Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 15
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She Mends Me

By MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 15

Scully's Bedroom:

10:48 PM: Reyes was still in the bathroom, finishing up, as Scully sat on the bed, finishing blow-drying her hair, mulling over all that had happened tonight since they had first left Tony & Joe's Restaurant this evening, made out like two pussycats in-heat under the boardwalk, and then finally came back to the apartment. What a bizarre night it had been! Talking about running the entire gamut of emotions. She had been riding an emotional roller coaster all night! And her physical body had been riding its own roller coaster as well. She had been so sexually aroused it had almost hurt when she had not followed through on her intentions, made-love to Reyes and then released into another impending orgasm herself. "Oh my," she sighed. And she was still somewhat aroused. But she was also quite weary - very weary indeed. After all, it was getting late - very late. And she had been through one hell of a night, still almost in shock at the revelations she had made about Reyes' lower torso, and then the night at the compound, and what her very own two hands and fists had been capable of doing that night; slapping, hitting, punching and striking out at Reyes not once, but twice in the gut. Twice! Leaving the most hideous area of bruising she had seen in a long time. And for the life of her, she still could not remember actually throwing those two hurtful punches. Actually, she still could not remember most anything at all from that night. All she could remember was Reyes' soft, soothing voice whispering to her inside her head. And then the next moment, Reyes was holding her wrists and whispering, "Hey there. Remember me?" And then she remembered mumbling "Moni?" in response. At least she thought she had said that and called Reyes by name. And then she remembered asking her to hold her. She did remember that, quite clearly. And she remembered how that Reyes was actually already holding her and how that she continued to hold her over the next couple of hours. Or at least what seemed like a couple of hours; comforting her, consoling her, holding her, whispering to her and giving her everything she needed to get through her grief and sorrow. But other than that, and any other real specific details about those couple of hours, she had no clue. She truly did not remember much of anything else, but Reyes' voice, Reyes' smile, Reyes' eyes, Reyes' arms, Reyes' body, Reyes' warmth, feeling safe, feeling protected, feeling loved. Oh yes, she had felt loved, so very loved. And Reyes had been so incredible out there at that God-forsaken compound with everything she had done to take care of her and ease her pain. And Scully could still hardly believe what she herself had done and what had happened, losing herself so completely to mild hysteria and ultimately punching Reyes in the gut. Twice! No less. And she especially could hardly believe that Reyes had managed to hide it so well from her either over these last two days. And if Scully's neighbor, and those two little neighborhood kids had not said those phrases that they had to each other, she still would not have remembered. Not yet, anyway. And what where the odds of that? "Oh my," she sighed again as she finished blow-drying her hair, turned the hairdryer off and then leaned back against the headboard of the bed. She lay there thinking about what she could do to make it right, what she had done to Reyes, and how to make it up to her, and how to somehow make amends and forever heal the wounds she had inflicted on not only Reyes, but on herself as well. She knew that Reyes' gut would heal. It was already healing, but the wounds inside their mutual hearts, now that was another thing. Of course, Reyes had relentlessly continued to argue and counter everything she had said earlier, pertaining to her feelings of guilt and remorse. But something had caused Reyes to cry and hurt, too, when Scully's memories had begun to resurface. But then maybe it was because Reyes was such a sweet, sensitive and giving person. And so she empathized and felt most all that Scully had felt through it all, too. "Hum," Scully sighed at that possibility. "Surely not," she whispered aloud. But then that would make so much sense, too. Actually, that would make perfect sense. That would explain everything, why Reyes got so physically sick out there at the compound. Maybe she did actually suffer through some of the pain, trauma and heartache right along with Scully, feeling the same pain, the same fear, the same grief, the same sorrow and remorse. "Oh no. That's impossible," she whispered again, shaking her head at the ludicrous thought. ...Or is it?... she thought again. ...Can she? Can you? Can you, Moni? Can you actually feel my pain? My sorrow? My grief?... Oh, but that would make so much sense... she thought again as she remembered their earlier conversation in the hospital cafeteria, three mornings ago, and then their short stay in the ER Ward the following night. ...Oh my God! Can you really do that? Do you actually experience it? Suffer through it and bear it, too? Or do you just sense it? Or... Or do you even have any control over it?... She furrowed her brow, deep in thought. ...Hum... Maybe not... Maybe you can't... Isn't that what you said? Sometimes you can't control it?... Oh, Moni, my God! You were suffering through it, too, weren't you? You were, weren't you? Oh my God! You were suffering through it right along with me. Oh baby, you were feeling it, too! Oh my God, and it made you so sick... "Oh baby, I'm so sorry," she moaned, closing her eyes at the outlandish possibilities. And yet a part of her was beginning to recognize and understand the powerful, clairvoyant ability Reyes held in the center of her soul. And truly she had no idea of the full magnitude of just how much pain Reyes had actually, voluntarily endured in her behalf, telepathically pulling it out of Scully's battered soul and replacing it deep inside her own; bearing it, suffering through it and ultimately taking on much of Scully's grief, remorse and pain, just as she had done for Doggett's ex-wife, 8 years ago. And it had made her sick - so very, very sick. ...Oh Monica, God. And I never meant to hurt you either. God, I can't believe I hurt you. Oh, baby, I would never have done that if I had... Oh my God, how could I have not known? How could I have not known it was you? And just lose it like that? And not even recognize you? You! The most beautiful woman in my life! How could I have not known it was you? Oh, Jesus Christ! I can't believe I did that! And then to hit you? While you tried to comfort me? Oh, Christ! I... Oh Sweet Mary forgive me. God! Please forgive me. And help me. Please help me forgive myself!... I... I can't... "Oh Sweet Mary," she groaned aloud. "Please forgive me. Please..." she groaned again, still so full of remorse, even though Reyes had said and done just about everything she knew to do to try to help ease Scully's mind of the events that had happened that night. But Scully held herself to such high standards. And to think that she had lost it like that and had become so vulnerable, so hysterical and had actually become a temporary threat, not only to herself but to Reyes, too, for those few minutes. "Oh my God," she groaned again. And according to her high standards as a federal agent, and especially as a medical doctor, one just did not lose themselves to mild hysteria, no matter what the circumstances, and especially on the job. Period. "Oh Monica," she groaned again. ...And baby, whatever you do, don't try to protect me. Please don't do that. Jesus! You'll die if you try to do that. They'll kill you. Oh God, baby, they'll try to kill you, too. They'll be after you anyway. Just for caring. Just for being my friend... "Oh God, Moni," she groaned again, heartbroken at the thought.

"What?" Reyes said as she entered the bedroom, dressed in her white cotton t-shirt and a pair of fresh, clean underwear all over again, her dark, wavy brunette hair still slightly damp at the ends and cascading down around her neck, with a few little stray strands dangling across her forehead.

"Oh!" Scully jumped. "I um... I didn't hear you. I um..." ...Oh wow! You're so gorgeous. Um, um, um... She cocked an eyebrow in spite of her somber thoughts.

"You, um, what?" Reyes teased as she came over to the bed and sat down next to her, placing her hand lightly along her upper thigh.

Scully just smiled, not saying anything.

"What honey? You sounded a little..."

"Oh, no... I'm okay. I'm just... thinking."

"About what?" Reyes tried again as she moved up and eased into the bed, Scully rolling into her arms as soon as she settled in.

"Mmm, don't want to talk about it," Scully whispered as she cradled in along her chest.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "You sure?" she asked as she leaned down, planted a little kiss on top of Scully's crown and then squeezed her more comfortably in her arms.

"Yeah, I'm all right, I'm just... tired... Tired of thinking, tired of talking, tired of listening, tired of... Just tired."

Reyes sighed as she glanced over at the clock. "Well, no wonder, sweetheart. It's 11:00, there abouts."

"Hum. Yes. And nothing about this night has turned out like I had planned."

...No shit... Reyes chuckled. ...I'm still fucking about to explode... "Hum," she sighed again as she leaned down and gave Scully another quick little peck on the crown. Oh well. She was just going to have to get over it - again. For Scully was obviously no longer in the mood to be making-love tonight. And that was understandable. Now, if Reyes' overly-heated and still highly-sexually-aroused body would just be so understanding.

"Moni? Would you take your shirt off for me?"

"What?!" Reyes cried, her eyes widening. ...Oh for... Good God. Not again... she thought.


...Oh Lord... "Dana, why? There's no need to..."

"Please? I want to look at the bruising again."

"Oh, for Godsakes. But you just did! Shit, Dana! You've already looked at it! Examined it under that damn light in the bathroom! Shee-it! I thought I never would get to take my shower! Nothing's changed. So..."


"Ah!" Reyes huffed.

"Pretty please?" Scully said again as she lightly ran her hand up inside her shirt.

"Oh!" Reyes gasped. "Dana, I swear..."

"I just want to look at it. Take another peek," she teased as she gently circled her fingertips around Reyes' navel.

"Oh! Well you gotta cut that out now, if you're too tired to... Oh!... Dana?" she gasped again as Scully dipped her fingertip inside her navel, teasing her yet again.

"Mmm, I know," Scully said as she then quit her teasing and began to lift Reyes' t-shirt up.

"Honey? Are you really sure it's...?"

"Yes. And you don't have to take it off. This'll work," Scully said as she tucked and rolled the extra material up underneath Reyes' breasts, then leaned across the bed and turned the bright table lamp on.

"Ah frig!" Reyes fussed. The light was so damn bright.

Scully chuckled as she inched her way farther down in the bed and then leaned in closer to Reyes' bruised-up gut.

"Dana? Do you really think...?"

"Yes. Shush. I need to do this, okay? Now, just let me do this," Scully said, then slightly gasped as she began to study the area more thoroughly. ...Ohhh... "Oh, baby." She still could hardly believe what she was seeing as fresh new tears began to roll down her cheeks all over again.

...Oh God... "Dana? Don't. Please, don't. Don't do this. It's just a bruise," Reyes said as she began to sit back up.

"No. Stay. Stay there, and let me look at this."


"No. I've got to do this," Scully sniffled. "I've got to... face this... Face what I did to you."

"Oh God." Reyes closed her eyes in frustration. She truly had not a clue what to say or do to help Scully move on and stop punishing herself over this.

"Wow," Scully said.

"Wow, what?" Reyes responded, opening her eyes and glancing back down, as Scully's warm tears began to splash against her lower abdomen. ...Oh God, honey. You're getting all upset again. Shit...

"I... Two hits. Two very distinct, solid hits," Scully said as she began to study the contusion a little more closely. She sniffled yet again as another tear splashed along Reyes' lower torso.

"Dana? Honey..." Reyes whispered again, reaching down and massaging her shoulder. "It's all right. It's just a bruise."

"I know. But... I... I'm so sorry, I..."

"Dana, stop. Stop it. Please? It's no big deal. I'm just glad I was there for you."

Scully smirked. "Oh wow. Me, too. I... I don't... I don't think I... Oh wow," she whispered again, wiping another stray tear away as she closed her eyes, then leaned down and rested her cheek along Reyes' upper torso. She would never have trusted anyone else, not even Skinner, to hold her that long and so intimately close, as she had Reyes that night.

"It's okay, honey. Doesn't even hurt anymore, okay?"

Scully nodded as she turned and planted a little kiss just to the edge of Reyes' navel.

...Ohhh... Damn... Reyes thought. That felt good. But now was not the time, she knew, as she folded her lower lip for a moment and continued to massage Scully's shoulder with one hand while feathering her fingers through her hair with the other.

Scully then rose back up to take another look at the bruised-up, back-and-blue area. She scrutinized it yet again, as a medical doctor would do. "Oh Moni, God. I can't believe you didn't just double over from the pain," she said as she glanced back up, making eye contact.

Reyes glanced away for a moment, nibbling on her lower lip.

"You did... Oh God, no, you did, didn't you?" Scully's eyes widened.

"No. Not really."

"Not really?"

"No, I... I couldn't. I had to... protect you."

