Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 5
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She Mends Me

by MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 5

Reyes' Motel Room:

12:28 AM: Scully had managed to get Reyes to settle down somewhat and had her in the bed all covered up. She was shivering and complaining about feeling cold. But then the room itself was cold. Scully had fiddled with the thermostat herself. It was like her room. ...Weird... she thought wondering if Skinner and Doggett were having the same problems in their rooms as well.

...Peck. Peck...

"Uh-oh," Reyes responded to the little knock on the door.

"Uh-oh," Scully echoed back, chuckling at the childlike behavior, then got up from the edge of the bed.

"No," Reyes pleaded, quickly clasping her hand before she had moved out of reach.

Scully looked down, feeling the tight hold on her hand, and then at Reyes. It had not hurt her knuckles. But it was such a troubled hold. "I'm just going to answer the door. Okay?" she said, as she turned and caressed Reyes' cheek with her free hand.

...Peck. Peck. Peck...

Reyes glanced over at the door. "Door. Okay," she whispered, nodding in understanding and then let go.

Scully smiled, running her thumb across her cheek again.

Reyes just felt so out-of-control and quite vulnerable to her surroundings right now because of her weakened state. Consequently, she was somewhat fearful, knowing that she would not be able to protect herself from danger if need be. But, she trusted Scully.

"Coffee?" Scully asked, glancing over at the freshly-brewed cup she had just poured for her sitting on the little table by the bed.

"Yeah," Reyes said, smiling brightly and giggling some more as she reached for the cup.

Scully smiled, then went to the door. She had a hunch it was Skinner coming by, in person, to check on Reyes. And she was right.

Skinner walked into the room shivering a little bit himself from the cold air outside. The temperature had dropped down below freezing. It was cold in Helena, Montana this time of year. "How's she doing?" he asked, looking over Reyes. He chuckled at the childlike expression on her face.

"Oh. She's fine. Feeling 'no pain' right about now," Scully grinned.

Skinner smiled.

Reyes waved at him from the bed.

He chuckled at the childlike behavior then waved back.

She took another sip of her decaf.

"You're letting her drink coffee?" he said.

"Yep. She deserves it. And it's decaf."

He nodded.

Reyes giggled and then began to get up from the bed, asking, "You want some? Some coffee?"

"Oh no. No you don't. Back in the bed," Scully said, coming over to her and sitting back down on the edge of the bed holding onto her.

"You gonna pump me again?" she asked, leaning in against Scully's shoulder.

Scully snorted, then giggled, "Oh God," beginning to laugh at the sexually suggestive sound of that question. "No. I just finished 'pumping' you. Remember?" she teased, snickering at the sounds of her sexually suggestive answer.

Skinner's eyebrows had skyrocketed to the ceiling, wondering what in the hell they both were talking about.

Reyes giggled, then mumbled, "Pump, pump, pump," barely audible under her breath.

Scully snorted again as she got back up from the bed.

Suddenly, Reyes began to cackle with uncontrolled laughter. "Pump, pump, pump... Phssss... Pump, pump, pump... Phssss..." she began to imitate the sounds of the BP Unit between all of her little fits of giggles and laughter.

Scully's eyes widened in response as she looked at Skinner, then cackled with laughter herself as she pointed towards the BP Unit by the bed.

Reyes glanced back over at Skinner, recognizing who he was, and said, "Sir. She's been pumping me all night long with something. And I'm so fucked up right now I can't even think straight," she laughed again, trying to explain her behavior to him.

He began to laugh himself at the situation. It was just so funny seeing her like this.

"And... And then Eric... Shit! Wanting me to talk dirty to him while he pumped his..." Reyes started again.

"Shhh! Shhh! Monica! Hush!" Scully quickly responded, as she hurriedly sat back down on the bed next to her, laughing and putting her palm over her mouth, hoping to silence her before she said anything more.

Skinner's eyebrows had shot to the moon yet again. "Who's Eric?" he asked, looking at Scully.

Scully just shook her head, snorting again, then mouthed, "Don't ask", as she continued to hold onto Reyes, her hand still firmly planted over her mouth.

He quickly decided that it would probably be best for him to leave. Reyes was obviously not going to go to sleep as long as he was in the room. He waved "good-bye" then began to open the door.

"Skinner," Scully whispered motioning for him to wait for her outside in between her own chuckles and giggles.

He nodded in understanding, then left the room to go and wait outside.

She then got Reyes tucked back in underneath the covers and then rose up off the bed.

Reyes again grabbed onto her forearm. "Wh...? Where you going?" she asked.

Scully smiled at the childlike sound in her voice. "I'm just going to talk to Skinner for a minute. Okay?" she said.

Reyes had a slightly panicked expression on her face again.

"Monica? I'll be right back," she reassured her as she began to sense the growing fear inside her heart, wondering what had caused it. She sat back down on the edge of the bed, reached up and then ran her finger along Reyes' eyebrow, then leaned in and kissed it. "It's okay, baby. I'll be right outside. Okay?" she reassured her yet again.

"Okay," Reyes mumbled, closing her eyes, then let go, and then quickly reopened them, grabbing onto Scully's hand yet again, locking eyes with her.

Scully wrinkled her brow at the serious expression.

"I... Was I bad?" she asked.

"No. No, baby. You're fine," Scully soothed again as she leaned in and kissed her on the eyebrow yet again.

Reyes continued to stare into her eyes.

Scully continued to watch her for a few moments, then asked, "You feeling sick? Sick at your stomach?"

"Umum," she whimpered.


She nodded.

"Okay," Scully whispered as she again got up from the bed, intrigued at whatever had just caused such a drastic shift in Reyes' mood. Just seconds ago, she had been laughing her ass off. And now she looked so serious, almost frightened. Scully turned back around locking eyes with her once more.

Reyes grinned.

Scully smiled back. "Be right back. I promise," she said.

"Okay... Be back," Reyes mumbled to herself, smiling brightly, then rolled over in the bed and clutched her pillow.

Scully chuckled at the childlike behavior as she headed out to talk to Skinner.

Just Outside Reyes' Motel Room:

"Well. Her room is about as cold as mine. Have either one of you mentioned it to the manager?" Skinner asked, as Scully shut the door and walked on over to him.

"Yes. Yes, we have. But he can't seem to find anything wrong. And my room's not much better."

"That's ridiculous the rooms being this cold."

"I know. So you're having the same problem?"

"Yeah. I wonder if Doggett is? We're all down at this end of the building together. There's got to be something wrong in the heating and air system for three out of four rooms to be having the same problem," he said, shaking his head.

"I bet it's four out of four. I bet Doggett's about to freeze his ass off, too," Scully said, chuckling. "He's right in the middle of all of us."

They both glanced at Doggett's door. His light was out. So he must be the only one getting any sleep for the moment. But then again, he had just called the room a little while ago to talk to Reyes. So, maybe not.

"Oh God. You know what is so amazing right now?" Scully said.

"What?" Skinner responded, smiling and refreshed to see that she seemed to be much more like her old self than earlier, when she and Reyes had left the compound.


Skinner wrinkled his brow. "Mulder? What about Mulder?"

"If he were here right now, he'd be laughing his ass off at this situation with Agent Reyes," she said, smiling at the thought. "And you know what else?"


"He'd love her. They'd get along great together."

"You think so?" Skinner said, smiling. He could see that. Mulder and Reyes both seemed to have the ability to stay open-minded and believe in just about any far-out and far-fetched idea to explain paranormal phenomena.

"Oh yeah. And, believe it or not, she reminds me of him."

"Really?" Skinner said cocking an eyebrow.

"Yeah. She's - I can't really explain it but - there's just something. I don't know."

"Maybe her sense of humor?" Skinner said smiling again.

Scully chuckled. "Yeah. Maybe."

"Well. One thing I have noticed. She's open to extreme possibilities. No matter how bizarre it may sound."

"Oh yes, I'll say. You just don't know. She's seen a lot of weirdly bizarre and unexplainable phenomena within her Division, too. Things that probably should have been transferred to our Unit, but... Her office..." she shrugged.

