Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 6
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She Mends Me

by MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 6

Reyes' Motel Room - Approximately 2 Hours Later:

7:35 AM: The sun had begun to peek through the little peephole in the door of the motel room, creating a very bright thread of light that was currently hitting Reyes right squarely between the eyes. "Shit," she whispered, then batted at the annoying light, while finding herself still comfortably held in Scully's arms. "Hum," she smiled and sighed lightly, a very contented sigh. Scully shifted a little in her sleep. Reyes rose up just enough to turn her head in the other direction, then snuggled back down into Scully's chest and fell right back off into a deep sleep.


8:00 AM: Scully opened her eyes from the bright light that was beginning to radiate all around the motel room. The curtains were drawn, but the sun had climbed a little higher in the sky, causing bright rays of sunlight to find unsolicited access into the room. She glanced over at the clock. 8:00 AM. ...Gosh... What time did I finally settle down anyway?... 4:30?... 5:00?... No. Actually, it was more like 5:35 AM. And the alarm clock was set to go off in thirty minutes. ...Oh wow... So, truly, neither one of them had had much of a good night's sleep. Maybe three-and-a-half or four hours total at the most? And they both had needed it so desperately. But Scully had dreamed a horrible nightmare in the wee hours of this Wednesday morning, causing them both to awaken in separate rooms and in separate beds, for Reyes had unconsciously sensed Scully's distress, even as she slept. Her telepathic abilities had begun to replenish somewhat during the night, and were again becoming quite uniquely in-sync with Scully's fragile state-of-mind. And that was okay. Actually, that was more than okay. That was very, very good, indeed. For Scully needed that right now. She really needed Reyes' friendship and that special and unique "Reyes sixth-sense" more than she could ever imagine over the next couple of days.

"Ah," Scully lightly yawned, then glanced down at Reyes. Reyes' cheek was still firmly planted against her upper chest. Her long, lean body was contentedly tucked up along side her own. Her arm was casually stretched out, along Scully's lower torso. And her right leg and knee were cozily straddling Scully's leg, with her groin lightly pressed against her upper thigh. ...Oh yeah, baby... Scully smiled at that. ...Um-hum. That feels good. Oh yeah. Too good, actually. More like wonderful!... She smirked at the thought. But it did feel good. More like wonderful.

"Um," she stifled a moan, then gently squeezed Reyes' upper torso a little more intimately for a moment. ...Oh gosh. I love this! I love feeling you! God! You feel so good! Damn good!... "Umm," she stifled another moan, then squeezed Reyes' upper torso quite snuggly yet again, while remaining extra careful not to hurt her sore tummy or awaken her. ...Oh, baby, I want you so bad! God! I want to... Crap!... I've got to quit calling you that! Shit!... she mentally fussed at herself and her newly-formed habit, calling Reyes "baby" every little bit.

Reyes slightly stirred from Scully's tight little squeeze. Her right leg and knee slightly stirred, too, as she continued to snooze, still lost to a deep and restful sleep.

"Hah!" Scully suddenly gasped, glancing back down at Reyes. ...Oh God!... She had just then felt where the edge of Reyes' knee was planted. ...Oh my God!... So, that was what had awakened her - the physical sensations of some much-needed pressure against her groin and little love button. And the immense need for some major physical relief. Actually, more like extremely intense need for some major sexual relief. A need that she had been fighting and battling with, all night long, without any satisfaction at all. None whatsoever. ...Oh, baby... she mused, tightening her hold around Reyes' torso yet again. Reyes slightly stirred again from the added pressure against her torso, and yet still remained sound asleep. ...Oh!... "Oh God," Scully lightly moaned again. Reyes' knee had moved again, adding more deliciously needed pressure against her aching groin and pulsating little love button. ...Oh God, Monica! You're killing me!... she thought. Well, if she rotated her hips slightly to the right, and then moved her groin just a little to the ...Oh, for Crissakes! Get over it, Dana!... she smirked at her mischievous little thoughts and present situation. ...I swear! Fucking on the brain!... she thought again. Although, if she were a man, and had male body parts, she would find herself in quite a desperate situation right about now, fighting an enlarged and throbbing hard-on. One that a man could lose control of in a matter of seconds, thanks to that slight little movement and added pressure of Reyes' knee. But, she was most definitely not a man. And she could control herself and her body, along with her lovely little pulsating love button. Although, said little love button was not so little anymore. It had become quite erect and swollen itself. And it was tenaciously throbbing and tingling from all of the delicious pressure it was receiving, and all of that pent-up and unfulfilled physical need for some sexual release.

"Umm," she softly moaned again. ...God. If you even move!... She then chuckled a little at her situation. Well. She was just going to have to somehow get over it again. She smirked, then carefully squeezed her legs together, hoping to ease some of the constant pressure against her groin. "Oh, gosh," she lightly sighed again. ...God, Reyes... Well. That seemed to help a little bit and ease some of her discomfort. ...Um, um, um. How did I get myself into this one?... She stifled another chuckle, then held Reyes a little more cozily in her arms yet again, forcing herself to ignore the ever-increasing ache and throbbing between her legs. ...You're gonna be the death of me yet, Reyes... Um, um, um... If you only knew, what you're doing to me. And while you sleep at that. Damn... "Hum," she lightly sighed again, enjoying the feel of Reyes' body so intimately tucked up against her.

She quietly cleared her throat, swallowed, shifted a little, and then began to carefully run her palms up and down and all along Reyes' back and shoulder-blades, still being very observant not to awaken her. ...Ummm... She loved the feel of Reyes' back. She could tell, just from her light strokes, how strong Reyes' back and shoulder muscles were. Reyes' deltoids were so pronounced and tight, firm and solid to the touch, just like a brick. ...Oh yeah. You've got a boxer's deltoids all right... She smiled at that thought. ...Gosh... You box!... Of all things. I would have never... You're a trained boxer! And a kick-boxer at that! Wow!... Now, that was rather exciting! She reached up and carefully ran her fingers through Reyes' thick hair, still being very careful not to awaken her. Actually, that was more than exciting. That was exhilarating. Just the thought made her heart skip a beat. For she liked to periodically put on a set of boxing gloves herself. She enjoyed the feel of punching a bag, and pouring everything she had into those hits and punches. Working out most of the stress, tension and frustration, she felt from her job on a regular basis. ...Wow!... Now that would be fun. Working out with you. Having a partner for a change... "Hum," she barely sighed, smiling again.

Reyes again began to stir from Scully's gentle massages and tender strokes. She lightly moaned and then suddenly woke up herself. She glanced up at Scully.

Scully stopped her ministrations, glanced down and smiled, cocking an eyebrow at her.

The sleepy brunette grinned.

"Morning," Scully whispered lightly under her breath.

"Morning," Reyes whispered back, then cuddled back down in her arms.

Scully smiled again, resuming her ministrations, and again began to run her palms up and down and all along Reyes' back and shoulder-blades.

"Mmm... God, Dana," Reyes whispered softly. "That feels... wonderful," she groaned as she snuggled in a little more deeply into Scully's chest. "Ummm," she throatily groaned again.

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh... yeah..." she replied, a little breathless, as she began to rub her cheek along Scully's bare chest and just above her covered breasts. ...Oh, Dana, God. What a way to wake up!... "Ummm," she huskily groaned again from Scully's gentle ministrations. ...Uh-oh... She had just realized where the edge of her knee was planted ...Oops... and gently began to back it off.

Scully began to giggle, a wicked little giggle, unable to control the slight little buck of her hips at the sudden loss of pressure.

"Sorry," she whispered in response to Scully's little giggles, yet unaware of the slight little buck of her hips.

"Well, I'm not," Scully teased, continuing to giggle at her present situation and the continual ache between her legs.

"You're not?" Reyes replied, beginning to chuckle herself.


"No? Hum. Well... Want me to put it back?" Reyes teased, stifling a yawn.

"No. Not if you don't want me to go on the attack right about now," Scully teased her back, giggling some more, taking a chance and telling her the truth.

Reyes slightly rose up, raising an eyebrow at her.

Scully giggled some more at her expression.

"Oh. I see," Reyes teased again, deciding to have a little fun with her. She then placed her knee right back where it had been just seconds before, slightly pressed against Scully's groin.

"Hah!" Scully gasped, her eyes widening from the unexpected pressure. ...Oh shit!... She had not prepared herself for that.

"But then again, we would be breaching government protocol now wouldn't we? Agent Scully? Fraternizing on the job?" Reyes whispered, teasing her some more with her words, while holding the edge of her knee perfectly still and perfectly in place - in the exact same delectably, delicious place - where it had been just moments before when she had first awakened.

"Hah!... Oh God!" Scully gasped again. "Oh! I think we are way past that right about... Hah!" she gasped again. "Oh God! Don't!... Don't move!" she said with the sounds of slight panic in her voice.

"Don't move?" Reyes chuckled some more. She had not moved. She was just resting her knee there, perfectly still. Just like it had been moments before.

"Moni! Don't! I'm warning you! Don't!... Hah!" Scully gasped again, grabbing onto Reyes' leg and knee, then holding said knee firmly against her aching crotch. "Oh my God!" Her hips uncontrollably bucked up into the edge of Reyes' knee a couple of times, as her insides steadily cramped and convulsed, while her swollen little love button relentlessly tingled and throbbed from the sensations.

"Dana?" Reyes' eyes had widened in surprise at Scully's reactions and uncontrolled little buck of the hips. ...Oh my God. I was just making a joke!... she mused as she glanced back up to Scully's face, locking eyes with her. The look on Scully's face ...Dana?... Holy shit!... she stifled a giggle. The look on Scully's face was simply priceless.

"Hah! Just... Don't move!" Scully panted again, continuing to stare at her, her eyes wide with slight panic. "Shit!... Oh!... God!" she panted again. She was about to have an orgasm right there, any second. And how embarrassing would that be? Just the slightest movement or extra pressure and she would completely lose control.

"Okay. Okay. I'm not moving. I promise," Reyes said, cocking an eyebrow at her, amazed at the situation she had just created for them with her innocent little tease. ...My goodness! I had no idea you were so hard up, woman!...

"Oh God! I'm... I'm gonna... God!" Scully panted, her insides beginning to constrict, trying to grab onto something - anything - while her swollen little love button throbbed from the sweet and delicious pressure of Reyes' knee.

Reyes continued to keep her leg and knee perfectly still.

Scully continued to stare at her as she lightly panted, her cheeks continuing to flush a very nice shade of pink.

Reyes cocked her other eyebrow at her, her eyes wide with wonder. ...Holy shit!... What a way to wake up!... After a few more seconds she asked, "May I move my leg now?" trying her best not to giggle at Scully's pretty little rosy-red colored cheeks and slightly panicked expression.


"Okay. Just... Let me know," Reyes replied as her eyebrows shot to the ceiling.

Now this was a new one for Reyes. She had messed around with men before, to the point that they could hardly control an approaching ejaculation. But a woman? Fighting an orgasm? Just by placing one's knee slightly against her crotch? ...Lord have mercy. I do believe. You've got a sex drive like a man... she smirked. Then she began to smile at this newest little discovery she had just made about Agent Scully. ...Um-hum... So, when it came to women, she had just met her match.

After another few moments, Scully finally let go of her leg, and yet still trembled a little from her unfulfilled need.

Reyes raised her eyebrow at her.

Scully closed her eyes for a moment then nodded.

Reyes smiled, then slowly eased her knee and leg back off of Scully's aching crotch, chuckling a little bit at the situation and her newly found discovery.

"Oh... Well... Whew..." Scully sighed. "Guess my secret is out," she replied, still panting a little.

"Um. I guess so," Reyes cracked up giggling, stunned at what had just happened, or rather, what had almost just happened. But then she quickly quieted herself back down. Scully was embarrassed enough as it was without her giggling about it.

They looked at each other. Then they both began to cackle with laughter at the situation, spending the entire night together in the same room and in the same bed, all cuddled up, snuggling up close, and yet, amazingly enough, not actually "going to bed" together. Hell. They had been in bed together all night long! And had nothing to show for it, not a damn thing at all. Scully still had a royal ache between her legs. And Reyes had just developed one.

