am I right? You think I've 'gone loopy', don't you?" she teased.

"No, I don't. I think you're... amazing."

"Oh. Well. That's good. I guess."

Scully reached up and playfully struck her again on the shoulder.

"Hah. I know one thing, Maggie. Your daughter loves to hit," Reyes teased.

"I do not!" Scully fussed, arguing with her, as she playfully slapped her again on the shoulder.

"Hah! See? What did I just say?" Reyes said again, teasing her and laughing.

Margaret was laughing, too, at the comment. It was so true. And Scully had always been like that. It came from having two brothers to playfully spar and wrestle with as she grew into her adolescent years. Scully had been such a "tomboy" anyway, growing up in a military family, with two brothers and a "macho military man" for a father. Melissa had seemed to get most all of the feminine traits between the two sisters. Whereas, Scully could be feminine in her look and in her attire, on occasion, when she deemed it appropriate or necessary, given the situation. But she had never been feminine in her walk. Oh no. She was cocky as hell when she walked. Always had been and always would be. And she liked to playfully spar, punch and hit at people that she cared about, too.

They continued to laugh while Margaret reinforced Reyes' observations with her own comments, teasing her daughter about all the times she would get into little scrapes with her two brothers. And then would many a time actually win the fight, in spite of her small stature. Scully was tough, and strong, when it came to her physical body. And she could "whip up" on her brothers just fine, when she had been a little girl.

Reyes laughed so hard at some of the stories Margaret was coming up with, tattling on her daughter, as Scully fussed and argued about the validity of some of her mother's stories.

"Ooh-wee. Cocky as hell I take it," Reyes teased, glancing back up into the rear-view mirror and making eye-contact yet again.

"I was not," Scully fussed.

"Shit. You still are," Margaret said, surprising them both.

Then they all burst out laughing again.

"Well? I had to be," Scully replied, defending herself and her inborn cockiness.

"Yeah, but that was then and this is now. So what's your problem now?" Reyes teased her yet again.

"Hah!" Scully huffed.

Reyes burst out laughing again at Scully's frustrated little huff.

"Enough, Reyes," she said, playfully reaching up and punching her yet again on the shoulder.

"Well, hah!" Reyes huffed herself. "You don't have to hit me all the time, you know? Geez," she said, reaching up and lightly massaging her shoulder for a moment.

"Oh, I didn't hurt you," Scully teased her back, as she reached back up and tenderly massaged the same area, too.

Reyes just smiled in response, as she pulled up next to the curb out in front of Scully's apartment building.

"Well. That was fast," Margaret said, still chuckling at the two younger women's playful banter.

Reyes smiled again as she turned off the engine. She then reached back and handed Scully her keys as their fingers lightly grazed each other.

They both felt that same warm and familiar little sizzling tingle, deep down inside their very souls.

They both quickly let go and hid their physical reactions as Scully cleared her throat, then said, "Thanks... for getting us home."

"No hay problema, mi amor," Reyes replied, smiling yet again, as she glanced back up into the rear-view mirror and looked at Scully.

Scully cocked an eyebrow, wondering what she had just said, as she glanced over at her mother.

Margaret smiled, then cocked an eyebrow as well. ...Hum... She knew her Spanish quite well, and much better than her daughter. And she knew that Reyes had just called her daughter "my love". ...Hum... She would have to think on that, as well as earlier, when Reyes had slipped and called her daughter "honey" when her daughter had so completely and utterly surrendered herself to her, and into her arms with such absolute unequivocal trust, holding onto her and needing her to provide solace and comfort through the dark melancholy veil that had surrounded her very soul. ...My love? Hum... she thought again, quirking her lips, as the endearing phrase began to register more clearly in her mind. ...Hum... Her daughter and Reyes were obviously very close to have just recently met. And Margaret was quite amazed at her daughter's obvious and playfully overflowing tender affection towards this woman. Scully never showed that kind of spontaneous, playful and tender affection towards another. Not unless ...Uh-oh. Oh my. What have you done?... Margaret thought, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment. ...Oh no... The only other time she had ever seen her daughter react and respond like this to another woman was way back when Scully had been in Med School. And she had become way too close and attached to her roommate back then. For they had been practically inseparable. And Scully had become far too intermingled and inner-dependent on the other young woman, too. Well. It had become so obvious, it had even caused some talk among the Naval Base residents and Catholic parishioners, how close Scully and the other young woman had become. They had become so close they had acted as if they were "in love" with each other. And the residing priest had even called them in for a meeting and reprimand on Scully's behavior with the other young lady. ...Oh my. And I thought it was just a phase... Margaret thought, as she cleared her throat and glanced back over at Reyes for a moment, then back to her daughter. ...Oh no... If she didn't know better. ...Oh my...

They all finished closing their doors as they exited the vehicle. Margaret caught Scully's eye for a moment as Scully quickly noticed the odd expression on her face. ...Uh-oh... Scully's heart skipped a beat inside her chest at that look. ...Oh shit. What did you say, baby? What did you say? Crap. I should have warned you. Mom knows Spanish... Shit!... she mused, her thoughts swirling around uneasily inside of her head.

They all began to walk towards the main entrance when Reyes suddenly stopped. "Dana. I think I'm going to walk down to that little mall for a while, leave you and your mom alone."

"What? Why?" Scully replied, not liking the sound of that at all.

Reyes glanced over at Margaret for a moment, then back to Scully. "Dana. I'll be back in a couple of hours, okay? That way you and your mom can have a little more time to visit," she responded, reassuring Scully, as she sensed Scully's growing trepidation.

"But... at least come up for a minute. Okay? At least," Scully said, practically pleading with her to not leave them alone quite yet.

Reyes raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Okay. I need to take a potty-break anyway."

Then they all smiled, as Scully opened the main door to the apartment building for them all.

Scully's Living Room (just inside the front door) - 3153 31st Street NW, Georgetown:

1:57 PM: "Honey, I'll be back. Two hours. Max. I promise," Reyes lightly whispered to the arguing Scully. Margaret had left the room and taken a potty-break as well.


"But nothing... Dana... I think you need to ask your mom more about your dad and his visits and... Well... just talk to her about it. And talk to her about Agent Mulder, too. She knows what you're going through, better than I do and..."

"But no. That's not true. She never fully accepted Mulder. And she never..."

