Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 10
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She Mends Me

by MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 10

Scully's Bedroom - 4 Hours later:

8:30 AM: "Umm," Reyes lightly moaned stirring a little from the bright light radiating into the room, then lazily woke up. She glanced down at Scully, still sleeping comfortably all tucked up slightly beneath her. She smiled. Her heart fluttered a little inside her chest. Her tummy did a quick little flip-flop, and soon her entire body felt that familiarly warm, tingling sensation, all the way down from the very tip of her head to the very tips of her toes. She glanced down the length of their bodies all snuggled up against each another. She had to stifle a giggle. All the covers, including the bedspread, were on the floor in a big disorderly heap lying beside the bed. Undoubtedly, one, or both, had become quite hot during the night, and had kicked off all the covers from the bed and into the floor. She grinned licking her lips. Well. At least Scully had not kicked her off the bed and into the floor. Oh no, Scully's arms were still wrapped quite cozily around her torso. ...Very cozily indeed... she mused, then leaned in and lightly kissed Scully on the cheek. ...Ummm... She could get use to this, waking up in Scully's arms every morning and lying on top of her, with her leg and knee comfortably positioned between Scully's legs. ...Oh yeah. I could get use to this, very quickly indeed... she mused as she thought back to yesterday morning. She had to stifle another giggle. If Scully woke up as horny this morning as she had yesterday morning. "Oh boy," she lightly sighed. They would be in trouble - real trouble - for she knew herself pretty well. And after spending the second night in a row all snuggled up with Scully, and in each other's arms, with their hot and juicy little groins all pressed up against each other. ...Oh yeah... She had a sneaking suspicion that she would not have it within her, or the will-power necessary, to fend off Scully's advances if Scully did decide to come on to her any time this morning, like she had late last night. And even if Scully's body decided again that it did not want to cooperate with her intentions this morning, Reyes was more than confident that they could work around that little problem. She knew a woman's body, obviously. And she knew how to make-love to a woman's body. Although it had been a while - a very long while indeed, since she had made-love to another woman's body - she remembered how. ...No problem... she thought smiling to herself. She was a damn good lover herself. And she had all the confidence in the world, when it came to pleasing another in bed. She was very familiar with all the varying positions - varying hand positions, varying multiple positions of the thumb and fingers, varying multiple positions of the tongue and lips, varying multiple positions of two bodies, writhing together in perfect unison, climbing ever so quickly upward towards an ultimate climax. ...Oh yeah, baby... If Scully had just slowed things down a little bit last night, and not been in such a big hurry, pumping her mound into a still fully-clothed Reyes, and her being still fully-clothed herself, with no real attempt to work herself and her own body up to it, things may have taken care of themselves quite naturally anyway. And Scully's body may have caught up to her emotional wants more quickly than she could have ever imagined and then. Reyes smiled again at the memory. ...And then you'd have had me, Dr. Scully. Right where you have wanted me. For days, you say... And you think I didn't know that?... she giggled. ...Oh Dana. I knew. I knew it. I didn't want to admit to it. But I knew it... It just scared me, that's all... she mused, smiling again, and glancing back down at the peacefully slumbering Scully lying so closely tucked up against her. She glanced over at the clock. It was a little early yet. Surely they did not need to get up this early in the morning. She leaned down and gave Scully a gentle little kiss on the tip of her nose. Scully stirred slightly from the movement, then drifted right back off to sleep. She smiled again. She didn't want to awaken her. But she did need to get up for a minute. ...Damn bladder... Too bad there was not a way to turn the faucet on and off without having to get up and go. She reached down, clasping Scully's hand and began to gently ease it off her back and around her torso.

Scully stirred again.

"It's okay. Just me," she lightly whispered into her ear.

Scully inaudibly whimpered in her sleep.

Reyes then gently kissed her just above the ear as she continued to ease Scully's hand around and down to her side.

Scully inaudibly whimpered again in her sleep.

Reyes smiled, then began to lightly feather Scully's lips with tender little kisses as she eased her own body up and off of Scully's body.

"Umum, no," Scully lightly whimpered, reaching back up and around her torso, pulling her back down on the bed and on top of her.

"Oh... Honey, I need to get up," Reyes whispered catching herself from being pulled off-balance and falling all over the top of her.

"Umum," Scully barely whimpered again holding onto her and not allowing her to get back up.

Reyes chuckled, kissed her lightly on the lips, then said, "Honey. I need to..." trying again.

"No," Scully teased her again.

"Yes," Reyes teased her back, chuckling, as she began to ease Scully's hand back down to her side.

"Umum," Scully grunted.

Reyes giggled. "Umhum," she grunted back.

Scully's eyes fluttered open for a moment. "Umum," she playfully grunted again, then closed her eyes.

Reyes giggled again, then leaned down and kissed her more deeply on the lips as she continued to ease Scully's hand back down along her side and move herself out of Scully's clutches. Once she was free, she gently broke off the deep, wet kiss and whispered, "Be back in a little."

Scully's eyes fluttered open again. "Promise?" she mumbled, then closed her eyes.

"Umhum. Promise."

Scully never responded. She was back sound asleep.

Reyes smiled, then leaned in and lightly kissed her on the forehead brushing some loose strands of hair out of the way. She eased up off the bed and went to do her thing.

Scully never moved. She was sound asleep.

Scully's Kitchen:

8:41 AM: Reyes finished rinsing out the coffee carafe still sitting in the sink from last night and began to fill it with freshly-filtered water. She thought she would make at least a couple of cups of freshly-brewed coffee to start off the morning right. She was not ready to get up for the morning just yet. But she could use a cup of coffee already. And she thought she'd make enough for Scully, too, just in case Scully woke up any time soon. She poured the water into the little coffee-maker, replaced the old coffee grounds with a new filter and grounds, turned on the little maker, then headed for her overnight bag. She grabbed her little cosmetics bag, rummaged around in it for a moment, found what she was looking for, then headed for the bathroom toting it and her little jar of Tiger Balm along with her. She unbuttoned her pajama top to get a better look at the bruised-up area along her gut. ...Shit... It still looked bad. And it was going to be practically impossible to hide it in any kind of subdued light. ...Shit... And she didn't know what to do about it either, except continue to treat it with the Tiger Balm liniment. And she was amazed that Scully had not said anything about the scent last night after her shower either. But then she had tried to cover the scent with her cologne and it must have worked, because Scully had never seemed to notice. And she had never noticed it earlier in the day, either, at the motel, just before they had left. Of course, she had pulled a fast one and had reopened the little jar just as Scully had sat down at the little table to have her own hands and knuckles treated with the healing ointment. But still, she was pleasantly surprised that Scully had not caught on to the scent already lingering in the room. But then maybe Scully didn't want to catch on to it. Maybe her mind was deliberately shutting down the telltale signs of Reyes still using the Tiger Balm. Either way, she was glad that Scully had not seemed to notice. And especially that she had not asked anymore questions about it or about the compound either. But then this day had only just begun. And she had a gut feeling that before the day was over, the subject would be breached, for Scully was stronger today. She could already feel the tenacity and resilience radiating from Scully today. Sleeping together last night had helped. And Scully had not suffered through another nightmare either. And she had decided that there was something to them sleeping together, all cuddled up and in the same bed, for she felt stronger and more full of energy today, too. More than she had in days. And she had noticed it again, all through the night, and on occasion when she would slightly wake up - the warm tingling sensations seeping throughout her system, permeating and rejuvenating her whole body with renewed strength and stamina, renewed vitality and endurance. And she just knew it in her gut that whatever was causing it, it was coming from Scully and Scully's very soul. But then it did not seem to be depleting Scully of her own strength and vitality either. No. Actually, it seemed to be rejuvenating Scully's own strength and stamina, endurance and vitality as well. It was as if their souls found solace, comfort and strength within each other. And somehow healed each other through their very essences, their very spirits, their very souls. And at one point during the night, she had felt as if she were "one" with Scully, as if they were in the same body for a few moments. ...No. That's not right... she mused. It was more like they had, for just a few moments, actually left their physical bodies, and their souls had intertwined, and had become "one" - "one" with each other, and "one" with the universe - hovering around the room, and their spiritual souls just above their physical bodies. ...Good God. Could it be?... she mused shivering for a moment at the memory. She had never experienced anything quite like that before in her life; something so deep and profound, that her entire body and soul had reacted to the sensations. And they had been kissing - just kissing. But ...Wow!... those kisses felt as if she and Scully had been making-love to each other they were so intense. She smiled at the memory wondering if Scully had felt the same thing, too. Or was it just her. And maybe her extra-sensory gift somehow, that was responsible for the unusually intense emotions and physical sensations that had been coursing throughout her system during that most sensuously provocative little session of kisses. Scully's words began to repeat inside her head. ..."You mend me, you know that? You mend me, my heart, my soul."... she heard Scully's soft voice say as she began to dab and massage a tiny amount of Tiger Balm along her torso. She smiled again. "Oh no, Dana. I think you mend me, my heart, my soul," she whispered softly feeling the warm, soothing sensations radiating deep down within her soul at just the mere thought and vision of Dana Scully. She smiled as she lightly massaged her torso with the liniment. It didn't hurt anymore. Not really. At least not enough for it to be a problem. Of course, she did not want to take any more swift jabs to the gut. But, her bruised-up gut was feeling much better and healing quite fast. But not fast enough to be able to hide it from Scully if need be. "Hum," she sighed. ...What a mess... Even if Scully was up to it tonight, and her body was up to it, and them possibly making-love for the first time tonight, Reyes' body was not. In that she couldn't strip down naked without Scully seeing this God-forsaken bruise. "Oh God," she moaned. ...And what did I say? I wasn't going to take advantage of you and the situation? Shit, Reyes! Get over it already. She's not ready, either way. Even if her body is ready. Damn it, Reyes. You know that. She's too emotionally fragile and weak right now to complicate it with a quick little one-night-stand. Shit. Besides, since when was I into one-night-stands? I don't want that. Shit!... Oh, God. But I want you so bad, Dana. God, I do. I want you so bad, it hurts... But we can't... I can't... If I do, I'll never be able to walk away from you whole again... God!... I swear!... You're a part of me already!... And I don't know how the hell I'm gonna walk away from you now!... Damn it!... Fuck!... She slammed her hand against the edge of the bathroom sink. She very rarely showed an outburst of anger and emotion like that. But this situation and Dana Scully was getting to the best of her, for she loved her. ...Damn it!... She loved her. And how in the hell could she get on a plane in a couple of days and just leave her? And especially now, with all the pain and grief Scully was suffering through over losing Mulder? "Oh God," she groaned again. "Damn it," she fussed. ...God, Dana. I love you. I love you, damn it. And I'm so in-love with you. Shit. And you don't even seem to know it... Damn!... "Ohhh," she sighed again leaning up against the sink, burying her face in her palms. She stood there for a few moments making an effort to calm her soul and emotions back down. Suddenly, she heard a light little knock on the door.


"Hey. You up?" she said through the closed door.

"Yeah. You okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I thought I heard you say something and... I heard a noise."

"Oh. I'm fine. I'll be out in a minute," she responded as she quickly rose back up off the sink, knocking the little jar of Tiger Balm off and into the floor, spilling some of it on the rug. "Aw shit!" she fussed, then heard Scully lightly giggling outside the door. She quickly scooped up the little spill, closed the little jar, washed her hands of the Tiger Balm, flushed the commode to cover her tracks, hurriedly re-buttoned her pajama top back up and then opened the door. Actually, that little spill just may come in very handy at the moment.

"What are you doing?" Scully teased.

"What do you think I'm doing? Taking a piss. You got a problem with that?" she teased back cocking an eyebrow. Well, she had needed to relieve herself a few minutes ago, when she had first gotten up. But not just this minute. So maybe she had told a teensy-weensy little white lie, to cover her ass and protect Scully from the truth.

Scully chuckled. "Good grief. You're as bad as a man," she quipped again walking into the bathroom behind her.

"No, I'm not. The lid's still down."

Scully giggled. "No. I mean..."

"What? Saying 'piss'?" she teased her again watching her in the mirror in front of them.

"Yes," Scully said cocking an eyebrow and watching her in the mirror as well.

"Well, hell. I bet you said 'fuck' twenty times yesterday in less than a minute," she teased her again turning around somewhat and wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Yeah. Well, that's what happens if I have 'fucking' on the brain. Besides, I like that word."

Reyes giggled. ...Umhum. And you like doing it, too... she thought as she felt her cheeks begin to turn a nice little shade of pink.

"Gosh. What is that? Tiger Balm?" Scully asked wrinkling her brow.

"Yeah. I um, I knocked it off the counter and it spilled all over the floor. Sorry."

"That's okay. But what are you doing with it anyway?" Scully said reaching around Reyes' torso and picking up the little jar.

"Oh. I was, um, brushing my teeth and I had to pull it out and, um..." ...God... Well. She had brushed her teeth just moments ago and needed to remove it, to get to her toothbrush and toothpaste. So she had not really lied to her, had she? ...God... This was hard trying to hide the truth about the little Tiger Balm jar from Scully without flat out lying to her.

"How's the bruising?" Scully asked.

"Do what?" Reyes said, her eyes widening in surprise. ...My God! You know? Holy shit!... When did you...?...

"The bruising. Here, let me see," Scully said as she set the little jar of Tiger Balm back down on the counter, then turned Reyes all the way around and began to push her sleeve up on one of her forearms, examining the little bruises all along the underside of her arm. "Hum. Looks better. Are you using it on these?"

"Um... No. I um... I forgot this morning," Reyes stammered. ...Damn. When did you see these?... she thought.

Ironically, she had no memory at all of the battle she had won with Scully over her shirt and why she had not removed it at the ER. Nor the way that she had covered her tracks with Scully, just the night before last, telling her about being a trained kick-boxer, and getting her lights punched out on occasion, leaving her with a bruised-up body on a fairly regular basis after her training sessions.

"Hum. Well. Looks like their healing okay," Scully said. "My knuckles are... I can't believe how much better they look," she said as she glanced down at her own hands and knuckles.

Reyes watched her closely for any signs of memory. But - nothing. There was nothing at all showing up in her expression or her eyes to indicate resurfaced memory. She quirked her lips, amazed. ...Hum... But, it was just a matter of time before Scully would begin to remember some of what had happened out there at the compound, and how she had injured her hands and knuckles.

Scully bit at her lower lip for a moment, obviously deep in thought.

Reyes reached around her and began to hold her leaning in and kissing her on the crown. "How you feeling this morning?" she asked breaking into the silence as Scully reached around and began to hold onto her, too.

