Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 14
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She Mends Me

By MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 14

Scully's Bedroom:

7:03 PM: They continued to lay there quietly in each other's arms, both hurting and both so frustrated, as Reyes felt more dread in the pit of her stomach, Scully intermittently shivering in her arms, Reyes' gut trying to tell her exactly what was happening. But she still refused to believe it. She just did not want this to be happening. Not yet. Not now. ...Please not now, oh God, no, please, not now...

Scully suddenly shivered yet again.

"Honey?" Reyes whispered, concerned as ever.

Scully shivered uncontrollably once more. ..."Stop. Stop it." " Stop hitting him." "Stop hitting me." "Stop hitting him." "Stop hitting me."... She shivered as the similar phrases kept echoing, relentlessly, inside her head.


..."Dana. Stop. Stop it."... Scully shivered yet again as she suddenly heard Reyes' soft, soothing voice, instead of her neighbor's stern disciplining voice echo, inside her head.

"Honey? What is it?"

..."Stop. Stop it, Dana. Stop."... Reyes' soft, soothing voice echoed yet again inside Scully's head. She shivered again in response to the voice, as she glanced back up making eye contact. "I... Um... Moni?" she whimpered, her heart beginning to race and pound inside her chest.

"What baby?"

"I um... I... I don't... I don't know," Scully whimpered again in total confusion, as she gazed into Reyes' eyes, her heart beginning to fitfully pound, dreadfully inside her chest. ..."Dana. Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me."... Reyes' soft, soothing voice echoed yet again. "Ah!" she gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief, as she suddenly rose up from Reyes' arms. ..."Dana. Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me."... Reyes' voice suddenly echoed again. "Oh God!" she gasped as she then rose completely up and off Reyes' body and into a sitting position.

"Well, honey? What is it? Tell me, what's going on?" Reyes responded, furrowing her brow and extremely concerned indeed, as she reached over and caressed Scully's bare back with her palm.

Scully turned and glanced back down, looking at her for a moment, then back out towards the hallway.


..."Dana. Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me. And look at me."... Reyes' voice suddenly rang out yet again. "Oh! My God!" Scully gasped in utter dismay, as she suddenly jumped up from the bed, then just stood there, next to the bed beginning to tremble. ...Surely not. Oh God, surely not. Surely, I didn't. Or did I? Oh Sweet Mary, did I? It can't be... she thought standing there trembling with emotion.

...Uh-oh... Reyes continued to watch her, her gut reactions telling her exactly what was happening, as her stomach clinched in response. ...Oh God, no, no, no, not now, please not now. Please don't tell me you're remembering... Oh God, no, please not now...

Scully glanced back down at her.

Reyes swallowed hard as she cocked an eyebrow.


"What baby? I'm right here."

Scully's eyes dropped down along her bruised-up gut, safely hidden underneath the sheet. "Oh God!" she gasped again with dread. "Oh God, no, no, no..." she continued to mumble as she suddenly rushed towards the hallway, Reyes watching her as she fled from the room.

Scully's Living Room:

Scully reached the living room in no time as she hurriedly leaned up against the kitchen counter, her insides fretfully convulsing with every step. She felt as if she would vomit all over the floor. She quickly rushed over to the sink, just in case.

Scully's Bedroom:

"Oh Lord, please, help me," Reyes softly petitioned aloud, as she quickly got up from the bed and fumbled around, trying to find her white cotton t-shirt and underwear. Well. They must have ended up under the bed, or over the bed, or behind the bed, or even out the window. ...Shit... For who the hell knew? She hurriedly turned the little nightlight back on, blew the candles out, walked over to her overnight bag, retrieved some fresh, clean underwear and slipped them on. Then quickly grabbed Mulder's red flannel pajama top, from the heap of clothes over in the corner, and hurriedly slipped it on, quickly buttoned it up, then grabbed Scully's robe, hanging over a chair, and then headed down the hallway towards Scully. She wasn't sure how she would deal with it, but it appeared that Scully was beginning to remember parts of her horrific night out at the compound.

Scully's Living Room:

Reyes entered the living room finding Scully leaned over the kitchen sink with nothing happening. "Oh God," she quietly groaned to herself, reached up and ruffled her hair for a moment, then walked over a little closer to Scully.

"Don't," rang out, from Scully's mouth.

Reyes stopped in her tracks. ...Okay... She wasn't going to push her.

"Just... Don't," rang out yet again, as Scully lifted her hand up towards Reyes from the side, and held it up, her palm facing her.

Reyes just stood there, holding Scully's robe over her forearms, watching and waiting.

Scully stood there, leaned up slightly over the sink, lightly panting, her thoughts, fleeting sounds and horrible fleeting images running frenziedly wild inside of her head. She turned again to look at Reyes as she began to lower her palm back down to her side.

Reyes just stood there, watching, waiting, and not saying anything.

Scully then turned all the way around and leaned her bare back up against the kitchen sink.

Reyes glanced down at her beautiful bare breasts for a moment. She just could not help herself. They were gorgeous! More like magnificent! And she had had the magnificent privilege of loving them earlier this morning, with her hands, mouth and tongue. She swallowed hard, then glanced back up to Scully's eyes.

But Scully wasn't looking at her eyes. Scully was looking anywhere else in the room, but into Reyes' eyes. After a few moments of complete silence, Scully finally reached out for her robe.

Reyes stepped in a little closer and handed it to her.

"Thanks," Scully said as she began to put it on.

Reyes just nodded a little bit, still not saying anything.

Scully finished wrapping her robe around herself, then began to tie the terrycloth belt. "Oh God," she groaned again, clutching her stomach, as she quickly turned back around to the sink, Reyes immediately at her side. "God... I think I'm... gonna be sick," she mumbled as she leaned back over the sink.

"Okay, well. I'm right here, if you need me," Reyes reassured her as she began to lightly stroke her shoulder-blades.

Scully just stood there, panting and leaning over the sink, still nothing happening. She finally stood back up, rising her head up towards the ceiling and closing her eyes, just trying to catch her breath, as Reyes continued to caress her back and shoulder-blades. She continued to stand there quietly for a few moments, her face tilted up towards the ceiling, her eyes still closed. Finally, she said, "Don't... Don't touch me right now, okay?" as she turned slightly to look at Reyes.

Reyes' lower lip dropped, her heart breaking, as she instantly stopped her gentle caresses along Scully's back.