"Now, hold on, how do you know that?" Reyes said, clasping both of Scully's arms, as they stood there at the front door facing each other.

"I... Well... She..." Scully stammered.

"Dana. Whether she ever fully accepted him or not, she knows what it's like to lose her best friend, her partner, her lover... Your father," Reyes stated matter-of-factly.

"Mulder and I were never lovers," Scully quipped.

"Well, hah, shit. I don't care about that either way," Reyes replied. "But he is your best friend. And the father of your child. And all I'm saying..."

"I know. I know what you're saying. It's just that..." Scully hesitated, as they suddenly heard the bathroom door open. Margaret was walking back down the hallway and towards the living room. "Mom. I'll be back in a minute, okay? I'm just going to show Monica how to get to 'the Shops'."

"Okay, dear. Take your time," Margaret said as she entered the living room.

"Um. Maggie. Before I leave, I um..." Reyes hesitated.

"Oh. I might not be here when you get back," Margaret quickly realized, as she walked on over to Reyes. "Come here, dear," she said as she wrapped her arms around Reyes for a nice, warm little hug.

Reyes smiled hugging her back.

"Thank you, for looking out for my daughter these last few days."

Reyes smiled as she nodded.

"I hope I see you soon. We need to keep in touch."

Reyes smiled again, wondering how that would work. She wasn't even sure that Scully would "keep in touch" after the funeral and Saturday night, them going to bed together and making-love this morning or not. She just wasn't sure where she stood in Scully's life right now. Not really, for they had hardly had any time alone at all to talk about what had happened this morning, and how things had changed so radically between them since she had first risen for the day and brewed her first cup of coffee. She then cleared her throat. "Well, um... In case you're not here when I get back. Have a safe trip," she said. ...Oh, how stupid was that? Shit!... she thought, wishing she could take those boringly monotonous words back the instant she had said them. And besides, there was so much more she wanted to say to Scully's mother. So much more. But she couldn't, not with Scully standing right there to hear every word.

"You, too. You're flying out with Dana tomorrow, right? And then back to New Orleans?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Well, you be careful. And keep in touch. I mean that."

"Yes ma'am," Reyes said shyly, not making any eye contact with her at all, all of a sudden. "Well... I um... I hate 'good-byes' so... I'm just gonna slide out of here and..."

"Okay. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you," Margaret said as she reached over and gave her a nice, quick, little peck on the cheek.

Reyes nibbled on her lower lip in response, such sadness filling her eyes. "Um... me, too. I um... I'll see you soon then," she replied, attempting to hide her inner pain with a smile.

Margaret smiled in return. But she could see that hint of pain and sorrow in Reyes' eyes again, in spite of that pretty, warm smile she was using, to hide her inner sadness. They both knew that the odds of them seeing each other again were about a million to one. And they both felt such pain and sadness over that.

Reyes then opened the front door as Scully followed her out into the hallway shutting the door to the apartment behind her. They both glanced down to the several tenants waiting for the elevator.

"Crap. Let's take the stairs," Scully said, quickly grabbing Reyes' hand and whisking her away to the stairwell.

The Main Stairwell in Scully's Apartment Building:

The big heavy steel door closed behind them. "Monica. You don't have to leave. I don't want you to feel like you have to leave, just because my mom showed up. You can hang out in the bedroom, or the nursery or..." Scully shrugged.

"I know. But I really do need to go to the mall and get a little something for my nephew, and... Whoa!"

Scully didn't let her finish her sentence as she pounced on her, wetting her lips with a forcefully deep, wet, hot and feverishly passionate kiss, wrapping her arms around her and forcefully shoving her back up against the stairwell wall.

"Umm," they both huskily groaned into the passionately deepening kiss, as Scully pressed Reyes's body even harder against the wall thrusting her pelvis up between her legs.

More little moans and groans escaped their mouths as the kiss deepened and deepened.

Scully then grabbed the sides of her head, cupping her underneath her ears and pulling her hungrily down, thrusting her tongue even more feverishly inside her mouth, deeper and deeper.

"Umm. Umm," Reyes whimpered and moaned with every little thrust, her insides responding to every little push of Scully's tongue and mound, as she felt herself soak her underpants for the umpteenth time it seemed this morning. "Oh God... Dana," she finally panted, through Scully's unexpected little onslaught.

Scully broke off the heatedly-passionate kiss, panting heavily herself and starring back into Reyes' hooded eyes. She then shoved her pelvis a little harder against her mound.

"Oh," causing Reyes to whimper yet again, at the intimate contact. "Dana... God," she whimpered again as she felt another gush of wetness soak her underpants, her legs spreading out a little farther and giving Scully's mound full access to her groin.

"Ummm. God, I want you. I've never wanted anyone the way I want you," Scully panted as she planted her mound more firmly against Reyes' groin, starring into her eyes and just holding her there.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow in response, panting heavily herself.

They just stood there, Reyes trapped up against the wall, Scully firmly holding her in place and starring into her eyes. "You've got your cell-phone with you, don't you?" she asked, still panting.

Reyes nodded, still panting as well. The heated sexual energy between them was indescribable, they were both so incredibly aroused by just that one kiss.

"Okay. I'll call you as soon as Mom leaves. Come get you," Scully panted again as she then rested her head in against Reyes' heaving chest.

"Okay," Reyes lightly whispered, tightening her arms around her and trying to catch her breath. "Whew. What you do to me," she panted.

Scully chuckled, "Oh. I haven't even begun."

"Oh geez," Reyes sighed. "I'm not sure I'll survive."

Scully chuckled again. "Oh, you will. I'm good at mouth-to-mouth."

Reyes giggled. "Umm. I think I already know that."

"Nope. Not the mouth I'm talking about."

"Oh... I see," Reyes huskily groaned again as her insides convulsed, her entire body shivering for a moment on that sexual little tease.

Scully giggled wickedly. "Ummm, Agent Reyes. Do I make you tremble? Hum?" she teased mischievously.

Reyes shivered uncontrollably yet again at just the sultry low and sensual sound of Scully's voice.

"Ummm. Just wait until tonight. When I make-love to you," she seductively purred again, breathless, as she rose back up, cupping Reyes' face with her palms and starring into her eyes. "Oh baby, you... God, Monica! You were incredible this morning! You know that?" she said.

Reyes grinned like a little kid, all shy and bashful again, when it came to things concerning Scully.