"Okay. Just... tired."

"Um. Me, too."

Scully leaned her head in against Reyes' chest slightly collapsing into her arms. Reyes held onto her even more securely. Scully really wanted to ask her about her hands and knuckles, but not quite yet. She just wasn't quite up to it just yet. And, actually, she was afraid to, and too afraid of what she might hear. And she was just not ready to deal with that quite yet. She thought she had been, the night that it had happened. But now, after some time had passed, she was not so sure that she would ever be up to it, ready to hear and deal with what may have happened the other night out at the compound. And she still had that sick, nauseating feeling in her gut that she had somehow actually hurt Reyes, physically, in some way. Even though she had no memory of it, she just knew it in her heart that somehow she had actually hurt Reyes, physically, in some way. "Oh God," she suddenly whimpered out of the blue.

"What?" Reyes responded.

"Nothing. I um... I need to go potty," Scully teased changing the subject and mood.

Reyes chuckled. "Afraid I can't help you with that, my dear," she said teasing her back.

Scully giggled, then reached down, running her hand down inside the back of Reyes' pajama bottoms and briefs, and lightly pinched her on her cute little bare ass.

"Hah! Hey! What was that for?" Reyes fussed rubbing her sore butt and the area where Scully had just pinched.

"Just checking. Making sure you're okay."

"By pinching my butt?"

"Umhum. Checking the elasticity of your skin."

"And you think I'm gonna believe that?"

"Umhum. It's true. Remember when I pinched your arm in the car?"

"Umm. Yes," Reyes said wrapping her arms back around her and resting her chin along her crown.

They just stood there for a few moments holding each other.

"Dana? You're not ready to get up yet are you?"

"Umum. Why?"

"I'm... I've got a pot of coffee on. Do you want a cup?"

"Yeah. Just bring it to me in the bedroom."


And with that, they let go of each other, Reyes leaving her there to do her thing while she headed for the kitchen.

Dana lay in bed... daydreaming about Moni...

Scully's Bedroom:

8:52 AM: Scully lay in bed starring up at the ceiling. She was still so tired, exhausted really. And so was Reyes. They both were still not getting near the kind of sleep they both so desperately needed. But, tonight would be different. With them starting out the night together and in the same bed, things should most definitely improve, for the both of them. She smiled at the thought of Reyes sleeping in here, in her own bed, and them sleeping together again, for the third night in a row. ...Third time, charm... she thought smiling. And just what did the third night in a row hold for them, she wondered. And she wondered, too, if Reyes would still be so insistent on not "taking advantage of the situation" or "taking advantage" of her. She smirked. ...Oh, baby. I'd love for you to take advantage of me... she thought. But then she smiled, her heart warming at the concern and selfless attitude Reyes had. She knew Reyes wanted her, as badly as she wanted Reyes. And yet Reyes was so willing to put aside her own wants and desires, and do what she thought was best for Scully. ...Wow... And Scully was not so sure that she would be so willing to do the same thing, if the roles were reversed. She probably would be more inclined to take full advantage of the situation, and take full advantage of Reyes. ...Gosh. Am I really that bad? That willing to do whatever I want? With no regard for the other person? And how it affects them? Or how it hurts them in the end?... Yes. She could be, when it came to sex. She had broken many a heart in her little career of one-night-stands.

Reyes reentered the bedroom toting two piping-hot cups of coffee in her hands and breaking into her thoughts. "I put some Irish Cream in yours. Is that okay?" she asked as she sat down on the edge of the bed and handed Scully her cup.

"Umm. Yeah. Did you put enough Equal in it?" she asked taking a whiff of the freshly-brewed coffee.

"I don't know. Try it."

Scully took a sip. "Umm. Perfect," she said smiling.

Reyes smiled, too. "Dana? Do you mind if I put some music on?"

Scully cocked an eyebrow. ...Music?... "Um. No. Well. It depends. What do you want to play?"

"Let me surprise you. But, can you go back to sleep with music playing in the background?"

"Umhum. As long as it's easy-listening and not too loud or... Yeah. That's fine," she said.

Reyes smiled, caressing her cheek for a moment, then got up and headed for the living room.

Scully smirked, then took another sip of her coffee.

Reyes found her little traveling CD holder packed away in her overnight bag, then flipped through the CD's until she found what she was looking for. She wanted to set the mood for the day, and calm Scully's spirit and soul as much as she could. And a little classical music should do the trick. Especially given the violins and string arrangements of the famous classical composers, and their respective adagios, that she had chosen on this particular CD.

Scully took another sip of her coffee, then lay back down across the bed. Suddenly, she heard little trickles of light, easy classical music coming from the living room. "Oh," she slightly gasped. She loved that composer and that song. ...Oh my God! I can't believe...

Reyes reentered the bedroom. "Too loud?" she said.

"Oh no. God! I love that! That's not mine is it?" Scully asked, her eyes wide with wonder.

"Um. No. I have my own CD's with me and I thought you might like that this morning," Reyes replied as she padded back over to the bed.

"Your own CD's?" Scully responded, her eyes widening yet again in surprise.

"Yeah, I... I like to bring my own music with me on a case and... Just a habit I guess," Reyes shrugged.

"Oh God! I love that! I love that composer!" Scully said again.

Reyes smiled at her delight.

And Scully could hardly believe that Reyes had classical music with her, and in her own little traveling CD holder at that. Scully's musical library was full to overflowing with classical music. But she did not recognize this particular arrangement.

"Do you have this? This CD?" Reyes asked handing her the cover to the CD that was playing.

Scully took it from her hand and began to read the list of songs. "Oh my God, Monica..."


"I love these! And, no, I don't have this," Scully replied continuing to read the long list of selections. "Oh, gosh, that's the 'Thais: Opera Meditation' playing right now, isn't it?" she inquired, all giddy and excited.

"Umhum. Jules Massenet. He's great, isn't he?" Reyes agreed, smiling at Scully's excitement, as she picked up her cup of coffee from the little table by the bed and took her first sip. She was rather proud of herself for pleasing Scully so easily this morning.

"Oh wow! Do you realize how few people I know love classical music? I'm... I'm such a..." Scully shrugged hesitating.

Reyes smiled again, then said, "Well. I like certain genres of classical music, too. I love the adagios. This whole album is nothing but the great composers. And I've got a couple of more, too. Just the adagios."

"Really?" Scully responded, very elated indeed to find another that shared her love of the classics.


"I want to see," Scully said again beginning to get up from the bed all excited.

"What? Hey. Wait a minute," Reyes replied clasping Scully's forearm for a moment. She hadn't anticipated Scully getting so excited over her tiny little CD collection that she had brought with her on the case. "Wait. Dana? You can see it later, can't you? I mean, I thought you wanted to get a little more shut-eye."

"I do. But I wanna see," Scully said again, all giddy and excited.

...Well. Damn... Reyes thought as she just shook her head and watched Scully get up and leave her for the living room. ...Oh well... "Ummm," she moaned lightly as she lay there, all alone in Scully's bed. But Scully should be back shortly. That is if she didn't get too interested in Reyes' little CD collection.

'Ummm,' Moni moaned lightly... as she daydreamed about Dana...

Several moments passed as she lay there, all alone, and patiently waited for Scully. ...Oh baby. Hurry up. It's lonely in here... she mused, smiling a little bit, as she leaned in against Scully's pillow for a moment, enjoying the sweet, flowery scent still lingering there. "Ummm," she groaned again as she reached over and took another sip of her piping-hot coffee. She was so looking forward to lying back down next to Scully and curling up in her arms again. But Scully was taking her own sweet time about coming back to the bedroom. She was busy in the living room checking out Reyes' little CD collection. ...Oh frig... Reyes thought. It appeared that Scully wasn't coming back to bed anytime soon, Reyes lying there patiently waiting for her or not. "Hum," she sighed again, then took another quick sip of her coffee, and then began to get up from the bed herself just as Scully came hopping back into the bedroom, toting her little CD case with her and jumped into the bed beside her. "Whoa!" she responded, quickly placing her piping-hot cup of coffee back down on the little table by the bed. ...Shit, woman... "I take it you like that," she teased as Scully suddenly grabbed a hold of her and pulled her down on top of her, all excited and giddy over the fact that they shared yet another thing in common.

"Ummm. Yes. I like. I like, Moni. And I love y..." Scully hesitated, her eyes widening in surprise at what she had almost said.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow.

"I um... I love that whole CD. Everything on it," Scully quickly said covering her original thoughts and near slip of the tongue.

Reyes nodded. She could have sworn that Scully had almost said she loved her. Her heart sank a little from the disappointment. "Well, um, okay. Can we settle back down then? I mean, I was hoping to set the mood for you to get a little more sleep. But if I need to go turn it..."

"Oh no, don't turn it off. I can sleep. I'm just so elated that you like this kind of music... Mu... Mulder always..." Scully stuttered, then hesitated.

Reyes watched as she stuttered, verbally stumbling over just the mere mention of his name. She nibbled on her lower lip for a moment, lightly caressing Scully's cheek, then repositioned herself, just to the side of her, whispering, "You want to talk about it? Talk about him?"

Scully swallowed hard clearing her thoughts about losing Mulder. "No. Not right now," she said as she glanced back up at Reyes and smiled, still holding Reyes' little CD holder in her hand.

Reyes nodded, nibbling on her lower lip and brushing some loose strands of hair from Scully's cheeks and eyebrows, then leaned in and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

Scully smiled, then leaned over and placed Reyes' CD holder on the little table by the bed. She glanced at the clock, then lay back down, cuddling up next to Reyes. It was only 8:57 AM. They needn't be in a hurry to get up. They had plenty of time yet, before anything became pressing she quickly decided. And she wanted to get maybe an hour or so more sleep anyway, before rising for the day. And that would be easy to do with Reyes lying right there beside of her, in her very own bed. She then began to snuggle in more cozily against Reyes' long, lean, warm and comfortable body.

"You okay?" Reyes asked responding to Scully's movements.

"Umhum," Scully replied wrapping her arm around Reyes' torso.

"More coffee?"

"In a minute."

"Okay," Reyes whispered reaching back over and getting her own cup of coffee, then taking another sip.

"Oh!" Scully suddenly gasped.

"What?" Reyes teased beginning to giggle.

"That song!"

Reyes giggled again. "Umhum. Vivaldi. Concert Number 4. In the key of 'F'. Better known as 'Winter Largo' from the 'Four Sea... Aowh!"

"Hah!" Scully huffed lightly punching her in the ribs.

"What? What did I do?" Reyes said as she rubbed her ribs, quite thankful that Scully had hit her in the ribs and not squarely in the gut.

"God! I'm just... Wow! I can't believe you know that!"

Reyes giggled again wrapping Scully up more securely along her torso with an arm.

Well. She had planned on the two of them dropping back off to sleep as the beautiful strings arrangements played in the background. But Scully was just so giddy and excited over the music. And Reyes was actually quite happily surprised at Scully's reactions to the music. It was a nice change to see the happier, more giddy side of Scully.

And little did Reyes know, but very few people indeed had seen this giddier, more happy side of Scully. She rarely let that side of herself show. But then rarely did anything happen in her life to cause her to be so happy and giddy. Her life was full of sadness, tragedy and loss. She had suffered so much pain and agony at the hands of her own government - the very federal government that she continued to work so tenaciously for. They had used her, abused her, abducted her and even tried to frame her a couple of times, over things with Mulder. And if Reyes had any idea at all what all the government - her very own government and the same frickin' government that she worked for, too - had done to Scully and Mulder over the years, she would be so angry and ready to bust some heads and kick some ass. But that day would come, when she would begin to see, and hear, and know about all that Scully had been put through, at the hands of her own government. Much less at the hands of all those damn alien-replacement-types lurking around, just out-of-sight and out-of-sound, trying to get to her and her unborn child. And even Scully had no idea yet of the incredible danger she was in. And not only she, but her unborn son as well. But she would soon be finding out. Within a matter of weeks, she would begin to see and experience things. Things that she could have never imagined, from all the unseen danger lurking around her, just out-of-sight and out-of-sound, lurking around and waiting for the most appropriate time to strike.

"Umm," Scully groaned suddenly, lowering her hand down along her abdomen. "Oh," she lightly gasped again rubbing along her side.

Reyes furrowed her brow. "What? What is it? Pain?" she asked placing her half-full cup of coffee back down on the little table, then rolling a little more to the side, reaching down and lightly resting her hand on top of Scully's.

Scully smiled shaking her head. "No. Oh no, I'm fine. It's just... He's awake. And it feels like he's doing little somersaults in there or something," she giggled at the sensations her little unborn son was creating inside her womb.

"Really?" Reyes' eyes lit up into a beautiful smile.

"Umhum. Feel," Scully said clasping Reyes' hand and placing it along her lower abdomen.

"Oh!" Reyes gasped in delight at the little brush of movement she had just felt along Scully's abdomen, her own eyes widening with wonder. "Oh, Dana!" she gasped again at the feel of another little brush of movement along Scully's abdomen, her palm beginning to tingle from the warm sensations she was feeling from Scully's little son.

Scully giggled. "I know. And I do believe he knows when I'm trying to go back to sleep. And he's determined to make his presence known."

Reyes smiled another pretty bright smile, enjoying the feel of Scully's little unborn son's life-force warmly tingling throughout her palm, then scooted down in the bed a little bit and leaned into Scully's abdomen, whispering, "What cha doin' in there? Hum? What cha doin' little guy?" she teased, then moved Scully's pajama top up just enough to lightly kiss her soft, silken bare abdomen just to the edge of her belly button. "Are you keeping your mummy awake? Hum? You keeping your mummy awake?" she lovingly whispered again, lightly kissing Scully's bare abdomen a couple of more times before whispering, "Sweet baby," then resting the side of her head lightly along Scully's growing abdomen.

"Umm," Scully groaned from the gentle little kisses and sweet little whispers Reyes had given to her unborn son. She feathered her fingers through her hair as Reyes rose back up, lightly kissing her stomach and all around her belly button with gentle and easy little kisses. "Umm," she groaned again. ...Oh baby. That feels so good...

Reyes glanced back up smiling, then planted one more tender little wet kiss on her bare abdomen, before rising all the way back up and planting another tender little wet kiss on her lips, and then another, just to the edge of her ear. "What's it feel like?" she whispered softly, just to the edge of Scully's ear.

"What?" Scully responded lightly.

"The baby. What's it feel like? When he moves, kicks," Reyes said lightly kissing her yet again just to the edge of her ear, then glancing back down along Scully's lower torso.