"I'm sorry. You okay?" Reyes asked, beginning to laugh again at seeing Scully's pretty little rosy-red flushed cheeks.

"Hell no! I'm not okay! Damn it!" Scully fussed, and then began to laugh again as well. "Oh fuck! Fuck it! I need a fucking cold shower! Shit!" she fussed some more between her laughs as she hastily got up off the bed.

Reyes snorted. ...No shit!... She snorted again. ...It would seem you need a good fuck!... She cackled and then laughed some more at her own thoughts. ...Poor baby... Holy shit!... she thought, snorting and cackling some more.

Then they both continued to laugh, snort and giggle at the situation. Scully began to pace and fan herself as she complained about how hot it was in the room. Reyes just continued to laugh at the irony of it all. And the room was quite warm indeed. They had both managed to heat up the room quite well together. Oh wow. The room may have burned all the way down to the ground from all the heat, had they actually gone to bed together.

After a few moments, Reyes said, "Well. I think we need to talk about this," becoming quite serious all of a sudden.

"Shit, Reyes! Talk about what? The fact that I want to fuck the daylights out of you?" Scully said, one eyebrow cocked, starring right at her.

Reyes coughed, choking a little at the direct question, slapping her chest with her palm, trying to catch her breath for a moment, and then cleared her throat. ...O...kay... She sat there for a few moments in complete silence. "Okay... Well," she finally responded, running her fingers through her hair, inhaling deeply for a moment, then slowly exhaling. "Me, too... For your information," she replied, taking a chance herself, telling her the truth, and then glancing back over at Scully.

Scully's eyebrows shot to the ceiling. "Really?"

"Yes. Really," Reyes confirmed, continuing to watch her. "I just... I haven't been up to it."


"Well. Fuck!" Scully cried. "Damn fucking phone!"

Reyes burst into laughter. Scully obviously had fucking on the brain. How many times had she said "fuck" already? ...Well, fuck woman! So you wanna fuck, huh? Okay. I can fuck. I can fuck with the best of them... She continued to laugh her ass off at her own thoughts and the situation.


"Shit. Answer that fucking phone before I..." Scully fussed some more, still sexually frustrated and her face as red as a beet.

"Shhh... I can't!... Not until you straighten up a little bit," Reyes countered between her snorts and giggles.

"Oh? Straighten up? Me? Straighten up?" Scully teased...


...cocking an eyebrow at her. "Well, I can promise you this. That's never gonna happen."

Reyes guffawed. "Shhh... Shit, woman! Shhh... I've got to answer this damn thing," she replied, trying so hard to stop laughing.


Scully raised her other eyebrow at her, then pointed at the phone, as if Reyes needed to be told that it needed to be answered.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow back, shaking her head and struggling to regain her composure.

Scully snorted again, then turned around so Reyes could semi-compose herself enough to answer the damn thing.

"Oh my goodness. What next?" Reyes finally commented, quickly composed herself, and then leaned across the bed, calm as could be, to answer the phone.


"Monica Reyes."

Scully began to giggle again at the situation. And she was quite pleased to hear that Reyes had been battling the same feelings and desires as she had. Oh yes. She was very pleased, very pleased indeed. There was hope for them yet Scully had quickly decided, as she headed for the bathroom so she could laugh out loud.

"Wait," Reyes whispered, covering the mouthpiece with her hand. Scully glanced back over her shoulder. Reyes motioned her to come back to the phone. "Yes sir. She's right here. She um... She came by early this morning to... to check on me. She needed to..."

She continued on, explaining the situation to whoever was on the other end of the line as Scully snorted and cracked up again, holding her palm over her mouth. ...Oh yeah... I checked on you all right. Sometime around 2:00 this morning? And never made it back to my room? Oh yeah, baby. I checked on you all right...

Well, Reyes had not actually lied about it. Scully had planned to check on her early this morning around 3:00 AM, then head back to her own room. And she had come by around 2:00 AM mostly due to that horrible nightmare she had dreamed and that had awakened her. And she had needed to be with someone, Reyes in particular, and talk to Reyes after that horrible nightmare. And Reyes had known that. And so they had sat up, and talked and cried, and talked and cried, and talked and cried, and talked some more. And... Well... Then she had accidentally fallen asleep, in Reyes' room, in Reyes' bed, and in Reyes' spot.

Reyes' eyebrows were hovering around the ceiling, revealing signs of slight panic, as she continued to watch Scully giggle, while she calmly held it together and answered Skinner's probing questions. ...Dana?... She raised her eyebrows at the giggling little redhead even higher if that where even possible. Scully just giggled even more heartily at Reyes' expression. ...Dana? Hush!... she mused. She could not afford to sound anything but business-like as she talked to the Assistant Director and tried to explain to him why Scully had been in her room for the last couple of hours. And she was having a hell of a time holding it together with Scully softly giggling her ass off right in front of her. "Yes sir, of course. I know, but..." she continued to watch Scully giggle as she skillfully explained the situation to Skinner. He had been calling Scully's room off and on since around 6:00 AM. And for the last hour or so, every ten minutes, continuously, trying to get a hold of her. And he had become quite frustrated to say the least. He really needed to talk to her. "Yes. Yes sir, I know, but... But... But, Sir... Well. It's my fault, Sir."

Scully rapidly straightened up at that comment. ...Your fault? What's your...? What in the world? Why is he giving you the fifth degree, anyway?... she wondered as she had begun to figure out that it was Skinner on the other end of the line. She quickly came back over to the bed and sat down next to Reyes.

"Yes sir. I um... No sir, not quite 100% yet, but... Oh no. I'll be fine... Yes sir... Okay. She's right here." Reyes then took the phone away from her mouth, covering the mouthpiece with her palm, and whispered into Scully's ear, "It's AD Skinner. Says it's urgent."

Scully furrowed her brow, questioning her.

"I don't know," Reyes inaudibly whispered and shrugged as she handed Scully the phone. She then got up, making a beeline for the bathroom. She could burst into a fit of laughter herself at all the interrogation she had just been through. But she had managed to cover the situation and satisfy the Assistant Director. And that was all that had counted, covering their asses for this early in the morning. It had come in quite handy to be so sick last night.


8:15 AM: After a minute or so had passed, Reyes walked back out into the main room. She glanced over at Scully. Scully smiled and winked at her, but her mood had quickly changed. She was in a very serious conversation with the Assistant Director, discussing the next move for Mulder's remains and the location of the funeral itself. She walked a couple of steps towards her, quickly recognizing and understanding the mood shift. There was no need for any explanations. Scully was reliving that horrible image of Mulder's body, lying prone out there in that field, as she talked to Skinner. Her eyes had watered up, as they began to flood with unshed tears, at just the mere memory of that horrific scene. Doggett had been so right and had tried so hard to protect her from that horrific memory. Scully locked eyes with her, then reached out and motioned her to come to her. She walked a couple of steps closer, then slightly hesitated.

...Moni?... Baby, come here, I need you... Scully mused, wondering why in the hell Reyes had just hesitated all of a sudden.

Reyes nodded, then instantly reached out her hand and closed the distance between them, coming up along side of her.

Scully immediately clasped her hand and pulled her in even closer to her, needing to hold onto her and hold her hand close to her body and chest.

Reyes moved in a little closer, standing next to the bed and next to Scully, with the side of her leg lightly touching Scully's knee. She quickly realized that for now, Scully needed only her friendship, and nothing more. And she knew that Scully needed to hold onto her - literally, hold onto her - physically, for some reason. And, especially, she knew that Scully needed to know that she was there - right there - ready and willing, to give of her love and support yet again, just as she had been for the last two days and nights. And above everything else, she knew that Scully needed to know that she was not alone. And with everything Scully would soon be facing, no one should ever have to face it all alone. Reyes knew and understood all of Scully's many needs as she stood there next to her, never wavering, never faltering, and allowing her to hold onto her, and hold her hand, as long as she needed.


8:17 AM: "No. I think... Yeah, probably Saturday. That's what I'd prefer, anyway," Scully said into the mouthpiece. It was already Wednesday morning. And she was going to need at least two, if not three more days to arrange and finalize the memorial service. So, some time Saturday afternoon would be a good time to try for, for the final burial service. She instinctively leaned into Reyes' tall body and rested her head against her hip, needing the added support, as she continued to converse with Skinner.

Reyes instantly responded and placed her free arm around her, holding her against her hip more securely, and then began to gently massage her neck and shoulder-blades with her free hand.

"Hum. I... Let me think on that," Scully said, then inhaled deeply as she tried to regain control of her emotions.

Reyes continued to massage her neck and shoulder-blades, occasionally running her fingers up and around the base of her neck and through her hair, as she listened to this end of the conversation.

"Oh God. Right. I forgot about that. Hum. Just... let me think on that, too," Scully sighed in frustration. So much to think about. So many people to call. So many hasty decisions to make. So many final arrangements to be made. She was already beginning to feel somewhat overwhelmed. And the day had only just begun. And, honestly, the reality that Mulder was truly gone had not even begun to sink in. "No. I know I don't want to do that. Umum." She squeezed Reyes' hand tightly for a moment.

Reyes glanced down, reacting to the sensation, then slightly squeezed back, letting Scully know that she had felt it.

Scully barely sighed as she continued to listen and respond to Skinner.

Reyes continued to stroke her shoulder-blades with one hand while holding her hand with the other, occasionally squeezing back and reminding her that she was not alone.

"Umum. No... Because. I've... No!" Scully said emphatically, squeezing her hand yet again, just on pure instinct.

Reyes glanced back down, beginning to wonder what Skinner was saying to cause Scully such added distress all of a sudden. She slightly squeezed back again, letting her know that she had felt that tight squeeze, too. And, most importantly, that she was right there with her, and on her side, whatever side that may be, and very much in-tune with her needs and emotions.

"No, damn it! Well, he can just... I've already done that, damn it!" Scully yelled, obviously pissed at something.

Reyes glanced back down. ...Shit! What in the hell is going on?... She did not like this at all, seeing Scully begin to grow so angry and upset. Reyes already knew a little something about that anger. And she did not want to see Scully lose her temper.

"No! Fuck! Fuck him!... Who the fuck does he think he is, anyway?! The Son of a Bitch!" Scully yelled angrily again into the mouthpiece as she began to dig her face and cheek into Reyes' thigh and leg, angry as hell at whatever else Skinner had just said to her.

"Shhh... Honey," Reyes barely whispered to her, running her free hand along her cheek and caressing her earlobe.

Scully instantly responded to Reyes' whispered words and light caresses, glancing up and making eye contact.

Reyes barely smiled, then double-winked at her, as only she could.

...Oh God. Every time you do that. You just take my breath way... Scully mused as she felt that familiarly warm, tingling sensation flooding throughout her system, in spite of her growing anger and frustration.

"You okay?" Reyes whispered lightly under her breath.

Scully nodded, then leaned back against her hip, continuing to respond to Skinner's questions.

Reyes had seen Scully's response. But she did not believe it. Nope. Not for a minute did she believe that Scully was okay. Scully was hurting, and was in so much pain right now. And she was feeling a lot of anguish and sorrow. And not only that, she was beginning to feel a lot of frustration and anger as well. For she was just so weak from all she had been going through these last three days. And Reyes was determined to take care of her, protect her and give her what she so desperately needed, to help her get through these next few days. So whatever Skinner was saying, he needed to either deal with it himself or just drop it. And if he did not either deal with it, or drop it, and soon, she would just take the phone from Scully herself and tell him to do so. It was as simple as that.