Skinner nodded understanding exactly what she was talking about.

They stood there in comfortable silence for a few moments, both thinking about Mulder, losing Mulder, and understanding that the full effect of him being truly gone had not really sunk in. They were still "in shock". The reality had just not fully sunk in quite yet.

"So. How are you?" he asked.

"I'm okay. Actually, I... It feels good, taking care of her right now. I... I feel like I'm doing something right for a change."

"Dana? You didn't do anything wrong with Mulder. You know that," he countered.

Scully just shrugged, placing her forehead inside her palm, rubbing her temples.

Skinner put his hand on her shoulder slightly massaging it. He glanced over at Reyes' door. "How much longer is she going to be like that, anyway?"

"Um, probably another half an hour or so. Then, she'll be out like a light. Comatose. For the next few hours at least," she replied, then giggled and shook her head. "I... I'm afraid I... I may have overdosed her a little bit. I had the nurse pump the IV with more painkillers. And then with that last injection of phernegen..."

...So you did pump her... he smirked and then began to chuckle. "She'll be okay though, right?" he said.

"Oh yeah. She'll be fine."

They stood there again in comfortable silence for a few seconds.

"She's cute," he observed smiling yet again.

Scully chuckled, "Yes, she is, isn't she? And she won't remember a damn thing tomorrow."

Skinner chuckled himself at the thought. Then, after a few moments, he said, "Well. Try to get some sleep. Kersh is sending a bubird up from Quantico to pick us up. So..."

"Really? Why?"

"Well. I just didn't have a damn bit of luck with the airlines and trying to get us all home in one piece so... When I talked to Kersh a moment ago, he offered and... I accepted."

Scully rolled her eyes. "Okay. But he's not going to..."

"Oh no. He knows."

Scully furrowed her brow. She trusted the Deputy Director about as far as she could throw him. "Well. I don't trust him."

"Well, neither do I. But don't you worry. Doggett and I can handle it."

Scully inhaled deeply, then began to stroke her temples with her fingers again. She could feel a headache coming on. She had told Doggett at the compound that she wanted Mulder's remains to be sent directly to Raleigh, North Carolina, not to Quantico, not to the District Lab, and not to any other lab. No. As soon as the Medical Examiner finished his report, determined the cause of death and signed the certificate, she wanted Mulder's remains sent directly to a funeral home in Raleigh. It was as simple as that.

"Dana. Now don't worry about it. We'll drop you and Reyes off at Reagan. And then Doggett and I will go on to Raleigh. It's only another hour and a half or so in the air."

Scully cocked an eyebrow at him. ...Well... I better not get any surprises tomorrow morning... she thought. "Okay. But you know what I want. And I'm trusting you and Doggett on this. Because I just... I can't..."

"I know. No problem."

"Okay," she sighed. "Well. What time? When do we need to get up?"

"I um... I'm not sure. I..."

"You're not sure?" ...How in the...?... "He didn't tell you what time the plane is arriving?" ...For Crissakes... She rolled her eyes again.

"Well, no. But I'll know more in the morning. And I would guess around 10:00, 10:30. Maybe 11:00."

"Oh for Crissakes... Okay... Just call me when you find out so I can get Reyes up. I mean, she's going to be completely out for the count in no time and... God, Skinner? Did you know that she didn't get any sleep last night?"

"Oh damn. I wondered about that. I... Damn. Why didn't she call one of us for some help?"

"I... I don't know. She... I know that she was very concerned about me of all things. And..."

"Well now, Dana. You can't blame her for that. She... Hell! We all were concerned and knew you needed your rest last night. Now I can understand that, and why she didn't want to bother you. But why didn't she call me or Doggett?"

"I don't know," the redhead said shaking her head for a moment in thought. "I think maybe, she wanted to prove herself to us. Or prove that, she could be of help. Or..."

"Well, hell! Of course, she could be of help! How could she...?... Without her... Damn!" Skinner began to shake his head at the very idea that Reyes felt as if she needed to prove herself to them. ...Damn! She's not a rookie! Still wet behind the ears!...

"I know. And I gave her a little talking to while we were at the ER."

Skinner nodded. "Well. I'm glad you told me. I'll give her a little talking to myself tomorrow. She did an excellent job. And she needs to know that. And next time, she better be calling one of us for some help," he said. He liked Reyes, almost as much as Doggett did. But neither as much as Scully did.

Scully began to chuckle.

"What?" he asked.

"Just... Don't piss her off, okay?" Scully said continuing to chuckle.

"Now why would that piss her off?"

"Well. All I'm saying is, don't push her into a corner. Or she'll..." she hesitated and then began to giggle.

"What?" Skinner asked again becoming quite intrigued.

"Oh my. I wish you could have seen her just before we left the hospital," she said continuing to giggle as the memory of Reyes' words ..."The hell you can't! Just watch me!... flashed through her mind.

Skinner began to chuckle, too, in response to her giggles, then asked, "Well? What did I miss?"

Scully giggled some more. "Oh no. I think I want to wait until Doggett's around and can hear about it, too."

Suddenly, the door to Reyes' room opened.

They both turned around to the sound.

"Dana? What are you doing?" Reyes asked, starring out at the both of them, her voice still sounding just like a small child.

Scully smirked, then began to chuckle again at Reyes' question and expression. "Umm, I made this, didn't I?" she said, through her giggles.

Skinner laughed.

Then Scully laughed.

Then Reyes laughed. She figured since everybody else was laughing, something must be funny.

Suddenly, the door to Doggett's room opened. "For cryin' out loud. Can't a guy get some sleep around here?" he teased, peeping outside his own door. He was laughing, too.

Back inside Reyes' Motel Room:

12:43 AM: Scully took the last small opened bottle of Pedialyte from Reyes' hand and threw it into the trashcan beside the bed. She had allowed her to drink a cup of coffee. But she had also instructed her to finish one more small bottle of Pedialyte. Reyes had still not gone to the bathroom, even after all of the liquids that had been pumped into her system, since around 10:00 PM at the ER Ward. Scully was not really alarmed, just concerned. Reyes really should be feeling the need to urinate by now. And once she had, Scully's concerns over her moderate dehydration would be somewhat lifted. She stroked her forehead again and then had her open her eyes for her so she could re-examine her pupils. They looked fine. A little dilated, but fine. The texture and color of her skin was better. The last BP read had been tolerable. And her pulse rate was within range.

"Baby, do you need to go to the bathroom?" the redhead asked. At this point, she did not give a shit that she was calling her "baby" all of the time. After all, she was her "baby", for the moment at least.

"Umum," Reyes responded, her head tucked up against the redhead's thigh and very close to dropping off into a deep sleep.

"Okay." ...Shit... God... I think you're okay, but... Scully was still a little nervous. She was sitting on the edge of the bed beside her, stroking her forehead and cheek, running her fingers through her dark, wavy hair.

Reyes opened her eyes again then giggled.

Scully smirked. "You're so cute," she responded whispering to her.



"Umum," Reyes grunted playfully, giggling again and closing her eyes, then rolled over in the bed and clutched her pillow.

"Oh yes you are," Scully teased, giggling in response, and then leaned over kissing her on the cheek.

Reyes snickered a little bit then rubbed her face against her pillow.

Scully was getting such a kick out of seeing her like this. One never knew how someone would respond to a slight overdose to certain drugs. But Reyes was obviously a very happy and together person. Some would go into a fit of tears and remorse, like the "old crying drunk". But Reyes was all happy and giddy, like a small child. Scully wondered if she would react the same way when drunk on alcohol, or something similar. She probably would. She was just a happy person, in spite of her job and the seriousness of it.

"Uh-oh," she suddenly verbalized, for no apparent reason.

"Uh-oh," Scully echoed back, chuckling and wondering what this one was about.

Reyes rolled back over, starring into her eyes.

Scully raised an eyebrow at her.

"Sleep with me?" she asked, serious as could be, but still in that childlike tone.

...Indeed!... Scully's eyebrows shot to the ceiling.

