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Welcome to the Scully/Anderson Page!

Hello. I'm Special Agent Dana Scully.
Well, that chick Gillian looks alot like me. Mmm
Welcome to my Information Page. And, yes, I am tired of being alone. Thank God for Reyes!!!

This page is dedicated to providing just a wee bit more information about Gillian Anderson the actress, as well as her wonderful lead female character, Special Agent Dana Scully, of "The X-Files" - the beautiful, talented, strong, lead female Special Federal Agent that we all fell in love with during 9 Great Seasons, right? I have done some research on her other websites to get at least a little bit of background history on Ms. Anderson, as well as her wonderful character, Dana Scully. This page will be an ongoing project for me, as I find the time. I know it's not much, but here is the little that I have so far. Gillian is just such a wonderful, sweet person - inside and out. And she deserves our "never-ending thanks" for all the times that she has "stood up" and "supported" the gay/lesbian community through the years.
THANKS, Gillian! We love you!


                   "Gillian Anderson"

Name: Gillian Leigh Anderson
Born: August 9, 1968
Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Eyes: Medium Blue
Hair:  Dark Red-Auburn
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Just perfect & none of our damn business
Parents: Mother: Rosemary 
            Father: Edward
Siblings:  I have seen her mention a younger sister and a younger
              brother named Aaron in her interviews. Her little brother,
              Aaron,  has a disease called Neurofibromatosis. NF for
              short. She works diligently for this Charity. 
Grew up: Puerto Rico until 15 months old. Then moved and
              spent early childhood in England. Then moved 
              back to Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA at 11 yrs old.
High Sch: City High School, Grand Rapids, MI-Grad 1986
College: DePaul University (Goodman Theater) 
             Major: Theater 
             Minor: Fine Arts 
             Degree: BA in Fine Arts
Status:  Divorced from Clyde Klotz
Children: Yes.
              One daughter, Piper (born 09/25/1994)
Pets: None
Career: Performing Arts - Primarily an Actress
Activities: Gillian works tenaciously with many Charity
               Organizations of her choosing. She gives of her
               time and energy continuously to so many people!
Interests: Considered being an archeologist or a marine biologist.
Religion:  Spiritual
Address:  c/o CAA,  9830 Wilshire Blvd.
              Beverly Hills, CA  90212

Movies and Other Projects:

Gillian's Movies include:
House of Mirth (2000. My fav, I might add)
Princess Mononoke (1999)
Playing By Heart (1999. With Angelina Jolie)
The X-Files: Fight The Future (1998)
Hellcab (1998)
The Mighty (1998)
The Turning (1992)
A Matter of Choice (1988)
Three At Once (1986)

Her Television Roles include:
The X-Files (No kidding. 1993-2002)
Future Fantastic (1996)
Why Planes Go Down (1997)
Spies Above (1996)

Her Theatre work includes:
What The Night Is For (2002/2003)
The Vagina Monologues (1999/2000)
The Philanthropist (1992)
Absent Friends (1991)

Gillian's Charities:
NF Inc. and the Neurofibromatosis Association (UK). Gillian works long and hard for these two organizations, in that her younger brother, Aaron, suffers from the disease.
The Buskaid Charitable Trust - registered in both South Africa and the United Kingdom.
The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) - a cutting edge organization dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health, and non-violence.
The Trevor Project - a nonprofit endeavor to promote tolerance for gay and questioning youth, and to aid in suicide prevention among that group. Statistics have shown that gay teens are three times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers, and The Trevor Project hopes, through its efforts, to prevent some of those tragedies from occurring. Gillian has attended three of the Trevor Project's "Cracked X-Mas" events to benefit the organization.
Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA)  - a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the African AIDS pandemic and advancing democracy and equality in South Africa. ANSA also works to further civil rights and safeguard voting rights in the U.S. Gillian is a member of the board of the directors for this organization and just recently spoke at the Annual Conference. See her speech transcript HERE.
Tusk Trust is a small but flexible charity using innovation and creativity to offer efficient use of funds in the field of African habitat conservation. Projects supported provide for animal and habitat protection and rehabilitation, education and community driven conservation programmes.

Favorite Books:
Gillian has recommended a couple of books that I am aware over over the last couple of years. The two titles are:
"When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times" by Pema Chodron and "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" by Eckhart Tolle.

