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Welcome to the Gish/Reyes Page!

Hey there! My name is Monica Reyes!
Whoa! She looks just like me! No Frickin' Way!
Welcome to my Information Page!

This page is dedicated to providing more information about Annabeth Gish the actress, as well as her character on "The X-Files", Special Federal Agent Monica Reyes. I have studied and researched her other websites to get a feel for what she likes: her favorite music, foods, places to travel, etc. You know, the basics. I will be including many of AG's actual likes and dislikes into my Fan Fiction for Agent Reyes. I thought that would be a nice tribute to AG, herself. I will be adding pictures and information to this page as I find the time. This page will be an ongoing project. Ms. Gish is a wonderful actress and I can hardly wait to see what her next big gig is. Currently, she is starring in Showtime's "Brotherhood". In the mean time, here's the little that I have on her so far. And THANKS, Annabeth, for your ongoing support to the Gay Community. We love you AND Gillery's Little Secret. Woohoo!


                   "Annabeth Gish"
Name: Anne Elizabeth Gish
Born: March 13, 1971
Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Eyes: Dark Chocolate Brown
Hair: Dark Brown - Brunette
Height: 5'8" or 5'9" - I have seen both
Weight: Just perfect & none of our damn business
Parents: Mother: Judy Gish
            Father: Robert F. Gish
            Both are retired college professors
Siblings: Sister: Robin Butzier - 9+ yrs older
              Elementary School Teacher
              Brother: Timothy Gish - 6+ yrs older
              Furniture Company Executive
              Annabeth is "the baby"
Grew up: Cedar Falls, Iowa
High Sch: Northern University, Cedar Falls, Iowa -Grad 1989
College: Duke University - Graduated 1993
            Major: English
            Minor: Women's Studies
            Degree: BA w/ honors Magna Cum Laude
Status: Married to Wade Allen (as of October 11, 2003)
Children: No, but would like to one day
Pets: Yellow/Golden Labrador Retriever - Lola    
Career: Performing Arts - Primarily an Actress
Activities: All forms of Dance (esp Salsa),
               Piano, Keyboards and can "Sing" just fine!
Interests: Touch Stones & the Healing Arts 
Religion: Believer - Very Spiritual
Address: c/o ICM, 8942 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA
             AG owns a 2-Bedroom Ranch Style Home

All-Time Favorite Annabeth Movies:
"Gillery's Little Secret" (2005). Whoa. This little movie-short was awesome! The producers/Independent Filmmakers are now working hard to try and get this little jewel made into a full-length feature film. But, nice little movie for the woman-loving-woman kind. Interestingly enough, Annabeth's co-star, whom played her ex-girlfriend, Bernadette, guested-starred in "The X-Files" during Season 9 as well. Nice...
"To Live Again" (1998). Gosh, I wish this movie was easier to find. Awesome true story with Bonnie Bedelia (of LIFETIME'S "The Division") as the social worker that helps a 31-year-old woman struggle for a normal life & happiness again after being locked away by her very own mother in a small bedroom for almost 17 years. A true story! AG plays the role of the 31-year-old and gives an incredible performance in my opinion. Awesome acting and what a story of triumph over tragedy. I Highly Recommend this movie!
"True Women" (1997). Great, late 1800's on into the early 1900's, movie beginning around 1835-1840 on up to around 1925, plus or minus a few years. Angelina Jolie (LARA CROFT of "TOMB RAIDER") & Dana Delaney (of "CHINA BEACH" fame) also star in this great little Women's Western. The women can really kick some ass in this little jewel! The name says "True Women" but, hey, I'll tell ya, they were "Tough Women" as well. Don't make the ladies angry... LOL! I Highly Recommend!
"When He's Not A Stranger" (1989). Wow! One of her best performances ever as a young, up-and-coming actress. She's around 18-19 years old in this film. Another true story about a young college freshman that is raped by an acquaintance. A must see movie! It is hard to find, but, well worth the effort to find it. I Highly Recommend!
"Mystic Pizza" (1988), "Hiding Out" (1987), "Coupe DeVille" (1989) and "Shag" (1989). Even though these movies are from the late 1980's they are all still quite popular. AG is so young, and so cute. She's not even 20-yrs-old! And "Kat" of Mystic Pizza can still make my heart go pitterpat. LOL! And, FYI, Mystic Pizza was the movie that put Julia Roberts on the map, while Annabeth took time off from movie-making to get her B.A. from Duke University. She had top-billing in Mystic Pizza (over Julia), but she chose to get an education first before continuing to pursue her acting career any further. You go girl! Her education came first! Just one more reason why I admire her so... sigh... Anyway, I Highly Recommend any of these four movies. But I would say that Mystic and Shag are my favs.  
"Desert Bloom" (1986). Her first movie and big-screen-debut. What can I say? The critics say she 'stole the show' and I would agree. She's only about 13-years-old in this movie, but already showed such talent and promise. And she beat out Winona Ryder for the part! Her mom has been quoted as saying "Annabeth was not nervous at all" at the audition. She just "went in there and did her thing" and won the part of little Rose! You go, girl! Her co-stars: Jon Voight, JoBeth Williams & Ellen Barkin. Not bad for a little 13-year-old just starting out. And I Highly Recommend this movie, too. It's one of her best, IMHO!
"Race To Space" (2000). This movie is one of the cutest movies Annabeth has done in years! I just loved her with the cute little chimp, Tyler. And the out-takes on the DVD are just precious! Race To Space is a warm and heartfelt adventure film, based on the exciting true story of the first American in space - namely Mac, the Astrochimp! This spectacular true-science odyssey takes place during the dramatic 1960's space-race between the United States and the Soviet Union. There are some really great moments with the little chimp and his pals. It's got some comedy scenes, but it also has some great lessons for all of us about family, love and support for one another. Bottom line - this is a GREAT movie for the entire family! I Highly Recommend it! 