"Oh," Scully smiled. "Um. Well, I'm not sure how to describe it," she replied, just as she felt another rather intense little wave of movement along her tummy. "Oh my. He is so active this morning."

Reyes giggled sensing his lively activity this morning, too. "So... You're not sure how to describe it? I mean, it doesn't... Well, I'm sure it doesn't hurt, but..."

"Oh no, it's not uncomfortable. It's... Hum... It's more like a swooshing sensation. Like he's bouncing around in there, doing little somersaults and..."

"Get out..."

"No. Seriously. I'm in the second trimester, so..."

"The second? Really?"

"Umhum. Starts at fourteen weeks."

"So, how big is he?"

"Um, around five maybe five-and-a-half inches."

"Really? Already?" Reyes' eyes widened as she reached back down and lightly caressed Scully's abdomen with her palm. ...Whoa. You're bigger than I thought little guy...

"Umhum. And, oh let's see. His little hands are already developed, and his little fingernails are beginning to grow."

"His fingernails?" Reyes' eyes widened again.

"Umhum. And he can swallow and expel fluids now. And he's got little vocal-chords, and his little tooth-buds are beginning to develop and..."

"Really? Wow! I had no idea," Reyes said, her eyes widening yet again, utterly amazed at how quickly a little fetus developed, and especially at only 18 to 18-1/2 weeks. Because that meant that Scully was only around 4-1/2 months pregnant. And yet so much had already developed with this little miracle child that Scully carried inside her womb.

"Umhum. And within a couple of weeks he'll begin to distinguish between sounds, and light, and darkness, and..."

Reyes' eyes lit up from Scully's words, her eyes as wide as a little child's eyes with delight.

Scully smiled at the beautiful expression. "Didn't you learn any of this in school? When you were at Brown?" she asked.

"Yes. But. It's been awhile," Reyes replied.

Scully nodded.

"But, let me think. Second trimester. Hum... That's 14 to 28 weeks, right?"

"Umhum. Close. Depends on the last cycle," Scully verified.

"Okay. And a full pregnancy lasts 38 to 40 weeks, give or take a couple of weeks."

"Umhum. Close enough," Scully agreed smiling.

"So. Second trimester. That means he'll do most of his developing right now, during the second trimester, right?"

Scully nodded again smiling.

"And he'll be the most active right now, too. Right? Over the next three months?"

"Umhum," Scully nodded again.

"With all those little kicks and punches. And all of those little elbow jabs and..." Reyes hesitated, giggling. ...Just like your mummy. Punching and hitting me all the time. Oh goodness. You're just like your mummy. She likes to punch and hit, too!... she giggled again at her thoughts. Scully obviously liked to playfully punch and hit at someone she cared about. And Reyes had first-hand experience along her lower torso for when Scully wasn't playfully punching and hitting. "Ohhh," she sighed still chuckling, in spite of that bad memory.

"What?" Scully asked, chuckling, too, and pleasantly surprised at Reyes' accurate knowledge of the developing fetus.

Reyes smiled so brightly again. "Well. I think I'm jealous," she said.

"Jealous... You want a baby?" Scully asked, somewhat surprised at that possible revelation.

"No. I um... I don't want to have the baby, I... I think I... Oh God, this sounds crazy."

"What?" Scully said, thoroughly intrigued and enjoying the closeness and intimacy they were sharing once again, for this second morning in a row, and the wonderful experience of sharing these special moments, feeling her unborn son's little fluttering movements with another. And especially with someone she loved. And she doubted that even Mulder would have been quite so tender and loving as Reyes had been, even though he was the father of her son. But then Mulder may have surprised her. He may have been very tender and loving, just as Reyes had been, and was being right now. But, sadly enough, she would never know, for he was gone, through no fault of his own. He was gone. And he was missing out on these wonderfully tender and special little moments with the mother of his son. But, thankfully, she had Reyes to share them with. At least for a little while, she had Reyes. "What?" she asked again, teasing Reyes and clasping Reyes' hand, repositioning it over her bare abdomen and unborn child.

Reyes glanced down at their hands interlaced and resting comfortably along Scully's bare abdomen. "I um... Wow! Dana, I just... I've never..." she hesitated again. She was truly blown-away at what she was feeling and thinking at the moment.

"Monica? You could always have your own baby. You don't need a husband or... Look at me. I'm doing it without the proverbial man around the house."

"Um. No. It's not that. I um... Aw geez. You'll probably think I've lost my marbles. But I... um... I think I'm... jealous... of the man."

"What?" Scully's eyebrows shot to the ceiling. ...The man? Indeed...

"I know. That sounds crazy, doesn't it?" Reyes replied, giggling again, and beginning to lightly stroke Scully's bare abdomen with her fingertips.

"Umm," Scully lightly groaned, in spite of herself. ...God. That feels so good. Too good, Reyes... Her body was most definitely responding to Reyes' gentle and easy little touches and caresses this morning. And Reyes wasn't even aware of it, or trying, or even putting forth any kind of an effort to try and turn her on. "Explain," Scully finally said ignoring her rising libido for the moment.

"Well... I think I'm a little jealous, in that... as the father... I would have the privilege of being the one that's always around; always ready and willing, to spoil, and coddle, and pamper the mother of... of our child... and, um..." she glanced back up for a moment, looking at Scully. "And... um..." ...Damn!... she thought, hesitating again and swallowing hard. ...Damn! I can't believe I'm feeling this! Much less telling you about it! Shit!... she mused, completely mystified by her thoughts and emotions.

Scully cocked an eyebrow at Reyes' words. ...Hum. Spoil, coddle and pamper, huh? Umm, I can see that. You're already doing that... With me... she smiled, her heart tingling from her musings as Reyes reorganized her thoughts.

"I um... Well," Reyes started again. "If I were a man. And I was in-love with someone. And I made-love to her. And then between the two of us, we created this beautiful little baby... This perfectly innocent little child... That is a part of us... A part of both of us and... and then this little baby continues to grow, and develop inside its mother... And soon it becomes a living, breathing testimony to that love and... Oh wow, Dana!" she hesitated again glancing back up at Scully once again.

"Go on," Scully coaxed.

"Well... um," Reyes glanced back down at their hands interlaced, resting comfortably along Scully's warm and soft, bare abdomen. "Oh God, to just be the father. And know that my love for this woman..." she paused. "Our love..." she whispered softly, glancing back up and locking eyes with Scully for a moment.

Scully's breath suddenly caught in her throat, her lower lip dropping a little, in response to the look Reyes was giving her.

"Um... Two people's love..." she started again, glancing back down along Scully's abdomen. "That love is what created this beautiful little child. And then to watch this little baby grow and develop inside the woman I love?... I... My God, Dana." She glanced back up, locking eyes with her yet again. She continued to gaze into Scully's eyes for a moment, Scully gazing back. "Oh God, Dana. What an incredibly humbling experience that would be, you know? Don't you think?" she said, starring into Scully's eyes for another moment, then glancing back down to her abdomen, beginning to run her palm and fingertips all along Scully's lower abdomen yet again. "And... and to know that a part of me... was inside of y... of um... someone I love and... and to know it was growing, and developing, into this beautiful little baby, that would be a part of us... a part of both of us and... Ohhh God," she sighed, hesitating yet again, then glancing away for a moment, utterly overwhelmed with all the unexplainable emotions she was feeling, not only towards Scully, but also towards Scully's little unborn son as well. "Wow!" she said. "I've just, I've never thought about it from a man's prospective before, you know? Does that make any sense? Any sense at all?" she asked, wrinkling her brow, and still lovingly stroking Scully's lower abdomen with her fingertips and palm.

Scully had tears in her eyes. It made perfect sense.

Reyes glanced back up making eye contact yet again. "Oh, Dana, no. God, I didn't mean to..."

"No. Shush. That was beautiful," Scully whispered reaching up and silencing her with her fingertips. "Just... let me... collect myself here for a minute, okay?" she said wiping a stray tear from her eyes.

Reyes nodded, then smiled. "I didn't mean to make you cry, but... Damn!"

"What?" Scully responded smiling.

"I swear, I think I'm jealous! I think I would like the ability to make a woman pregnant of all things. Well... At least once... Or maybe twice," she said, giggling a little bit at the outrageous thought, as she glanced back up at Scully for a moment. "And... and then I would pamper her. And I would take care of her. And I would spoil her rotten with my love, showering her with little gifts and presents, and, I mean, I would do that. I would do that, Dana. I would take care of her and... and I would be so humbled that she would be willing to go through that, and put her body through that, just so she could have our child. And I would... Ohhh God... This sounds crazy, doesn't it? Jesus! It sounds crazy!" she said, suddenly feeling very embarrassed with her silly ramblings, as she glanced back up at Scully, expecting to see a big smirk, and an expression full of amusement filling Scully's eyes from her far-out, far-fetched and ridiculously-outrageous ramblings.

But Scully had closed her eyes, deep in thought, listening to Reyes' words, and wishing that she had someone like that in her life right now. Someone to shower her with love and tenderness, and little gifts and presents, and whatever else they may choose to shower her with, as she carried this little miracle-child inside her body.

Reyes leaned in and lightly kissed her on the cheek, then said, "Aw frig. You probably think I've gone completely off the deep end and into the abyss of insanity."

Scully snorted, then smirked, her eyes still closed. No, she did not think Reyes had gone off the deep end and into the abyss of anywhere. No, actually, she thought it was very sweet for Reyes to have such thoughts. And she loved the idea of Reyes being so willing to pamper, coddle, and shower someone with her love. And she would give just about anything if Reyes could stay around in Georgetown and pamper, coddle and shower her with that love over the next few months.

Reyes lay there silent, still completely flabbergasted at her newest discovery about herself. She had never experienced anything even remotely close to this, and these kinds of mystifying feelings and baffling emotions towards another woman, and especially a pregnant woman, before in her life! ...Holy shit! What the hell is wrong with me to feel this way?... she wondered. And what was it about Scully's unborn son that caused her to feel such weirdly bizarre things as well? ...Must be all the hormones and pheromones or whatever permeating the room from Dana's pregnancy... she thought. ...Yeah, right... she smirked. She had been in plenty of rooms and around plenty of pregnant women before, and had never felt such weirdly bizarre feelings and emotions as this. ...God! Am I losing it or what?... she thought again. She began to shake her head at the very idea of wanting the ability to impregnate someone. And especially that someone being Dr. Dana K. Scully, to be more specific. "Hum," she sighed, shaking her head at that outrageously impossible thought, her having the ability to impregnate Scully. ...Oh Dana. Geez... But Dr. Dana K. Scully would be the only woman she would ever care to impregnate. Well, if Scully ever wanted another child that is. ...Oh Lord... She began to shake her head again at her most amazingly, incredibly, bizarrely ludicrous and impossible thoughts. ...Geez. What is wrong with me?... she smirked again. Well, she was not going to tell Scully about that! That Scully was the only woman she would ever care to impregnate. Oh no. She could be impulsive at times with her thoughts, and then verbally expressing those innermost thoughts to someone she trusted. But she knew better than to say that! She had already said more than enough to Scully about what she was feeling.

Scully had finally regained control of her raging emotions. Reyes never ceased to amaze her with some of what she would say and come up with. And it could be so deep, so thought-provoking and sincere, and always so full of love. She opened her eyes, then glanced over at Reyes, smiling. "So. You saying you wanna pack some little seeds in there?" she teased, lightly brushing her hand across Reyes' mound.

"Oh. I, um, well, I don't have the right equipment now, do I?" Reyes responded, her cheeks beginning to heat up from her embarrassment over this most recent discovery about herself. And then the feel of Scully's hand lightly brushing across her mound had made her whole body begin to heat up.

"Hum. I don't know," Scully said cocking an eyebrow. "You're equipment would satisfy me just fine," she teased glancing back down at Reyes' mound.

Reyes blushed three shades of red.

"We might not get a baby out of it. But you wouldn't hear me complaining," she added, thoroughly enjoying Reyes' changing expressions.

"Oh Lord," Reyes sighed.

"What's He got to do with it?" she teased again.

"Oh nothing. But, Dana. How does your body feel? I mean, do you notice any other changes?" she asked, quickly changing the subject. She just would not be able to handle it, if Scully began to come on to her any time soon.

"Well. I'll begin to notice more changes as I get closer to my due date. But, I am noticing that I get tired very easily. And it feels odd when I put on a pair of pants and try to zip them up. And now they're so tight. It's really strange. I already have some maternity clothes in the closet, but, gosh, I feel so lost in them right now. They're way too big and yet, it's a weird time because..." Scully shrugged.

"You're in between. Not really showing. And yet large enough to not comfortably fit into your clothes anymore."

"Yeah. And it's a weird feeling. It's a wonderful feeling. But it's a little unnerving, all at the same time."

Reyes nodded as she scooted back down in the bed.

"What are you doing?" Scully asked furrowing her brow.

"I want to see if I can hear his heartbeat," Reyes replied as she lifted Scully's pajama top back up and lightly placed her ear along Scully's bare abdomen.

Scully smirked, enjoying the feel of Reyes' cheek and ear along her lower abdomen. She knew that Reyes' idea of hearing her unborn son's little heartbeat was impossible, simply impossible, and especially with the naked ear. But she wasn't going to tell her so. Oh no. She was enjoying the feel of Reyes' face and cheek and mouth and tongue and ...Oh yeah, baby... everything else of Reyes' being so close to all those other important parts down there in the general area. Besides, it was so special to have Reyes show such interest and love for her unborn child. ...Love?... Yes. It was love. Reyes seemed to actually feel love for this yet to be born little baby boy. Scully smiled at the thought. ...How can that be? How can you love my son? You hardly even know me, much less my son, my unborn son... But... You love him, don't you?... She glanced back down to the back and crown of Reyes' head resting so comfortably along her abdomen. ...Hum... You do... You love him... And you love me, too, don't you?... Why?... Why do you love me so?... she wondered as she began to feather her fingers through Reyes' hair, lightly caressing her earlobe and playing with her earring, as she reveled in the intimacy and love surrounding her and her unborn son.