"Oh," Scully groaned again, closing her eyes. There was that word again. "Oh God, Monica, Jesus Christ," she whimpered as more tears began to fall.

"Shhh, hey now, come here," Reyes said as she instantly rose up and enveloped her into her arms, Scully collapsing all the way down inside them. "Shhh, now I want you to stop. Stop doing this. Okay?"

Scully nodded through her sniffles and tears.

"Oh God, Dana, I don't know what to do. I don't know how to help you with this. How do I help you? Hum? What do I need to do to help you stop torturing yourself over this? I don't know what to do anymore."

"Yes you do. You're already doing it. You're loving me. Oh God, how you're loving me," Scully said a little breathless.

"But... that doesn't seem to be enough. And I... I don't..."

"Shhh, oh yes, baby, it's enough. It's more than enough," Scully whispered as she leaned up and kissed her fully on the lips.

"Mmm," Reyes moaned into the deepening kiss, her body responding instantly to the wonderfully passionate kiss.

They kissed for a few more seconds before Scully finally broke contact.

Reyes lay there panting, her eyes full of desire all over again.

"Oh baby, God," Scully responded to the lascivious look. "I... oh Moni, God, I wanted to make-love to you, too, tonight, but I... I don't think... I'm not sure if I..."

"I know," Reyes panted breathless. "I know. And it's okay."

"No, it's not. Not really."

"Yes it is. How were we to know that you'd begin to remember things? Hum?" Reyes reassured her as she began to regain control of her overly-sexually-energized body.

Scully closed her eyes, shaking her head, then leaned back down along Reyes' chest, snuggling in just above the warm, sweet valley between her breasts.

Reyes leaned down and lightly kissed her on the crown, wrapping an arm around her torso.

After a few moments, Scully began to inch her hand back up underneath her shirt, and then began to fondle a bare breast.

"Dana? Honey, you're too tired. Let's not... Oh!" Reyes gasped as Scully pinched her tightly-beaded nipple.

"I know. But I love your breasts. God! How I love your breasts! Jesus! You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen!" Scully said as she rose back up and began to lift Reyes' t-shirt up even higher to get a better view.

"But... Honey?"

Scully stopped and gazed into her hooded eyes. "I... I know. I just... I want to... touch them... touch you... Can I do that?"

Reyes giggled. "Oh my God, Dana, I... Whew..." she blew out a deep breath. ...Lord have mercy, woman...

Scully smiled, then giggled, too. "Guess I'm asking for a little too much right now aren't I?" she said.

Reyes giggled again, too, then said, "Hum, what are you saying? You just want to play with my boobs? No sex. Just boobs?"

Scully giggled again. Actually that was exactly what she was saying. "Gosh. That's not very fair is it?" she said.

"Sure it is. We don't have to have sex. Not if you're not up to it. Besides, I don't want you to make-love to me tonight anyway. Not until you're up to it, too, and we can enjoy it together."

"Well, I'd enjoy making-love to you tonight... without me..."

"Umum. Nope. You're too tired. It's been a rough night."


"No, Dana. I don't want us to even get started tonight. I just... I can't take it if... if you... Whew... Lord have mercy, woman," she blew out another deep breath. ...God, Dana, if you stop on me again? Holy shit!...

Scully quirked her lips as she glanced back down along Reyes' uncovered breasts. ...Oh God! You're so beautiful! Jesus!...

"Dana? How about we make a pact. How about... No going down below my waist and you can play with my boobs all you want... How's that?"

"What?" Scully's eyebrows shot to the ceiling. "You're kidding."


"You really mean that?"

"Yep. There's all kinds of ways to make-love. So... How about you just make-love to my chest tonight. What do you say?"

"Oh my," Scully giggled.

Reyes smiled, too, her eyes sparkling. She could see the weariness in Scully's eyes. And she knew that even though Scully thought she might be up to even more, and have a full round of lovemaking with her tonight, that truly she was not. She was exhausted. She was utterly exhausted, both mentally and physically. But she was trying so hard to push herself into making-love to Reyes tonight, just as she had promised her she would do earlier in the day. And she didn't want to break that promise. She wanted to make sweet, hot passionate love to Reyes. And Reyes knew that. But she also knew that tonight was not the time. Scully was just too tired, too exhausted and needed some rest. And Reyes also knew that if she let Scully play with her boobs and chest, it would take her mind completely off of everything else that was troubling her so much, so that she would eventually drop off into a much-needed sleep. And Reyes loved her enough to do that. She could handle it. That's what couples do for each other when one is not quite up to par. They sacrifice, and hold out. It's a give-and-take situation. And she was willing to give that part of herself to Scully tonight, give her what she wanted, without receiving full satisfaction in return. For she knew that Scully would return to her what she truly needed later on, when she was more rested and up to it.

She smiled again, cupping Scully's cheek. "Well? That's what you want isn't it? No pressure? No sex? Just a little playing with my boobs?" she teased.

Scully's lower lip dropped. Yes, actually, that was all she really wanted tonight. No sex, just boobs; Reyes' boobs to be exact. And she wanted to get lost inside the taste and touch of those warm, soft boobs and that warm, sweet valley between Reyes' breasts. And she could hardly believe that Reyes was offering her that, as highly-aroused as Reyes already was? And yet being so willing to contain that arousal and just hold back, and let Scully have her way with her chest? ...Oh my God!... Scully was not even sure that she would have that kind of control over her own body and libido. And was it even fair to ask it of Reyes? Especially after playing, teasing and enticing her all day and half the night. And now to have her still hold back and wait patiently until Scully could give her everything she truly needed? "Wow," she mumbled.

"Wow, what?"

"I... You... You're incredible."

Reyes just smiled. No. She was just a woman-in-love. That was all.

"I... I don't... I don't know what to say, I..."

"Say yes. That's all," Reyes teased as she leaned up and began to pull her t-shirt off.

...Oh my God!... Scully's heart instantly skipped a beat as she watched Reyes' full breasts bounce down and fall from her shirt, coming into perfect view, and happily swinging around with their newly-found freedom, her nipples so tight and erect. ...Oh wow!... What a feast! What a scrumptiously delicious feast! She glanced back up, licking her lips and making eye contact.

Reyes smiled and winked as she threw her t-shirt off to the side. "Honey, turn the light off, would you? That bright light is really hurting my eyes."

Scully cocked an eyebrow. ...Right. Sure. No problem... she thought as she quickly reached over and turned the bright lamp light off. Suddenly, it was pitch dark in the room. "Um. How about I turn the little nightlight back on? Or maybe light a candle?"

"Umum, no. No candles. Let's just go with the nightlight."

"Okay," Scully said as she quickly leaned back over, felt around and then flipped the nice little nightlight back on. ...Oh yeah, baby... It was perfect - just perfect - and just enough light to see everything she wanted to see of Reyes' gorgeous body and chest. She then leaned back down along Reyes' side.

Reyes wrapped her arms around her yet again.

"You sure about this?" Scully whispered.

"Umhum," Reyes responded, licking her lips and watching Scully's eyes widen with pure delight. "Just... don't go below my waist, okay?" she reminded her.

"Okay," Scully nodded as she glanced back down along her chest. "Oh gosh! You're so gorgeous," she said as she quickly rose back up, not wasting any time, and rolled over, straddling Reyes' thigh, and then began to devour her scrumptious feast, fondling and squeezing and cupping and teasing her big breasts with her palms, testing the feel and the weight of each big breast, as they jiggled and swayed around inside her palms, one and then the other; testing and lifting, cupping and squeezing, leaning down and suckling and licking all along the warm, sweet valley, lightly flicking and circling her sensitive nipples as she lost herself inside the scrumptious feast.

"Mmm," Reyes moaned, closing her eyes to the wonderfully intoxicating sensations, enjoying all the little touches, squeezes, pinches, and caresses along her aching breasts and tightly-marbled nipples. "Mmm," she moaned again as Scully leaned down and gently suckled, licked and kissed just between her breasts again, then moved over to the left and gently suckled, licked and kissed along her right nipple. "Mmm... baby... feels good..." she moaned again as she opened her eyes and watched while Scully made-love to her breasts; one and then the other, squeezing and cupping and kneading and massaging one big breast and then the other; gently suckling and licking and teasing and caressing one rigid nipple and then the other. "Mmm... Oh!" she slightly gasped as Scully suddenly whisked her tightly-beaded nipple inside her mouth, suckling and tugging a little more urgently along the marbled-tip, then running her tongue around and around, circling and circling the achingly-tender peak, as Reyes' body shivered and curled up into the wonderfully gentle ministrations, her body reacting and responding in the most delicious of ways to the highly-arousing sensations.

Scully glanced up, watching her changing expressions, and how her face began to glisten, her lips slightly parted, her breathing slightly labored, her heartbeat quickening inside her chest. "Umm," she throatily groaned herself at how beautiful Reyes truly was, basking in the feel of her big, beautiful breasts inside her palms; cupping and kneading and squeezing and caressing, as she leaned back down and planted more gentle little suckles and kisses all along her right breast, and then over to her left breast; suckling and tugging and then wetting the tender nipple as Reyes' body curled up and arched again, opening her eyes and smiling, gazing into Scully's eyes so full of love and devotion. "You okay?" Scully barely whispered through her gentle suckles and kisses, utterly lost inside the feel of Reyes' big, beautiful, burgeoning breasts; cupping and squeezing, caressing and kneading each honey-soft breast, one and then the other, then licking and suckling on a hardened tingling nipple, one and then the other, hardly able to fathom that Reyes was actually allowing her to do this; just touch, and squeeze, and love and caress her achingly sensitive breasts, suckling and nibbling on her throbbing nipples, arousing her higher and higher towards the crest, without the ultimate goal of actually making-love to her and bringing her to climax.

Reyes smiled and nodded, as she glanced back down and watched Scully lick, and squeeze, and pinch, and tug on her aching nipples, one and then the other, gently suckling and nibbling and pinching and tugging on her tingling, pulsating peaks. Scully smiled back, then nibbled on a hardened nipple, one and then the other, a little faster and a little harder, again and again, as Reyes arched her back into the highly-arousing sensations. "Mmmm... Oh baby..." she moaned again as she felt her body trying to spiral out-of-control, her love-liquids repeatedly gushing out and soaking her briefs between her legs. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back for a moment, regaining control of her spiraling out-of-control libido as Scully continued to cup, and squeeze and lick and tease her swelling breasts, running her thumbs and tongue across her nipples, lightly pinching and tugging on those beautiful deep-rose-colored tips. Then wetting a tip, urgently whisking it inside her mouth, tugging and pulling, sucking and nibbling hard along her tightly-pebbled peak. "Oh! Mmmm, feels good, honey," Reyes moaned again as her body suddenly jerked, "Oh!" and her chest arched up, "Ah!" yet again, into the wonderfully arousing sensations, Scully sucking harder and harder along her throbbing nipple, taking the full breast inside her mouth, sucking harder and harder. "Oh!.. Ah... Ah..." Reyes' body and respiration beginning to shiver and quiver for a just a moment as she tightened her legs around Scully's thigh, her inner walls and tingling clit trying to release into pure ecstasy, as she quickly regained control and continued to hold back, not allowing the sweet release.

Scully glanced back up. "Need me to stop?" she whispered as she eased her urgent sucking and pulling on Reyes' breast, quickly realizing just how close Reyes truly was, teetering on the very edge of a nice and sugary sweet little climax, and just how difficult it must be to continue to hold back.

"Mmmm... Umum... No, baby... No need to stop..." she panted softly, licking her lips, and opening her eyes, gazing back into Scully's eyes, as she successfully regained control of her teetering on the edge climax.