"What? What are you so embarrassed about? Hum? Tell me," Scully purred again, teasing her and quickly noticing the cute little bashful expression on Reyes' face.

Reyes shivered again at the tone of Scully's sexually arousing, low and sensually seductive voice.

Scully giggled at Reyes' cute little shiver. ...Oh yeah, baby. God!... She had such powerful sexual sway over this woman! And she knew it. But then Reyes had shown some powerful sexual sway over her this morning as well, bringing her to such wonderfully powerful and multiple climaxes; so overwhelmingly powerful until she had ejaculated, something she had not done in years, and only a few times in her entire little career of lovemaking. "Ummm," she gutturally groaned at the memory. "God, baby. What you did to me this morning... Shit!" she said as her own body shivered from the memories.

Reyes giggled again. "What did I do?" she asked, teasing Scully for a change.

Scully cocked an eyebrow. "You know what you did. You made me... Oh God, woman," she groaned again, breathless.

Reyes smiled, then leaned down and planted a nice long, deep, wet and juicy little kiss along her lips.

"Ummm," Scully throatily groaned again, wetting Reyes' lips again with another nice long, deep, wet and juicy little lingering kiss.

They stood there for several more seconds, sharing deep, wet, hot, long and passionate kisses, holding each other so intimately close that they each felt as if they were "one" again - leaving their own two physical bodies behind, and joining each other's very souls, high above their physical bodies and merging spiritually into "one" - "one" with each other, and "one" with the universe - their souls immaculately intertwined, perfectly intermingled and inimitably blended into one uniquely united and flawlessly interconnected entity; fused together in perfect union - circling and circling, higher and higher - above the ceiling, spirit-to-spirit and soul-to-soul.


After another minute or so of wet, hot and juicy little kisses, a wonderfully warm embrace, gentle little circling motions of their mounds, lightly grinding and rotating those respective mounds into each other's groins, and reveling in the mutual need for such intimacy, they finally broke it off, leaning out from one another, their lower bodies still planted firmly against each other.

They both smiled as they stood there, holding onto each other for a few more seconds, starring into each other's eyes, while the intensity was so strong neither could find the strength to break away.

"Dana," Reyes finally broke into the intimate moment as she caressed Scully's cheek with a thumb. "You need to get back to your mom."

"I know. But I need you to hold me more right now, okay?"

Reyes smiled and nodded, as she wrapped her arms more securely around Scully's waist, then leaned Scully's head down against her chest yet again, feathering her fingers through her soft, auburn hair. "Ummm, God, I love you," she whispered softly, the words slipping out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"Shhh. Don't. Don't sat that, okay?"

Reyes' heart sank to her knees.

"Just hold me. Can you do that? Just hold me? For another minute or so?"

Reyes licked her lips in response. ...Oh Dana, God, but I do. I love you! God, I do!... she mused, frustrated, as she inhaled a long, deep breath, endeavoring to calm her soul. She exhaled. Then inhaled, and then exhaled another long, deep breath, lightly sighing, then finally replied, "Okay. I can do that," as she began to gently kiss Scully all along her neck and collarbone, running her fingers through her soft silken hair, ruffling her hair and breathing in the sweet, flowery scent. "Ummm. God," she groaned again into the sweetness of Scully's scent. ...Oh God, Dana, I love you. I love you, Dana. Please, let me tell you. Please... she mused. She wanted to tell Scully she loved her again so badly, it hurt. But she knew she had better not.


"Um. Nothing. I... Nothing," she whispered softly.

Scully leaned back out, making eye contact yet again. She smiled as she gazed into her eyes.

Reyes smiled in return as she gazed into Scully's eyes as well.

Scully then leaned up and gave her a quick little peck on the lips. "You know to go down to the end of the street and make a right."

Reyes nodded.

"It's only a block or so down."

"I know. I saw the signs. 'The Shops at Georgetown'. I'll find it. No hay problema," Reyes said, switching to Spanish for just a moment.

Scully grinned. "Oh. By the way. What did you say a minute ago in front of Mom?"

Reyes giggled. "I said 'no hay problema, mi amor'. 'No problem, my love'. Why?"

"You called me 'my love' in Spanish?" Scully smiled, her heart fluttering and tingling inside her chest.

"Umhum. Why?"

"Oh, um. Well... Mom knows."

Reyes wrinkled her brow. "She knows what?"

"Um. Well. She's very fluent in Spanish."

"She what?" Reyes said, her eyebrows shooting up to the ceiling. "Oh shit. Holy shit," she mumbled, slightly panicked at that thought.

Scully began to laugh at her cute little fit of panics.

"Damn, Dana. That's not funny. Shit! What does she...? Oh my God!" Reyes quickly realized that she may have just blown their cover with her intimate little words of love, said in Spanish, and meant only for Scully's ears earlier in the day.

"Hey. She hugged you, didn't she? And she gave you that little peck on the cheek before you left, didn't she?" Scully reassured her.

Reyes stood there for a moment, considering Scully's words. "True," she said.

"Yeah, well. I'm not sure if she suspects anything after that. But I can tell you this. She has never cared for anyone but Dad to call her 'Maggie'. And I can't believe you did that, anyway. Wasn't that a little bold?"

"But, well... She asked me to."

"She what?" Scully said, shocked, her eyebrows shooting high above the ceiling as well.

"Yeah. We argued about it all morning. But... she insisted," Reyes shrugged.

"Really!" Scully said, astounded with that little tidbit of information. "Well... Wow! Okay. Shock the hell out of me!"

"Guess I'm good with mothers," Reyes replied, shrugging a little bit yet again.

"Oh, I guess so. You're good with this one. That's for sure," Scully teased.

Reyes blushed three shades of red.

Scully snorted in response. "You are so cute. I've never seen anyone blush as easily as you do."

"Stop. Don't tease me. Besides, I usually don't. But you just... I don't know," Reyes shrugged again, glancing away for a moment.

Scully giggled. "I just what?"

"I don't know."

"Yes you do. I just what, Agent Reyes?" Scully teased her yet again, using that low, sensually seductive, deep voice of hers again, causing Reyes' insides to do summersaults all over again.

Reyes grinned, giggling softly.

"Oh, you're so cute," she teased her, reaching up and lightly caressing her cheek.

"Well. You need to get back. Or your mom's gonna think you walked all the way down there with me."