"A Death In The Family" (2001). I LOVE this movie! Annabeth does a superb job in this film, although the film centers around her young son, Rufus, she still does an amazing job as the supporting actress. This movie is part of the "American Collection" from "The Masterpiece Theatre" of PBS. The author, James Agee, was born James Rufus Agee on Nov. 27, 1909, in Knoxville, TN. He was a famous poet, film critic, essayist, novelist, screen writer, journalist, and social commentator. The story follows a time in his early childhood when a very tragic and sudden event occurred in his young life. I Highly Recommend this movie, although it is somewhat sad. But it shows us all, that no matter what, life must go on. Again, a GREAT movie for the whole family!

And then there are the movies most everyone that is an AG fan has already heard of by now. "Double Jeopardy" (1999), "Nixon" (1995), "Don't Look Back" (1996), Wyatt Earp" (1994), "Beautiful Girls" (1996), "The Last Supper" (1995), "The Way She Moves" (2001), and the way she "does move" in that movie... Oh my God... The lady can DANCE! Talking about tall, dark and gorgeous!

Other Annabeth Gish projects not mentioned in 
my "All-Time Favorite Annabeth Movies" List:
Brotherhood (2006)
Mojave Phone Booth (2005)
Gillery's Little Secret (2005)
Stephen King's "Desperation" (2005)
Celestine Prophecy (2005)
Liberty Street (2004)
The Detective (2004)
KNOTS (2004)
The West Wing (1999- )
The X-Files (1993-2002)
Buying The Cow (2001)
Pursuit of Happiness (2001)
Morning (2000)
Sealed with a Kiss (1999)
Different (1999)
God's New Plan/No Higher Love (1999)
SLC Punk! (1999)
Mayday (1997)
Steel (1997)
What Love Sees (1996)
Courthouse (1995)
Scarlett (1994)
Silent Cries (1993)
Lady Against the Odds (1992)
The Last To Go (1991)
Hero in the Family (1986)
Has the lady been busy or what?... Geez...

Annabeth's Charities:

                     "Monica Reyes"
Name: Monica Julieta Reyes
Born: March 13, 1968
Place: Austin, Texas, USA
Eyes: Dark Chocolate Brown
Hair: Dark Brown - Brunette
Height: 5'9"
Weight:  136 lbs.
Parents: Birth Mom - Marthe' Sophie Dione-Reyes
            Birth Dad - ...................
            Given up for Adoption at 26+ months
Siblings: Sister: ..................... 9+ yrs older
              Brother: ...................6+ yrs older
              Above are Siblings from the Adoption
              Blood Brother: Julian Dione-Reyes
              Julian is her baby brother - 7 yrs younger
Grew up:  Outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico
High Sch: ASFG High, Guadalajara, Mexico - 1986
College: Brown University - Graduated 1990
            Major: Religion - Folklore/Mythology
            Minor: Medical Studies
            Degree: BS & Masters in only 4 years
Status: Technically Single; Married to Dana Scully
Children: Yes, by Legal Guardianship
Pets: Chc.Tab Cat - Xena & Orng Tab Cat - Gabby
Career: Law Enforcement for the US Government
Activities: Former Dance Instr, Keyboards,
               Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Sings beautifully
Interests: Touch Stones, Candles/the Healing Arts 
Religion: Believer - Very Spiritual
Address: 4500 Crossroads Circle, Lake Barcroft, VA
            Owns Lake Front 2-Bedroom Ranch Style

