Life with My Girl, Reyes
Rescue Me: Chapter 1
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First Place: Monica Reyes Characterization

Second Place (Tied): Scully & Reyes SlashFirst Place: Margaret Scully CharacterizationThird Place: John Doggett Characterization
All Artwork Created by ANGARA

Rescue Me
Chapter 1

by MyGirlReyes

First Place Winner in the Category of Outstanding Monica Reyes Characterization
First Place Winner in Outstanding Characterization of Other X-Files Characters (Margaret Scully)
Second Place Winner in the Category of Outstanding Scully/Reyes Slash Romance and
Third Place Winner in the Category of Outstanding John Doggett Characterization
of the 2004 Spooky Awards - The X-Files FanFic.

THANKS! Readers and voters, from the bottom of my heart. MGR

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Monica Julieta Reyes, Dana Katherine Scully and all other Original X-Files characters included within this story belong to Chris Carter, the Fox Broadcasting Network & 1013 Productions and are being used here without their permission. References to the character Xena of Xena: The Warrior Princess belongs to Robert Tabert, Lucy Lawless Tabert, Renaissance Productions and Oxygen Channel. References to the character NYPD Police Det. Olivia Benson of Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit belongs to Dick Wolf, Wolf Films and Universal Studios. I am just borrowing all characters of The X-Files, references to Xena and Police Det. Olivia Benson for a little while to satisfy my own needs and desires for their otherwise rather boring lives. All other Original Characters and the Plot of the Story belong, and is Copyrighted to me, MyGirlReyes. Please ask for permission before archiving anywhere. Keep all Disclaimers, Author's Notes and Special Notes with the story at all times. Thanks!
Pairing: Scully/Reyes
Rating: R
Category: A/AC/V/P/SL/UST - for Angst, Adult Content, Violence, Profanity, Strong Language and Underlying Sexual Tension
Episode Spoilers: Christmas Carol/Emily, Requiem, Within/Without, Per Manum, This Is Not Happening, Deadalive, Existence, Nothing Important Happened Today (Eps 1 & 2)
Crossovers: Technically, none. But References to Xena: The Warrior Princess and Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit are included.
Author's Note: Even though the TV Show Xena: The Warrior Princess exists in our world, it does not exist in my MGR World of SRR FanFic. Xena & Gabrielle were two actual, living, breathing, in-the-flesh, soul-searching, ground-breaking, all-of-mankind-saving, women-in-love that - well - never mind. You'll just have to figure it out as you read my stories.
Time Line Inconsistencies: None in this story.
MyGirlReyes' SRR FanFic Timeline: Second Novel of the Dream A Little Dream of Me Series centering around the time and events occuring between This Is Not Happening and Deadalive (Opening Scenes) of Season 8 including Mulder's funeral and a few days after that event.
Summary: Reyes has just spent the last four days faithfully at Scully's side as they both - together - deal with the horrible events leading up to Mulder's death, finding him dead in that field in Helena, Montana, and then flying back to Washington DC together so that she can be with Scully for three more days and give of her undying love, support and friendship before they ultimately leave for Raleigh, NC to attend Mulder's funeral. In the mean time, two little innocent children are kidnapped in Southern Louisiana - one a little girl, and one a little boy - by a sadistic, evil teenage gang that Reyes and her New Orleans partner have already been dealing with - chasing down, apprehending, interrogating, and arresting, just to have the juvenile courts release the repeat-offenders back out onto the streets - for several months. She is now, immediately, called back home to her hometown Office in New Orleans to lead the Search & Rescue Taskforce and save these two little innocent children from the clutches of this sadistic gang and pure evil. Can she do it? Can she find them? Will she get there in time? Can she save them? Will she rescue them in time? What about Scully? How will Scully handle the sudden separation, the funeral, and all the aftermath of this horrific event in her life, now that she and Reyes have fallen so deeply-in-love and she needs her so much to help her through this extremely difficult time? Suddenly, duty has called, and Reyes must leave her to go home and do her job.
Note: This story centers around the very heart of Southern New Orleans, Louisiana - Cajun Country. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed researching for it and then writing it.
Feedback: Yes! Please! It would be greatly appreciated.
Date Archived: Started: April 15, 2004. Finished: September 08, 2004. Archived: September 08, 2004. Revised: November 21, 2004

A Quick Note about Reyes: My characterization of Special Agent Monica Reyes, throughout the Dream A Little Dream of Me Series, is somewhat different from her portrayal on the actual TV show, The X-Files. Early on in the TV show, her Extrasensory Perception Abilities were mentioned. But for whatever reasons, TPTB decided to drop that element of her character; or at least not build upon it, like I think they could have. In my series of stories, I have continued that possibility and given her character great insight into the feelings and emotions of others, especially those that she loves and cares about. Read on as I take her ESP abilities to the next level of intimacy and understanding with her soul-mate, Dana Scully.
A Quick Note about Scully: Scully is still suffering from extreme grief, guilt and frustration over her loss of her best friend, Fox Mulder. In that sense, she is still quite fragile, emotionally and physically. Moreover, she is four-and-a-half months pregnant, which just adds to her mood-swings and unsteadiness. But, with Reyes' help, she is able to face her days of loneliness, her feelings of extreme grief and guilt – however unwarranted those feelings may be - and her frustration.
A Special Note of Thanks: To the love of my life, Angara, for allowing me to use the Spooky Awards Collage for this story. I love you, honey. You sat up most of the night to make it, and it is beautiful - almost as beautiful as you. I love you, forever and forever. Yours...
Character Situations before We Start the Story: Scully and Reyes have fallen in-love. They met just four days ago – early last Monday morning on a remote hillside in Helena, MT – as Reyes was called in by Doggett to help work on the "Missing Mulder" case. During the last four days she has been there for Scully, giving her all the love, friendship and support anyone could possibly give during such a difficult time as Scully finally breaks down from all the strain of losing Mulder. She needs Reyes. She loves Reyes. Moreover, they had instantly felt a connection – a bond, a spiritual interlink - between them the instant they first met, that was so powerful and all-consuming that neither could break the spell. Ultimately, they fell in love – or rather – their long-lost souls found and recognized each other again, and then quickly fell-in-love all over again for one more lifetime around.

Okay... Whew... And now... On with the story...


Rescue Me: Part 1

9:07 AM (ET) - Friday Morning – October 27, 2000
Inside the Boarding Ramp for Flight 289 Leaving for New Orleans at
Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport - Alexandria, Virginia:

"Wait! Hold up! One more!" the tall brunette cried out to the young male flight attendant as she bumped up her speed, running as quickly and as safely as she could, through the long ramp and up towards the big Airbus Jet. Special Agent Monica Reyes was about to miss her midmorning flight back to New Orleans. And would she ever be in a heap of trouble if she did that. The entire city of New Orleans was depending on her, and her Behavioral Sciences/Ritualistic Crime expertise, to help find two little children gone missing. One, a little girl kidnapped sometime yesterday morning, and the other, a little boy kidnapped sometime early this very morning.

"Oh wow, thank you," she panted to the nice young man as he smiled and grabbed her heavy overnight bag from off her shoulder.

"Of course. You are Agent Reyes?"

"Yes. Yes I am, I…"

"Hurry! We must get you seated!" he interrupted as he quickly began to lead her down the long, narrow passageway to the one empty seat left on the plane three-fourths of the way down towards the back of the passenger area. The US Airways Airline Agency had been informed of her critical departure and urgent need to fly back to New Orleans on Official Government Business. And the company was prepared to do whatever it deemed necessary to get her back to New Orleans as quickly and as safely as possible.

Reyes nodded as she felt a few stern looks thrown her way from some of the other patrons on the plane disgusted with the thought that the flight might run late due to her almost-too-late arrival. So what if she was a Federal Agent on Official Government Business rushing back to New Orleans via an Airbus Jet to help find and rescue two kidnapped little children? So what? Their flight had been delayed – by about thirty seconds - from leaving the terminal, due to this particular passenger; and that was just unacceptable to the sulking, impatient, pompous and arrogant passengers being delayed by a mere thirty seconds. But then the sulking, impatient passengers had no way of knowing the vital mission this young female federal agent was on, rushing home to the rescue to help save two small children. Of course, even if some of them had known, it probably would not have helped with their arrogant, pompous attitudes, them thinking as if they were the only ones in DC that needed to fly southwest to New Orleans on either business or pleasure. The world seemed full of selfish, arrogant, pompous assholes, thinking of only themselves and no one else much of the time. It's a sad state of affairs when one can get so frustrated over a mere thirty seconds of delay. But that was the reality.

