Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 9
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She Mends Me

by MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 9

Scully's Bedroom - Same Night/Early the Next Morning:

2:10 AM: "No! No! NO!" Scully screamed, tossing and turning in her sleep, as Reyes sat on the edge of the bed next to her, gently shaking her and talking to her, trying to awaken her from her most recent nightmare. "NO! AWAY! Get AWAY!... Get..." she screamed again, slapping, hitting and punching at some unknown enemy in her sleep, then suddenly bolting upright into a sitting position, and finally awaking from her terrifying dream.

"Shhh, honey, look at me. Come on, look at me," Reyes coaxed.

Scully opened her eyes, starring into her eyes, quite bewildered and confused.

"That's it, Dana. Look at me. Look at me, honey."

"M... Moni?" Scully finally panted with recognition, breathing heavily, her body trembling out-of-control.

"Yes, Dana. You were dreaming," Reyes whispered as she continued to hold Scully's wrists with her hands, quite similar to the way she had held them at the compound just a little over a day ago. She had again needed to protect herself from Scully's violently frenzied blows.

Scully sat quietly, starring into her eyes for a moment, then glanced down at her subdued wrists.

Reyes immediately let go of them, realizing that her hold on Scully's wrists may very well trigger memories that Scully did not need to deal with at the moment. Scully continued to breathe heavily and tremble as Reyes wrapped her arms around her, beginning to console her yet again for the second time in a little over 2 hours. She glanced over at Scully's clock sitting on the little table by the bed. 2:11 AM. Well. Obviously, it appeared that neither she, nor Scully, were meant to get a restful night's sleep tonight either. No matter how much they had both hoped for it. The first horrific nightmare had occurred just before Midnight. And now this one appeared to be even more traumatic and terrifying than the first.

"H... Hold me," Scully suddenly whimpered through her trembling body and beginning tears.

...Well, for Godsakes. Damn, honey, I am holding you... Reyes thought, somewhat frustrated as she soothingly whispered, "Okay, I've gotcha. Shhh, I've gotcha, Dana."

How ironic Scully's whimpered little request was, for Reyes was already holding her quite securely in her arms. But Reyes tightened her hold and wrapped Scully even more securely in her arms anyway.

Scully began to full-out cry into her shoulder and neck, her body still fitfully trembling with fear.

"Shhh, Dana. It's over, baby. It's over. Just a dream, a bad dream," Reyes soothed again as she began to slightly rock her in her arms, just as she had done earlier, just before Midnight, and a little over 31 hours ago out at the compound.

Scully nodded, continuing to hold onto her for dear life it seemed.

Reyes feathered her fingers through her hair, lightly rested her lips along her crown and then began to gently kiss her with light little feathery kisses, full of love, compassion and concern. "Shhh. You're safe. You're safe now, Dana. And you're in your own room. And in your own bed," she softly reassured her as Scully nodded. "And I'm right here with you. And nothing's gonna happen to you. Nothing's gonna hurt you, okay? Nothing. I won't let it," she reassured her again.

Scully nodded again as she continued to sob into Reyes' shoulder, tremble and hold on.

"Shhh, it's okay, baby. Just hold on. Hold on to me," Reyes whispered again as she continued to lightly stroke her back and gently rock her, like a mother would rock a frightened little child. Her thoughts quickly returned to just two afternoons before, and then later that night out at the compound. It was so similar it was almost eerie, the sensations of Scully's fear and trepidation that Reyes could feel deep down inside of her own gut coming from Scully's very soul. This latest nightmare had done a number on Scully's emotional strength and resolve. And Reyes knew it, and understood the detrimental effect it had had on Scully's already fragile state-of-mind. Scully had been utterly terrified of something. And just what that "something" was, Reyes wasn't sure. But, whatever it was, it had scared the holy hell out of Scully. "Shhh, it's all right. I'm right here, baby," she lightly whispered again as she continued to lightly run her palms all along Scully's back, softly whispering to her and reminding her that she was not alone.


2:13 AM: ...What the...?... Reyes suddenly tightened her hold around Scully, feeling extreme fear and trepidation for the both of them for a moment, then suddenly feeling the overwhelming need to protect Scully from something. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. But whatever it was, she felt the sudden urgent and life-threatening need to protect Scully from - something. And they were completely alone in the apartment. The front door was locked and bolted down tight. All the windows to the apartment were locked and bolted down safe. ...What in the...?... she thought again as she felt another cold chill of fear and trepidation run down her spine. Scully's apartment should be a safe haven now, shouldn't it? For a few moments Reyes was not so sure, as she felt another wave of cold chills run down her spine. ...What the fuck?... She slightly turned and glanced over towards the bedroom door and down the hallway. Nothing. No sounds. No squeaks along the floor. No creaks of a door, or a window opening. Nothing. So what was sending this cold shiver of fear down her spine as well? She continued to watch the hallway for any signs of movement, or shadows along the wall, as her hearing kicked into full force, listening for any sounds other than Scully's soft sobs. "Shhh, baby. It's okay," she whispered again, just on pure instinct, as she listened and watched for any signs of danger.


2:15 AM: After a couple minutes passed, Reyes' sensations of fear, danger and trepidation finally had begun to subside and fade away. She closed her eyes in relief as she continued to hold Scully securely in her arms, then suddenly saw a vision of Mulder very much alive and well. And in this very apartment with Scully no less. ...What in the...?... And Scully had been a good 7 1/2 to 8 months pregnant! ...What the...?... How in the...?... She hadn't a clue how she could have had such a vision. And especially for Mulder to be very much alive and healthy in the apparent near future, and in this very apartment. ...Geez... What in the hell is wrong with me?... she thought again, as her vision suddenly vanished, just as quickly as it had presented itself. ...What the...? No way... For the first time in her life she actually questioned the accuracy of one of her visions, this vision, specifically. For there was just no way in hell that Mulder was alive and well. ...My God! What the hell is going on?... she wondered, as she continued to hold Scully securely in her arms. "Hum," she lightly sighed, then kissed Scully lightly on the crown. Well, thankfully, the feelings of danger and trepidation had ceased. So surely they were safe, for now at least. ...Surely... she thought as she glanced back around to the bedroom door again, just in case. ...Dear Lord. Please. Help me protect her... she mused as she said a quick little silent prayer. For she had a gut feeling that whatever this "something" was that she had just sensed, it was not completely over. And that in the very near future she would need to protect Scully from this "something", whatever this "something" was for real. And little did she know, but she would be spending the rest of her entire life protecting not only Scully, but Scully's yet to be born son as well, from this weirdly bizarre "something" that had just sent cold shivers rushing down her spine.


2:19 AM: After a few minutes, Scully's soft, gentle sobs had finally begun to calm back down. Warm tears were still rolling down her cheeks, but she was no longer crying so fitfully into Reyes' neck.

Reyes had closed her eyes, rested her lips along her crown, and was still gently rocking her, lightly whispering to her and holding her so protectively close.

Scully sniffled a little bit, then buried her head even more deeply against Reyes' neck and collarbone.

"Shhh, you're okay, Dana. Everything's okay now," she instinctively whispered in response to Scully's movements.

Scully nodded. She knew. And she trusted Reyes to just hold onto her and not let go of her - not until she was ready to be let go.

And so Reyes just held onto her, stroking her back and shoulder-blades, lightly rocking her and planting wet little kisses all along her crown. And that seemed to be all Scully needed from her for the moment - to be held and comforted. And Reyes could easily do that. That would be a piece of cake, compared to needing to protect her from some unknown, unseen source lurking around outside, just out-of-sight and out-of-sound.

Intersection of 31st Street NW & Whitehurst Fwy (K Street NW), Georgetown:

2:21 AM: "She's not alone," Special Agent Gene Crane said into the mouthpiece of his cell-phone as he sat behind the wheel of his Government Issue Ford Explorer waiting for the light to change just three blocks down from Scully's apartment building.

"What do you mean she's not alone?" Federal Agent Knowle Rohrer asked in disbelief.

"Just that. She's not alone. And I decided not to go in. Should I...?"

"No. No you did the right thing. We've got time, plenty of time. Are you on your way back?"

"Yes sir. Be there in 10 minutes," Crane said as the red-light changed and he turned left onto Whitehurst Fwy, headed for the FBIHDQ.

3153 31st Street NW - Scully's Bedroom:

2:23 AM: Scully leaned up for a moment, made eye contact, then rested her head along Reyes' shoulder and sighed heavily. Her tears had stopped a little while ago, but she had not actually moved until now.