"Cold," she whimpered, reaching around Scully's torso and pulling her in, closer to her, not realizing at all the undertones to the question or the actions she had just taken.

"Oh. Um. Well. Let me check the thermostat again, okay?" Scully smirked, maneuvering herself out of her clutches and getting up from the bed, giggling all the way over to the furnace. ...Shit... And you won't remember any of that either... she thought as she fiddled with the thermostat a little more, stifling her chuckles.

Cool air continued to blow into the room. It was not as cool as the freezing cold temperature outside. But it was not quite warm enough to be considered heat either. "Shit. This is ridiculous," she fussed.

"Uh-oh," Reyes responded to the little redhead's remark.

"Uh-oh," Scully chuckled and echoed back in response.

Reyes started giggling and laughing again. "Uh-oh," she grunted again, between her giggles.

"Uh-oh, Moni. What are you 'uh-ohing' about? Hum?" Scully teased as she came back over to the bed and sat down next to her, just on the edge.

Reyes didn't say anything, but suddenly reached out for a hug.

...Shit... Scully smirked again, then leaned in to give her a hug. "God. You are so affectionate," she commented.

Reyes sighed, then let go, and then rolled back over, for the umpteenth time it seemed, clutching her pillow.

"Monica? Do you need to go to the bathroom?" she asked again, just in case.


"You sure?"

Reyes rolled back over, making eye contact, and then nodded.

"Okay. Think you can go to sleep?"


"You can't? Why not?" Scully teased her again with a playful little tone in her voice as well.

Reyes rolled back over onto her stomach and clutched her pillow yet again. Within a half a second, she was sound asleep.

Scully chuckled at the scene. She pulled the covers up close around her face and neck, tucking her in, leaned in and then gently kissed her on the cheek again. She then glanced at the clock, still a little concerned that Reyes had not actually urinated. She may need to set her own alarm clock and come back over to check on her in a couple of hours. Luckily, she still had Reyes' room key inside her pocket.

She got up off the bed, turned off the TV, turned out the little light beside the bed and headed for the door. She then turned and glanced back over at Reyes, sound asleep. She smiled, then walked back over to the bed and sat down on the edge. She then reached over and lightly caressed Reyes' lips with her fingertips, delighting in the velvety soft smoothness of those lips. She snickered a little, then carefully leaned in and lightly kissed her on those soft, smooth and velvety lips, just barely, and oh so lightly, one would hardly even notice.

The sleeping beauty never stirred. She was out like a light. Scully smiled as a warm tingly feeling flooded her soul and all throughout her system. ...Hum... Guess I sneaked one in, didn't I?... she chuckled to herself. "Good night, Sweetheart," she whispered just above Reyes' ear and into the darkness. Reyes still had not stirred. She was gone. Out for the count. Scully rose from the bed and on her way back to her own room.

Scully's Motel Room:

12:58 AM: Scully set the alarm clock for 3:00 AM, planning to get up, then go back to Reyes' room and check on her, just to be safe; and if Reyes had not stirred, or been to the bathroom yet by 3:00, she would have to wake her up, and get her to drink more fluids. She could have stayed in the room with her all night, and slept in the same bed. Obviously, that would have made it much easier to watch over her during the night. And, technically, Reyes had asked her to do that very thing, stay with her, and sleep with her, and watch over her through the night. She chuckled at that memory. ..."Sleep with me?"... Reyes had asked, so innocent and childlike. ...Oh God, yes... I would love to "sleep with you", Monica Reyes... she smirked. But Reyes would not even remember that she had even asked that, along with just about everything else, over the last couple of hours. But, still, there was no way Scully was going to do that - sleep with her in the same bed - tonight. No way. Not if she could help it. She just did not trust herself tonight. She still felt so emotionally weak and fragile herself, and wanted so much to crawl up inside of Reyes' arms and stay there forever. And that was just not going to work. She was afraid that if they did end up in the same bed together, well. She just may do something, even in her sleep, that she might regret later. She had already sneaked in a kiss on the lips, so. No. She just did not trust herself. Her emotions were still too fragile and unpredictable.

It had helped, tremendously, to have Reyes' physical illness to focus on for a little while. Scully had fallen into "medical doctor" mode quite easily. But now that Reyes was better, and did not need her to watch over her so closely. Well. Scully was just not okay, not really. She bundled up under the extra blankets and began to feel warm. Within a minute or so, she was sound asleep herself, cold room or not. She was just so exhausted. Whipped was more like it.

Reyes' Motel Room:

1:53 AM: Reyes was tossing and turning all over the bed. ...NO! NO! Oh God! NO!... Reyes!... Agent Reyes!... NO!... Scully's cries were bouncing around inside of her head as she continued to toss and turn, then suddenly bolted upright in the middle of the bed wide-awake. ...Dana?... "Whew... Shit!" she sighed. She was so damn tired. She rubbed her eyes and forehead for a moment, then realized that for the first time in several hours she actually needed to go to the bathroom.

Scully's Motel Room:

1:53 AM: Scully was tossing and turning all over the bed. "NO! NO! Oh God! NO!... Reyes!... Agent Reyes!... NO!..." Scully's cries were bouncing around all over the room, as she continued to toss and turn, then suddenly bolted upright in the middle of the bed wide-awake. ...Moni?... "Whew... Shit!" she sighed. She was so damn tired. She lay there trembling from all the pent-up emotion she was feeling from her nightmare, needing to be close to someone - Reyes in particular - and not alone.

Reyes' Motel Room:

1:59 AM: Scully stood outside the door trying to make up her mind whether to knock, or just go on back to her own room.

Suddenly the door opened. "Dana?" Reyes said startled.

Scully was startled, too, and a little bit upset with herself, and with the fact that she had just been caught standing outside Reyes' door. "I... I um..." she stammered.

"Hey. Come on in. What's wrong?" Reyes asked reaching out and touching her shoulder, then leading her into the motel room.

"I um... I saw your light on and..." she hesitated. ...Oh for Crissakes... That was about as...

...Saw my light on, huh?... Right... Reyes smiled. "Oh. You'll be proud. I had to pee," she said, smiling again.

"Really? Good," Scully responded relieved. Then they both giggled standing in the doorway.

"I was headed out to... You know," the brunette shrugged as she held up her hand, holding a Morley Light between her fingers. One of these days, she really was going to quit, just not today.

"Oh. Go ahead. Don't let me stop you. I need to go on back anyway," Scully said, turning for the door.

"Dana? Don't be silly. Now tell me. Did you have a bad dream or something?"

Scully turned back around, tears flooding her eyes.

Reyes sucked on her lower lip for a moment. She was damn tired. Exhausted really. And she knew Scully was, too. They both needed some sleep, desperately. But, Scully needed to talk. "Come on. Come on over here and sit down," she said motioning Scully to follow her over to the little table.

She was somewhat back from her pharmaceutically drunken stupor. The snickers, giggles, chuckles and fits of laughter were all gone. But now, she was battling the extreme need to sleep.

Scully began to cry all over again about losing Mulder and the horrible nightmare she had just dreamed. Ironically, Reyes had been in her dream as well. And she had been severely injured, while trying to protect her from some unknown force. But Scully was not going to tell her about that part. That was just way too weird and bizarre, and so unlikely - more like impossible, actually. After all, it was just a nightmare.

Reyes sat there listening, and offering words of encouragement and consolation as best she could.

"Monica? I, I need... I need to tell you about something," the redhead said as her eyes watered up with fresh new tears.

"Okay," Reyes said, a little alarmed at Scully's demeanor. She then reached over and held her hand for a moment. "Dana? Whatever it is, it stays between us. I promise."

The fresh new tears began to roll down the redhead's cheeks. She glanced back up at Reyes. "I... I'm... I'm pregnant." There. She had said it. And she had needed to share that, and tell someone that for a long time - someone she could trust - outside of Skinner and Doggett.

Reyes kept looking at her, her own emotions reeling inside. Her eyes watered up with tears as well. "Is it...? Is Agent Mulder...?" she finally asked hesitating a little.