Reyes lay there comfortably, with her head resting lightly against Scully's bare abdomen, listening for any little extra sounds possibly coming from Scully's unborn son. Yet knowing all to well herself, that the odds of hearing anything out of the ordinary, and especially from him were impossible, just basically impossible, and especially with the naked ear. And yet it was as good of an excuse as any, to lay her head comfortably along Scully's bare abdomen, and lightly run her fingertips all along Scully's side. She was enjoying the tender intimacy and gentle affection they each were sharing with each other this early in the morning, too. And lying with her head along Scully's bare abdomen, with her fingertips lightly drawing little circles all along Scully's side and just under her ribcage? Well, it was like heaven itself, as she reveled in the warmth, the softness of the silken smooth skin and the sweet, flowery scent that was unique to Scully. It was Scully's scent, Scully's sweet, flowery aroma, Scully's pheromones and hormones, giving off an aroma almost like apricot and distinctive only to Scully. And she would recognize it, every time she caught a little whiff of it, from now until the day she died, she would recognize it, and know that she had just entered into the presence of the only other woman who had ever stolen her heart, that woman being Dr. Dana K. Scully. And this little unborn baby boy, residing just inches below her ear, growing and developing inside the woman she loved, had stolen her heart, too. And ...Why?... she wondered herself. Why did she feel such love and concern for this sweet little baby boy, yet to be born? ...It makes no sense... she thought as she continued to run her fingertips all along the same little path, circling and caressing down along Scully's side, then back up and just to the side of her navel. She hardly knew Scully, much less her yet to be born little infant son. But, for whatever reasons, she knew in her heart and soul that she loved them - both of them. Both him, and his mother - very deeply. And so she would do as Grams had told her to do, follow her instincts, and follow her gut. And just let the love flow, from way down deep inside of her very soul, and her very being, and back up and out, into this little child's very essence, and ultimately into his mother's very essence as well.

"Anything?" Scully asked softly, breaking into Reyes' thoughts, and yet already knowing the answer.

"Nope. But if I get the stethoscope from the BP Unit that might work," Reyes said, suddenly giddy with the idea that she may be able to hear the baby's heartbeat after all.

Scully chuckled as Reyes hurriedly got up from the bed to go get the BP Unit.


9:13 AM: Scully lay there quietly enjoying the soft classical music still playing in the background. ...Um. This is so nice... she thought, waking up with another that loved her so much, and listening to soft classical music playing in the background this time of morning. It really did set the mood for the day. And she had a gut feeling that Reyes had known that. And that was why she had wanted to play some music in the background, as they lay there together, catching up on some much-needed rest. ...Oh. I love that arrangement... she thought as she listened to another of her favorites, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", begin to play in the background. Actually, the entire CD was beautiful. And she quickly decided she needed to get her own copy of Reyes' CD and soon. She glanced over at her coffee cup. The coffee had grown cold long ago. But she really didn't want anymore coffee right now anyway. She hoped that Reyes had remembered to turn the coffee-maker back off.

Reyes came skipping back into the bedroom, BP Unit in tow.

"Did you turn the coffee-maker off?" Scully asked.


"You did?"

"Umhum, why?"

"I'm just surprised."


"I don't know. You're just... very efficient."

"Hah. We have to be don't we?"

"Quantico. Boot camp," they both said in unison, laughing.

If a woman could make it through Quantico, and the FBI Training Academy Boot Camp, then she could do, make it through and accomplish just about anything she set her mind to. And they both knew that they were rare breeds, female special agents, that had made it through and graduated.

Reyes hopped back up onto the bed, straddling Scully's hips. Scully cocked an eyebrow. Reyes grinned, leaned in and lightly kissed her on the lips, then pulled the stethoscope out of the little BP Unit bag, her eyes shining as brightly as Scully had ever seen them shine. Scully's heart melted yet again. Reyes began to scoot back down in the bed as Scully slightly repositioned herself. Reyes smiled as she curled her legs up, then snuggled into Scully's left leg and thigh, leaning her upper torso against Scully's hip. Scully smiled, then repositioned her hand and arm around Reyes' shoulder-blades, beginning to lightly massage Reyes' left shoulder and all around the base of her neck.

"Umm. Feels good," Reyes lightly groaned, closing her eyes and rolling her neck in response to Scully's little ministrations for a few seconds.

"You like that?" Scully responded softly, enjoying the feel of stroking Reyes' shoulder and neck with her palm and fingertips.

"Umm. Umhum," Reyes moaned again glancing back up and smiling. How could she not enjoy the feel of all those wonderful little ministrations from Scully's palm and fingertips? "Ummm," she contentedly moaned again, then began to rub her palm along the head of the stethoscope warming it up.

"What are you doing?" Scully asked, quite intrigued with that little gesture.

"Warming it up. I'm not gonna place an ice-cold head against your tummy," Reyes said, then glanced back up and winked.

Scully snorted cocking an eyebrow. "An ice-cold head?" she said.

Reyes smiled again. "It is a head isn't it? That's what they call it, the piece that holds the diaphragm."

Scully snorted again, then laughed. "No. That's called a cunt."

Reyes snorted herself, then cracked up laughing at the nice little sexual twist they had just made out of their little game of words used to identify specific parts of a stethoscope.

Now there was a head, and there was a diaphragm. And the head held the diaphragm. But now the cunt, there was no such thing, at least not on a stethoscope. But then a cunt could hold a diaphragm. And a cunt could hold a head. And a cunt could hold a diaphragm and a head together at the exact same time, if it wanted to. But then they both knew that. And they both had actually achieved that little feat, in their respective pasts.

Reyes finished warming up the head to her satisfaction, pressed the tips of the stethoscope into her ears, then placed the warmed up head along Scully's abdomen, listening for a second heartbeat. A half a minute passed. Nothing. She moved the stethoscope down slightly. Another half a minute passed. Nothing. "Hum," she sighed. She moved it down a little farther and to the side. Another half a minute passed. Nothing. No Fetal Heart Tone sounds at all. But then the baby's heart was just a little too small yet, for a regular stethoscope to pick it up very easily. "Hum," she sighed again, somewhat disappointed.

"Anything?" Scully asked smiling at her disappointment. She was so enjoying Reyes' acute interest in her pregnancy and little son.

Reyes shook her head. "Nope. Nothing that I can distinguish from yours anyway. But, I'm not really surprised. I guess I was just hoping, you know?" she said, glancing back up at Scully, shrugging a little bit.

Scully nodded, smiling in understanding.

"I know what I need," she said, as she pulled the tips of the stethoscope out of her ears and began to reattach the head to the BP Unit cuff.

"And what's that?" Scully asked, quite intrigued indeed.

"One of those doppler thingy's."

"Doppler thingy's?" Scully asked, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Yeah. It's... Oh, you know," she said playfully, as she glanced back up at Scully.

Of course Scully knew what a "doppler thingy" was. Scully was a medical doctor and had used one on several occasions, especially during medical school, although, she had not needed one in recent years for her line of work. But she most definitely knew what one was. And she was quite surprised that Reyes knew what one was, too. It was not a typical medical instrument just lying around in any old hospital ward.

"A doppler thingy, huh?" Scully said again, teasing her.

Reyes chuckled. "Umhum. Don't think I can get my hands on one any time soon though," she said, repacking the BP Unit back into its little traveling pouch, then rising up and placing it on the little table by the bed.

"Hum. A doppler thingy," Scully repeated, pretending to be deep in thought.

Reyes glanced back up. Scully was playing with her and she knew it.

"Hum. And what does it look like?" Scully asked again, serious as could be.

"Hah. Dana," Reyes huffed.

Scully grinned. "Tell me. What does it look like, Agent Reyes?"

"Oh shit," Reyes responded, then repositioned herself back down along the side of Scully's hip and ribcage.

Scully smiled as she reached over to the little table by the bed, opened the top drawer, then pulled out a little portable Huntleigh Doppler Unit. "Is this what you're talking about, Agent Reyes?" she said playfully, as she held it out for Reyes.

"Ah! You've got one?" Reyes gasped, her eyes widening in surprise. "Oh man!" she exclaimed, rising up from Scully's side and taking the little portable unit from her hand. "Oh yeah! This is perfect, Dana! Just perfect!"

Scully chuckled at Reyes' excitement.

"And it's portable?" she observed, all giddy and excited.

"Umhum. Runs on batteries."

"And it's yours?" Reyes asked, scooting back down in the bed, the little doppler unit in tow, as she leaned up against Scully's left leg and thigh all over again.

"Umum. Nope. Just borrowing it for a few months."

They both giggled at that. She would probably be borrowing it for around another 4 to 5 months or so. That would be a good guess.

Reyes began to unwind the thin cord that attached the little handheld listening device to the main unit. The main unit itself was no larger than maybe 3" by 6" by 1" in size, about the size and look of a little Sony Walkman portable radio that could clip onto one's belt. And it was an amazing little instrument, because even though it was quite small, it could do some amazing things. It had a LCD read-out along the front, for visual monitoring of a Fetal Heart Rate, along with an audio jack at the top, for plugging headphones in, just in case someone wanted to actually, audibly listen to the little FHR. And then the small, handheld listening device was no longer than maybe 3.5" to 4.5" maximum in length, about the size and shape of a small flashlight, with a little flat, yet slightly curved head on the end for listening. And it was attached to the main unit via a cord of about 6' in length. And Reyes was so excited she was beside herself with the fact that Scully had one. And she wanted to not only try to find and monitor Scully's little baby's heartbeat for a few minutes through the LCD read-out, but actually hear it beating as well. And Scully already had a pair of headphones attached to the little unit. She had not had a chance yet herself to try it out. She had just picked it up, a day before leaving for Helena, Montana, from an old friend from med school. Her friend had been more than happy to let her borrow it for a little while, no questions asked. But she had been called out on this latest case, and latest chase to find Mulder. So, it had found a temporary home in her top drawer by the bed for a few days.

Reyes finished unwinding the cord of the little listening device, turned the little doppler unit on, felt along the head of the little handheld listening device, decided that it was not nearly as cold as the head of the stethoscope had been, then eased herself back down along Scully's side. She moved Scully's pajama top back up and out of the way, then lightly pressed the head against Scully's bare abdomen and an inch or so below her navel.

Scully smiled at Reyes' inexperience. Not only was Reyes starting much too high above her pubic hairline, she had forgotten all about the ultrasound gel one usually spread all over one's lower abdomen before probing for the Fetal Heart Rate. Oh well. She didn't care. Reyes' efforts would work. It just might take a little longer, that was all. She smiled again. Actually, she didn't mind it at all that it might take a little longer for Reyes to find her unborn son's Fetal Heart Rate. "Hum," she sighed, quite contented indeed, as she lay her head back down along her pillow.

Reyes glanced up for a moment as she continued to listen attentively through the headphones and watch the LCD read-out for any signs of the Fetal Heart Rate. Nothing. Absolutely nothing was showing up on the LCD readout. She eased it to the side and down just about a half an inch or so farther. A half a minute or so passed. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She moved it again, then waited about a half a minute again before moving it any farther.

Scully smiled again, and quite surprised indeed that Reyes knew to take it very slow and give the unit time to penetrate deep down and find the heartbeat. Most people didn't have that kind of patience at first. But Reyes understood the need to take it slow and just be patient. Sometimes it could take a few minutes to find the FHR, even with the most experienced obstetrician hunting for it. And Scully didn't mind. Oh no. She didn't mind it at all, Reyes taking her time as she half-inched the little handheld listening device lower, and lower, and to the side, and then lower, and lower, and then to the other side, and then lower, and lower. ...Hum... Oh yeah... She could lie there all day and all night, enjoying the feel of Reyes' palm and fingertips easing the little listening device all around her naked abdomen. ...Oh yeah, baby... She was thoroughly enjoying it, as another couple of minutes passed.

"Hum," Reyes finally sighed in frustration.

"Anything?" Scully responded.

"No. And I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong," Reyes said, a little dejected.

"Monica... You're not doing anything wrong, okay? Actually, you're doing everything right. It just takes a few minutes to find it. That's all," Scully said reassuringly, reaching down and covering Reyes' hand with her own, as she began to guide her hand and the little listening device lower, about three-fourths of the way down between her navel and pubic hairline.

Reyes glanced back up for a moment, slightly embarrassed, as her cheeks threatened to turn a nice little shade of pink. This was becoming quite intimate indeed. And she would certainly not have gone down that far on her own.

"A little lower," Scully whispered, letting go of the little device and Reyes' hand, allowing her to find it on her own without her help.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow, then moved it down a little lower.

"To the right," Scully whispered again.

Reyes glanced back up, then moved it slightly to the right. She was good at taking directions.

"A little lower."

...Oh God... Reyes thought as she felt her cheeks begin to grow pink.

"Harder," Scully said.

...Oh God... Harder, huh?... Reyes thought again, blushing bright pink.

"Harder Monica," Scully whispered again, reaching back down and covering Reyes' hand again with her own, adding more pressure to the little listening device and pressing it more securely against her abdomen. She glanced down at Reyes, quickly noticing her brightly-lit little red-and-rosy cheeks. She stifled a giggle. "What?" she asked smiling, yet already knowing exactly what had caused Reyes' hot little cheeks to blush so rosy-red. She just found it so endearing that Reyes was so shy and bashful when it came to women and sex.

"Um. Nothing," Reyes whispered, still embarrassed. "Ah!" she suddenly gasped, her eyes widening with delight. ...Oh God! There it is!... "Ah!" she gasped again, her eyes full of joy and wonder. "Oh! Dana! I hear it! I can hear him!" They both looked at the LCD readout at the exact same time. And, sure enough, there it was, a regular little Fetal Heart Rate, beating at about 150-160 beats per minute. "Oh, Dana... My God... It's so..." she hesitated again, overwhelmed with the sounds of the little miracle baby growing inside of Scully's abdomen. She kept silent for the next minute, just wanting to listen to the miraculous little thump-thumps of Scully's little unborn baby boy's heartbeat. After about another half a minute or so had passed, she glanced back up, locking eyes with Scully. "You ready?" she asked.

Scully smiled, then nodded. Of course she was ready to hear her little baby boy's heartbeat. She had been closely monitoring the little LCD readout while Reyes listened. But now she was ready to listen to her unborn son's little heartbeat, too.

Reyes quickly removed the headphones from her ears and handed them to Scully.

Scully sat up, putting them on, as Reyes held the head in place against her lower abdomen. "Oh my. Would you listen to that," she said, smiling the prettiest, brightest smile, her eyes full of joy and wonder.