Reyes took the opportunity to reach over and retrieve the little box of Kleenex sitting on the nightstand by the bed. She pulled a couple of Kleenex out just as Scully took the hint and began to rise up completely off her shoulder and chest. She smiled and winked at her as Scully made eye contact yet again.

Amazingly, Scully smiled in return.

"Need to blow your nose?" Reyes whispered, smiling and rubbing the few lingering tears away from Scully's cheeks with a thumb.

Scully nodded again, then took the Kleenex from her hand and began to blow her nose.

Reyes brushed the few stray strands of hair out of her eyes, tucked a couple behind her ear, then cupped her face with her palms and lightly kissed her yet again on the forehead.

Scully finished blowing her nose, then threw the used Kleenex into the little wastebasket by the bed. She then glanced back up at Reyes making eye contact again.

Reyes smiled, then double-winked at her, as only she could.


"What baby?" Reyes whispered, relieved to finally hear her voice and have her actually begin to verbally communicate.

"Would you... stay with me? Sleep with me?"

'Would you.. stay with me? Sleep with me?' Scully whispered.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow gazing into her eyes and into her very soul. "You're sure?" she asked, for she was still not so sure that sleeping in the very same bed with Scully tonight would be such a good idea, given Scully's up-and-down and ever-changing frame-of-mind. And then there was her own ever-increasing sexual frustration, when it came to Scully. But she would do whatever she could, outside of physically making-love to her, to calm Scully's soul back down tonight and help her to relax so that she could drift back off to sleep.

Scully barely smiled, then nodded, as she lay back down along the bed. She then suddenly reached back up, grabbing onto Reyes' upper body, then pulled and tugged, pulling her completely off-balance and down on top of her, even as Reyes still tried to sit comfortably on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, whoa, goodness. Okay," Reyes quickly responded to Scully's urgent tugs on her upper torso as she hastily caught herself with her hands and elbows, on both sides of Scully's upper body, so as not to actually hurt her with her added weight. She then just as quickly readjusted her own lower body, climbed up onto the bed and on top of Scully, straddling Scully's thighs and lying very carefully on top of her, very aware of Scully's growing abdomen and unborn child.

"You're okay. I'm fine," Scully whispered softly realizing Reyes' concern, then tightened her arms around her torso and hugged her even more tightly against her.

"You sure? I don't want to hurt you," Reyes replied locking eyes with her.

"I'm sure. You're not gonna hurt me," Scully said, smiling, her heart melting yet again at Reyes' never-ending show of concern for her and her unborn son.

Reyes smiled, then rose up a little higher on her elbows, leaned in and gave Scully a light little kiss on the eyebrow, then on the tip of her nose, and then gave her a quick little Eskimo kiss, rubbing noses with her, before easing back out and making eye contact yet again.

Scully smiled at the sweet little gesture, then ran her hands down and underneath Reyes' pajama top, then back up along her bare back, rubbing and massaging the warm, soft, smooth skin of Reyes' back with her palms, enjoying the feel of her well-developed muscles all along her back.

"Um," Reyes lightly whimpered in spite of herself. ...Oh God... Scully's hands felt good...rubbing around all over her lower back and sides.

Scully smiled enjoying her cute little whimper. She then began to wonder just how much further she could go, before Reyes' body would begin to react to her sensuous little ministrations. She desperately needed a diversion right now, from all the thoughts and memories of that most recent nightmare still floating around inside of her head. And she needed to do something about it, to help herself forget. And now that Reyes was lying all over the top of her. ...Hum... She cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh," Reyes whimpered again as she unexpectedly felt Scully's hands run down inside her pajama bottoms and briefs, then cup her cute little bare ass with her cute little bare hands, enjoying the feel of her baby-soft, bare-skinned, tightly-muscled, cute little bare ass. ...Oh my God... she thought as she felt her heart rate begin to rise.

Finally, Scully had managed to get her cute little bare hands on Reyes' cute little bare ass. And she had wanted to do that for days. And ...Oh baby... Reyes' warm, sizzling, cute little baby-soft bare ass felt good... It felt better than she had ever imagined all cupped up inside her palms. She had to stifle a moan as she wondered how much further she could go, before Reyes' body would begin to respond more urgently to her sensuous little ministrations. And for some reason, she wanted to push it, push Reyes and find out. She wanted to push Reyes to her very limit. Push her to the point that she may very well lose control of her resolve, and do the very thing that she had said she would not do. And that was make sweet, passionate love to her. But then Scully had such an immense need for control and to be in control of someone else anyway. Especially, when she felt so out-of-control in other areas of her life. And when it came to sex, she was always in control. Always. In her little world of one-night-stands, and various games of seduction, she was always in control. She never allowed herself to lose control with anyone. She controlled them. And that was always understood, before the little games of seduction and sex ever even began. And, bottom line, she wanted to control Reyes for a little while. She wanted to control her, the situation and the circumstances, and push her. Push her to the point of losing control, while she held her cute little baby-soft bare buttocks in her hands. Besides, she needed a diversion, to help get her mind off of other more troubling things - such as nightmares and losing Mulder.

She continued to observe Reyes' dark-chocolate-brown and expressive eyes as she began to lightly knead and massage her tight little ass, cupping and squeezing, kneading and massaging, and enjoying the feel of her baby-soft bare skin.

"Umm," Reyes lightly moaned, still maintaining eye contact, her lower lip dropping a little in response to the incredibly intoxicating butt massage she was receiving. ...Oh Dana... Ummm, that feels so good... she thought. But she needed to just cool her jets for the time being, because Scully was in no frame-of-mind to be making-love to her tonight, no matter how much her present actions may seem to the contrary. And neither was Reyes for that matter. Although her physical body would beg to differ as she felt little trickles of moisture begin to pool between her legs in response to Scully's gentle massages all along her lower back and now her cupped backside.

Scully continued to squeeze and massage her cute little butt cheeks with her hands, Reyes' hips and pelvis rotating and circling from the ministrations, causing her groin to lightly grind into Scully's mound.

"Umm," she groaned again, in spite of herself. ...Oh God, Dana. You're killing me... she thought as Scully smiled, lowering her hands down a little farther, and just to where the curve of her cute little baby-soft bare ass began, squeezing and massaging a little more urgently, causing Reyes' pelvis and groin to grind a little more insistently into her mound. "Oh baby. You're killing me, you know that?" Reyes finally panted aloud as her breathing and heart rate continued to increase, in spite of her resolve.

"Hum," Scully chuckled, then cocked an eyebrow. "Killing you, huh?" she teased. ...Well. You've said that to me before, my beautiful sweet lover of my soul...

"Ummm," was all Reyes could respond as she licked her lips and gazed into Scully's eyes while Scully's hands continued to cup and squeeze her baby-soft bare butt, kneading and massaging, cupping and squeezing, then pressing her pelvis up and more securely into Reyes' mound, bumping and grinding against her groin, and kneading, and massaging her cute little bare ass. "Oh!" Reyes lightly gasped again from these newest, most delicious sensations. ...Oh God!... "Ummm," she gutturally groaned again in response to Scully's stimulating little games of seduction, her breasts and nipples instantly responding, swelling and hardening to the delicious sensations.

Scully chuckled cocking an eyebrow yet again, then purred, "I take it you like?" in that low, seductive, sensuous voice of hers.

Reyes chuckled herself, then cocked an eyebrow as well. ...Oh yeah, baby, I like. I like... she thought as Scully cupped her bare buttocks a little more insistently, then suddenly squeezed Reyes' backside and pelvis more forcefully against her own, beginning to create a nice slow rhythm, thrusting and pumping her mound up into Reyes' groin. "Oh God, honey!" she gasped again as her hips bucked uncontrollably into Scully's pelvis a couple of times before she could regain control. ...Oh my God!... Much more of this and she would completely lose control of her body and resolve to keep this fast-moving train slowed back down to a little more comfortable pace.

Scully was good - damn good. She knew exactly what she was doing, and just what to do to turn a woman on, and fast - incredibly fast. And she knew that all she really needed to do, to clinch the deal, was just reach up with a hand and begin to lightly tease one, and then the other, of Reyes' swelling, swaying breasts, and tightly-beaded nipples pressing so urgently-erect against her own, begging her for some much-needed attention as well. And then Scully would have her, right where she had wanted her - for days. Ready, willing and able. But, she was just not in the mood. Amazingly enough, Scully was just not in the mood after all. And so she needed to stop this quick little game of seduction and tease of Reyes' body. So, she just as suddenly stopped her stimulating little ministrations, quirked a smile, hesitantly let go of Reyes' cute little baby-soft bare ass, stopped her thrusting and pumping pelvis lowering it back down to the bed, then ran her hands back up and underneath Reyes' flannel top, wrapping her arms more securely around her upper torso yet again, and then softly whispered, "Thank you." And just like that, it was over, before it had even fully begun.