"Yes," Scully sobbed.

"Oh. Oh my God!" Reyes gasped. "Oh, Dana. My God," she said, reaching over and putting her hand on Scully's shoulder, massaging her neck and shoulder-blade. "God, Dana, I... I am so... oh God." She was heart-broken yet again for Scully. She hastily got up from the table, grabbed the box of Kleenex off the little table by the bed, and quickly handed the box to Scully.

Scully was not completely sure if it was Mulder's. The Artificial Insemination had not worked at first. But then later, when Mulder had been abducted, she had found out she was pregnant after all. And she had not been with anyone else. Nor had she done the procedure again. So, it had to be Mulder's. She was not sure how. But how else could she explain it?

She continued to cry, leaned over against the table.

Reyes continued to rub her back and shoulder-blades. ...God, Dana. No wonder you are so devastated... My God!... she kept thinking, the wheels turning inside her head. She had no idea at this point what to say or do. She could not imagine the pain and devastation Scully must be going through, to be carrying a child, without the other parent here to share in the joy and delight.

Finally, she got up from the table and knelt down beside Scully's chair, turned Scully around and opened her arms up in invitation all over again. Scully instantly buried herself up inside those wonderfully strong and powerful, sheltering arms as she cried and cried on her shoulder.

After several minutes, Reyes began to feel quite weak all over again, as if she could just pass out. Her strength and stamina was just not quite fully back.

"Um... Dana," she whimpered suddenly.

Scully understood, without her having to say anything more, let go, and then pulled a chair out for her to sit in. "Here. Sit," she said, smiling.

"I'm sorry."

"Why? What are you sorry about?" Scully said wiping more tears from her cheeks.

"I... I just... I want to be strong for you. And I can't right now."

"Yes you can. You are... You are my strength right now," Scully said. ...And it scares the ever-loving hell out of me... she thought as she took some more Kleenex out of the little box to wipe her eyes and blow her nose.

Reyes reached over placing her hand on her shoulder.

Scully sighed, then leaned her chin against that supportive hand. She just did not feel like being alone tonight. And she could not go to Skinner. He was her boss, for one thing. And she could not be caught in his room, especially after hours. And the same thing went for Doggett. Plus, she and Doggett just did not get along very well right now. So, who was left, but Reyes? And Reyes had been more of a help to her than she could have ever imagined. Especially during the time spent out at the compound, and right now, as well. "I... Monica... I really needed to... tell you that," she said as she blew her nose again, and then wiped another round of tears from her face.

Reyes just sat, listening. It explained so much. No wonder Scully had become so hysterical. She began to massage her shoulder a little bit again.

Scully looked up and smiled.

Reyes smiled.

They sat there together, in total silence, and yet both so in-tune with each other's thoughts and emotions.

"So. How far along?" Reyes finally asked.

"Eighteen weeks. The best I can calculate. I'm... right at four, four and a half months," Scully answered, putting her forehead in her palm and rubbing her eyebrows.

Reyes sat thinking about that for a moment. ...But... Mulder was missing before... Oh well... She glanced back over at her. It didn't matter. Obviously, something of Mulder's had worked. She was pregnant after all. Just a little after the fact. ...Well... That can happen... I guess... Reyes glanced back over at her. ...Whoa! That's a scary thought! Holy shit!... she smirked. She needed to make sure she was a little more careful herself. ...Condoms! Eric! Condoms!... "So... Do you know? Boy or girl?" she asked.

Scully smiled and nodded affirmatively.

"And?" Reyes raised an eyebrow.

"And I'm not telling," Scully teased cocking an eyebrow back.

Reyes chuckled.

She sat there for another minute, then finally mustered up the courage to ask. "Um. Dana?... Could I...?" Well. No. She had not mustered up the courage to ask after all and looked away.

"What?" Scully said intrigued.

"Oh, it's... Nothing."

"No. What? What were you going to ask me?" Scully said. She was not going to let her get away with that.

"Oh. I just... My pregnant girlfriends think I'm crazy, but..." she slightly blushed, her cheeks turning a nice little shade of pink.

"You want to touch my stomach. Feel the baby," Scully answered for her.

Reyes smiled as she turned three shades of red. "I know. It's crazy."

"No it's not. You'd be surprised how many people want to do that," Scully said, chuckling. "Come here," she said as she pushed her chair back across the floor and stood up.

Reyes stood up with her and came over to stand slightly behind her placing her hand underneath Scully's nightshirt and along her bare abdomen. She smiled and then lowered her hand just a little. "Oh! Wow! Your baby's so strong!" she gasped.

"Huh?" Scully responded, not understanding at all what she meant.

"I feel him! His energy! Dana! He's so strong... and healthy!" she exclaimed, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"You're kidding! You can 'feel' something?" Scully asked, not knowing exactly what to call it.

"Yes! Give me your hand!" she said.

Scully did as Reyes then placed her hand between her own and Scully's stomach. She moved it down slightly. Suddenly, Scully felt the same warm, tingling sensations, radiating into her hand also, as it radiated through hers and into Reyes'. "Oh! My God!" she exclaimed as the baby kicked for the very first time. "My God! Did you feel that?! He kicked! He kicked!" she exclaimed overjoyed with happiness.

"He did, didn't he?" Reyes giggled letting go of her hand and laughing at the wonderful tingly feeling and sensations still lingering inside her hand. Scully's baby was a very strong, powerful and healthy baby. "Oh Dana, he did, he kicked, oh wow, how he kicked," she laughed again, enjoying Scully's happiness.

"I can't believe that! Do you think he felt that? Felt us?"

"Oh yeah, I think so. He may still be inside of you. But he's already very aware of the world around him. He knows," Reyes said.

Scully smirked for a moment and then sat back down. "How did you...? Are you just guessing that it's a boy?"

"Umm. Well... The baby is just so strong. I would assume that it's a boy."

Scully smirked again. "Well. Don't go telling anyone. But... Yes. It's a boy."

Reyes laughed again and so did Scully. She was feeling much better indeed after that. "Listen, Dana. Anytime you want to talk to him, communicate with him. Put your hand lower, where I placed it. That way your hand is centered directly over his life-force."

"Okay," Scully said, placing her hand a little lower against her abdomen. The baby suddenly kicked again. "Oh, my God! He kicked!" she laughed again with pure happiness at the beautiful little miracle growing inside of her body.

Reyes laughed, too, so glad that she was able to share such a special moment with Scully, and show her yet another way to communicate with her unborn son.

"Monica Reyes? I do believe that you are a walking, talking 'X-File' yourself," the redhead commented, after she had regained some of her composure from the excitement of feeling her unborn son kick for the very first time.

Reyes began to laugh at that, too. "Hum. I hadn't really thought about it, but... Yeah. I guess I am... So... You gonna study me?" she teased cocking an eyebrow at her.

Scully cracked up laughing. "Oh yeah. I'll study you all right," she said.

Reyes giggled some more, then winked at her.

Scully began to giggle, too. "Oh. I wish Mulder could see and hear some of this."

Reyes clasped her hand again. "What makes you so sure he can't?"

Scully smirked, then said, "I guess you're right. I... I believe in the eternal... something. Energy, souls, the after-life, I don't know. Something, I guess. I was raised Catholic, so..." she hesitated.

"Me, too, although, I'm not Catholic anymore. But... I still believe that it's not over for us when our physical bodies die. I believe that our energy, our essence, our souls - for lack of a better word - go on, live on, or... something," the brunette commented herself.

Scully smiled and nodded. Whether it was true or not, it was a comforting thought. "I'd still love to talk to him. See him. Hear him laugh and... And..." she sniffed a little bit, closing her eyes and resting her forehead against her palm.

"I know," Reyes whispered as she continued to hold her hand, gently massaging her knuckles and palm.


2:23 AM: They had continued with light conversation, Scully filling her in on the Artificial Insemination and how Mulder had been so wonderful and supportive with it all. She had planned for them to be able to raise this baby together. He would have been there throughout her pregnancy, her delivery and on throughout her child's life. Mulder did not want to lay claim to the child, as much as he just wanted to be a part of the child's life, and be a good role model and father figure. In his eyes, it was Scully's child, and her last chance to be a mother. And he had been willing to do whatever was necessary, for her to have that chance.