8:19 AM: Reyes continued to grow steadily concerned over Scully's emotional state as she listened to this end of the conversation. Scully was growing ever-increasingly agitated. ...Okay, Skinner. You're pushing it, buddy. She's way too upset!... she thought. Some might want to accuse her of being too overly-protective of Scully. But she knew in her heart that Scully was at her limit with how much more she could take right now after the difficult night they both had shared together. And after all that had happened out at that compound. No way. Scully was still much too fragile and weak - both physically and emotionally - to be dealing with whatever was going on. ...Shit!... Reyes knew that Scully was a very strong and determined woman. And she knew that under most any other circumstances, Scully would be incredibly tenacious and resilient. But Scully had suffered a great loss. And not only that, it had drudged up a lot of pain and anguish from another time and another place in her life as well. And, ironically, Scully herself did not even seem to be aware of that. And, too, she did not even seem to have any conscious memory of the horrible event. Undoubtedly, it had been so horrible and traumatic, her conscious mind had completely shut it out and locked it away - way down deep, deep inside of her heart and soul, not to be recalled or remembered ever again. But whether she ever did one day remember, and have conscious recall or not, the wounds and scars were still there, lying dormant, and just underneath the surface, ready to spring into new life at any moment, given the grief and sorrow she was presently going through, losing her best friend, Fox Mulder. And Reyes was quite well aware of that. She had practically lived through parts of it herself, and through Scully's pain and sorrow last night, as she held Scully so protectively close in her arms out at that compound. And ...Damn it, Skinner!... She was not about to allow this conversation and whatever had come up, push Scully over the edge. And back down into that deep dark pit of sorrow, anguish, and despair. Nope. No way would she allow that. ...Okay... One more outburst and that's it... She had made up her mind. And she was not being overly protective of her either. She just loved her. That's all. And that's what friends do, right? They love each other, stand beside each other, take care of each other, support each other, and become one's strength, when the other is so fragile and weak. And Reyes was strong enough to take over and handle things, if need be. Just until Scully had time enough to mend and renew her own inner strength and resilience.

"Look... No, damn it! He doesn't need that!" Scully yelled into the mouthpiece again.

"Dana," Reyes whispered softly.

"No! Because!... It's not necessary! Ugh! Fuck! Fuck him!" Scully yelled again, beginning to visibly shake from all of her pent-up anger and frustration. She did not hate anybody. But her feelings for Deputy Director Kersh came very close.

...Okay, that's it... "Dana? Need me to talk to him?" Reyes whispered softly, still lightly caressing Scully's cheek and the side of her face with the tips of her fingers and thumb.

Scully shook her head "no", then angrily growled, "Ugh! The Son of a Bitch!" into the mouthpiece, then pressed her cheek more deeply into Reyes' hip.

"Honey. You sure?" Reyes asked again, not giving a shit this time if Skinner had heard her.

Scully nodded again as fresh new tears began to roll down her cheeks from all of the anger and pent-up frustration she was battling inside.

Reyes began to feel the warm tears splashing against her hand. ...Oh for, that's it!... "Shit! Give me the phone, damn it!" she responded, pissed as hell herself at whatever was going on and causing Scully so much pain and distress this early in the morning. ...Damn it! She's hardly had any sleep! And here you are... Damn it, Skinner!...

Scully obliged, then leaned out from her hip and handed her the phone. She was more than willing to let Reyes fight her battle for her for the moment.

"Sir? It's Reyes. What's up?" Reyes said calmly into the mouthpiece, skillfully hiding her true emotions.

Scully leaned in again, wrapped her arms around her waist, then clutched her hips and hugged her tightly against her chest for a moment while sniffling a little bit against her t-shirt-covered tummy.

"Shhh... Honey, I'll handle it," Reyes whispered, turning the mouthpiece up so that Skinner could not hear what she had just said, for those words were truly for Scully's ears only.

Scully nodded in response, then lightly rested her cheek against Reyes' tummy and again tightened her hold around her hips.

Reyes hugged her close for a moment in response, then began to massage her shoulders and stroke her back with her free hand as she held the phone with the other, listening to Skinner fill her in on the latest.

Scully inhaled deeply, then sighed. Amazing. Her tears had begun to dry already. And she was perfectly content to just let Reyes "handle it", for the time being. Oh yes, it was just so nice, so very nice indeed, to have someone else to depend on for a change.


8:21 AM: Skinner continued to fill Reyes in as he gave her more information on Deputy Director Kersh, and how that the Deputy Director was already trying to go against Scully's wishes, and create problems before they had even left the state of Montana. Reyes continued to listen, mentally making notes and interpreting all of the facts, so that she could quickly come up with some possible solutions to the problem. For she was not about to have Scully remain so upset. And she would do whatever it would take to handle this newest situation.

"Okay... Right... Okay... I understand all of that, but who's Agent Mulder's Power of Attorney?" she asked, already knowing the answer to the question, but planning to drive home her point.

"Scully. Agent Scully," Skinner responded rather sheepishly.

"Then he's just going to have to get over it. Wouldn't you say?" she said, calm as could be.

Skinner went silent on the other end of the line.

After a few seconds of silence, "Sir?... Are you still there?" she said.

Skinner chuckled, then began to fill her in on just the kind of man he was dealing with - Deputy Director Alvin Kersh - the Deputy Director of the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America, who had an office located in the capitol city of Washington, DC, on Pennsylvania Blvd, in the J. Edgar Hoover FBIHDQ Building, located just a few doors down from his. And how could he, just a measly Assistant Director, with an office just a few doors down, even consider going against the Deputy Director's wishes? No matter how much he may or may not agree with him?

"Right... Yes... Okay... Right. Right, I understand all of that. But this is not a Body of Evidence issue now is it. I mean, last time I checked, once the COD has been determined and the CD signed... Well, then either the family or the POA is given full custody. So when it comes to this particular situation. Well... That's Dana's decision, any way you slice it... Now... Is he requesting this just so he can flex a little bureaucratic muscle? Or just to be an ass and hurt Dana?"

...Oh yeah. Just tell it like it is, baby. Tell it like it is... Scully began to giggle at Reyes' latest question. Oh. She loved that.

Reyes grinned at Scully's chuckles as she stroked her cheek.

Scully continued to chuckle at the image of Skinner's expression right about now.

"Shhh," Reyes whispered, turning the mouthpiece up for a moment and glancing back down at her.

Scully began to giggle even more, then leaned out from her body slightly, so that she could glance back up at her.

Reyes smiled, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment, then winked at her.

Scully giggled even more, then leaned back in again and lightly rested her cheek along the brunette's tummy.

"Right. There ya go," Reyes said into the mouthpiece, agreeing with whatever Skinner had just told her. She then rested her free hand along the side of Scully's head and cheek, beginning to play and tease a little bit with Scully's earring. ...Dana, I'm going to take care of you. As long as I can. I promise... she mused as she listened to Skinner begin to think out loud and run several different scenarios through his head.

"Umhum. That could probably work," she commented.

Scully squeezed her hips more securely for a moment, enjoying the sound and rumble of Reyes' voice echoing through her abdomen.

Reyes glanced back down to her just to make sure she was okay. She then placed her free hand along her crown, combing and feathering her fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp and the back of her head just above her neck with her fingertips.

Skinner continued on, running more and more possibilities and ideas through his head. Sometimes it helped him to think out loud. It helped him process things and come to a decision.

"Right. That could work," she responded again, encouraging him and indirectly giving him a little more confidence in dealing with DD Kersh. ...Come on, buddy. Let's get some balls... she chuckled slightly at her own thoughts.

How funny. Reyes was playing the role of "counselor, therapist, psychologist, shrink" yet again, and with Skinner at that. Just as she had done with Scully, most all of the afternoon and part of the night last night.

Skinner continued to rattle off his thoughts and ideas about how to protect Scully, abide by Scully's wishes, and deal with DD Kersh.

"Well. What would you like to see happen?" she asked.

...Oh yeah. My shrink, Reyes... Scully chuckled to herself, snorting a little at the approach Reyes was taking with Skinner. ...Was that not a shrink question, or what?... she giggled again. She already knew a little something about that. Reyes had already used it on her a time or two in the last few days. ...Oh my... she giggled again at her thoughts, hiding her face against Reyes' tummy and trying to stifle her giggles. Skinner had a run for his money, whether he realized it or not.

"Oh. I think so. Sure... Hum. Sounds like you have several options," Reyes commented, beginning to stifle a giggle or two herself. It was hard not to, with Scully giggling softly against her abdomen, as she continued to converse with one of the Assistant Directors of the main FBIHDQ.

After a few moments, Skinner had finally decided that, no matter how DD Kersh wanted to approach it, Reyes was right. He had some options that he could use against DD Kersh's requests. And, after all, in this particular incidence, Scully was the POA. And she had all the legal power to do as she saw fit with Mulder's remains. And besides, she was a federal agent herself, on a case, and a medical doctor, that did autopsies, "Body of Evidence" collections and the like, practically every day on her job. So, DD Kersh was "just going to have to get over it" and quit trying to pump his "bureaucratic muscle" on this case and ultimately, onto Scully and Mulder.

He finally voiced that he agreed with her. Then he mentioned another option or two he could use, just in case the others did not work.

"Well then, there's your answer," Reyes responded, smiling and glancing back down at Scully, winking at her yet again.

Scully smiled back. She felt so calm and peaceful again. Reyes had just taken care of it, handled it and fought her battle for her.

"Sure. No problem," Reyes commented again.

Skinner had just thanked her for helping him come to a decision. She had not really done a damn thing, but let him think out loud for a little while and run through some of the options inside of his head. And she knew that. She had not really done a damn thing but listen, and stand up for Scully and Scully's needs.

"No. Not if it's going to cause her any... No. No way... Sir..." Reyes' tone had changed. "I will not stand for that. And I can tell you right now, John won't either. And I know he'll back me up on this."

Scully leaned back out again watching her and wondering what had caused the sudden change in tone. Reyes was not upset. But she was being quite firm in her tone all of a sudden.

Reyes glanced back down at her. ...It's okay... "Right. Yep. I could live with that," she said, still maintaining eye contact with Scully. ...It's okay, honey... I promise... she smiled again and then winked at Scully, reassuring her with her thoughts, a wink and a smile.

Scully smiled in return, then leaned back in against her abdomen, wondering what they were talking about. But it really did not matter. Whatever it was, Reyes was handling it, standing up for her, protecting her and taking care of her. And she liked that, as she felt a warm little tingling sensation inside of her heart and soul, along with other more physical areas. After all, her physical body had still not quite recovered from just a little while ago.

"Okay. That'll work. Right. Take care of our own. Always," Reyes said into the mouthpiece.

Scully continued to listen to her responses and listen to the sound of her voice. She again leaned back out from Reyes' waist and glanced back up at her.

Reyes glanced back down again and smiled, then closed her eyes for a moment, then kissed the tips of her index and middle fingers, reached down and then lightly brushed them across Scully's lips.

"Mmm," Scully responded to the gentle touch and indirect kiss on the lips, closed her eyes and then kissed the tips of Reyes' fingers back. And neither of them had even thought about it, what each had just done. It had just come so natural.

"Dana. He's ready to talk to you, if you're up to it."

Scully smiled and then took the phone from her hand, covering the mouthpiece with her palm. "Thank you," she softly whispered, just for Reyes.

Reyes smiled in return, then "You're welcome," she softly whispered back, just for Scully. Then suddenly, she knelt down and took the sides of Scully's face into her hands, eased her lips up close to Scully's ear and whispered softly, "But I didn't do anything." Then tenderly kissed Scully a couple of times, just above the ear and then once on the top of the forehead, just below the hairline, before resting her lips there.

...Ohh... "Oh, but you did," Scully whispered, a little breathless, as she closed her eyes and felt her heart skip a beat.

...Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep....

The alarm clock radio had begun to go off. Reyes quickly stood back up and hit the snooze button to silence it. It was 8:30 AM. They had only been awake since around 8:00 or so, but what a hell of a morning it had already been.

Scully hastily clasped Reyes' hand and pulled her back towards her, motioning her to sit down on the bed next to her.

Reyes smiled and winked at her, then eased herself back down to the bed, thankful to sit down for a moment.

Scully quickly moved over to the other side to give her a little more room. She then swallowed hard and inhaled deeply, trying to regain some of her composure from what Reyes had just done, then lifted the phone up to her ear. "Okay. Fill me in," she said, beginning to converse again with Skinner.

Reyes inched her way up in the bed, propped the closest pillow up against the headboard and then laid her head against it. She then stretched that long, lean body of hers out along the length of the bed.