"Oh God," Scully whimpered again, closing her eyes, as more fleeting images began to resurface before her eyes. Fleeting images of Jeremiah Smith. Fleeting images of Reyes. Then Skinner. Then the hovering spaceship. Then Mulder, dead in that field. Then Doggett. The hovering spaceship. Suddenly, the compound, off in the distance. Then Reyes. Then Skinner. Then Mulder, dead in that field. Then Reyes. Then Doggett. Reyes. Doggett. Skinner. The compound. Skinner. Doggett. Mulder, dead in that field. Doggett. Reyes. Doggett. Skinner. The compound. People screaming, from inside the compound. Suddenly, Reyes. Jeremiah Smith. Then Reyes. Mulder. A spaceship. Reyes. The compound. Mulder. Then ...What was that?... the image was so blurred. Suddenly, fear. Terror. Mulder. Terror. Fear. Image. Reyes. Mulder. Image. Fear. Terror. Reyes. Image. Fear. Panic. Fight. Reyes. Image. Panic. Fight. Reyes. Image. Panic. Reyes. Image. Fight. Reyes. Image. Panic. Reyes. Image. Fight. Reyes. Image. Panic. Reyes. Image. Panic. Reyes. Image. Reyes. Image. Reyes. Suddenly, safe. Reyes. Safe. Reyes. Safe. Reyes. Refuge. Reyes. Solace. Reyes' touch. Reyes smiling. Reyes whispering ..."Hey there. Remember me?"... "Oh God!" she gasped again as she buried her face in her palms. She remembered.

Reyes instantly reached over to her, caressing her shoulder.

"No! Don't!" Scully cried out yet again as she immediately backed away.

Reyes sighed softly yet again in frustration.

"Don't! God, don't. Don't Monica. Don't even... Oh my God," Scully groaned again, as she moved farther away, out of the kitchen, and back into the living room. She suddenly felt as if she did not deserve to be touched by Reyes, or anyone else for that matter.

Reyes just sighed, turning in her spot, as she watched Scully flee yet again to the living room.

Scully then leaned up against the back of the couch for a moment, just standing there, trying desperately to make sense of all the confusingly vague images, muffled sounds and erratic emotions bouncing around inside her head. She glanced down at her hands, then began to stretch the backs of her hands out in front of her. She then rotated them over to her palms, then rotated them back again, her palms facing the floor, so she could get a better look at her knuckles.

Reyes just continued to watch her from the kitchen, as still as a statue - watching, and waiting, for the very moment when she may need her again.

Scully continued to stare at her hands, curling her fingers and flexing her knuckles, then making a loose fist with her right hand, then lifting that loose fist up to her lips, as a stray tear began to roll down her cheek. "Oh Christ. What have I done?" she groaned, barely audible. "What did I do?" she groaned again. ...Oh God. What did I do to you?... she mused as she turned back around to look at Reyes.

Reyes just stood there, watching and waiting.

"Oh God, Monica. Come here," Scully said as she wiped another stray tear away.

Reyes folded her lips for a moment, then hesitantly walked over towards her.

Scully then took her hand, as she led them both over to the nearest table lamp in the room, then flipped it on.

"What are you doing?" Reyes quickly asked, swallowing hard, as her tummy began to do summersaults inside her gut.

"I um..." Scully hesitated as she glanced up and looked into Reyes' eyes. ...Ohhh God... She could hardly believe all the fear and trepidation she was seeing in those beautiful, dark chocolate-brown eyes, as those sweet and tender, dark-chocolate penetrating eyes gazed back, full of emotion. "I um... Maybe I need to ask... what have you been doing? Hum?" she responded.

Reyes just stood there, completely silent, and as still as a statue, not responding at all.

Scully cocked an eyebrow as they continued to stand there, face-to-face, starring into each other's eyes, no words being spoken. ...Ohhh God... Her lower lip suddenly dropped as she watched the fear and trepidation in Reyes' eyes begin to increase. ...Oh my God. What did I do? What did I do to you?... she wondered again. And yet it was all beginning to make so much sense now. Reyes wearing a t-shirt to bed just minutes ago, horny as hell, and yet knowing that Scully would soon be coming to bed herself, to make sweet, hot passionate love to her. And yet choosing to cover herself with a t-shirt, and with a sheet, too, no less. And then Reyes, undoubtedly purchasing those three candles at the mall this afternoon, furnishing them with enough subdued light, without using the slightly brighter nightlight, keeping the bedroom dark enough, so that Scully would not notice anything out-of-the-ordinary, as they made-love tonight. ...Oh Monica. What have you been doing? Hum? What have you been doing? Hiding something from me?... she thought again as she thought back to all of the unexplained little whiffs of peppermint and camphor - the scent of Tiger Balm liniment - she had been noticing for the last day and a half, with that little hint of musk and menthol mixed within. And then. ...Oh, God, yes... And then there was the night at the ER. She suddenly heard Reyes' very determined voice ..."But the shirt is not coming off."... echo inside her head. "Oh my God," she whimpered at the memory. "Oh Monica," she whimpered again, full of emotion, as she then clasped both of Reyes' hands with her own.

Reyes continued to just stand there quietly, gazing into her eyes, full of dismay, and yet so full of love and devotion as well.

Scully's hands began to tremble, as her heart began to pound even more dreadfully inside her chest. Their eyes locked as Scully let go of her hands, then reached up and cupped both her cheeks with her palms.

Reyes' heart skipped a beat, her breathing catching in her throat.

Scully smiled at Reyes' physical responses to her gentle touch, then glanced down and lowered her palms down to the collar of her pajama top. She then began to fiddle with the collar on both sides of Reyes' neck. "So... What's with the shirt? Hum?" she asked, asking the exact same question she had asked her two nights ago in the motel room, when first searching for information, taking Reyes completely off-guard with her little question, as she glanced back up, looking into her eyes.

"I um. I was... a little cool," Reyes replied, shrugging a little bit, then sucking on her lower lip for a moment.

Scully cocked an eyebrow as she glanced back down along Reyes' tight, protruding nipples, pushing hard through the red flannel pajama top. "Um," she smirked as she let go of the collar and moved her palms a little farther down along her flannel-covered upper chest. Seemed Reyes stayed cool, with those tight, tautly-erect nipples, always pushing through, and always driving her insides wild with desire. "Hum," she grunted, licking her lips. "Um, nope. Don't think so. Come on, Reyes. What's with the shirt? Hum?" she asked again, as she suddenly lowered her palms down a little farther and then rested them right squarely on top of Reyes' soft, flannel-covered swaying breasts and marble-like nipples, causing Reyes to jump a little in surprise.

"Oh!" Reyes gasped softly, closing her eyes and swallowing hard, as she felt a warm little spurt of love cream soak her fresh panties. ...Shit...

"Come on, Reyes. Tell me. What's with the shirt? Hum?" Scully coaxed her yet again, as she began to lightly squeeze and massage Reyes' covered breasts, flicking her thumbs across the tightly-beaded nipples.

"Oh God," Reyes groaned again, opening her eyes and starring into Scully's eyes, her own eyes suddenly full of sexually-heated arousal all over again.

Scully smirked at the irony, then, "Take it off," she said, as she continued her seductively arousing ministrations along Reyes' flannel-covered breasts.

"What?" Reyes replied, slightly panicked all of a sudden. Scully was trying to use her highly-aroused sexual libido against her. And she knew it. But she could handle it. She could regain control of her spiraling out-of-control libido again. She just needed to concentrate. That was all.

"Take it off. I want you to take your shirt off," Scully said again.