Scully smiled, cocking an eyebrow and simply amazed at Reyes' immense control over her body, as her own heart, body and soul tingled from the orgasmic look. After a few seconds, she broke the intimate eye contact and glanced back down along Reyes' breasts. "You sure?" she whispered again as she continued to cup and squeeze and knead and caress each breast, one and then the other, lightly circling and teasing each deep-rose-colored areola, gentle and easy, as Reyes lay there watching, lightly panting and shivering, luxuriating in the feel of the sugary sweet caresses.

"Mmmm... Umhum... I'm sure, honey," Reyes responded, smiling again, as she reached up and tucked a stray lock of hair behind Scully's ear.

Scully smiled, cocking an eyebrow yet again, as she leaned back down and tenderly kissed her flushed breast yet again, gentle and easy, reveling in the feel of Reyes' soft, full breasts and rock-hard nipples pushing inside her palms, breathing in her delicious scent, whispering, "Umm... You're so beautiful... Can't believe you're letting me do this."

"Why?" Reyes whispered, smiling again, as she reached up and caressed her cheek.

"Just... I'm not sure if I could... That's all," Scully responded.

Reyes chuckled, smiling again. "Bet you could. If I asked you to."

Scully cocked a proverbial eyebrow yet again. Oh, she doubted that. It was hard enough for her to control her addiction without Reyes making-love to her chest. "Hum. Maybe," she whispered.

Reyes chuckled and smiled again. She had successfully regained control of her sizzling, burning body. She had almost lost it there for a few seconds, as Scully had sucked so feverishly hard on her breast and nipple. But she had her tingling body back under control again. And she truly wanted to wait until Scully was up to sharing the pinnacle with her before they made-love again. She chuckled again at Scully's delightfully charming expressions, then teased, "Enjoying yourself?" as she tucked another stray lock of hair behind her ear.

Scully giggled. Oh yeah. She was enjoying herself all right. Oh my, yes indeedy, was she ever enjoying herself; having her hands, and mouth and tongue all over Reyes' gorgeous chest and breasts; licking and suckling and kissing and caressing and doing anything she wanted to do with her chest and breasts and nipples. Oh my, yes indeedy. She was in heaven.

Reyes chuckled again in response to Scully's cute little giggles, then reached up and caressed her cheek as she watched her eyes begin to grow heavy. ...Oh, baby, you're so sleepy... she thought as she glanced over at the clock. 11:43 PM. It wouldn't be much longer indeed before Scully would finally give in, succumb to her weariness, ultimately settle down, and drift off into a nice, deep sleep. And Reyes could handle it until then. She was managing to keep her tingling, burning, pulsating body under control as Scully continued to play and tease and massage and squeeze her highly-sensitive breasts and nipples. She had almost lost it, Scully sucking so hard on her breast and nipple earlier. But she had recovered and had it under control again as she lay there and watched Scully delight in her chest, and what she was giving her this late at night and just before turning in for the night. She smiled as she reached up and feathered her fingers through Scully's hair as Scully still busily savored her sweet, soft treasures.

"Um-um. What size are you anyway? D? Maybe a DD?" Scully whispered suddenly.

"DD?" Reyes gasped then snorted, her eyes widening in surprise. ...Lord, woman! My goodness!... "Um, no... A 36D, usually."


"Umhum. Sometimes a 38D. Depends on the brand."

Scully cocked an eyebrow as she licked her lips. "Well. That could also be a 36DD. Have you ever tried it?"

Reyes smirked. "Does it really matter?"

"No, but... Well... I'm a 34C, but... I'm growing."

Reyes smirked again. "Umhum, but size doesn't really matter now does it?"

Scully glanced up. "You don't think so?"


"What about in other areas? Does size matter then?"

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "Nope. It's all in the technique, wouldn't you agree?"

Scully giggled.


Scully giggled again, not answering her question.

"Umm, come here for a minute, kiss me," Reyes whispered as she leaned up, Scully leaning down and giving her a wonderfully nice and juicy little kiss. "Mmm," she moaned again into the highly-arousing little kiss, then quickly broke it off. "Whew..." she sighed, then lay back down and smiled. Too many juicy little kisses like that and she'd be in a heap of trouble again, trying to keep her sizzling, sweltering body under control.

Scully smiled, too, as she leaned down and began to suckle and kiss her left breast and nipple again.

"Oh!" Reyes gasped, her upper body curling up for a moment into the sensual little suckle and kiss.

"Ummm," Scully throatily moaned herself into the jutting breast, then flicked her thumb across the hardened nipple.

"Oh!" Reyes jumped and gasped again, her upper body curling up once more.

Scully smiled at the little jump and gasp as she shifted her thigh, pressing it more intimately between Reyes' legs.

"Oh! Honey? No fair!" Reyes gasped again as her hips bucked up into Scully's thigh.

Scully giggled. "I haven't gone down below your waist," she teased.


Scully giggled again, then placed her head down along Reyes' upper chest, sliding an arm underneath her shoulders, then resting her cheek along a breast, as she lightly massaged and squeezed her other breast with a hand. "Hum," she sighed contentedly. "I could do this all night you know. Play with your breasts."

Reyes chuckled. "You could?"


"Hum. Well. I think I can handle that," Reyes teased her yet again as she glanced back over at the clock. 11:51 PM. She chuckled again as she began to feel Scully's hand slowing and her respiration deepening as her weariness began to take over. She leaned down and kissed her on the crown, wrapping her arms more comfortably around her. "Love you, baby," she barely whispered.

"Mmm, love you, too," Scully mumbled in response as she began to drift off into a deep sleep.

...Whoa!... Reyes' eyes widened in surprise, her heart leaping into summersaults inside her chest. ...Oh my God! You just... You just told me you... Oh my God!... But Scully would never remember what she had just told her - those three little words that she had been much too afraid to say. "Oh baby, God, I love you, too. Oh, I love you so much," she whispered again as she leaned down and kissed Scully yet again along her forehead and then along the crown.

Scully barely shifted and mumbled something again, slightly squeezing Reyes' breast with her palm, as her palm rested comfortably along the top.

Reyes chuckled at the sweet little squeeze, then gently moved her hand down along her torso.

Scully barely mumbled again, then snuggled in more comfortably inside her warm, sheltering embrace.

"Hum," Reyes sighed. "Good night, cariņo. Sleep tight. No bad dreams tonight."

Scully never moved. She was out like a light.


1:03 AM: Reyes lay there wide-awake, Scully still wrapped up in her arms with her thigh still tucked ever so distractingly snug between her legs. She just could not go to sleep with Scully's thigh pressing so intimately against her crotch. ...Oh boy... And all of that playing and teasing and caressing and squeezing of her breasts and nipples had sent her libido into steam-rolling overdrive as she managed to maintain control of her overly-heated body. "Whew," she lightly sighed as she shifted her hips a little bit, causing Scully to shift as well, her thigh suddenly pressing even more intimately against Reyes' overly-heated groin for a moment. "Oh," she lightly gasped. ...Oh my God!... This little sleeping arrangement was just not going to work, not if she wanted to get any form of sexual relief and much-needed sleep tonight as well. She lay there thinking about it and trying to decide what to do, to give her crotch some relief without waking Scully up. She quickly decided to try to roll them both over to the side, rolling Scully's body over and in front of her as she spooned up against her. Maybe that would work, just change positions and get Scully's thigh out from between her legs. She tentatively began to move. Suddenly Scully began to move too, as if some small part of her subconscious mind understood the situation, and began to roll to her side, removing her thigh from between Reyes' legs and giving Reyes' crotch the much-needed relief it had been craving for the last hour or so. She then pulled Reyes' forearm around her torso and underneath her top, squeezing it against her bare tummy for a moment, never actually waking up. Reyes smiled at the amazingly quick little change of sleeping positions. ...Now. This should work... she thought as she settled in, spooned up against Scully's back and tried again to drift off into a deep sleep.


1:29 AM: Reyes lay there wide-awake, still spooned up against Scully's back, her arm tucked up and around Scully's upper torso still underneath her top, Scully's scrumptiously delicious bare breasts dangling across her forearm. ...Oh! For Godsakes!... She just could not go to sleep! Not with Scully's beautiful, bare breasts dangling across her forearm, and her hand a mere inch or two away from one of those wonderfully warm, swelling bare breasts. ...Oh God!... How she wanted to reach up and lightly fondle the closest dangling bare breast. Or even the other one. Either one would do. ...Oh my God!... This newest sleeping position was just not working very well either. "Um," she lightly groaned as she tentatively began to slide her arm out from underneath Scully's top and dangling breasts, then roll to her back. Scully barely shifted in her sleep for a moment, then settled back down. Reyes lay there on her back, starring up at the ceiling. ...Well. Shit!... This position wasn't working very well either. She had been on her back all night with nothing to show for it. "Um," she lightly moaned again, then carefully rolled over to her other side, her back up against Scully's back. A few moments passed, then Scully shifted, moved and rolled over herself, spooning up against Reyes' back and wrapping her arm around her upper torso. ...Oh Lord... Reyes cocked an eyebrow. She lay there for a few moments, waiting to see if Scully would move anything else. Scully just lay there, spooned up against her back, her arm tucked comfortably around her upper torso. ...Well. Good... She could handle that. "Hum," she sighed again then settled in and tried to drift off into a deep sleep yet again.


2:01 AM: Reyes' eyes flew wide-open as she felt another little squeeze from Scully's hand on her bare breast for the umpteenth time it seemed, sending a direct little spasm between her legs. ...Oh my God! Please! Have mercy on me tonight!... she thought. "Um," she quietly moaned as she reached up and carefully moved Scully's palm back down along her torso. ...Oh baby, God! You're killing me! I don't know how much more of this I can take! Whew!... "Um," she groaned again as she felt another spasm and quiver inside her inner walls yet again. ...Oh my God!... She had never been so hard-up for some much-needed sexual relief in her life! ...Whew. Holy shit!... She lay there sexually frustrated as hell. And having Scully's warm, scrumptious body spooned up against her backside was not helping her situation in the least. But then it didn't seem to matter what position they found themselves in; just being in the same state with Scully tonight was driving her insides crazy with desire. ...Ummm. Um, um, um. I need a smoke. That's what I need. I need a quick smoke... she thought as she lay there trying to figure out how to remove herself from Scully's sweet little clutches along her upper torso, and then get up, without waking her up. She quickly decided to try shifting again and see what would happen. She shifted a little. Scully didn't move. She shifted again. Scully still didn't move. ...Oh Lord. Pleeaase, have mercy on me tonight. Um, um, um... She lay there thinking about it, when suddenly Scully reached up and lightly fondled her bare breast yet again in her sleep, her eyes flying wide-open into the sweet and gentle caress. ...Oh my God! Dana! Holy shit! This is just not going to work! Jesus!... She needed to hurriedly come up with a plan - and fast - before she just lost all elements of control, aggressively rolled Scully back over in the bed and started fucking her brains out, even as Scully slept. ...Oh baby, God! I want you so bad! Holy shit!... she thought as she quickly grabbed onto Scully's mischievous little hand, gently moved it back down along her lower torso, and then began to roll to her stomach. Suddenly, Scully began to move and roll in the opposite direction, miraculously rolling all the way over and to her other side, her back facing Reyes. ...Well, I'll be a... Thank you, Jesus!... she thought, as she quickly took the opportunity and began to get up. Suddenly, Scully shifted again, then mumbled something in her sleep. Reyes instantly stopped her movements, not wanting to take a chance on waking her up. She lay there watching her as she slept. Scully shifted and mumbled something yet again, then rolled to her back. Reyes cocked an eyebrow as Scully began to roll towards her all over again. ...Uh-oh... She quickly moved her pillow down between them and along Scully's chest. Scully clutched the pillow, breathing in Reyes' scent, actually smiling in her sleep, as she breathed in the wonderfully familiar sweet scent, then clutched the pillow a little more snuggly against her chest. ...Ohhh... Dana... Reyes smiled, her heart fluttering inside her chest at the sweet little scene. She then leaned down and gently kissed her on the cheek, careful not to awaken her, then eased up off the bed. She stood there by the bed for a few moments, watching her sleep, just to make sure she was still sound asleep before she left the room. Scully never moved. Reyes was satisfied, smiled again, then grabbed her t-shirt off the floor, quickly put it back on, and then tip-toed out of the bedroom. Scully never moved. She seemed quite content indeed to just clutch Reyes' pillow and breathe in that wonderfully familiar, sweet and soothing scent of her cologne as it lingered on the pillow.