"Okay. That sounds good," Scully said, as she rolled back over and rested her head along Reyes' chest, just above her covered breasts.

"Oh," Reyes whimpered softly under her breath. ...Oh gosh, Dana. We have got to talk about this... she thought as she felt that familiarly warm tingling sensation begin to radiate all throughout her system all over again. ...Umm... But we'll just have to talk about it a little later now, won't we?... She smiled, lightly chuckling to herself, as she glanced down and then whispered, barely audible, "Come here," to Scully, locking eyes with her.

Scully smiled in response, closed her eyes for a moment, and then climbed back up all over the top of her body, all over again, just as she had done all during the night last night.

...Umm, Dana. God. I love holding you... Reyes thought, wrapping her arms around her yet again, as Scully settled into her arms. "Oh. There ya go," she quietly whispered again under her breath as she felt her body begin to react to Scully's warm, sensuous body, lying so familiarly close and tucked so intimately snug between her legs. ...Oh gosh. We have *got* to talk about this! Soon. Very soon... "Um," she lightly whimpered again as she felt a little spasm from her inner lips, and a hot, slick little pool of moisture begin to form again, right between her legs, just as it had when she had first awakened this morning, thanks to Scully, and Scully's little battle of sexual frustration.

...Mmm... Scully was in heaven. She loved the feel of being draped all over the top of Reyes' body. It just felt so good and so right. And it was the perfect fit, after all. ...Oh baby... she thought as she felt another little spasm from her inner lips, and more hot, slick moisture begin to pool, right between her legs, and add to the little pool that had already been there when she had first awakened this morning, thanks to Reyes, and the edge of Reyes' knee, stirring around while she slept. "Okay. What time?" she asked, continuing to hold the phone against her ear and listen to Skinner's comments, as she snuggled more deeply into Reyes' arms. ...Oh Moni. God, I love y... Yikes! She had almost said she loved her through her musings. But then she had caught herself. "Um," she lightly whimpered, rubbing her forehead against the hollow of Reyes' neck and throat and up along her chin. ...God. I love this... "Um," she lightly whimpered again.

...Mmm... Reyes was in heaven. She loved the feel of Scully's body being draped all over the top of hers. It just felt so good and so right. And it was the perfect fit, after all. She tightened her hold for a moment in response to Scully's little whimper, then began to plant tender little kisses all along the top of Scully's forehead and crown. ...Oh Dana. God, I love y... Yikes! She had almost said she loved her, through her musings. But then she had caught herself. "Um," she lightly whimpered, enjoying the feel of Scully's warm, sensuous body all snuggled up so deeply into her own. ...God. I love this... "Um," she lightly whimpered again as she feathered her fingers through Scully's hair and began to plant a few more tender little kisses all along Scully's forehead and crown.

"Um," Scully lightly whimpered in response, closing her eyes and reveling in the tender little kisses from Reyes. ...Oh baby, that feels so good. All those sweet little kisses. God, Monica... she mused, as she squeezed Reyes real tight for a moment, causing herself to almost lose the phone from her hand. ...Shit!... "Sir? I... I'm sorry. Could you rep... Oh. Okay."

Reyes had quickly grabbed the phone receiver before it literally fell off the bed and into the floor, then hurriedly replaced it against Scully's ear, so she could hear, saving the day yet again. She was still silently giggling under her breath.

Scully glanced up and cocked an eyebrow at her, her own body lightly bouncing around from Reyes' shaking and silently giggling body.

Reyes continued to quietly giggle, then leaned in and kissed her on the forehead yet again.

"Okay. See you then," Scully said into the mouthpiece, then reached over and hung up the phone.

Reyes snickered a little, then began to giggle out loud.

"Hush," Scully said.

Reyes snorted and then giggled even louder.

"Hush," Scully said again, beginning to giggle some herself.

Reyes snorted again and then said, "I'm sorry. But it was funny," through her cute little giggles.

Scully glanced up and cocked an eyebrow at her again. "I'll show you funny," she said.

"Oh?" Reyes responded, cocking an eyebrow as well. "Are you funny?"

Scully chuckled at that, then replied, "Hum. I think you already know the answer to that one now, don't you?"

Reyes just continued to giggle and laugh, her body still shaking and causing Scully's body to lightly bounce around, too.

Scully continued to giggle herself.

After a few moments, they both quieted back down.

"Oh my goodness," Reyes finally commented, then sighed. "Umm," she lightly sighed again, then closed her eyes and began to hold Scully even more intimately in her arms, basking in the arousing emotions and physical sensations she was feeling. ...Umm... God, I could hold you forever...

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Scully's warm, low and raspy voice broke into her thoughts, sending a little shiver up her spine.

"What? Hurt me? What are you talking about?"

"Your tummy. I know I hurt you a couple of times last night and I... I was trying to be really careful and not..."

"Oh." It had registered. "Oh no, I'm fine," Reyes reassured her. "I'm still a little sore right along here," she said, as she reached down and lightly ran her palm along the bruised area from last night. "But... other than that, I'm okay... Really."

"You sure?" Scully asked, her voice filled with concern.

"Umhum. I'm fine. Just a little weak."

Scully nodded. "Here. Let me look at you," she said, as she reached up and cupped Reyes' chin with her palm and turned her face slightly upward towards the bright light radiating from the window.

After a few moments, she said, "Well. Looks like the spark's coming back," relieved to see the improvement in Reyes' pupils from earlier in the night.



"I have a spark?"

"Umhum. And you lost it on me there for a little while last night," Scully commented as she continued to cup Reyes' chin with her palm, examining her pupils and scrutinizing their reactions to the light.

"I did?"

"Umhum," Scully chuckled, almost expecting to hear that cute little childlike "uh-oh" from her that she had heard from her last night.

"Gosh. Guess I was pretty sick then, huh?"

"Um no, baby. You were more than that. You were dangerously sick," Scully corrected her, and then began to lightly caress her cheek and temple with the edge of her thumb.

...Well, I'll be a... Reyes' eyes had widened in response to Scully calling her "baby". So, it had not been her imagination after all, hearing herself being called "Moni" and "baby" for most of the night last night and into the wee hours of the morning. ...God, Dana... My God!...

Scully had stopped her medical doctor's examination and had begun to really look closely into her eyes once more. They continued to watch each other very intently for a few more seconds, then Scully finally broke the silence. "Moni? That was way too close, okay?" she said, as she peered even more deeply into her eyes. "Now... Baby, I want you to tell me exactly how you feel... Right now... this second."

...Oh my God!... Reyes chuckled a little bit, then thought ...Oh no you don't... Holy Shit!... Emotionally, she was so confused she hardly knew what to think. And ...Oh my God!... She had loved it when her first lover had called her that. And now, from the little that she could remember, Scully had been calling her that off and on all night long last night. And now? Even now? And earlier? In the wee hours of the morning, too? ...My God!... And not only that, her body knew exactly how it felt. ...Oh yeah, baby... She was fighting some major sexual arousal, too, due to Scully being sprawled out all over the top of her, with her warm, sensuous body so intimately tucked up between her legs, and her groin pressed so snuggly against her own. ...Ohhh God... "Umm," she lightly moaned and licked her lips for a moment as she felt more hot, slick little trickles of moisture pooling between her legs. ...Oh yeah, baby... Um, um... What you're doing to me...

Scully continued to watch her for a few more seconds, a little surprised at her lack of verbal response. "Monica?" she coaxed her again. She could swear Reyes had just blushed. Her little cheeks were all rosy and pink. "Monica? Come on now. Tell me how you feel. How's your tummy?"

...Well damn, Dana! How the hell do you think I feel?! Holy shit! You lying all over the top of me like this? Shit! All frickin' night? With your twat all pressed up against mine? My God! I'm not dead!... she mused. "I um... It's okay," she finally replied as she broke eye contact for a moment. ...Lord have mercy, woman! You're killing me! My God! Don't you know that? Geez! How in the hell can you not know that? Shit! Dana! Holy shit!... her thoughts continued to roll around wildly inside of her head.

"Okay. Good. Well... Have you...?"

"Yes," Reyes throatily growled, dragging out her reply and glancing back up at Scully. "Earlier. When I gave you the phone." ...Shit! Can't even take a frickin' piss either, without reporting it to you... Holy shit!... she smirked.

"Okay. Good. Well..." Scully hesitated, amazed that Reyes had known exactly what she was about to ask without her even having to verbalize it.

Reyes continued to gaze into her eyes with that soul-piercing gaze of hers.

"Well, um... I still want you to, um... to drink a lot of fluids today and, um... and I think there's one more bottle of, um... of Pedia..." Scully was stuttering around all over the place before finally hesitating. ...God, Monica!... Reyes was starring into her eyes with such pure love and devotion it had completely disarmed her. And she could swear she could feel some part of Reyes' soul actually reaching down inside of her own and lightly caressing her. "Um... Monica?" she whimpered again a little breathless all of a sudden.


"I um..." she stuttered again as Reyes suddenly leaned in and ever so gently kissed her on the forehead, completely and utterly disarming her yet again. "Oh God," she whimpered again, quite breathless, in response to the gentle kiss. ...Oh wow! How do you do that? God! What you do to me... she thought as her eyes continued to stay glued to Reyes', while Reyes poured even more love and devotion from deep down inside of her into that look. Scully's breathing instantly increased from the stirrings within her own soul as her heart skipped another beat. "Monica... I um," she hesitated again. ...Oh my God. When you look at me like that I... I can't even think!... Jesus!...

"What, honey?" Reyes whispered so lovingly, as she reached up and gently placed her palm along the side of her cheek, then lightly kissed her on the other, completely and utterly disarming her yet again.

"Oh God," Scully again whimpered breathless. She was just not used to so much gentle and tender affection. And she was loving every single minute of it. And when Reyes called her "honey"? ...Oh wow... It just melted her every time. "I um... I need to get up for a minute," she finally responded. She really did not want to leave where she was, or miss out on any more spontaneous displays of affection, but her bladder had begun to urgently make itself known.

"Oh. Okay." Reyes quickly understood and let go of her. "Gosh. I'm sorry. I... I didn't think."

"No. It's okay. It's just... That phone call."

"Right. Okay."

Scully then got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom, so she could relieve herself.

Reyes lay there motionless, while her emotions ran wildly inside of her head. She was so damn confused! She had not felt this way in forever it seemed towards another woman. And it had only been with one other woman at that. ...Shit!... So technically, she was not gay, or even bi-sexual. Or was she? ...Shit!... Although, she had to admit that she had been so madly in-love with her first lover, that she had thought she would just shrivel up and die without her. And in the end, when they had finally broken up and gone their separate ways, she had been so deeply and miserably hurt it had taken her years to get over it. And, actually, a small part of her was still not over it. No. No way was she really over it. She still carried those deeply painful and wretched wounds and scars from that first relationship deep down inside of her soul. And it still hurt. It hurt like hell. It hurt so much she would do just about anything to keep from remembering those last few days that led up to the breakup. And even now, she could burst into a fit of tears if she thought about it for too long. And it had been years! 14 years, 2 months and 11 days to be exact since she and her first lover had gone their separate ways, on separate paths and into separate lives. No, she was not over it, not completely, for she could narrow it down to the very hour, the very minute, and quite possibly even the very second, the very split second that they had said those final words to each other, then turned and walked away from each other, to remain forever separate and forever apart.

