Life with My Girl, Reyes
She Mends Me - Part 13
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She Mends Me

By MyGirlReyes

She Mends Me: Part 13

Down by the Potomac River and Foggy Bottom District - Washington, DC - along the Riverfront Walkway:

4:32 PM: "Oh Dana. It's beautiful!" Reyes said, walking along the edge of the boardwalk, Scully strolling along beside her, with her hand tucked up between Reyes' arm and ribcage.

"Umhum. You like the water?"

"Oh yeah. I love the water! And if it were not so cold, I'd jump in for a quick little swim right now," Reyes said, all happy and giddy.

Scully chuckled at Reyes' cute and childlike behavior. Even the smallest of things could bring such joy and happiness to Reyes' expressive eyes, creating that quick, bright and happy smile. She reached around and placed her hand over Reyes' shoulder on the opposite side, wrapping her arm more securely around her.

Reyes glanced down and smiled. She was still not use to such spontaneous displays of affection from Scully, and especially from another woman. And most especially out in public. But she was adjusting to the newness of it all just fine.

A couple of onlookers walked by, nodding and smiling at the contented couple. Scully and Reyes both smiled back. Reyes was okay with all the gentle and tender affection. She was more than okay with it. She loved all the gentle and tender affection coming from Scully. And Scully had been showering her with all kinds of gentle and tender affection, all afternoon. And she didn't mind the occasional "odd looks" they were getting either. Oh no. She could handle the occasional harsh and critical looks. She was adjusting just fine to having a woman, instead of a man, strolling along beside her, with her arm all snuggled up and wrapped protectively around her.

They continued their casual stroll up the walkway towards the restaurant. They had been talking about a little bit of everything. But mainly they had been talking about Scully's visit with her mother and how profitable it had been. Scully had thanked her a couple of times already for giving her that extra time and space alone with her mother. And she had just thanked her again for being so thoughtful and understanding, offering to leave the apartment for those couple of hours and give Scully and her mother a little more quality time together. And Scully had learned many new things about her mother and father, and their relationship, and since his death, how he would seem to reach past the grave at times, and occasionally make his presence known to her. And she had been totally spellbound by that latest knowledge about her parents and their immensely close relationship. And she and Reyes had discussed in-depth the possibility of that - the possibility of her father somehow managing to reach past the grave at times, and actually communicate and make his presence known. And whether that was what Mulder was actually doing now - even now - somehow reaching past the gulf of death and separation himself, and somehow managing to communicate with her in some small way. Neither knew for sure. But then how could they? But then they both were open to the possibility, no matter how extreme and bizarre it may sound. And Scully's emotional state seemed so much better today, too. She was much stronger today. And Reyes had noticed it, even when they had first awakened this morning. And then after that wonderfully incredible, little spontaneous session of heatedly-passionate lovemaking, along with the unexpected little visit from Scully's mother. Well, Scully had swirled higher and higher, all the way to the very top of the highest pinnacle of lovemaking, floating higher and higher, as Reyes brought her three times to an ultimate climax. And then almost a fourth, before the most inconvenient of interruptions. And then later in the afternoon, Scully had cried a few tears on Reyes' shoulder, as well as her mother's, cleansing herself from all the other pent-up emotions she was feeling over losing Mulder. And between the two ultimate extremes of physical sensation and heartfelt emotion, it had seemed to help, immensely, to cleanse and rejuvenate her soul. But then she was still in shock, to some degree at least, that Mulder was truly gone. And the reality of that would not really begin to set in, until after the funeral. And even then, it could take weeks, months, or maybe even a year or more, for the truth to really sink in. And there is no time-limit to grief and acceptance. It just happens, in its own time, and in its own way. And no one can force the timetable. For it is an individual thing, and different for everyone.

Tony & Joe's Seafood Place Restaurant

Tony and Joe's Seafood Place - 3000 K Street NW, Foggy Bottom District:

4:40 PM: They soon made it to their final destination, "Tony and Joe's Seafood Place", entered the restaurant, and were promptly seated by a nice, big picture window, overlooking the Washington Harbor. A young, tall, lean, well-built, light-blue-eyed, dark raven-haired woman entered the restaurant just behind them. She then took a seat to the left, over by the bar, watching - watching them - and watching the door. Within seconds, a slightly older, slightly taller, lean, well-built, medium-blue-eyed, sandy blonde-haired man entered the building, too. He glanced over to the left by the bar. The barstool was empty. ...Hum... He could have sworn he had seen the young, tall, lean, well-built, light-blue-eyed, dark raven-haired woman enter the building just in front of him, and take a seat over there by the bar and on that exact barstool. ...Hum... Oh well... he thought. But it didn't matter. For he quickly spotted the couple that he had been keeping a watchful eye on all afternoon anyway - a small, lean, well-built, ocean-blue-eyed, red auburn-haired woman and another tall, lean, well-built, dark chocolate-brown-eyed, dark raven-haired woman - sitting over by a window, near the overlook of the Washington Harbor. He walked over to the bar and ordered a beer. He would be here for a while it seemed.

The Riverfront Walkway just a little distance from 'Tony & Joes' beside the Potomac River, Georgetown, Washington, DC

Along the Riverfront Walkway:

5:59 PM: "Oh Dana! It's beautiful!" Reyes said, walking along the edge of the boardwalk, Scully strolling along beside her, with her hand tucked up between Reyes' arm and ribcage.

"Umm. It is, isn't it?" Scully responded as they stopped again, just to gaze at the beautiful sunset, and how it reflected all along the water.

They stood there for a few moments, riveted, as the sun sank a little deeper into the horizon, while breathtakingly beautiful streaks of oranges, deep-reds, purples and blues filled the twilight sky.

Scully glanced around for a few moments, checking out the scenery, and more importantly, any signs of overly nosey passersby. She was satisfied with what she saw, then reached up and caressed Reyes' cheek with a fingertip.

Reyes glanced back down and smiled.

"Kiss me," Scully whispered.

"What? Here? Now?" Reyes said, her eyes widening in surprise. ...Holy shit!...

Scully nodded, replying, "No one's looking."

...Right. Okay... Reyes thought, smiling herself at the possibilities. She didn't even bother to check and see if anyone was looking, as she leaned in and kissed her fully on the lips. Scully moaned into the nice, soft, deep kiss. Then they both broke it off, as they both felt their insides begin to spasm. Reyes smiled again as she caressed Scully's lips with her thumb, Scully smiling in return.

"So... What did you think of the crab-cakes?" Scully asked as they began to slowly and casually walk again, hand-in-hand.

"Great! They were great!"

"As good as Noo Awlins?" Scully teased in the best Southern drawl she had given yet.

Reyes giggled. "Well. Not quite. But... they wuz mighty fine, Mez Scully, mighty fine," she teased her back.

"Oh God. You're going to sound like Doggett here in a minute."

They both giggled at that. Reyes then glanced back up at the sunset. "Oh Dana, look. There she goes," she said as the sun dipped down into the horizon and completely out-of-sight. It would soon be completely dark, but for the streetlights scattered along the walkway.

Scully then clasped her hand a little tighter as she whispered, "Come here. I want to show you something."

"Okay," Reyes responded as Scully pulled her along a few more yards to a little wooden stairway, down the few steps off the boardwalk, and onto the beach of the riverfront.

Within seconds, they were underneath the boardwalk and leaned up against one of the wooden support posts. Scully then reached up and cupped her face and cheeks, leaning up into another warm, wet kiss. Reyes instantly responded, pulling her into a nice, warm embrace, deepening the warm, wet kiss. They could hear occasional footsteps above them, as others strolled along the boardwalk, none of the casual passersby realizing that they were down below and underneath the walkway.

The warm, wet kiss deepened into several warm, wet kisses, both of them slightly moaning into the sensations, and yet realizing they needed to keep it quiet, or they would soon be discovered down below. Not that it really mattered. But neither felt the need to let their presence be known to any and all of the casual passersby, strolling along just above them. Besides, it was much more exciting, and exhilarating, to be sneaking around, and sneaking in such warm, wet and juicy little kisses, as unsuspecting passersby strolled along just above them.

"So, mi querida... What were you... planning... to show me?" Reyes teased, through the steady stream of warm, wet kisses.

Scully cocked an eyebrow. "This," she whispered softly through the steady stream of warm, wet kisses, as she began to deepen the warm, wet and steady kisses into just one nice, long, warm and wet, deep and lingering kiss, while reaching down with her fingers and slowly unzipping the front of Reyes' black leather jacket with her thumb and fingertip. It had turned quite cold indeed, as the sun had begun to go down. And Reyes had zipped up her waist-length leather jacket to buffer the cool breeze. But now, Scully was planning to show her just how much she wanted her, and wanted to make-love to her, and keep her body warm and cozy in another, more delightful way, until they made it home for the night.

"Mmm," Reyes lightly moaned into the highly-erotic sounds of her zipper being slowly unzipped. Then, "Oh," she lightly whimpered again, at the highly-arousing feel of Scully's fingers beginning to unbutton her shirt, starting at the top and slowly making their way down, down, down. "Um, Dana... What are you doing?" she quietly whispered again, barely clasping Scully's wrists with her hands.