"Dana? Ohh, mmm... Oh gosh. Why don't you just stay? Sleep here for the night?" Reyes asked stifling a yawn.

"No. I'm okay. You've done more for me tonight than I could ever repay already," the redhead mumbled wiping her tear-stained eyes and blowing her nose for the umpteenth time. She threw the used tissue into the trashcan and slowly got up from the table, planning to leave for her room again.

"Hah. Well. Dr. Scully, I'd say it goes both ways, now, wouldn't you?" the brunette replied.

Scully smiled.

"You've been taking care of me for the last few hours, you know," she reminded her.

Scully smiled again, "Yeah. Well. Actually, it felt good playing the role of 'doctor' for a little while."

"Oh yeah?"


"So what role did I play?" Reyes teased.

"Umm. Counselor. Therapist. Psychologist. Shrink. Need I go on?" Scully said cocking an eyebrow at her.

"Shit," Reyes smirked then chuckled a little bit. "Well. I am in the Behavioral Sciences Unit."

Scully belly-laughed, "Oh God. You know what?"


"You. You remind me so much of ... of Mulder."

"Mulder... You're kidding."

"Nope. He... Mulder could... He could always make me laugh. No matter how..." She had to stop mid-sentence. She could feel the emotions rising up again from the pain of losing him.

"Oh Dana," Reyes whispered as she reached over and pulled her into a tight embrace. "I... I want you to stay with me tonight, okay? I don't think you should be alone right now," she whispered again into her ear.

Scully just reveled in the intimate embrace for a moment, then rose back up off her shoulders and chest. "No. Thanks. Thank you. Really. But I... I need to go on back," she said.

Reyes then gave her a cute little pout, "Well. Can you at least stay while I go and take a quick smoke?"

Scully smirked cocking an eyebrow. "Okay. I can do that," she agreed.

"Great. Be back in a few," she said as she retrieved her Morley Lights pack and lighter off the little table by the door.

"Gosh. It's as cold in here as it is in my room," Scully commented wrapping her arms around her torso and shivering a little bit.

"Yeah. I know. It's a bitch isn't it? Go on. Get under the covers. I'll be back in a minute," she offered her warm bed to the shivering redhead motioning for her to go ahead and crawl in to get warm. She then put her robe on and walked outside to smoke a quick cigarette.

Scully glanced over at the bed, the covers all ruffled up on the right side. ...Hum. Well. Can't hurt to get warm at least... she thought. So she quickly crawled in underneath the covers where Reyes had been sleeping, then caught a slight whiff of her cologne on the pillow and smiled, a warm tingly feeling flooding throughout her system.

Just outside of Reyes' Motel Room:

Reyes smoked a couple of cigarettes, thinking about Scully, and her need to be close to someone right now. She was just so lonely, Reyes had decided. She needed someone so desperately in her life right now. And she had latched on to her for the last several hours. And that was okay. Reyes was cool with that. She was more than cool with that, and if they didn't live so far way from each other... "Hum," she sighed. She rather wished she lived closer to DC. She and Scully's chance meeting, and these last couple of days, could probably lead into a wonderfully close friendship. She was really falling for Agent Scully. In more ways than she had yet begun to realize.

Reyes' Motel Room:

2:38 AM: Reyes walked back into the room glancing over at the bed. Scully was sound asleep in her spot. ...Oh Lord... she thought, then headed for the bathroom to quickly brush her teeth, then came back out into the main room, removed her robe, placed it on the closest chair, then carefully crawled back into bed on the other side. ...Oh wow... What an unusual situation it had turned out to be. Well. At least no one else in the Bureau would know. And given that they were both female, no one could charge them with fraternizing on the job. ...Or could they?... Oh well... What the hell?... She lay there, starring up at the ceiling, listening to Scully's slow restful breaths. She was just glad to see that Scully was finally getting some much-needed rest. Who cared whose bed she was in as long as she got a good night's sleep.


2:47 AM: Reyes had rolled over onto her right side and away from Scully, as she drifted off into a nice and restful sleep. Scully had rolled over towards her, cuddling up against her body, snuggling up into a spooning position, the warmth enveloping her body, as she placed her arm around Reyes' torso, squeezing her close, just for a moment, completely sound asleep. Reyes had stirred a little. But she was used to sleeping with someone. So, it didn't startle her. She never really woke up.


2:59 AM: While she slept, Scully's hand had managed to climb up Reyes' torso, finding exactly what it was looking for, and then rested securely and squarely on top of Reyes' left breast, occasionally squeezing and pinching Reyes' left nipple with its fingers and thumb. Reyes' eyes flew wide open at the intimate touch and very sexual sensations her body was feeling. ...Oh yeah... Her nipple had become very hard, and quite sensitive indeed, to the loving ministrations it had been receiving over the last few moments. Her other nipple was beginning to ache with envy, from not receiving the same amount of loving treatment, although it had become quite firm, all on its own. "Oh boy," she quietly whispered, taking a hold of Scully's hand and carefully moving it back down to her waist. She didn't want to awaken her. The embarrassment of the moment would be, well. "Hum," sighed as she lay there for a moment, listening to Scully sleep. She then stifled a chuckle at how funny the situation really was. If only Scully knew, she had been "copping a feel" while she slept. Reyes then rolled a little farther over onto her side and away from the peacefully sleeping little redhead. Scully instinctively followed her then cuddled up even closer. "O-kay," the brunette whispered into the darkness of the room, nobody else awake to hear her. She smiled at the irony. She just hoped Scully would not wake up anytime soon and find herself so glued to her.


3:14 AM: ...Damn... Reyes really needed to get up and go to the bathroom again. But Scully was snuggled up so close to her, and holding onto her so cozily, she could not figure out a way to loosen the hold without waking her up. But she really needed to go - bad. ...Shit... She slowly rolled towards the little redhead hoping Scully would notice the movement and change her own position as well. It worked. Scully turned a little bit, let go of her, and then rolled flat of her back. ...Whew... Thank God... Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go... Reyes mused, chuckling to herself, as she took the chance and carefully got out of bed to go to the bathroom.

After a couple of minutes, she came back to bed and carefully lay back down, pulling the blankets back up and over her body.

Scully noticed the movement and then stirred a little in her sleep. "Moni?" she suddenly whispered into the darkness.

"Shhh. Yeah. Go back to sleep," the brunette whispered in response.

Scully rolled back over towards her, not fully awake, and yet not fully asleep either. She then curled up into Reyes' shoulder and chest, snuggling up even closer to her body, reveling in the warmth. It was damn cold in the room. Reyes stifled a giggle, then put her arms around her, pulling her in even a little closer. It was damn cold in the room. And the extra body heat did feel good, after all. Scully reacted to the movement, wrapped her arms around the tall brunette's torso more intimately, squeezed her real tight for a moment, and then drifted right back off into a deep sleep.

...Oh my goodness... Reyes lay there thinking about the situation. It had been years since she had lain so close and so intimately with another woman. And it had only been with one other woman, her first lover. And what a lover that woman had been. "Um, um, um," she quietly sighed, licked her lips and stifled another chuckle. After another minute or so, she managed to drop back off into a deep sleep as well.


3:34 AM: Scully woke up, finding herself draped all over the top of Reyes' body, straddling her left leg, with her groin planted firmly against her upper thigh, and her arms wrapped snuggly around her upper torso, and her head tucked just perfectly against her neck. Wow. It was the perfect fit. And Reyes was sound asleep, still holding onto her comfortably in her arms. "Good grief," Scully quietly whispered. ...How in the world?... Thank God, you're not awake... She snickered a little bit at the compromising position she had found them in. ...Oh my... Oh well. She needed to get up and go to the bathroom. And maybe, just maybe, she could figure out a way to get out of the clutches of Reyes' arms and get there in time. Reyes stirred a little in her sleep. ... Oh shit... Please don't wake up... Scully thought as Reyes stirred a little again, then suddenly woke up, starring into her eyes only a couple of inches or so from her own.