"Umm. Yes. As badly as I want to stay with you, I need to get back."

Reyes smiled. "She loves you, you know."

"I know."

"Do you?"

"Hah. Well what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Scully responded, a little testily.

Reyes shrugged.

"No. What did you mean by that?" Scully huffed.

Reyes folded her lips for a moment in thought. "Just that, she loves you. That's all."

"Hah! Shit! I know that. And don't try to make me feel guilty for..."

"Hey. Wait a minute, I'm not... I didn't... I... Oh frig, Dana, I... I'm sorry... I didn't intend to make you feel guilty. Honest. I... I was just..." she hesitated, quite frustrated all of a sudden. Her own feelings of loss and abandonment had entered into her perceptions of Scully's and her mother's interactions with each other. And it had affected how she reacted to things to some degree.

"Oh gosh. I know," Scully said, calming her irritation back down, as she recognized the pained look in Reyes' eyes. "It's okay. I just... Crap... Well, you know how it is. I love my mom. But she can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. And... Well... You know that. I bet you feel the same way, too, sometimes, don't you? About your mom?"

Reyes chuckled lightly in response, deliberately not answering her question, then said, "Well. She doesn't mean to be a 'pain in the ass'. And one day your son may think the same thing. That you are a 'pain in the ass'," she teased, as she lightly brushed Scully's abdomen with her palm.

"Oh God. What a horrible thought," Scully said. "Shit. You're probably right."

Reyes giggled again. "Well. Get on back to your own 'pain in the ass'. She's waiting for you."

Scully laughed as they quickly kissed each other once more, before parting for a few hours. "See you in two?" she said.

Reyes nodded, then winked.

And with that, Scully let go of her, then left the stairwell on her way back to her own "pain in the ass", her mother.

Reyes stood there for a few moments, deep in thought. "Hum," she lightly sighed as she began to walk down the three flights of stairs. Then suddenly...

..."Mummy! Mummy! No! Mummy! Where going? Where going, Mummy! No! No! Where going? Mummy, come back! Come back! I be good! Mummy, no! I be good! I be good! No! No! Come back! Come BACK! MUMMY, COME BACK! COME BACK! NO! NO! NOOooo!"...

...old, long-ago-buried and deeply painful memories began to flood throughout her senses, causing her to choke on her emotions, as she heard her own desperate cries, as a sweet and innocent little two-year-old girl, scream for her mother, as her mother handed her over to a complete stranger, then turn her back on her, ignoring her heart-breaking screams and cries, and hurriedly walk away and into a waiting car, with the two-year-old little Monica Julieta, screaming her lungs out for her mother, not understanding at all what was happening; only that her mother was leaving her, abandoning her, and would never come back again to see her, or hold her, or cuddle her, or kiss her, or love her. Never again would she see her mother alive. Never again. Her mother was gone, just like that. And in her little two-year-old mind, her mother had not wanted her, or loved her. But had rejected her, and abandoned her - forever. And it didn't matter what all the logistical reasons were, to cause her mother to do such a thing. Because to a little two-year-old child's mind, she had been unwanted, unloved, rejected, discarded and ultimately abandoned to a complete stranger - by her very own mother. And that little two-year-old mind of hers had assumed that she must have been bad - very bad, a very bad little girl indeed - for her mother to do something like that; completely leave her and abandon her to a complete stranger, never to come back. Yes, Reyes still struggled with those horribly painful memories of that fateful day, even as an adult. And even as an adult, and almost 31 years later, she still fought with those excruciatingly painful feelings that she must have been a very bad little girl. Or her mother would have never left her like that, with a complete stranger, on a strange sidewalk, in a strange city, all alone, but for the stranger struggling to hold her, as she squealed, struggled and screamed for her mother to come back to her.

"Oh God," she groaned, clutching at her stomach, as the old, familiar burning sensations quickly began to develop inside her gut. "Um. Geez," she groaned again, as she quickly sat down on the bottom step of the second flight of stairs. She leaned her head up against the wall as she clutched her abdomen yet again in pain - dreadful pain. But her heart was aching even more at the horrific memories flooding throughout her thoughts. "Oh God, come on. Get a hold of yourself," she whispered as tears began to roll down her cheeks. She sniffled a little bit as she wiped her eyes, then just buried her face in her palms for a few moments. ...Oh geez, Dana. No... No, I don't know how it is, to have a mother that loves me, cares about me, and cares about what's happening in my life. No... No, I don't... she mused. "God," she mumbled as she began to softly cry into her palms, covering her sniffles with her hands, as her heart ached for her birth mother after all these years. And something about seeing Scully and her mother together, had reminded her of her own loss of a mother. And it had been so difficult to say "good-bye", too, to Scully's mother, without breaking down into a fit of tears herself. But she had hidden her inner turmoil well. And then for Scully to take her mother, and their mother/daughter relationship, so for-granted. Well, that was hard. But then most children take their parents for-granted. Until they lose them. And then it's too late. And that was all she had meant to say to Scully. She had not intended to cause Scully any frustration, only to remind her to not take her mother, and her mother's presence and love, so for-granted. That was all. She sniffled again as she wiped more tears from her eyes. ...Damn... She needed a Kleenex or something. She sniffled again, inhaling deeply to clear her nostrils of her pain. She wiped her eyes again, then stood back up, steadying herself and forcing her feelings out of her mind. She didn't have time for this. And besides, that was a long time ago. And she ought to be over it by now. She began to walk down the last flight of stairs, out the main stairwell door and onto the sidewalk. "Shit," she said to no one in particular as she fumbled around for a cigarette. She then remembered the unlit cig she had dropped into her coat pocket earlier, standing outside the FBIHDQ. She pulled it out, then pulled her lighter out and lit it up, sucking in a nice long drag off the much-needed nicotine-filled pacifier. She exhaled a deep sigh as she began to walk down to the end of the block. Visions of her birth mother kept swirling around inside her head. And the visions were so finely tuned and clear, it seemed like only yesterday, since the day her mother had left her there, in a stranger's arms, on that lonely street, in that lonely city of Laredo, Texas, 30 some odd years ago. "Hum," she sighed, pausing her step and leaning up against the side of a storefront window for a moment. She glanced over at the clean, bright and shiny mirrored glass. "Fuck," she whispered under her breath. How ironic. How ironic was it that she looked exactly like her mother - her birth mother. And every time she looked into a mirror she saw the very one she had yearned for, for most all of her 32 years of life - her birth mother. Her adopted parents, her aunt and maternal uncle by birth, had done a very good job in rearing her, giving her most everything she had ever needed as she grew up, and became a successful and productive young adult. But, still, nothing they did could replace the agonizing memories of her birth mother. And the day that her birth mother had given her up, leaving her there, in the arms of a stranger, screaming her lungs out, never to return again... She swallowed hard as she continued to look at herself in the clean, bright and shiny mirrored glass. She was much older now than her mother had been, on that fateful day so long ago. She was beginning to show much more maturity in her features, than her mother had ever shown. She smiled as she reached up and caressed the face of her mother, her very own reflection, in the mirrored glass. ...How weird... she thought. ...I see you, Mummy. Everyday. I can see you...