"Shhh. Trust me," Scully softly whispered, too, as she finished unbuttoning Reyes' shirt, just enough to give her good access, then reached inside and began to lightly massage Reyes' large, full breasts through her bra.

"Mmm," Reyes lightly moaned again into the wonderfully intoxicating feel of Scully's palms and fingertips cupping and squeezing her swelling breasts with her palms, and lightly pinching her hardening nipples with her fingertips, as they pushed more rigidly erect through her bra. "Mmm," she lightly moaned again into the sensations, as her lower lip dropped and she began to lightly pant, starring into Scully's darkening eyes, her own eyes darkening with arousal, too, as the twilight sky began to darken all around them as well.

Scully leaned back up and kissed her beckoning lips, full and deep, thrusting her tongue deep inside her mouth, as she began to flick her thumbs more rapidly across those tightening nipples, then pinch and tug at them a little more insistently through the soft material.

"Mmm... Dana..." Reyes moaned again into the deep and passionate kiss, as she cupped the sides of Scully's face in her palms, feathering her fingers through her hair, and pulled her in, crushing her lips more hungrily against her own, deepening the feverish kiss, and thrusting her tongue more deeply inside of Scully's mouth as well.

"Mmm... mmm..." Scully began to moan herself into the feverishly hot kiss and Reyes' thrusting tongue, sucking that wet, hot, slick tongue, deeper and deeper inside her mouth, as she hastily unclasped Reyes' frontally-hooked bra, freeing Reyes' warm, full, heavy breasts from the binding material, then cupped and squeezed those voluptuous bare breasts with her palms and fingertips as they dangled freely from their previous confines.

"Mmm," Reyes groaned again into the sensations, her heart rate skyrocketing to Venus, her respiration quickening, as she felt Scully's hands hard on her bare naked breasts as they spilled more excitedly into Scully's powerfully strong hands. "Oh!... Mm," she stifled another groan, as she heard another couple walk across the area, just above them.

"Shhh," Scully softly reminded her, chuckling a little bit at Reyes' need to verbalize her emotions, as she roughly broke-off the deep, wet kiss for a moment, then starred into Reyes' hooded eyes, full of pure and unadulterated lust.

"Mmmm," Reyes groaned a little louder from the lustful look, as Scully vigorously fondled her swaying breasts a little more decisively, cupping them and scooping them up inside her palms, pushing them up towards the night sky and into her waiting lips, as she then added her mouth and tongue to her aggressive onslaught, cupping and squeezing Reyes' aching breasts together, then licking and lapping along each dark, tautly-erect nipple, one and then the other.

"Ohhh God," Reyes panted again, a little too loudly again, as she arched her back and thrust her chest into Scully's face, closing her hands around the back of her neck and urging her on, pressing Scully's mouth more urgently against her flushed, thrusting breasts and throbbing nipples.

"Shhh. Quiet," Scully reminded her yet again, as she felt Reyes' fast, rapidly beating heart pounding inside her chest and through her pulsating nipples. "Oh baby," she lightly whimpered herself, in response to the feeling of Reyes' quickening pulse, as she continued her aggressive onslaught, licking and lapping along her beautifully luscious, bare breasts and rock-hard nipples, licking and pinching, as she felt Reyes' legs spreading apart, then Reyes suddenly grabbing onto her cute little tightly-rounded, denim-covered ass and then around her hips, clutching her cute little denim-covered, tight ass with her own strong, powerful hands and pressing Scully's pelvis hard against her own. "Oh! Baby!" Scully suddenly yelped out, much too loudly herself, from the intimate contact, momentarily forgetting about where they were, too. And that there were people occasionally crossing along the boardwalk, just above them and out-of-sight.

"Shhh. Quiet," Reyes reminded her, teasing her back, as she reminded her to keep it quiet as well. Two could play at this little game.

"Mmm," Scully throatily responded as she began to suck harder and more aggressively along Reyes' bare, naked breasts and tightly-beaded nipples, lapping and licking, one and then the other, then opening her mouth wide, taking in as much of Reyes' large, heavy, right breast as she could into her mouth, sucking the big, honey-soft bare breast more fervently into her mouth, as she squeezed and massaged her other large, heavy breast with her hand, flicking and teasing the throbbing nipple, causing it to tingle and ache more excitedly with each little flick.

"Oh God," Reyes groaned again as her hips bucked up from the sensations, her groin beginning to bump and grind into Scully's mound, as her leg wrapped up around her thigh. "Ohhh... God... Honey?..." she whimpered again as she felt more wet, hot surges of creamy, slick moisture pool between her legs. If they didn't stop soon, she was going to come right there, under the boardwalk, without Scully ever even having the chance to touch her, along her most intimate of hidden treasures. "Da... Dana?..." she whimpered again.

"Hum?" Scully panted, groping at her thrusting breasts and tingling nipples, squeezing the wonderfully magnificent, hot, jiggling flesh with her hands, as she buried her face inside the warm, soft valley, breathing in that sweet musky scent, unique only to Reyes, her insides convulsing from the aphrodisiacal scent and warm, soft valley of Reyes' honey-soft breasts, sheltering her face and cheeks from the cool night air.

"Ohhh God," Reyes groaned again, trying desperately to stifle her whimpers and moans, as she heard more footsteps approaching just above them.

About 30 yards down from Scully & Reyes, under the Boardwalk:

"I wouldn't do it if I were you," the young, tall, lean, well-built, light-blue-eyed, dark raven-haired woman whispered, as she grabbed the slightly older, slightly taller, lean, well-built, medium-blue-eyed, sandy blonde-haired man by his enlarging penis through his blue jeans and from behind, surprising him indeed with her presence.

"Shannon," he whispered, with a start.

"Knowle," she responded quietly, as she hastily unzipped his blue jeans, crushing her long, lean body and quite pronounced mound up against his long, lean body and buttocks, reaching inside and grabbing his pulsating penis with her hand.

"Umm. You already know," he gravelly groaned into the sensations, as he reached around with a hand and clutched her hip.

"Umhum. But just how were you planning to do it?" she seductively whispered again into his ear, as she began to lightly pump his erection, brushing her thumb across the head, lightly teasing it, just along the tip, then stroking the lengthening shaft between her cupped hand, fingers and thumb, using his lust against him, as she glanced back up, 30 yards in front of them, and began to watch the highly-arousing and extremely erotic scene unfolding, just in front of them herself.

"Ngh," Rohrer grunted lightly in spite of himself, as he leaned back into her supporting body. He just could not help himself. He had a thing for watching two women "get off". And within a few moments, two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen - Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Monica Reyes - would soon be "getting off", under the boardwalk. And now would be the perfect time for him to strike, and immediately take Reyes out and kill her instantly, right in front of Scully, and then knock Scully out cold, too. Then Scully would have to live with that memory, too; the memory of her newest, most incredibly beautiful and wonderful new lover and friend being killed, right before her eyes, and her not being able to do a damn thing about it. The stress, grief and remorse of that little memory would quite possibly bring on a much-desired miscarriage for Rohrer's needs, given everything else Scully had been going through, too. All the grief, guilt and remorse Scully was already feeling over Mulder, and losing him, in spite of everything she had done to try to find him and save him. It was almost too much for her to bear. And then to lose her newest, most trusted friend and wonderful new lover, too? All in the same week? Well, if that didn't work to cause her some problems with her pregnancy, he had some other ideas up his sleeve, too. But at least Reyes would have been taken out - dead - and out of the way. Dead cold. And for good. But Federal Agent Shannon McMahon had shown up. And now, she was fucking him, under the boardwalk, right along with Scully, fucking Reyes, under the boardwalk.

"Ngh, ngh," he grunted again as McMahon pumped his jerking shaft a little faster, curling her long, lean fingers around his rigid rod, stroking him a little faster, as he grabbed onto her fast-moving hand, clutching her fingers and lightly pinching the head of his own penis, trying to stop his approaching ejaculation from her ministrations, so that he could focus in on what he had planned to do; pose as some mean old thug, steal their wallets, and all the money they had on them, or something similar, so as to make it look like a legitimate robbery; instantly kill Reyes, in the process, and then knock Scully out stone-cold, too, with a nice little concussion along her crown. And then maybe even throw in a nice and swift, hard little kick to her lower abdomen, too, just for the hell of it, and see how her special little miracle-child would survive that. But McMahon had shown up. And she was relentless, as she stroked his throbbing, thickening shaft a little harder and a little faster, reaching around with her other hand and cupping the head of his penis, as it pushed against her cupped palm, pushing and thrusting, as her cupped hand imitated the feel of a woman's tight opening between his legs.

Scully had crushed her own wonderfully warm, lean body up against Reyes' wonderfully warm, lean body, her thigh tucked up snuggly between Reyes' legs and aching crotch, as she thrust her upper thigh and mound hard against Reyes' groin; Reyes' hips and mound answering every thrust, as she had leaned back against the wooden support beam, clutching Scully's tight little butt with her palms and jerking her mound, harder and harder against her own tingling crotch, as Scully squeezed and suckled feverishly along her heaving breasts and jutting nipples.

"...ah, oh, ah..."