...Oh my God... "Ohhh," Reyes lightly groaned in frustration as she closed her eyes. ...Oh my God. And now you're gonna quit... she thought as she rested her head along the side of Scully's head for a moment trying to catch her breath. ...Dana? Shit! Holy shit! Turning me on like this? Shit!... And then... Damn!... "Ummm," she throatily groaned again as she squeezed her legs against Scully's thighs and pressed her groin more deeply into Scully's mound for a moment, needing the added pressure to ease the growing ache between her legs. ...Oh baby, God!... she thought. But she understood Scully's changing moods. And she had already expected that something similar to this might happen tonight anyway, and especially if they ended up in the very same bed together for the second night in a row. Although she had not anticipated it to happen quite so quickly. ...Frickin' damn quick... she thought, for she had not even had any time to prepare herself and her body for Scully's little games of seduction and sexual onslaught. ...Oh Lord... But she was not surprised, not surprised in the least, at what had just happened. And that was the primary reason why she had decided earlier in the day not to pursue any kind of sexual encounter with Scully. At least not now on this, their very first meeting and first few days together. Scully was just not up to it. No way. And Reyes knew that. And, ironically, she seemed to know that better than Scully did at the moment - Scully's changing moods, changing emotions, changing physical responses and just what Scully's emotions and physical body were up to doing and not doing tonight. And a quick little romp-in-the-sack was just not one of them. Yes, ironically, Reyes seemed to know Scully better than Scully knew herself right now. "Oh God," she lightly whimpered again as she began to regain full control of her rapidly risen libido. She swallowed hard, opened her eyes, rose back up and lightly kissed Scully on the lips, then whispered, "Thank you for what?"

Scully gazed into her beautifully sweet and loving, dark-chocolate-brown eyes, then whimpered, "For being so good to me," as fresh new tears began to roll down her cheeks. ...Oh, Monica, damn. I'm sorry. I am so sorry, baby. Damn it, I'm sorry... she mused. She knew she had rapidly pushed Reyes almost to the point of aching, just to suddenly stop on her - completely stop on her. But then she had realized, too, and not quite soon enough for Reyes' rapidly arousing body, that she just could not follow through with her intentions tonight. And she could burst into a fit of tears right now. For her own body was just not cooperating at all. No matter how hard she tried to get it to, or how badly she wanted it to.

"Oh no, hey, wait, no, Dana, shhh, no baby, don't cry," Reyes responded to Scully's tears as she immediately began to shut down her own sexual arousal, slide slightly off to the side and then rest on an elbow to wipe Scully's fresh new tears away. "Oh, hey, no baby, no, don't cry, shhh," she whispered again wiping more tears away from Scully's eyes.

Scully looked away.

"Oh honey, what is it?"

Scully sniffled a little bit, sighed, then turned back, glancing down at Reyes' beautiful, burgeoning and full, jutting breasts and tautly-erect, tightly-beaded nipples, pushing urgently through the bright red flannel material. ...Oh God... She licked her lips. She wanted to reach down and start playing with those tantalizingly-voluptuous big tits so badly. But she wouldn't. She would not continue to do something that she was just not up to finishing. It wouldn't be fair to her, or to Reyes, to do something like that - arouse Reyes to the point of such need it could almost hurt, just to stop on her again, and not be able to follow through and give her what she needed to satisfy that ache.

She then glanced back up at Reyes, sniffled a little bit again, then finally responded, "You know I want you, don't you? You know I want you. God, Monica! I want you so bad! I've wanted you for days! And I want to make-love to you. And I... But I... I just..." Her new tears began to flow more freely. Her body had not even responded to all of her thrusting and pumping into the very mound that she had craved and burned for, for most all of the day and into the night. And now she could hardly believe it, how her physical body had let her down so, and at this very moment, no less. ...God. What the hell is wrong with me? Damn it! What is wrong with me?!... she mused.

"Hey, shhh, I know. I know, baby, and it's okay," Reyes replied, leaning in and lightly kissing her yet again on the lips. "Dana, shhh. You remember what I told you now, don't you? Honey, I know you're not up to that. I know. There's no way you're up to it. After everything you've been through? My God!... Honey..." she hesitated for a moment to wipe another few stray tears away from Scully's cheeks. "Hey now, don't cry, shhh," she whispered again as she wiped more stray tears away. "Dana... You know what?" she whispered.

Scully sniffled as she glanced back up locking eyes with her.

"I'm not so sure if I'm up to it either, okay?" she said as she thought about her own physical strength, and just how weak she still felt as well.

Scully smiled at that. Reyes was so sweet, and seemed to know just what to say to help her feel better about things, for whether it were true or not, it helped her feel better about the situation.

And it was the truth. Reyes had not lied to her about her concerns over her own physical endurance for such vigorous exercise so soon after her stay in the ER. Much less somehow hiding her bruised-up lower torso. But then the room was quite dark, and probably dark enough for that to not be a problem.

Reyes suddenly chuckled out of the blue.

"What?" Scully asked, her tears beginning to dry.

Reyes giggled. "Well. My body would beg to differ right about now, but..."

Scully chuckled, too. "Oh really?" she teased cocking an eyebrow.

"Well..." Reyes cocked an eyebrow, too. "Let's just say I'm having no problems with lack of moisture in my system."

Scully snorted, then giggled. "What. You're saying you're a little moist?"

'Umhum... Something's rather moist at the moment,' Reyes replied.

"Umhum," Reyes replied licking her lips. "Something's rather moist at the moment," she said. Scully giggled again, as Reyes added, "Got any extra bottles of Pedialyte hanging around? I'll probably need one before morning."

Scully then cracked up laughing. Reyes' innate sense of humor got her every time.

They both lay there giggling for a few moments.

"Oh my," Scully finally sighed. "Did I cunt-tease you?"


"I'm sorry."

"The hell you are. You knew exactly what you were doing. And you enjoyed every minute of it. Just to stop on me and leave me like this?... Shit," Reyes sighed glancing away for a moment.

"I'm sorry," Scully whispered again as she reached up and gently turned her face back around to make eye contact. She really did feel bad about stopping on her, just as suddenly as she had started on her, with her little games of seduction. And truth be known, Reyes was right. Scully really had enjoyed it, pushing her, and pressing her mound into her groin, and most importantly discovering just how much powerful sexual sway she had over this woman. ...Hum. Damn... she thought. Reyes knew her well. Too well indeed, it seemed.

"Hum," Reyes sighed as she obliged and made eye contact. She swallowed hard, licked her lips, then smiled.

Scully smiled in return. Her tears had stopped. But her emotions were still so incredibly fragile. And after that damn nightmare a little while ago, she was just on the verge of another good and tearful cry. And she didn't even understand why. She just felt so out-of-control and like she could cry again all of a sudden. And she had just laughed a quick little laugh. And now she felt like she could cry again? ...What the hell is wrong with me?... she wondered.

"Honey. You sure you don't want to talk about it? About your dream?" Reyes asked.

"Hah," Scully huffed nibbling on her lower lip. ...No, damn it! How did you know I was thinking about that? Shit!... she thought. "No. I don't, okay? I don't even remember it now anyway," she replied a little testily.

"Really?" Reyes furrowed her brow.

"Yes. I don't... I know I was... Hell, I don't know," Scully responded closing her eyes. ...Damn!... She truly did not want to talk about that dream, or the other one, or the one the night before, or the other one the night before that, or the other one the night before that, or the one... as it went on and on, night after night, nightmare after nightmare, over and over, until it had become a way of life.

"Okay," Reyes whispered. She wouldn't push it. But if the time ever did come and Scully began to remember some of these horrible things from her past, then they could talk about it. And maybe then somehow she could help her to overcome some of this deep-rooted fear. She smiled, then leaned back in and lightly kissed her yet again on the lips, then began to lightly caress Scully's cheek and jaw-line with her fingertips.

Scully just tightened her hold around her torso soaking in the tenderness and intimacy of the moment.

Reyes readjusted her body, making both herself and Scully a little more comfortable, dropping a leg down between her legs, and then tucking her entire body snuggly up against Scully's.

"Ummm. You feel so good," Scully responded to the wonderful feel of Reyes' entire body all snuggled up against her, and her thigh tucked up between her legs. She squeezed her own legs more securely around Reyes' thigh as their legs intertwined.