Scully's Living Room - 3153 31st Street NW, Georgetown:

3:26 PM: Scully sat back down on the couch. She had been pacing around the living room, frustrated as hell with her mother, and yet knowing that her mother may be right in what she was asking her to do, call the Catholic Diocese in Raleigh and try to find a priest willing to at least give last-rights to Mulder's body.

"Mom. There's only one problem with that. Mulder wasn't Catholic. Hell! He wasn't even religious!" she yelled.

"Watch your mouth."

"Mom! Damn!" she yelled again.

Margaret raised an eyebrow at her daughter. Just moments before Scully had been crying all over her shoulder, all wrapped up in her arms like a small child, crying over Mulder, crying over the most recent and difficult phone call she had made yet to the funeral home director in Raleigh, North Carolina, in charge of Mulder's remains, and crying over the difficult decisions she was having to make, in place of Mulder's family. For Mulder had no immediate family left to make such decisions. And this was hard, very hard indeed, on those left behind. Decisions to be made about who would preside over the memorial service, what that person would say, the eulogy itself, whom to choose as pallbearers, making arrangements so that all would be informed and attend, what music would be played, if any at all, as the mourners gathered for the final memorial service. Just so many agonizing decisions left to be made. And then there was the trip from the funeral home to the gravesite itself. Did she want a gravesite service as well? ...Crap... She didn't know. She could hardly think five minutes ahead, much less about what she wanted Saturday afternoon at the gravesite.

"Come here, dear," Margaret said to her grieving and utterly heartbroken daughter.

"Oh Mom. I don't think I can take much more of this," Scully whimpered as she curled back up into her mother's arms.

"Yes you can. It's part of life. And when those we love have to leave us sometimes. Well, it's what we have to do," Margaret said.

And she knew, for she had been down this road twice before in just recent years. Once with her husband - the love of her life - and more recently, with her oldest daughter. And it hurt, remembering back to those two losses as well. And she knew that Scully's tears were not only for Mulder, but for her daddy and her older sister as well. Even if she was too stubborn to admit to that, her mother knew.

"Dana. How are you sleeping? Hum?" she asked.


"I bet it helped, having your new friend here with you last night."


Margaret arched an eyebrow at that short and sweet little answer. "Well. I like her. She's good, all the way through."

Scully snickered a little bit as she smiled. "Yes. She is. She..." Scully hesitated as she rose back up for a moment. "Mom?"


"She... Mom... She's amazing! She... I don't know how to explain it, but... she seems to know exactly what I need or... or how I'm feeling, without me even having to say anything. It... It's simply amazing! Even Mulder couldn't do that."

Margaret smiled. She had already figured that out by herself, without Scully having to tell her. "Well. She's very good with people in general. At least, from the little that I have been around her, that seems to be true."

"Oh yeah. It's very true. I think she could charm a rabid pit-bull if she had to."

Margaret chuckled at that. "Well. I'm glad she was called in. I think you needed her this week, with everything that's been going on."

Scully nodded.

"She lives in New Orleans?"

Scully nodded again.

"Well, that's going to be hard, to keep in touch with her. But Dana, dear. I think you need to stay in touch. You need someone like that right now."

"Oh, I plan to," Scully replied. ...Oh wow, Mom. You have no idea... she thought, as she covered her inner exhilaration and joy over meeting this woman, Special Agent Monica Reyes, and having her enter her life at this, the most vitally crucial of times in her sorrow-filled life.

Margaret glanced at her watch again. "Dana, dear. Why don't you make that last call to the funeral director while I'm here. And then I'm going to leave for home, before it gets too late. Okay?" she said.

"Alright," Scully nodded as she picked up her cell-phone.

Margaret smiled, lovingly patting her daughter on the shoulder for a moment, as she thought back to Reyes. ...Hum... Well. With Reyes living in New Orleans, LA, over a thousand miles from Washington, DC, there was probably nothing for her to be concerned about. Scully would get over this little crush she had on Reyes and things would be back to normal. And besides, her daughter could use a good friend, even if that friend lived that far away. Cell-phones could do wonders for people, keeping in touch and talking often. Scully might not get to see her, or visit her, or hang out with her. But then when did Scully ever see, visit or hang out with anybody, anyway? Her job hardly allowed for that kind of time, to just hang out and enjoy life for a little while. ...Hum... Maybe she did need Reyes here after all. But then Reyes had the same job, on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with hardly any break from the office. It was a difficult job! Always on call, always expecting that at any given moment during the day or night, one might get called in and rushed off to the latest crime scene. ...Well... If nothing else, their mutual jobs would keep things in-check, until Scully could get over this little crush, and Reyes could get over her own little crush, as well, for that matter. ...Hum. Must be the signs of the times. Two women together... Oh my... What in the world do they even do with each other?... she smirked. ...Oh my... She didn't even want to think about that or picture such a thing as that, two women in bed together making-love. "Hum," she lightly sighed as she listened to her daughter talk to the funeral director one more time.

The Shops at Georgetown Park Mall - 3222 M Street, NW, Georgetown
Food Court Entrance:

3:49 PM: Reyes had finished shopping for her little nephew, found a somewhat secluded spot in the mall, and was now sitting on a hard polymer bench, just outside the main entrance to the Food Court with a foot propped up on the closest concrete rise encircling the pretty flower garden just to the side of her, watching two little boys argue and complain to each other and to their daddy about every little thing, and even being stuck inside this boring mall in the first place. Kids. They hate to shop with their parents, or anyone else for that matter. Life has so much more to offer to a little kid than a boring mall. Unless, of course, a parent takes them to the closest toy-shop. And then there are all kinds of exciting things to see and do.