...Oh God, Dana. Holy shit... "I... Um..."

"Take it off... Now."

"But... Dana?" Reyes panted, her heart rate and respiration quickening in spite of her resolve.

"But what?" Scully replied, as she strengthened her seductively arousing manipulations, pinching and tugging on her rock-hard, marble-like nipples, rolling and pinching and flicking across those tightly-pebbled peaks. She liked playing with marbles.

Oh! Dana?" Reyes gasped again into the sweet torture. ...Oh my God... "Dana? What are you doing?" she panted again as she quickly reached up and pulled Scully's mischievous little hands away from her swelling breasts and achingly sensitive nipples, instantly stopping her seductive ministrations.

"Umum. Shouldn't it be, 'what have you been doing?' Hum? Shouldn't it?" Scully asked again, as she forcefully yanked her hands away from Reyes' hands and reached back up to the first button on Reyes' pajama top, and began to unbutton it, planning to work her way all the way down.

...Oh God... "Honey?" Reyes gasped again, immediately reaching back up and grabbing on to Scully's wrists, then pulling those wrists and hands away from her concealing top yet again.

Scully shivered for a moment from the familiar sensations along her wrists. "No, Monica. You've been hiding something from me, haven't you?... Haven't you? Hum?" she stated, matter-of-factly, as she tried to reach back up in spite of Reyes' tightened hold around her wrists, beginning to struggle somewhat with the tight hold.

"Don't," uttered out from Reyes' lips, as she held her grip on Scully's flailing wrists.

Scully instantly stopped her struggling movements and glanced back up.

They stood there in silence for a few moments, starring into each other's eyes.

"Don't?" Scully finally retorted. "Don't? And why not, Monica?... Why not? Hum?... Tell me. You tell me why not!" she fired back in brewing anger all of a sudden.

...Oh God, Dana, don't, please, don't do this... I can't, I won't... Reyes thought as she just stood there, starring into her eyes, her lower lip dropping a little in response.

"Damn it. Tell me!" Scully fired back again.

Reyes eased up on her tight grip along Scully's wrists, then brought one of her hands up to her lips and lightly kissed the backs of her curled fingers for a moment.

...Oh God... Scully's heart fluttered inside her chest. She had not expected that little move at all. And it had almost disarmed her, but not quite. "Monica. Why won't you tell me?" she pressed again, this time calming her quick temper back down.

Reyes said nothing as she closed her eyes and gently suckled on a knuckle.

...Oh crap. You know exactly how to stop me in my tracks, now don't you? Shit!... Scully mused, smirking a little bit at the irony, and how powerful Reyes' gentle sway could actually be on her. "Monica?" she tried again.

Reyes opened her eyes and cocked an eyebrow, still suckling on her first knuckle.

"I think you need to take your shirt off? Don't you?" Scully said again.

"Umum," Reyes grunted, as she slid her lips down to Scully's second knuckle.

Scully folded her lips for a moment. ...Oh God, woman!... The suckling sensations were driving her insides crazy with desire! ...Umm, what you do to me... She swallowed hard, regaining control of her libido. "Okay. Then I'll take it off," she said as she pulled her hand away and began to reach down for the top button yet again.

"No," uttered out again from Reyes' lips, as she immediately backed away, completely out of Scully's reach.

Scully just stood there, dumbfounded, and watching her for a moment, then glanced back down along her lower torso. ...Hum... The bright red flannel pajama top was hiding Reyes' lower torso quite well indeed. Oh, yes. The bright red flannel pajama top was very conspicuously hiding her lower torso very well from her, which just added to her deductions. "Monica. I'm only going to say this one more time... Take it off!" she said authoritatively.

Reyes just closed her eyes at the irony. Well, hell. She had taken it off, just minutes ago. And if there were not so much damn frickin' light in this room, and Scully so damn sure that she was hiding something from her, she would be glad to "take it off" - again. But, under these conditions, and this much light in the room, she was not going to take her shirt off. And she was not going to unbutton it either. And that was that. "Oh frig," she groaned as she suddenly turned for the kitchen.

"Monica? Stop! Now what are you hiding from me? Hum? What are you hiding from me?" Scully yelled as she quickly followed her over to the kitchen and then spun her around to face her. "What are you hiding from me? Tell me, damn it! No! You show me! You show me, NOW!"

"I... Dana... I'm... I..." Reyes stammered. "Okay, look. I just need to know one thing. Okay?"

Scully nodded.

"What do you remember about the compound?... No... Better yet. What are you remembering right now? To cause you all of this speculation?"

Scully's heart sank to her knees.


Scully's eyes began to water.

"Oh for Godsakes," Reyes mumbled under her breath, frustrated. ...Why now? Why the hell now? Damn! Son of a Bitch!... she mentally fussed, for she really was not in the mood to deal with this right now. She was much more in the mood to have Scully fuck her brains out. ...Damn!... Oh well. Scully would be fucking her brains out soon enough. But first, they needed to deal with this. "Hum," she sighed, quirking a small smile for a moment, then reached up and caressed Scully's cheek, as Scully continued to fight back her tears. After a few moments, she whispered, "You going to answer my question?"

Scully began to cry softly, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks, as she reached up and clasped Reyes' hand.

"Shhh, now, tell me what you remember. Okay?" Reyes said again as she reached up with her other hand and then cupped Scully's cheeks, wiping her tears as they streamed down her face, Scully still holding onto her hand.

"I... I'm not sure... what I remember," Scully whimpered out through her soft cries.

Reyes tilted her head up to get a better look into her eyes. "Okay. So. What do you see? What do you hear? Anything?"

Scully smirked. "I see you."

Reyes giggled, in spite of the seriousness of the situation. "Umm, and I see you. But that's not what I'm asking," she replied, continuing to cup Scully's cheeks in her palms and wipe her tears away.

Scully chuckled a little bit herself, then eased Reyes' palm over to her lips and began to kiss the inside of her palm.

Reyes smiled at the wonderful sensations, then leaned in, cupping the back of her neck with her other palm and kissed her on the forehead.

Scully then wrapped her arms tightly around her and just held on for a few moments as Reyes followed suit.

They stood there for a few moments in silence, holding onto each other, while Scully made the effort to regain control of her tears.

Reyes just waited patiently as she began to plant a few little kisses along the side of Scully's head, stroking her back and shoulder-blades.

"Hum," Scully finally sighed as she leaned her head in more securely against the crook of Reyes' neck. She sniffled a little bit, then sighed, one last sigh, before beginning to answer Reyes' questions. "I... um... Well... I remember the spaceship. And the abductees. The screams... and..." her voice cracked a little bit. "And, um... I... I think I remember... going inside... But, I don't... I'm not sure... It... it's so... blurred, I... I can't really explain it. But... it's... I don't know," she paused.

Reyes nodded, just listening.

"And I... um... I heard... screams... Horrible screams, and... and then, I... Oh God..." she paused again, latching on even tighter to Reyes' torso.