She shook her head in mild frustration as she caught their gazes and smiled, in spite of their nasty looks deliberately thrown her way. She then caught the gaze of a friendly young man smiling widely at her. "Hey," she grinned quickly recognizing him, too.

"Hey. I see you made it.”

"Yeah. Had to," she replied as she eased on down the aisle.

He smiled again, nodding in response, then glanced back down to read some more on his book.

She smiled. He was very nice, the very same nice young man that had been sitting out in the passenger's waiting area with his wife and two young daughters, just in front of her and Scully, as they all waited for this particular jet to come in, unload, reload, and then whisk the two of them away from their loved ones to New Orleans.

Within moments, she and the young flight attendant had made their way down the long aisle and were now standing just in front of her row of seats.

An older couple sitting in the same row as her empty window seat glanced up and smiled brightly. Then the heavyset older man quipped, "Ya made it, dawlin'," winking at her, his bright bald shiny head sparkling in the sunlight.

She chuckled, "Yes sir, I did," then rested her palm on his shoulder for a moment before reaching up and opening the storage compartment bin just above the row of seats. …Uh-oh. Oh boy… There was no room left inside the storage bin for her overnight bag.

"I wudden sho' dere fow a little," he chuckled more heartily glancing over to his smiling wife then back up to the tall brunette.

Reyes smiled again. "Oh now, did I have you worried? Hum?"

"Aw naw, ain't nevah worried 'bout cha, sweethawt. I knowed ya'd be a comin' shawtly."

Reyes chuckled again as she did a quick 180` then opened the storage bin over on the other side of the narrow corridor. …Oh geez… It was stuffed also, full to overflowing, with other passengers' luggage, laptops and briefcases.

"Here," the young flight attendant said as he quickly opened and closed two more bins before finding one that had enough room. She quickly stepped up next to him and began to help him lift her heavy bag up over their shoulders and into the bin. "No. You must get in your seat. Now," he admonished her yet again.

"Okay, okay, I’m going, geez," she said as she quickly stepped back then slid in over the friendly older couple and eased down into her seat.

The sweet little older grey-haired woman smiled patting her on the knee, "Theyah, theyah, now, hurry 'em up and buckle up."

Reyes cocked an eyebrow, then quickly leaned down, shoved her briefcase up underneath the seat in front of her, pulled her jacket off, then finally hurried 'em up and buckled up.

The older woman winked still patting her lovingly on the knee as a mother, or maybe even a grandmother, would do.

The young flight attendant glanced down towards the tall, raven-haired beauty, smiled, then nodded, and then quickly walked back up the long corridor and ultimately out of sight.

She glanced at her watch as the plane began to vibrate more steadily from the engines roaring into renewed life. She sighed heavily. Her heart ached so it almost took her breath away; and her eyes were so puffy and red from her earlier tears they actually hurt from the irritation.

"It be aw right, child," the older woman whispered, still resting her palm on her knee, then reached over and squeezed her hand for a moment.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow yet again in wonderment then smiled, "I um… Thank you."

At this point, she really did not know quite what to say or think in response to the older couples' obvious care and concern for her. Undoubtedly, they had seen her gut-wrenching goodbye to Agent Scully just minutes before, inside the Reagan International Airport's passenger's waiting area, just before time for her to leave and board this plane.

She smiled again, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment, then turned to glance out the window. "Oh," she suddenly gasped, her heart leaping inside her chest. …Oh my God, Dana… "There you are," she barely whispered, so low no one else could hear her, as she focused her eyes on the beautiful, petite, lone redhead standing just on the other side of the large picture window overlooking the runway. …Oh God, baby… She leaned her forehead up against the window of the plane, reached up and then pressed her palm up against the cool thick glass. …Oh God, honey, I love you. And I'll see you soon, as soon as the case is over. I promise… she mused as, suddenly, warm tears began to flood her red, tearstained eyes all over again.

Scully wrinkled her brow focusing and straining her puffy, red eyes more intently.

Inside the Airport - Passengers' Waiting Area, Level 3:

Scully wrinkled her brow focusing and straining her puffy, red eyes more intently. She knew that the odds of seeing Reyes on that plane was practically slim to none, but she still focused and strained her red, tearstained eyes more determinedly, scanning across the row of windows spread across the large Airbus Jet. "Ah," she suddenly gasped. …Oh my God! Could it be?... she wondered as she suddenly saw an open palm pressed up against a window near the back of the plane. …Oh my God, Moni, it's you! It's you! I just know it's you! Oh God! And I love you! I love you, baby! And I'll come to you, as soon as the case is over. I promise… she mused as she then reached up and pressed her own palm up against the large picture window, the two pressed palms mirroring each other just perfectly.

Warm tears began to roll down her cheeks all over again as she glanced over to the large boarding ramp beginning to pull away from the side of the plane. "Oh God," she sighed heavily, swallowing hard to keep from just bursting into another fit of tears. She glanced back up and then refocused her gaze on that one, lone palm pressed up so securely against the airbus jet window.

Aboard the Airbus Jet:

Reyes kept her eyes focused on the petite little redhead and that petite little palm of hers pressed up against the large picture window, mirroring her own palm just perfectly, as her own palm began to fog up the small window somewhat. But she didn't care as long as she could keep that petite little redhead in view. And, moreover, she knew, too, that she needed to just concentrate on taking her next breath - and then the next, and then the next - for she could hardly breathe anymore as she watched the woman of her dreams say one last goodbye from that large picture window.

Suddenly, the engines roared more vigorously, the plane vibrating more insistently, as it suddenly began to move ever-so-slowly away from the terminal.

"Oh God," she groaned sorrowfully, swallowing hard to keep from just bursting into another fit of tears. But she was bound and determined to hold it together and watch, for as long as she could, until the woman she had utterly fallen so-in-love-with was completely out of sight.

Inside the Airport:

"Oh Moni," Scully groaned, her heart breaking into two, her fragile soul splitting into two, as she began to cry watching the big plane roll away and slowly make its way towards its designated runway. "Oh baby," she groaned again keeping her palm pressed up against the large picture window as the sight of Reyes' open palm began to fade away – fade, fade, fading away - and ultimately much too far away down the runway for her to see it anymore. …Ohhh… Her heart and soul ached so. …Ohhh… But she was bound and determined to stay, watch, and wait until the love of her life's plane had left the ground, was in flight and was ultimately out of sight.

Within minutes, the big plane was off the ground and in the air, soaring higher and higher, as it slowly banked to the right heading southwest for New Orleans.

She watched for another minute or so, then finally let go of her tight control on her emotions, ultimately breaking down into an uncontrollable fit of sobs. She hurriedly zigzagged her way across the open corridor and into the ladies' restroom for some much-needed privacy. She quickly grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser then sat down on the very same couch that she and Reyes had used just a little over an hour ago to say their warm goodbyes - hugging, cuddling and kissing each other privately - whispering sweet words of love and endearment to each other, until their time alone together had finally run out. "Oh Moni," she sobbed as she then lay down on the couch, swinging her legs up and rolling to her side, her back facing anyone that might enter the small room, as she tightened her arms around her chest and then just full-out cried - loudly.

…Ohhh… The woman of her dreams had been called back home to New Orleans much too early, and quite unexpectedly indeed. But two little children from two different areas of the big southern city had been kidnapped, in the last twenty-four hours, and Reyes was their best chance at being found and rescued from their perpetrators. Hence, the tall brunette needed to go back to New Orleans to find them and help rescue them. One rescue attempt on the little girl had already been tried, but had mysteriously gone awry just a couple of hours ago. And the little boy had only been missing since around 4:30, 4:45 AM this morning, New Orleans time.