Reyes chuckled a little bit at the younger boy, as he made his point, then punched his older brother in the ribs, as their father reached down and popped them both on the buttocks. She grinned as the father looked up and caught her eye.

He grinned, too, then shrugged. "Where's their mother?" he said wearily.

Reyes chuckled. "Shopping?" she replied.

"Yep. That's what I'm afraid of."

Reyes laughed and then he did, too. "You've got two good-looking boys there," she said as the younger one began to notice her more closely.

"Yeah. Thanks. They got it from their mom."

"Oh," Reyes replied, nodding. ...Well. How sweet... she thought.

Within seconds, the younger boy came over to her, standing almost too closely in front of her, naturally trusting her, as any innocent little child will do, and not realizing that a bad person, especially a pedophile, could grab him up and kidnap him in no time, even with his father sitting right there casually observing. It could happen. And Reyes knew it. Because she had worked on cases like that, where a little child was snatched away right before their parents' eyes, and never found again, their little pictures ending up on a milk carton somewhere, listed as "Missing Since ______", whatever the date would be.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," Reyes echoed back and smiled.

"W... Wha... What's your name?" he stuttered slightly as he gazed into her eyes, full of trust and innocent curiosity.

Reyes chuckled. "Monica... What's yours?" she replied as she smiled more warmly, then glanced over towards his father for a moment and winked at him.

"Um, C... C... Cody," he stuttured again, then asked, "Wh... What you got?" as he glanced down into her shopping bag and then peered inside of it, moving in a little closer between her legs and resting his little forearms on her thighs.

Reyes chuckled again, then spread her legs out a little farther to give him more room as she reached up and ran her fingers through his curly-blonde hair. "I've got a present for someone about your age. Want to see it?" she said.

He grinned widely and nodded, as his bright little blue eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

Reyes grinned, too, then glanced over at his observant father again and winked, then reached down inside the bag and pulled out the toy item she had purchased for her little nephew, Jacob.

"Whoa! Cool!" His bright blue eyes broadened even more widely, if that were even possible.

"Think he'll like it?" Reyes asked, thrilled at his changing expressions. If this little boy liked it, then odds were her little nephew, Jacob, would, too.

"Ohhh! Yeah!" he exclaimed, as he leaned up against her knee, wrapping a little arm around her thigh, then stroked the cellophane wrapping along the front of the packaged toy with his fingers.

Reyes chuckled again, enjoying his gleeful expressions.

"C... Can I open it?" he asked, all excited.

"Cody," the father said as he began to get up from his seat.

Reyes glanced over at the father again, smiled and winked, then said to the little boy, "Hum. You know what? It's for my nephew. And I'm not sure he would like that, you know? Someone else opening his present?"

The little boy nodded, twisting his lower lip and curving a little foot over on its side as his father sat back down, continuing to just observe the interaction. The little boy wouldn't like it if somebody else opened his well-packaged new present either. So that had worked in satisfying his little desires to open up somebody else's new toy. "But c... can I show it to my... my daddy?" he stuttered again, as he glanced back up, hugging Reyes' thigh with his arm as he held the packaged toy with the other.


And with that he was off to show his new prize to his father. "D... Daddy! Look!" he exclaimed, all excited with the new toy, even if it was not his to keep.


Reyes' cell-phone began to vibrate along her hip. She quickly retrieved it. "Monica Reyes."

"Hi. What are you doing?" It was Scully.

"Oh, sharing a little present with the newest man in my life," Reyes teased.

"What?" Scully said, a little surprised at that comment.

"Umhum. And Dana, he's so handsome! And young, too! I'd guess him to be around 45, 47."

"And you call that young?"

"Umhum. 45... 47 months."

"Oh shit!" Scully laughed in spite of herself.

Reyes giggled, too, as the father of the newest little man in her life quietly came back over and handed her the new toy item. The mother had returned, so it was time for the happy little family to leave.

The little boy came back over, wanting to say something to her as he tugged on her hand.

"Dana. Could you hang on a minute?"


"Great," Reyes replied, then, "What?" she lightly whispered to the little boy, as she smiled, then leaned down and rested her elbows on her knees, bending down to face him, with her cell-phone still in-hand and Scully on the other end of the line.

"C... Could you... come home with me?" he said, his mother and father quite surprised indeed, and a little embarrassed, too, at what he had just asked.

"Ohhh," Reyes responded, her heart melting at his lovable little request. "Well. I would like that, Cody. But I've got to meet someone else right now, okay?"

"Kay," he said a little dejected, reaching over and beginning to play with the closest button on her shirt.

Reyes grinned as she glanced down to his little hand, tugging at her button.

"Y... You're nice, Mon-ca," he said again as he suddenly reached up for a hug.

"Ohhh," Reyes responded again as she reached down and gave him a quick little hug, too. "Ummm," she groaned as he wrapped his little arms more tightly around her neck, delighting in all of the special attention she was giving to him. "Um, um, um," she playfully groaned again. "That feels so good. Such a big hug," she whispered to him. "Ummm," she playfully groaned again as he strengthened his hold around her neck for a moment, then eventually let go. "Thank you, Cody. That was so nice," she said again. And she meant it. For she loved warm, meaningful and heartfelt little hugs from small children. And, bottom line, she just loved little children. And the most imperative, most crucial part of her job, since joining the Bureau and the Behavioral Sciences Unit, had been to protect little kids, just like Cody, from any and all forms of harm. Kidnappings, child molestation, ritualistic crime, Satanic Ritual Abuse and the like; all sorts of cruel and inhumane acts, thrust upon sweet and innocent little children, so vulnerable to the world around them. And she took her job seriously - dead seriously. She had put her own life on the line on several occasions, saving a small child from a perpetrator. And she thought nothing of potentially giving her own life for a child, if it meant that she had successfully saved them from any form of harmful, hurtful and painful abuse.

Cody suddenly giggled, a little bashful all of a sudden, then ran to his mother's leg, wrapping his little arms around her thigh. The mother smiled at Reyes.

Reyes smiled back, then winked as they turned to leave. She then put her cell-phone back up to her ear. "Dana? You still there?"