"Shhh, it's okay. I've gotcha," Reyes quietly soothed, tightening her hold around her as well.

Scully nodded as she felt more tears threatening to fall. She swallowed hard then started again. "I um... I remember... looking for Jeremiah Smith... but... but he... he was already gone..." her voice cracked again. "And... and, um... and after that I... I don't... I... I'm not sure..." she paused again.

Reyes nodded, then stood there holding her quietly for a few seconds, waiting to see if she would verbalize any more fleeting memories. After another few moments, she lightly sighed herself, still wondering what had happened tonight to trigger these memories. But more importantly, what had happened just minutes ago, to trigger Scully suspecting that she had been hiding something from her over the last couple of days. These memories should not have triggered anything even remotely close to that. There had to be more. And something had to have triggered more memories, too. "Dana. Tell me what happened once you entered the compound," she said, searching for more memories still lurking around inside Scully's head.

Scully leaned out to look into her eyes. "I um... I remember... going into that little room... The one with the cot in it... Where we interrogated Smith."


"And... and I... Oh gosh, I don't know."

"And when did I come in? When did I find you? Do you remember?" Reyes asked again.

Scully's eyes flooded yet again with tears. "No. I... I can't seem... I don't remember," she said, her voice cracking yet again. And it was the truth. She really could not remember.

Reyes nodded. "Okay, so... what was I doing when you found me?"

Scully cocked an eyebrow at that little question. ...When I found you... I did?... she thought, furrowing her brow, silently mulling over that possibility, as she began to think back on all of those fleeting, confusing images that had been flashing about inside her head just moments ago. "When I found you..." she mumbled under her breath, deep in thought, as she glanced away for a moment. "I, um... You..." she hesitated as the sporadic sounds and bewildering images began to bounce and flash confusingly inside her head all over again; horrible sounds; terrifying images; images and sounds that she could not even decipher, or make any kind of sense of; and yet an occasional perfectly clear sound or image of Reyes would flash by. Sounds and images of Reyes' voice. Reyes' smile. Reyes' eyes. Reyes' arms. Reyes' body. Reyes' warmth. Reyes' body. Reyes' arms. Reyes' eyes. Reyes' smile. Reyes' voice. Reyes' soft, soothing voice. That soft, soothing voice, whispering to her, "Hey there. Remember me?" as Scully suddenly whispered it herself, repeating the exact same words Reyes had said to her, when she had first "found" Reyes inside her head, out at the compound, and actually recognized her, amidst her fits of near hysteria.

Reyes choked a little bit at hearing Scully verbally repeat those words - those very words, her very words, her exact words - as her own eyes watered up from the memory.

Scully instantly reached up and cupped the sides of her face in response, then whispered, "Dana. Stop... Stop it... And look at me," as she again repeated from memory random phrases Reyes had actually said to her, as she had telepathically communicated with her and pulled her from her near hysteria that night.

...Oh Dana... Reyes' eyes flooded with tears. Then one little tear began to roll down her cheek.

Scully's lower lip dropped as she quickly reached up and wiped the little stray tear away. "Your eyes... I remember... your eyes," she whispered yet again.

Reyes nodded, swallowing hard and sniffling a little bit.

"Your voice... I remember... your whispers... inside my head."

"Oh," Reyes whimpered, sniffling and swallowing hard yet again.

"Your hands... I remember... you holding me... holding my wrists... I think."

"Oh Dana," Reyes whimpered yet again, stifling a sob and swallowing hard, her eyes flooding with tears, as she folded her lips, trying desperately to regain control of her emotions.

"I... I remember... your voice... You said, 'Dana. Stop... Stop it... And look at me'," Scully whispered, closing her eyes and trying to remember Reyes' exact words. She then began again, "Yes... You said, 'Stop. Stop it. And look at me... Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me. And look at me'."

Reyes sniffled, swallowing hard to stifle another sob, as Scully continued on.

"Yes... That's it... You said, 'Dana. Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me. And look at me... Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me. And look at me... Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting me and... Stop hitting and... Stop hit...'... Oh!... Oh my God!" Scully gasped yet again, opening her eyes in disbelief, as it suddenly registered again inside her head what Reyes had actually said to her that night. "Oh my God," she whimpered, immediately reaching up with her other hand and cupping Reyes' wet cheeks, as warm tears streamed down those wet cheeks. "Oh my God! Moni? What did I do to you? Jesus Christ! What did I do to you?!" she said, starring into Reyes' watery eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks, searching to the very depths of Reyes' soul for an answer.

Reyes hesitated for a moment, stifling another sob and nibbling on her lower lip, then clasped Scully's hands. "Nothing, Dana. You did nothing to me. You hear me?" she answered, fighting back her tears.

Scully began to shake with emotion. "What? Christ, Monica! What are you saying? Look at you!" she cried, Reyes' tears ripping through her guts and tearing through, all the way to her very soul. "Oh God, baby. What did I do to you?" she whimpered, still cupping Reyes' wet cheeks with her palms. "Moni, no. No more. No more, baby. No more protecting me. You've got to tell me. Please, Moni. Don't do this to me. You've got to tell me," she said as she suddenly reached down and grabbed the bottom of Reyes' pajama top, planning to just raise it up from the bottom and forget about unbuttoning it.

"No. Wait," Reyes ordered as she clasped her hands yet again.

Scully glanced back up.

"Wait. Now just listen to me. Okay?" Reyes said, sniffling a little bit, as she regained control of her tears and emotions.

Scully continued to look at her, her hands trembling out-of-control, her heart pounding inside her chest.

"Dana. You did nothing to me, okay? You did nothing. You didn't even recognize me. So how could you have done anything to me? Hum? How could you? You didn't even know me. You thought I was..."

"What? Nooo! Don't! Don't do this to me, Monica! Don't! I need to see! I need to know!" Scully cried out yet again as she yanked her hands away, then reached back in for Reyes' pajama top.

"Oh God," Reyes sighed, closing her eyes and finally giving in. What else could she do? She really had no other choice at this point, but to give in, now that Scully was so sure of her deductions and determined to get a peek at her well-hidden lower abdomen, no matter what she did or said. But she had managed to keep her promise to herself and not tell Scully anything about what had happened out there at that damn frickin' compound. And maybe that could be of some small consolation to her at least. And she had done just about everything humanly possible to keep her little secret from Scully, and hide the truth about her bruised-up gut. But even with all of her little finagling with the Tiger Balm, keeping her shirt on, in spite of the nurse's wishes at the ER, constantly keeping her lower torso hidden, and her occasional stifled groans of pain and discomfort, when Scully had accidentally elbowed her, or pressed too hard against her gut during the night, or up on the couch last night, when they were making phone calls, and Scully turning and shifting her body, creating such pain and discomfort. Reyes had managed to stifle and suck in her pain, hide the truth, hide her pain, hide her bruised-up gut, and protect Scully from the truth, protect her from seeing her pain, as she took the pain, suffered through the pain, sucked in the pain, and ultimately avoided adding any more pain and distress to Scully's already broken heart. At least until now, she had managed to do that and protect Scully from the truth. But now, there was nothing else left for her to do, but give in, and allow Scully to do as she wished. And ultimately allow Scully to see and realize some of the truth of that night, out there at that God-forsaken compound.