Rohrer and McMahon both could hear the mutually whimpered, soft and erotic little gasps and cries of Scully and Reyes' feverishly-heated passion lightly echoing along the wooden river-walk as passersby continued to stroll along just above them.

"...ngh, ngh, shit..." Rohrer grunted himself from the highly-erotic sounds, as he felt his physical body begin to completely betray his mindset, giving into the sights, the sounds, and the feel of McMahon's powerful thrusts along his rock-hard, throbbing, pulsating penis, as it thrust more fanatically into her hand, the head bursting through her encircling fingers with every thrust. "...ngh, ngh, oh God..." he grunted again, wrapping his hands behind him, grabbing onto both of McMahon's hips, as he pumped his loins into her hands, matching his rhythm to the scene, 30 yards before them.

"Umm, that's it, big boy, come on. Come with them," McMahon whispered seductively into his ear, as his legs began to tremble from the strain. She glanced back up. ...Oh yeah... She liked what she was seeing, too, as she thought back to her own little gorgeous and petite, reddish-blonde haired, bluish-green-eyed lover waiting for her back home. "Mmm," she groaned, from her own thoughts and just what she would be doing to her little petite, reddish-blonde haired, bluish-green-eyed lover later on tonight.

"...ngh, ngh..." a couple of more grunts, and Rohrer had closed his eyes, leaning completely back into her beautiful warm supportive body, as he began to spill his warm, thick cream all over the ground in front of them.

She quickly began to pump him even harder, and more rapidly, pumping him for everything he was worth, as she watched the two lovers, 30 yards up from them, bumping and grinding their own groins and mounds against each other. ...Come on, Reyes, think. Think, girl, think. Get out of here. You're in danger... she thought, continuing to watch them, as she distracted Rohrer for another minute or so.

About 30 yards up from Rohrer & McMahon, under the Boardwalk:

"Da... Dana... honey... wait..." Reyes panted, reaching up with her hands and quickly stilling Scully's feverishly-passionate onslaught, pulling her from her aching nipples and tingling breasts, her breasts dangling free, as she stopped their bucking hips as well, squeezing her legs more securely around Scully's hips for a moment. ...Oh. Sweet Jesus... She was about to come right there, no doubt about it. She was within seconds of a powerful orgasm. But, for some strange reason she had a gut feeling that they were being watched, and possibly even in some sort of danger. And not only that, she wanted Scully to make-love to her in Scully's own bed. Not fuck her, under the boardwalk. At least not on their very first time, when Scully would be making-love to her, reciprocating what Reyes had done for her earlier this morning, making sweet, hot, passionate love to her, in the comforts of her own home and away from all the passersby. And in a nice comfy, cozy and warm bed at that, where Reyes could scream Scully's name out to the high heavens as she released into ecstasy. And not have to practically suffocate and pass out, from holding her breath so long, to keep from screaming Scully's name out right there, under the boardwalk, and near the streets of downtown Georgetown.

Scully had stopped her movements as well, locking eyes with her and panting breathlessly, as the cool night air steamed all around them from their heatedly-passionate intensity.

"Dana, please... Take me home... Take me to your bed," Reyes panted again.

"Oh God, baby... I'm sorry... I just... I couldn't wait," Scully panted herself, grinning from ear-to-ear. She just couldn't wait to get her hands on those lusciously large, spectacularly scrumptious, and beautiful, beckoning breasts of Reyes', that had been calling to her all morning and half the afternoon for some much needed attention.

Reyes giggled and grinned, too. She could hardly wait herself. Hell! She had been waiting for this all frickin' day! But she could wait. For another few minutes at least, she could wait, until they got to a much better place, where they could finish what Scully had started, for the third time today. Not counting last night, or earlier this morning, in the wee hours of the early morning. "Whew," she panted again. Her hot, slick, wet juices were so backed up at this point, they could probably cook breakfast with them tomorrow morning, without ever even having to turn on the kitchen faucet. For she was having no trouble at all with her earlier little bout of moderate dehydration. Oh no. She had plenty of moisture, liquids and love-juices, running all throughout her system, and soaking her underpants and. ...Oh yeah, baby... she thought, as she felt another surge of wet, hot, slick, liquid gush out between her legs, just standing there, gazing into Scully's lust-filled eyes. "Whew... Honey?" she whimpered, still breathing heavily. What the hell were they waiting for?

"Right," Scully panted as well. And with that, they both hurriedly rebuttoned a few of the hanging free buttons back up on Reyes' shirt, then zipped her leather jacket back up. Then, "Come on. Beat you to the car," Scully teased, as she grabbed onto Reyes' hand and quickly sprinted up the wooden stairs, taking them two at a time.

Then they both began to playfully run all the way back to Scully's sedan, parked about a block and a half down from where they were.

About 30 yards down from Scully & Reyes, under the Boardwalk:

...That a girl, Reyes. Protect her. Keep her safe... McMahon smiled as she watched the two lovers sprint up the wooden stairs, and onto the riverwalk, and then fade away into the night.

"Well, well, big boy. Is that all you've got for me tonight? Hum?" she teased, as she slowed her hand back down along Rohrer's softening penis, then cupped his thoroughly depleted balls with her palm.

"Hum," Rohrer chuckled, trying to catch his breath. He knew how much warm, thick cream he had spilled out all over the ground. And it was more than enough to satisfy most lovers. And his just-spent penis, seconds ago quite large, rock-hard, thick and fully-erect was more than enough to satisfy most lovers as well. "Shit. You got me," he grunted into her neck.

"Hum," McMahon chuckled. "No shit. You're easy to get."

Rohrer chuckled again as he opened his eyes, then glanced back up towards Scully and Reyes, wondering if they were still going at it, climaxing over and over, like he had visualized them doing inside of his head, as his other bulging, thrusting, bursting head spurt free his warm, thick cream all out, and all over the ground. With all of the multiple orgasms women can have, one after the other, over and over, until they drop from exhaustion, they should still be going at it, and going strong. Pumping and thrusting, bumping and grinding their groins into each other along that wooden support beam, while Scully devoured Reyes' gorgeously beautiful, voluptuous breasts with her mouth and tongue. ...Oh yeah!... Maybe he could still catch a small glimpse of them getting off, repeatedly, over and over, and under the boardwalk, long after his one little spurt was over.

He leaned up, focusing his eyes. He then leaned a little farther up, blinking and then refocusing his eyes. He then stood completely up. "Fuck! Where the...? Fuck, Shannon!" he yelled. Oh, he was so angry. Scully and Reyes were gone - vanished - into the night. And his one best opportunity to take Reyes out had disappeared, right before his eyes, as his lust had overtaken him. And McMahon had taken full advantage of the situation.

McMahon chuckled. "What's wrong big boy? Shannon in your pants?"

"Shit! Get away from me, damn it!" he yelled as he burst free from her clutches.

McMahon chuckled again. "Get away from you?" she repeated, laughing wickedly. "Ohhh, you know we're stuck with each other. So... What was your plan, anyway? Hum? What were you planning to do to my keep?"

Rohrer just looked at her, as he hurriedly finished wiping himself off with his shirt-tail, then began to zip up his blue jeans.

"Well. Since you're too stubborn to answer. Want me to kill you now? Or wait until tomorrow morning sometime?" she teased him yet again.

He just continued to stare at her, angry as hell, as he quickly finished zipping up his blue jeans.

"Well?" she asked again, cocking an eyebrow.

"Well, what? How about I kill you? See how long it takes for you to regenerate?" he said, pissed.

McMahon chuckled again, then said, "I'm not leaving you alone tonight. You know that. And if you kill me, my assistant is just down the street."

"So is mine," he said.

"Look, Knowle. Leave her alone. Leave them both alone. There's no need to kill her lover."


"Fine. Then we're in for a long night."

And with that, McMahon was off; first towards the riverbank, where she quickly reached down into the cold water, momentarily washing her hands of any remains of Rohrer's creamy lust. Then she sprinted north, towards Scully's apartment. And ironically, she would get there before they would, them with a car and a couple of minutes head-start on her, compared to just her two half-human-half-alien legs and feet.

After a few more seconds, "Um, um, um," she grunted casually, running about half-speed through the dark night, as she glanced over at Scully, unlocking the door to her sedan for Reyes. ...You've got some great taste in women, baby... she thought about Scully, as she then glanced over at Reyes. ...Umhum. And so do you, sweetheart. So do you... she thought again, smiling at Reyes, as she bumped up her speed towards Scully's apartment, always ready, and always willing, to lurk around, just out-of-sight and out-of-sound, and watch, and wait, until the next big threat came along and tried to take either Scully, or Reyes, or both of them out, in the very same night.

Scully's Apartment Building (Main Lobby) - 3153 31st Street NW, Georgetown:

6:17 PM: "Oh, damn. Come on," Scully fussed about the much-too-slow elevator. But she really did not want to run up three flights of stairs, too.

"Here it comes," Reyes reassured her as they both heard the little...


...of the elevator bell sound.

"Umm. Finally!" Scully fussed again.

Reyes giggled. "My goodness. You are so impatient," she teased as they walked into the elevator.