"Hey," she whispered.

"Hey," Scully whispered back.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Um... Nothing. I just. I need to..."

"Oh... Okay," she said, then let go.

Scully got up.

Reyes lay there, just beginning to realize how intimately they had woken up. ...Oh my Lord... She chuckled. ...Well... She seems to be okay with it... she thought.

After another minute or so, Scully came back into the room. She looked over at the bed. ...Shit... she mused.

Reyes got up.

Scully looked at her.

"I think you pumped me too long," she said.

Scully snorted, blushed three shades of red, and then cracked up laughing. Reyes began to giggle and snort, too. Scully bent double, completely hysterical with laughter. Reyes continued to laugh, too, content to see Scully laughing so heartily for a change.

"Oh my," Scully finally said, catching her breath. After a few more snorts and giggles, she crawled back into bed as Reyes left for the bathroom.

After another minute or so, Reyes came back to bed.

Scully giggled a little more as she lay back down.

"It's cold in here," Reyes said.

"Oh. Is that the cause? Cold air?" Scully teased, thinking about the compromising position they had just been in.

"Hum. I don't know. What do you think?" Reyes asked, thinking about the same thing.

"Well. I think, I'm cold," Scully answered, rolling back over towards her and pulling her in close, then rolling back to the left, so Reyes could spoon up against her.

"Oh yeah?" Reyes teased, happily snuggling in even more intimately, and draping her arm over the little redhead's torso.

"Yeah," Scully whispered, repositioning Reyes' palm over her tummy and over her unborn child, then resting her palm securely above Reyes'.

Reyes smiled and squeezed her real tight for a moment, then lovingly stroked the area just above Scully's unborn son. He suddenly kicked in response.

"Hah! Did you feel that?" Scully gasped, her eyes wide with wonder.

"Umhum... Go to sleep," Reyes whispered, then kissed her just below the ear. And she did. And in a matter of seconds, Reyes followed suit.


4:18 AM: ...Oh man. Not again. Shit... the brunette thought. But she needed to get up and go to the bathroom again for the second time in the last forty-five minutes or so. Undoubtedly, no matter how much she desperately needed it, she was just not meant to get any sleep tonight. She lay there thinking about how to get up again, without disturbing Scully, or disrupting her sleep. Scully had rolled back over on top of her, all over again. And the pressure of Scully's thigh against her bladder was not helping her situation in the least. ...Oh Dana... You're killing me, woman!... she smiled at the irony of how intimately Scully was holding onto her, and lying all over the top of her. She squeezed her a little more affectionately in her arms, and then leaned down an inch or so to kiss her on the forehead. Scully stirred a little in her sleep, rose up, and then turned her head to the other side. Reyes smiled at the movement, placed her palm along Scully's cheek, gently caressed her cheekbone with her thumb, then kissed her on the crown of her head. Scully stirred again, turned her head back to its original position, kissed Reyes lightly on the cheek, then settled her head back in against the nape of her neck. "Umm," she sighed softly. ...So... Do I have a problem with the nurse thinking I'm gay?... she smirked. ...No, Agent Scully... Dr. Scully... Dana Scully... Not if I'm 'gay' with you... she thought as she lay there for another minute or so, reveling in the warmth and feel of Scully's body lying so intimately close to hers. ...Oh damn... You pumped me too long, woman!... She stifled another chuckle. ...And I don't want to get up!... But, she had no other choice. Her bladder was screaming for some relief. And Scully was just not moving any time soon.

"Dana," she finally whispered.


"Dana... Honey..."

Scully stirred a little and then nothing.

"Dana... Honey... I need to get up," she whispered again as she gently kissed her on the forehead.

"Hum?" Scully woke up, finding herself draped all over the top of Reyes' body, straddling her left leg, with her groin planted firmly against her upper thigh, and her arms wrapped snuggly around her upper torso, and her head tucked just perfectly against her neck - again. Wow. And it was the perfect fit - again. "Good grief," she quietly whispered, then rose up to get her bearings. "Oh wow. I... I'm sorry. I... Gosh," she whispered, immediately rolling off to the side, her groin instantly reacting to the sudden lack of pressure. ...Oh God... she mused, slightly squeezing her legs together and drawing up into a loose fetal position to ease the ache.

"It's okay. I just, I need to... You know," Reyes smiled, curling up next to her for a moment, then rolling the other direction and rising from the bed.

"Right," Scully said as she lay there starring up at the ceiling. ...Jesus... Well... She seems to be okay with it... she thought.

After a couple of minutes or so, Reyes came back into the room and climbed back into bed.

Scully began to rise from the bed.

"You, too?" she whispered.


Reyes snickered.

Scully smirked, then headed for the bathroom.

Reyes lay there starring up at the ceiling. "Ah," she sighed, feeling so much better after that last little trip and rolled to her right, curling up into a loose fetal position. ...Geez!... No more potty breaks for the night... Please!... "Oh," she sighed again.

After a couple of minutes or so, Scully came back into the room starring at the bed.

Reyes opened her eyes and looked at her.

Scully just stood there.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow at her.

Scully continued to just stand there.

"Is there a problem?" Reyes whispered into the shadows.

"Um... No. I just... Never mind," Scully whispered back, walked on over and climbed in on the other side of the bed.


4:35 AM: ...O...kay... Reyes lay there on her side, starring at the wall, feeling Scully tossing and turning all over the bed. After a minute or so, she settled back down. Reyes closed her eyes, ready to drop back off into a much-needed and well-deserved sleep. She was just so exhausted. Whipped was more like it.

Scully began to toss and turn all over the bed, all over again, readjusting her pillow, the sheets, the bedspread, the blanket, and just about anything else within reach, aside from Reyes herself.

Reyes opened her eyes, starring at the wall, feeling all of the movement, and the tossing and turning from the woman lying beside her, just inches away. Finally, she could take it no more and whispered, "You okay?"

"Um. Yeah. I'm sorry. I... I'll settle down here in a minute," Scully whispered as she readjusted her pillow one more time, then lay back down.

"Okay... Just checking."

Scully tossed and turned a little more as Reyes continued to feel the movement and stare at the wall. She cleared her throat and smiled to herself rather amused. ...What in the hell, woman?... Am I going to have to come over there and get you?... she thought.

Finally, after another minute or so, Scully had settled back down.

Reyes licked her lips, closed her eyes and cleared her throat again.

After another minute or so, she felt movement again, as Scully rolled towards her, spooning up against her, and running her hand along her torso. ...There ya go, Agent Scully... Took you long enough... she smiled, as she placed her hand over Scully's and squeezed it for just a moment.

Scully squeezed back, kissed her on the neck and sighed.

...Now... Maybe we can get some sleep... Reyes mused, inhaled and let out a very satisfied sigh.

Scully snuggled in a little more intimately, rubbing her cheek against Reyes' neck and shoulder.

Reyes reached up and lightly ran her fingers through her hair. "Dana? Honey, go to sleep," she whispered. She was just so exhausted and with her flying back to DC with Scully later in the afternoon, they would have almost three more days together, so, she needed some sleep, desperately. After all, just a few hours earlier she had been vomiting her guts out, and had been pumped full of medications. She was just not up to anything else for the night.

"I know. I just, I can't seem to get comfortable," Scully whispered as she held on a little more securely around Reyes' torso.

Reyes rolled to her back and placed her arm around her. "Come here," she whispered.

Scully instantly responded and cradled up on top of Reyes' body all over again, straddling her left leg, with her groin pressed firmly against her upper thigh, and her arms wrapped tightly around her lower torso.

"Better?" Reyes whispered.

"Umm. Perfect," Scully whispered in return, inhaling deeply and letting out a very satisfied sigh, tightening her hold for a moment.

Reyes cradled her in even more intimately in her arms in return.

Scully shifted a little, making herself a little more comfortable, as she put most all of her weight against Reyes' lower torso for a moment.