"So do you, baby. So do you," Reyes replied, then leaned back in, lightly kissed her yet again on the lips, then a cheek, and then laid her head back down, just above Scully's head, tucking her chin in against Scully's crown. She glanced over at the clock, then at the little nightlight still on. It gave off such a nice warm and fuzzy display of subdued light, almost like candlelight, and yet just a tad more bright, and yet just subdued enough to create the most warm, cozy and actually quite romantic atmosphere. "Hum," she sighed contentedly as she tightened her hold around Scully just for a moment.

"Ngh," Scully softly grunted in response, then tightened her hold around Reyes for a moment as well. The tight little squeezes felt so good to the both of them.

J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBIHDQ) - 935 Pennsylvania Blvd, Washington, DC
Special Agent Gene Crane's Office:

2:36 AM: Federal Agent Knowle Rohrer continued to pace around the room, deep in thought, Special Agent Gene Crane looking on. He was not happy at all with this latest development, Agent Scully finding herself a new friend and cohort. No, he was not happy at all with this latest development. This new person in her life could really complicate things and his mission to destroy Scully's unborn son. And to destroy Scully herself if it came down to that. Mulder was out of the way. It had take awhile to accomplish that. But Mulder was out of the way. At least long enough for him to complete his mission, create a situation of assumed miscarriage for Scully, and ultimately kill her unborn son. But now he had a new challenge and a new protector to deal with - a new federal agent, by the name of Monica Julieta Reyes, that had now entered into Scully's life.

"She's FBI. Out of New Orleans?" Rohrer verified turning and glancing back over at Crane.

"Yes sir," Crane said.

"You're sure."

"Yes sir."

"What are the ties? How do they know each other? Have they worked together in the past? Or..."

"No sir. Not that I am aware of, sir. Appears to be first meeting."

Rohrer nodded continuing to pace around the room. "And Agent Scully has her there at her apartment... For the whole night?" he asked, quite amazed and very frustrated indeed that someone else was at Scully's apartment, leaving her with back-up and extra protection.

"Yes sir. The entire night."

Rohrer stopped his pacing and slammed his fist down against the desk in front of him. "Damn!" he said. He had not expected this at all. But then again, this newest obstacle, Agent Reyes, should be leaving and going back home to her own field office very soon, leaving Scully alone at night in her own apartment and with no other back-up. "Well," he said. "We've still got plenty of time. Around five months yet, right?" he said, smiling a wicked little smile as he glanced back over at Crane.

Crane chuckled. "Yes sir. That's the usual amount of time. Abour nine months, full duration."

"Right. Anything can happen. A mugging. Attempted robbery. A car accident. Or maybe a bad fall, causing severe trauma to the midsection..."

"A gun shot wound to the little tike's head," Crane added smiling.

"No, no. It needs to look more like an accident. A basic miscarriage. No red flags or Doggett will get suspicious. We don't need that."

Crane nodded.

"Crane. I want you to find out everything you can on this Reyes. Everything. I want to know what she eats, what she drinks, where she sleeps, who she sleeps with. I want surveillance on her home, her family, her friends, her boyfriends, her girlfriends. Hell. Everything you can find out on her, I want to know. We need to know what we're dealing with here."

"But sir. They've just met. And she'll be going home..."

"Damn it, Crane! Have you ever known Scully to offer her apartment up to anyone else but Mulder? Something's up. And I need to know what we're up against."

Crane smirked, slightly pissed that Rohrer had reprimanded him. "Sir. May I remind you... She bleeds red just like Mulder. And with Krycek back in town... Well... We'll just kill her... if we have to."

Rohrer glanced back around smiling.

Scully's Bedroom - 3153 31st Street NW, Georgetown:

2:37 AM: Reyes continued to lay there in Scully's bed, Scully herself all tucked up and slightly underneath her, thinking about this latest situation she found herself in. If someone had told her, on the flight up to Helena, Montana three nights ago, that when she had first met the infamous Special Agent Dana Scully, partner of the infamous Special Agent Fox Mulder, both assigned to the infamous X-Files Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that, within less than two full days, she would be sleeping with her in a motel, in the very same room, in the very same bed, with their twats all pressed up against each other all night long. And then the very next morning, less than 18 hours ago, they would kiss each other, and right on the lips no less, for the very first time. And then they would kiss each other off and on all day long, right on the lips, and every chance they got. And then they would end up in Scully's own apartment, in the very same room, in the very same bed. And in Dana Scully's own bed, no less, with their twats all pressed up against each other all over again, for the second night in a row. ...Good Lord... she thought. Yep. He was good all right. For she would have never, in a million years, ever have dreamed or imagined this very moment, lying here in this wonderful position, and in Scully's wonderfully cozy bed, with Dana Scully herself so snuggly tucked up underneath her. And it was a very nice and wonderfully cozy position to be in indeed, she quickly decided. Scully's body fit just perfectly, snuggled up underneath her. All tucked up and cozy. With her head tucked up securely against the crook of her neck. And her arms still wrapped securely around her torso. For just a moment, she thought of Jen, and how similar it seemed, as she lay there with Scully. Although, Jenni was somewhat taller, by maybe 4 inches or so max, but it still reminded her of all those wonderful days and nights of sweet, gentle and tender intimacy that she and Jenni had shared, when they had been together. And just like Scully, Reyes had not shared this kind of closeness, tenderness and intimacy with someone in a very long time either. For most of the men she had dated through the years just could not do it without it leading to sex most every time. And sometimes she just did not want the sex. She wanted the tenderness and intimacy. And there was a difference. A huge difference indeed. And as she lay there thinking about it, she began to realize just how much she had missed it through the years, this kind of intimacy and closeness, without the added pressure of sexual performance, before the night was over. She had a very strong sex drive, too. Just like Scully. But she also had a very strong need for basic intimacy, tenderness and closeness. And Scully did, too. But, Scully was much more inclined to be stubborn about it, deny it, and deny it to herself from all of the other lovers and one-night-stands of her past. Reyes had always tried for it with the men that she had dated through the years. And her newest beau, Eric, was fairly good at it, on occasion. ...Yeah, right. If he's drunk off his ass and can't get it up... she thought. She had to stifle a chuckle from her thoughts. "Hum," she lightly sighed instead, quite content indeed with this newest, most pleasurable position she found herself in with Scully. It was a shame that it had taken two terrifying nightmares, for Scully to have to suffer through, to finally bring them back together again, and back into the same bed, and back into this most recent position of much-needed and renewed intimacy between the two long lost soul-mates, that had just recently found each other, intuitively recognized each other, spirit-to-spirit and soul-to-soul, and had ultimately reunited with one another once again. But, two nightmares or not, they were both quite content for the moment.

She continued to lay there thinking about this latest situation she found herself in. She quickly decided she wanted a kiss. Another kiss. Another good kiss. And she knew that Scully was still awake, for she could tell by the steady rhythm of her breathing that Scully was lying there basking in the intimacy and tenderness of the moment as well. And Reyes really did not want to disturb her, but ...Damn... she wanted another kiss. Another good kiss. Another damn good kiss. And Scully knew how to kiss. But then so did she, she considered, as she cocked an eyebrow. Maybe it was time for her to show Scully just what she knew about how to kiss a woman, too.

"Dana?" she whispered.

"Hum?" Scully responded, her heart fluttering inside her chest at just the sound and way that Reyes said her name. She truly loved the way Reyes said her name. She opened her eyes to see Reyes' eyes, full of pure and absolute love, spilling out and into her very soul all over again, just like they had at the motel earlier in the day. ...Oh God... When you look at me like that... she thought.

"Could I... Um...?" Reyes hesitated.


"Um... May I kiss you?"

Scully cocked an eyebrow. "Yes," she said. "Since when do you have to ask?" she teased.

Reyes smiled, closing her eyes for a moment, then reopened them, locking eyes with her.

Scully chuckled at the endearing gesture.

She then leaned into within an inch or so of Scully's face, beginning to lightly caress her cheek with her thumb, then along the tip of her nose with her fingertips, tucking her other arm more securely underneath Scully's shoulder, then cupped the back of Scully's head with her palm. Scully's heart rate instantly increased, just on pure instinct, as Reyes then closed the distance between them, gently capturing and kissing, circling and massaging Scully's lips with her own, making little "O's" with her mouth, lightly suckling and tugging, sucking and nibbling.

"Um," Scully whimpered into the kiss. ...Oh baby... This warm, wet and sensually provocative little kiss felt so good, and so different from any of the other warm and wet little kisses Reyes had been sharing with her off and on all day.