"I'll make you impatient," Scully teased her back as the elevator door closed and she rapidly wrapped an arm around her waist, grabbing onto her denim-covered crotch with her other hand, cupping it through her black jeans, just as she had in the car - teasing her, enticing her and rubbing her crotch with her palm and fingertips, all the way back from the shopping mall parking lot just a few blocks down, feeling the hot and slick, steamy-wet heat between Reyes' legs.

"God Dana," Reyes whimpered into this newest onslaught. "Hah," she lightly gasped again, as Scully grazed her middle finger along her denim-covered wet, hot and sizzling outer labia, then began to tease and massage her denim-covered, pulsating clit with her thumb. "Oh... God, Dana..."


The elevator stopped on the second floor, the door opening up on them. They both were standing there, calm as could be, and a good foot or so apart, as an older gentleman got onto the elevator with them.

Reyes reached up, ruffling her hair for a moment, and inhaled a nice, long, deep breath. ...Whew! God!... she thought. Her insides were burning and convulsing so much, trying to grab onto something - anything - it could almost hurt. ...God!... If this elevator didn't hurry up. ...Holy shit!... she thought again, frustrated herself, with the much-too-slow pace of the elevator. It had been years since she had been so highly-aroused and in need of so much sexual relief. And Scully had been seductively teasing her, enticing her and sexually arousing her physical body all day! Just to stop and leave her panting and breathless with need. ...God, woman! You're gonna kill me yet!... she thought as she fought the need to reach down and cup her own crotch herself to relieve the burning ache.


...Finally!... Scully thought as the door opened for the third floor. It had taken less than a minute to ride up the three flights. But it had felt like a frickin' hour! "Hum," she sighed calmly, as she glanced over at Reyes and winked.

Then they all began to casually walk out of the elevator, the older gentleman turning towards the right for his apartment, as they turned towards the left towards hers.

Reyes glanced down the hallway towards the stairwell door. ...Weird... She could have sworn she had seen someone standing there. But the hallway was empty. And the stairwell door had not been opened. ...Hum... Weird... Oh well...

Scully began to fumble with her keys, trying to get the key to go into the door-lock. She was having a hell of a time, as her fingers trembled from her heated desire. Reyes then reached down to help her. Scully glanced back up as their eyes locked.

"Dana?" a young adult female voice echoed down the hallway.

Scully and Reyes both glanced up.

"Oh good. I'm so glad your home. I've got your mail," the young woman said.

Scully glanced back up at Reyes for a moment, then turned to her neighbor. "Thanks. But I'm... I've got some company right now. And I..."

"Oh, it won't take but a minute. And a couple of pieces look rather important."

Scully cocked an eyebrow as she glanced back up at Reyes.

"Go ahead," Reyes whispered, smiling. "Get your mail."

"You sure?" Scully barely whispered, only for Reyes' ears and not for her neighbor's.

Reyes nodded, smiling again, then winked.

Scully swallowed hard, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment, then turned back towards her neighbor. "Okay. Just let me get this door open and then..." the door suddenly opened. Scully chuckled as she glanced back up at Reyes. It had taken the both of them working on it together, to get the contrary door-lock to open. "Go to bed. I'll be there in a minute, okay?" she barely whispered again, only for Reyes' ears, her radiant blue eyes betraying her cool exterior.

Those beautifully radiant ocean-blue eyes were sparkling such a dazzlingly bright indigo-blue, from such overly-heated sexual desire, it almost took Reyes' breath away. But, she just smiled, then nodded, portraying a nice, cool exterior herself, as she glanced back down the hallway to Scully's neighbor. She smiled to the neighbor, as the young woman smiled back. She then entered the apartment alone, while Scully turned to her neighbor.

The neighbor quickly walked back to her own apartment door and reached in to retrieve Scully's mail for the last week, as her two young children, a five-year-old little girl and an eight-year-old little boy, came running out of the apartment and into the hallway.

"Dana!" they both said in unison as they ran up to her.

"Hi!" Scully said cheerfully to them. "What have you two been doing today, hum?"

They both began to talk at the same time, telling her all about their day, and beginning to argue a little bit with each other, as they talked in unison, both seeking her undivided attention, and neither wanting to share any of her undivided attention with the other.

Scully just chuckled at the cute little banter between them. The little siblings reminded her so much of herself and her big brother, Bill, when they were about that age. She and Bill had fussed and argued with each other all the time, too, as kids. And they still did, on occasion, even as adults.

The neighborly mother came back out with a stack of mail and a couple of large magazine-sized envelopes in hand.

She handed the stack to Scully as Scully reached around and read the addresses on the large envelopes. "Oh. Is this what you're talking about?" she asked, in response to the two large oversized envelopes.

"Yeah. Thought I better bring them over as soon as you got back."

"Thanks. I got back last night, but..."

"I know. You had company," the neighbor said, smiling, as she glanced back over towards Scully's apartment door.

Scully quirked her lips for a moment on that little comment, yet remained as cool and aloof as ever, not revealing a thing about herself, or her "company". She was so good at that, remaining cool and aloof to any given situation, when she felt the need to.

She and her neighbor continued to catch-up for a few more seconds, as the two little siblings began to argue and fuss more loudly in the hallway, then finally began to resort to an occasional smack for each other, to make a point. Well. The little girl was doing most of the smacking, as her older brother just stood there and took it.

"Dana. I think someone was... Well... I didn't mean to be nosy or anything. But..." the neighbor hesitated.

"But what?" Scully said, glancing back up at her neighbor for a moment, as she began to fan through her regular mail.

"Well. It looked like someone was trying to, um... open your door... or something."

"What? When?" Scully said, furrowing her brow, slight concern betraying her calm, cool exterior.

"Um. Just now. Just before you got here."

"Really? You're kidding," Scully responded, wrinkling her brow even more, as her neighbor nodded.

She then asked her neighbor more specific information about her neighborly observations. The woman began to describe the person to her, in a little more detail, as Scully listened. She did not like the sound of this at all, as she continued to listen. But her neighbor had kept a very good watch on her apartment while she had been out-of-town for the week. And it sounded as if this had been the only unusual or suspicious activity she had observed, while Scully had been in Montana. And that was a good thing. Maybe it was just a fluke. And the person had been at the wrong apartment or something, and was confused. Who knew? And with Reyes staying with her for the next few days and nights, she was not that concerned. Between the two of them, they could handle just about anything, but the occasional flying saucer, UFO or a band of little green men. And even with flying saucers, UFO's and bands of little green men, they did all right together. Yes. Together, they could handle just about anything life had in store for them.

"She's cute," Scully's neighbor said suddenly, and totally out of the blue.

"Hum?" Scully cocked an eyebrow, as she continued to fan through her mail and ask her neighbor more questions about the mysterious person lurking around her apartment door just moments ago.

"Your girlfriend. She's a doll!" the neighbor said, smiling.

"Oh," Scully replied, her eyes widening in surprise. ...My girlfriend?... Whoa!... she thought, as she ran her tongue down along the insides of her lower lip for a moment, then quirked her lips. "Um. Thank you," she said, taken completely off-guard by her neighbor's comment.

Her neighbor smiled again, grinning from ear-to-ear, then winked.

Scully smiled in return, then suddenly felt a little embarrassed, in spite of herself. ...Good God... How long had her neighbor known about her preferences for women?


The two women heard another little smack, echo down the hallway from the arguing children.

"Mom?..." the little boy wailed out.

But she ignored him as she continued to talk to Scully, Scully glancing over at the two little children herself for a moment.

"Stop! Stop it!" he suddenly wailed out again, as his sister punched him yet again, hard in the ribs. "Mom?..." he wailed out again.

The mother turned for a moment. "Hey? You want me to blister both your butts? Hum?"

"But she started it," the little boy whimpered, defending himself.

"Did not."

"Did, too."

"Did not," the little girl said, punching him yet again in the gut.

"Hey!" The mother said, hurriedly walking over to the little girl and kneeling down in front of her. "Now what did I tell you? Hum?" she said.

The little girl began to argue in her own defense, as she looked over at her big brother. But she had been punching her big brother in the gut all day, taking full advantage of him being taught to not hit girls. And the mother was hearing none of it, her little girl's arguments of why she needed to smack and punch at her older brother, while he was doing as he had been taught to do, and not strike back.

"No. Now you stop. Stop it. Stop hitting him. And look at me... Look at me!" the mother said, sternly as ever, as the little girl had glanced away. "If you do that one more time, I'm going to..." the young mother continued on, threatening her little daughter with a different form of discipline than just a verbal reprimand.

Scully just continued to stand there quietly, and quite amused indeed, watching the scene play out, as the young mother threatened her little girl with a spanking. The little girl reminded her so much of herself at about that age. The little girl was spunky and cocky as hell. And she had one heck of a hot little temper, too. Scully chuckled as the young mother tried to discipline them without resorting to bodily damage herself.