Reyes giggled a little bit, then began to lightly stroke her abdomen with her other hand. Scully listened for a good full minute or so herself, then smiled the most beautiful smile Reyes had ever seen from her yet, then removed the headphones and then lay back down along the bed. Reyes took the headphones from her hand, turned the little doppler unit back off, rewrapped the cord and headphones around the main unit, then rose up for a moment, placing it next to the BP Unit on the little table by the bed, then lay back down on her side and rested on an elbow. She then reached over and tenderly caressed Scully's cheek with a thumb. Scully smiled. Neither knew what to say. Neither had any words to describe how each of them felt at this very moment. That had been so very special, listening to Scully's little unborn child's heartbeat and fetal tones together, typically as a couple would do, and usually as a mother and a father would do. But Reyes could never be a father. And she was not even Scully's partner. Not yet, anyway. But they had just shared one of the most intimately treasured and extraordinarily cherished moments any couple could ever experience together, in a new mother-to-be's life. And that was special, damn special.

They had just shared one of the most intimately treasured and extraordinarily cherished moments any couple could ever share.... And that was special, damn special.

Reyes continued to ever-so-gently caress Scully's cheeks with her thumb and fingertips as she gazed into her eyes, smiling. Scully was smiling, too. She then leaned in and ever-so-tenderly kissed Scully on the lips, kissing her repeatedly, with light little pecks, then rose back up and smiled again, making eye contact. Scully smiled again, too, as she reached up with her own hand and lightly caressed Reyes' lower lip with a fingertip. Reyes chuckled, lightly kissing the offered fingertip, then leaned back down and lightly kissed her yet again on the lips, then on the cheeks, one and then the other, then on the eyebrows, one and then the other, then just between her eyebrows, and then just a little higher on her forehead before she rose back up and smiled again. Scully was still smiling, from all the sweet and tender little kisses she was receiving, all along her highly sensitive and sensuous zones all along her face. Reyes smiled again, then leaned back in and gave her another light little kiss along her lips, then moved her way back down along Scully's side and thigh, leaned over and gently kissed Scully's bare abdomen yet again, then began to lightly stroke her bare abdomen with her palm and fingertips all over again.

"Hum," Scully sighed, very content at the moment. ...Oh God, you're so good to me. You're spoiling me, Reyes... she mused, smiling and luxuriating in all of the warm, fuzzy, gentle and easy little strokes she was receiving from Reyes' palm and fingertips all along her lower abdomen. "Hum," she sighed softly again from all the special attention and the wonderfully warm tingling sensations her body was feeling.

Reyes glanced back up. "You're beautiful. You know that?" she whispered, adding to the intimate moment, as she leaned over and lightly kissed Scully's naked abdomen yet again.

Scully smiled again. ...Oh no. You're the beautiful one, Monica Reyes. More beautiful than I can even comprehend... she thought, smiling again, as she returned her hand to Reyes' shoulder-blades and neck, lightly stroking, caressing and massaging those shoulder-blades, basking in the feel of Reyes' body all snuggled up against her thigh and hip.

Reyes closed her eyes from Scully's ministrations and began to lightly kiss Scully's naked abdomen again, all around and along the sides of her navel, showering her, and her unborn son, with gentle and easy little kisses, full of love and devotion. "He's so lucky, Dana. To have you for a mother," she whispered again through her gentle and easy little kisses. Scully felt her eyes begin to water just a little. She truly hoped so, that she could be a good mother, and somehow care for him, protect him and keep him safe from all the evil in the world. Reyes continued to lightly kiss her on the bare abdomen, then glanced back up. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" she asked, suddenly feeling some concern over her added weight against Scully's hip and thigh.

"Oh no. You're fine," Scully replied, smiling again, lightly running her fingers through Reyes' hair. It had been so long since she had allowed herself to experience and enjoy so much tenderness and intimacy from another. Lover or friend, it didn't matter. She just very rarely allowed herself to experience it. But Reyes somehow reached down inside of her and brought that sad, lonely and neglected side of herself back up to the surface. And Reyes gave her all the love and gentle affection she could ever need to satisfy that lonely ache deep down inside of her very soul. She glanced back down. Suddenly, she wanted to lean down, grab a hold of Reyes' torso and pull her back up, all the way back up and on top of her, then kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her again. And then squeeze her, and hug her, and hold her, and crush her so tightly in her arms she would never let her go. ...God. What are you doing to me, Reyes? What are you doing to me? To make me want you so?... Reyes glanced back up for a moment and smiled that beautiful warm bright smile of hers again. Scully smiled in return. ...God, I love this. I love being with you. And you're so good to me. God, you're so good to me, Moni. And I'd give anything if you... If we... If only we... Oh God, if only somehow we lived closer to each other. I would... I... Oh Monica, I... Oh God... How in the world am I ever going to let you go? Just watch you walk away from me and get on that plane? How the hell am I ever gonna do it? Just let you walk away from me... Out of my life, out of my world. And just leave me here... All alone... she thought, waves of emotion flooding throughout her system, as she continued to feather her fingers through Reyes' soft dark mane. Reyes watched her as their eyes locked. She then smiled, glancing back down along Scully's soft silken abdomen, still lightly stroking and caressing Scully's bare skin with her palm. She leaned back down and lightly kissed Scully yet again just to the edge of her belly button. "Umm," Scully lightly whimpered again, in spite of herself. Reyes was driving her body insane with all of these sweet little caresses and gentle little kisses all along her abdomen. Reyes continued to kiss Scully's lower abdomen with gentle little suckles and kisses, lightly massaging the skin with her mouth and tongue. "Umm," she lightly moaned again. ...Oh God, baby. What are you doing?... she thought as she felt her heart rate beginning to rise. Reyes opened her eyes and glanced back up at her, smiling and making eye contact. Scully smiled in return. Reyes double-winked at her, then closed her eyes and rested her head just to the side of Scully's belly button, still lightly stroking Scully's soft silken bare abdomen with her fingertips, all along her abdomen and down along her side, and just underneath her ribcage, and then back up along her side. ...Oh God... Scully began to feel little trickles of moisture pooling warmly between her legs. Her heart rate continued to increase, as Reyes continued to rest her head just to the side of her navel, and lightly stroke and caress her abdomen with her fingertips, gentle and easy, using soft little strokes all along her bare abdomen, and down along her side, and down along the edge of her ribcage, and then back up along her side again, and back up along her navel, circling and circling around Scully's belly button. ...Oh. God, baby... she thought as she felt more little trickles of moisture begin to pool between her legs.

Reyes was thoroughly enjoying having this kind of access to Scully's midsection. And being allowed to gently caress and stroke her bare abdomen was like heaven itself for her. And she wondered if the baby could actually feel her gentle and easy little strokes. He seemed to, because she could feel, and sometimes almost see, the occasional little movements and brushes along Scully's abdomen. She smiled at the thought that he may actually be able to feel her gentle and easy strokes, as she tried to communicate with him, and let him know that he was already loved before he had even been born through her gentle and easy little touches and caresses. And if he was not feeling her gentle and easy little strokes quite yet, it was only a matter of time before he could. And then he would begin to respond back. ...Oh sweet baby... Her heart tingled as she remembered back to two nights before, when he had swiftly kicked for the very first time and she had felt his powerful energy. And she was sure of it, that he had felt her presence then, too, and had responded. She just knew it in her gut, that he had somehow recognized her presence, and that she was trying to communicate with him that night as well. And so he had responded with that swift little kick. And somehow, she just knew it in her gut that right now, at this very moment, he was very much aware of her presence again, and was responding the only way that he could right now, with little summersaults and what-not inside his mommy's womb, letting her and his mommy know, that he was much aware of his surroundings already. ...Hum. I don't know... she mused, beginning to question her hopes, theories and the remote possibilities of him being that acutely aware of her, given his actual age. He was still so young in the womb to be that aware. And yet. ...You're so strong and so healthy! Oh sweet baby, I can feel you! Ummm. Yes. I can feel you. And I know how strong you are. And how special you are... she thought, lightly caressing just around Scully's belly button, when suddenly he kicked a nice, big, strong kick, as if in response to her thoughts.

"Oh," Scully gasped, reaching down and covering Reyes' hand with her own. "Ummm, gosh. He gets so active when you're around," she said, not really analyzing what she had just observed, that something about Reyes' very presence did make her little son respond and become more active when she was awake and close by.

Reyes giggled. "You think?" she teased, glancing back up for a moment, then leaning back in and gently kissing Scully's abdomen just to the edge of her belly button yet again.

"Um. Umhum," Scully lightly whimpered again at Reyes' gentle little kiss for her abdomen and unborn son. "Ummm," she moaned at Reyes' second, and then third gentle little kiss, placed just to the edge of her belly button, while more little trickles of moisture pooled between her legs. ...Oh God, Moni...

Reyes had focused in on Scully's little unborn son, and all of the unusually strong energy radiating all around Scully's abdomen from his remarkably strong little life-force. She wanted to get a better intuitive sense of what was causing it. Because it was quite ...Interesting... to say the very least. She had never felt such a strong and powerful energy source as this from a pregnant woman's unborn child before in her life! At least not from one so young. But then she had never placed her head along a pregnant woman's bare abdomen before either. So maybe that was all that it was. ...Hum. I don't know... she thought again. For she had a real sixth-sense impression that something about this little child was different and unique in some way. He was a very healthy and strong little baby boy, which was a wondrous thing. But he was also unique in some way. She could not really put her finger on it. But his little life-force was just too strong and powerful, compared to any other little unborn baby's life-force that she had ever felt and experienced in the past. ...Hum. Interesting... she thought again as she lay there, wondering what would cause his essence to be so extraordinarily strong for such a young little 18, to 18-1/2 week-old fetus of his age. When suddenly for the first time, she noticed a short little vertical light brown strip, maybe an inch or so long, and an eighth-of-an-inch or so thick, just below Scully's belly button. She furrowed her brow for a moment, wondering if it was some sort of birthmark or something. ...Hum. Interesting... she thought again, as she lightly caressed it with her fingertip.

"Oh!" Scully suddenly gasped with a slight little jump, her body reacting in the most delicious of ways to Reyes' gentle and easy little caresses.

Reyes glanced back up. "Ticklish?" she asked, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Umhum. Just a little," Scully replied, smiling.

Reyes smiled again, too, then glanced back down, still lightly stroking Scully's bare abdomen with her palm and fingertips. "Wonder if he can feel me? Feel this?" she whispered softly, her attention refocusing on Scully's little unborn son again, and her light, gentle and easy little strokes she was making, just for him, and just above where he resided, so loved and protected, inside his mother's womb.

"Ummm, I don't know. Maybe," Scully lightly panted in response, still combing her fingers through Reyes' dark-raven, wavy hair, gently playing and tugging on her ear and earlobe with one hand, as she quickly began to unbutton her pajama top with the other, up and up, and one button at a time, up and up, until she had it completely unbuttoned and lying wide open. ...Ummm... She felt her pulse begin to increase at just the mere thought of what Reyes might do, when she glanced back up and saw her pajama top lying wide open, and her bare, naked chest, creamy-white breasts and hardening-erect nipples lying there in wait, inviting Reyes to come in and play with her ivory-cream and pink-tipped treasures.

Reyes began to study the light little brown strip more closely, as she made a mental note of the kind of reaction she had just received from Scully when she had lightly caressed it. ...Ticklish, huh?... she thought, smiling again. ...Me, too. Not there. But... Well... You'll just have to find out where, now won't you?... She smiled again at her thoughts. "Hum," she softly sighed, as she turned her head for a moment and then lightly kissed Scully yet again, just to the edge of her belly button, then rested her head more comfortably along Scully's bare abdomen. She was perfectly content to simply lie there, with her cheek resting comfortably along Scully's bare abdomen, while the rest of her body stayed all curled up along Scully's left leg and thigh. And she felt as if she were in heaven, just lying there all snuggled up next to Scully. Oh, yes. She was in heaven, as she listened to the cute little gurgling sounds occasionally coming from Scully's growing little abdomen. She smiled, as she suddenly heard another cute little rumble. She began to wonder if Scully was hungry, for if she was, then they could get up, take their showers, get dressed for the day, and then she could take Scully anywhere she wanted to go this morning for a nice little breakfast. That is if Scully felt up to it. Suddenly, Scully's tummy rumbled softly yet again. "Oh, honey, you hungry?" she responded to the cute little rumbling sounds.


"You sure?"

"Umhum," Scully grunted as she continued to play with Reyes' ear and earlobe, running her fingers through her dark-raven hair and wondering how much longer it would take before Reyes would actually glance back up and find her uncovered treasures.

"Okay. Just checking," she whispered again as she turned her head and gave Scully another quick little kiss on the tummy, then settled back in again.

"Ummm, I'm okay, thanks," Scully lightly mumbled in response, as she felt another little dribble of wet, hot and slick, sizzling cream pool between her legs. ...Oh God, baby... How much longer was it going to take before Reyes would glance back up? And find something much more interesting and exciting than her bare, naked abdomen to lightly kiss and caress with her gentle little strokes? ...Oh, my God... she mused as she felt another little dribble ooze out between her legs. She quickly decided she didn't want to wait and find out. "Monica?" she lightly whispered, a little breathless from her thoughts.

"Hum?" Reyes responded, and yet still did not move from her warm, comfortable and cozily relaxed position.

"M... Moni?" she whimpered again, breathless from her arousing thoughts and heated desire.

"Hum?" Reyes responded again, then began to glance back up. "What hon...? Oh!" she gasped, her eyes widening, her lower lip dropping, her heart skipping a couple of beats, her breath catching in her throat, as her eyes focused in on Scully's magnificently bare, naked chest. ...Oh baby!... And those two beautiful, brazenly exposed bare breasts. ...Oh my God!... And those two nice, tautly erect little nipples. ...Oh yeah, baby!... Standing proudly at attention, and rising and falling with every little breath. ...Oh my God, Dana! Wh...? What are you...? Ohhh... "My God," she lightly panted again. ...God, Dana!... She glanced back up at Scully, her heart beginning to race and pound inside her chest. Scully cocked an eyebrow. Reyes licked her lips. Then glanced back down along her bare, naked chest again. ...Oh God, baby!... And those two gorgeous, glistening little treasures. ...Oh my God... Just lying there in wait, inviting her to come in and play. ...Oh Dana, my God! You're more beautiful than I ever... Ohhh baby... she thought, swallowing hard and licking her lips yet again. She glanced back up. Scully cocked an eyebrow at her yet again. ...Oh God, honey, but... But, we can't. We can't do this. If... If we do... Oh, baby, God! If... If I... Oh God! If I make-love to you? Oh baby, I'll never be able to walk away from you whole again... she thought as she quite rapidly changed her position anyway and moved all the way up and to Scully's left side, then rested on her own right side and elbow. ...Oh Dana. Geez! How am I supposed to...? Oh God. How do I...?... Oh honey, God!... Her logic verses desire continued to battle inside her head. She then glanced back down along Scully's bare, naked chest again. ...Ohhh God! You're so beautiful! Gorgeous! Exquisite!... she thought as she refocused her gaze along Scully's firm, round and proffered, swelling mounds of creamy-white flesh all over again. ...Ohhh my God... Along with those tantalizingly stiff little dagger-pointed nipples, standing proudly at attention, and begging her to come in and play. ...Ohhh baby. God! You've got me. You've got me this time. Oh yeah, baby. You've got me now... she thought, as she felt her heart, body and soul begin to lose any sense of control, of her raging out-of-control libido.