Reyes continued to just lightly massage and nibble, suckle and slide along Scully's lips with her own warm, wet, velvety-soft lips and slick, warm, wet, velvety-soft and pervasive tongue. Massaging and nibbling, circling and kissing, repeatedly suckling and nibbling. Never breaking the warm, wet sweet contact. Then lightly exploring and feathering, darting and probing, moistly sliding her tongue in and out of Scully's parted lips. Gently and easily, circling and curling, sweeping and swirling her tongue inside Scully's mouth, seeking out the sweet invasion.

"Umm," Scully lightly moaned as she felt her body respond with a nice little spasm between her legs. "Oh... Mon..." she groaned again in response.

"Hum?" Reyes quietly responded, reclaiming Scully's lips over and over, never breaking the intimate contact, her tongue lightly teasing her, searching and probing, and finding Scully's tongue, then lightly curling and swirling, tugging and sucking on the very tip, never really deepening the kiss into an overly-heated passion, but remaining very much in control, stroking and caressing and making-love to Scully's lips and tongue with her very own.

"Ummm, feels... so... good," Scully panted between the kisses, her respiration growing heavier and heavier, her insides beginning to spasm with little bursts of anticipation.

"Hum? You like?" Reyes whispered through her kisses, her own breathing continuing to grow heavier and heavier as well.

"Ummm... Yes... I like... I like," Scully groaned, lifting her arms up from Reyes' torso, feathering her fingers through her dark-raven hair and holding the sides of her face in her palms, thoroughly enjoying these nice warm and wet, lingering kisses.

Reyes gently broke the intoxicating session of warm, wet, lingering kisses for a moment, rose back up and gazed into her eyes, both of them breathing more heavily with each passing second. "Mmm," she groaned as well, then smiled and leaned back in, lightly kissing the tip of Scully's nose again, and then ran the tip of her finger down along Scully's nose and across her cheek. "Mmm... Dana," she whispered softly as Scully's heart fluttered inside her chest. "I... Um..." she suddenly hesitated. ...Oh God, baby... She wanted to tell her so much how much she loved her. But she had suddenly thought better of it as she gazed into Scully's eyes and quickly realized that Scully was not quite ready to hear that. Not quite yet anyway, while they kissed as intimately as this. "Um, you... You're so beautiful, Dana," she quietly whispered instead, changing her mind, then leaned back in and recaptured Scully's lips with her own, suckling and massaging Scully's lips again and again, with tender little circular motions, making little "O's" with her mouth, sucking and tugging, and lightly nibbling on Scully's soft, full lips with her own.

"Ummm," Scully throatily groaned again, closing her eyes, as their noses lightly touched and rubbed, Eskimo kissing each other, as their lips massaged, sucked and lightly tugged on each other.

"Dana," Reyes breathed softly yet again through her warm, wet and highly-intoxicating, gentle kisses.

Scully heart fluttered yet again inside her chest.

"Look at me," she commanded softly through the steady kisses.

Scully opened her eyes. "Oh," she whimpered. Her heart began to race even more fervently inside her chest. She had never kept her eyes open and watched another's eyes as they kissed her before. "Ummm," she moaned again into the steadily deepening kisses. ...Oh my God... It was so intense to gaze into Reyes' eyes as Reyes kissed her and massaged her lips, lightly flicking her tongue in and out, teasing and suckling, probing and thrusting, arousing her higher and higher with each little thrust. ...Oh baby!... My God!...

Reyes smiled through her deep and steady kisses, realizing the kind of effect she was having on her, making eye contact through this most intoxicating little session of never-ending kisses. She then enhanced the intensity of her gaze, pouring every ounce of love and devotion she could ever muster into her look, completely disarming Scully yet again with her gaze and her warm, wet, soft and sensually provocative little kisses.

"Ohhh... My God," Scully panted lowering an arm and tightening her hold around Reyes' back as she squeezed her legs more intimately around her thigh. Her groin was beginning to ache more insistently as her body tingled all the way down, from the very tips of the little hairs on her head, all the way down to her little toes. Her previously uncooperative body was most definitely becoming quite cooperative now, and becoming quite aroused. Highly aroused indeed. But not necessarily to make quick and feverish physical love, grinding and thrusting excitedly into each other, as much as to just feel Reyes' warm, sensuous body pressed hard up against her and all over the top of hers. ...Oh God, Moni... My God!... She began to wish that she could somehow just crawl up inside of Reyes' body right now, and somehow break down this barrier of clothes and mucsle and tissue and skin and be "one" with Reyes. "One" with her, and "one" with the Universe, and in only "one body". No fences, no walls, no boundaries, no borders. But be completely "one" with Reyes' very essence. And a part of her almost felt as if she were already "one" with Reyes' very essence. And right now, at this very moment, as she gazed into Reyes' eyes, so full of love, tenderness and devotion, she could swear that she could feel Reyes' very essence touching her, stroking her, caressing her, loving her and making-love to her very soul, with her very own. "Ummm... Ohhh," she moaned, finally breaking off the penetrating eye contact and warm, wet and gentle kisses from Reyes to catch her breath. She lay there panting, with her head all tucked up against Reyes' neck. ...Oh my God? What are you doing to me?... Damn, woman... Wow!... she thought as she suddenly realized her entire body was lightly shivering and trembling from all the intensity of that look, and those warm, wet and steady, lingering kisses.

Reyes held her more intimately in her arms for a moment, tightening her hold, and kissing her just above the ear, then on her forehead before ultimately resting her lips there.

They both lay there in silence for another few moments, breathing heavily, and both totally blown away from all the overwhelming intensity of emotion that just merely kissing each other had evoked in each of them.

And this latest little session of kisses had lasted several minutes Reyes suddenly realized, as she glanced over at the clock. ...Whoa!... She was surprised at the time, to say the very least. ...Indeed... No wonder they were both so out of breath. They had been repeatedly kissing each other for almost ten minutes nonstop.

"Wow," she finally panted, breathless. ...Ten minutes?... Holy shit!...

"No kidding," Scully panted, breathless as well.

Reyes chuckled, rather proud of herself, then rolled them both a little more to the side as she began to run her palm all along Scully's back.

"Hum," Scully sighed swallowing hard. "Oh my. Where in the world did you learn how to kiss like that?" she asked, her voice muffled by Reyes' chest.

Reyes giggled again. "Hum. Probably my first lover. Why?"

"First lover, huh? Well... I need to get up from here and go shake his hand."

Reyes giggled again, then said, "She."

"Huh?" Scully's eyes shot wide open.

"She. My first lover was a 'she', a woman."

Scully leaned out from her arms so she could make eye contact. "Really? A... A woman?" she stuttered.

Reyes smiled, then nodded, "umhum," licking her lips.

Scully smiled, too, then reached up and lightly stroked the side of her face and cheek with a thumb. ...A woman... So... You have been with another woman... she thought. She wasn't really jealous of that, or was she? She had liked the idea of being Reyes' first. But it really didn't matter. Or did it?

"You seem surprised," Reyes observed.

"I um... Hum," Scully hesitated glancing away for a moment. "No. I um... Hum... Actually, I... I'm not sure what I am at the moment."


"Huh?" Scully glanced back up making eye contact again.

"Are you disappointed?"

...Whoa, God!... Scully thought as she continued to make eye contact. "I um... No. No, not really. I um... I guess I'm just... intrigued." ...Right. Bull shit. Yes, you are disappointed. Just admit it to yourself, why don't you?... she mused.

Reyes chuckled again, then smiled a knowing smile. "Would it help to know that I've never been with another, until you?"

Scully thought about Reyes' words for a moment, then grinned, then began to lightly giggle. ...Shit. You know me too well, Agent Reyes... she thought.

Reyes smiled, then double-winked at her.

Scully smiled.

Reyes double-winked at her again.

Scully giggled again, in spite of herself.

They lay there for a few moments just watching each other.

"So. How long?" Scully asked.

"How long what?"

"Oh. Well. I guess it's really none of my business is it?"

"No, Dana. It's okay. I just. I'm not sure what you're asking me."

Scully lay there for a few moments thinking about it. She wasn't so sure what she was asking her either. "I um... When?"

Reyes chuckled. ...Okay. When what?... she thought. ...When did we meet? When were we together? When did we first make-love? When did we break up? When what?...

"Oh wow," Scully groaned. "I guess that's a little opened-ended, too, isn't it?... I um... Well... How old were you, when you first met?"

...There ya go. That's better... Reyes mused grinning from ear-to-ear. "I was barely seventeen. I turned seventeen in March. Graduated from high school in early May. Moved to Southern California. Met her two weeks later and fell-in-love by the end of that same month."