"Umhum. What was that all about?" Scully asked. She had overheard the entire conversation via her cell-phone.

"Oh. I had to say good-bye."



"Oh... Well... You ready for me to come and get you?"

"Umhum. More than ready."

"Okay. Where are you?" Scully asked as she began to walk closer to the main entrance of the Food Court, Reyes' shoulders and back facing her. She had been watching the entire scene from a distance, thoroughly enjoying the adorable little scene, and quickly realizing that Reyes would make a wonderful mother some day. That is, if she ever wanted to be a mother and have a child of her own.

"Oh. Let's see. I'm down by the Food Court right now," Reyes replied, glancing around at her surroundings. "Want me to come up to the main entrance, out on M Street?"


"You sure?"

"Yep," Scully said as she collapsed her cell-phone, hanging it up, then quickly stuffed it into her pocket as she instantly closed in the distance and wrapped her arms around Reyes' neck, catching her from behind and completely off-guard.

"Oh! Shit!" Reyes exclaimed, about to jump out of her skin.

Scully giggled, still holding onto her, her arms wrapped cozily around her neck.

"God! You scared me half to death!" Reyes said, folding her arms over Scully's arms as Scully continued to giggle into her ear.

"Umm. Do I need to give you a little mouth-to-mouth, Agent Reyes?" Scully seductively whispered into her ear, teasing her, as she let go of her and then sat down on the bench beside her.

Reyes' heart fluttered inside her chest at that seductive little tease. "Umm. Yeah. I could use a little. A lot actually," she replied, smiling quite seductively herself, as she locked eyes with Scully.

"Oh yeah?" Scully seductively teased again, arching an eyebrow, as she then broke eye contact and took the packaged toy from Reyes' hands, inspecting it and quickly reading all that it could do, once it had some batteries in it.

"Oh yeah. But, guess I have to wait now, don't I?"

"Ummm, not necessarily," Scully replied, glancing back up, cocking an eyebrow at her yet again and then moving back in, dangerously close to Reyes' waiting lips, locking eyes with her once again.

Reyes' heart skipped another beat as her breath caught in her throat. "Um. Well... Somebody... might... know you, around here... and, um... this close to the office, you know?" she stammered, gazing into Scully's gorgeously beautiful ocean-blue eyes. She could get lost in those eyes.

Scully cocked an eyebrow yet again. "Hum. Crap. Didn't think about that," she said as she backed away, then began to place the nice new toy back down inside the shopping bag.

Reyes inhaled a deep breath, trying to steady her rapidly-beating-out-of-control heart and rising blood pressure. ...Oh God!... She wanted to lean over and plant a feverishly hot, wet, passionate kiss on Scully's soft, full lips so badly, too. But they shouldn't, not this close to the office anyway, and in a crowded mall at that. Who knew who could be lurking around watching them? And at this very moment, no less? Her eyes continued to stay focused on Scully's beautiful, soft, moist, plump and full, cherry-red lips.

Scully glanced back up, catching her gaze, then asked, "You hungry?"

Reyes snorted. ...Oh yeah... She was hungry all right; hungry for those beautiful, soft, moist, plump, and mouthwateringly-delicious, full, cherry-red lips. "Um. Yeah," she finally found her voice.

Scully smiled, licking those soft, full, plump and tantalizingly moist, cherry-red lips of hers with her tongue, driving Reyes wild with desire. "Do you like seafood?" she calmly asked, as she lightly flicked her tongue back out again for a second time, lightly running it along her lower lip for a moment and deliberately enticing Reyes with her subtle actions.

...Oh God, Dana!... Reyes thought, as she glanced back up to Scully's piercingly bright, ocean-blue eyes for a moment. ...Um, um. What you do to me... she mused, as she felt her heart fluttering yet again and racing inside her chest, at just the mere thought of kissing Scully's soft, sensuous lips anytime soon. She licked her own lips for a moment, as she inhaled another deep breath, then teased, "Ah you kiddin', Mez Scully? I's frum Noo Awlins, rememba'?" pouring on a mixed Southern/Cajun drawl, teasing Scully with her sudden change in accent.

Scully giggled at the sudden change, taken completely off-guard by Reyes' playful banter.

Reyes chuckled, too. "Seriously though. Is that what you want? Seafood?"

Scully nodded, still grinning from ear-to-ear. She liked Reyes' playful banter and Southern/Cajun drawl. "Yeah. I think I'm in the mood for a little Smoked Salmon. Or maybe some crab-cakes. Or craw-daddies," she replied.

"Crab-cakes? Craw-daddies? Here? In DC?" Reyes was surprised indeed, at the possibility of Cajun food nearby.

"Yeah. You ever heard...? Oh," Scully grinned again. Reyes had cocked an eyebrow at her. "I guess you have, Mez Noo Awlins," Scully teased, using her own Southern/Cajun drawl.

"Yeah, well. This 'Mez Noo Awlins' would be mighty prowd to take her gal to the nearest fishin' hole. But... 'Daddies' and 'Crab-cakes'? In DC? Ummm. I dunno. Compared to back home," Reyes teased as they began to stand and Reyes gather her things.

"Oh! But 'Tony and Joe's'! They're the best in town!" Scully exclaimed, happily.

"Okay, then. 'Tony and Joe's' it is, my lady," Reyes replied, smiling and offering Scully her arm.

Marty's Hallmark Shop, located in the Shops At Georgetown Park Mall:

4:02 PM: Scully had just finished calling and finalizing reservations at the nice, airy and spacious seafood restaurant, "Tony and Joe's Seafood Place", equipped with walls of windows, overlooking the fountains and river-walk of Washington Harbor, along with a nice, big open and spacious patio area, for those that wanted to eat outside, during the summer months. But it was rather nippy in DC this time of year. And especially when the sun went down. So she and Reyes would not be eating outside on the patio on this little trip to the seafood place. And her favorite seafood restaurant - at least in the general area of Georgetown, "The Sea Catch Restaurant and Raw Bar" - would not even be opening for dinner until 5:30pm. And there was no way that she was going to wait until 5:30pm to eat dinner. So, they had decided on "Tony and Joe's". Reyes didn't care. She just wanted to take Scully out for a nice dinner tonight, as well as the nice breakfast she had already taken her and her mother out on earlier this morning, treating both Scully and her mother, Margaret, to a nice leisurely breakfast.