"Ohhh," she groaned tearfully again through her sobs. She knew her lover's duty and responsibility was back home, in her own hometown of New Orleans, LA, with the two missing children. But it didn't make her broken heart hurt any less to know that fact. And besides, Reyes had already made plans to stay with her for a few more days in Washington DC, fly with her this very afternoon down to Raleigh, North Carolina, and then be with her tomorrow at Mulder's funeral, and then fly back to DC with her and stay until Monday afternoon, or possibly even as late as Tuesday night, with her at her own apartment. They had not had the opportunity to discuss the specifics, everything had been happening so fast, but Reyes had already planned on taking a few vacation days and staying with her over the next few days, giving her all the love, tenderness, comfort and support she could, to help her through this extremely difficult time.

"Ohhh," she groaned again through her sobs, sniffling a little bit, then blew her nose. …Oh God… And she did not want to go back home to her empty apartment just yet either. Nope. Not yet. She did not want to face that empty, lonely apartment of hers alone without her new love by her side. …Ohhh… And her bed? How could she ever crawl back into that bed, without Reyes there to warm her mornings, evenings and nights, showering her with so much love, tenderness and affection it almost took her breath away? "Oh God, Moni," she barely whimpered again through her tears so glad that she had the ladies' room all to herself. Luckily, for her, it was between flights, so there were not that many other female patrons around at the moment in need of the bathroom facilities. So she could just lay there and think, ache, sniffle, and cry, missing her new lover, Special Agent Monica Reyes, more than she could have ever imagined. She loved her so much - so very much, it hurt.

Aboard the Airbus Jet:

Reyes sucked in another deep breath trying so hard to regain control of her spiraling out-of-control emotions. The two little missing children in New Orleans needed her, and they needed her to be at her best - tiptop, shipshape and fully prepared - focused, and ready to target anyone and anything that might be of assistance in finding them. But …Ohhh… Her heart and soul ached so. She sighed softly then leaned in against the small window again, glancing down to the moving ground, then out along the horizon. …Oh frig… The dark clouds looked quite angry indeed off in the distance, and she had not even thought about getting a weather report. But, if the dark, angry clouds were any indication, the big city of New Orleans was probably already getting hammered with heavy rain. And that was not good when she needed to study, reexamine and reevaluate a crime scene. But heavy rain was quite typical in the southern state for this time of year. …Ohhh God… Her heart and soul ached so, she could hardly breathe! She sucked in another deep, full breath to keep from sounding a stifled sob.

"It's aw right child," the plump older grey-haired woman suddenly whispered again. "Ain't nudden wrong with cryin' when a hawt's so broken."

Reyes glanced over to her, sniffling a little bit, then wiped a tear.

The small, plump woman winked. "It's aw right now, child. And you love her now, don’t cha?"

Reyes grinned through her tears, slightly embarrassed all of a sudden with the implications, then nodded, "Yes. I do. Very much."

"Umhum, well ain't nudden wrong with that kinda love. Now you hold onto her, child, with all yow hawt."

Reyes nodded smiling again. "I plan to,” she said. And she did plan to – with all her heart.

Inside the Airport - Ladies' Restroom:

"Ohhh," Scully groaned heavily yet again through her tears. She literally could not remember when she had ever felt so broken, battered and weary. Her heart was so heavily burdened with despair, she could hardly breathe anymore! She had just lost her partner and best friend, Fox Mulder; and now to lose her newest friend turned lover, too? And all in the very same week? Well, it was just too much! Too much for her broken, battered and weary soul to bear! "Oh God, Moni," she whimpered again through her soft sobs. But, actually, she had not lost her newest friend turned lover as well. Oh no. Not really. She and Reyes were just going to have to be separated from each other for a little while. That was all. And she needed to remind herself of that. She had not lost Agent Reyes. Oh no. Not really. Reyes was hers - all hers - and she held the key to Reyes' heart inside the palm of her hand, whether she realized that quite yet or not. Furthermore, Reyes was only an email or a phone-call away. But then an email or a phone-call certainly did not give her all that she needed when she needed to feel Reyes' warmth surrounding her, and feel those long, lean, strong arms of hers embracing her and wrapping her up so tightly, holding her tirelessly tight until she felt safe, secure and so very deeply, immeasurably loved again. "Oh Moni, God, I miss you. I miss you so much already, and I… I can hardly breathe anymore, I… I… Oh God, Mon…"

"Shhh, baby, don't cry. I'm right here with you. Always."

…Whoa… Scully jumped a little bit. …What in the…?… She could have sworn she had just heard Reyes' soft, gentle and soothing voice echo inside of these bathroom tiled walls.

"Shhh, honey, I love you. And as soon as this case is over, we'll be together again, okay? We'll be together. And I'll call you tonight, as soon as I can, okay? Okay, baby?"

“Okay,” the redhead barely whispered then …Whoa! Crap!... she suddenly jumped up into a sitting position. ...Holy crap!... Was she going crazy or what, hearing her baby's voice echo inside her head? And then to answer her, as if she could actually hear her? …For Crissakes…

"Shhh, Dana, it's okay. I'm right here with you, even now. Close your eyes and feel me. Feel my love, my presence, surrounding you."

Scully's tears had instantly stopped as she sat there quietly, panting with emotion. "Mon?" she suddenly whimpered, her heart beginning to pound inside her chest, as she almost expected to see Reyes walk through the entranceway and into the little room.


"M… Moni?" she tried again, hoping to hear her lover's soft, soothing voice echo once more inside her head.


"Oh, for Crissakes," she mumbled at the ludicrous thought, then, suddenly, unconsciously reached down inside her coat pocket. The impulsive action had been done out of nothing but pure instinct; and her hand had just seemed to be guided into that spontaneous, reflexive action all on its own. She then felt a small pebble. …What in the world?... she wrinkled her brow. Well, no, actually, the more she felt of it, the more it felt like a small river rock, so slick and smooth to the touch, fitting just perfectly inside the palm of her hand. She then pulled it out and looked at it, wondering how it had found its place inside her coat pocket. She had never seen it before, and yet it was so beautiful - so very beautiful - the light blue hue.

Dana? She heard the light echo of her lover's soft, gentle voice echo again.


She heard the light echo of her lover’s soft, gentle voice echo again. …Whoa!... "M... Moni?" she jumped, responding instantly, as her heart jumped to her throat.


"Ohhh." …Jeezus! Am I going insane or what?… she thought, shaking her head, then reflexively reached down again into that same coat pocket and found a small folded note. …Oh! My God!… Her heart leaped yet again to her throat beginning to race excitedly inside her chest. She then began to unfold it, still holding the beautiful blue touchstone in her palm, then began to read it.


I don't have much time. But I want you to have this. It's mine, but now it's yours to keep with you, all the time. And any time you want to feel me with you, just hold it, in the palm of your hand, okay? I'll explain more, when we talk tonight. But, know that I love you, always. And that I am with you, forever, in the palm of your hand.

All my love,


"Ohhh," the little redhead sighed gleefully, cupping her hand and squeezing the beautiful little touchstone inside her palm. "Ohhh, Moni," she whispered so happily yet again. And if she didn't know better, and know how ludicrous the very concept was, she could almost swear that she could feel her lover right there with her, in the very same room with her, almost touching her, and whispering sweet words of endearment to her as she held the little touchstone so tightly in the palm of her hand. …Oh wow!… Her hand had actually begun to tingle warmly from the feel of the small, smooth stone. She giggled and laughed, opening her palm and actually kissing the small, smooth rock for a moment. …Oh, for Crissakes… She laughed again. She was losing it – no doubts – to be kissing a frickin' river rock. She laughed again. But …Oh wow!... did she ever feel better now, after finding the pretty touchstone from her baby, and the sweet, heartfelt, handwritten note. …Oh Monica… Her heart fluttered inside her chest as she felt that same warm, familiar tingle begin to radiate all throughout her system, just like it had since the first time she had ever laid eyes on her new lover. …Mmm… Furthermore, she hoped to keep her new lover - Special Agent Monica Reyes - safely in the palm of her hand, too, for always.