"Oh God," she lightly whimpered as she clutched her tummy for a moment. ...Damn... She felt such a deep sharp pain rip through her gut at just the mere memory of that day. "Oh Jen," she whimpered again as she felt a little stirring of nausea inside her tummy. "Um." Her stomach was just so incredibly susceptible to any inner pain and turmoil at the moment, given everything she had put it through last night. "Oh gosh." And then there was Eric. ...Geez. What the hell am I doing anyway? Damn it!... she mentally fussed at herself. But, she was beginning to fall-in-love. That's what she was doing. She was beginning to fall absolutely, totally, utterly and completely head-over-heels-in-love with Special Agent Dana Scully. And she knew it. And it scared the absolute total hell out of her. And she had never been one to fall-in-love with someone so quickly and so easily in her entire life! ...Damn! Acting like a teenager or something... Shit!... And yet her feelings for Scully just felt so good and so right. And ...Damn. Damn it, Eric. I... I'm sorry. I... Gosh, I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But God! It just feels so, so... What?... She didn't know for sure what to call it. Or even how to describe it. All she knew was, she had never before felt anything even remotely close to what she was feeling right now for Special Agent Dana Scully. And she had not even felt anything even remotely close to this even with her first lover. Nope. Not even with Jenni. And she had never ever in her entire life felt what she felt, every single moment, and every single second, when she was with Scully, and in Scully's presence. And if they actually touched each other, or even lightly brushed up against each other, the physical sensations that would flood throughout her system ...Oh! My God!... They were so overwhelmingly intense it would almost take her breath away every time. And actually, it was so incredibly overpowering and all-consuming it could almost become frightening. And she had a gut feeling that Scully felt the same kinds of sensations as well. So, if what she and Eric had was solid, and real, and true, and how it was supposed to be between two people, then she would not be having such feelings as these for Agent Scully now would she? No, she would not. She would not feel such pure love and adoration and devotion and admiration and longing and yearning and such unwavering desire to just. Well. To just hold her, to just hold her in her arms and hold her forever, if that were even possible. And then maybe even kiss her again. And this time maybe even kiss her on the lips. And then maybe even have Scully kiss her back. And then maybe even have Scully run her hand up and underneath her shirt. And then maybe even have Scully touch her breasts. And then maybe even have Scully lick and suck on her nipples and then. ...Oh God, Dana. What is happening to me?... Geez... she mused as she felt her body begin to react to her musings of Scully, beginning to make-love to her. ...Ohhh, Dana...God... She closed her eyes for a moment in thought.

...But... But now wait a minute... she began to think too much. ...What...? What if it's nothing more than the situation we're in? And... And the circumstances? And what if it's just the case? And finding Agent Mulder last night? And then there's Dana's collapse last night. And her need for a really good friend? And... And then... "Oh God," she groaned under her breath. ...Well of course she needed a friend, you idiot! Hell! She just lost her very best friend for Godsakes! So why wouldn't she latch onto me like that? You big dummy! Shit!... Of course, she would! Why wouldn't she? Who wouldn't?... Geez. Think, Reyes! Think!... she began to mentally chastise herself. ...Of course, she would latch onto me like that. I was the only one there for her last night. And when she really needed someone. And then she's so lonely right now, without Mulder. And... And then there's the pregnancy... My God! She's pregnant! And with his child no less! Holy shit!... she continued to think too much. ...Come on now. I've gotta think!... Think about what I'm doing here... And what's best for Dana and... "Oh honey," she groaned out loud again. "God If I could just somehow reach down inside of you, and take all of your pain away... Oh Dana, baby, I would. I hope you know I would. If only I could. But... I can't. Not all of it anyway," she softly whispered aloud as she continued to think too much. Reyes sometimes had a tendency to do that. Especially when she felt fearful of her own wants, desires and emotions. ...And so that means that I need to protect you. And take care of you right now. And just be your friend. And when you latched onto me last night?... "Oh God." ...It had nothing to do with me, did it?... Nope... Nothing at all... It, more than likely, had everything to do with the situation we found ourselves in... And then you just needed someone... Anyone... Anyone at all, that would hold you, comfort you and take care of you, while you were so weak and fragile and... "Oh God," she groaned again as she rolled over to her side. "No. No. No..." she whimpered as she began to feel her heart ache at her own thoughts that Scully may not actually be attracted to her after all. But that Scully's earlier little battle of sexual frustration may be due merely to the situation, and the circumstances they found themselves in. And ...Oh God, No. No. No... And if that were true, and if Scully had met her under any other circumstances then. ...Oh geez... Then Scully would probably think of her as nothing more than a friend, just a friend, a mere friend. A good friend, none the less. But, still. ...Oh God... You better pull it together, Reyes... Pull it together and fast... And... And you better slow this fast-moving train back down or... Or somebody's gonna get hurt... "Oh geez," she sighed again as she rolled back over flat of her back, because if they didn't, Reyes might be right. Somebody might get hurt. And it may very well be the both of them, before it was all over, and all was said and done. ...Well... Time to start thinking with our heads instead of our cunts... she mused. And she knew that neither of them would intentionally do anything that would hurt the other or mislead the other in any way. She knew Scully's heart. And Scully would never intentionally mislead her. And she would try her very best to not do anything to mislead Scully as well. ...Oh God, honey... You're just so emotionally fragile and weak right now... Laughing one minute and crying the next... And anything you may say or do, it... It's probably not the real you anyway, is it? And... "Oh God," she groaned again. So, that meant that she needed to slow this fast-moving train back down once and for all. Because if she let things continue to rapidly progress into such uncharted territory, and at least a new and long ago unfamiliar territory for Reyes, it could quite possibly destroy the wonderfully new and budding friendship that they both seemed to enjoy and ...Right. That's right. Come on now. Think. Think, Reyes. Think of the friendship. You don't want to fuck that up now do you? Come on. Come on now. Just calm down and think. Think! For Godsakes, think! Be sensible here! Geez! Come on now. I've got to remember. Dana's very fragile right now. And she's hurting and... Shit! She just lost her best friend for Godsakes! And... And so she's not herself right now and... And so I've got to pull it together for the both of us and... And I need to just put my feelings aside. At least until I can find some frickin' time to think! Just THINK! For Godsakes!... Shit!... she mused as her thoughts and emotions continued to run wildly inside of her head. ...Okay, okay. Dana first... Dana comes first... No matter what, Dana comes first... Always... And I've got to take care of her these next couple of days... And protect her and keep her safe and... And just be her friend... And not let anything happen that... That we may both regret and... "Ohhh," she quietly moaned. ...Right. Right... Good God! How the hell am I suppose to do that?... Geez, Dana, I... I think I'm falling-in-love with you! Shit!... Oh Grams... Gosh, I need to talk to you... Geez, Grams, I... I think I'm in trouble here... Real trouble... And I don't know what to?...

"Hey," Scully said, breaking into Reyes' thoughts and causing her to jump a little. She had not even heard the little redhead reenter the room. "Could I have my spot back?" Scully tentatively asked as she walked back out into the main room.

Reyes glanced up and smiled. "Of course," she replied, then locked eyes with her. ...Oh my God... Yep. I think I'm falling-in-love with you all right... she mused as she felt her heart begin to race all over again at just the mere sight of Special Agent Dana Scully. ...Oh my God... Sweet Jesus. What am I gonna do? Dear Lord, what am I gonna do?...

Scully smiled in return, then walked on over to the edge of the bed, closing the distance between them.

"I um... I kept it... warm for you," Reyes replied a little embarrassed all of a sudden.

"You did? Just for me?" Scully teased.

"Umhum." ...Only for you... Reyes thought as she reached out her hand and clasped the redhead's.

Scully smiled again, then crawled back into the bed and snuggled in close against her body, draping her leg over her thigh and her arm across her chest, and then resting her head along her shoulder and upper chest.

...Oh my God... Reyes thought, then whispered, "Better?" as she put her arms around her and pulled her in close. ...Oh my God... I think I love you... And I'm in real trouble here...

"Umhum," Scully responded, snuggling in a little more intimately.

"Good," Reyes responded, a little breathless, as she held her a little more securely in her arms.

They lay there for a few moments, both basking in a wonderfully peaceful and serene silence.



"I um..." Reyes hesitated, then licked her lips slightly, then began to speak again. "Dana?" she whispered again, then hesitated, then squeezed the little redhead real tight for a moment, and then took a deep breath.

They lay there in silence for another few seconds.

She then cleared her throat and swallowed hard.

They lay there for another few seconds, both beginning to feel such wildly confusing emotions, and yet both reveling in the gentle and tender intimacy of the moment.

After another couple of seconds Scully had finally had all of the silence she could take, furrowed her brow, raised her head up and asked, "Moni? What is it?" as she made eye contact.

Reyes just smiled and locked eyes with her in response. She then began to lightly run her fingertips up and down and all along the sides of Scully's arms, still watching her, and still having a hard time finding any words to say. For mere words just could not even begin to express all that she was feeling right now at this very moment. So, she just continued to gaze into her eyes, totally immersed and utterly mesmerized by Scully's eyes, and the strikingly beautiful and varying shades of blue the sun's rays where beginning to illuminate in those beautiful deep penetrating blue eyes.

They continued to lay there, just watching each other, both totally content to just look at each other.

Reyes gave her another quick little hint of a smile, then closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them back up and gazed back into her eyes.

Scully smiled in return, then chuckled slightly, then reached up and lightly caressed her cheek, and then down along the side of her face with the backs of her fingers.


"What baby? What is it? I'm right here," Scully gently responded, amused at hearing her name being so sweetly repeated with such light little whispers.

Reyes continued to watch her for a few moments. "I, um... Could I...?"


"Well shit," she fussed as she quickly reached over and hit the snooze button on the alarm clock yet again. "I swear. How the hell do you turn this damn thing off anyway?" she fussed again. ...Damn...

Scully chuckled at the irony of another annoyingly frustrating interruption, then said, "I don't know. Let me look at it," as she leaned over, fumbled with it for a few seconds, found the correct button on the side, and then turned the alarm off for good. It was 8:39 AM. She made a mental note of the time, then leaned back across Reyes' chest and locked eyes with her once again. She enjoyed gazing into those beautiful dark-chocolate-brown eyes almost as much as Reyes enjoyed gazing into her beautiful medium-ocean-blue eyes.

"Oh... Dana," Reyes groaned, suddenly becoming quite serious.

Scully furrowed her brow at Reyes' sudden change of expression and tone of her voice.

"Honey, you're so tired," she groaned again, as she reached up and began to lightly stroke the area just below Scully's eyes. There were dark little circles beginning to form underneath those strikingly beautiful blue eyes.

"Well... Baby, so are you. We had a rough night last night," Scully responded as she began to caress the dark little circles that were beginning to form under Reyes' eyes as well.

"I know, but... It's my fault," Reyes replied.

"No it's not. You just got sick."

"I know. But you needed your sleep and... And the baby?" Reyes whispered as she reached down and lightly stroked the side of Scully's abdomen.

"Oh," Scully responded to the gentle touch and such show of concern not only for her, but for her unborn child as well. "I'm okay. And he's doing much better than I am right now."

"Oh yeah?" Reyes chuckled a little bit.

"Umhum. I think he's asleep."

Reyes grinned. "Hum. No little kicks this morning?"

"Nope. Not yet," Scully said, grinning, too.

"Well, anyway. Still... You needed your rest and I..."

"Shhh," Scully whispered as she placed the tips of her fingers lightly across Reyes' lips.

"Oh," Reyes lightly whimpered as she closed her eyes and felt her heart skip another beat from just that mere little intimate touch of Scully's fingertips.

Scully cocked an eyebrow. Reyes' physical reactions had not gone unnoticed by the very capable and experienced, stimulating seductress that she could be, given the right circumstances. She smiled a little, in spite of herself, then said, "Look. Who's the one that came back over here earlier this morning and woke you up just so..."

"No. No, you didn't wake me up," Reyes responded as she opened her eyes, clasped Scully's hand and gently kissed the tips of her fingers. "I just... I woke up. And then I needed a quick smoke and... And by the way... that reminds me... I could really use one right about now."

"Oh really?" Scully teased, resting her open palm inside Reyes' open palm, then clasping hands with her again in a more intimate hold with their fingers interlaced, as she began to lightly run her thumb all along the top of Reyes' thumb.

...Oh God... Reyes' heart began to thump a little harder in her chest as she felt another little quiver from her inner lips. "Um. Yeah. But it can wait," she said, as she lightly squeezed Scully's hand in response, yet remained extra careful not to hurt her injured knuckles.

"You sure? I mean, I don't want to keep you from a much-needed little smoke," Scully teased her again.

"Dana," Reyes said, slightly furrowing her brow, all serious again.