Scully glanced at her watch. Well. The earliest reservations she had been able to get was 4:45pm. But that was still much better than 5:30pm. And the "Sea Catch" tended to be slower in their service anyway. Which meant that she and Reyes could be there for a good hour and a half or more, before finally finishing their dinner, if they went to that restaurant. And she had plans for Reyes tonight. And it had nothing to do with eating at a seafood restaurant. No. It had more to do with eating a nice little meal at home, in her bed, between Reyes' legs.

"Hum," Scully sighed as she glanced over at Reyes fingering some of the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments. Christmas decorations abounded. And Halloween had not even been celebrated yet. It was not until next week. But the stores and mall abounded with decor of the biggest celebrated holiday of the year, Christmas Day.

Reyes glanced around at Scully. "Did you get it? Reservations?"

"Umhum. But we've got to wait until 4:45. Is that okay?"

"Sure. That's fine."

Scully then walked up behind her, leaning in close, and wrapped an arm around her waist.

Reyes glanced down for a moment, feeling the warm cozy embrace around her waist. ...Whew. Wow!... Now this was different - so different - having a woman show her this kind of affection, and especially out in public. She had been with so many men through the years, showing her all kinds of affection until, well, this was different, coming from another woman. And especially from Special Agent Dana Scully, the cool and aloof fellow female federal agent that she had just met, merely three days ago, on that remote mountaintop in Montana. But it was a very, very welcome "different" indeed, she quickly decided, as she reached down and lightly caressed Scully's hand for a moment. She then glanced over at an older couple, whom were busy giving them a very condemning and disapproving look. ...Hah. Assholes. What's your problem, anyway?... she thought as she continued to watch them for a moment, then glance back to the Christmas ornaments. But then she was just beginning to experience what most all gay and lesbian couples went through in certain crowded areas of the USA everyday; condemning, disapproving, judgmental and harsh, sometimes even cruelly hateful looks, if a couple showed any kind of simple affection at all towards one another in an open and mildly-crowded area. "Hum," she sighed, pissed. ...Assholes... she thought again.

"Moni? Could we go to the music store?" Scully asked, leaning her head against her shoulder for a moment.


"I want to see if they have that CD of yours in stock."

"Okay. Whatever you want," Reyes said, smiling, as they began to walk out of the little hallmark store and into the main mall corridor to find a music store.


They strolled along through the mall as closely as they possibly could to each other, without it being too obvious to the casual bystander that they were much more than mere friends at this point. They had a good 20 minutes yet before they needed to start their little stroll to the restaurant. It was only about three blocks away. So they had decided to walk down and not move the car. The restaurant was actually about the same distance from Scully's apartment building, too. She lived in a great district. That is if one enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a Downtown Metropolitan area. And she was only three blocks north from the Potomac riverfront, too. And Reyes just loved that idea, strolling along the riverfront boardwalk with Scully by her side.

"Um. Dana? I need to ask you about something," Reyes said suddenly, as they strolled along just in front of a neat little candles-and-gifts shop.

"Okay. What is it?" Scully asked, intrigued and slightly concerned with Reyes' sudden change in tone. This sounded serious.

"Um. Well... I talked to my SAC earlier. And then... to Eric... and, um... Dana," she said as she suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned to face her.

...What the hell?... Scully thought, cocking an eyebrow in response, as she stopped and turned to face her as well.

"Um. Dana?... How do you feel about me flying back to DC with you Saturday afternoon? And then me staying with you, until maybe Monday, or Tuesday night at the latest, and, um... and then I thought that maybe..."

"What?" Scully exclaimed, not letting her finish her sentence, as her eyes brightened up as bright as the little candles lit up all along the "Candles By the Park" storefront window, just in front of them.

"Yeah, I... I asked for a couple of days off and, um... and I thought that maybe you would like that... if I spent them here... with you... in DC. And..."

Scully again didn't let her finish her sentence as she grabbed onto her and threw her arms around her, squeezing the breath out of her and saying, "Oh my God, Monica! You did that? You would do that for me?" her voice full of emotion. "Oh God, Moni!"

"Shhh," Reyes whispered, smiling, as she wrapped her arms around her, too. "Of course I would. But, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay with it. Before I..."

"Oh God! Of course I'm okay with it! Christ, Monica! I... I want you to stay with me the whole month!" Scully exclaimed, squeezing Reyes a little more tightly against her.

Reyes chuckled with delight as she began to run her palms all along Scully's back, getting a kick out of the joy she had just given to her. And she was getting another little kick out of all of the most intriguing looks they were receiving, from their spontaneous little display of affection. "Hum. Well. I take this as a 'yes', then?" she teased.

Scully reached down and playfully slapped her on the ass.

"Aowh! Shit! I can't believe you did that," she said, as she let go of her and reached down to rub her just-slapped ass. "And besides, we're gonna get arrested for spontaneous..."

"Combustion?" Scully teased as she let go of her, too, laughing and then glancing around at their little audience all around them as well. "Well, for Crissakes," she whispered under her breath, as she began to really notice all of the prying eyes upon them. She then winked at one of the young men, just in front of them, starring a hole right through them. He quickly looked away, embarrassed.

Reyes smirked. "Well. Let's go find the music store, okay? I think I'm ready to get out the limelight for a little while."

Scully giggled at that comment. "Okay. Sounds like a plan."

And with that, they resumed their casual stroll down the mall and headed for the music store. And they quickly found the little music store. But unfortunately the item Scully wanted was not in stock. And neither of them was surprised. Most record stores just did not carry a very good selection of Classical Music in their respective stores. Reyes promised her that she would burn her a copy as soon as she got home and send it to her. And that seemed to satisfy Scully quite well indeed. As they were leaving the music store, they realized that they were near the main entrance to the mall, near Scully's parked sedan. So they decided to drop Reyes' package off at the car and put it in the trunk, so that she would not be burdened with it for the rest of the night. Then they decided to begin the little trek down to the Washington Harbor and riverfront. Reyes was all excited and wanted to see the sights along the Chesapeake/Ohio Canal and then ultimately the Potomac River. She lived near a big lake herself, fed by the Gulf of Mexico, back home in Louisiana. And she had always lived near a big body of water. She had grown up near a big body of water. And she loved the water. She was like a fish in the water. And she could hardly wait to get down closer to the pier and Potomac River walkway.

Continued - Part 13

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