"Aowh," Reyes gasped slightly, her eyes widening in pain.

"What? What did I do?" Scully responded, immediately rising up off her chest, starring into her eyes, concern written all over her face. That was a gasp of pain.

"Nothing. It's okay. I'm just... a little tender right there," she said, gingerly rubbing along her lower torso. ...Oh shit... Please don't ask, Dana, please, don't ask...

"I'm sorry. I didn't think," Scully said, feeling so bad, as she began to ease back off her body.

"Hey. No. Wait. Don't you go anywhere," Reyes responded, grabbing onto her and pulling her back close to her.

Scully's eyes widened yet again.

"You're okay. It's just a little tender. That's all," Reyes reassured her as she took another deep breath, holding it inside her lungs for a few moments. The area where Scully had whacked her twice, by mistake, was very sore. And she had just accidentally elbowed her, dead center.

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Come on," Reyes whispered again, slightly tugging on her body and coaxing her to climb back up on top of her again.

"No. No, I don't, that's not, bless your heart. I bet your tummy's aching like crazy from all of the vomiting," Scully argued remaining where she was, still eased off to the side, yet lightly stroking Reyes' sore tummy underneath her t-shirt with the tips of her fingers.

"I'm okay. Just... Don't squeeze me right there, okay?" Reyes said as she smiled, feeling the beginnings of a sexual awakening yet again inside her body from Scully's loving strokes along her stomach and lower torso.

"Okay," Scully whispered, smiling and glancing up, locking eyes with her again.

Reyes smiled and doubled-winked at her.

...Ohhh... Scully's heart skipped a beat. "I love it when you do that," she whispered, continuing to gently stroke Reyes' lower torso and abdomen with her fingertips, relishing in the intimacy of the moment.

"Do what?" Reyes panted, a little breathless. Her breathing had increased from Scully's loving strokes.

"Wink at me like that," Scully said, smiling, then pausing her gentle strokes, and then resting her hand in place. Ironically, she had not noticed the effects her loving strokes had had on Reyes. She then snuggled in and laid her head against Reyes' shoulder.

"Umm. Well then, I'll make sure I do it more often," Reyes whispered, holding her more securely in her arms, and running her fingers through her hair, lightly caressing her cheek, then her jaw-line, and then her chin with her thumb.

Scully lightly kissed the tip of her thumb as it moved across her lips.

Amazingly, in spite of her beginning sexual awakenings, within seconds, Reyes had drifted right back off into a deep sleep. Poor baby. She just could not help herself. She was still too drugged up, and knocked out on her ass, from all of the medications still lingering inside her body.

Scully sighed, glancing down at her chest and suddenly noticing her tightly-beaded nipples pushing hard through her thin cotton t-shirt. ...Oh God! I want you so bad! I can hardly breathe!...Um, um, um... she mused as the memory of Reyes' naked body and crotch suddenly flashed before her eyes. ...Oh! For Crissakes!... Um, um, um... Just torture yourself, Dana!... she chuckled at her own thoughts, then glanced back down at Reyes' hardened-erect nipples, then barely grazed the left one with her thumb and fingertip, just to see what would happen. You know, just out of curiosity. It instantly stiffened even tighter in response. But Reyes was still out like a light. Comatose. She had not even stirred in her sleep. Nope. Still out for the count. ...Oh shit!... Well... That's what I get for pumping you too long... Scully stifled another giggle. ...Um, um, um... Will I ever make it through this night?... she thought, wondering if maybe she should just get up, go to her own room, or at least to the bathroom, and give herself some much-needed relief, before she fucked Reyes in her sleep! No. No. No. She would never do such a thing as that. But the little ache between her legs was relentless!

"Ohhh," she moaned softly, then leaned up, kissed Reyes lightly on the cheek and then decided she needed to make a full and complete effort to ignore that persistent ache between her legs and try to get some much-needed sleep as well. After all, she was exhausted, too. Whipped was more like it. And what a night they both had had. Scully could not even remember a part of the night. She had been so utterly hysterical out at that compound, after finding Mulder dead in that field, and had no clue as to some of her actions. Moreover, her emotions were just so unpredictable right now. One minute she felt like crying. The next she wanted to scream out in anger. The next she could actually giggle and laugh at Reyes' sweet little teases. And then she wanted to fuck something, Reyes in particular. Her emotions were running wild, just running the entire gamut. And, under the circumstances, that was actually quite natural, for someone going through such grief and shock. And, besides all of that, if it had been most anyone else but Reyes, they would still be in the ER. And yet here they were, back at the motel, alone, and in the same room, with no reason for anyone, and especially Skinner and the Bureau, to question the situation. For Reyes was to be under her care for the next twenty-four hours, minimum. So, actually, they had it made. They could lie in each other's arms all night, no questions asked, because nobody would know. And even if someone did find out that they had spent the night in the same room, they had the perfect cover. So, even if Reyes was sound asleep, this was a much better option than still sitting in that ER Ward. And, too, Reyes had already begun to recover quite rapidly, considering how dehydrated she had been, and all of the vomiting and stomach convulsions she had suffered throught, only a few hours ago. So, within the next eighteen hours or so, she should be back to full strength. ...Poor baby. I did 'pump' you too long, didn't I?... Scully giggled a little bit at the situation and then sighed. No wonder Reyes kept falling asleep on her. ...Gosh. It's amazing you're even back here in this motel with me. And here I am lusting like crazy and wanting to fuck the daylights out of you... Shit!... she inaudibly sighed again, kissing Reyes on the cheek one more time. ...Come on, Dana, damn! What's wrong with you? Just be satisfied you're lying here in her arms right now. That's all the strength she has for the moment. You don't need to fuck her!... Damn!... Scully chastised herself. What's more, Reyes was flying back to DC with her to help and be of support with all of the funeral arrangements for Mulder. Which meant, they still had almost three days together. So there would be time enough, Scully reminded herself. If it were meant to be, it would happen. And she could wait.


5:28 AM: Scully continued to lay there, all cuddled up next to Reyes, wide-awake. It had been almost an hour and yet she just could not seem to fall asleep. As exceedingly exhausted as she was, she just could not settle down and drop off to sleep. She had eased herself off of Reyes' body a few minutes ago, propped herself up on her arm, resting her chin in her palm and had lightly begun to run her fingers through Reyes' thick, dark mane. "God...You're beautiful," she quietly whispered. Reyes stirred a little in her sleep. Scully's eyes widened a little, hoping she had not awakened her. She needed her sleep, so she could recover more rapidly from earlier in the evening. After a few seconds, she continued to run her fingers through her thick, dark-raven hair again, propped up on her side, watching her sleep, as Reyes leaned against her body, her head cozily tucked up against her chest. Her eyes began to water. She sniffled a little bit, wiped a tear, leaned down and then kissed her just above the eyebrow. ...Oh gosh, Reyes. I'm in trouble here. Real trouble... she thought as she began to think back over the last couple of days since they had met. ...Oh Christ, Monica. What am I going to do when you leave DC? Hum? What am I going to do?! I can't... I... I think I... Oh God. I think I need you! And it scares the *ever-loving hell* out of me!... she sniffled a little again as she continued to lightly run her fingers through the brunette's dark hair, enjoying the soft silky texture against her fingertips. ...And... And I don't think I want to fuck you anymore either, Moni... No. No I don't. I... I want to... Oh God... I want to make-love to you... She sniffed and wiped another tear. ...Yep. I want to take it nice and slow. And make-love to you, Special Agent Monica Reyes... Shit!... She sniffled again. ...God! And how long has *that* been?! Hum? How long?! Since I actually wanted to make-love to someone! And not just fuck their brains out. Then get up and leave. And just leave them high and dry. No strings attached... Shit!... I can't even remember, it's been so long!... she mused, wiping another stray tear from her cheek. Yep. She was in real trouble all right. At least, from Dana Scully's point of view, and the way that she looked at love and relationships. She wanted no part of it. Fuck 'em, fuck 'em and leave 'em. That was how she had always done it. And that is how she wanted it to remain. None of this "lovey dovey", "oh, I'm so in-love" bullshit. Nope. She had no time for that crap. ...All you do is get hurt in the end anyway, right? Fuck. And I know all about that shit and getting hurt... she mused. ...Fuck. Fuck it, Reyes! What have you done to me?!... she thought again as she continued to run her fingers through Reyes' thick, dark hair, her emotions running wild with confusion and frustration. In just two days, Special Agent Monica Reyes had somehow managed to reach down inside of her heart and reawaken a part of her soul that she had shut down, closed down, bolted down and locked away tight. Scully had managed to fight and ignore her needs for "real love" for years. And she had been doing fine, just fine with that little arrangement. She did not need any of this crap that her mother and sister-in-law talked about all the time. ..."Dana? When are you going to settle down?" ... "Dana? You need someone special in your life" ... "Dana? Life is too short to..."... Shut up! Bullshit! That's fucking bullshit!... she screamed inside her head as she wiped another stray tear from her cheek and shook her head at her musings. She could almost feel some anger towards Reyes right now, for reaching down inside of her and unlocking that side of herself and her heart. And was that not the irony. Reyes had not even tried. Reyes had no idea. All she had done was be herself, loving, affectionate, tender, and kind. But Scully was so desperate for that, for someone to care about her, listen to her, comfort her, hold her, console her. But most especially, to just love her. So, Scully's heart and soul had responded, in spite of herself.