She quickly reread the little note then refolded it and shoved it back down into her front pants pocket. The note was much too precious and special to be hanging around inside her coat pocket. It could easily get lost from inside of there as she grabbed her keys or a parking lot ticket stub or something. Oh no, it would ride around in her front pants pocket for a while until she could get home and put it in a much more special and safe place. And the stone? Well, it would be riding around inside her palm for a while, occasionally receiving tender little rubs and squeezes, as she thought about her beautiful new lover who had surprised her with the sweet and special gift.

Aboard the Airbus Jet:

"Ohhh," Reyes sighed wearily, opening her eyes, and then glanced at her watch again. The plane had been in the air for about fifteen minutes. "Mmm," she sighed more contentedly then smiled. She was no longer feeling the extreme anguish and trepidation inside her gut from Scully's broken heart anymore as she had been just minutes before. Undoubtedly, her telepathic skills had worked, and she had managed to reach Scully through her thoughts, sending her new lover her love, guidance, and reassurance that things would be all right. …Frig… She just wished she could somehow count on her telepathic abilities to work every single time she needed them to work that successfully. It was so frickin' frustrating! She never knew for sure, whether her telepathic abilities were reaching out and communicating with whomever she needed them to or not - except for her grandmother. But then her Grams had had many more years of practice, using trial and error, and controlled experience, to perfect the skill. And, in time, she would hopefully have that same kind of control, proficiency and success as her grandmother had had over the years and on a regular basis. And, too, her own heart and soul had begun to settle, which probably meant that Scully's heart and soul and begun to settle, too. And that was a very good sign indeed. She wondered, too, if Scully had found the little touchstone yet. She smiled as she thought about how Scully would react to such a silly gift. And yet, once she had the time to explain it to her, nothing about it was silly – far from it. It was an amazing gift, full of love, devotion, and affection towards her lover. And if Scully would just allow it to do what it was capable of doing, it would help to calm her soul, and give her spirit peace and tranquility even through the darkest of times.

…Oh yeah, the hippy, loony, fruity, far-out, fruitcake, Monica Reyes… She chuckled at her thoughts. But she had already had enough experience with touchstones, karma, the seven chakras, and such things to know not to throw such quirky and unconventional theories out so lightly to the wind. "Ohhh," she sighed wearily yet again. …Geez!... She was so tired – exhausted, actually.

"Everythin' aw right now, deah hawt?" the older woman sitting beside her suddenly asked. She had been respecting the contemplative brunette's privacy and had kept quiet, not bothering her, as she lay with her forehead leaned up against the window of the plane, obviously concentrating, and deep in thought about something. The older woman had seen that type of expression before - deep, focused, concentrated thought - so she knew not to disturb someone when one was trying to reach another through a little cosmic, deep-wave, telepathic energy.

"Oh! I um… Yes, I… I'm Monica. Monica Reyes," the cordial brunette said reaching out her hand in greeting.

"Bessie. Bessie and Geowge Clayton, down Belle Chasse."

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm from Slidell, west side, Palm Lake area."

"Aw yesum, mighty good fishin' down nere," the older gentleman chimed in, leaning over and winking at her.

"Yes sir, the best."

"Aw naw, now, I ain't goin' go dat fah, naw, no mo', dawlin', umum, now you come let ole' Geowge heyah take ya some time."

Reyes smiled again. She loved the older, retired natives of Southern Louisiana. They tended to be just good, old, plain, solid, trustworthy folk. And everyone they met was either "dawlin', deah hawt, or sweethawt." And none of the terms were meant to be of a sexually-harassing nature, they were just sweet terms of endearment towards one another, and especially towards someone much younger.

"Well... Belle Chasse…" she began again.

"Yep. I hep run da fishin' boats and ferry."

"Oh. So you're a river man then," she teased.

"Aw yeyah," the big, heavyset older man belly-laughed heartily. He was proud of his 56+ years of running ferryboats, fishing boats, speedboats, riverboats and airboats all up and down the channels and bayous of Southern Louisiana. He knew all of the little creeks, bends, turns and channels in those swamplands like the back of his hand. "Ain't nudden like it," he said.

"Aw, Geowge, now hush. She don't wanna hear all dat. Sides, you need some sleep, child. You been up too long. Shows in them pretty eyes a yows," Bessie said.

"Oh wow. Do I look that bad?" Reyes teased them both again.

"Aw, heyall naw! But cha tired, now ain't cha?" George chimed in again.

Reyes grinned. Oh yes, was she ever tired. She had not had a good night's sleep in days!

"Well, you go on sleep now, child," Bessie said. "We won't be a botherin' ya no mo'. Pull that jacket up 'round them shouldas. Stop dat draft."

"Mmm, yes, I think I might try to do that, ma'am, thank you," Reyes smiled again, enjoying her conversation with the sweet older couple, then scooted down in her seat slightly, pulling her jacket up and around her chest and shoulders, then over her arms, and then leaned her head in against the side of the plane.

"That's it, child, sleep now, I'll watch over ya," Bessie cooed patting Reyes on the knee once again.

Reyes smiled stifling a giggle. She didn't mind all of the loving and tender affection coming from the older woman. She was very affectionate herself. And, besides, Bessie was old enough to be her grandmother. So she probably reminded the older woman of a granddaughter or something. It was very, very sweet, actually, all of the heartfelt concern and tender affection coming from both Bessie and George. But then Reyes tended to bring out the best in people whether she intended to or not. She just had that way about her, and people were usually drawn to her, in a very positive way.

"Hum," she shifted again in her seat then collapsed down a little more comfortably against the wall of the plane hoping to get a little more shut-eye before the inevitable gut-wrenching, nonstop, sleep-depriving critical case took over her life for a while, waiting for her to help solve it, back home in New Orleans.


The minutes continued to tick away as she lay there wide awake, with her eyes still closed, desperately needing to drop off into a deep, restful sleep. …Oh, for Godsakes… She opened her eyes, frustrated, then quickly glanced at her watch again. 9:46 AM. …Oh crock!… But then her watch was still set on Eastern Standard Time instead of Central Standard Time. So that was a plus. At least she would gain an hour once she got back home to New Orleans. She quickly readjusted her watch to New Orleans time, running it back an hour to 8:46, then closed her eyes once again.

…Oh God, come on, please, just a little sleep... Please?… she mused. She really needed to try and get at least an hour or so in before her 10:39 touchdown in New Orleans, given that she had not slept hardly at all last night. She had been too busy making-love to Agent Scully all night and into the wee hours of the morning to get any sleep. And then she had received that dreadful phone-call, informing her to get her ass up and out of Scully's bed, and over to FBIHDQ stat, and then, ultimately, she had received that last dreaded phone-call from her ASAC, Cunningham, calling her back to New Orleans, first flight out.

…Oh, what a morning… she thought. She and Scully had not even had a chance to talk about all that had happened between them over these last few days. …Oh geez... They had only met four days ago, this past Monday morning, on a remote mountainside in Helena, Montana, on a case searching for the missing Mulder. And, by the next night, they had found him, dead in a field; and from that moment on, everything had changed – everything - and she had fallen so head-over-hills-in-love with Special Agent Dana Scully she could hardly breathe much less imagine life without her anymore. And she did not want to, either. Granted, it was going to be hard – damn hard – to somehow maintain a relationship with a distance of over a thousand miles apart separating them. But somehow, they could do it somehow - until she could put in for a transfer and then move in closer to Washington DC Headquarters, or to Quantico, or maybe to Baltimore, or the District office, or something. She'd figure it out.

"Oh," she sighed heavily yet again frustrated. But right now, she needed to somehow slow her contemplative thoughts down and get some sleep.

Inside the Airport - Baggage Claims Area, Level 1:

"Scully!" Skinner yelled out loudly one more time, hustling up the corridor right behind the fast-moving little redhead. He had seen her enter the ladies' room up on Level 3, but he had missed her when she had finally exited heading for home.

Scully stopped dead in her tracts then turned to face the familiar voice. "Skinner? What are you doing here?"

"I… I had some, I needed to… give this to Reyes, and um, I… But, I missed her… Obviously," he stammered around.