Scully's Living Room:

2:19 AM: Reyes sat there on the couch, blowing smoke-rings into the cool night air, as she puffed on her third cigarette. She reached down and turned the little air-purifier down to the lowest setting, still listening for any movement from the bedroom. Nothing. No sounds at all. ...Good. Sleep tight, mi amor. I'll be back in a minute... she thought as she inhaled another nice, long drag from her Morley Light. "Mmm," she moaned softly as she pulled the small cotton throw a little farther up on her abdomen. It was a little cool in the room and she had quickly found a nice, cotton throw folded over the back of a chair, and was now using it to keep her legs warm. "Mmm," she moaned softly yet again as she pulled her legs up off the floor and then lay all the way down on the couch. ...Hum. Maybe I should just sleep on the couch tonight. Make it a little easier on myself... she giggled at her thoughts, as she took the last drag off her cigarette, then snuffed it out in the ashtray. "Mmm," she moaned softly again, as she blew out three more smoke-rings, watching them fade away into the night air. She turned her ear towards the hallway, listening again for any sounds of movement along the hallway or from Scully's bed. Nothing. Nothing at all. She chuckled. Scully was out like a light. And she wasn't surprised. They had had one hell of a night tonight. And then last night had had its challenges as well, with Scully's two nightmares, causing them not to get much sleep last night either. So it was not much of a surprise, that Scully was sleeping so soundly tonight. "Mmm," she lightly moaned again as she suddenly, spontaneously reached up underneath her shirt and lightly caressed her own breast with a hand. She quirked her lips, cocking an eyebrow, as she closed her eyes and reached up underneath her shirt with her other hand and began to fondle and caress both her breasts with both her hands, imagining Scully's two warm hands on both her breasts, cupping and squeezing, her body instantly responding to the arousing ministrations. "Mmm," she lightly moaned again, remembering and imitating the feel of Scully's hands on her breasts, lightly touching and squeezing and cupping and kneading all along her breasts and nipples. ...Oh baby, God, you know how to touch me... Mmm... She could hardly wait until Scully actually made-love to her. If that shortlittle session of lovemaking along her chest was any indication at all then ...Oh yeah, baby... Scully was an incredible lover. But then she had never doubted that anyway. Scully was incredible at just about anything she did; at least in Reyes' sparkling, starry-eyed, lovesick eyes. "Mm," she stifled a little moan as she continued to massage and caress her breasts, then flick and tease along her nipples, her body responding and spurting little trickles of love-cream out between her legs. "Hum," she sighed as she lay there thinking about it, and wondering if she should or shouldn't. Should she or shouldn't she? That was the question. "Hum," she sighed again. Should she or shouldn't she? ...Well... It wouldn't take long... she thought, cocking an eyebrow. And as aroused as she had been all day and all night? Oh no, it wouldn't take long - not long at all. Besides, Scully was sound asleep. And Reyes really needed some relief - bad. And she could keep herself quiet. She had done it before when others were in the same house, just in the next room or something, as she and some previous lover made-out and sneaked in a quick little romp-in-the-sack. She could keep it quiet. All she had to do was concentrate, and remember where she was, as she gave herself some quick relief, so she could eventually go back into the bedroom and lie there all snuggled up next to the woman of her dreams and actually get some sleep tonight herself. She rose up for a moment, peering over the couch and towards the hallway, listening, and still a little hesitant, and yet in such dire need of some relief. Bad! ...Damn!... She needed this. Bad! She needed what she was considering doing so bad! Her body was screaming for it! "Hum," she sighed again, licking her lips, as she lay back down along the couch, cupped her breast with a hand, then eased her other hand down underneath the cotton throw - down, down, down inside her briefs - down, down, down between her legs - and on - down, down, down along her pubic hair - running her fingers through her soft thick fur. "Um," she stifled a little whimper as she lightly teased her aching clit with a finger, her body shivering into her touch, her breathing catching in her throat. ...Oh yeah... It wouldn't take long. Nope, not long at all, as she felt another little spurt of love-cream ooze out between her legs. She instantly began to cup and squeeze her breast a little more decisively, flicking her thumb and fingertips across the hard nipple, pinching and squeezing and tugging and flicking, as she imagined Scully's hand on her breast and nipple. "Um," she stifled another soft, little whimper as she began to tease and rub her swollen clit with her other hand and fingertips; rubbing and massaging, flicking and teasing along the sensitive hood and then just to the edge; her inner lips and opening soaking wet with arousal, as she dipped her fingers down, soaking them with her hot, wet, slick arousal. "Um..." she stifled another soft, little whimper and sucked in another deep breath holding the air inside her lungs, as her hips began to dance into action, lightly pumping up into her hand, as she rubbed and massaged, flicked and teased, ", oh..." stifling more soft, little moans and groans, sucking in more deep breaths and holding the air inside her lungs, as she increased her rhythm; flicking and teasing, rubbing and massaging, faster and faster, ", oh, ah..." stifling more little inaudible whimpers and moans, increasing her rhythm, her hips bucking more urgently into her hand, matching the sweet rhythm; rubbing and massaging, flicking and teasing, faster and faster, "...oh, ah, oh..." as she imagined Scully's hands along her breasts, Scully's hands along her lower torso, Scully's hands between her legs, Scully's hands hugging her clit, Scully's hands making-love to her... Scully's hands, Scully's hands, Scully's hands... "...oh, ah, Da..." sucking in another deep breath to stifle her little whimpers and moans, her body quivering and shivering, her hips beginning to jerk more insistently against her hand, "...oh, ah, Da, oh... DANA!" she suddenly cried out, as she instantly recognized...

Scully's low, soft and sultry voice whispering, "Mmm, yes, baby, it's me... It's me baby... I'm right here, making-love to you..."

Reyes' eyes and mouth flew wide-open, her body bucking and jerking into the newest sensations, as she felt Scully's hands taking over, and heard Scully's soft, sultry voice continuing to whisper...

"...oh God, yes, baby, I'm right here, I'm right here, baby, making-love to you, oh God, yes, I'm right here, baby, loving you..." Scully's hands finished pulling up her shirt, and Scully's hands were instantly on both her breasts, and Scully's mouth was suddenly taking over on a breast, as Scully's hand was suddenly sliding down along her lower torso, and Scully's hand was suddenly sliding down underneath the cotton throw, and Scully's hand was suddenly sliding down, down, down between her legs, and Scully's hand was suddenly cupping her aching crotch, and Scully's hand was on her quivering clit, and Scully's hands were all over her sizzling, pulsating body, and Scully's hands and mouth were skillfully, wonderfully, passionately making-love to her.

"Da...! Oh, DANA!" Reyes cried out yet again.

"...yes baby, it's me, I'm right here, making-love to you, oh yes, baby, I'm loving you, I'm loving you, Moni..." Scully whispered again, over and over, as she reassured her, continuing to give Reyes all that she needed.

"Da...! Dana! Oh GOD!" Reyes cried out yet again as she finally realized that her fantasy really had come true, her body jerking and shivering into Scully's hands.

"...yes baby, it's me, it's me, baby, that's it, come on, come for me baby, come on, come for me..." Scully whispered softly, as her mouth suckled and licked hard on Reyes' breast - one hand on her other breast, and the other hand down inside her briefs - her palm and fingers increasing the rhythm, hugging and massaging and rubbing and teasing, faster and faster along Reyes' throbbing clit.

"...oh... ah Da... ahahahahah..." Reyes began to shiver, her little whimpers shivering and quivering, her body trembling and quaking into the impending orgasm.

"...that's it baby, come on, come for me, don't hold back, just come for me, come on, come for me..."

"....ahahahahahahahah..." Reyes quivered and shivered more feverishly, then suddenly cried out, "Oh!... Oh!... DANA!" as her pelvis jerked up, her hips flying up motionless for a moment. "Oh!... Oh!... Oh God, DANA!" she screamed out again, her screams bouncing along the living room walls, her body and hips shuddering into the sweet release, as she tightened her legs and grabbed onto Scully's wrist. "Oh!... Oh! DANA! GOD!" she screamed out again as Scully massaged faster and faster.

"...oh God, yes, that's it, that's it baby, that's it, oh God, you're so beautiful... mmm, yes... that's it, that's it, baby... ohhh... Jesus!..." Scully moaned herself, squeezing her own legs together, as she felt her own body responding in every way.

"Oh!... Dana!.. DANA! GOD!" Reyes screamed out yet again, Scully cocking an eyebrow at hearing her name screamed out along her living room walls, as Reyes' body jerked and shivered and trembled and shuddered, then grabbed onto her, aggressively pulling her down and on top of her, then rolling them both over to the side, whimpering, "Dana... holdmeholdmeholdmeholdme..." as she squeezed Scully's torso hard against her breasts and chest - holding on, holding on, holding on - and needing her to hold onto her, too, as Scully quickly grabbed onto her, too, straddling her thigh, and shoving her own thigh down between her legs and up against her convulsing crotch; rolling and wrapping and tightening her legs and her arms around her, too - holding on, holding on, holding on - as they rode out the orgasmic waves together.

Several Minutes Later:

Reyes continued to shiver and tremble as Scully sucked in another deep breath. Reyes was holding onto her so tight it was actually creating some pressure along her upper chest. But, she didn't mind. Actually, it was quite incredibly stimulating to have Reyes holding onto her so tight after such a wondrous little ride to paradise. After another few seconds, Reyes finally began to ease up on her tight hold around her torso, still trembling and shivering, her legs still wrapped tightly around her upper thigh. Scully smiled as she began to lightly suckle and kiss along her glistening neck, Reyes' body shivering again into the gentle sensations. They continued to lie there for several more seconds, Reyes' body calming, and then shivering for a moment, then calming, and then shivering again for a moment, Scully amazed at how beautiful she truly was when she finally let go and released into pure ecstasy. And it certainly took Reyes' body longer to recover from an orgasm than it did hers. But then maybe it was because she had been so highly-aroused for so long, and so hard-up for some much-needed sexual relief. Scully smiled as she thought about it, looking forward to finding out on the next little round of hot, passionate lovemaking, bringing Reyes to another wonderfully powerful climax. She was up to it. ...Oh yeah, baby... She was up to it. She had had a nice little nap. And she felt rested enough to go for it again; that is if Reyes was up to it. She smiled as she felt Reyes' body shiver and tremble yet again for a few seconds. ...Oh my God, you are so beautiful, Moni, my sweet lover of my soul... she thought as she rubbed Reyes' back and shoulder-blades - holding her, caressing her, kissing her and loving her - as she floated back down to earth. And actually, Scully had experienced a nice little orgasm herself as she rode out the waves with Reyes, Reyes' bucking thigh giving her everything she had needed to share in the most wonderfully sweet little orgasm; something she had not expected to share when she had first found Reyes self-loving on the couch. Reyes shivered for a moment yet again, then eased her cheek in along Scully's neck. ...Mmm, I do make you tremble now don't I?... Scully thought, smiling, as she turned and kissed her on the forehead. "You okay?" she whispered. Reyes shivered again, then nodded in response. "Oh baby. You want me to just hold you? Hum?" Scully whispered again. Reyes just nodded, then shivered yet again. ...Oh wow!... Scully could almost shiver and tremble herself, it was just so sweet. "Okay. I'll just hold you then. Hold you forever, baby," she whispered as she reached up and feathered her fingers through her hair, enjoying the intense intimacy of the moment. She then glanced over at the fireplace. Too bad she had not lit the gas logs earlier in the night. That would have added a nice little touch to the scene. But then they had managed to heat-up the whole apartment building just fine with their passionately-heated lovemaking. And who would have ever guessed that Reyes' first time with her would have been on her couch. ...Of all things... she mused. ...Oh my... She shook her head at the irony. And if she had not noticed that something felt different while she slept, and actually woke up to just a pillow in her arms, she would have never known the difference. Reyes would have finished self-loving, come back to bed, snuggled in against her and that would have been that. And she would have never known the difference. For she knew that Reyes would have never told on herself. She smirked then chuckled. ...Oh baby, God. I made you wait too long now didn't I? Oh, my sweet Moni. God. I won't ever do that to you again. I promise. I won't ever pester you and tease you and play with you all day long like that again. Not until I know for sure that I can give you everything you need. Oh gosh, Moni... "Mmm," she moaned as she turned her head and gave Reyes another quick little kiss along her cheek. Reyes smiled, nuzzling her face in against her neck, breathing in that wonderfully intoxicating Scully-scent, then began to roll them both all the way over, until Scully was on her back and up against the backrest of the couch. Reyes then rose up for a moment, making eye contact. Scully smiled in return, still stroking her back and shoulder-blades. Reyes smiled, too, then nuzzled back in along her neck, her breathing beginning to increase and pant all over again, as she began to suckle and lick and kiss all along Scully's neck; her hips and pelvis starting up another little slow dance - circling and rotating and thrusting into Scully's thigh and mound.