She opened her eyes and glanced down along the front of her pajama top as Scully's trembling hands continued to inch their way down, unbuttoning every single button along her top. ...Oh God, please, help me help Dana with this. Please God. Please. She doesn't need this. She's already been through too much. Please God. Fix this. Please. I don't know what to do... she silently prayed for the both of them.

Scully reached the final button, unbuttoned it, glancing down at it for a moment, and then back up into Reyes' eyes, suddenly hesitating herself, after such dogged determination to get a peek at Reyes' lower abdomen. And, ironically, the two dangling sides were still hanging freely and yet together along Reyes' upper chest, along her breasts, and all the way down to her lower torso, conveniently hiding her bruised-up gut even yet.

Reyes swallowed hard. "Dana..." she whispered, then hesitated. What in the hell could she say, to make it easier on Scully? "Dana. I..." she whispered again, then hesitated yet again.

Scully began to shake her head. "No," she whispered. There was nothing left for Reyes to say. She then reached back up along the top of Reyes' opened pajama top and smiled. "You know what? You're beautiful. So very beautiful. More beautiful than I deserve," she said.

"Ah. No," Reyes huffed.

"Ah. Yes," Scully huffed back. "Now... I need to see what you've been hiding from me so successfully over these last two days."


"But no. Quiet. Let me look at you," Scully said as she glanced back down along Reyes' chest and then began to spread the unbuttoned pajama top farther apart, Reyes' large dangling breasts coming into full view. "Oh God, look at you. Um, um, um, you are so beautiful. Like a Goddess. My very own Goddess," she whispered, awestruck with Reyes' beauty. Reyes quirked her lips in response. For this was only the second time Scully had actually seen her full breasts and tightly-beaded nipples in good, bright light. And the first time this morning had been so quick. And then they had been so annoyingly interrupted, during their heated little session of passionate lovemaking. And, well. Scully had just not had a very good look until now. And she was utterly awestruck. "Umm," she moaned again, as she leaned in and gently kissed just above the valley between Reyes' breasts.

"Hum," Reyes lightly sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying these last few seconds of calm, before the raging storm.

Scully closed her eyes as she cupped Reyes' soft breasts, leaning her forehead against her chest, burying her face inside the warm, sweet valley, not wanting to do what she knew she had to do, any more than Reyes wanted her to. But she had to do it. She really had no other choice, but to just do it, and move farther down and look at Reyes' lower abdomen. Just to see, to verify, and ultimately confirm, her growing suspicions that she may have quite possibly hurt Reyes, punched her in the gut, and actually hurt her somehow, with her fists, out there at that God-forsaken compound the other night.

She sighed as she rose up and gently kissed Reyes' chest one more time before the inevitable. She sucked in a deep breath, then leaned down and slowly began to spread the lower edges of Reyes' flannel top farther apart. She opened it a little farther, as her hands trembled and shook, her heart pounding, her breathing shivering with dread. She opened it a little farther. And there it was, a dreadfully discolored area, about the size of a little-league football, just below her belly button and slightly to the left. "Ohhh Sweet Mary," she whimpered as she instantly turned away, tears flooding her eyes, and buried her face in her hands. "Ohhh Sweet Mary, Mother of God, what have I done?" she whimpered again as she began to sob uncontrollably.


"No! No, no, no," she sobbed, instantly beginning to pace around the room, her remorseful sobs ripping through her insides as she faced her greatest fear; the fear that she may have actually punched, hit, struck and ultimately hurt the very other missing-half to her split-in-half soul. "No, no, no, no, oh my God. How could I do that to you? How could I do that? O my God! How could I..." she began to ramble and mumble, spinning and pacing around the room.

"Dana?" Reyes whispered again as she watched her ramble and pace. "Honey, come here, it's okay," she whispered again. But she truly did not know quite what to say or do. And she knew if she actually reached out to her, Scully would quite possibly balk, run and flee to who knows where. And she did not want that to happen. The last thing she wanted to happen was for Scully to recoil, balk, turn and run from her now. "Dana? Honey, listen to me. It's okay. It's..." she tried again.

'Nooo,' Scully sobbed. 'No, no, no, God, no, no, no...

"Nooo," Scully sobbed. "No, no, no, God, no, no, oh Sweet Mary, how could I do that? Oh my God! How could I do that? Oh please, forgive me. Please, I can't believe I..." she rambled on and on through her uncontrollable sobs, pacing around the room, back and forth, and spinning around, rambling and mumbling, "Oh God, no, no, no, I can't believe I did that. Oh God! Please, tell me I didn't, please..."

"Dana? Honey, you didn't recognize me," Reyes tried again. "You... You thought you were protecting yourself... from harm and... and I should have known that, I... I should have..."

"No! Don't you dare take the blame for this! For what I did to you!" Scully yelled. "Oh Christ, Monica! Don't you see? I... I can't... I... Ohhh God..." she rambled on, then suddenly clutched her stomach, leaning over the couch.

"Dana!" Reyes immediately rushed to her side.

"Oh God... I'm gonna be sick," Scully whimpered as she instantly rushed for the hallway and down to the bathroom, Reyes following along behind her.

She quickly ran into the little room, dropped to her knees, and leaned her head over the commode as she began to vomit up her dinner, Reyes kneeling just behind her.

Reyes quickly found the nearest towel, moistened it in the sink, placed it on the floor next to her, and then began to stroke her back and shoulders as she leaned over the toilet bowl vomiting her guts out.

After a few seconds and her first round of vomiting Scully barely whimpered, "Oh God, Moni... Leave me, okay?... Don't want you to... see me like this."

Well. How ironic. But Reyes nodded anyway and said, "Okay. But I'm going to be right outside this room."

Scully nodded as she leaned back over the toilet bowl for another round.

Reyes then got up and hesitantly left the room. She did not like it one little bit, leaving Scully in here all alone as she vomited into the toilet. But she also understood Scully's need for privacy. "Dana? May I leave the door open at least?"

"Umum. Shut it... please," Scully whimpered as she felt another wave of nausea beginning to rumble inside her tummy.