Scully continued to run her fingers through her dark-raven hair, watching her sleep. And there was no doubt in her mind that Reyes did love her. Maybe not as a lover would, but most definitely as a friend. A close friend, a best friend. She had proven that several times already over these last couple of days, and especially over the last several hours. ...Oh, Monica... Damn it! I need you! And I don't want to need you! I've never needed anyone in my entire life! Damn it! So why now?! Why now?! And why you?! Why am I so desperate for you? Damn it!... she mused, stifling another sniffle and rubbing her eyes and brow in frustration. Reyes slightly stirred in her sleep, then leaned in a little closer to Scully's chest. Scully glanced down at her movements and smiled. ...Oh, Monica... I can't be angry at you, though. No. Not you. You give of your love so freely, Monica Reyes... And how?... How Monica?... How do you do it? How do you do that? Hum?... And survive?... Reyes again stirred in her sleep, then slightly tightened her hold on her. Yes. Just for a moment, she had tightened her hold around Scully. Scully wiped another tear, smiled at the movement and that quick little tight extra hug. ...Hum... Did some little part of you just hear me, Monica Reyes? Hum? Did you? Can you, hear my thoughts? Even while you sleep?... She smiled at the utterly ludicrous thought, bent down and then kissed her on the cheek.

Reyes stirred again, then suddenly opened her eyes, rose up and gazed into hers.

...Oh! My God!... Scully's eyes widened as her heart skipped a beat.

"Dana? You okay?" Reyes whispered furrowing her brow.

"Um. Yeah," the redhead said swallowing hard. ...Surely you didn't. Surely not. Or did you?... Her heart skipped another beat, at the mere thought that some part of Reyes may have actually sensed her musings.

"You sure?" Reyes asked again as she noticed Scully's eyes flooded with tears.

"Umhum," Scully smiled, making an effort to regain control of her emotions and tears.

"Honey? What's wrong?" Reyes asked again, reaching up and caressing her cheek with her thumb.

"Nothing," Scully whispered, her heart melting at the intimate term Reyes had just called her yet again.

Reyes rose up a little higher from the bed, not buying it for a minute.

"Monica. No. I'm okay. Really," Scully said, swallowing hard and pressing her back down to the bed.

Their eyes locked.

Reyes continued to look at her with that deep, soulful, penetrating gaze of hers. It was back. Not in full force, but it was coming back. Sick and drugged up or not, it was on its way back.

"Dana. I know something's wrong. Now what is it?" she tried again, looking away and rubbing her eyes, trying to wake up.

Scully began to cry softly.

"Well. Honey? What's wrong?" she asked again, not understanding at all Scully's tears, as she straightened up, rolled completely off of her and then leaned back against the headboard, pulling Scully into her lap.

Scully leaned her head against her chest, continuing to sniffle and cry a little bit.

"Sweetheart. What is it? Hum? Thinking about Agent Mulder?" she tried again.

Scully shook her head.

...Okay. Blew that one... she thought, still half-asleep and drugged up. She rubbed her eyes again, trying to get fully awake, so she could be more intuitively aware of whatever it was that was upsetting Scully so much. "Ah," she stifled a yawn. "Um. Is it the baby?" she asked again, stifling another yawn.

Scully sniffled again and then nodded a little.

Well. That was semi-true. A part of her was crying for Mulder and their baby, and Mulder never having the chance to see him or know him. And, too, her unborn son never having the chance to know his father. And she was crying because she had just lost Mulder, her very best friend in all the world. And she was also crying over the fact that she was about to lose her other newly-found friend, Monica Reyes, and in just three days.

Reyes was still so tired. Neither of them had had any real restful sleep. And she could almost feel nauseous again from the exhaustion. "Honey. What do you need from me right now? Hum? What do you need me to do, to make it better?" she asked softly.

Scully grabbed on tight, needing her to hold her more securely.

"Aowh," she slightly gasped, in spite of herself, as she had tried to stifle the pain. Scully had squeezed her right where it hurt, right where she had accidentally whacked her, and elbowed her just an hour or so ago.

"Oh no. I'm sorry," Scully whispered, immediately rising up off her chest, wiping her eyes. She had recognized that gasp of pain, realizing what she had just done. Reyes' tummy was still too sore to be squeezing her so tight.

"It's okay. Whew... Umm," Reyes panted, folding her lips and stroking her torso. ...Damn... Shit!...

"I'm sorry," Scully whispered gently rubbing the area through her t-shirt, too. "I keep forgetting. And you certainly don't need me lying all over the top..." she said as she began to crawl out of her lap.

"Hey. Wait. Where are you going? I'm fine," Reyes said as she held onto her, not allowing her to crawl out of her lap.

Scully looked back up at her and smiled, almost like a little girl.

Reyes smiled back and kissed her on the forehead. "Now. Tell me. What's wrong? Why can't you go back to sleep? Hum?"

Scully shrugged a little bit. For whatever reasons, she was like a little girl again in her behavior, shy and bashful, her emotions so delicate and fragile.

Reyes raised her eyebrows at her, smiled and then shrugged back.

Scully giggled.

Reyes chuckled and then intuitively double-winked at her.

"Hah," Scully lightly poked her on the arm and giggled again.

Reyes snickered. "You like that, don't you?" she teased her.

Scully giggled and leaned in again, placing her head along her chest. Yeah. She liked that a lot. She liked all of the special attention, loving treatment and gentle affection Reyes so freely gave to her.

"Umm," Reyes sighed. Scully's tears had stopped. She seemed better. Reyes just held her close. That was all she seemed to need from her, for the moment - just to be held.

After another minute or so, Reyes began to feel so sleepy again, ready to just drop off, at any moment, and into a deep sleep. "Oh, goodness. Think you can sleep?" she asked, stifling another yawn.

Scully nodded and began to crawl out of her arms and out of her lap.

Then they both lay back down against the bed.

"Um. Want me to hold you?" Reyes asked, stifling another yawn and opening her arms up yet again for Scully to crawl inside.

"Um. Nope. Actually. I've got a better idea. How about I hold you for a change?" Scully said, smiling and cocking an eyebrow at her. ...After all, you've been holding me all night and half the day... she thought.

Reyes chuckled. "Okay. I think I can handle that," she said.

And, actually, she would love that, being all cradled up in Scully's arms. Yes, indeed. She would love it, as much as Scully would love doing it.

Scully opened her arms as Reyes curled in, laying her head against Scully's chest, listening to the strong and steady thump-thump, thump-thump of Scully's heartbeat. Scully wrapped her arms around her, resting her lips on the crown of her head. Reyes snuggled in a little more intimately. Within seconds, they were both sound asleep.

Continued - Part 6

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