Scully's Bedroom:

6:22 PM: Reyes turned the little nightlight back on again, checking out the amount of dim light in the room, and trying to figure out the best combination of light from the nightlight itself, in addition to the three well-placed candles lit up in the room; compared to just the three well-placed candles lit up all by themselves, without the added glow of the nightlight. ...Oh shit... she thought. And just which should she choose, to help keep the bedroom dark enough, so that Scully would not notice her bruised-up midsection, and yet help keep the bedroom light enough, so that Scully would not question the intentionally subdued illumination of the room? ...Oh damn!... she mentally fussed again, as she quickly turned the little nightlight back off. Who would have ever dreamed that she would have ended up in this type of a situation anyway? And just two nights before, no less, when it had first happened, and when she had first needed to hide her bruised-up gut from Scully in the first place? And now, here she was - horny as hell - and so sexually aroused she would have already exploded had she been a man. Oh yes. If she were a man, with a man's pumped-up genitals, her imaginary manliness would have already exploded, from all of the pent-up sexual tension and filled-to-overflowing love-juices trying to burst free from the tip of her imaginary dick. And if she were a man, she would most definitely be in possession of a very nice, long, large, rock-hard, thick, pulsating dick - bobbling around, completely out-of-control - as she waited for her most beautiful and wonderful new lover, Dana Scully, to hurry up and come home, and come to the bedroom and make-love to her. And she would most definitely be fighting a losing battle, as she tried to keep herself and her physical body in-check until the right moment, the very right moment, when Scully would come into the bedroom, and relieve her of all of this pent-up sexual pressure and tension in her groin. "Oh geez," she lightly sighed at the thought. How funny that she would even think about that anyway, the possibilities of her being a man, instead of a woman. And the possibilities of her even having two balls and a dick, instead of two breasts and a clit. ...How weird... she thought. Undoubtedly, she must have been a man, or maybe trapped inside a man's body for a while in some former lifetime or something, for her to be having such weirdly bizarre thoughts, even now. And especially in this lifetime, when she was so obviously "all woman"; emotionally, physically and spiritually, inside and out. But something about being around the pregnant Scully was triggering some of these weirdly bizarre and unusual, atypical thoughts. At least these quite uncharacteristic, perplexing and confusing thoughts for her inquisitive little mind, that is. ...Gosh. How weird... she thought again. For she had never even considered it before, what it would be like to be a man. Or what it would be like to be able to impregnate a woman, or... "Oh frig," she groaned at her musings. "What the hell is wrong with me?" she huffed again into the subdued light. Her imaginary thoughts were crazy! ...Simply nuts!... Her silly and outlandish thoughts of what it would be like to have a rock-hard penis right now. ...Tonight? Geez!... And her being able to pump Scully full of her love-juices. ...Oh for Godsakes... "Hum," she chuckled a little bit, smiling, as she shook her head at her ridiculous thoughts. But it would be so much fun to hop on top, and have Scully's hips and thighs straddle her pelvis, as she bucked and pumped and thrust hard against her like some wild and feverish animal in heat. ...Oh God!... The gyrating hip action she could create, bucking and pumping and thrusting into Scully. ...Oh baby. Um, um, um... Hum... But... I don't know... she mused, smiling again, as she licked her lips. For one thing, Scully was not interested in a rock-hard penis tonight and being pumped full of love-juices. Nor was she interested in a rock-hard, thick and hairy masculine body and chest either. Nope. She was much more interested in a curvaceously soft, satiny and smooth feminine body and chest. With large, fleshy, well-rounded, jutting breasts and tight tautly-erect, little rose-colored nipples. Oh yes. And she was especially interested in all of the other wonderfully hot, slick, wet and juicy little female "equipment" Reyes had, throbbing and pulsating quite excitedly between her legs. ...Oh yeah... Reyes had everything Scully had ever wanted tonight. ...Oh yes, indeedy... And she was hot-and-bothered, ready and raring-to-go, with whatever else Scully may want from her tonight, too. And the more she thought about it, the more she was thankful that she was not a man tonight after all. Not only in this lifetime, but any other lifetime for that matter. For if she were a man, with a man's overly-aroused genitals, then she would have already lost all elements of control anyway. And she would have already spilled her filled-to-overflowing love-juices all over the insides of her jeans, down there under the boardwalk, as Scully had thrust her groin so feverishly into hers. ...Oh baby... And if she were a man, with one little ejaculatory spurt of love, it would have all been over, and possibly even done for the night, depending on how quickly, or even if she could get it back up and go for it again, pumping Scully again with a rock-hard dick. And she was not ready for it to be all over and done with for the night. Oh no. ...Hell no... No way. No way was she ready for it to all be over, and done with for the night. Oh no. ...Hell no... For, truly, it had not even begun. And given that she was a woman - all woman - and not a man, she could go on for hours and hours, over and over, orgasm after orgasm, over and over, climax after climax, over and over, until they both finally gave in to the ultimate exhaustion. ...Oh yeah, baby... And with Scully teasing her and pestering her sexually all day as she had, Reyes had quickly decided, too, that she would never again cock-tease a man either. Oh no. She would be extra careful not to do that from now on, playfully cock-tease a man, all day long, until his balls and dick were about to burst from the strain, because a little blue-ball could actually hurt. And if she were a man, she would most definitely be suffering from a little blue-ball herself at this point, thanks to Scully; and to Scully's little cunt-teasing that she had been doing to her all day, and half the night. "Hum," she chuckled again, in spite of herself. Maybe she should come up with a new term for the present situation she found herself in; a term that referred to a woman's genitals, and a woman's constant sexual arousal, and a woman's filled-to-overflowing love-juices oozing out and pooling between her legs, off and on all day, and half the night, without any sexual relief. ...Shit. More like two days. And two nights... she thought again, lightly chuckling to herself. "Um, um, um," she grunted again, as she refocused her thoughts on the more important situation at hand, the amount of subdued light she wanted to use to barely illuminate the bedroom, without sending up a warning signal to Scully that something out of the ordinary was up, her bruised-up gut. Her gorgeously beautiful, auburn red-haired, ocean blue-eyed lover was just outside the apartment. And would soon be coming in, coming home, and coming into the bedroom, to finish what she had started last night and relentlessly continued to rekindle and stimulate all day; Reyes' increasingly barely controllable physical need for her to make sweet, hot, passionate love to her. And yet, somehow, Reyes needed to hide her lower torso from her, the area just above her most intimate of glistening treasures, as they made-love. And how in the hell could she pull that off? "Oh shit. God. What are the odds?" she frustratingly groaned at the irony of it all. "Oh geez," she groaned again, deciding that she would just have to hope for the best. And hope that Scully would not see her bruised-up gut, as she decided to go with just the candlelight and leave the little nightlight turned off.

Finally, she had made her decision and climbed in under the sheet, wearing just her soaked underwear and a nice, clean short-sleeved cotton t-shirt. She had already stripped her rings, her watch, and all of her other clothes off, leaving only her soaked panties on. And she had quickly unpacked a fresh, clean, white cotton t-shirt from her overnight bag to put on, and for Scully to remove in a few minutes, whenever she was done with the neighbor, came into the apartment and ultimately into the bedroom. "Oh," she lay there, sighing again, as she reached down and cupped her aching, sizzling crotch. If Scully didn't hurry up, she just might have to deal with things herself. "Oh geez, Dana. Come on," she lightly groaned again, as her mind began to drift back to Scully's cries and screams of release along the bedroom walls earlier this morning. Her heart and soul began to tingle from the memories, along with everything else in her body. Suddenly, she heard the front door open, then close. "Ummm," she gutturally groaned, smiling contentedly, as she continued to just lie there, and wait for her stunningly gorgeous new lover, Dana Scully, to hurry up and come make-love to her.


Scully glanced down the hallway, smiling, as she quickly noticed that the same CD that had been playing this morning was playing again in the stereo. Oh yes. That very same CD had filled the apartment earlier this morning, with such beautiful sounds of classical music, when they had first made-love. Her heart skipped a beat, as she recognized the piece now playing. It was the same composition that had been playing when she had first climaxed, as Reyes licked her clean with her tongue and lips, and then pumped her into her second climax with those long, lean fingers of hers, still licking her clean with her tongue and lips, and then pumped her into her third climax, and. ...Oh baby... "Umm," she lightly groaned as she hurriedly took off her jacket, then noticed a nice, new, sweet and flowery aroma in the air. She glanced around, wondering where it was coming from, and then quickly realized it was coming from the bedroom. It was a candle. Or maybe even two or three candles lit up back there. Along with her new lover, waiting for her to hurry up and come put out the raging fire she had created within her. She smiled again, all warm and tingly inside, feeling her pulse rate quickening in her neck, as she began to walk down the hallway, removing a shoe, and then another shoe; a sock, and then another sock; throwing them all off to the side, as she noticed Reyes' little articles of clothing strewn all the way down the hallway as well, one at a time. And leaving a nice, tantalizingly seductive little trail of shed-clothing all the way down the hallway, left just for her to follow, all the way down to her bedroom. "Umm," she gutturally groaned again, quickly unbuttoning her shirt, stripping it off, and then tossing it off to the side, too, next to Reyes' along the hallway wall. She then stopped for a moment and whispered, "Baby?" from the middle of the hallway, and just out-of-sight from Reyes.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow, then, "Yeah?" she responded softly from the bedroom.

"Can you wait for me to brush my teeth?"

Reyes giggled. ...Oh my God! How much longer do I have to wait? Shit... she thought, grinning from ear-to-ear. She sighed, then lightly responded, "Umhum," as she licked her lips and cupped her sizzling, aching crotch yet again with her palm. ...Oh, for Godsakes...