                     "Dana Scully"

Name: Dana Katherine Scully
Born: Febuary 23, 1964
Place:  Unknown, but in USA
Eyes: Medium Blue
Hair: Dark Red-Auburn
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Parents: Birth Mother - Margaret "Maggie" Scully 
            Birth Father - Captain William Scully, USN
Siblings: Sister: Melissa "Missy" Scully (older) 
             Brother: Willam "Bill" Scully, Jr (older) 
             Brother: Charles "Charlie" Scully (younger) 
             Sister-in-law: Tara, married to Bill Scully 
             Nephew: Matthew, by Bill and Tara (1998)
Grew up: San Diego, CA and Annapolis, MD
High Sch: Unknown. Probably Annapolis, MD
College: University of Maryland - Graduated 1986 
            Major: Bachelor of Science, B.S. in Physics
Medical: Unknown, but Graduated: 1990 M.D.
            Degrees: Physics. Forensics Pathology, M.D.
Status: Technically Single; Married to Monica Reyes
Children: Yes, two children
              One daughter, Emily Sims (deceased, 1998)
              One son, William Scully-Reyes (born 2001)
Pets: None. Once had a dog, Pomeranian, Queegqueg
Career: Presently, Instructor for US Gov, Quantico 
Activities: She needs to get out more, but Reyes is a
               good activity. Moni seems to keep her busy
               with all those bedroom exercises. hehehe...
Interests: Classical Music, old "B-rated" movies  
Religion: Believer - Raised Catholic, but has drifted
Address: 5153 31st NW, Apt 5, Washington DC 
             (Was once 107 E. Cordova, Wash DC)

There has been some confusion on where Scully actually lives. The address listed in the dossier above is my own preference and the address I use in the MyGirlReyes FanFic. But actually, I am not sure where Scully lives. I have seen three different addresses listed for her on the various websites. The Annapolis, MD one was her childhood address, but the Cordova Street address - Hell - I don't know. The Apt #5 is right, I think (according to Season 9). Who knows? Oh well. As long as she has a warm soft bed to share with Moni, it really doesn't matter now does it? hehehe.

Favorite Music:
Gillian has such an eclectic taste in music. She likes just about ANYTHING from Royksopp and The Real Tuesday Weld to the "Talk to Her" Soundtrack by Alberto Iglesias. She has just recently (as of November, 2003) recommended musical CD's by Sarah McLachlan (Aw, just like Annabeth in October, 2003), Madonna, Pink and Dido on her Official Site. No, not dildo, Dido - hehehe - As I learn more about her various tastes in music I will update this section of her information page.

Now Dana, on the other hand, likes primarily:

Classical Music:
The Classical Composers are her # 1 love. Composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Handel, Mozart, Pachelbel, Tchaikovsky & Vivaldi.
A little Pop & Easy Listening:
Such as Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow.
A little Southern Rock & Roll:
Such as the Doobie Brothers,  Fleetwood Mac,  Journey, Heart & Three Dog Night. Oh, how could we forget Dana singing Three Dog Night's "Jerimiah was a bullfrog... He was a good friend of mine..." to little Wills in "William".

Some Scully Extras:
Badge No:  FBI Instructor - JTT0331613
ID Nos: ID #2317-616
           or ID# X197735VW3
Email Address:
Home Phone: (202) 555-6431
Cellular: (202) 555-3564 or 555-0113
FBI Academy Phone: (703) 555-2804
Weapon: Smith & Wesson 1056 or
              SIG-Sauer 226. Both 9mm

Ask Gillian a question on her Official Website at:

A Question for Gillian

Or send Gillian a personal note at:
Gillian Anderson
c/o CAA
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


TO Gillian Anderson: This web site, its operator and any content on this site relating to the actress, Gillian Anderson, is not authorized by her or her agents/representatives. My hope is that she will see that I am just a mere and humble fan that admires her as a person, as an actress and especially her former character, Dana Scully, on the TV show "The X-Files". And I just want to "borrow" that character for this site and give Dana a best friend, a lover and a life-time companion through her partner, Monica Reyes. My intention is not to offend Ms. Anderson in any way, but to give her honor and praise in the way that I portray her character, Dana Scully, through my stories. Ms. Anderson is so supportive and giving to the Gay Community and how could we, as a smaller alternative community of fans, not love her and want to give back to her as well. Thank you, Gillian! You are AWESOME!

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