"Okay," Reyes sighed as she shut the door. But at least it wasn't locked, locking her completely out of reach, just in case Scully needed her to come back into the room any time soon. She then quickly went back into the living room and turned the music off, grabbed Scully's car keys and her own cell-phone off the kitchen table, setting it on "vibrate" mode, then hurriedly went to the bedroom, found her black sweatpants packed away inside her overnight bag, then amazingly found her white cotton t-shirt again. Then hurriedly changed her clothes, shoved the car keys down inside her front pocket, then shoved her cell-phone down inside the other, preparing herself, just in case Scully got extremely sick and needed to be rushed to a hospital. She thought back to earlier this afternoon when she had driven Scully and Margaret home from the FBIHDQ. She remembered seeing the "HOSPITAL" signs directing the way to Georgetown University Hospital. So she knew how to get there, just in case. For she could always scoop Scully up in her arms, carry her down to the car and drive her there herself if she had to. After all, Scully was pregnant. And none of this turmoil could be good for either her or the baby. None of it. "Whew," she stood there for a moment in the bedroom, thinking through if she had missed anything. ...Nope... She then headed back down the hallway to sit vigilantly, next to the bathroom door, and as close to Scully as she could, without intruding on her preferred privacy. "Oh," she groaned in empathy as she heard Scully throwing up more of her dinner into the toilet. ...Oh, poor baby... But there just wasn't much more she could do but just sit and wait.


9:27 PM: A good hour and a half had passed as Reyes sat quietly by the door, on the floor, leaned up against the hallway wall, and waited for Scully's intermittent vomiting and sobbing to quit, although she had not actually vomited anything up for the last hour or so. And that was a good sign. But she had sobbed, and cried softly, and sobbed, and then cried softly some more, off and on, as Reyes whispered to her through the door, trying so hard to reason with her, and get her to understand that she had not done anything wrong. Nor had she done anything to be sorry for, for it had just happened. And that, under the circumstances, Scully was not even responsible for her actions. For she had temporarily lost herself to slight hysteria from all her pain and suffering that night. And that was nothing to be ashamed of, when suffering through something so severe and traumatic as what she had suffered through, not only on that night, but over the last several months as well. And Reyes knew, too, that there was even more to the story. Much more. Horrific memories and terrifying trauma that Scully still did not consciously remember, even though her body had, as it struck out in self-defense against an unrecognized force, as that unrecognized force, Reyes herself, protected her from her own punches against the hard ground, and anything else within striking distance, as she rolled around on the ground. And Reyes had tried to reason with her, too, that she had been kicked and punched in the gut much harder than that anyway, and on many an occasion. And by people that knew exactly who she was; people that were not lost to any degree of hysteria, but her friends, her martial arts classmates. And one of them had actually kicked her so hard in the gut last spring that the kick had actually cracked a couple of her ribs. And at least Scully had not cracked another one of her ribs. And Scully had actually chuckled at that, through the door, which was another good sign. And Reyes had continued on, whispering to her through the door, consoling her, comforting her and soothing her with her voice, again using her soft whispers to calm Scully's soul. But for the last few minutes, everything had been silent. No whispers, no responses, no verbal communication. Just silence. Painful, excruciating silence. "Oh," she sighed, mentally weary from all of the strain over the last hour and a half. She had deliberately not used any of her telepathic abilities tonight, for she knew that if she did she would be asking for real trouble. Scully's tummy was still feeling rather queasy from all of her distress. And if Reyes had tried to use her extra-sensory abilities while her abilities were still so weak and fragile. Well, that would have been a problem. And Reyes was more than pleased that her own tummy had not decided to give in and start doing the very same thing, too, intermittently vomiting up her dinner right along with Scully. Or they would have been in a heap of trouble, both needing a hole to heave into. "Oh geez," she sighed wearily yet again as she leaned her head back up against the wall for the umpteenth time. This was the hardest thing in the world to do. Sit out here in the hallway, leaned up against the outside of the bathroom door, while Scully was still on the other side, suffering through such undeserved guilt and shame, occasionally sobbing and then crying softly, and her tummy still feeling so queasy. "Oh God," she sighed again. "Dana? Could I come in now? Please?" she finally had to ask through the door.


"How come?"


"Umm, in sickness and in health."

Scully smirked. ... Forsaking all others 'til death do us part?... she mused, finishing the marriage vow, then chuckling slightly at the implication, in spite of her troubled tummy and hurting heart.

Reyes heard the cute little chuckle. ...Well. That's progress... she thought as she sat quietly listening. "Hum," she sighed again, running her fingers through her hair. "Dana?" she whispered again. "I just... I would like to come in and check on you. Make sure you're okay."


"Dana? Is that okay? I just want to look at you for a minute. Make sure you're not getting dehydrated or anything." Now was that not the irony.




...Well, damn... "You still in there?" she teased.

Scully stifled another little chuckle, yet remained silent.

"You didn't fall down the hole now did you?"

Scully stifled a snort, but remained determinedly, doggedly silent.

"Oh gosh. I could have sworn I heard you flip-flopping around in there... Sounded like a big frickin' fish or something... Flippin' and floppin' around..."

Silence. But Reyes could have sworn she heard another stifled snort. Oh, yes. She had a feeling she was slowly breaking through Scully's tough exterior as she sat quietly, listening to Scully's stifled little giggles.

"Honey?" she tried again. "Please let me in. Just for a minute, okay?"


...Well, hell. Come on, Dana. This is getting to be ridiculous... Reyes thought. But she knew that if she really wanted to, all she had to do was reach up and turn the doorknob, and then let herself in, because she was not actually locked out. The door was closed. But it was not locked. And yet she really wanted Scully to come on out of the bathroom on her own, without her having to go in and get her. It had already been over an hour and a half and this was getting to be downright ridiculous! Scully sitting in there on the floor all by herself, while Reyes sat in the hallway, both of their butts getting numb as they sat. And besides, in Reyes' eyes, there was just no need for all of this - for Scully to isolate herself like this. And, bottom line, it had Reyes concerned, for she did not want Scully to continue to mentally punish herself over what had happened out there at that compound. There was just no need in the world for Scully to be doing this to herself.

"Honey?" she tried again. "How long are you planning on staying in there? Hum?"


"Do I need to go find my checkbook? So I can pay the rent?"

Scully giggled again in spite of herself.

"Honey?... Pleeaaase..."


...Well. Finally!... Reyes thought. At least she had finally gotten a response out of her. "Please?" she whimpered again.


"And why not?"


"Why not?"

"Just... Can't."

"But why not?"

"Just... Can't. Can't face you," Scully mumbled, her voice cracking a little bit.

...Oh for Godsakes... "But... Honey? It's okay. Everything's okay," Reyes replied, quite frustrated indeed with the situation. Over an hour and a half was long enough for Scully to sit inside the bathroom on the floor and all alone. This was getting to be downright, absolutely ludicrous! Especially for someone like Reyes who preferred to lend a shoulder and "talk things out" instead of close it all up, bottle it up, and lock it all down tight, as Scully tended to do - and was doing right now - as she sat on the bathroom floor all alone. "Oh for Godsakes," Reyes groaned again under her breath as she leaned her head back up against the doorframe. "Honey? Are you going to sit in there all night? And leave me out here in the hallway? All alone?"




...Well. Shit!... But from what Reyes could tell Scully had at least not begun to cry again after that little crack in her voice. And that was a good sign. "Hum," she sighed again, continuing to sit there leaned up against the doorframe, frustrated as hell.

A minute passed.