Scully's little maneuver of unbuttoning her top, and enticing Reyes to come on in and play, was making it very difficult for Reyes to stick to her earlier decision, and keep this fast-moving train slowed back down. For Scully had just shoved this fast-moving train's slowed down engine back into steam-rolling overdrive with this impetuous little move.

...Oh God, honey... Reyes mused as she glanced back up, her inner battle of logic-verses-desire driving her nuts with indecision. For her logical thoughts kept screaming at her, not to go any further down this little road of uncharted territory with Scully. Because in the end, all it would do is create more heartache and sadness when she had to leave, and go back home, back to New Orleans, and leave Scully here in DC, and all alone. For ultimately, in just two days, they would have no other choice, but for Reyes to do just that - get on a plane, take a flight out of DC, and go back home to New Orleans, splitting them painfully apart, and back into separate worlds and separate lives. But her wants, her wishes, her longings and desires, and most especially, her still quite subliminal, and yet quite overwhelmingly powerful, inescapable, predetermined, foreordained destiny to love Scully, and be with Scully, and be her best friend, her mate, her lover, her partner, her companion, her protector, and ultimately her most significant other, the very best most significant other-half of her split-in-half soul, was quite rapidly winning the battle of logic-verses-fated-desire, battling so frustratingly inside her head.

Scully smiled again, then cocked that beautiful auburn-red, neatly trimmed little eyebrow at her once again.

...Oh Dana, my God!... She swallowed hard. ...God, I love you. I love you, baby. So much. Can you hear me? Hear my thoughts? Hum? Can you?... she wondered, wishing that Scully could hear her thoughts this morning, as she gazed into her eyes. ...Oh Dana... Will you let me love you? Will you, baby? Will you?... Wholly? Honestly? Completely? Openly? Solely? And for always?... Will you, baby? Will you?... Oh Dana, God, will you? Will you let me do that? Please? If I make-love to you?... she thought again as she gazed into Scully's eyes, her heart pounding inside her chest, her respiration quickening with each little breath, her soul bursting with pure ecstasy, as she lost herself completely to those strikingly beautiful, dazzling Dana-blue eyes.

Scully smiled again at Reyes' wonderfully intoxicating gaze, piercing right through to her very soul.

Reyes smiled, too, through her mesmeric gaze, as they just lay there for a few seconds, watching each other, gazing into each other's eyes, and drinking in the sweet emotion and arousing passion flooding throughout their senses. She finally broke the intimate eye contact for a moment, and glanced back down along Scully's bare chest. "Oh Dana," she whispered softly. "God, honey... No words... No words, baby... For how beautiful you are," she whispered again, as she glanced back up for a moment and smiled, then back down along Scully's bare, burgeoning breasts, swallowing hard and licking her lips.

Scully smiled, her heart and soul brimming with pure joy. And Reyes had not even kissed her yet. Much less touched her, or caressed her, or stroked her, or licked her, in all the right places.

Reyes then eased herself in a little more cozily, sliding an arm underneath her left shoulder, as she glanced back up and made penetrating eye contact yet again.

Scully's lower lip dropped a little in anticipation, as she began to lose herself completely into that hypnotic gaze.

Reyes smiled again through that hypnotic gaze, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment, and then whispered, "Y... You're sure?" as she stammered a little. "Y... You're really sure... about this?" she stammered again, as she tentatively moved her left hand up and just below Scully's sweetly-curved right breast.

"Oh, yes. I'm sure," Scully panted lightly. She had never been so sure of anything in her entire life! ...Oh God, yes, baby... Touch me, lick me, hold me, thrill me, kiss me... Anything you want to do, baby. Just do me... she mused, then reached up along Reyes' upper torso and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, her heart rate accelerating with every little beat, her respiration growing more heavy with every little breath. She smiled again, utterly lost inside Reyes' dark-chocolate, turned dark-as-night hypnotic eyes, growing even darker with arousal.

"N... No regrets? If... If we...?"

"Shhh, no regrets," Scully barely whispered again, reassuring her, as she locked eyes with her, and then reached up with a hand and gently caressed her cheek for a moment.

Reyes continued to gaze into her eyes, utterly lost inside Scully's beautiful, radiant ocean-blue eyes, darkening into a sparkling indigo-blue from her heated desire. "Honey?" she whispered again.

"What, baby?" Scully panted breathless. ...God, Moni. You're killing me here... she thought. Reyes was wearing her out with all of these little questions and slight hesitancy. But she could handle it. For the next few minutes at least, she could handle it. Before she would quite possibly explode from the inside out, from all of her pent-up sexual tension.

"Um... Could I just... look at you... for a few minutes?" Reyes barely whispered again as she broke the eye contact and glanced back down along Scully's glistening ivory chest and scrumptiously delicious bare breasts for a moment, then back up, making eye contact yet again.

...Ohhh, gosh. Sweet baby... Scully mused, not anticipating that lovable little question at all. "Mmm," she sighed, then, "Umhum," she responded, smiling yet again as she nodded, then reached back up with her hand and lightly caressed Reyes' cheek with her thumb, silently reassuring her yet again.

Reyes swallowed hard from the gentle little caress, her dark, black-as-night, smoldering eyes and slightly trembling hand beginning to betray her calm demeanor.

...Oh... Oh wow!... Scully suddenly cocked an eyebrow, as she just as suddenly began to realize how insecure and unsure Reyes actually was with this latest little turn of events. ...Oh, baby, you're afraid. That's what it is. You're afraid. Oh gosh! You're so nervous. Oh, baby, God! Why are you so nervous, hum? What's making you so nervous?... Oh, baby, there's nothing to be afraid of... she mused as she reached back up and gently caressed Reyes' cheek yet again with her thumb and then cupped the side of her face with her palm.

Reyes smiled tentatively in response as she swallowed hard, then licked her lips yet again. She was actually downright terrified at the thought of making-love to Scully this morning. But, she'd get over it here in a minute.

...Oh, Moni, God! Why are you...? Oh baby, don't be afraid. You know what to do. I know you do... Scully thought again as she gently ran her thumb down along Reyes' lower lip, lightly caressing it with just the tip.

Reyes' lower lip dropped a little in response. She was downright scared half to death! But she knew what to do and how to do it. She had done it before. She had made-love to a woman before. It had just been a very long, long time ago. That was all. Now. If she could just muster up the confidence that she had had earlier this morning, when she had first gotten up and her thoughts had drifted back to what had happened last night, when Scully had come on to her, and then suddenly stopped on her, only because Scully's body would not cooperate. And how that she had possessed all the confidence in the world, when it came to Scully, and making-love to Scully, and working around that little problem, ultimately pleasing her to full satisfaction with her lovemaking abilities in her early morning little musings. Well. Where had all of that bursting with self-assured sanguine confidence gone? For now, she had her chance, thanks to Scully's little tantalizing maneuver, and yet she was still scared half to death of going ahead, diving in and making-love to Scully this morning.

...Ohhh. For Crissakes... Scully thought again, smiling, and then licking her lips, as she watched Reyes' dark, sparkling, black-as-night eyes gaze back at her. ...Well... As long as she didn't see that "deer in headlights" look flash across Reyes' face anytime soon, they should be alright. She grinned, stifling a chuckle at that little thought, as she lightly caressed Reyes' cheek yet again, then moved her hand back down along the crook of her neck and shoulder. ...Oh, my God... she mused again, for suddenly, she felt as if she was back in college herself, and it was her first time to be with a woman, too. And that feeling just added to her heated arousal. But she understood Reyes' slight hesitation. And how new and different this would be for Reyes, to make-love to another woman, after so many years of lovemaking with men. And it had been years - what felt like several lifetimes ago - since Reyes had been sexually intimate with another woman. And Scully not only understood Reyes' hesitancy and need to take it slow, it aroused her, to the sweltering, boiling point of desire, it aroused her. The very thought of being Reyes' first female lover, after so many years with men. ...Oh yeah, baby... Mmmm... So, she was just going to lie there, be patient and wait. And not push Reyes any further than she already had down this little crossroad of uncharted territory. For she knew, that it was just a matter of moments now, before Reyes would build up her confidence, make her move, and then begin to make sweet hot passionate love to her. And so, she would wait.

Reyes tentatively moved her hand a little farther up and barely cupped the underside of Scully's right breast with her palm, her fingers and thumb curving around the warm, smooth mound, totally entranced with the soft, cushiony feel and gentle sway of Scully's breast, as she gently cupped and molded it, watching it move and adjust to her gentle and easy manipulations. ...Oh my God... Her heart was pounding so hard inside her chest she could hardly breathe! Much less, keep her hand steady. She glanced back up at Scully for a moment, making eye contact yet again.

Scully smiled in return, inhaling a deep, settling breath herself, determined to hold back and be patient, and let Reyes take the lead.

Reyes then rolled in a little more closely, dropping her knee down between Scully's legs, and straddled her thigh, as Scully whimpered into the delicious contact, and instinctively pressed her hot and juicy little groin up against her upper thigh. She smiled at the highly arousing little whimper, and firm little press of Scully's hot and juicy little groin against her thigh, then pressed said thigh a little more snuggly against it, giving Scully more of what she needed.

"Mmm," Scully moaned into the added pressure as she felt more trickles of moisture ooze out between her legs. "Oh baby, you feel so good," she groaned again as her pelvis instinctively pushed up a little harder against Reyes' perfectly placed upper thigh.

Reyes smiled again, as she glanced back down along Scully's lightly panting bare chest again, rising and falling with every little pant.

"Mmm," Scully throatily groaned again, arching an eyebrow, as Reyes lightly pressed her thigh even more intimately against her sizzling crotch. "Mmm... ohhh... baby..." Scully moaned again from the light little presses along her sizzling, aching crotch.

Reyes giggled at Scully's sultry little moans, as she pulled her arm back out from underneath her shoulder, then eased her hand in along the underside of Scully's left breast, not actually cupping the creamy-white and swelling mound of flesh quite yet, but just resting it there, as she continued to build up her confidence and regain control of her spiraling out-of-control body and emotions. She then tentatively moved it in just a little farther, planning to gently cup the swelling breast, when this hand began to tremble uncontrollably, too, just like the other one. ...Oh God. Calm down. Will you just calm down? Shit!... she mentally fussed at herself, and her physical body, and especially her lightly trembling hands. But she was just so overwhelmed and excited. And her heart was pumping so fast, it was making her entire body pulsate from the intensity. And she was just so nervous, too, with the very thought of making-love to Scully this morning. And it was taking her a few moments to get it together, regain control of her trembling hands, trembling fingers and highly aroused, pulsating body. She glanced back up at Scully for a moment, then tentatively eased her hand a little farther up and barely cupped Scully's left breast with her palm, her fingers curling over the top of the soft, smooth, cushiony breast, as she watched it move and adjust, too, while she lightly molded it, gently cupping and squeezing it with her palm and fingertips. ...Oh God... "Y... You're... so soft... so beautiful, Dana," she panted, barely audible, as she lightly ran her thumb over the top of the rigid little nipple and watched it respond and quiver into her touch.

"Oh," Scully lightly gasped into the gentle and easy little touch along her bare breast and nipple. Reyes was driving her crazy with all of these hesitant and tentative little caresses! And yet it was such a turn on, too. And so highly arousing to have Reyes so enchanted with her pregnant body, swelling breasts and taut little nipples. Her body was already going through so many changes and yet Reyes was thoroughly enamored with her growing, swelling and changing body. "Mmm, baby," she groaned. "Feels so... Hah!" she gasped again as Reyes lightly ran her thumb and index fingertip back over the top of her highly sensitive little rigid nipple.

Reyes giggled again, licking her lips, and then did it again.

"Hah! Oh!" Scully gasped again into the gentle ministrations, her back arching up and thrusting her jutting breasts into Reyes' palms.

Reyes giggled again as she eased in and lightly kissed her on the cheek, then rose back up, grinning from ear-to-ear, then cocked an eyebrow as she lightly ran both thumbs and both index fingertips across both of Scully's rigidly erect little nipples, once on the left and once on the right, and then one and then the other, back and forth, flicking and teasing, over and over.

"Hah! Oh! God, Moni!" Scully gasped and groaned into the ministrations, her back arching up even higher into the gentle and easy little caresses. "Umm, oh baby. God! umm, hah! ohhh..." she continued to gasp and moan into Reyes' gentle and easy little teases along her breasts and nipples, her body squirming into every little tease.

Reyes was still chuckling softly, grinning from ear-to-ear, her eyes sparkling with pure delight, utterly fascinated with the long forgotten feel of a woman's soft, satiny smooth body and a woman's soft, silken smooth, doughy breasts and a woman's hard, taut, perky and erect little nipples pushing rigidly against her palms and fingertips. ...Oh God. You feel so good. So damn good. And so right. So damn right!... she mused. And it had been so long - so damn long - since it had felt "so good and so right" and she had felt so highly aroused and so passionately excited. "Hum," she breathed a little sigh of contentment as she glanced back up for a moment. "Um, Dana? When will you...? When will...?... Oh God, you're so soft," she panted, temporarily distracted from her earlier question, completely swept away with the feel of Scully's warm, soft breasts and perky little nipples pressing so rigidly hard inside her palms.

Scully smiled cocking an eyebrow. She understood Reyes' temporary distraction. For she preferred the warm, soft, satiny smooth feel of a woman's silken smooth body, too. And a woman's warm, soft, sensually satin, silken feel tended to temporarily distract her, too, from any real thought.

"Um, when...?... when will you start... producing milk?" Reyes stammered again, as she continued to gently cup and caress Scully's warm ivory breasts with her palms, barely circling her thumbs and fingertips around Scully's taut little tingling nipples.

"Milk?" Scully's eyes widened, quite surprised indeed with that little question.

Reyes nodded. "Yeah, you know... lactating."

Yeah, well, hell, of course, Scully knew what she was talking about, but it had really surprised her for Reyes to ask her about it.