"Umm," Scully throatily groaned into this newest sensation, matching her slow dance with her own groin - circling and rotating and grinding her crotch into her thigh and mound.

"Mmmm... mmmm... mmm, mmm, mmm..." Reyes began to moan more urgently into the slow dance, beginning to pant and shiver more passionately, tightening her hold around Scully yet again, as she suckled and licked and kissed all along her neck, circling and rotating her hips, her whole body beginning to curl and arch and rock and roll into this newest little trip to paradise; Scully tightened her hold around her, too, as she began to bump and grind a little more forcefully into Reyes' mound, causing Reyes to buck and grind and pump even harder, too; their legs tightening as Scully's free leg flew up around her butt, bucking and pumping and gringing, harder and faster, "..oh... ah... oh... ahohahoh..." their mutual little gasps coming faster and faster when suddenly Reyes' hips began to jerk and jerk and jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerkjerkjerkjerk, "...ohahohah, oh! ah! oh!" bucking and jerking into another wonderfully sweet little orgasm, Scully flying to paradise right along with her.

Well. That one didn't take long. And it was not nearly as loud as the first. But it was just as much fun as they lay there recuperating from their latest little trip.

Reyes leaned up, still panting heavily. Gosh, her needs were just so overwhelming as she gazed into Scully's eyes. Scully's lower lip dropped as she gazed back into Reyes' eyes. Reyes immediately leaned down and began to suckle and kiss and thrust her tongue so deeply inside of her mouth she thought she could feel the tip all the way down to her clit.

"Mmm, umm, mmm," they both began to whimper and moan into the deep kiss, hands circling and sliding everywhere, as they found each other's breasts, cupping and squeezing; their tongues sucking and thrusting; their hips rocking and rolling; their mutual bodies spiraling higher and higher into another sweet little climax; Scully suddenly flicking her thumbs faster and faster across Reyes' rock-hard nipples, "...Oh! Ah! DANA!" sending her instantly over the top, her hips and pelvis jerking and bucking into Scully's mound as Scully grabbed onto her torso wrapping her arms around her as well.

Well. That one didn't take very long either. My goodness, Reyes was just so hard-up.

After a few moments, she panted, "Oh... God," her pants coming out in little shivers. "Dana?... How tired are you?"

Scully lay there panting and breathless as well. "I'm fine," she finally responded.

Reyes rose back up, still panting and breathless. "Need to... take you to bed," she said.

Scully cocked an eyebrow.

Reyes then eased herself up, still panting and breathless, as she instantly scooped Scully up in her arms and carried her to bed.

Scully's Bedroom:

Reyes entered the bedroom, Scully in her arms, as she swiftly laid her down on the bed, then stood at the foot of the bed and quickly pulled her t-shirt all the way off, her arms over her head, as her breasts came swinging free.

Scully just lay there taking in the beautiful sight. "Oh... my... God," she panted, breathless, instantly re-wetting her panties between her legs.

Reyes was panting, too, as she hurriedly threw her t-shirt off to the side, then pulled her own saturated underwear off, then eased up onto the bed, clasping Scully's pajama top and then beginning to unfasten each little hampering button.

"Oh," Scully shivered into her touch. ...Umm... Just the feel of Reyes' hands along her top and unbuttoning her shirt was about to send her over the edge. She quickly leaned up as Reyes finished her little task, then curled up and lifted her arms as Reyes finished taking off her top.

"Mmm," Reyes moaned into the beautiful sight, then leaned down and began to suckle and kiss all along Scully's bare breasts, then eased down along her abdomen, suckling and kissing all along her abdomen and then down, down, down, to the edges of her hairline, and then began to inch Scully's soaked underwear off, down, down, down her legs, as Scully helped her, bending her knees, and then ultimately throwing the interfering underwear off to the side. She then rose back up, resting on her knees, straddling Scully's thighs, her crotch just an inch or so above Scully's mound.

Scully glanced down at her glistening, shimmering crotch, soaking wet with desire, her pubic fur sparkling in the subdued light. "Oh... Moni... baby," she panted.

Reyes sat there motionless, panting in the subdued light, as she gazed into Scully's eyes, her eyes telling her everything she needed to know. Scully instantly leaned up, cupping her bare butt for a moment, then leaned in and began to love and caress and tickle and suckle all along her bare breasts, Reyes closing her eyes and throwing her head back, jutting her breasts into Scully's mouth and hands, as Scully began to lightly pinch and tug on her nipples, then flick her thumbs a little faster over those tight nipples, as Reyes lifted her head back up, reaching up and cupping Scully's face in her palms, then leaning in and kissing her ever so tenderly on the lips, gentle and easy, barely flicking her tongue inside her mouth, as Scully began to flick her thumbs across her tingling nipples, a little faster and a little faster, building the intensity, as Reyes' body began to shiver and tremble into the arousing sensations, and yet hold back, hold back, hold back, and remain gentle and easy, as Scully quickly realized what she was doing, holding back, holding back, holding back, and quickly deciding she didn't like that little idea at all, as she broke off the gentle kiss and fueled the fire with her hands and mouth, squeezing and massaging, suckling and licking, harder and harder along Reyes' bare breasts, taking a big heavy breast inside her mouth, sucking and tugging, harder and harder, as Reyes suddenly grabbed onto her shoulders, then clutched the back of her head, crushing her mouth into her breast, then throwing them both down to the bed, as they straddled each other's thighs, their legs tightening and squeezing, Reyes bumping and grinding more forcefully into Scully's mound, faster and faster, as Scully bumped and grinded and answered every thrust. "...oh!... ah!... Oh!.. Ah!..." moans and groans and whimpers and cries beginning to fill the room, as they bumped and grinded, faster and faster, Reyes lifting up on her palms, starring into Scully's eyes, pushing and pumping and grinding and thrusting, harder and harder, against Scully's mound, as Scully suddenly released and screamed, "Oh! Moni! BABY!" out to the high heavens, causing Reyes to release, too, crying, "Oh! Oh! DANA! GOD! IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou..." as she collapsed down into her arms, both shivering and shuddering into the sweet release.

Well. That one didn't take very long either. Um, um, um. They both were pretty hard-up for some sex tonight. Whew...

They lay there for a few seconds, panting and breathless, as Reyes nuzzled her face back down along Scully's neck, kissing and suckling, and whispering sweet nothings into her ear, as Scully began to moan and groan into the sweet sensations, hurriedly rolling them both over in the bed, Reyes ending up flat of her back, panting and breathless, as she gazed into Scully's eyes, pure hunger and desire flooding Scully's eyes, as Scully leaned in and began to suckle and kiss all along her breasts, sliding a hand down, down, down along her lower torso, running her fingers through her pubic hair, then suckling and kissing and licking her way down, down, down, between her legs, as Reyes spread her legs even farther apart. "...mmm, oh, Dana, baby..." she moaned and groaned, twisting and squirming into the sensations, as Scully lifted her hips up and her thighs over her shoulders licking and suckling and nibbling and tugging on Reyes' clit, as Reyes shivered and shuddered, her thighs tightening around her neck, then suddenly bucking and jerking into more waves of sweet release, as Scully hung on, sucking and tugging, then licking and thrusting her tongue deep inside her warm, wet cavity, as Reyes cried out, "Oh! Dana! Yes! Yes! YES! GOD! YES!" her body quaking into wave after wave of sweet ecstasy as she curled up, grabbing onto Scully's shoulders - holding on, holding on, holding on - as her hips bucked and pumped, Scully suckling and licking, faster and faster, then her body crashing back down to the bed, as wave after wave hit, the headboard knocking and banging against the back bedroom wall, both of them beginning to giggle at the sounds...

After a few moments of recovery, from their latest little trip to paradise, they both began to giggle and giggle and snort some more, Scully back up in Reyes' arms as she lay comfortably on top of her, giggling and giggling and giggling.

"God, honey, hope I didn't break your bed," Reyes finally said.

Scully snorted again, then giggled and giggled and giggled some more. Now she understood how her neighbor had drawn such a conclusion, Reyes being her girlfriend. Of course! She could hear them as they fucked the morning and night away. She giggled and giggled and giggled some more, Reyes giggling right along with her.


4:38 AM: They lay there, in each other's arms, peacefully dozing, their mutually nude bodies savoring every minute, every moment, every second, every millisecond that they were together, all cuddled up in each other's arms; their mutual mounds and clits all pressed up together; their mutual chests and breasts all snuggled up enfolding each other; their mutual hearts and souls spiraling and rising, higher and higher, intermingling and interlacing, circling and floating all around the room, lost inside each other's very essence, neither comprehending the full magnitude of what was actually happening; their mutual souls combining and becoming "one" with the universe and "one" with each other; mending and healing and rejuvenating and empowering each other's very essence. Together - they were unstoppable. Together - they were invincible. Together - nothing would ever conquer them. But when they were separate...

Reyes shifted for a moment, then lazily woke back up. They had been making-love off and on for over the last two hours, occasionally dozing for a few minutes, then waking back up, and beginning another little round of immensely heatedly-passionate lovemaking; licking and nibbling and kissing and suckling all over each other's bodies; discovering and exploring every little curve, every little groove, every little dimple, every little freckle, every little mole, every little scar, every little everything, as they brought each other to climax over and over, rubbing and massaging, slipping and sliding inside each other's warm, wet folds, falling deeper and deeper into love.

Within seconds, Scully awakened, too, then smiled, gazing into Reyes' eyes. "Hi," she said.

"Hey," Reyes whispered back.

"You up for another round?"

Reyes giggled. "Mmm. Maybe. But I'm not sure you are."

"I am."

"Umm, I don't know. You haven't had much sleep."

"Don't need any. Need to be inside of you."

"Oh. I see," Reyes responded, cocking an eyebrow.

"Will you let me? Let me inside of you again?" Scully whispered as she shifted a little more to the side, then slid her hand down, down, down along Reyes' lower torso, then combed her fingers through her thick, soft, silken hair.

"Mmm. Is that what you want?" Reyes whispered, her body instantly responding to Scully's soft, sensual touch.

"Umhum," Scully responded as she began to ever so gently rub and caress Reyes' warm, wet folds and clit, barely touching her, barely stroking, barely massaging, barely caressing, Reyes closing her eyes to the gentle ministrations all along her intimate treasures.


4:52 AM: "...oh!oh!Oh!OH!HONEY!GOD!IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou..." Reyes began to mumble over and over again, as she aggressively clutched Scully's pumping wrist, then rolled them both over in the bed, bucking and jerking into Scully's very capable hand, as Scully pumped faster and faster inside of her.