"Dana? You know what?" she said again, hoping to bait Scully into a response.


"Oh boy, I'm tellin' ya, Dana, it's just so lonely out here, you just wouldn't believe," she tried again, sounding so pitiful and sad as she began to tease her a little bit.


"Hum... Just so lonely," she tried again, sounding even more pitiful and sad, as she tried to use a little humor on her.

Silence, as Scully stifled a giggle.

"You lonely in there, too?"

A stifled snort sounded, then silence.

But Reyes could have sworn she heard another stifled little snort from the stubborn little Scully. "Oh boy," she sighed again, frustrated. Then spontaneously began to croon an old Bobby Vinton song. "Lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely... I have nobody... for my own..." as she heard another slight little chuckle from Scully. She smiled, then quickly continuing on. "Lonely... I'm just so lonely... Would you come out here... and play with me..." as she heard another cute little giggle, then slight movement. She smiled again, then quickly switched to an old Eddie Holman song. "Hey there, lonely girl... Lonely girl... Let me make your broken heart like new... Oh, my lonely girl... Lonely girl... Don't you know this lonely girl loves you..." as she suddenly heard several noises against the door. Scully had moved in and leaned up against the doorframe. She smiled as she leaned closer in, too, then continued on. "Hey there, Dana girl... Dana girl... Let me make your broken heart like new... Oh, my Dana girl... Dana girl... Don't you know this lonely girl loves you..." as she suddenly heard Scully lean up just underneath the doorknob, merely inches away from her. Reyes' heart skipped a beat. Her spontaneous little serenade was working as she continued with an old Platters song. "Only you... can make this world seem right... Only you... can make the darkness bright... Only you... and you alone... can thrill me... like you do... You're my dream come true... My one and only you..." then paused for a moment, listening through the door. Scully was still silent. But Reyes just knew that she was right there, a mere few inches from her. For she could practically hear Scully's light and steady breaths through the door. She quickly switched to another song, this time choosing an old Frankie Valli song. And if this song didn't work to get Scully to come out of the bathroom, well then, nothing would. She sucked in a deep breath, slightly lowering her pitch into a very sexy alto, and then started up again. "You're just too good to be true... Can't take my eyes off you... You'd be like heaven to touch... I wanna hold you so much... At long last love has arrived... And I thank God I'm alive... You're just too good to be true... Can't take my eyes off you..." suddenly, she heard the doorknob begin to click. ...Yes!... Her heart fluttered inside her chest as she quickly continued on. "Pardon the way that I stare... There's nothing else to compare..." the door suddenly began to open. "...The sight of you leaves me weak... There are no words left to speak..." Scully sat there in the doorway, grinning from ear-to-ear. "...But if you feel like I feel... Please let me know that it's real..." Scully nodded, Reyes giggled placing her palm over her heart, then continued on. "...You're just too good to be true... Can't take my eyes off you..." Scully then stepped up and out into the hallway, Reyes stepping up with her and taking her hand, as they began to sing the chorus together, swinging all the way down the hallway, dancing and singing, "I love you baby... and if it's quite all right... I need you baby... to warm the lonely night... I love you baby... Trust in me when I say..." both of them singing and swinging all the way down to the living room. "...Oh pretty baby... Don't bring me down, I pray... Oh, pretty baby... Now that I found you, stay... And let me love you, baby... Let me love you..." both then pausing, as Reyes leaned her down in her arms, Scully arching her back into the pose, giggling and laughing all the way.

Reyes continued to hold her there for a few seconds as Scully continued to giggle and laugh. Reyes was chuckling softly, too, grinning from ear-to-ear, and so happy and relieved that Scully had finally come out of the bathroom to join her.

Scully sighed happily again, then reached up around Reyes' neck as she straightened them both back up into a standing position.

They stood there for a few seconds, in each other's arms, gazing into each other's eyes, both swept away by the intensity of the moment.

Scully then reached up, cupped Reyes' cheeks with her palms, and pulled her face down to meet hers as she planted a wonderfully nice, warm, wet kiss on her lips, deepening the lingering kiss, moaning into the kiss, thoroughly captivated by the kiss.

"Mmm," Reyes moaned, too, as she reached up and feathered her fingers through her hair, deepening the warm, wet kiss as well, moaning, and then moaning some more, as she felt her insides begin to convulse from just the incredibly wonderful, warm, wet lingering kiss.

After at least a good full minute or so had passed, if not more, they finally broke the intimate contact, needing to catch their mutual breath. They continued to stare into each other's eyes, both still completely swept away by the moment.

Reyes smiled, then double-winked.

Scully's heart skipped a beat at the intense little double-wink. "Mmm," she moaned. "You have... a very nice voice," she whispered as her gaze dropped down to Reyes' lips for a moment.

"Thanks. So do you," Reyes replied.

"Umum. No. I can carry a tune. But I can't sing," Scully responded, her eyes transfixed on Reyes' mouth.

"Yes you can. You just sang with me," Reyes teased cocking an eyebrow.

Scully smirked, then chuckled as she leaned back in, resting her head along Reyes' chest. "Oh Moni. Sing me another," she whispered, barely audible, as she began to rock them both lightly back and forth, and into a slow dance.

Reyes smiled, wrapping her arms a little more comfortably around her, then began with another, choosing an old Paul Anka song this time. "Put your head on my shoulder..." she crooned.

"Oh... Moni..." Scully whispered, squeezing her very tight for a moment, and then did just that.

"...Hold me in your arms... Baby... Squeeze me oh so tight... and show me... that you love me too..."

"Mmm," Scully moaned again into the words, running her palms underneath Reyes' t-shirt and then up along her back, squeezing her very tight and doing just that.

"...Put your lips next to mine, dear... Won't you kiss me once more... Baby... Just a kiss goodnight... And maybe... you and I will fall in love..."

"Ohhh," Scully moaned again as she quickly leaned up and kissed Reyes on the lips, then whispered, "Don't stop, keeping singing, please, keep singing to me."

Reyes smiled, humming the melody and double-winking her yet again, as she began to serenade her with another love-song, slow-dancing around the room.

"Mmm," Scully continued to moan into Reyes' chest and shoulder, her forehead tucked against her neck and chin, as Reyes sang and occasionally hummed, spinning Scully completely under her spell, Scully so bright, happy and content, after that long dark session in the bathroom. Scully was holding on and following her every move as they danced and waltzed and spun around the room; Reyes still serenading her with her soft alto voice, changing songs and merging smoothly into the next, giving Scully her own personalized little medley-of-song. "Mmm," Scully moaned again, rubbing her cheek against her chest and occasionally wetting that warm, soft chest with sweet little kisses, lightly moaning into the cherished moment, as she continued to rub and massage all along Reyes' upper back and shoulder-blades, thoroughly spellbound inside this slow-dance and personalized little medley-of-love.