"Obviously," Scully quipped cocking an eyebrow as she glanced down to the file folder he still held in his hand.

"I um... Well… Did she get off all right?"

Scully grinned glancing away for a moment. …Oh my, yes indeed, did she get-off all right… she thought, thinking about how many times Reyes had gotten-off earlier this morning in her bed, then quickly sucked in her lower lip to hide her smile. …Oh my, yes, indeed, did she get-off all right. Um-hum. In more ways than I can even count… Oh my, yes, indeedy… Her heart skipped a beat. Multiple times Reyes had climaxed this morning. And so had she.

Skinner cocked an eyebrow. "You okay?"

Scully quickly adorned her ever-practical deadpan face. "Yeah. Why?"

"Oh, I was just, you two seemed to … get really close."

"Oh," Scully smirked, stifling a chuckle and glancing away for a moment, running her tongue along her bottom lip. "Well? Yes. We did. I trust her," she said coolly, not revealing any of her truly blissfully-in-love emotions, then began to walk away towards the exit door again leaving Skinner to make up his mind as to what he wanted to do or say next.

He quickly followed in behind her. "Scully? Wait…Wait… Wait!... Scully?!"

"What?" she huffed suddenly stopping and spinning around to face him, not hiding her agitation from him in the least. She did not have time for this or his prying comments.

"I… I've been here… for a while."

"And?" She cocked a red-auburn eyebrow.

"And… I saw you."

"You saw me. You saw me what, Skinner?" she bluffed.

"I saw you. Both of you. You and Agent Reyes, and I…"

Scully narrowed her eyes. The gall of him spying on them. "You… I'm not sure what you're trying to imply, Assistant Director. Tell me."

"I, um… Scully?"

"No. If you have something to say to me then just say it, damn it!" she yelled suddenly.

…Whoa!… Several patrons standing close by suddenly glanced up to the heated exchange between subordinate and supervisor.

"I, um… Dana?"

"No! Now look. I need to run by the bank, get some cash out, stop by the store, wash a quick load of clothes, pack an overnight bag, get a bite of lunch, then try to take a quick nap sometime before my mother arrives, then get us both back over here by 3:00, and then catch a plane to Raleigh... Now… If you have something to say to me, then just say it, damn it!" she demanded yet again.

…Whoa!... The several patrons standing close by backed away giving the pissed-off little redhead a little more room.

"Hah," Skinner huffed himself glancing away frustrated. He was not very good at this sort of thing, but somehow he wanted her to know that he was not condemning her - or Agent Reyes - over what he had just witnessed a little over an hour ago - them hugging, nuzzling and kissing all over each other as they said their goodbyes, crying in each other's arms, tears streaming uncontrollably down their faces, their bodies trembling and wracked with gut-wrenching emotion - as the minutes continued to tick away from them until ultimately the brokenhearted Reyes had to get on a plane and leave the brokenhearted Scully behind. Oh no. Somehow, he wanted to convey to her how much he cared – about both of them - and how sorry he was for their hurt. He wanted to be her friend – their friend – and not condemn either one of them for anything.

"Well?" Scully huffed again quite agitated indeed.

Skinner turned back around to face her. "Well. Um. Where did you park?"

Scully cocked a pretty little red-auburn eyebrow yet again. "In a parking lot. Blacktop."

Skinner snorted, "Smart ass."

"You know it," she teased smiling. Her quick temper had subsided, at least for the time being.

Then they both began to walk towards the exit doors and into a parking lot, blacktop – not necessarily the parking lot, blacktop – but it was a parking lot, blacktopped, all the same.

Aboard the Airbus Jet - Twenty minutes later:

Two stewardesses and the same young steward that had helped seat Reyes earlier began to push refreshment carts down the long aisle of the plane. He glanced over to the dozing Reyes, then nodded questioningly at George.

"Umum, let her be," George whispered. "Needs her sleep."

The steward nodded then asked him and his wife quietly if they would care for anything. They both asked for a can of diet sprite to drink along with their ever-typical bag of pretzels.

"Mm," Reyes suddenly whimpered softly from the sounds then shifted in her seat.

"Shhh, it's aw right, sleep child," Bessie responded to the soft, childlike whimper watching over her as she had promised her she would do.

"Mm," Reyes barely whimpered again then rolled slightly to her side, as best she could, given the tight space and small seat she was in.

"Shhh, theyah, theyah," Bessie soothed again as she reached over and readjusted the slumbering brunette's leather jacket over her chest and arms making sure her upper torso was protected from the cool draft.

Scully's Apartment Building, Inside the Elevator ~ Georgetown District, Washington, DC:

Scully sighed heavily as she leaned back against the elevator wall. …Oh my God… The wonderfully sweet memories flooding throughout her senses of these last few days together with Agent Reyes were almost more than she could bear, as they flashed wildly about inside her head, all of the sweet and gentle little kisses, the tender and easy little caresses, the big, bear hugs and tight squeezes, and then the ever more feverishly-passionate, tongue-thrusting, deep, head-spinning lip-locks and urgent gropes, clutches and embraces she and Reyes had shared, even inside of this very elevator last night. …Ohhh God!... It just made their sudden and unexpected early separation hurt that much more! "Oh God," she groaned aloud almost feeling faint for a few seconds. Her emotional endurance had been on overload for days – more like weeks – maybe even months! And she was not sure how much more she could handle before she would finally just give in and collapse from all the strain.

"Oh God," she groaned again as she forced herself to rise up from the back of the elevator. She had to find the strength - more strength, more tenacious, doggedly determined strength - to get through these next two days, because Mulder's funeral was tomorrow. And she had to find the strength, both emotionally and physically, to at least get through tomorrow, and then she could come home and crash into the depths of utter despair if she were fated to do so. And, too, she had needed to stop by the store on her way home and buy a few small items including some laundry detergent, so she could wash that quick load of clothes before packing her overnight bag, then stop by the bank and get some cash out, before finally settling in for a few hours then ultimately leaving again for the airport. But she had decided to come home first anyway, in spite of her former decision to delay the time when she would face her lonely, empty apartment alone, without her wonderful new lover by her side. She felt that she had better try and get the pain of that over and done with now, before her mother came, for she would have a hard enough time as it was hiding her true feelings for Agent Reyes from her mother, without her mother seeing her utter devastation the moment she stepped inside her lonely, empty apartment all alone.


The elevator stopped on the third floor - her floor. The doors opened. "Oh God," she groaned again as she walked out, sweet memories of last night with Reyes flooding her soul like a windstorm knocking her to her knees. "Ohhh," she groaned again. This was going to be so much harder than she had anticipated. …Oh damn, Monica! Damn!... She fussed mentally at the very idea that someone could have changed her life so dramatically in just a matter of days. …Oh damn! Damn it, Monica!... She had never needed anyone or anything before in her life! And now? "Damn!" she fussed audibly yet again as she began to walk towards her apartment door. She then fumbled around with her door key, trying to get it to go into the lock. …Ohhh… Her eyes watered up with tears as more sweet memories from last night began to flood her thoughts. …Oh baby… She could almost feel the warm tingling sensations of Reyes' warm, soft hands covering hers and beginning to fumble around with the door key, too, to help open the contrary apartment door lock last night. …Oh God… And had they ever had a wonderfully arousing good time underneath the boardwalk last night, too, bumping and grinding their lower halves into each other's mounds, Scully kissing, groping and squeezing all over Reyes' breasts with her hands and mouth, crushing her mound hard against Reyes' crotch before Reyes had finally stopped them, begging her to take her home, take her to her bed, and make sweet hot passionate love to her. ...Oh God, Moni, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so upset just now, I… I just… Ohhh… How can I be angry with you, when you're just doing what you have to do, your job? Oh, how can I? Hum? How can I? You had no other choice but to leave me, now did you? You had to. You had to leave me. Oh God, Moni. It's just that I miss you so much! And I don't know how I'm going to make it through these next few days without you! And I… I just… Oh God, I need you... I need you, Moni… I need you... And I love you so much I... Ohhh… Her heart ached so.