"Really?" Scully smiled. ...And you graduated high school at seventeen? Damn!... Reyes was one smart cookie to graduate from high school a year early, and then get her Bachelor's & Master's Degrees in only four. Scully was impressed. Very impressed. She would have to ask her more about that at a later date. But right now, she was more interested in finding out more information on this young woman, her first lover.

"Yes. I um... She walked into the room and I just..." she shrugged.

Scully smiled again. "Love at first sight, huh?"

Reyes snickered and grinned, then nodded.

"So, how long were you together?"

Reyes closed her eyes for a moment, deep in thought, then responded, "Oh. Well. Let's see. It's complicated. Because we went back and forth for a while, but... a little over a year."

"A year? A whole year? With your first? My God! That's great!" Scully said, then lay there thinking about it for a moment. "And you'd never had sex before?" she asked.

...Damn... Reyes thought. Scully was pulling no punches with her prying questions. "Um. Well... I had kissed a few guys and, you know, the typical stuff. But no, I had never had someone inside of me before."

"Hum," Scully responded beginning to picture herself "inside" of Reyes for a moment. ...Oh God. Let me inside of you... "Ummm," she groaned a little at her own thoughts, then asked, "Was she good?"

"Dana?!" Reyes' eyes shot wide open.

"Well. I just. I mean. What happened? Did you just not like being with another woman or...?"

"Oh geez," Reyes sighed closing her eyes for a moment. "Um. No. Actually. She was... incredible. Best lover I ever had."

"Really," Scully said cocking an eyebrow. ...Indeed. And to be so young? Oh my... "So... What happened?" she asked again.

"Um. Well. We just... We um... She had some problems and... and I didn't know how to deal with it at the time, so..."

"So you broke up with her?"

Reyes closed her eyes yet again. "Dana. Could we talk about it later? I mean... Right now, I just want to focus on you and me, okay?"

"Oh." Scully smiled. ...You and me, huh?... "Okay." ...I think I can handle that... she mused. "I um. I'm sorry, Monica. I didn't mean to pry. I just. I guess I'm wondering why you never had another woman. I mean... Oh for Crissakes," she said. "I'm sorry. Good grief. It's truly none of my damn business."

"No, no, Dana, it's okay. I don't mind telling you. It's just that..." Reyes hesitated again for a moment, then reached up and lightly caressed Scully's cheek with her thumb. "Dana... Look," she said. "If you must know... She broke my heart, okay? She broke me. She broke me into a million little tiny pieces, and... and I..." she hesitated again as her eyes suddenly watered up with unshed tears. "And... But... She didn't mean to," she added swallowing hard. "And we... We ended up breaking each other down before it was all over with and... And I..." she hesitated again as she fought back waves of painful emotion.

...Whoa, God. You really loved her... Scully quickly realized. ...Whoa. My God!... "Oh wow. Um. Well. Hey, it's okay," she soothed as she quickly leaned in and lightly kissed her on the cheek. "Hey, shhh," she whispered again, gently rolling Reyes over onto her back, and beginning to cradle her in her arms. "Um. Listen. How about I hold you for a few minutes. Would you like that? Hum?"

Reyes swallowed hard, her eyes still closed, then nodded as she rolled more comfortably into Scully's arms.

"That's it. Let me hold you for a little while," Scully responded softly, then lightly kissed her on the top of the head. ...Whoa. God! She hurt you, bad!... And to the very core, Scully quickly recognized. ...Sweet baby... she mused tightening her hold around Reyes' torso and kissing her yet again on the crown. And she would indeed love to know more about the story. And what in the world could have been so bad that it eventually broke the two young lovers up. For obviously, they must have loved each other very deeply. So what in the world could have happened and been so bad that it eventually broke them up? ...Damn! And you still love her, too, don't you?... she also realized. And a part of her could almost feel jealous over this newest discovery of another woman in Reyes' life. But then another part of her realized the very strength and endurance of Reyes' love for another. And that was a very beautiful thing. And obviously, a part of Reyes did still love this other person, this other woman, this, her very first lover, very much.

She lay there thinking about it, this most recent discovery she had made about Reyes, as she held her in her arms. First of all, it really wasn't any of her damn business. And secondly, why should she care anyway? For it was not like she and Reyes were in a relationship or anything. Hell. They hadn't even been to bed together; just a little kissing, a little cuddling, and a little snuggling up together was all. So why did she care so much? Why did it seem so important to her to know more about this other woman? The only other woman there had ever been, in Reyes' life? ...Weird... she thought. And a part of her was jealous as hell of this other woman. And why? Why should she feel such jealousy over Reyes and Reyes' tender affections towards another? She thought back to earlier in the day at McDonald's, and seeing Doggett bear-hug Reyes out in the parking lot. She wasn't upset with Reyes. No, not at all with Reyes. But she was pissed as hell at Doggett, for even thinking that he could bear-hug Reyes so tightly like that. And why? She shook her head for a moment in thought. ...My God. They're best friends for Crissakes. So why in the...? What is wrong with me? To feel so jealous? For Crissakes. We haven't even gone to bed together. Not really. And since when did I give a flying fuck anyway? God! Pull it together, will you? You're being ridiculous!... she mentally chastised herself. She lightly sighed as she decided she needed to think about more pleasant things than this; these outrageous feelings of jealousy towards Doggett, and his close friendship with Reyes. So, she began to think back to her own first sexual encounter and intercourse. ...Oh God... It had not been that great. Actually it had not been very good at all. But then, her first lover was so young himself. They both were so young. Too young. Much too young, to know anything about what the hell they were trying to do. And if her mother had ever known what she and that little neighborhood kid were up to out there behind the old shed in the backyard? She smiled at the memory. Well. They hadn't done too bad, considering their ages. She was just barely 14 and he had just turned 16. But what made it almost comical was that he had already ejaculated before she had even gotten her zipper all the way down on her jeans. And they both hardly knew what to make of it or what to do about it. She had to stifle a chuckle as she held Reyes. And he was so embarrassed, all of this sticky white stuff all over the insides of his jeans. But he managed to get it back up in no time, and then they tried for the real thing. Neither was quite sure how to go about it. She stifled another chuckle. She remembered grabbing on to his nice, large and throbbing erection, for such a young man of his stature, not even fully developed yet. And yet his nice, large, throbbing erection jerked and pulsated in her hand, as she tried to help guide him in. ...Oh my... She wasn't even quite sure where it was herself. And it was her own body of all things. She giggled in spite of herself.

"What? What are you giggling about?" Reyes whispered into her neck.

"Oh. Just remembering," Scully sighed, then giggled again.

"What?" Reyes teased. She was feeling much better now. And she was not thinking about Jenni anymore. Oh no. She was thinking about Dana Scully.

"Oh. My first time," she said.





"Did he find the hole?"

Scully cracked up.