Reyes smiled through her hums and songs, leaning down and rubbing her own cheek along Scully's crown, occasionally giving her a quick little peck on the forehead, as she moved and swerved and turned and swayed their mutual bodies slowly around the room, Scully just hanging on, and following her every move, her every swerve, her every turn, her every sway, perfectly in step; their bodies moving, swerving, turning and swaying in one beautifully perfect, fluid motion as they slow-danced around the room.

"Hum," Scully sighed contentedly yet again, as she lost herself completely into Reyes' voice, Reyes' hums, Reyes' touch, Reyes' sway, practically floating around the room, her thoughts wandering back to that first moment, that very first moment, three mornings ago, when they had first met, up on that remote mountain-top in Montana. ...Oh Monica. I think I love you. Oh yes, I think I do. I think I love you. Oh, God, yes. I do. I think I do. I love you. Oh yes, I do. I love you. And I think I loved you even then. Yes. I think I did. Even then. I think I loved you. The first time ever I saw you, I think I knew. Oh, God, yes. I knew I loved you. Even then, I knew. Just didn't realize it. Didn't want to admit to it. But now. Oh, God, Moni, I do. I love you. Can't seem to tell you quite yet, but I do. Oh God, baby, I do... "Oh Moni," she moaned, turning her head and rubbing her other cheek against Reyes' chest, planting some more wet and juicy little kisses along the way. ...Oh, baby, my God. We can't do this. We can't fall-in-love. We can't. I can't. You can't. We can't do this. Oh God, but I love you. I do. I love you. And I need you. Oh God, how I need you. I need you here. I need you here with me. Oh Moni, God, I need you. And I love you. And I can't bear the thought of you leaving me. Oh baby, please don't leave me. Don't ever leave me. I can't take it if you ever... "Oh," her eyes suddenly flew wide open. "Oh my God," she groaned as she lifted her head up and made eye contact.

Reyes paused her humming and dancing, and then smiled.

Scully nibbled on her lower lip for a moment, then reached up and caressed her cheek. What she was mentally asking for was simply impossible. Reyes had no other choice but to leave her in a few days. "Oh Moni," she whimpered her eyes flooding with fresh new tears.

...Whoa... "Dana? What's wrong?" Reyes said, furrowing her brow.

Scully shook her head, still gazing into her eyes then dropping her gaze down along her lips, as she caressed those beautiful, soft and velvety-smooth lips with her thumb.

"What is it? Your tummy? Feeling sick?" Reyes asked again.

"Umum," Scully shook her head. "No. I'm... It's just..." she shrugged.

"Tired? Ready for bed?"

Scully snickered at the irony. She had planned on going to bed and making-love to Reyes tonight. But now, she had to admit, she was not so sure that was such a good idea after all, given that they both seemed to be falling so head-over-hills-off-a-towering-cliff and into love. And, too, she did feel exhausted from all the emotional turmoil she had just been through a little while ago. "Yeah. What time is it?" she finally responded.

"Around 10, 10:15. Not sure."

"10:00?!" Scully exclaimed, glancing over at the nearest clock. "I stayed in there that long?!" ...For Crissakes!... Yes, she had, according to the nearest clock.

Reyes chuckled. "Umhum. I was getting worried about you."

"Gosh, I... I didn't realize. I... Oh my," she replied as she leaned her head back in against Reyes' chest.

Reyes smiled again as she wrapped her arms more comfortably around her. "Um, I'm just glad you finally came out of there. I didn't know what to do."

Scully squeezed her tight again. "Oh now, I think you did. It worked didn't it?"

"What? My meager little attempts at serenading you?"

"Mmm, umhum," Scully nodded. "Oh yes, that was... the most... incredible thing anyone has ever... Oh my, it was wonderful," she said. No one had ever sung to her before. And it had been the most wonderfully, incredibly romantic thing.

Reyes smiled as they stood there in each other's arms for a few moments in silence. She was such a romantic. And Scully hadn't seen anything yet.

"Monica? Can you ever... forgive me... for what I did?"

"Oh honey, for Godsakes," Reyes replied, mildly frustrated again. "Dana? How many times do we need to go over this? Hum?... I... You... It just happened," she said, calming her emotions back down, leaning out and taking Scully's face into her palms. "Honey, it just happened. And there's nothing to forgive," she whispered again, looking into her eyes.

"I... But... I still can't believe I did that. Hurt you. And I... I don't think I'll ever be able to... to forgive myself for... for what I did. I..."

"Oh Dana, damn," Reyes said, swallowing hard and looking into her eyes. "Honey, what more can I say? I... I don't know what else to say... or do... to relieve your mind of this. I... I can tell you that I love you... Is that enough?... I love you... And I'd die for you tomorrow if I had to, to protect you and your... Aw shit," she suddenly blurted out without thinking. ...Damn...

...Protect me?... "Oh," Scully gasped in surprise, widening her eyes and not wanting to hear those kinds of words. But she had already begun to wonder the same thing herself, if she were not actually in some type of unforeseen danger, too. Especially given what her very observant neighbor had told her out there in the hallway a few hours ago; about some stranger lurking around her apartment door, and quite possibly even trying to get in. And not only that, she had already had enough people die for her in her past and by-mistake in her place, without another being so willing to volunteer. "God, Monica," she groaned again. "Where did that come from?"

Reyes just stood there, nibbling on her lower lip, not willing to answer and not willing to reveal all of the danger she had been sensing lurking around, off and on, since late last night. For she did not want to unnecessarily alarm Scully. Because her heightened sixth-sense ability was quite deficient right now, given how sick she had been herself just two nights ago. And, besides, Scully had enough to deal with, without that kind of anxiety added to the list.


"I um, I don't know, I just, I guess I was thinking about this morning, when your mom came in on us and... um... Well... I'd have done whatever I had to do to protect you... That's all," she shrugged.

"Which included dying?"

"Well... Yes... If that's what it took."

"Oh for Crissakes," Scully groaned, closing her eyes and really not wanting to hear anything even remotely close to that right now. She stood there for a moment. "Monica? Don't ever put yourself in danger like that again, okay? Not for..."

"What?! Dana?"

"No, not for me, okay? Not for me. I can take care of myself."

"Well for Godsakes, I know that. But... Damn! You'd back me up, too, wouldn't you?"

"Well of course I would. But you weren't backing me up. You were putting yourself in danger to protect me and... and if I'm the target then... then I don't want you to do that... I... Oh Christ," Scully groaned again, burying her face against Reyes' chest. She really did not want to talk about it, think about it or even be reminded of it, her past experiences and past losses of those she loved.

"But Dana?"

"No, I um... I think maybe... we need to just... call it a night... don't you?" she said, wanting to change the subject as quickly as possible.

"Um, yeah, okay... But I think I want to shower up first, if you don't mind," Reyes responded, wanting to change the subject as quickly as possible as well.

"Um, yeah, me, too. I feel a little... grungy."

"Okay. You go first."


"It's only fair. I went first this morning."

Scully smirked.

And with that, they let go of each other and began their final nightly tasks, before calling it a night.


Continued - Part 15

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