She shook her head, clearing her frustrations, then reached down inside her front pants pocket and grabbed onto the little touchstone again, pulling it out from its hidden abode and up to her lips once more. …Oh, Moni, do you know? Can you somehow sense me, sense my thoughts right now? Hum? Can you?... Well… I'm gonna kiss a rock. How about that? Yeah. I'm gonna kiss this little rock that you gave me. How's that for going stone crazy? Hum? What do you think? My walking, talking X-file, Monica Reyes... She chuckled. Yep. She was going to kiss a rock - again – Reyes' rock. …For Crissakes!... she chuckled, but kissed it anyway, warming and wetting the smooth surface with her lips, thinking about her baby somewhere over North Carolina, or maybe even Northern Georgia by now, on a plane bound for New Orleans.

She then held the little touchstone inside her palm as she gave her door key another try. The door suddenly opened, instantly. "Ah," she chuckled at the irony. …Amazing… And a part of her almost wondered if Reyes had had anything to do with that. …Oh God. Don't be ridiculous! You sound like Mulder!… She chuckled again, then took a deep breath, held it for a moment, then slowly opened the door and entered her quiet, silent, well-kept, well-furnished and yet oh-so-very-lonely apartment.

Aboard the Airbus Jet:

"Um… Da…" Reyes barely mumbled under her breath, shifting in her seat once more, then mumbled something else incoherently as she lightly dozed.

Normally, she did not talk in her sleep, but, even though she was extremely exhausted at this point, from lack of any real rest, her thoughts were still quite preoccupied with a gorgeous little redhead she had left behind back in Georgetown, Washington, DC. And her thoughts just would not settle down long enough for her to drift off into a nice, deep, peaceful and restful sleep, no matter how badly she needed it. But at least she was at the lightly-dozing stage. And that was better than lying there wide awake, as she had been just a few minutes ago.

Bessie glanced over to her, checking on her for a moment, then eased her own head back down against the backrest of the seat. She was going to try for a little nap herself before arriving home in New Orleans.

Scully's Apartment - Living Room Area:

"Mmm," the little redhead groaned again, closing her eyes and leaning back against her apartment front door, closing it behind her. …Oh my... This was so hard to do, coming home to an empty apartment, after sharing it so splendidly with Agent Reyes for the last few days. …Oh baby. I see you, everywhere I look, I can still see you… she thought. And that was with her eyes still closed. She hated to think how it was going to be when she actually opened them and glanced around her empty apartment.

After a couple of minutes of just trying to catch her breath and muster up the strength to actually open her eyes, she rose up from the door, opened them then glanced around the open room. Her gaze then landed on the edge of her couch. …Oh my… How could she miss it – the edge of her couch? Her couch was angled directly towards her front door. …Oh my God… "Mmm, baby," she moaned. …You were so beautiful last night. So incredibly beautiful. Ohhh, baby… She began to walk towards the armrest of the big, plush couch. …Oh my God… Her heart began to flutter inside her chest as visions of Reyes' bare legs, ankles and feet began to flood her thoughts, those bare feet and ankles curling and flexing slightly, as her knees and thighs quivering and trembling, her hands very busy underneath a cotton throw, as her head lay back, her eyes closed tight, her lips slightly parted, as she barely whimpered and gasped, stifling her need to verbalize as she approached the impending crest. "Oh God," the reminiscing little redhead exhaled a long, deep breath as she ran her palm down along the full length of the couch. …Oh my God… You were so beautiful… Gorgeous… My Goddess… Ohhh… Her heart skipped a beat at the memory.

Reyes had managed to somehow leave the bedroom last night, as Scully had dropped off into a very deep sleep, and had tiptoed out into the main living room and had ended up on the couch for a little while, presumably to smoke a cigarette, or two, or three. But then all of the many highly sexually-arousing events of last night, and the ever-consistent lack of any real sexual relief over the last few days must have been more than her overly–heated, highly-aroused, sexually-charged, revved-up-and-raring-to-go sweltering body could take; and so she had begun to pleasure herself, on Scully's couch of all things, as Scully slept so soundly in the bedroom.

Scully chuckled at the memory, because undoubtedly she had awakened just in time to find herself hugging only Reyes' pillow, instead of Reyes herself, and then wondering what had happened to her. And as she lay there fully waking up she had then thought that she had heard something – something very interesting indeed – like maybe a soft, barely audible little moan, and then a soft, barely audible little groan, and then maybe a soft, barely audible little squeak-squeak from the coiled springs inside one of the cushions on her couch out in the main living room. …Ohhh baby… Her heart melted at the memory.

So, being the highly-trained special federal agent that she was - always on the lookout for anything out-of-the-ordinary, such as unusual or unexplained noises – she had then eased herself up from her bed, padded down to her living room, and had then ultimately found her lover stretched out on the couch, with her bare feet and ankles hanging over the plush armrest slightly curling and flexing in the moonlight in an erotic rhythm. …Oh yeah. Um, um, um… She had stood quietly and watched for a few moments, utterly mesmerized by the erotic scene, and had then …Oh baby… suddenly heard her own given name being whimpered "…oh, ah, Dana, oh…" barely audible, between more little gasps and whimpers as those two bare feet and ankles began to curl and quiver more urgently.

…Oh God… Her own insides had just quivered at the memories, her panties suddenly soaking with a little spurt of warm, slick love-cream. "Oh Moni," she reacted to her rising libido. Just the thought and memory of her lover pleasuring herself on her couch last night was doing a number on her most private and intimate of treasures right now, causing them to hum and drum into heightened arousal. "Mmm."

She then walked over and eased herself down on her couch, the very same couch that Reyes had used last night to pleasure herself. She smiled as she then reached down to retrieve the pillow still lying on the floor next to her foot. "Mmm." She hugged the pillow, squeezing it tightly against her chest, as she breathed in her lover's sweet scent still lingering on the soft, cotton-blend fabric. "Oh God, Moni, I remember. Oh God, how I'll always remember, the first time I ever made love to you," she whispered as she then lay down on the couch, rolling to her side and then all the way over onto her stomach, still clutching the touchstone with one hand and hugging her lover's pillow with both arms, snuggling in and nuzzling her nose in along the soft fabric, breathing in her lover's sweet scent, as her thoughts drifted back to the wee hours of the early morning when she had ultimately taken over, and began to pleasure her new lover, making sweet hot passionate love to her for the very first time, bringing her again and again and again on this very couch.

Aboard the Airbus Jet - Thirty Minutes Later:

"Oh," Reyes jumped slightly from her own hand barely squeezing her tightly-beaded nipple straining so urgently against her tightly-fitted shirt. …Holy shit!... She barely opened her eyes and glanced over at Bessie sitting just next to her. …Oh! My God!... Luckily, the older woman appeared to be lightly dozing, too. She then glanced down along her chest. …Oh geez. Whew… Was she ever glad to see that her dark leather jacket was still covering her upper torso, arms and hands. How embarrassing would that have been to have had this little old lady and her husband – or anyone else on the plane for that matter - catching her copping a feel of her own swollen boob? …Lord have mercy… But then in her mind - the visions still bouncing around erotically inside her head - it had been Scully's hand, not hers, copping a feel of her big boob, and teasing her rigidly-stiff nipple with a thumb and forefinger. …Mmm… God!... She hoped she had not just moaned out loud! …For Godsakes!… But her crotch was aching so she had to consciously remind herself of where she was to keep from instinctively reaching down and cupping her own aching, pulsating clit.

…Oh my God... Thoughts of Scully's hands, all over her - touching her, caressing her and massaging her, all over her most intimate of places - continued to bounce around inside her head, just adding to her most frustrating of predicaments. …Holy shit!... she thought again. She may have to get up and go to the restroom, if her pulse rate and respiration didn't slow down – much less the relentless tingling of her pulsating clit. …Oh God! Holy shit!... It was like waking up from a wet dream! Thank God she didn't have what her best friend, John Doggett, had between his legs, or she'd be in a heap of trouble trying to hide some happy-drops atop a massive hard-on. But then she may have soaked her underpants all the way through to the denim seam between her legs anyway. …Holy shit!... And was that not a possible creamy hot, wet mess. Her favorite little redhead, Dana Scully, had most definitely opened up the floodgates of sexual desire inside the tall, dark brunette's mind, body and soul. She could almost chuckle at the situation had she not presently been on a plane full of passengers. But she managed to keep herself quiet.