3:37 AM: They lay there together still giggling, snickering and talking about old times with old boyfriends, and a few one-night-stands. But Scully had been very careful not to delve any further into her own most recent past. For the last few years, more years than she cared to even think about herself, she had quit the relationship game. And had just stayed with droves and droves of one-night-stands. She had a gut feeling that Reyes had already begun to figure that out, too, much of her most recent sexual history. But she was not going to acknowledge it. And Reyes was too kind-hearted to ask her about it. Besides, Reyes really did not want to know about it anyway. The thought of so many others having their hands on Scully drove her crazy, if she really allowed herself to think about it. But she wouldn't. And the thought that Scully had kissed and played with so many others besides herself even drove her more insane. But she wouldn't think about that either, for the moment at least. But sex was a mere game to Scully. And she had quickly figured that out. Sex was nothing more than a mere game to Scully, a mere game of seduction and control. And actually, that bothered her, deep down inside her very soul. But, she was just going to have to get over it and accept that side of Scully. And realize that Scully had made that choice for herself. But she had also decided for herself, that she would not be a part of these sexual little games of seduction, and nothing more than a mere pawn for Scully's sexual little games of seduction and control. She didn't mind allowing a lover to control her at times during a sexual encounter. But she did not want to be a mere pawn, a toy, something to tease and play with, and then be dropped and canned, and left standing in the cold, while the player moved on to the next little toy. She deserved better than that. And so did Scully. But then she had quickly realized, too, that Scully was probably doing things with her, and allowing things from her, that she normally wouldn't allow from a one-night-stand. Things like warm, wet, long and lingering kisses, intimate touches and tender caresses, long and warm embraces, and all the snuggling and cuddling up so closely together, and all the other acts of tender affection and intimacy they had already been sharing together, for almost two days now, and again tonight, things that Scully never allowed from all of her other more recent lovers. It was most always quick and dirty. She had no time for all of the intimacy and tenderness, the foreplay and afterglow. She was in it for the sex and that was it. And she realized, too, that normally Scully would have already tried to seduce her and take her, probably last night, or maybe even this morning at the motel, if she truly thought of her as nothing more than a little sex toy to tease and play with. And she quickly realized, too, that Scully had deliberately kept a tight rein on that part of herself. Except for maybe and hour or so ago when she had come on so strong. ...Damn... Good thing Scully had not truly put forth an effort or she just may very well have managed to seduce her, right into the palm of her hands, literally. But then she was already battling with her own confusing emotions and feeling so much intense love for Scully, for them to have only met a few days ago. And too, Reyes wanted Scully to make-love to her, so desperately. And she wanted to return that love and make-love to Scully, so desperately, as well. She was already falling so head-over-heels-in-love with Scully it frightened the hell out of her. And she didn't understand it. Nor could she explain it, her immense feelings for this woman that she had just met. And that made it so much harder for her to maintain control, if Scully did come on to her. But she trusted in Scully not use her feelings against her, only to gain what she wanted out of her - a quick little fuck. But, ironically, Scully really did not realize yet just how strongly Reyes felt about her. And that Reyes was actually falling-in-love with her. Not really. She knew that Reyes loved her - obviously - because Reyes had already told her so - several times. But Scully was enough afraid of that and those words that she had not even allowed herself to consider the possibility of what Reyes was actually saying to her, that she was falling-in-love with her. She just could not handle that. No way, could she handle that. She could barely handle hearing Reyes say that she loved her as a friend. And Reyes had been very careful in the way that she had worded things, and when she had said those words to Scully. For she knew that Scully would practically bolt and run like a bat out of hell. Just from the love of a friend. But Reyes had been taking her chances on occasion, saying those words. And telling her that she loved her anyway, in spite of Scully's fears. And she could hardly wait until the next time she could talk to her Grams. For Grams had quickly reassured her that her feelings for Scully were nothing to be afraid of, but actually quite natural, and to just trust in her instincts, when it came to Scully. And given all that her Grams knew and understood about the Universe and time, and spans of time, and different lifetimes, and several lifetimes and such things, Reyes believed in her. And she trusted in her to tell her all that she needed to know. That would shed some light on these immense and unexplainably overwhelming feelings she had for Scully. And she could hardly wait, she was so excited. Her heart and soul were practically exploding with pure ecstasy at the possibilities of what her Grams may be planning to tell her, because she had her suspicions already. But she would wait, and try not to speculate. No. She would just wait until she got back home to New Orleans. Then Grams would tell her everything she needed to know, that would begin to explain all of these seemingly ridiculous and very hasty and uncontainable feelings she had for Scully.


3:59 AM: They had continued to lay there together in each other's arms, thoroughly enjoying the earlier conversations, and learning more about each other; each other's past histories, past boyfriends, a few past girlfriends on Scully's part, one-night-stands, a little about a handsome young fireman Reyes had once dated. And the horrible way that he had been killed, while on the job. Reyes' heart had been broken over that love interest, too. He was a very sweet and wonderful young man. And she had fallen very deeply for him. Had he lived, they would have probably married and possibly even had a child or two by now. But, for whatever reasons, that life was not meant for them either. And he had been killed, in the line of duty, saving a young toddler from a fiery furnace of flames inside a little daycare center in upstate Rhode Island. Scully's heart had ached for Reyes' loss, too. For she understood that kind of loss, as she told her about her own loss and the fellow federal agent Jack Willis, a special agent that she had dated for almost a year. She had not planned on marrying him, or spending the rest of her life with him or anything. But she had loved him dearly. And he had also been killed in the line of duty. And the way that he had been killed had been crazy! It was an X-File for sure. And Reyes was absolutely astounded to hear that another man's soul had overtaken his body and controlled his actions to such a degree that he had almost turned on Scully and killed her as well. Reyes could hardly believe some of the cases Scully and Mulder had worked on together anyway. And yet she totally believed in all the possibilities. She never doubted for a second what Scully told her, and the weirdly bizarre and out-of-this-world explanations of how such things could happen. Scully had actually shed a few tears in memory of that night and her former lover, Jack Willis. She had been so afraid that he was going to turn the gun on her and kill her, too. And then they both would go down. And then no one would be left to tell what had actually happened, that Jack was innocent. Totally and 100% innocent, and not himself. And that another man's soul had overtaken his body and controlled his actions. Reyes had listened, comforted and consoled her as Scully shed a few tears. They were so good for each other. They both knew exactly what to do to be of comfort to each other. And little did they know, but their very souls had loved, comforted, consoled, reveled and rejoiced in each other for centuries. So no wonder it was so natural - natural as could be - for them to know how to comfort, console, revel and rejoice in each other. They were "home". Their souls were "home", for the first time in years, many years and many lifetimes. And although neither understood that, or the magnitude of that quite yet, they both knew that for whatever reasons, what they felt for each other, was so special - so very special. And if Scully would ever get over her tendency to be so damn stubborn, they could be together, and very soon, very soon indeed. But Scully was just so damn stubborn. Too stubborn to even allow herself to think on these things and the immense feelings that she shared along with Reyes. So, they would have to spend a little more time apart in the very near future. And in a matter of less than three days logistically, because Reyes would soon be going back home to New Orleans.


4:21 AM: They continued to lay there together in the subdued darkness for a few minutes in silence, enjoying the immense closeness and intimacy. Neither feeling a need to talk or break into the serene silence, but just enjoy each other and each other's company. Reyes had rolled back over onto her back as Scully followed her, curling back up into her arms, just as she had done for most of the night last night and into the wee hours of the morning.

"Umm. What time is it?" Scully finally asked, breaking into the peaceful silence, her ear resting on top of Reyes' chest, listening to her heartbeat.

Reyes glanced at the clock. "Ugh. You don't want to know," she responded.

"Um. I was afraid of that."

"Dana? What time do we need to get up tomorrow anyway? Or rather later in the day, I guess I should say."

They both chuckled for a moment. "Well. We've got to go by Mulder's apartment sometime tomorrow morning or maybe mid-day. Pick up some of his legal documents. And then we need to go by the office. I need to check in with Skinner and..."

"Oh. By the way. Sorry to interrupt, but John called. No problems with Kersh."

"Oh. Good. When did he call?"

"Around 10 or so. You were already asleep so I didn't want to wake you."

"Oh. Okay."

"He um. I told him to just keep it under wraps that I'm here."

Scully grinned. "You mean from Skinner?"

"Yeah. I'm still a little concerned over my screw-up this morning."

"Ah. It's no big deal. Skinner won't give a shit anyway."

"Well. He may not, but others might. And I don't want to cause you any problems."

"Umhum," Scully chuckled smiling. "Well, I think that little kiss in McDonald's this morning was a little more threatening than calling me 'honey' in front of Skinner," she teased.

"Oh geez. I know. And I don't know why I did that, either? Holy shit."

Scully giggled, then they both began to giggle. "Well, actually. I loved it," she said.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. I loved it. And I loved the look on that little clerk's face, too."

"And what little look was that?" Reyes teased.

"Oh, I'd say you surprised her with that little move."

"Did I?"

"Umhum," Scully responded giggling again.

"And what about this little move?" Reyes teased again as she suddenly tightened her grip on her and quite aggressively rolled her back over in the bed, planting a very deep, wet, hot, sizzlingly-passionate, tongue-thrusting kiss on her lips.

"Ummm," Scully groaned as they passionately kissed for several more seconds before Reyes finally broke the contact. "Ummm, God, Monica. You truly did not need to stop," she huskily groaned reaching up and caressing Reyes' lips with her fingertips.

"Oh yeah?" Reyes teased lightly kissing those fingertips.

"Ummm. Oh yeah," Scully teased, smiling, then suddenly became very serious indeed in her expression.

Reyes furrowed her brow. "What?" she whispered softly gazing into Scully's eyes.

"You mend me, you know that? You mend me, my heart, my soul," Scully whispered, totally surprising herself with what she had just said. But it was the truth.

Reyes' eyes widened for a moment as she lay there watching her. She then smiled, leaned down and planted another nice warm, wet and juicy little kiss on Scully's lips as she lay comfortably on top of her.