Oh well. It was only fair to give Scully the same opportunity that she had had. And give Scully some time to brush her teeth, too. For Reyes quickly had, along with a good clean swig of mouthwash.

Scully hurriedly entered the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and then had her own good clean swig of mouthwash. She then reentered the hallway, reached up behind her back and unclasped her bra, quickly pulled it off, removing her swelling breasts from the binding material, just as she stood inside the doorframe to the bedroom, her breasts spilling free, as Reyes watched, her eyes dropping down to Scully's bare naked breasts, glistening in the subdued light. Scully smiled. Reyes smiled, as her lower lip dropped a little in anticipation. The candlelight was just ...Perfect... Scully mused, as the three well-positioned candles reflected their mutual light off her most recent lover's face. And she wondered where the candles had come from. But she would just have to ask about that a little later. Because right now, she had much more important things to attend to - this beautiful, sensual, sexy, erotically-provocative and highly-aroused woman, lying right here in her own bed. And waiting for her to come and make-love to her. Now just how lucky could one get?

Reyes cocked an eyebrow, peeling her gaze from Scully's beautiful breasts, then glanced back up to her smoldering eyes, as she leaned her head up against the headboard, most all of her body still lying flat and hidden under the sheet.

Scully smiled, cocking an eyebrow herself, as she entered the bedroom while reaching down and hurriedly unbuckling her belt, as she walked over to the bed next to Reyes.

Reyes reached up along her bare naked chest with her hands, Scully's bare breasts and nipples swelling erect with desire, as she cupped them, then instantly began to fondle those bare naked breasts and taut little nipples with her hands and fingertips.

"Umm," Scully throatily groaned into the gentle ministrations, as she quickly unzipped her blue jeans, hurriedly pushed them down her hips and allowed them to fall to the floor where they may. She then stepped out of the little denim-piled heap, eased up onto the bed reaching under the edge of the sheet, and soon found exactly what she was looking for - the nearest warm, soft, satiny smooth inner thigh.

"Mmm," Reyes lightly moaned into the gentle touch, her legs squeezing together for just a moment, trapping Scully's warm, soft, seductively sliding hand between her legs.

"Do you really think we need this sheet?" Scully purred, as she inched her hand up, and up, and up, along Reyes' warm, soft, satiny smooth inner thigh.

Reyes' body lightly shivered into her touch, her legs slightly spreading apart, as she tried to nod.

"Why?" Scully seductively purred again, as she suddenly removed her hand from between Reyes' legs and ripped the sheet off the bed and into the floor, Reyes' hidden body becoming fully-exposed within seconds.

...Whoa!... Reyes' eyebrows shot to the ceiling, as her heart about stopped from that powerful little show of aggression.

Oh well, the hell with the sheet. Reyes was in for a real ride tonight, as Scully's animalistic lust began to fill her physical body with barely controlled desire.

Scully then glanced down along her cotton-covered chest, hips and mound. Those drenched little mound-covering, cotton panties needed to come off now. ...Right now... she thought, as she cocked an eyebrow, then knelt down between her legs. "Saving these for me?" she seductively purred again, as she ran her hands up through the leg-holes of Reyes' briefs and onto her mound, combing her fingers through her thick, dark-chocolate pubic fur.

"Um, oh, yes," Reyes whimpered into the touch, her whole body beginning to shiver.

Scully continued to comb her fingers playfully through her thick, dark-chocolate pubic fur underneath her panties. "So. What's with the shirt? Hum?" she purred again, suddenly running a thumb back down along Reyes' tingling clit.

"Oh!" Reyes' gasped at the unexpected little touch to her tingling clit, her whole body trembling, completely out-of-control. She couldn't answer. And she was ready. ...Oh yeah, baby... She was more than ready, for Scully to make-love to her, and quench this raging fire that Scully had been building inside of her all day, burning deep down inside her very cavity, and her very soul.

"Hum? Tell me," Scully huskily growled again, as she just as suddenly pulled her hands back out from inside Reyes' briefs and began to jerk those drenched panties down her hips.

Reyes quickly lifted her hips up off the bed and, within seconds, the drenched panties had joined the denim jeans and cotton sheet on the floor.

"Mmm, God, I love the way you... Oh baby," Scully gutturally groaned, as she caught another delicious little whiff of Reyes' musky arousal, intermingled with her musky cologne. "Umm, God baby," she groaned again, as she began to run both of her palms along Reyes' inner thighs again, starting just to the edges of her knees, then sliding them up, and up, and up.

"Oh, umm," Reyes moaned into the touch, her body squirming into the sweet anticipation.

Scully's hands began to squeeze and knead along her inner thighs, as she then leaned down and barely flicked her tongue, just once, across her dark cherry-red, pulsating clit, sparkling in the subdued light and quivering for some much-needed relief.

"Oh!" Reyes gasped again, as her hips flew up off the bed and into the mischievous little tease.

Scully suddenly leaned away from her glistening, throbbing, cherry-red clit and rose back up along her lower torso, running her hands underneath her cotton t-shirt. "Shirt's gotta go," she said, gravelly low, as she gazed into Reyes' eyes, cupped her big bare breasts, hard with her palms, and then reached back down and yanked the cotton t-shirt up, and up, as Reyes quickly rose up, just enough to remove her shirt, her arms lifting up, as the shirt went flying off the bed and into the floor, too, joining its comrades down on the floor for the night. "Ummm," Scully throatily groaned again, her own pulse rate rapidly rising in response to what she saw; Reyes' beautifully gorgeous, dark and expressive eyes, turned black-as-night with desire, starring into her own sparkling indigo-blue eyes, as she hesitantly broke the intimate eye contact and glanced back down along Reyes' bare naked chest. ...Ohhh baby... Those big, beautiful, burgeoning breasts were jiggling and bouncing around, begging her for some much-needed attention as well. "Oh God, Moni... You're beautiful... Simply beautiful," she whispered, as she cocked an eyebrow, then straddled Reyes' thigh and opened her mouth up wide, hungrily scooping one of those big, beautiful, burgeoning breasts up, and up, and inside her mouth; sucking and licking, hard and rough, as she scooped the other one up with her palm; squeezing and kneading, hard and rough, with her hands and mouth; kneading and squeezing, sucking and licking, hard and aggressive, using such powerful force, it could almost hurt.

"Umm, mmmm... Oh!" Reyes suddenly cried out into the forcefully aggressive ministrations all along her flushed breasts and throbbing nipples, her free leg wrapping up around Scully's hips. "Oh God... Dana!" she cried out again, as Scully suddenly reached down between her legs with her other hand and forcefully, aggressively cupped her aching crotch with her palm. "Oh!... Honey?... Easy..." she softly whimpered, trembling and breathless, with just a hint of uneasiness beginning to surface within her soul. She was just not used to this much aggressive force from a lover. And she would have never expected it to come from Scully either. And yet Scully was being quite forcefully aggressive indeed, all of a sudden, with her powerfully hard manipulations.

"Hum? What? What is it? Hum?... What is it, Agent Reyes?... I know you like it. I know you do... You want me to fuck you, don't you? Hum? Isn't that it? Don't you want me to fuck you, Agent Reyes? Hum?" Scully said, rising back up and starring into her hooded eyes, as she used an unusually low, gruff and guttural, almost frightening tone with her voice; a tone that Reyes had never heard from her before.

...Whoa!... Reyes' heart about stopped again with the unfamiliar look and unfamiliar tone of Scully's unusually gruff and gravelly voice.

Scully then suddenly ran her middle finger down along her tingling inner labia, rubbing and stroking, hard and rough, and just to the edges of her dark, slippery wet cavity, teasing and tantalizing her with her forceful ministrations.

"Oh... God... Da..." Reyes whimpered again, as Scully teased her opening yet again, and then pressed her middle finger just barely inside of Reyes' hot and slippery-wet opening, and yet not quite far enough in to give her what she so desperately needed. "Oh... God!" she cried out again, as her hips tried to buck up into Scully's torturous ministrations.

"No! Hush! Not yet! Not until..." Scully began to reprimand, then suddenly hesitated, not finishing her sentence.

"Oh... God... Honey?" Reyes lightly whimpered again, responding to Scully's verbally aggressive tone. She could hardly move! As she tried to thrust her hips up into Scully's tantalizingly mischievous little middle finger.

But Scully had her hips held down hard against the bed, as she used her own hips and thighs to hold her there, straddling Reyes' thigh, and preventing her from achieving what she so desperately needed.

"Oh God... Dana?... What are you...?... Honey?... Please..." she whimpered again, lying there panting, trembling and squirming into the sweet torture, then ultimately surrendering herself completely to Scully's utter control, just waiting for Scully to decide, when she would thrust her fingers, hard and deep, inside her warm, wet, slick folds.