"Oh," Scully responded. ...Gosh. You are so sensitive... she mused, then said, "I was just kidding. But, seriously... Do you need to get up and take a quick little smoke or not?"


"You sure?"


Scully chuckled, then said, "Okay."

She then let go of her hand, wrapped her arm back around Reyes' torso and laid her head back down, resting it along Reyes' shoulder and the crook of her neck.

Reyes responded by tightening her hold for a moment, then lightly kissed Scully on the forehead yet again.

Nope. No way would she leave this bed and Scully lying all over the top of her like this just to go and take a quick little smoke. Nope. No way. She could probably quit the habit, if Scully would just stay sprawled out all over the top of her all day and all night, just like she was right now. Yep. She could probably actually quit the habit, if Scully would just do that and stay sprawled out all over the top of her all day and all night. She leaned down and kissed Scully yet again on the forehead, and then on the crown before resting her lips there.

Scully snuggled in even more intimately into her embrace, responding to the sweet and gentle little kisses.

"Mon..." "Da..." They both suddenly spoke in unison. Then they both chuckled and smirked. Then they both giggled at the irony.

After a few seconds Reyes finally whispered, "You first."

"No. You."

"No. I can wait."

"No. I... You go first," Scully insisted.

"Well. Um. Okay. I... I guess I've got... a couple of questions."

"Okay. Shoot," Scully smiled. ...Just a couple?... Oh my... she smirked as she cocked an eyebrow.

Reyes took a deep breath, then licked her lips. "Well... Okay... Um... I guess this is really none of my business but..." she hesitated. But she really would like to know, if for no other reason than for future reference.

"But what?" Scully responded, rising up to look at her, intrigued.

"Um. Dana?"


"Um," Reyes licked her lips again, a little nervous not only about her question, but from Scully's intense scrutiny all of a sudden.

"Well. What?... Spit it out, Reyes."

"Well shit. It's none of my damn business anyway."

"Well shit yourself. What do you want to know? Hum? If I'm Bi? Gay? A lesbian? What?... I mean... I'll tell you. But I think you already..."

"No, no. It's not that. It's... Oh gosh."

"Well what?" Scully asked again. She had become quite intrigued at this point. She waited a few more seconds. "Reyes?... Come on. Spit it out."

"Um. Dana... Do you...?" she hesitated again.

"Do I what?" Scully asked again. ...For Crissakes, woman!... Reyes was wearing her out with all of this hesitation.

...Oh shit... Just ask her already... "Um. Dana?... Do... Do you always wake up so horny?"

Scully snorted, and then howled with laughter. She had not expected that question at all. And Reyes had been so serious about it. She quieted back down for a moment, glanced back up at Reyes and then howled with laughter all over again.

"Well? Do you?" Reyes asked again, beginning to giggle herself at Scully's cute little peels of laughter.

"Hell no! Shit!" Scully exclaimed.


"No... Hell no!... I... Well... It depends."

"It depends. On what? Whether the batteries or your hand give out?" Reyes teased, cocking an eyebrow at her.

Scully snorted, then cackled again into another fit of laughter as she hid her beet-red face against Reyes' chest.

Reyes began to laugh right along with her as she scooped Scully up in her arms and tightened her hold on her for a few moments.

"Oh my," Scully sighed. "Ahhh... Well... I don't think I have ever had that question asked before," she said, then laughed some more. "Oh God, Moni," she cracked up laughing again.

"Well?" Reyes asked again. She really did want to know the answer for future reference, just in case.

"Well. Hum. I... Yes, I... I guess you could say that I have a very strong sex drive."

...No shit... Reyes nodded in response. "Okay... Well, I can understand that. I mean... I do, too... I guess."

"You guess?" Scully said, her eyes widening.

"Well... I mean... I've been told that... Hell, I don't know. What's considered normal, you know?"

"Hah. Good question," Scully snorted again, then cracked up laughing for a moment. "Hum... Well... I guess as long as nothing falls off... or gets so raw it hurts... it's normal."

"Oh! Geez!" Reyes snorted, then cracked up laughing herself at that comment.

Then they both cackled with laughter for the next few moments. Who would believe that they would just talk about it, as horny as they both were, and still not act on it? But then again Reyes had decided just moments ago to put some brakes on this fast-moving train that they both seemed to be riding. She began to quiet back down, deep in thought yet again.

After a few more moments, Scully began to quiet back down as well, and then rose back up so she could again look into Reyes' eyes. Reyes smiled from the scrutiny, then lightly doubled-winked at her. Scully giggled and smiled back, her heart melting a little bit every time when Reyes did that. She then furrowed her brow, still watching Reyes' changing expressions and that unsettled look beginning to radiate from her eyes all over again.

"Baby? What is it?" she finally asked in response to that unsettled look.

Reyes' eyes widened for a moment. ...God! You keep calling me that... she mused, then barely shook her head, silently answering Scully's question with her actions.

Scully furrowed her brow a little more as she focused in on Reyes' eyes. "No. What is it? What are you thinking?" she asked again.

Reyes glanced down and folded her lips in response.

Scully quickly recognized that Reyes was again quite serious in her mood. Something was wrong. Something was troubling her. And something had changed, just since Scully had gotten up to go relieve herself. She rose a little higher off Reyes' torso and shifted to the side of her.

"You okay?" Reyes quickly responded to her sudden movements.

"Umhum. But... Somehow I don't think you are," Scully replied, as she reached up and gently stroked her cheek with her thumb.

Reyes just smiled again, then looked away.

"Monica? What is it?" Scully tried again.

Reyes closed her eyes in response. ...Oh God, Dana. I... I don't think I can take much more of this... Geez, I... I want... I want to... No... No. It doesn't matter what I want...

"Moni? What's wrong? Hum?" Scully asked as she tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

Reyes opened her eyes again and tentatively smiled.

Scully smiled in return.


"What, baby?" Scully responded, still lightly stroking her cheek and starring into her eyes.

...Oh God!... Reyes' heart skipped another beat. "I, um... I think maybe..."

Scully lay there for a few more seconds, watching her as she struggled to speak. ...What in the world?... What in the world has happened to upset you so much?... she mused. ...Damn... All I did was get up and go to the bathroom... For Crissakes... "Moni. What's wrong?" she tried again.

Reyes glanced away yet again.

"It... Is it what happened earlier?" she asked, beginning to put some of the pieces together.

Reyes glanced back up, making eye contact with those beautiful Dana-blue eyes, yet still did not say anything.

"That... That's it isn't it? I... I offended you when I... When I said that I wanted to fuck..."

"No, no, not at all. Oh no, Dana, no. You... You didn't offend me. My God! I mean... Hell! I, I'm, I was feeling it, too, okay?... I... I told you that, remember?"

"Well... Okay... Then... What's wrong?"

"I... It... It's just that... Oh gosh." Reyes could hardly think for all of the overwhelming emotions and physical sensations her body was feeling at the moment. "I... Dana I, I think I, I need to get up for a minute, okay?" she said as she began to scoot out from underneath Scully's thigh and rise up off the bed. Maybe if she moved out from underneath Scully's hot and juicy little groin, thigh and leg she could actually think a little more clearly.

"Okay," Scully responded, shifting her leg, thigh and pelvis off her and allowing her to get up. ...What in the world?...

...Geez... Reyes began to mildly pace back and forth in front of the bed. ...Oh man... Getting up from the bed had not seemed to help at all. She still could not think very clearly. But then Scully was still in the room, in her bed and presently watching her pace back and forth.

"Moni," Scully whispered as she watched Reyes continue to silently pace back and forth in front of the bed.

"I, Dana I, I think that maybe we need to talk... about what happened earlier and... and I think that, that maybe we need to... I, I mean... Well... What...? What if it's just the situation we're in? And... And then what happened at the compound last night? And... And then me getting so frickin' sick last night? And..."


"...And then maybe, maybe you... Maybe you just needed someone last night. And... And so you responded to me like that and... But only because I happened to be the only one there at the time and... And so..."


"...But... But not because you really wanted me, I mean I... I don't think that you really want me... Not really. I mean, under any other circumstances, you... You probably wouldn't even find me attractive or... Or even give me the time of day or..."

...What in the hell?... "Monica?"

"...much less consider the idea of... of, um... of you... making-love to me... And... And so..."

"Moni!" Scully finally raised her voice at her to get her attention.

Reyes abruptly stopped her pacing and snapped her head up in response.

Wow. Reyes' relentlessly nagging and underlying childhood fears of rejection and disregard had begun to kick in without her even becoming aware of it. But it tended to happen when she felt so unsure of another's true feelings towards her.

"Monica? Come here. Come back over here for a minute," Scully said, motioning her to come back over to the bed, and then patted the area next to her.

Reyes glanced down at her hand, then twisted her lips a little in response.

"Come on. Come on back over here. I need to talk to you," she said again.

Reyes glanced back up, making eye contact.

"Hah... Sweetheart, I don't bite."

Reyes snickered a little bit, then giggled.

Scully chuckled as well. "Come on. Get your cute little ass back over here before I..."

Reyes' eyes widened yet again.

"Oops. I'm sorry. I... I guess I shouldn't have said that either. I..."

Reyes grinned. "No, it's okay," she replied as she came back over and sat down on the edge of the bed. "So," she turned and glanced down at her own backside. "You think it's cute?" she asked as a nice, warm and fuzzy memory of a moment in the ER last night suddenly flashed through her mind. She remembered something that Scully had said last night that sounded very similar. And if she remembered it correctly, it was when that old biddy of a nurse had been in the room. But then she had gotten sick at her stomach again. So it could have been her imagination. But then again.

"Oh yeah. I think it's cute all right," Scully teased. "It's so damn cute it makes me wanna get a piece... Oh, for Crissakes. Never mind." ...Shit. God! Button it up, will you!? God, Dana! You're scaring her half to death!...

Reyes' eyes had widened yet again in response, as she then scooted up in the bed and leaned her head back up against the headboard. ...Oh! Yeah! That's it! I remember! I remember now! You said, 'Come on, sweetheart. Roll over for me. Let me get a piece of that cute little ass'... she smiled at the newly recalled memory. ...Oh yeah. I remember now!...

Scully then scooted up in the bed as well, rested her head against the headboard and then turned to face Reyes. "I, Monica... First of all... I'm sorry. I should have never said that to you and... And I..." she stopped for a moment to take a deep breath.

"But... Dana?"

"No. Wait. Now let me finish."

"Oh, okay. I'm sorry."

"Hah. Will you stop that?"

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "Wh...? What did I do?"

"Hah. Monica! I want you to stop saying you're sorry to me. You didn't do anything wrong! Okay? I did. I'm the one that said it! And it was totally out of line."

"But... No. Not if it was the truth. I mean, Dana. You didn't do anything wrong. And... And neither did I... I mean... It... It just happened, right?"

"Yeah. But... I let it get out of hand."

"Well? Not really. I mean... Technically, nothing happened."

Scully cocked an eyebrow. ...Umm... And that's what you think, Agent Reyes... Oh, baby... Something happened all right. Something happened all the way down deep inside of me... she thought. They both lay there for a few moments in total silence. ...Wow. Damn it. What are you doing? Think of the consequences here... Scully mused. ...Damn it, Dana! You're about to blow a friendship just because you can keep your cunt in line! Damn it!... "Oh my God... What have I...?" she verbalized, full of regret, as she glanced away.

"Dana? Don't."

"Don't what?" she replied as she glanced back up.

"Don't... You... Dana... Nobody did anything wrong here, okay? I mean, as long as we're both honest with each other. And... And tell each other how we... Oh wow." Reyes had to glance away again herself. ...God. I can't tell you that! I can't tell you how I feel! That I'm falling-in-love with you! Geez... You... You'll tuck tail and run away from me so fast...

"Monica. Still. I'm sorry. I should have never said that to you and... And I guess... I guess I was just so caught up in the moment that I... Oh, for Crissakes." Scully began to shake her head at her inability to keep a lid on her own raging libido. ...God... If you ever found out how many total strangers I've fucked in my life? Just for the hell of it? Just for something to do? My God, you'd tuck tail and run away from me so fast...