All-Time Favorite Music:
I just learned a few months ago that AG is a woman after my own heart when it comes to her musical tastes. The last CD she had purchased according to a live-chat interview at the time, was "Journey:Greatest Hits - Live". Oh my! I listen to that CD all the time! Awesome! She's a Steve Perry fan! Yes! As I drool... Anyway here is a list of some of what I could find of the music she likes... and I have also added what Reyes likes as well. Not everything listed is an Annabeth favorite. But MOST of it is. The ones that I know for sure are will have an "AG" symbol next to the artist:
Pop/Rock & Easy Listening:
The BackStreet Boys (AG) - Favorites: "Shape of My Heart", "Drowning"
Chicago - Favorites: "Just You'n Me", "Love Me Tomorrow", "I Don't Want To Live Without Your love", "We Can Last Forever"
Phil Collins - Favorites: "Against All Odds", "One More Night"
Richard Marx - Favorites: "Now & Forever", "Right Here Waiting" 
Sarah McLachlan (AG) - Favorites: "Angel", "I Love You", "I Will Remember You"
Simon & Garfunkel (AG) - Favorites: "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Sting (AG) - Favorites: "Fragile"
And a few other artists like: Annie Lennox, Michelle Branch & Evanescence.
Latin/Salsa: (after all, Reyes is from South of the Border)
Marc Anthony (AG) - Favorites: "I've Got You", "I Swear", "My Baby, You", "She Mends Me", "When I Dream At Night"
Christina AguileraGloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias & Ricky Martin
A little Southern Rock & Roll:
Aerosmith (AG) - Favorites: "Sweet Emotion", "Walk This Way"
Foreigner (AG)- Favorites: "Hot Blooded", "Urgent"
Journey (AG)- Favorites: "Faithfully", "Open Arms", "Separate Ways" 
Heart (AG)- Favorites: "Alone", "Never", "These Dreams", "What About Love"
Some Heavy Metal:
Like Metallica (AG) - Oh wow! Annabeth likes the Heavy Metal stuff. Whew... Alrighty then...
Some Euro Techno/Trance Dance Music:
Nine Inch Nails - Favorites: "Closer (Deviation)" and "Heresy (Blind)"
Wild Life - "I Don't Want U"
Some R&B and Jazz:
Mariah Carey - Favorites: "Hero", "I'll Be There"
Luther Vandross & Tina Turner
Some Classical:
Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Handel, Mozart & Pachelbel
Here's a Quick List of Moni's Favorite Movies:
"Dirty Dancing", "Foot Loose", "Grease", "Shag" & "The Way She Moves". After all, she worked her way through University as a Dance Instructor. LOL! Then there is "Dead Poet's Society", "Ghost". "Fried Green Tomatoes", "Top Gun", "Silence of the Lambs", "The Bone Collector" & "The Body Guard" just to name a few.

Special Note:
There has been some confusion on where Reyes actually lives. The address listed in the dossier above is my own preference and the address I use in the MyGirlReyes FanFic. But Reyes actually lives at 67 Bennett Avenue in Washington, DC. You'll just have to read my stories to find out when she moves from 67 Bennett Ave to the Lake Barcroft area. As I tease you...

Some Reyes Extras:
Badge No:  FBI Profiler - AEG3131971
ID Nos: ID #2469-368
           or ID# X196864DS9
Email Address:
Home Phone: (202) 555-7098
Cellular: (202) 555-1964
FBI Office Phone: (202) 555-0223
Weapon:  SIG-Sauer P228 or
              SIG-Sauer P226. Both 9mm
Used Only in the MyGirlReyes FanFic
  NOT in "The X-Files" TV Show itself

Hands off! She's mine! Just kidding Adopt her here

Ask Annabeth a question on the ATA Website at:

A Question for Annabeth

Or send Annabeth a personal note at:
Annabeth Gish
c/o ICM
8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Thank You, Annabeth

TO ANNABETH GISH: This web site, its operator and any content on this site relating to the actress, Annabeth Gish, is not authorized by her or her agents/representatives. My hope is that she will see that I am just a mere and humble fan that absolutely ADORES her and wants to give of my time and creativity to help support her, promote her work and praise her, not only as an actress, but as a person in every way! My wish is to give her honor and praise through my portrayal of Monica Reyes, a character that she so beautifully portrayed for too short a time. I miss you, Monica! But you live on inside my head. I hope to never offend the actress, Ms. Gish, in any way. My intentions are to help educate the internet world of the beauty and grace of this wonderful actress through this "About Gish/Reyes" page! Thank You, Annabeth! Just for being you! You are such a beautiful, wonderful and sweet lady, inside and out!  

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