"Moni? I want you to stay with me tonight, too, okay? Stay with me. And Friday night, too. Stay with me. No motels, okay? No motels, I mean, I don't, we can pull it off. If Skinner finds out, then I'll just have to deal with it. But, Moni, please, I... I need you with me, okay?... I need you," she whimpered as she tightened her hold around Reyes' torso. She had utterly surprised herself yet again with what she had just said to Reyes. She never admitted to anyone that she may very well need them for a little while, for anything. Never. Not even to herself. But she just had.

"Okay. I'll stay. I'll stay with you, Dana," Reyes replied leaning down and kissing her lightly on the lips once again. Somehow, they would pull it off, and neither Skinner or the Bureau would ever find out. Somehow.

"We... I've got to call the airlines tomorrow, too," Scully said.

"Umum, no, I've already done it, taken care of it," Reyes responded.

"Really?" Scully said, pleasantly surprised. She wondered how Reyes had found the time to call the airlines for her and get a flight down to Raleigh without her knowing about it. But she wasn't going to ask. It didn't matter. All that really mattered was, it was another little task that she did not have to deal with sometime tomorrow.

Reyes nodded again. "Yeah. We'll arrive in Raleigh late Friday afternoon. It was the only flight I could get out, so..."

"Oh, no. That's fine. That's what I wanted anyway."

"Okay so... What about Saturday? Are you planning to stay the night? Or fly back after the..." Reyes hesitated. She just could not say the word. ...Funeral...

"I guess we'll just fly back that night."

"Saturday night. You'll fly back to DC?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well, that's fine. I understand," Reyes said glancing away. She had hoped to stay one more night in Raleigh with Scully before flying back home to New Orleans.

"No. What do you mean? You're coming back with me, aren't you?" Scully questioned her furrowing her brow.

"Dana... Honey, I can't. I..." Reyes turned back making eye contact. "I... I've got to go back home at some point and... And I don't see how I can justify another flight back to DC. Just for one..." she hesitated, for Scully's expression had begun to change again into such sadness and sorrow.

"Don't," Scully barely mumbled under her breath. ...Please. Don't remind me...

Reyes licked her lips, then nibbled on her lower lip for a moment. In reality, they had very little more time together. It was already very early Thursday morning and they would be flying out to Raleigh by Friday afternoon. The funeral was set for Saturday mid-day. And then it would be time for them to go their separate ways and back into separate lives. "Okay, well. Let's try to get some sleep then. What do you say?" Reyes said hastily changing the subject and trying to lighten the mood. They could make a final decision sometime tomorrow. But she would need to call the airlines again and change the date of the return flights for herself and for Scully, if Scully truly did want to fly back home Saturday afternoon. Reyes had hoped for one more night together. But she understood Scully's need to come home as soon as she could after the funeral. It made no sense to stay in Raleigh for another night anyway, for Scully needed to be home, and in familiar surroundings, and in her own soft, warm, comfortable bed after the funeral, not in some motel, in some strange city, Reyes with her or not. At least that was Reyes' reasoning, as she lay there thinking about it, Scully all cradled up in her arms. She leaned down and lightly kissed Scully on the crown. "Think you can go to sleep?" she softly whispered. Scully didn't respond. ...Oh geez... She didn't want Scully getting so upset now, just before they would be settling down for the night, brooding over the two separate flights back to their separate homes, or Scully would never drop back off to sleep. Reyes knew her well. And she knew that if she got too caught up into thinking about something, then she would have a hell of a time drifting back off to sleep. And not only that, Scully had problems with bad nightmares, too. But she had a gut feeling that the nightmares had stopped for the night. And especially now that she was with her and in the same bed. "Dana. Think you can go to sleep?" she tried again.

Scully finally nodded, then sighed.

"Okay. What time do you want me to set the clock?"

"Don't. The sun'll come up anyway so..." Scully shrugged.

"Okay," Reyes said as she rolled back off to the side, Scully following her.

After a moment or so, they both decided they each needed to take a quick little pit-stop to the restroom, before they finally settled in for the night. Scully got up first. Reyes got up and tried to do something with the covers and bedspread. They had been rolling around all over the top of the covers for over an hour and a half, and Reyes had to stifle her giggles. If anyone else were able to take a look at the bed covers, it would look as if two people had had a grand ole time, rolling around all over the bed, in the throws of heated passion. And for the second night in a row, it appeared that they would be spending the night together in the same bed, sleeping together. And yet not actually "sleeping together", "going to bed together" and making-love. "Oh God," she sighed aloud. Of course, it was her own decision that had kept them from at least trying. But, her body strength and endurance was not fully 100% yet. And she truly did not want Scully to see the big bruise along her lower torso either. And Scully was truly not in the right frame-of-mind tonight either, by the way her own body had failed to respond, even by her own actions. And Scully should know better than anyone else what turned her on. After all, it was her body. And if pumping her groin against another nice warm and juicy little groin didn't do it, well then, it was just not their time to be making-love tonight. Reyes smiled at the memory of Scully's little shivering and trembling body after that nice long session of wonderfully sweet, lingering kisses. Scully's body had become quite aroused from that. And Reyes was sure of it. And her nice long session of warm, wet lingering kisses had started it. Just like Scully's first couple of kisses earlier this morning had had her entire body shivering and trembling with excitement as well. "Oh Dana," she lightly moaned, her heart fluttering inside her chest from that memory.

"Hum?" Scully had reentered the bedroom.

"Oh. That was quick," Reyes said as she jumped a little, with a start.

Scully chuckled as she climbed back into the bed wondering what Reyes' little moan of her name and jump was all about. But she had a very good idea. She smiled a very satisfied smile.

"Back in a minute," Reyes said.

"You better be. I'm timing you," Scully teased.

Reyes turned, glanced back at her and winked before entering the hallway.

Scully lay there content that Reyes would be sleeping with her yet again, and this time in her own bed. She thought back to their very first meeting up on that remote hillside overlooking the creeks and valleys of Montana, then a little later that same morning inside that X-Ray room at Saint Jean's Hospital. She smiled. Never, in her wildest of dreams, would she have ever imagined that in just three days Reyes would be here, right here in Washington DC, in Georgetown, in her apartment, and spending the rest of the night sleeping beside her, in her very own bed. "Mmm," she groaned as she rolled over and clutched Reyes' pillow. She breathed in that nice deliciously-sweet, musky scent of a woman, Monica Reyes, still lingering on the pillow. "Ummm. God, you smell so good," she whispered. ...Um, um, um... And what she wouldn't give to have Reyes sleep here with her every night, right here, in DC, in Georgetown, in her very own apartment and in her very own soft, warm and comfortable bed. She could easily get very use to having Reyes around and sleeping in her bed. "Hum," she sighed clutching the pillow and running her face along the fabric, breathing in the scent still lingering there. Soon they would again be apart, separate and worlds apart. But she didn't want to think about that right now. She just wanted to enjoy the little time that they still had left together, before the inevitable separation.

Reyes did her thing, then brushed her teeth again, just as Scully had done, then walked back into the bedroom. Scully lifted the straightened covers up in offering. Reyes smiled as she walked on over to the bed and climbed into the offered spot. They rolled into each other's arms, their bodies and legs intertwining. Reyes finished pulling the covers up and over them tucking them both in for the night.



"I um... I..." she hesitated. She just could not say it. She felt it. But she just could not bring herself to say it. Nope. Not yet. She just could not say it, that she loved her, too.

"What, baby?"

"I, um... Nothing. Good night," she whispered, then leaned up and gave Reyes a nice warm and gentle little goodnight kiss on the lips before settling into her arms for the night.

"Night, bebe," Reyes softly responded in return, already dropping off into a very deep sleep.

Scully cocked an eyebrow in response to the little Spanish twist and flare of "baby" that Reyes had just used as she dropped off into a much-needed deep sleep. She smiled. And she wondered if that would happen quite often when Reyes was so exhausted, and yet felt so safe and secure with another. It would make sense that it would, that she would occasionally slip over into her primary native tongue of Spanish. She smiled again at the thought. She was so fascinated anyway, that Reyes had grown up in Mexico and spoke Spanish, and that, from what she could decipher, most all of Reyes' family still lived there, as well. ...Wow!... And she wanted to know more about why and how all of that had developed, too. "Hum," she lightly sighed, content as anyone could ever hope to be at the moment. She leaned up and lightly kissed Reyes on the lips, then whispered, "Buenas noches, baby," saying "Good night," back to her in her native tongue. She remembered a few words from her old high school Spanish classes. And a part of her wished that Reyes had been awake to hear that. Of course, her accent probably sounded horrible. But, at least she had tried. She smiled again, then chuckled a little, then, within a matter of seconds, she was sound asleep herself.

Continued - Part 10

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