"Dana. Honey, it's okay. You were just... frustrated," Reyes soothed as she reached up and stroked the side of her cheek.

Scully chuckled a little bit. ...Oh yeah. I was frustrated all right. So frustrated I about came right there, from just your knee touching... Good God, Moni!... She actually shivered for a moment from the memory.

"Dana. Please. Don't. Don't ever say that you're sorry about what you said to me. I mean... I felt it, too, remember?" ...And damn, I'm still feeling it... Geez...

Scully smiled, then quirked her lips a little bit. "Hum. So you did, Agent Reyes. So you did," she said as she reached up and clasped Reyes' hand with her own.

Reyes smiled as she pulled that same hand to her lips and tenderly kissed her knuckles.

Scully smiled again.

Reyes winked at her as she lowered Scully's hand back down to her chest and let it just rest there between her covered breasts for a moment.

They continued to watch each other for a few more seconds.

"So, Agent Reyes... Where do we go from here?" Scully finally asked.

"Well, I think that maybe we just... accept what happened and... what was said, and... And that we both realize that it was just, um... It was just... Oh God..." she groaned. She had to close her eyes yet again. She could hardly breathe, much less look at Scully right now, the intensity was so strong.

"It was just what, Agent Reyes?"

Reyes felt her cheeks beginning to turn a nice little shade of rosy pink all over again.

Scully noticed the cute little blush, too. "It was just what?" she teased again.

"It, it was ju... Oh wow," Reyes replied as she reopened her eyes and glanced back up at Scully. "I can't seem to even put two sentences together this morning, can I?... Gosh, I... I just... I'm not sure what all is wrong with me," she said as she smiled.

Scully chuckled. "Hum. Well? Let's see. Since you've only had about four or five hours sleep in the last forty-eight I'd say that's a big part of it. And then given all the drugs I pumped into your system last night. Well... It's understandable."

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "Did you pump me last night?" she teased.

Scully snickered. "Oh yeah. Several times," she teased back.

"Really? Did I enjoy it?"

Scully snorted, then giggled. "Oh yeah. You enjoyed it all right... Good God, Moni."


"You were screaming my name out so loud I thought you were going to wake Doggett up."

Reyes snorted. "Really?" she asked, giggling herself. ...God, I hope he can't hear us through these walls right now... she thought. Of course, it was a little late to be concerned about that.

"Oh yeah. Really."

"Wow! Like this?" Reyes teased. "Dana, oh, oh Dana, yes, yes, that's it, yes, oh yes..."

"Stop. Stop that. Or I'm gonna..." Scully had blushed bright red herself this time.

"You're gonna what?" Reyes giggled again.

"Reyes? You are treading on very dangerous ground right about now."

"Oh. I am?" Reyes cocked an eyebrow yet again.

"Oh yeah. Now don't tease me, okay?"

"Oh... Okay I, I'm sorry, Dana. I... I guess I'm just not use to..."


"What?!" Reyes' eyebrows shot above the ceiling. She had never heard that expression before in her life.

"Cunt-teasing. Same as a cock-tease except..."

"Right. Right. I gotcha... Oh man... Maybe I have. And didn't know it. I... Oh my God..."

Scully cracked up laughing. "Oh I bet you have. Oh, no, I know you have. Don't you have any bi or lesbian friends?"

"Are you kidding? Practically all the women I hung out with in college... Whoa!... Holy shit!" She began to shake her head at the thought. "I'll be damn. I never even thought about it that I may have... I mean. I was... Oh, I hate that word 'jock', but... I played a lot of sports and... And most of the women... Well, I was a minority I guess and..." She began to shake her head some more. "My God, I never even thought about it that I may have... What did you call it?... 'Cunt-tease' some of... Oh Lord," she continued to shake her head and sigh at the possibility, and at how young and naive she had truly been back in those days, and even after Jenni, her first lover. "Oh geez, Dana. I never would have intentionally done that to my friends, I mean... My God! That would have been so cruel! And... Well... I don't know, I mean, we'd have to take showers together and stuff and... But, that was just part of being on a team... And we'd most always give each other a back rub after a game and so..."

Scully began to giggle. "Back rubs, huh? And you never, not once, had a woman hit on you?"

"Oh. Well. Yeah. A few times I guess. But, I think they all knew that... That I wasn't really... I mean..." ...Frig... So why am I falling-in-love with you now?...

"Not interested?"

"Well, yeah. I guess. I... I don't know. Maybe the right girl just hadn't... come along," she trailed off as she thought back to Jenni.

Scully cocked an eyebrow. "Oh. I see." ...Are you trying to tell me something, Agent Reyes?...

Reyes glanced back up and locked eyes with her yet again. ...God. What am I doing? Cool it, Reyes, cool it. Shit! She doesn't need that. Me telling her that... Damn...

"And so what would happen if the right girl did come along?" Scully asked.

...Oh shit. You opened that door right up now didn't you, you big dummy... Reyes mused. "I um... Well, I think that... under the right circumstances, I... I would probably be open to the idea."

"Really... And so what do you consider to be the right circumstances?"

...Oh shit, Dana. Don't. Don't do this... "Um... Well... When both parties are... are... um..."

"Are what?" Scully coaxed her again.

"Um... Well? What do you think would be the right circumstances?"

"Oh fuck, Reyes. Do you always do that?"

"Do what?"

"Turn the damn tables on somebody when you don't want to come right out and say what's on your mind?"

Reyes wrinkled her brow. ...Whoa!... "Do I? Is that what I'm doing?... I... I don't know. I've never... Wow." She really had not thought about it that she tended to do that as a defense mechanism at times to keep from having her own opinions rejected. She had been trained in the Behavioral Sciences Division to use that line of questioning. Just as most any professional in the mental health field had been trained to do. But, then again, maybe she did go overboard at times, and use it to keep from hearing any painful rejections from another person herself, if she happened to say "what's on her mind", and it was not what the other person wanted to hear.

"Oh wow, Monica. That was, I'm sorry. I guess I'm being rather hard on you", Scully said, beginning to feel bad for what she had just said.

"No. Um. I... I think you may be right. I... I've never thought about it. But... Hum... You've given me something to think about," Reyes said, as if she didn't already have enough to think about, if she could ever find the time.

Scully glanced over at the clock. 8:51 AM. ...Oh crap... She really would like to continue the earlier conversation about being under the right circumstances. But they were running out of time. "Well. I hate to have to tell you this but... we've got to be cleaned up, packed up and ready to check out by 9:50, 10:00 at the latest, so..." she shrugged.

"Oh. Okay," Reyes responded, glancing over at the clock as well. "Okay. No problem."

"Well... I guess I should head back to my own room at some point," Scully said as she began to scoot towards the edge of the bed.

"But... wait," Reyes said.

Scully instantly stopped her movements and glanced back up, locking eyes with her yet again.

"Dana. I, um... Thank you for pointing that out to me. I... I like to pride myself in always trying to be truthful and honest. But, I think you may be on to something, that sometimes I... I do tend to hedge the issue when I..."

Scully began to smile as she leaned back down against the headboard. She was already quite impressed with Reyes' innate sense of honesty and truthfulness. She had already begun to recognize that lovely trait in her wonderful new friend, Special Agent Monica Reyes, over the last couple of days.

Reyes was still stammering around and hesitating with her answer.

Scully smiled again. She knew she needed a little more coaxing. "When you what, Agent Reyes?"

"Um... Well... When I..." Reyes hesitated again as she closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. ...Oh God...

Scully gave her a few more moments before responding. "Monica? Let me ask you something. When both parties are... feeling the same things... and both parties are... attracted to each other... then... wouldn't you consider that to be... the right circumstances?"

"Um. No. Not... not necessarily."

"No?" ...Wow!... Scully had to admit, she was very surprised by that comment. "Hum. Okay," she said as she turned towards Reyes and locked eyes with her once again. "So then what makes that... not... the right circumstances?" she asked as she intently gazed into Reyes' eyes.

Reyes squirmed a little from the intense scrutiny, swallowed hard and then licked her lips. ...Oh Dana. Don't. Don't, please, don't. Don't look at me like that... Oh God... Her breathing had instantly increased right along with her heartbeat, from just the mere look Scully was giving her, along with the sound of her voice.

Scully continued to watch her, quickly recognizing the kind of effect she was having on her yet again. ...Oh baby. You're afraid. That's it. You're nervous. I make you nervous... She smiled at the thought as she cocked an eyebrow.

Reyes hesitantly smiled in return.

...Oh God, Moni, you're straight, straight as an arrow. And I bet you've never even been kissed by a woman... Much less had a woman... Ohhh. Sweet baby... Scully's heart melted yet again at just the mere possibility of being Reyes' very first female lover.

Well. That was not completely accurate but given Reyes' physical reactions to Scully right now it was not at all surprising that Scully would assume that.

"Well? You gonna answer my question, Agent Reyes?" Scully whispered again as she moved in a little more closely.

"I um... Dana..." Reyes hesitated again. ...Oh my God... She could hardly breathe Scully had moved in so close to her, and was now starring into her eyes with those beautiful Dana-blue eyes. ...Ohhh God, Dana... And the sound of Scully's voice. And the way she had said her name. ...Ohhh God, Dana... She continued to stare back into Scully's eyes almost completely disarmed by Scully's smooth advances.

"Agent Reyes... Tell me," Scully softly whispered again as she rolled in even more closely and began to lightly caress Reyes' cheek, and then down along her jaw-line with her fingertips.

"Oh," Reyes lightly whimpered as her breathing instantly caught in her throat.

"Tell me... What would it take? Hum?... What would it take, to make those circumstances... right?" Scully softly whispered again as she used that seductively low and sultry voice of hers to her full advantage, then rolled in, even more closely, and leaned her warm, sizzling body up against Reyes'.

"Oh," Reyes whimpered again quite breathless indeed, as she instinctively placed her arm around Scully's torso, in spite of herself, and her former decision to somehow slow this fast-moving train back down. She just could not help herself. She wanted Scully to do to her whatever Scully was about to do, just as much as Scully wanted to do it.

Her breathing continued to increase as Scully continued to watch her closely and begin to run her fingertips across her cheek, and then down along the side of her face, and then dip down and ever-so-gently run them along her soft, smooth and velvety lips.

"Oh," she lightly whimpered again as she closed her eyes and shivered for a moment in response to Scully's gentle caresses.

Scully's breathing instantly increased itself in response to Reyes' uncontrollable little shiver, for it had been a long time - a very, very long time, indeed - since she had had someone respond to her mere little touch and a gentle caress like this. "Tell me, baby. Tell me. Hum? Can you tell me?" she barely whispered again, quite breathless herself all of a sudden.

"Um... Dana..." Reyes could hardly speak she was so caught up in the sensations of Scully's gentle and tender caresses. She opened her eyes yet again, then suddenly poured all the love and devotion she could ever possibly find inside of her own soul into that look.

"Oh," Scully whimpered lightly in response. ...Oh yes, there it is... There was that look again. Just like the one that Reyes had given to her, just before she had gotten up to go and relieve herself. ...Oh yes. There it is, baby... She felt her heart melting into a big oversized and overflowing pool of mush as she continued to gaze into Reyes' eyes.

"Da... Dana?"

"Hum?" Scully whimpered softly as she rolled on over and on top of her warm and waiting body, her leg and thigh dropping down between her legs.

"Oh... Honey," Reyes lightly gasped, her breathing steadily increasing, and her heart beginning to pound so hard inside her chest she just knew that Scully could feel it, too.

And Scully could, for her own heart was pounding just as hard inside her own chest, along with her own steadily increasing breathing.

Scully hesitantly broke eye contact as she then began to eagerly examine Reyes' soft, smooth velvety lips. She knew what she wanted. And she knew what Reyes wanted. And she was going to do it, gentle and easy, and take her time. Because, as far as she knew, this may very well be the very first time Reyes had ever been kissed by a woman. And she was going to make damn well sure that she did it right. And showed Reyes the difference between a kiss from a man and a kiss from a woman.