...Ring. Ring...

"...Oh! Geez..." Reyes responded to the telephone ring trying to reel in her most recent orgasm.

"No, let it go, let it go, I'll answer it in a minute," Scully quickly responded as she pumped even faster inside of Reyes' thick, swollen walls, Reyes' inner walls feverishly clutching and gripping her fingers in spite of her resolve to rein her orgasm back in.

...Ring. Ring...

"...ohohoh!OhGod!Yes!Dana,YES!HONEY!YES!YesYesyesyes..." Reyes cried out again as she neared the end of this latest round of lovemaking.

Scully smiled. Oh how she loved the way Reyes vocalized when she got-off. And actually, Reyes was not nearly as loud as Scully tended to be. No. Sometimes all Scully would hear were sweet little whimpers and moans. And sometimes she would hear a great, grand explosion of screams. And then other times it would be a nice little song of accelerating crescendos, followed by a nice little song of diminishing diminuendos, just as she had heard right now, as she slowed her hand, Reyes collapsing all the way down on top of her.

...Ring. Ring...

"This is Dana Scully. Please leave a message."

Scully's answering machine kicked in and answered the very annoying and intrusive telephone call.

They both lay there panting. Reyes especially, for she had just climaxed again for the umpteenth time it seemed. "Mmm," she moaned as she rolled back over, still clutching Scully's wrist with her hand, as Scully's fingers stayed clutched inside of her inner walls. "Oh honey, my God! I don't think I have ever... Whew!... Holy Shit!" she panted as she opened her eyes and gazed into Scully's.

Scully smiled, cocking an eyebrow. "Ever what? Hum?"

"Agent Scully?"

They both suddenly heard Doggett's voice from the answering machine.

"I, um, this is John Doggett, and I hate to be botherin' ya this time a night but... I need to speak to Reyes. And she ain't answerin' her cell."

They both lay there panting and looking at each other, wondering what in the hell this was about.

"So, um, if you get this message, tell her it's urgent... And, um, Skinner's been tryin' to locate her, too. So... You know what I'm sayin'?... Monica?"

"Shit," Reyes responded. Yep. She knew exactly what he was saying. He had been covering her ass. That's what he had been doing. "Damn. Damn it. My damn phone is on vibrate. Shit!" she said.

"Shhh. It's okay. We'll call him back in a minute," Scully reassured her.

Doggett continued, "Well, I'll give you a few minutes and then I'll try back. Sorry to be botherin' y'all so late, but... Monica... It's urgent." And with that, he hung up.

They lay there for a few moments, trying to catch their mutual breath.

"What in the hell?" Reyes finally panted.

"Hum. I don't know. But it doesn't sound very good."

"Um. No. It doesn't... Ohhh... Oh, baby, my God! What you do to me!"

"Umm, and just what is it that I do to you? Hum, Agent Reyes?" Scully teased cocking an eyebrow yet again.

"Oh baby," was all Reyes could say as she squeezed her legs together and cupped Scully's hand again with her own.

Scully chuckled.

"Mmm. My God," Reyes panted again trying to catch her breath.

Scully swallowed and licked her lips, smiling yet again, as she lay her head down along Reyes' heaving chest. ...Ohhh... That strong and steady heartbeat was racing so fast. She smiled again. ...Oh wow... This was so nice, listening to Reyes' pounding heartbeat and heavy breaths through her chest, as she literally felt that rushing pulse rate pulsating through her fingers still gripped so tightly inside Reyes' inner walls.

"Mmm. God, honey... Maybe you need to call him back... I don't know if I'm gonna... get myself together here or not," Reyes panted.

"Oh yeah? Too much for you?" Scully teased, for her own body was recovering more quickly than Reyes' yet again. But then Reyes had just experienced another powerful orgasm, as Scully pumped fast, hard and deep inside of her.

"Mmm. Umum. But... I don't know if I'm gonna be able to... hide what I've been doing from him."

"Oh," Scully teased again. "Well. Let's give it a few more minutes. And if he calls back then I'll answer it. Okay?"

"Mmm. Okay," Reyes whispered as she leaned down, Scully leaning up, as they shared another nice warm,wet and juicy little kiss. "Mmm. God, I love you," Reyes whispered.

Scully cocked an eyebrow. "I... I um..."

"Shhh, it's okay. You don't have to say it. Not if you're not ready."

Scully's eyes widened as her lower lip dropped. "I... um... Well. I think... I think I'm ready. I... I'm just... afraid."

"I know," Reyes responded. "Me, too. Scares the hell out of me, too, okay?"


"Umhum," Reyes nodded. "But... I'm still going to tell you how I feel."

Scully chuckled, then smirked. Now why should that not surprise her? It didn't. Reyes was very quick to express her feelings and emotions.

They lay there for a couple of more minutes. Reyes' heart rate had begun to slow back down, along with her labored breathing. "Mmm, geez. Guess I need to pull it together here and give him a call. See what's up," she whispered.

"Umm. Gosh. Yes. And... I guess I need to come out... before you make that phone call," Scully whispered in response.

"Mmm. You know I don't want you to."

"Umhum. And you know I don't want to either. I could stay inside of you forever."

Reyes' heart skipped several beats. ...Oh wow! What you say to me sometimes... she thought. And Scully didn't have to say those three spooky words to her either. Not when she said things like that.

"You ready?" Scully said.

"No. But... I need to call him," Reyes responded. And actually she was amazed that he had not already called back, for she knew John Doggett. And he was not one to wait it out and be patient, especially if something was "urgent".

"Mmm," Scully sighed. She had hoped to fall asleep, with her fingers still tucked deeply snug inside of Reyes' warm, slick folds. But obviously that was not meant to be for a second time tonight. "Okay," she whispered. "I'll be careful," she said as she began to gently tug on her fingers.

"Ummm," Reyes gutturally groaned into the uncomfortable sensations, her inner muscles actually tightening around Scully's fingers in response, not wanting to let go of them, as she held onto Scully's wrist and guided her through the unfortunate and premature uncoupling.

They lay there for a few seconds, Scully wrapped back up in Reyes' arms.

Reyes sucked in another deep breath, then said, "Okay. Where's the phone?"

Scully reached over and grabbed the portable off the charger.

Reyes took it from her hand, then dialed Doggett's number.

After two rings...


"Hey. What's up?"

"Monica? Damn! Skinner's going nuts!"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Your SAC! He's been callin' your cell for two hours! And then he called Skinner. Hell! And then Skinner called me wonderin' what hotel you was in and I 'bout pissed my pants..."

"Oh geez, okay, okay, okay, slow down. I had it on vibrate and... I forgot to change it. I... I'm sorry, I..."

"Well, that ain't no problem, but Skinner needs you over at Headquarters stat!"

Reyes glanced up at Scully, Scully hearing every word, too. "Okay. But what's the problem?"

"Kid's been 'napped, down in your area."

"What? Where?" Reyes said, rising up into a sitting position.

"I dunno. Lives on some island somewhere down in the swamps."

"What island?"

"I dunno. Hell!"


"No, that ain't it."


"Oh crap, Reyes. No, it's some... Starts with a Y or somethin'."


"Yeah. That sounds about right."

"Oh my God. Okay... So... Are they sure the child has actually been taken and not just lost or something?"

"Yep. Young kid come along in a van and next thing, child's gone."

"Oh Jesus. Describe the van."

"Oh hell, Reyes. I don't have all that info..."

"Okay, okay. So... When was it reported? What time?"

"Sometime yesterday mornin'."

"What?! And they're just now calling us in?! Damn!"

"No. They're just now callin' you in."

"Oh. Okay. Well..."

"Reigel didn't want to have to pull you in on this case, since you're already out in the field, not if he didn't have to, but... they been workin' on this thing since sometime yesterday mornin' and well..."

"They need me."

"Right. They need your experience, your expertise. And they want you to review and rework the profile on this kid. And then try to figure out where to send in the Team."

"They've already got Hostage Rescue on site?"

"Yep. But they need somebody better than what they got down there to figure out a possible location, before they send them in again. Hell! They been screwin' it up down there. Locals are runnin' interference and..."

"Oh geez. Okay... Good God," Reyes groaned.

"Look. You need to get your ass over to Headquarters. Stat! Need me to come getcha?"

Scully immediately shook her head.

"Um. Hang on a minute," Reyes said as she pulled the phone down to her lap. "Dana, you're too tired. Let John come and get me."

"No. I'm fine. Hell. You think I'll sleep with you over at Headquarters?"

Reyes smirked, then pulled the phone back up to her ear. "John... Agent Scully's going to drive me in, okay?"

"She sure 'bout that?"

Scully took the phone from her hand. "Hi John, and yes, I'm sure. I'm up, I'm awake and I'll drive her in."

Well, okay. Doggett wasn't going to argue with that.

"What time do we need to be there?"


"Okay, give us twenty."

And with that both Scully and Doggett hung up.

Reyes immediately got up from the bed, then turned to Scully. "My God! Can you believe...?"

"I don't even want to talk about it. Let's just jump in the shower."

Then they both quickly headed for the shower, jumped in and took their first shower together. But they had no time at all for any real action as they hurriedly soaped and lathered themselves up, then rinsed off, quickly jumped out, toweled off and then tried to find some appropriate clothes to wear.

Scully and Reyes riding along in Scully's Sedan - H Street NW:

5:13 AM: Reyes glanced over at the big iron gates surrounding the White House. Well, that was where her boss lived, her ultimate boss - the boss - the President of the United States. She smirked. And was she ever thankful that she was not a part of the Secret Service. Her job was hard enough as it was. She could not imagine what they went through, trying to protect the leaders of the whole damn frickin' country from foul play.

After a couple of more seconds of deafening silence...


"No. Let's just... Let's wait. They haven't called you back yet. Doggett would have told you that. So they probably just want you to see the latest reports, come up with an amended profile and new location. Right?"

"Right. But...?"

"No. Okay? No," Scully said, her heart about to break. She just couldn't talk about it.

They road along in silence for another few moments.

"Oh. Geez," Reyes sighed.


"I... I'm... Ohhh..."


Reyes glanced back over at her. "I um... I can still feel you inside of me, that's what."

Scully chuckled as she glanced back over to her, too. "Mmm, well... Me, too, sweetheart, me, too," she said, as she stopped at a redlight. "Umm, come here, I need to kiss you," she whispered as she leaned over in the seat, Reyes leaning over as well. They kissed for a few seconds as the light turned green. "Umm, God, I can't... I don't... Oh Christ."

"I know. And I don't know what to say," Reyes said as she clasped her hand and pulled it up to her lips. "Oh God, Dana. You have the most beautiful hands in the world," she whispered, completely distracted from her earlier thoughts, as she began to suckle on a knuckle.


Suddenly her cell-phone began to vibrate. "Shit," she fussed as she let go of Scully's hand and answered her phone. "Monica Reyes."

"REYES!" It was her SAC, from the New Orleans Field Office.

"Yes sir."

"Where the hell have you been?!"

"I... um..."

"Never mind! Where the hell are you now?!"

"I... um... I'm in route to Main Headquarters as we speak."

"What's your ETA?"

"Three minutes."

"All right. I don't have time to..." SAC Reigel continued on, giving her a very nice little verbal reprimand, then proceeded to fill her in on more information regarding the recently abducted child that lived just twenty minutes from where she resided.

Scully just listened and drove, her heart increasingly breaking with each passing second.

"Do you need me to fly back?" Reyes asked him, instantly getting to the heart of the matter.

Scully's heart sank as she feared his answer.

Reyes then glanced over to her, shaking her head "no".

"Whew..." Scully sighed, relieved at least for a little while.

J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBIHDQ) - 935 Pennsylvania Blvd, Washington, DC
Deputy Director Walter Skinner's Office:

5:19 AM: Skinner was sitting behind his desk with the latest police reports out of Louisiana pulled up on his laptop computer screen. Doggett was already there, too, with a large city map of downtown New Orleans, and a topography map, covering the last known location of the child, spread out all over a conference table.