"Oh, um, well, not for another... anoth... ano... ohhh... God..." she stuttered around, then, "...ohhh, ohhh God... mmm, baby..." she huskily groaned again, temporarily distracted herself, as her body shivered and squirmed into Reyes' gentle and easy little manipulations all along her breasts, nipples and chest.

Scully could hardly think anymore! Much less, speak coherently! With Reyes continually cupping and squeezing her firm swelling breasts, and playing with her tautly-erect little nipples. For Reyes knew exactly how to tenderly cup and squeeze her tenderly aching breasts, lightly flicking and circling around each little pulsating tip, as she drove Scully absolutely wild with her gentle and tender little caresses.

Reyes glanced back up. "I... I'm not, I mean... I don't want to hurt..."

"Oh no, shhh... not gonna hurt me," Scully panted, quickly understanding Reyes' growing concerns, as she cupped Reyes' cheeks with her palms. Her soon-to-be-lactating breasts and nipples could potentially be quite tender, if not actually sore - very sore - with too much manipulation. And Reyes understood that, and was actually quite concerned about that. "Oh God, Moni... I'm fine... Okay?... Mmm, I'm fine," she panted again breathless, as she then cupped the back of Reyes' neck with her palms and smiled, running her fingers through her thick dark raven hair, her heart melting into a big pile of mush. And to think that Reyes would even think about that, and then actually ask her about it, out of concern. ...Oh God, where have you been all my life, hum? Where have you been?... Ohhh God, I want you, need you... Mmm...

"You sure?" Reyes barely whispered again, slowing her gentle and easy manipulations along Scully's aching breasts down for a moment, as she gazed back into her eyes, searching for an answer. She really wanted to be careful and not get too overly excited or overly enthusiastic, and end up actually hurting Scully, or causing any discomfort along her beautiful, gorgeous, swelling breasts.

Scully nodded, panting, her chest heaving with every little breath. "I'm sure... You're not gonna hurt me... Believe me... Okay?" she responded, panting heavily as she starred back into Reyes' eyes. "I um... Actually... they're... very sensitive... Feels good," she panted again.

Reyes smiled, searching her eyes for a moment, then nodded. Her fear and concerns were over, as she then reached up with a hand and barely cupped Scully's cheek with her palm, then leaned in for another gentle little kiss, this time on the lips.

"Umm," Scully moaned into the warm gentle kiss, as the gentle little kiss turned into several, Reyes using her warm, wet, velvety soft lips and tongue to gently suckle and massage all along Scully's mouth. Scully beginning to moan and groan more passionately into the deepening kisses as her thoughts briefly drifted back to that long, lingering, highly-intoxicating little session of warm, wet and juicy little kisses Reyes had showered on her last night, and into the wee hours of the morning. "Mmm... oh, baby... mmm... Moni..." she continued to groan and moan more urgently into the wonderfully intoxicating wet kisses, as Reyes continued to flick and lick, and slip and slide her warm, wet slick tongue along her lower lip, and then along the top, just barely grazing the inside of her mouth, flicking and licking, suckling and nibbling, then slipping and sliding her warm, wet slick tongue inside and out. Slipping and sliding, darting and teasing, arousing her even more, as she began to gently flick and tug and pinch and circle Scully's pert little nipples with her thumbs and fingertips, while gently cupping Scully's highly sensitive breasts, lightly cupping and squeezing, barely tugging and pinching along her achingly tender little nipples. Then slowly sliding her warm, wet slick tongue and warm suckling lips down along Scully's jawbone. Kissing and licking, suckling and nibbling, and then sliding down along her neck and throat, kissing and licking, suckling and nibbling. And then sliding back up and just underneath her ear, kissing and licking, suckling and nibbling. Scully moaning and groaning into every little squeeze, suckle and tease as she turned and squirmed, giving Reyes more access to anything she wanted.

Reyes then suddenly stopped her highly arousing and yet gentle ministrations for a moment, rose back up and made eye contact.

Scully gazed into her eyes, full of need and desire, needing her to quench this raging fire growing so feverishly hot inside of her.

Reyes lower lip dropped as her breath caught in her throat from the needful look. "Oh God, I love you," she whispered, barely audible, her heart fluttering, then skipping a beat inside her chest, as she leaned back in and continued her gentle and easy onslaught, showering Scully with warm, wet and juicy little suckles and kisses all along her neck and throat and just underneath her ear, softly whispering sweet words of love and devotion, as she gently cupped and squeezed Scully's achingly tender breasts, lightly flicking and pinching her achingly tender little nipples. Then sliding her warm wet suckling lips down along her neck, and then down along her throat, and then back up along the other side of her neck, and then back up just underneath her other ear. Still softly whispering, cupping and squeezing, gently flicking and pinching, kissing and licking, her own heart rate and respiration quickening with barely controlled passion, whispering, "...umm, I love you... so soft... so beautiful... I love you... umm, I love you, Dana... I love you... so soft... so beautiful..." over and over, while running another warm, wet and slick little trail of suckles and kisses down along Scully's neck, and then down along her throat, cupping and massaging, shaping and molding Scully's ripe, surging breasts, while circling and caressing, rubbing and tugging on her most delicately sensitive little peaks.

Scully moaned and groaned into the delectably delicious sensations, "...mmm... ohhh... God, feels so... mmm... oh no, shhh, don't say that... mmm... oh no, baby... mmm, feels so... oh no, shhh... no, don't say... oh God, Moni..." as she twisted and turned into every little kiss and caress, occasionally trying to stop Reyes from saying those rather unnerving three little words, "I love you".

Reyes continued on, inadvertently ignoring Scully's occasional little futile requests, still whispering, "...umm... oh baby, but I do... I love you... oh God, I do... I love you so much... umm, yes, I do... I love you... I love you... love you..." continually whispering little words of love and adoration, then easing down a little farther and beginning to use the very tip of her tongue all along Scully's bare, naked chest. Licking and kissing, and suckling and nibbling, down, down, down along the valley between her breasts, then back up, up, up, and then slightly back down, then slightly back up and then over to the left.

Scully moaning and twisting and squirming into the highly-arousing sensations as Reyes continued to suckle and lick, massage and nibble just along the edge of her right breast with her mouth and tongue, barely sucking and licking, just to the edge of her tightly pebbled little peak, not actually touching it, but just teasing it, tantalizing it and lightly circling the pink little tip with her tongue. Causing it to ache and throb more hungrily with desire, as she carefully cupped and kneaded along Scully's achingly tender right breast with her palm, gentle and easy, barely cupping and squeezing as she began to gently cup and squeeze Scully's other tender breast with her other palm, gentle and easy, cupping and squeezing, then whisking the tight little bud inside her mouth, licking and suckling and wetting the lush little bud. Scully moaning and groaning, twisting and turning into the gentle onslaught, "...mmm... ohhh... feels so good... mmm... so good, baby..." twisting and turning, moaning and groaning, arching her back and pressing her aching crotch more urgently against Reyes' upper thigh, as Reyes instinctively pressed her own aching crotch and long lean thigh more eagerly against Scully's groin, causing Scully to yelp and gasp from the much-needed pressure. "Oh!... God, baby... Yes!..." she gasped again into the sensations as Reyes grew a little more aggressive, cupping and squeezing, flicking and licking Scully's breasts and nipples with her tongue and fingertips, taking most of Scully's right breast inside her mouth, suckling and massaging, tugging and nibbling, flicking her tongue faster and faster across the pebbled little peak. "Oh!... Oh God. Yes!... Yes, Moni, yes!" Scully gasped again into the wonderfully delicious sensations, her body curling, her back arching up even higher off the bed, shoving her jutting breasts even harder into Reyes' mouth and hands, as she wrapped her arms around Reyes' shoulders, and her legs around Reyes' hips, her pelvis beginning to thrust more urgently into Reyes' thigh and mound.

"...ummm... oh Dana... God, I love you..." Reyes continued to moan and groan herself, licking and cupping and sucking and squeezing Scully's thrusting breasts, taking one and then the other inside her mouth, flicking and licking and wetting one erect little nipple and then the other, faster and faster, as she felt her own body trying to spiral out-of-control from all the highly-arousing sights and sounds and mouth-wateringly delicious little scents coming from between Scully's legs. "Ummm, ummm... oh!" she yelped herself as Scully suddenly thrust her groin hard against hers, beginning to bump and grind hard against her mound. "Oh! God, honey!" she yelped again, her own hips beginning to buck into the sensations.

"...mmm, mmm... need you..." Scully panted.

"...mmm, umum... not yet... not yet, baby..." Reyes panted in response as she quickly regained control of her bucking hips and spiraling out-of-control libido, then slid down a little farther along Scully's squirming body, still cupping and squeezing her breasts and nipples with her palms. Then sliding her torso down, down, down as she suckled and licked and nibbled and kissed all along Scully's shimmering, shivering body. Licking and kissing, suckling and nibbling all along Scully's tummy and lower abdomen, running a warm, wet slick little path all along her sides and ribcage, one side and then the other, then up along her navel, suddenly dipping her warm, wet, slick tongue down inside Scully's navel, teasing and flicking, as Scully squirmed and gasped into the sensations.

"...oh... God... bab... nee... you..." Scully's breaths began to come in short little gasps, as her body quivered and shivered into the sensations.

"...umm... almost... almost, baby... almost..." Reyes responded as she quickly reached down and began to tug on Scully's pajama bottoms, Scully immediately lifting her hips up off the bed and hurriedly yanking at her pajama bottoms and underwear, too. Within seconds, they together had one leg completely free and didn't even bother with the other one as Scully let the other side of her pajama leg and undies dangle along the bed, and down around her knee. Reyes chuckled at Scully's impatience in spite of herself, then quickly eased back in and began to lightly comb her fingers through Scully's soft dark, curly auburn pubic hair, gently combing and curling her fingers through the soft, silky hair, as Scully's hips squirmed and bucked up into the sensations, urgently begging her for more. "Umm, you're so beautiful... Did you know that?... hum?" Reyes whispered again, as she leaned farther in and began to suckle and lick all along Scully's lower abdomen with her mouth and tongue, suckling and licking, kissing and massaging the soft smooth skin.

Scully responded by grabbing onto her shoulders and then her neck, urging her on, whimpering, "...Mon... plea... bab... nee... you..." with short little breaths, barely audible.

"Need me... Where?" Reyes teased through her suckles and licks, as she slowly slid her palm down and then rested her middle fingertip just to the edge of Scully's engorged, tingling, glistening clit.

"Oh God!" Scully yelped at the almost direct contact along her burning clit, her hips bucking up off the bed yet again. "God... you're killing me!" she panted again.

"Umm, no, I'm loving you..." Reyes responded, "I'm loving you, baby. Can't you feel it? Hum? Can't you feel me loving you?" she teased her again, through her continuous little licks and suckles, as she barely moved that same mischievous little fingertip back up and then over to the other side of Scully's throbbing clit, gently circling it along the top.

"Oh!... God!" Scully gasped into the sensations. "Please, baby... plea..." she whimpered again.

"Please what?" Reyes teased her yet again, thoroughly enjoying the kind of sexual power she had over Scully's trembling body this morning.

"...ngh... ngh..." Scully grunted in frustration, writhing around in the bed.

Reyes giggled.

"...ngh... my... spot..." she grunted again in response, grabbing on a little tighter to Reyes' shoulders and upper back.

"Your spot? What about your spot?" Reyes teased her yet again. Oh, she was being so mischievous. "I don't know anything about a spot," she teased her again, then instantly leaned down and lightly flicked her tongue just along the hood of Scully's pulsating "spot".

"Oh! Oh God!" Scully cried out, her legs spreading farther out, then instantly wrapping up tight around Reyes' upper torso.

"Umm... you liked that? Hum?" Reyes teased her yet again.

"...Oh... Oh... Oh God..."

Reyes closed her eyes for a moment, forcing herself to regain control of her own spiraling out-of-control libido, then, "Umm, Dana," she panted herself, as she felt her own "spot" burning and throbbing from the highly-erotic sights, sounds and scents of her new lover, as her new lover squirmed and writhed around in the bed just beneath her. But this was Scully's time, not hers. And she was determined to focus in on Scully and Scully's sexual needs, not hers. "Mmm," she groaned again, licking her lips, then effectively regained control of her own pulsating body.

"...Oh... God... Mon..."

"What baby? What is it, hum?" Reyes responded playfully as she began to lightly massage the hood of Scully's swollen clit with her middle finger again, then dip down for a moment, wetting her middle and index fingers more thoroughly with Scully's arousal, then moving back up and massaging just to the edge of her clit again, then hugging and encircling it with those two wetted fingertips.

"...oh, oh, ah, ah, ah..." Scully began to whimper yet again, with short little gasps, barely audible, her body tensing and trembling, her muscles beginning to tighten, her heels beginning to dig into Reyes' back, signally an impending orgasm.

"Oh God," Reyes panted herself in response, about to lose control of her own body, too, no matter how hard she tried not to. She had never been so highly-aroused in her life! ...Sweet Jesus!... She could hardly believe the difficult time she was having keeping her own body under control, as she squeezed her own legs together for a moment, reeling in her rising out-of-control libido. "Mmm," she groaned a little, then whispered, "Is this what you want? Hum? This what you want, baby?" teasing Scully yet again, as she eased a little farther down, then replaced her two fingertips with the very tip of her tongue, lightly flicking and licking all around Scully's burning clit.

"...oh yes, God, yesyesyesyesyes..."

Reyes smiled a mischievous little smile at the quick little rhythm Scully had begun to make with her quick little gasps of air. She could always match that cute little rhythm with her tongue and fingertips. She chuckled at her thoughts as she suddenly slid her arms underneath and around Scully's thighs, lifted her hips up in one fluid motion, and then instantly encircled Scully's engorged clit with her mouth, sucking and tugging, flicking and licking, as Scully's hands and fingers began to dig into her shoulders.

"...yesyesyesyesyes, oh yes! God, yes! Yes, Moni, yes! Yes! That's it! YES!..." Scully's gasps and groans rambled out into the approaching orgasm, louder and louder, bouncing along the bedroom walls, as her heels dug deeper and deeper into Reyes' back, her fingers and nails digging deeper and deeper into her shoulders, then suddenly lifting up and into her raven hair, grasping and clutching at Reyes' neck, and feathering her fingers through her dark mane.

Reyes just held on tight, squeezing her own legs together in response, holding back and again reining in her own teetering-on-the-edge orgasm, as her mouth stayed skillfully planted in place, covering Scully's inner labia and clitoris, licking and sucking all along her tingling opening and burning clit.