She ran her thumb back up along Reyes' cheek as she eased in to within an inch or so of her waiting lips. She glanced back up, locking eyes with her one more time, just for a moment, before placing her hand behind her neck, and feathering her fingers through her hair, and then ever so carefully, gently and tenderly pulling her in, and ultimately closing the distance between them.

"Mmm," they both moaned in unison as their lips lightly and ever so gently touched, for the very first time - soft full lips, meeting smooth velvety lips - finally setting them free to the insatiable desire that had been overflowing between them.

Reyes reached up and placed her palms along the sides of Scully's face, pulling her in ever more closely, while feathering her fingers through her soft, auburn hair.

"Mmm," they both moaned again in unison as Scully continued to lightly brush her lips against Reyes'. And then lightly run the tip of her tongue along the edge of Reyes' lower lip. And then up along the edge of her upper lip. And then back down along the edge of her lower lip, never breaking the intimate contact, and yet never using any added force or extra pressure, but remaining ever so gentle and easy and taking her time.

Reyes had closed her eyes and opened her mouth a little more widely in response, as she whimpered and moaned with every little caress of Scully's warm, wet tongue sliding against her lips, wordlessly asking her for more.

Scully obliged, as she ever so gently continued to lightly brush her lips against Reyes', and lightly run the tip of her tongue along the edge of her lower lip. Then up along the top of her upper lip. Then ever so gently began to lightly enter her mouth with her tongue. Entering and reentering, and lightly flicking it, in and out, as Reyes began to whimper and moan more urgently, with every light little stroke Scully gave to her. Barely grazing her, in and out, and in and out. And then suddenly pulling back and away, to only maybe an inch or so from her face. She swallowed hard, licked her lips, opened her eyes, and then gazed back into Scully's eyes, full of wonder and surprise, at being so totally and completely swept away by that one sweet, gentle and easy first kiss.

Scully backed away another couple of inches or so herself and gazed back into Reyes' eyes, completely stunned by what she saw. Reyes' eyes were lit up so brightly they reminded her of a little child's eyes when they had just stolen their favorite cookie from the cookie jar, and had taken the first bite. Her heart skipped a couple of beats from the look. Then, "More? You want more?" she barely whispered.

Reyes shivered again as she nodded in response.

"Umm," Scully throatily groaned in reaction to Reyes' second little uncontrollable shiver and nod. She could hardly believe Reyes' responses to her tender little wet kiss and whisper. Or even her own responses and actions for that matter. It had been years - more like forever it seemed - since she had really given a rat's ass, and actually cared about someone and deliberately taken her time with a potential lover. Usually, she just got on with it, fucked them, got what she needed out of them, and was then on her way. But this was different. This was so different. And this was Reyes. And ...Oh wow!... how Reyes was responding to her.

She smiled as she slowly leaned back in, gently pulling Reyes' waiting lips back in, and then suddenly stopped just an inch or so from her mouth yet again.

"Oh," Reyes lightly whimpered in response to the sudden little tease as her lower lip dropped a little farther in anticipation, her body shivering uncontrollably yet again. She lay there, breathing heavily, gazing into Scully's eyes, her own eyes overflowing with pure and absolute love and devotion, Watching and waiting and wordlessly pleading for more.

"Oh... Moni..." Scully huskily groaned in response to Reyes' riveting gaze, ragged breathing and uncontrollable little shivers as she lightly ran her thumb along her lower lip, reminding herself yet again to take it slow - slow and easy - and take her time. She wanted this first kiss to be special and unique, something new and different, and nothing even remotely close to anything Reyes had ever experienced before in her life. And whether she realized it yet or not, she was succeeding in the most extraordinarily wondrous of ways.

She then leaned back in, closing the distance between them yet again, and lightly brushed her lips along the edges of Reyes' lips. Then began to barely increase the pressure, gently sucking Reyes' lower lip into her mouth, as she felt Reyes' lips begin to tremble and quiver against her own.

"Oh... Da..." Reyes lightly whimpered in response as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth a little more widely, giving Scully full access and utter control - complete utter control - surrendering her lips, her mouth, and anything else Scully may want surrendered, to her gentle and easy command.

...Oh God, Monica... Scully felt her own heart rate and breathing begin to rapidly increase, in reaction to feeling Reyes' entire body beginning to shiver and tremble underneath her, as she continued to gently suck and pull on Reyes' bottom lip. Sucking and pulling it inside her mouth. And then letting it go. Then gently sucking and pulling on her top lip. Sucking and pulling, and tugging it inside her mouth. And then letting it go. And then lightly beginning to enter and reenter Reyes' mouth with her tongue - in and out, and in and out - just barely flicking her tongue, in and out, as she felt Reyes respond and begin to gently suck and pull and tug on her own tongue, lightly teasing and sucking and tugging with her own and wordlessly asking for more.

She began to oblige and deepen the intimate kiss. Entering and reentering, and thrusting her tongue, a little more deeply inside of Reyes' mouth. Deeper and deeper, thrusting and pushing, deeper and deeper, as she felt Reyes' tongue begin to enter and reenter, and lightly flick and thrust inside her own mouth. Flicking and thrusting, deeper and deeper, thrusting and pushing, deeper and deeper, while Reyes' arms began to surround and engulf her, and her pelvis began to curve up and lift up underneath her, as she pressed her thigh and groin more intimately against her own.

"Oh God... Baby," she gasped breathlessly, in response, as she felt her own body begin to shiver and tremble, while she pressed her own groin and thigh more urgently against Reyes' groin, then squeezed her legs around Reyes' thigh.

"Ummm... Dana," Reyes whispered breathlessly through the passionately deepening kiss as she planted her own groin more securely against Scully's groin and thigh, and began to roll them both over in the bed, pressing her groin more urgently aagainst Scully's thigh.. ...Oh God, I love you, I love you, Dana. I love you. I love you. Can you hear me? Hum? Can you? I love you... she mused as she continued to roll them both over in the bed thrusting her hips in against the redhead, her breathing growing so ragged and breathless with every little thrust.


"Oh!" she immediately stopped her actions as they both broke off the arousing kiss.

They lay there, starring into each other's eyes, both panting and breathless, both trembling, and both utterly blown away by the intensity of their very first kiss.

They lay there for a couple of more seconds.


"Baby... you... need to... get it," Scully panted utterly breathless.

"I know," Reyes panted utterly breathless herself as she rolled back over to her back, bringing Scully right along with her. "Oh... God..." She lay there for another couple of seconds, trying desperately to catch her breath. "Mmm..."


"Monica Reyes," she quickly answered, then instantly covered the mouthpiece with her hand.

"Hey. How ya feelin' this mornin?" It was Doggett.

"Good. Great," she quickly replied, then covered the mouthpiece yet again with her hand as she glanced down at Scully, Scully looking on. ...Oh God, John. I'm better than great!...

"Well. I didn't know if you knew it. But we're supposed to be meetin' around 10:00. Everybody get checked out and everything. And I thought I better call ya and let ya know."

"Okay. Thanks," she said, then took a deep breath and held it for a moment.

"You sure you're all right? You sound a little..."

"No. I'm fine," she responded again, then covered the mouthpiece yet again with her palm, swallowing hard, as she winked at Scully.

"Okay. Well. I'll see you about 10:00 then."

"Right. Thanks," she said, about to hang up the phone.

"Hey, Reyes? You still there?"

She and Scully both heard him on the other end of the line. "Yeah. Still here," she quickly replied, as she brought the phone back up to her ear.

"Would you mind ridin' with me over to the airport?"

Reyes furrowed her brow. "Well... Sure, John... No problem."

"Great. See ya then."

"Okay. See ya then."

And with that they both hung up.

Scully laid her head back down along Reyes' heaving chest, then reached down and lightly rested her palm along her tummy, amazed at the light little shivering and trembling she was still feeling coming from Reyes' body lying underneath her. "You okay?" she finally asked, as she glanced back up at her.

"Ummm. What do you think?" Reyes teased as she immediately wrapped her arms around her yet again and hugged her so tightly it almost took her breath away.

"Umm. I think that was the most incredible first kiss I've ever experienced in my life," Scully said. And it was the truth.

Reyes giggled. "Really?"

"Ummm. Um-hum."

"Well. I think that was the most awesomely, electrifyingly, incredibly, wonderfully, magnificent first kiss I've ever experienced in my life as well... Oh God, Dana..." she reached down with her still trembling hand and lightly caressed Scully's cheek with her thumb. "Can't you tell? I'm still trembling."

"Mmmm," Scully groaned again, still breathless, as she squeezed Reyes so tightly in her arms she about took her breath away as well. "God... You just..." she hesitated.

"I just what?"


"Um. Hope so," was all Reyes could say, as she closed her eyes and continued to hold Scully so tightly in her arms nothing could have pried them apart. Nothing. And she never wanted to let her go either. Never.


9:03 AM: They lay there all wrapped up tightly in each other's arms for another minute or so. Scully glanced over at the clock. ...Damn...We really need to start getting ready... "Moni? How long do you think it will take for you to get ready?" she asked as she began to start maneuvering herself out of Reyes' clutches.

Reyes hesitantly let go of her so she could get up as she glanced over at the clock herself. "Not long. I'm good at quick showers."

Scully chuckled as she rose all the way up and off of Reyes' body, then rolled over and sat up, then crossed her legs, just to sit there on her own side of the bed.

"What about you?" Reyes asked as she reached over and clasped Scully's hand.

"Well. You know I don't want to, but... I really need to go. Looks like we've only got about... What? Maybe forty minutes?"

"Yeah. Probably so," Reyes said all sad and frustrated.

Scully glanced back over at the clock. "Well. I guess I've got a couple of more minutes anyway before I need to get up and..."

"Then... could we, could I just... hold you... for those last couple of minutes?" Reyes asked, her eyes beginning to light back up.

...Oh God, Monica... Scully's heart had just melted all over again. "Yes. Yes, baby. You can just hold me," she responded, feeling such an enormous tidal wave of emotion rushing throughout her system. ...Oh God, Moni... Please, hold me. Hold me forever... she mused as she lay back down against Reyes' warm and waiting body.


9:10 AM: After a few minutes had passed, Scully glanced back over at the clock. ...Oh wow.... It's been a little more than a couple of minutes... Yep. It had been more like seven minutes, at least. "Well... I guess we better get up," she finally commented, frustrated as hell.

Reyes glanced over at the clock herself. "Oh gosh, I... I guess you're right," she replied, so frustrated herself with the situation. And yet knowing that neither of them had much of a choice for the moment. She scooped Scully up tightly in her arms one more time, then leaned down and kissed her on the crown.

"Umm," Scully sighed in response, squeezed her back, then eased up her hold on Reyes' torso, preparing herself for the inevitable.

"Hum. Guess I... need to let go, huh?" Reyes commented, responding to Scully's movements.

Scully instantly tightened her hold at that comment.

Reyes followed suit.

"No. Let's wait. One more minute. Just one more minute," Scully replied, rubbing her cheek against Reyes' upper chest. ...Oh God... Why do I need this? Why do I need you so badly? God!...

"Okay. One more minute," Reyes replied, leaning in and kissing her yet again on the crown, then feathering her fingers through her soft auburn hair.

That was why. That was why Scully needed this and needed her so badly. She needed that pure love and tender affection. Her heart and soul burned for it. And she had not allowed herself to experience it, pure love and tender affection, in so long, she had forgotten what it felt like, to have someone hold you, kiss you, caress you and touch you, without sex always having to be the final objective and outcome.

A few more seconds passed.


Scully snorted.

Reyes snorted.

Then they both began to cackle with laughter.

"Do you believe that?" Reyes said. "What are the odds? What are the frickin' odds of that? Holy fucking shit!" she fussed.

Scully just cackled even harder.


They both just laughed even harder at the ringing of the phone as Scully quickly rolled off of Reyes. "Well. You wanna answer it or me?" she asked, still cracking up with laughter.

"You... You this time, baby.... You deal with it and try to play it calm and collected," Reyes said, as she quickly got up off the bed, pointed at the phone and then headed for the bathroom. She was going to jump in the shower, now - right now - before anything else happened to delay them.

Continued - Part 7

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