"Okay. What do we have?" Scully said as she entered Skinner's office, Reyes right behind her.

"Well... Good of you to join us," Skinner quipped sarcastically.

Scully smirked. Now that was uncalled for.

Reyes glanced away. "I um... Sir, I apologize, I... I had my phone turned to vibrate and I... I just... I didn't hear..."

"No need to explain. You're here now. Let's get on it."

"Yes sir."

Doggett glanced up from the table, caught her gaze and winked.

Reyes just nibbled on her lower lip.

Scully walked over and leaned over the table next to Doggett, and then began to study the topography map with a big red-ink circle already drawn around the area where the child had last been seen.

He glanced over at her. "You aw right?" he asked.

"Umhum. Is this the area?" she asked as she ran a fingertip down along the Saint Bernard State Park symbol near the Poydras community of southern New Orleans, Louisiana.


Reyes came over to the table, too, as she set her briefcase down, opened it and then began to pull her own laptop out of its case. "Girl or boy?" she asked.

"Well... Reigel didn't tell you?" Skinner quipped sarcastically yet again.

"No. All he told me was the time and location. And that he had faxed everything else I needed up here to you."

"Well. You need to be a little more..." Skinner started again.

"Skinner?" Scully interrupted him. "What's your problem? Hum? We're here. So what's the problem?"

The room went dead silent for a few seconds.

"Nothing. But... Next time, I need to know where all of my agents are. Cause I'll be damned if I'm going to have to tell another SAC that I cannot locate his agent. Hell!"

"Sir, I am sorry. It won't happen a..." Reyes began to apologize again.

"Reyes," Scully interrupted her.

Reyes' eyes widened along with Doggett's.

"Skinner. Get off her ass! Haven't you ever turned your cell-phone off, or to vibrate, and forgotten about it? Now cut the crap! And let's get on with finding this missing child!" Scully yelled.

...Whoa!... Everyone and everything else in the room went dead silent yet again. And they all knew they had better keep it quiet for a little while, for Scully was pissed. She was royally pissed at Skinner's second little try at a verbal reprimand towards Reyes. And Reyes was not even his agent. And she had already stomached a severe verbal reprimand from her own SAC. So she did not need to go through another one from him. Not this early in the morning at least. She had enough to deal with, trying to reassess and update the profile on the kidnapper, determine a possible location of where the child might be presently held, and then lead the team of agents in from a thousand miles away, to try for a rescue. That was more than enough weight on her shoulders without Skinner adding a couple of hundred pounds.

Skinner glanced back over at Reyes. The strain and heartbreak was written all over her face. This little child was in trouble - big trouble - severe trouble. And Reyes knew it. She knew it in her gut. This was not a typical kidnapping by an estranged parent, or some sick, perverted pedophile, or some sick, perverted child-pornography photographer type. Oh no, she knew it in her gut, that this little child was going to suffer through horrific, horrendous things that not even one's very worst enemy should ever have to endure. And the young teen that had snatched this little child with the van was probably a gang member from the very same group she had been dealing with for several months! As members of that gang snatched innocent little animals, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, small dogs, puppies, and cats, including her own cat, and the like up and then brutally tortured, mutilated and ultimately poisoned them and then left them to die as a sacrifice to their sick, ritualistic ways. And now, this sick, sadistic gang had an innocent little child in their clutches.

"Reyes?" Skinner said.

"Yes sir?" she responded as she pulled down her "Favorites" menu on her own laptop browser, and clicked on the website address to her own FBI Field Office back home in New Orleans.

"What do you need us to do to help?"

She licked her lips as she looked up at him. "I'm not sure yet, sir. But, getting me here is a start."

Skinner chuckled as Doggett came over and put his hand on her shoulder in support. He knew her well and he knew that she was feeling extreme pressure to find this child. And how the hell could she do that over a thousand miles away?

Scully sat down next to her in support, too, as she began to scrutinize the small stack of faxed information sent in from the local Police Department and the New Orleans Field Office, offering her own support, thoughts and observations on the case.

"Um, sir?" Reyes said again.

Skinner glanced up.

"You never answered my question."

He cocked an eyebrow, then, "Girl," he said.

Reyes nodded. "Name."

Skinner glanced down at the police report lying in front of him. "Amata Elisa Garcia."

Reyes nodded again. "How old?"


Everyone in the room held their breath for a moment.


5:51 AM: Reyes was pacing around the room holding her cell-phone in one hand as she held the latest faxed information in the other. Scully, Skinner and Doggett just sat there, listening and watching, as she rattled off in a mixture of English and Spanish all sorts of questions and information, depending on whom she was talking to at any given moment. She would then stop on occasion, walk over to the topography area map, and scribble another quick little note down, posting it to the edge of the map for future reference. "Right. Right. I need that fax. Is it...? It is? Great." She lowered her phone down for a moment and looked over at Doggett. "I've got another fax coming in. Do you mind...?"

"I'll get it," Scully immediately spoke up as she rose from her seat and headed down the hallway to the fax machine.

Reyes continued to rattle off in English, then in Spanish, and then back into English again, her theories on this case, that the perp was part of a much larger group, a group that she had already had severe dealings with. But no one in the local small-town Louisiana Police Department seemed to want to listen to her theories. The locals were treating it as a typical child-abduction, with either a typical pedophile or a person addicted to child-pornography as the perp. And it was true, that in either case it could possibly lead to an ultimate death for the child, but then not necessarily. Actually, some pedophiles and child-pornography photographers may never even lay a hand on the child. In their sick minds they just want the child to watch, or maybe just want the child's company for a little while. In any case, none of these situations were acceptable. But Reyes just knew it in her gut that this was actually something much bigger and much greater than that. It was another ritualistic crime, and this time a child-abduction, not an animal-abduction, a child-abduction! That would lead to this innocent little girl being brutally and sexually assaulted, beaten and tortured, mutilated beyond recognition, and then ultimately poisoned and left to die, as a ritualistic sacrifice! And she was pissed - royally pissed. Because her gut was telling her everything she needed to know. And yet nobody in the local police precinct seemed to want to listen. And the worst part of all, they were running out of time for this sweet and innocent little girl.

"Why won't you listen to me?" she said. "I don't under... No... No... Umum. Because I have the proof right here in my hand, damn it!" she yelled into the receiver as Scully reentered the room. She glanced around. Scully just shook her head. The fax had not come in yet. "Listen damn it! I have been working with this group for months! Fucking months, do you hear me? And this is their MO!... No!... Hah! Put him on the line. I need to speak to my partner," she said. "Put my partner on the line, please," she repeated matter-of-factly. A few moments of silence passed. "What the hell are they thinking?!" she fussed as she walked back over to the crime scene map. "No. I am telling you, she is somewhere in the Michoud area, somewhere along the tracks," she said as she ran a fingertip down along the railroad track symbol. "No. They have moved! They're moving all around the city! You know that!... Well then narrow the search!... Hah!" she paused as her partner in the New Orleans Field Office began to argue with her, too. ...Damnation!... She sighed softly as she rolled her eyes, then glanced back over at Scully. Scully grinned as she got back up to go check on the fax yet again. Reyes just winked at her.

Doggett and Skinner began to discuss the situation, too. And as soon as Reyes could pinpoint another 1-mile area radius, and hopefully the correct one this time, Skinner would make the call and have the FBI Hostage Rescue Team move in and rescue the little girl. For Reyes did not need to rework the profile on this perp. She already knew who the perp was. Or at least who the ringleaders were and how they operated. All she needed to do was determine an accurate location of where to send in the team of agents to find the little girl.

"Right. Yes. Down by the Diamond Jubilee. That's my best estimate," Reyes said as Scully reentered the room, fax in hand, and walked over to her. Reyes smiled, then winked. "Thank you," she whispered as she took the newest fax from Scully's hand and began to read the latest information. "Right, yes. Down by the DJ on US-90." She then glanced back down at the topography map. "Right, Chef Menteur Hwy. Go east. Go about a mile east to Recovery. And there's a little juke-joint right down close to the water."

"A juke-joint?" Scully whispered to no one in particular.

Doggett chuckled. "Yeah. It's what they call a blues-bar, a little dive that plays the blues, Cajun music, down there in the swamps."

"Ah," Scully and Skinner both responded, smiling.

"Hum, a juke-joint," Scully said again.

"Yeah, they got their own language and everythin' down there. It's real interestin'. French, Spanish, several different American Indian dialects. Real interestin'. Need to go sometime and visit. Let Reyes show ya around."

Scully cocked an eyebrow. Oh yes indeedy, she just might have to take a little trip to New Orleans - Cajun country - and visit her favorite gal from Noo Awlins Country.

"Yes. Yes! YES! That's it!" Reyes responded to whoever was on the other end of the line.

Scully cocked an eyebrow yet again. ...Oh my... Did that little outburst of jubilation ever sound familiar.

"Yes! Right! Do it!" Reyes said again, then removed her cell for a moment to talk to Skinner. "We've got it, got a location!" she said, her eyes shining brightly.

Skinner nodded as he picked up his own phone and began to call the SAC of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, waiting for the order to relocate and move in.


6:13 AM: Reports were coming in and everything sounded right on schedule as the local authorities and FBI Team moved closer into the area Reyes had determined for the ultimate 1-mile radius, in search of the little girl. They had the perp in visual and had actually caught a glimpse of the little girl, too.

"Good work, Reyes," Skinner said as he read the latest reports off the screen on his laptop.

"Thanks, but... she's not out of the woods yet, not until they get her completely out of the area," Reyes responded.

Scully inhaled deeply, then sighed a very weary and yet very contented sigh. It looked as if this little girl was going to be rescued after all, if everything continued to go on schedule. Which was absolutely amazing, in that Reyes had managed to do her job from over a thousand miles away. But then she had been working with this group and their MO for months! So, she knew them, knew their tactics ,and knew the way they tended to maneuver around the city like the back of her hand. And she was a special agent trained in the Behavioral Sciences Unit after all. And special agents in that particular unit were called on quite often to put together a profile, pinpoint a location, and then send a team in, without ever having to actually go out into the field, although Reyes had led the charge out in the field on many an occasion as well. But, today, she had managed to lead the charge from the comforts of Skinner's warm office in Washington, DC, and not out on the frontlines of New Orleans and the Rescue Team itself.

"Umm," Scully moaned again. She was so tired, exhausted really. And she knew that Reyes was, too. It was showing in her eyes how tired she truly was. But then no wonder, they had not had much sleep. And here it was the day starting, the sun coming up and shining through Skinner's office window. "Mmm," she sighed again as she glanced out the window, catching a glimpse of the sunrise. Reyes glanced around and caught her gaze, cocking an eyebrow. Scully just smiled. Soon, very soon, she and Reyes would be on their way back to her apartment. And soon, very soon, they would be back inside of her warm, comfortable abode, and back inside of her warm, soft, comfortable bed, and all snuggled up in each other's warm, soft, comfortable and sheltering arms. ...Oh yeah, baby... And she could hardly wait as her heart and soul burned for Reyes. And then they could catch up on some much-needed sleep, too, over the next few hours; sleep they both needed desperately before they had to catch the afternoon flight out to Raleigh, North Carolina.

...Ring. Ring...

Skinner's phone began to chime. "Skinner... Yeah... Everything's moving on schedule then?" he said, satisfied with the imminent success the FBI Rescue Team and local authorities were about to have in recovering this little girl and apprehending the perpetrator. "Oh... Really," he suddenly frowned, furrowing his brow. "Umm... Okay. Yeah... She's right here. Reyes?" he said as he held his office phone out to her.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow as she walked over to his desk and took the phone from his hand. "Monica Reyes," she said.

Scully and Doggett watched as her expression began to change into pain-filled sorrow all over again.