"I said hush! You hear me? Hush!" Scully forcefully ordered her yet again, as she lay there on top of her, holding her shivering body down hard against the bed, and straddling her trembling thigh; with her hand down along her hot, sizzling, creamy wet crotch, panting heavily herself, and trying desperately to regain some element of control over her powerfully forceful, fierce and feral lust. She knew she was being too heavy-handed, overbearing and rough at the moment. But she liked being too heavy-handed, overbearing, controlling, domineering and rough. But she also knew that Reyes would probably not like it, her being so dominant, controlling and rough. Or at least not for their very first time together for Scully to be making-love to her. And ...Damn it... She did not want to be so forcefully dominant and rough with Reyes anyway. She wanted to take her time with her. And make sweet, passionate love to her. Not just forcefully fuck her. And treat her like any other old one-night-stand she had just picked up off the street somewhere.

She continued to watch Reyes' dark-chocolate, turned black-as-night, smoldering eyes, burning with need, as she continued to manipulate her middle finger, just inside Reyes' tingling inner labia - teasing her, taunting her, sweetly torturing her, and yet not truly giving her what she so desperately needed.

"Oh... God... Dana... Please..." Reyes pleadingly whimpered again as her body trembled, twisted and squirmed into the sexually frustrating sensations. Her burning clit and convulsing inner walls could almost hurt, she was so long overdue for some much-needed sexual relief, given all of the teasing, taunting and manipulating Scully had been doing to her, and to the area just between her legs, all day.

Scully continued to watch her for a few more seconds, as Reyes' body trembled, twisted and squirmed underneath her. ...Damn. Damn it!... she mentally fussed, closing her eyes and shaking her head for a moment, obviously frustrated, as she suddenly stopped her ministrations and stilled her middle finger.

...What the...?... Reyes wondered, her eyes widening, as she continued to lie there, watching, waiting, panting and shivering, her entire body trembling with sexual frustration. "Honey?" she finally whimpered again, begging Scully to give her what she so desperately needed.

"I said hush! Damn it, hush!" Scully yelled out again as she reopened her eyes, then starred back into her dark, smoldering eyes, burning with desire and pleading with her to please finish what she had started.

Reyes' eyes widened even more in surprise, concern, and possibly even a little fear at Scully's tone. ...What in the...? Dana? God!... she thought. For she just could not understand why Scully was suddenly being so harsh, forceful and rough with her. Earlier, under the boardwalk, then inside the car, and then again, inside the elevator, Scully had been impatient with getting her hands on her big breasts and down between her legs. But she had never been so harsh, forceful and rough with her. Just passionately, arousingly impatient.

Scully continued to lie there, completely still and on top of her, straddling her trembling thigh, as she held her firmly in place. She then closed her eyes yet again for a moment. ...Damn! What the...? Shit!... she thought, then reopened them, shaking her head yet again in frustration, and trying desperately to rid her thoughts of what was happening inside her head.

Reyes continued to lie there quietly, watching, waiting, panting and shivering, her entire body trembling with so much pent-up sexual frustration it hurt.

...Damn! Damn it! Why can't I...? Damn! Ohhh... My God... Scully thought, shaking her head yet again in exasperation, then reopening her eyes, locking eyes with Reyes.

Reyes barely cocked an eyebrow as she continued to just lie there quietly and wait - panting and shivering for every little breath.

"I... Oh God, Moni," Scully suddenly whimpered as her expression began to change from such feral lust into such penitence and remorse. "I... Oh baby, God, I... I'm so sorry, I... I don't... I... Oh God," she whimpered again as she suddenly let go of Reyes' aching crotch, rolled completely off of her trembling body and onto her back, landing directly beside of her.

"What?" Reyes responded, shocked. ...What in the...? "Wh...? What's wrong?" she asked again. For she had already begun to prepare herself for a very forceful and rough, deep entry into her warm, wet, slick folds. "Forceful and rough" was not quite her style. But at this point, anything Scully had to offer her inside her warm, wet, slick folds would be welcomed - anything - to relieve the relentless ache, and fiery burning of her insides, constricting and clinching down on nothing but emptiness.

Scully lay there, breathing heavily, as she starred up at the ceiling. "Oh God... What is wrong with me?" she finally groaned into the subdued light. "Damn!" she added.

Reyes just lay there, breathing heavily, too, and starring up at the same ceiling as well, staying very quiet indeed, and trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

Scully closed her eyes again, as her neighbor's words ..."Stop. Stop it. Stop hitting him"... rang out yet again through her thoughts, in spite of her resolve and determination to suppress them.

"Dana? Honey, what's wrong?" Reyes whispered again into the subdued light, cupping her burning crotch with her palm and giving it a little comfort, as she tried desperately to regain some element of control of her highly-aroused body, as well as her highly-aroused soul. Her emotions were running wild with confusion. And her body was so sexually frustrated she could almost cry.

Scully lay there, panting. "I... I don't know. I... Oh Christ," she panted in response, frustrated as hell.

Well. For one thing, she knew she would not continue her vigorously powerful and aggressive onslaught on Reyes. Not until she could regain full control of her dark side. That side of her that liked the power, the aggression, and the ultimate control over another. Even to the point that she could sometimes hurt them. But she would not do that to Reyes. No, not Reyes. She would never do that to Reyes. For there were plenty of other quick one-night-stands out there on the streets late at night that she could find, that loved it "rough", and liked a little pain, along with a little pleasure. But not Reyes. No, never Reyes. She would never do that to Reyes. Never. ...Oh God, no, never, never to you, baby, never to you, I promise, never. Never to you, baby... she thought, as she glanced over for a moment to Reyes' shivering body. And besides, her feral lust was not the only problem at the moment anyway. Because her mind kept flashing back to her neighbor's words, and to faint images of those two little neighborhood kids, arguing with each other out there in the hallway. And she could not figure out for the life of her why her mind had decided to play this wicked little trick on her. This wickedly relentless little game of words, thoughts and distorted images, bouncing around inside of her head, completely out of her control, as she tried to suppress them out of existence. And why now? Especially now? Of all times. When she so desperately wanted to make-love to Reyes. She had been building the sexual energy and heated desire up all day between them, waiting for this moment - this very moment in time - to make sweet, hot and passionate love to this sweet, hot and passionate, gentle and loving soul, lying right here next to her, and in her very own bed. And she had planned to pull from her own inner reserves, and bring back that gentle and easy, loving and affectionate, tender and sweet side of herself back up to the surface as well. That side of herself that she had deliberately hidden and locked away so well - many, many years ago - and so deep down inside of her soul. That well-hidden, well-protected, most-vulnerable and almost forgotten side of herself, that Reyes had managed to find and touch, love and caress, and gently coax and bring back up, springing it forth, and ultimately unlocking her tightly-bound heart. And bringing that most gentle and loving, sweet and tender side of herself back up, and out of its hiding place, and into Reyes' tender loving care, in just a matter of days. ...Oh God. What is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with me?... she mentally chastised herself again. Then huffed, "Fuck!" aloud, frustrated as hell at this latest of situations.

Reyes smirked. ...Nope. Not quite... she thought in response to Scully's angry little outburst, then leaned up a little bit, still cupping her burning, aching crotch with her palm, then let go and rolled over towards her. "Honey, what? What is it? Talk to me... Please?" she whispered, as she straddled Scully's left thigh and hip, pressing her relentlessly aching crotch up against it. The much-needed warmth and pressure of Scully's upper thigh felt so good. And it would be enough for the next few minutes at least, to satisfy her throbbing need.

Scully moved her leg out a little farther, giving her more access to her upper thigh, then reached over and wrapped her arm around her shoulders. "Oh baby," she whispered softly, running her palm along her shoulder-blades, as she felt Reyes' warm, wet and slippery arousal moisten her upper thigh. "Oh God, come here, come here, baby, come here for a minute," she lightly whispered again, as she guided Reyes' naked and glistening body all the way over and on top of her, then wrapped her arms more securely around her torso. "Oh God, Moni, I... I'm so sorry, I... I don't... I don't know what's wrong with me. I... I swear I don't... But I... Oh Christ, just give me a minute, okay?... Give me a minute... I swear I'll get it together here in a minute, okay?... Can you do that?" she said, pleading with Reyes to understand and be patient with her, and especially with this most recent little unexpected turn of events.

Reyes nodded, as she collapsed her warm, sexy, sizzling body all along the length of Scully's warm, sexy, sizzling body.

"Oh God, baby, let me hold you. Please, let me hold you. I need to hold you, okay?" Scully whispered softly again as she hastily squeezed Reyes more fervently into her arms, tightening her hold around her torso and lifting her thigh up even more, as she slightly bent her knee, giving Reyes even more of the much-needed pressure she so desperately needed along her aching crotch.

Reyes nodded again in response, not saying anything, as she collapsed more deeply into Scully's tightening arms and tightened her legs around Scully's thigh.

...Oh my God, what have I done?... Scully thought, so frustrated. ...Oh baby, God!... She knew Reyes was hurting. And hell, she was hurting, too! Her physical body was hurting and aching almost as much as Reyes' for some much-needed sexual relief. But her thoughts, her mind, her emotions - she just could not seem to get control of all the fleeting images, sounds and sensations running amuck inside her head. ...God, what is wrong with me? Damn!... she thought as they lay there together, Reyes sprawled out all over the top of her, both still lightly panting, and both still trying to catch their breath.