She quickly glanced back over at the Claytons for a moment. Both of them had their heads laid back against their seats, taking little naps, too. She smiled, then sighed heavily, contemplating whether to take a chance and get up, go to the restroom, check on everything to make sure she had not soaked herself all the way through to her jeans - as if she could do anything about the creamy wet spot anyway - then come back to her seat, taking a great, big chance that someone may catch a little whiff of her heightened sexual arousal. …Oh, for Godsakes… Or, should she just hang loose and let things fall - or come - as they may? She grinned again, nibbling on her lower lip for a moment. What could she do about it anyway if she had soaked her jeans all the way through? She chuckled at the thought. …Oh geez…

When she was really turned on - as she was right now thanks to a gorgeous little redhead - she would get so wet! It was almost embarrassing the amount of warm, wet, slick buttery cream she would produce between her legs. …Oh God, Dana. What you do to me, woman!… She grinned again then snuggled in underneath her jacket a little more cozily as her thoughts drifted back to a certain little redhead. …Mmm…

Now that she was awake, she really should be thinking about the case. But a certain little redhead just happened to have her thoughts and imagination wrapped around her little finger for the time being. And that was okay. Because she already knew what she needed to do, the moment she set foot on the ground in New Orleans, for the missing kids. And she could not do a thing for them right now anyway, cooped up inside of this big airplane. …Mmm… Her thoughts drifted back to a stunningly gorgeous little redhead.

Scully's Apartment - On the Couch – Five Minutes Later:

"Mmm," Scully moaned again in her light slumber. "Oh… Moni…" she whimpered as she continued to lightly sleep and fantasize about herself cupping and squeezing all over her lover's warm, soft breasts, sucking and licking each tender wet peak, then tugging and pulling on each aching tip, one and then the other, as her lover gasped and arched her back up into the sensations. "Mmm," she gutturally groaned again, cupping and squeezing her own aching breasts with her hands, then teased a hardened nipple through her bra, her entire body tingling with heightened need. "Oh… baby…" she whimpered again, then rolled to her side, still hugging her lover's pillow so tightly against her chest, daydreaming and envisioning them making love, over and over and over again, remembering, remembering, remembering.


Her cell-phone began to pulsate somewhere near the front door, probably inside her purse.

"Oh," she jumped at the sound then quickly rose up and followed the beep, quickly retrieving her phone. "Scully."

A long pause lingered on the other end of the line for a few seconds, then finally a soft, gentle female voice whispered, "Hey."

"Hey! Moni?" Scully's heart leaped inside her chest.

"I um, yeah, I… I didn't know whether to… call, I… I hope I'm not… rushing things."

"Oh no! No! God! Where are you? Still on the plane?" the happily surprised redhead asked glancing at her watch. There was no way that Reyes' plane had landed yet. No way.

"Um, yeah, I… I'm in the flight attendants' area and I… Well… Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just… miss you."

"Mmm, me too, I… I can't stop thinking about you and I…" Suddenly her cell-phone began to make bizarre sounds before finally losing the signal. "Aw frig," she fussed as the line went dead.

"Mon? You still there?... Crap!" the redhead fussed. But she knew exactly what had happened, too. The line had gone dead, losing its signal. Still, she was amazed that Reyes had even taken the chance of making a phone-call from the airplane anyway.

She waited a few moments, her heart fluttering inside her chest from just the sound of her lover's voice, hoping that her lover would take that chance one more time. And, sure enough, within moments it began to beep that boring default chime yet again. She was going to have to fix that and give it a wonderfully bright and musical Mozart, or maybe even Chopin, chime she decided as she quickly answered, "Scully."

"Hey. Me again. I, um, I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to call you tonight, but, Dana, I promise I'll call you, as soon as I catch a free moment, okay? I'll call you. Tonight, okay?" the tall brunette quickly rattled off.

"Oh baby, it's okay, I understand. Don't worry about me, you've got a job to do, so don't worry about me. Mom will be here. You just take care of yourself, okay? And get some sleep. And eat! You better eat! Do you hear me? And, God baby, drink plenty of fluids, too, okay? You're still not 100%. And you can't afford to get sick again, okay?" the little redhead rattled off, too.


"Doctor's orders?" Scully teased.

Reyes giggled, "Yeah. Doctor's orders."

"Okay, that's my girl," Scully teased her again.

"Yeah. You're girl," Reyes giggled.

Reyes had been extremely sick just three nights before from an extreme bout of nausea and severe dehydration due to her constant, ever-persistent over-taxation on her physical body and overuse of her extrasensory skills to help Scully find and cope with the Missing Mulder Case. And Scully had been the one to finally recognize it, take care of her, rush her to the Emergency Room in Helena, Montana, then doctor her, medicate her, and ultimately save her from possible loss of life. Yes, the woman had almost died in Helena, Montana, after overtaxing her extrasensory abilities to help Scully and reach down inside of her very soul, taking on some of her pain, her hurt, her agony, her guilt, and then suffering through the excruciating emotionally taxing pain herself, protecting Scully from some of the torturous hurt, before eventually collapsing from the spiritual strain herself. Ironically, Scully had no idea at all that Reyes had done that loving, selfless, self-sacrificing act for her that night. All she knew was, Reyes had not eaten, or had anything to drink for most of the day, and had then begun to vomit relentlessly leading to severe dehydration. So no, Scully had no idea at all what all Reyes had actually done for her just three nights ago - the very same night that they had found Mulder dead in that field.

They both were silent for a few seconds knowing that they each only had a few moments before one or the other of their cell-phones might possibly lose the signal again.

"Dana?" "Mon?" They both started in unison then both giggled. They tended to do that quite often for some reason.

"You go, baby," Scully encouraged.

Reyes smiled hesitating for a moment then whispered, "I love you." And that was all she really needed to say to her favorite little redhead for the moment.

"Ohhh," Scully's eyes watered up. Oh, how many times had Reyes told her that already over the last few days? How many times? More times than she could count. And, ironically, she could not remember the last time she had heard those three very important words from her deceased partner and best friend, Fox Mulder. Undoubtedly, he had just assumed that she already knew that, after all these years, and so, consequently, he had not seen the need to tell her anymore. But, oh wow, how wrong he had been, now that she had had someone else to say those three very important words to her over the last few days, really meaning it, and spoiling her, showing her in every possible way just how much she loved, adored and appreciated her. Those three very important words meant everything to her, especially coming from her new lover, Reyes. "I…" she hesitated. …Oh damn! Come on, Dana, come on now!... She had such a hard time saying those three very important words to someone herself – and especially to someone she loved so deeply. And why was that? She really did need to work on that. "I um… I love you, too, baby…" she choked out determined to tell her baby how much she loved her, too. But the cell-phone had gone dead again, losing its signal. "Oh for… Crap! I can't believe…" She quickly hit the incoming-calls button trying to return her lover's call. She found the number then hit the redial button. No Signal flashed across the little screen. "Oh, for Crissakes," she fussed again then hit the redial button yet again. Searching for Service flashed across the little screen for a few seconds, then No Signal flashed again. "Ohhh!... God!... Moni? God, I love you! I hope you heard me! Crap!" she fussed again.

Aboard the Airbus Jet:
But, no worries, her lover had.

Reyes grinned, her heart and soul brimming with pure joy, as she returned her cell-phone to its home on her hip. She then smiled at the young steward.

"Did you get out? Get a signal?"

"Yeah. Lost it, but got it back for a few moments. Then it went dead on the other end."

The young man nodded in understanding. Cell-phones were great, but they could also be so frustrating at times, too, especially when one needed to make an urgent phone-call. And needing to tell someone that you loved them was an urgent thing indeed. He smiled. He could see the lovesick and joyful expression in the special agent's dark, emotive eyes. He just wondered whom the lucky person was on the other end of the line to snatch up such a hottie as that.