"What's goin' on?" Doggett asked for the both of them.

"Another child's missing. Little boy this time," Skinner replied.

"What?" Scully and Doggett both said in unison.

Skinner just nodded.

"Oh my," Scully groaned. "Oh no... And a little boy this time?"

Skinner just nodded.

"Oh my... I think... I think she was afraid of this... Afraid that something like this was going to happen," she said as she watched Reyes talk on the phone to her ASAC, Cunningham.

"What do you mean?" Skinner asked.

"Well. She's been confining different members of this group to Juvenile for months. But the Courts keep letting them back out on the streets."

"Oh, the sons of bitches," Doggett chimed in.

Scully nodded in agreement.

Reyes ended her conversation and then hung up Skinner's phone, her eyes full of sorrow and remorse, as she looked over at Scully for a moment, and then back to Skinner. "I um... I need to... fly back... Next flight out," she mumbled as she glanced back over at Scully.

Their eyes locked. Their world stopped. The earth stopped spinning. Everyone and everything else in the room disappeared for a few moments as they gazed into each other's eyes.

After a few seconds, Doggett cleared his throat and asked, "Well, um... A little boy? You got a little boy gone missin'?"

"Yes. A little boy this time," Reyes nodded, never breaking the intimate eye contact she and Scully were sharing at this very moment.

Scully then stood up wavering slightly. "I um... I need to... go down the hallway for a minute," she said as she broke the intimate eye contact and began to leave the room, Reyes, and everyone else in the room, watching her as she made her way to the door and then left.

"Reyes?" Skinner said.


"What flight? Has he called in your flight yet?"

"Um. Yes. It's the... um... Wow!... I've gone blank."

Doggett and Skinner just watched her, scrutinizing the scene and quickly figuring out that things were just not quite the same anymore between Scully and Reyes all of a sudden.

"That's all right. I'll call him back, get the airlines and flight number," Skinner quickly said.

"Um. Thank you. I um... It leaves at... 8:20, 8:30... I think... Something like that," she responded.

Skinner nodded.

Then Doggett said, "Monica? Why don't you go check on Agent Scully. She looked a little... woozy," he shrugged.

Reyes nodded. "She's very tired. Still not sleeping very well," she said, trying to cover for her, as she left the room to go in search of her.

Skinner and Doggett both just nodded. That was understandable with the kind of week she had just been through, losing her best friend and partner, and then the final memorial service for him coming up tomorrow afternoon. No wonder she was feeling a little woozy and wobbly and not sleeping very well.

Main Corridor just outside of AD Skinner's Office:

Scully quickly leaned up against the main corridor wall again. She was just so weak and lightheaded. She felt as if she could pass out. She glanced down the hallway to see how much farther she had to go before she could find some privacy inside the ladies' restroom. It wasn't but just a few yards down. She doggedly made her feet and legs work as she held onto the wall, making her way down to the little room.

Reyes entered the main corridor just in time to see Scully enter the ladies' room. She began to jog down to the ladies' room herself.

Ladies' Restroom, located down at the end of the Main Corridor:

Scully stood there just inside the door, her forehead leaned up against the wall. She was still holding onto the walls to remain vertical. She glanced over at the counter, then hesitantly took a step towards it, then leaned up against the nearest sink. "Oh," she gasped. She could hardly breathe! The muscles were tightening so fretfully inside her chest. Her heart was pounding. Her lungs were struggling for air. She felt herself going weak in the knees.


She suddenly heard Reyes' soft whisper from the doorway. Her heart lurched inside her chest as she glanced up in the mirror, looking at Reyes' reflection. She stood there panting for every little breath.

"Oh honey," Reyes instantly ran to her as she turned around and grabbed onto her, holding on so tight she about took her breath away, as Reyes held on just as feverishly tight herself.

"Oh God, Monica, this can't be happening, this can't be happening, my God, this can't be happening," she rambled, still in-shock at the thought that Reyes was actually going to have to fly back home to New Orleans this morning after all.

Reyes was the first to break down into tears, her body shaking, as she buried her soft sobs against Scully's neck. "Oh God, Dana... I... I don't know how to... I... I don't, I can't, I... Oh God, baby..." she whimpered through her tears.

Scully just grabbed onto her even tighter, her own eyes flooding with tears as well.

They stood there for a few moments, desperately holding onto each other, clutching each other, and holding on so tight one could hardly tell where one body ended and the other one began.

Reyes continued to cry softly into Scully's neck and shoulder, her warm tears splashing against her neck and throat.

"Shhh, shhh, baby, it's all right, it's gonna be okay," Scully whispered as she suddenly became the strength for the both of them. She then lifted Reyes' head up off her shoulder and rested her forehead against Reyes' forehead, tears still streaming down Reyes' cheeks. "Oh baby, shhh, shhh, no more tears. No more tears, now. You've got a job to do," she whispered again as she began to wipe and kiss Reyes' tears away.

Reyes nodded as she sniffled.

"Shhh, it's okay. We knew this day would come now didn't we?... Hum?"

Reyes nodded again as she sniffled, then leaned her head back down against Scully's shoulder.

"Oh God, Monica. This was never suppose to happen, you getting so hurt like this."

Reyes rose back up for a moment, making eye contact. "What do you mean?" she whispered softly, furrowing her brow.

Scully cupped her cheeks as she wiped more tears away. "Oh God, Moni, I mean that... You... We... Oh God," she groaned as she gazed into Reyes' tear-filled eyes. ...Oh no, baby... This was never suppose to happen. They were never supposed to fall-in-love. They were never even supposed to care. They were only supposed to share a few quick little rounds of one-night-stands. No emotions, no feelings, no getting involved and ...For Crissakes... no falling-in-love. ...Jesus!... It was only supposed to be about sex. Just sex. Nothing else but sex. Just for the fun of it. Just for the recreation of it. Just for the hell of it. Just sex. No feelings, no emotions, no affection, no passion, no real love, just sex. Just fucking sex. A few good, quick and dirty little fucks worth of sex. No real love. ...Oh damn, Moni, no. Don't do this. Don't complicate it all with love. No. No. God, don't do this to me... she thought as she continued to gaze into Reyes' eyes, those dark-chocolate, tear-filled eyes spilling so much love and adoration out and into Scully's very soul it almost took her breath away. "Oh damn, when you look at me like that," she whispered as she reached up and kissed her ever-so-gently on the lips.

Reyes cupped her face and cheeks with her palms, returning the ever-so-gentle little kiss.

They kissed for several more seconds, when suddenly they heard footsteps coming down the hallway. They quickly broke of their gentle kisses, watching and waiting and listening. The footsteps continued on passed the door and towards the elevator.

Scully then glanced at her watch. "What time's your flight?"

"Um, 8:20, 8:30 I think. Something like that."

"Okay, well, you need to make sure, because it's already 6:30. And I've got to get you to the airport at least an hour before takeoff."

Reyes nodded.

"Tell you what. I'll run home, pack your things, get everything together, and then come back and pick you up, while you finish up in there with Skinner and Doggett."


"No. It's the only way. We don't have enough time for me to wait, and then we both drive back home and then... No, baby, okay?"

Reyes nodded again as she folded a lip inside her mouth.

"You gonna be all right?"

Reyes nodded again.

"I'll be back in 30 minutes. Pick you up out on E, okay?"


"Okay," Scully mimicked softly, teasing her. "Mmm, come here, I need to kiss you."

Reyes smiled, then leaned down as they kissed again for a few seconds.

Suddenly, they heard more footsteps coming down the hallway. They quickly broke off the kiss. The footfalls hesitated and then stopped. Within moments, the footfalls began to go back in the other direction from where they had come.

Scully cocked an eyebrow.

Reyes did, too.

"Okay. I'll see you around 7:00. Five after at the latest," Scully said.

Reyes nodded as they let go of each other, and then Scully left the room. She stood there for a few moments just trying to catch her breath and reel in all of her conflicting emotions. For one thing, she was just so tired. And that never helped when she needed to keep an emotional distance from a case or anything else.

Main Corridor just outside of AD Skinner's Office:

Doggett glanced up as he heard the ladies' restroom door open and those very distinct, decisive little footsteps of Agent Scully's hurriedly walk towards the elevator, all the way down at the other end of the corridor. He watched as she quickly reached over and hit the elevator-down button. Within seconds, the elevator doors opened. She walked in, turned around, and then leaned up against the back wall with her eyes closed. She then opened them, for just a moment, saw him standing by a window at the other end of the long corridor, made eye contact, barely nodded, and then closed her eyes yet again as the elevator doors closed, too. Doggett decided to just wait it out where he was until Reyes came out of the ladies' restroom herself. He was not going to push himself on her, but he wasn't stupid, either. He knew his best friend. And he knew that something was up. Something big was up. Something he could hardly believe might be up. Suddenly he heard the ladies' restroom door open again and out walked Reyes. She glanced up towards him. He nodded. She nodded back and then started walking down the long corridor towards him. He finally couldn't take it any longer and began to walk towards her as well. She smiled as he came up beside of her and put his arm around her waist.

"Hey, Sport. You did good in there," he teased, and yet was actually complimenting her on a job well done with the missing little girl.

She snickered, then leaned her head in against his shoulder. "Oh shit," she whispered as she quickly pulled her head back up. That type of spontaneous affection would not be very wise inside of the FBIHDQ building.

Doggett quickly understood and pulled his own arm back down to his side as well. "You aw right?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'll be all right," she said.

He nodded, then led her into another open conference room where they could have a little more privacy. "So... You got anything goin' on you need to talk about?" he said as he closed the door behind him.

"Oh," Reyes responded, her heart leaping inside of her chest, as she walked back up to him. He was just so sweet, the best friend she could ever have. "No. But... I could use a hug," she said.

Doggett chuckled. "Aw right," he said as he wrapped his big, strong, powerful arms around her. "You sure you ain't got somethin' goin' on you need to talk about?"

Reyes chuckled as she buried her head in against his shoulder and neck. "Yeah. I'm sure... Can't talk about it right now. I need to... sort it all out first... Okay?"

He nodded. "Well. I'm here for ya, Monica, and... if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone..."

"Oh John, I know... I know, and... as soon as I figure things out... you'll be the first to know. Okay?"

He nodded again as he wrapped his arms more tightly around her. "It's just... I don't wanna see you get hurt anymore... You been hurt so many times, and..."

"Oh God," Reyes responded as her eyes watered up. "I'm tough. I can handle it."

"Yeah, but... You got an awfully tender little heart tickin' away in there, and... sometimes I end up hurtin' ya, too, and..."

Reyes giggled. "You don't hurt me that bad. Only when you make fun of me."

He chuckled, stroking her back and enjoying the few minutes they were sharing together alone. He missed her so much. She was his rock, his stabilizer. And he missed her so very much.



"There is one thing."

"What's that?" he said as she leaned back out from his arms.

"I... I need you to... I need you to watch over her... watch over Agent Scully for me. Okay? Could you do that?"

"What? Why?" he said wrinkling his brow.

"Well. I didn't say anything to her, but... John... someone... or... something... or... Gosh, I don't know how to explain it, but... something is trying to hurt her, get to her."

"What?" he said, clasping her forearms and starring into her eyes.

"Yes, I... I can't explain it, but... John... I've been feeling it off and on ever since we got back to DC. And I'm telling you, someone... or something is trying to hurt her... And she's in danger. Some sort of danger, and... and I... I can't protect her from a thousand miles away."

He continued to stare into her eyes, seeing the heartfelt emotion and conviction in those eyes. "Okay. I can do that," he said reassuring her.

"Our little secret?"

"Yeah, no problem, but... You got any idea who it is? Or why?"

"Umm, maybe, but... I'm not sure yet. So..." she shrugged.

He nodded.

"Thanks, John. I knew I could count on you," she said, then leaned back in for another tight hug.

"Sure. No problem," he whispered as he kissed her on the crown.


Continued - Conclusion

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