Reyes then reached up and wiped a stray tear from her eye. Her eyes had welled up. And she had shed a tear or two, from the relentless ache inside her groin and inner walls, not counting the relentless ache inside her heart and soul. But her inner muscles had finally begun to calm back down somewhat and cease all of the convulsing and clinching down, needing anything to hold onto. As she would have soon released into a wonderfully nice and much-needed little orgasm, just from the slight little manipulations of Scully's middle finger along the rim of her warm, wet, slick folds. But that had not happened. No. That had not happened. Instead, Scully had stopped her slight little manipulations along her slippery-wet cave. And Reyes had been within just moments of a much-needed orgasm, when Scully had stopped - again - and then rolled to her back, and into deep thought. ...Oh God, Dana... she mused. Something was majorly wrong with her new lover. And she could not figure out for the life of her what had just happened. And so quickly, to change Scully's mindset. It just did not make any sense. ...Okay, think. Think, Reyes, think... she mused as she began to think back over the last few minutes. Scully had been talking to her neighbor, and getting her mail for the week. ...Okay. No big deal... she thought. The conversation itself had lasted only about four, maybe five minutes, max. ...Okay. No big deal with that... she thought again. Then Scully had entered the apartment, beginning to shed her own clothing all the way down the hallway with every little step. She smirked at the memory. ...Oh God. No problems there... she thought. Then Scully had quickly stopped off to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then got a nice little swig of mouthwash. ...Right. No big deal... Then she had come into the bedroom, lustfully aroused, and as erotic as ever with her actions. ...Ohhh God... Her heart skipped a beat at that little memory. And, given Scully's erotically aggressive actions, she had clearly been planning to finish what she had started down there under the boardwalk. So how in the world could Scully's lustful, highly-aroused body and mindset change so drastically? And in just a matter of seconds? ...What in the hell is going on?... she thought, frustrated as hell, and utterly staggered with this frustrating little turn of events. And she was sure of it, that Scully had not seen her lower torso, either. She was sure of it, damn sure of it. There was no way that Scully had seen it, seen her bruised-up gut. For one thing, there had not been enough time for her to see it. As quickly as Scully had been on the attack, aggressive as could be? And then to suddenly stop? ...What in the hell is going on? Shit!... she thought again, frustrated as hell. And the candlelight was just perfect to add to the mood. And the sweet, flowery aroma was even more intoxicating and arousing. And ...Oh, for Godsakes... she mused, quite frustrated indeed, with this sudden little turn of events. And she was deliberately ignoring what her gut instincts were trying so desperately to tell her. She just did not believe it. And, most importantly, she just did not want to believe it. ...Not now. No way. Not tonight. Please, not tonight... she thought, as she continued to lie there, basking in the feel of her nude body all wrapped up in Scully's arms, and sprawled out all over the top of Scully's nude body. Well, except for Scully's skimpy-little-underwear nude body. For Scully was practically nude, too, except for her skimpy little underwear.

Scully lay there, deep in thought, as she continued to run her palms all along Reyes' soft, glistening and cooling, smooth skin. She reached down and lightly cupped her cute little bare butt for a moment, causing her to lightly moan into her ear from the gentle touch. Scully had managed to rein her aggressively dark and feral side back in. And she was now much more gentle and easy with her touches and caresses, all along Reyes' upper back and shoulder-blades, and then back down along her lower back and backside. ...Now... If she could just somehow force these damn little voices and disturbing little images out of her head. Then maybe, she could finish what she had started. And finish making-love to Reyes.

Reyes stirred around a little bit, then lightly whimpered again into her ear, then collapsed back down, still sprawled out all over the top of Scully's body.

"You okay?" Scully softly whispered in response to her soft little whimper and movement, frustrated as hell at the sudden little turn of events. And she already knew the answer to her question. She knew Reyes was hurting. And she knew if Reyes would be honest and tell her the truth, then Reyes would have to say, "No", that she was "not okay". For how the hell could she be? How the hell could Reyes truly be "okay"? With Scully deliberately turning her on, and arousing her physical body up so high, to the very boiling point of physical need and sexual release, just to suddenly stop on her, yet again, and not be able to follow through?

Reyes smirked at Scully's little question. She knew that Scully already knew the answer to her question, too, without her having to say. But she gave her a quick little answer anyway. "Umhum. Just... a little cool... That's all," she whispered softly. And at least a part of her answer had been true. Her glistening body had grown quite cool indeed, from her perspiration and no follow-through, just laying there, her back, legs and backside vulnerable to the cool night air.

"Oh baby, God, I'm sorry. Why didn't you...? Shit," Scully replied. But she was not surprised. For she already knew Reyes well enough to know, that Reyes was not one to complain. Even if her gorgeously nude, naked and glistening body began to shiver from the cool night air, she would not complain. "Here. Let's get the sheet," she said, shifting somewhat, then both of them reaching down along the floor and searching for the up-heaved sheet. They both found the same corner in no time, as they both pulled the disheveled sheet back up off the floor. Then Scully fluffed it up and over the top them, as Reyes continued to remain exactly where she was, sprawled out all over the top of her bare, naked body and chest, except for her underwear. "Better?" Scully whispered, as she began to tenderly stroke Reyes' shoulder-blades and back all over again.

Reyes nodded, as she buried herself a little more deeply into Scully's warm, sensuous body all over again.

"Okay. Tell me if you get cold. Okay?" Scully softly whispered again.

Reyes nodded again in response, as she wrapped her arms more securely around Scully's upper torso, then tucked her head in along side Scully's cheek. She was content for now, to just lie there in Scully's arms.

..."Stop. Stop it. And look at me."... Scully's neighbor's voice suddenly rang out yet again inside her head, in spite of her resolve to stop it. "Oh shit!" she angrily huffed aloud, frustrated as hell with the relentless little voice, as she lifted her head up, then threw it back down against the pillow, Reyes' cheek lying just next to hers.

"Honey? What? What is it? Talk to me," Reyes whispered, concerned as ever with Scully's ever-changing moods and tone of voice.

"Ah! I don't know what's wrong, damn it!" Scully angrily fussed again.

"Hum," Reyes quietly sighed as she licked her lips, then reached up and wiped another quick little tear from her cheek. Luckily, Scully had not seen her tears. And she did not want her to see her tears. That would only make the situation more frustrating and tense.

"Oh God, Monica. I... I don't know... I don't... I... Ohhh God... I swear, I... Oh, baby," Scully painfully groaned again, as she tightened her hold around Reyes' torso, so exasperated with herself and the situation.

"Shhh, it's okay. Let's just lie here for a few minutes."

"Oh God! You are so good to me. Damn it! I don't think anyone else would... God!" Scully huffed again, as she lifted, then threw her head back down along the pillow, the whole bed shaking into the movement.

"Shhh. It's okay," Reyes whispered again, as she began to roll to the side just a little bit.

"No, damn it! It's not okay! It's..."

"Shhh. No. Hey. Dana. Stop," Reyes soothed again.

..."Stop. Stop it. And look at me."... Scully's neighbor's voice suddenly rang out through her thoughts yet again. She glanced up at Reyes.

Reyes furrowed her brow, ever more concerned with the troubled look she had just seen flash across Scully's face. "What? What is it?" she tried again.

"I... I don't know," Scully whimpered as she rolled more to her side, too, facing Reyes, then rolled up into Reyes' comforting arms.

"Oh honey, come here, it's all right," Reyes responded softly, as she quickly kissed Scully on the forehead, then wrapped her up a little more securely in her arms. "It's all right, baby. We're just gonna lie here for a few minutes. Give ourselves a little time to regroup and figure this out."

Scully nodded, heartbroken with all that had happened since entering her apartment for the night. She never, would have ever imagined what all had happened. Or rather what all had not happened between her and Reyes, since entering her apartment for the night. And she never, would have ever intended to do it to Reyes again - turn her on so much, and then not be able to follow through. But she just could not seem to get control of her emotions, her thoughts, and especially those nagging little words that her neighbor had said, as she had disciplined her little daughter out there in the hallway.

They lay there together, arm in arm, face to chest, and perfectly in each other's arms, and yet both so frustrated, and neither understanding at all what the hell had just happened just moments ago, or especially what to do about it now. Except to just continue to lie there, in each other's arms, and let the love flow, the love that they both shared for each other. And let that love mend their mutually frustrated souls.

Scully glanced back up into Reyes' eyes for a moment, her own eyes beginning to flood with tears.

"Oh no, Dana, no. Honey, don't cry, it's all right," Reyes soothingly reassured her yet again, as she tenderly kissed her on the forehead. Her own tears were gone now, as she refocused her energies on Scully's needs.

Scully tentatively smiled through her threatening tears, then glanced back down along the bed.

"Honey. Look at me. Talk to me," Reyes whispered again, as she reached down and cupped Scully's chin, turning her face back around to make eye contact.

Scully tensed for a moment, then shook her head and leaned back in along her chest and warm, soft breasts.

"Okay. Only when you're ready then," Reyes replied softly, as she stroked Scully's back and held her a little more comfortably in her arms.

Scully squeezed her tight for a moment in response, then rested her head more deeply inside the warm, soft valley between Reyes' honey-soft breasts.

Whatever had caused the sudden change, it was obviously not over yet. No, actually, it was more like just beginning.

Continued - Part 14

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