Scully's hips bucked faster and faster, thrusting her throbbing clit more feverishly into Reyes' mouth, her legs and thighs tightening around her neck, her back and hips arching up, her whole body beginning to shiver into the impending release, then suddenly her entire body arched up rigid, completely motionless for a moment, then, "Oh! Oh! OH GOD! Moni! YES, baby! YES!" her cries rambled out into the powerful orgasm, her hips jerking uncontrollably into her face, her whole body shuddering into the sweet release.

"...umm, that's it... that's it, honey... let go... just let go..." Reyes whispered through her suckles and licks into Scully's powerful orgasm, as she just as skillfully began to slide a finger, and then another, inside Scully's warm, wet, slick folds, still suckling and massaging Scully's clit with her tongue and lips.

"Oh! Oh! GOD! GOD, MONI!" Scully cried out again, as her legs and hips began to unfold from Reyes' neck and spread out wide along her torso, her body quaking into this newest sensation.

"Mmm, what, baby? What is it? Hum?" Reyes teased as she quickly replaced her tongue and lips with her thumb, then moved up along side Scully's bucking hips, to get a better view, as she continued to pump and thrust and slide her fingers in and out of Scully's opening, faster and faster, answering every buck and thrust of Scully's hips with her own.

"OH! OH GOD! MONI!" Scully screamed out as she felt her inner walls begin to tug and pull on Reyes' thrusting fingers, pulling them deeper and deeper inside of her wet and slippery cave, beginning to clamp down and prepare for another more intense orgasm.

"Mmm, what, baby? Hum? What is it?" Reyes teased her yet again as she quickly leaned back in and matched the thrusting rhythm of her fingers with her tongue and lips, encircling and licking Scully's pulsating clit again and again, as she pumped and thrust her fingers more deeply inside Scully's cavity, Scully's hips bucking and pumping in unison, as she felt a second and even more powerful orgasm begin to rock her insides.

"OH FUCK! FUCK, MONI! FUCK!" she screamed out yet again as she felt her inner walls suddenly open up wide inside, then just as suddenly clamp down tight, squeezing around and closing down on Reyes' fingers, into a second and even more powerful orgasm than the first.

...Oh, fuck?... Reyes giggled at Scully's lewd little outbursts. "Oh baby. I'm not fucking you. I'm loving you," she teased. "Can't you feel it? Hum? Can't you feel me loving you?" she teased her yet again, thoroughly enjoying Scully's lewd little cries, as she pumped faster and faster inside of her, then began to swirl her fingertips upwards along the inner ceiling of Scully's vaginal walls, curling them up and quickly finding the swollen, spongy crest, then lightly massaging and pressing against it, a little faster and a little faster, when suddenly...

"OH! CHRIST! JESUS CHRIST!" Scully screamed out again, her screams bouncing along the bedroom walls, Reyes stifling her giggles again at Scully's feverish cries, as Scully sucked in another deep breath, holding it in her lungs, as her hips flew up high off the bed and arched up, her whole body rigid, as her legs tensed into her third and much more earth-moving orgasm than the first two, more of her hot, wet, slick and creamy arousal spurting out into Reyes' palm, soaking Reyes' palm and hand with her creamy butter. "OH! SHIT! MONI! SHIT!" she screamed out again, as her entire body began to shudder into the powerful orgasm, the earth shaking around the bedroom floor, as her whole body writhed and trembled completely out-of-control, her legs and hips shuddering as she sucked in another deep breath, holding more air inside her lungs for a moment, as another wave of uncontrollable shudders surged throughout her body and another quick little spurt of wet, hot liquid spewed out along Reyes' palm.

...Oh yeah, baby!... Reyes smiled, quite proud of herself indeed with what had just happened, as she felt the wet-hot, creamy and slick remains of Scully's third and tremendously more powerful orgasm spurt out into her palm and along her knuckles. ...Oh yeah, baby... "I feel the earth... move... under the bed... I feel the sky come tumbling, tumbling down..."... she smiled at her musical musings. ...Oh yeah, baby... "Mmm, I love you... I love you, Dana... mmm, I love you so much..." she began to whisper softly again as she leaned over and began to plant warm, wet little kisses all along Scully's neck and cheeks. "...mmm, did you like that?... hum?... like that, baby?... oh, I love you..." she lightly whispered again into Scully's ear, as she planted more warm and wet little kisses all along Scully's cheek and neck, still pumping her fingers inside of Scully's inner walls and yet beginning to gradually slow the rhythm back down.

"Ummm," was all Scully could respond as her body continued to tremble, completely out-of-control. She was exhausted - absolutely, unequivocally exhausted.

Reyes chuckled a little bit, as she gently slowed the rhythm all the way back down to a complete stop, still planting tender little warm and wet kisses all along Scully's neck, and then down along her glistening chest and abdomen, lightly blowing all along the cooling skin, helping to cool Scully's glistening body back down.

"Ummm... whew..." Scully finally sighed, blowing out a very contented sigh in between her heavy breaths.

Reyes smiled again. "You okay?" she asked as she continued to lightly blow all along Scully's chest and abdomen, cooling her body back down and throwing in occasional little kisses all along her heavily rising and falling chest.

"Ummm," was all Scully could respond again, as she opened her eyes and made eye contact.

Reyes chuckled, then double-winked, then leaned in and gave her another quick little peck on the lips.

"Ummm," Scully sighed another contented little sigh. After a few moments, she finally whispered, "God, Monica," still totally exhausted, as she made eye contact again.

Reyes grinned cocking an eyebrow.

"Yes, but, no more... No more, baby... Can't take it," she whispered as she clasped Reyes' stilled wrist, holding onto it.

"Umm, I know, I know, honey, no more," Reyes replied softly, then leaned up and kissed her yet again on the lips. "Umm, I love you, Dana. God, I love you so much. You know that?" she whispered again, her fingers still gripped tightly inside Scully's inner walls and opening, for Scully's inner muscles had clamped down so hard around her fingers, there was no way she would be pulling them out any time soon.

"Shhh. Don't, okay?" Scully whimpered, still panting and breathless, as she held onto Reyes' stilled wrist.

...Don't?... "Don't what?"

"Don't say that, okay? Please?"

Reyes swallowed hard, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment, then glanced away, slightly shaking her head. ...Okay. Shit!... she thought. How could she not say that after what they had just done? ...Shit... Okay... But damn, Dana! I do... Shit!... she thought, then turned back, making eye contact yet again.

Scully lay there panting and breathless as she watched Reyes' eyes and expressions.

"Okay," Reyes eventually whispered in response, then leaned up and kissed her yet again, just to the edge of her lips before rising back up.

Scully sucked in another much-needed deep breath, then sighed a very nice, long sigh.

Reyes smiled as she began to lightly blow all along Scully's glistening chest and breasts again, continuing to help cool Scully's body back down.

"Oh God, Monica," Scully responded to the wonderful sensations of Reyes' hot breath lightly blowing all along her chest and breasts. "Come here," she said as she found the strength to reach up and wrap her arms around her torso for a moment, kissing her deeply on the lips, then collapse back down to the bed. "Shit. God," she panted again. She was just so utterly exhausted from Reyes' lovemaking.

"Shhh," Reyes whispered softly, chuckling at Scully's exhaustion, as she gently kissed her yet again on the lips, and then along her cheek and neck. "Mmm, Dana," she whispered again, full of emotion. "God, I... I... Oh geez," she whispered, hesitating again.

Scully opened her eyes, gazing back into hers for a moment, wondering what she had planned to say, then smiled as she closed her eyes again, just trying to recuperate some small amount of her strength back.

Reyes smiled in response. She was just so overwhelmed with all that she was feeling, and all that had just happened between them. And truly, she had no more words left to say. For no words could even begin to express all that she was feeling right now, at this very moment, for Special Agent Dana Scully.

Scully lay there, still panting lightly, slowly beginning to catch her breath, her body still lightly shivering from the three, if not arguably four, powerful orgasms. "Whew," she sighed again as she opened her eyes and gazed back into Reyes' eyes again, smiling.

Reyes winked, then leaned in and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

"Ummm... Um, um, um," Scully grunted as she lifted her hips up into Reyes' cupped palm for a moment, squeezing her legs together, and enjoying the feel of Reyes' cupped palm and long, strong fingers still gripped snuggly inside her inner walls, filling her insides with much-needed warmth and love. Her inner muscles had not even begun to relax, not in the least. And her insides were still tightly clamped down around Reyes' fingers. "Whew... Fuck, Moni," she said again.

Reyes snickered. "Fuck?... I swear you like that word, don't you?"

Scully giggled herself, licking her lips, then reached up and wrapped her arms around Reyes' torso yet again. "Ummm, umhum... And God!... I can't believe that I... whew..."


"I um... I think I... Well... I think I... whew..."

"Ejaculated?" Reyes teased her.

Scully's eyes shot wide open in surprise. "Um... Well... I... um... Oh gosh."


"I... um... Well... Oh God," Scully suddenly groaned in concern. "Do... do you... have a problem with that?"

"What?" Reyes replied, her eyes widening in surprise with that little question. ...Well for Godsakes... "No. Why would I?... Dana?... That's what I was trying to do. Give you a good... you know," she shrugged a little bit as she cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh... Okay," Scully replied, somewhat relieved, as she licked her lips. After a few seconds, she just had to ask again, "You sure? You sure you don't... have a problem with that?" still needing reassurance from her wonderful new lover.

"Yes," Reyes said furrowing her brow. ...What in the world?... "Honey, why would I have a problem with that? It was beautiful. You're beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing."

"Really? You think so?" Scully said, very shy and bashful all of a sudden.

"Hah. Yes. Why?" Reyes replied, amazed that they were even having this little conversation. "Honey? What's this about anyway? Hum?" she said, amazed that Scully felt such concern over something so natural.

"Well. Some people. They get... repulsed by that and, um... and so I, I um... I've never allowed myself to, um... to lose such control and, and um... Wow!" Scully exclaimed, utterly amazed at herself and how she had just lost such control of her body and ultimately surrendered herself so completely into Reyes' touch.

"Wow, what?" Reyes teased her yet again.

"I um... Wow!" Scully exclaimed again, utterly blown-away with what had just happened between them and how incredibly wonderful it had been to just lose herself so completely into Reyes' wonderfully skillful and very capable hands.

Reyes giggled. "Well, Dr. Scully. Believe me, I do not have a problem with you ejaculating into my hand, okay?" she teased, as she continued to enjoy the warm, wet slick remains of clear liquid still splashed inside her palm.

"Shhh, gosh! Shush!"


"It's... embarrassing."

"Embarrassing? Why?" Reyes furrowed her brow again, very surprised indeed that Scully would be so embarrassed about such a perfectly natural physical response as that to her inner spongy cleft being so well stimulated.

"I um, well, it... it's not... what some people think. It's... um..." she began to stammer around again, remembering back to an earlier time, years ago, when another lover had been very "grossed out" by the very idea that she had been so aroused, that she had actually ejaculated into her palm. And so, she had never allowed herself to completely lose control and surrender herself so fully to another lover since, at least not until now, not until Reyes.

"Dana?" Reyes said, leaning back up, kissing her on the cheek and quickly seeing the slight fear in her eyes. "Hey. I know what it is. And it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I just wish I could do it."

Scully eyes shot wide open yet again. "Really?" she replied, still slightly embarrassed and yet beginning to relax about it, too, still utterly amazed at herself, and at Reyes' immense lovemaking abilities, and then her own ability to ejaculate after all these years.


"You wish you could?"


"Really?" Scully said, suddenly quite elated with this latest information and the sexual freedom she quite obviously already shared with Reyes.


"Have you ever tried?"

"Umhum. But nobody ever seemed to know what they were doing."

"Oh. I see," Scully giggled, quirking her lips then cocking an eyebrow. Given a few moments to explore around inside Reyes' cavity, she just may be able to give Reyes exactly what she wanted. For she was a medical doctor after all. And she knew exactly where to feel, search and probe, and just how much pressure and sensation to apply, once she found what she was feeling for. But then Reyes had known that, too. "Oh my," she sighed.




"Umhum... Mmm, yeah, you... That was..." Scully began to giggle and giggle and giggle.

Reyes began to giggle, too, right along with her, as she leaned down along her chest. "Hum. I can't believe the doctor was concerned about a little ejaculate," she teased.

"Shhh, shush."

Reyes cracked up laughing.

"Oh my God. I did, didn't I?" Scully responded through her cute little giggles, totally amazed at the thought. She had not done that in years! Not since that other lover had made her feel so dirty and ashamed of her body and its natural bodily reactions to such highly-arousing stimulation inside her vaginal walls.

"Umhum. I think so," Reyes giggled, a wickedly mischievous little giggle again.

Scully fell into another cute little fit of giggles, shaking her head, then tucking it in along Reyes' chest and neck.

Reyes giggled, too, at Scully's cute little giggles, as she cupped her wetted palm a little more snuggly along Scully's mound.

"Oh. Damn, woman," Scully responded, as she squirmed a little bit from the wonderfully increased pressure along her mound and clit.

Reyes chuckled again as she continued to rest her palm and thumb cozily along Scully's intimate treasures, her fingers still snuggly held inside by Scully's insides. She then wrapped her other arm more comfortably around Scully's shoulders, resting her whole body cozily up against her cooling body, as she planted a few more light little kisses all along Scully's neck and throat.

"Ummm, God. I don't know when I've... Wow!" Scully exclaimed again, totally blown-away by Reyes' incredibly talented intimate touches, licks and caresses.

Reyes just leaned back in and lightly kissed her yet again on the lips, then all along her neck and throat, then down along her collarbone, showering her with tender little wet kisses all along her upper body and neck, thoroughly enjoying the mood and afterglow.

"Ummm," Scully moaned again as she reached up with a hand and lightly ran her fingers through her hair. "Honey, relax. Lay your head down and relax with me, okay?" she said.

...Honey? Well. That's different... Reyes mused, smiling again and arching an eyebrow. "Okay," she said, then kissed her once more on the lips, then laid her head back down along the pillow next to Scully's cheek.

"Umm. That's it, baby, just relax, relax with me, okay?" she whispered again as she turned and kissed Reyes on the forehead, still lightly running her fingers through her hair.

"Hum, okay," Reyes sighed, a very contented sigh, as she continued to just lie there and relax, her cheek tucked up against Scully's cheek, her body all cuddled up against Scully's body and her fingers still held so deeply snug inside Scully's warm, wet cavity.

Continued - Part 11

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