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Scully & Reyes at Work

Scully & Reyes at Work
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Scully and Reyes at Work
Below a couple of Screen Shots from the X-Files
with our Ladies/Special Agents At Work

Oh yes, we're in love! Check out the Stories Page

From "Daemonicus"
And another from "Nothing Important Happened Today - Part 1"

Are we not cute together? -hehe-

Here's a link to the 9-11-01 Website
Remember 9-11

Scully & Reyes on the Job
Below I have included some links to the actual Websites of where our two imaginary heroes work. You may find some interesting information from these Websites and where our actual real-life heroes go to work every day trying to continually protect us as individuals and as a nation. Let's give them all the support that we can given what happened on 9-11-01. They work very hard with little appreciation for all their efforts.

Go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Page
Scully & Reyes Interrogating a Suspect

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Main Page

Go to Quantico, VA - Where Scully Works
Go to Quantico and Visit Where Scully Works!

FBI Training Academy - Quantico, Virginia

Go to the Critical Incident Response Page
Reyes & Scully Responding to a Crisis

(CIRG) The Critical Incident Response Group

Oops. Did we almost get caught?
Check out our Stories Page here
-hehe- We were just having a little fun...



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