He quirked his lips as he watched the tall, dark, raven-haired beauty walk back down the aisle towards her seat. He then dropped his gaze down to her tight, denim-covered ass as it made its way back to its seat. "Um, um," he grunted in appreciation. And to think that she was a federal agent. …Holy shit… Was she ever gorgeous! He chuckled shaking his head.

Somewhere in the sky, circling over the Great Southern City of New Orleans - 10:45 AM (CT):

Reyes glanced out the window yet again at the dark, angry clouds, continual bright flashes of light and blinding rain. The big airbus jet had been circling the Louis B. Armstrong/New Orleans International Airport for the last five minutes waiting to land. The weather was horrendous the wind and thunderstorms were so bad. And the big plane had just traveled through another deep wave of strong air-pockets causing it to buck and rock like a wild stallion in the air frightening sweet Bessie Clayton with every move and fluctuation of the plane.

"Shhh, it be aw right now, hon. We be outta this in a minute," George tried to soothe his frightened wife as he held her a little closer against his chest.

Reyes glanced back over to her two new friends then reached over and gently clasped the frightened older woman's hand, too. "It's okay, Bessie. We're almost there. We just need to wait a few minutes, okay? Until the pilot can land this big bird. Then we're home free," she said as she glanced up at George for a moment then back down to the frightened woman.

Bessie nodded just as another big, bright, blinding burst of light flashed and thunder roared outside the plane. "Oh!" she yelped again in fright.

"Shhh, it's okay," Reyes soothed again, clutching her hand a little tighter as she glanced up at George.

He nodded, "Gotta bad hawt."

…Oh no… Reyes thought. …Oh my goodness… Well. She knew her CPR if the sweet little older lady began to have any trouble with her heart. And this severe thunderstorm and the deep, circling air-pockets were enough to frighten anyone. "Whoa!" she gasped as the plane suddenly bucked and rocked again throwing her off balance and up against the wall of the plane, little Bessie squeezing her hand so tight it hurt her knuckles. "Oh my goodness," she responded to all the movement and tight squeeze on her hand. This thunderstorm was becoming one hell of a ride - that was for sure. She quickly glanced back out the window. She could see the breathtakingly beautiful, massive lake - Lake Pontchartrain - bordering the northern banks of the large city, along with the winding intra-coastal waterways of the Mississippi River, winding its way through the center and southern banks of the large city again, as the pilot circled back to the left for another try at landing the big jet. The ever-abundant wetlands and marshes, the renowned bayous and swamplands bordering the southern city on the east and the south and then even farther down to the west came into view. The water. The abundant water. The Gulf. The River. The Mississippi. The various river channels, scattered throughout the city. The lakes. The bayous. The swamps. The ever-notorious swamps. The riverboats. The fishing boats. The ferryboats. The ships. The ocean-liners. The Refuge. The Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge. All came into view. New Orleans was not lacking in offering, for anyone who loved the water.

"Oooohweeee. How much longer?" Bessie cooed.

"Well, we're circling again. I think he's going in for another try," Reyes replied as she began to study the moving topography more closely down below. "It's all right, Bessie. We're almost home. The pilot just has to land this big bird, okay?"

The little lady nodded her eyes wide with unrest.

"Hey, by the way. You said your last name was Clayton, right?" Reyes asked changing the subject to get Bessie's mind off the bucking plane and raging storm.

Bessie and George both nodded.

"Well. I used to work on occasion with a Bob Clayton, SPD, Homicide."

"Aw Lawd be, you don't mean?" Bessie's eyes lit up.

"Umhum. It's been about a year though since I've seen him. I think he transferred to…"

"Yeyah! He's with the BRPD now! Up in Baton Rouge!" George's eyes lit up, too.

"Really? So you know him?"

"Aw yeyah! Distant cuzin! So yow a cop, too?"

"Nope. Fed."

"Aw, yow shittin' me," George quipped in disbelief.

"Geowge!" Bessie fussed.

"Nope," Reyes chuckled.

"Fa true?"

"For true," Reyes winked at the older man.

"Well, hot damn!" he said again slapping his thigh.

"Geowge? Lawd be!" Bessie fussed again at her husband's foul language.

"Well, damn, Bess! We got us a fed sittin' right chere! And a lady fed at that! Hot damn!" he said again slapping his thigh.

Reyes snickered then laughed. People always seemed to be surprised when they found out she was a federal agent. She just did not have "the look" of federal agent – whatever "the look" was supposed to be.

Just then the pilot came over the loud speaker informing all the passengers of the impending landing, and for all to please keep their seatbelts buckled and to stay in their designated seats until the plane had come to a complete stop, then to wait for further instructions before beginning their exits from the plane.

"Oh! Great! Here we go, Bess!" Reyes teased the sweet older woman, squeezing her hand gently, then glanced back out the window.

Bessie was no longer fearful. The quick little conversation about her husband's distance family member - some degree of a cousin, possibly a third, maybe even a fourth, on his oldest uncle's youngest cousin's twin brother's little sister's, yeah, whatever, side - had been enough to distract them all from the bucking, rocking plane.

Within moments, they were safely on the ground and rolling in towards the airport terminal. Reyes glanced back out the window, spotting her ride, then quickly began to put her leather jacket back on, then hurriedly reached down to retrieve her briefcase, then unbuckled her seatbelt beginning to rise up out of her seat.

"Hey wait! What cha doin' sweethawt?" Bessie fussed. The plane had not even come to a complete stop yet, much less arrived anywhere near a gate, and yet the young federal agent sitting next to her was already halfway up and out of her seat.

"I um. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime," Reyes said as she quickly sat back down for a moment. "I really enjoyed meeting you and talking to you. Listen. If you ever need anything, or need my help with anything, you just call me, okay? Here's my card," she said as she handed Bessie a loose business card from out of her inner lining coat pocket. "You can reach me at this number any time, okay?"

"Okay," Bessie smiled. "Yow sweet."

"Um. Sometimes. Sometimes not," Reyes winked.

"Aw now," the older couple grinned.

"May I have your attention, please?" the pilot's voice suddenly spoke over the intercom. "We ask that you remain seated until further instruction. There will be a slight delay due to…"

His announcement continued as Reyes quickly stood back up, glancing down towards the front of the plane and to the young male steward hastily making his way up the aisle towards her. She then leaned down and whispered to Bessie and George that she really did need to step out into the aisle.

The older couple obliged their eyes wide with wonder.

The young steward quickly reached the storage compartment bin where Reyes' overnight bag was stashed, opened it, just as Reyes came up beside of him, then they both grabbed the heavy bag out of the bin. Reyes smiled as she began to hoist it up over her shoulder.

He grinned then suddenly had the saddest look on his face. "Be safe. My prayers are with you."

Reyes wrinkled her brow then nodded, "I will. Thank you."

He reached up and squeezed her forearm for a moment then began to lead the way down the corridor towards the exit door and temporary steel ramp rolled up against the exit door of the plane. Obviously, he had heard the early-morning news and had a good suspicion of what her Official Government Business was.

Reyes quickly glanced back towards the older couple for a moment, smiled, winked, then nodded and waved.

They both nodded and waved, too, then did a quick sign of the cross and pointed up towards the heavens letting her know that their prayers were with her, too.


She suddenly felt a hand tugging on her leather jacket and glanced down.

"I um… Cody is my nephew," the same nice young man that had spoken to her as she first boarded the plane said.

"Excuse me?" she said confused.

"Cody. Cody Chamberlain. He's my nephew, the little boy kidnapped this morning, and, well, I'm flying down to be with my sister and…" he shrugged.

"Oh. God. I'm sorry, I… Okay, I…"

"I just now figured it out. You're the one."

"The one?" Reyes cocked an eyebrow.

"Yeah. They've been talking about it all over the news, and, well, you're the one."

…The one?... she thought again. She was not sure if she liked the sound of that or not, being "the one". …The one, what?... she wanted to ask, but knew that she couldn't. "Well, I promise you, we're going to do everything we can to find him, get him back safe. You have my word," she said as the young flight attendant moved up and touched her arm motioning her to hurry. She nodded in response then glanced back down to the nice young man. "We'll find him. I promise you, we will find him," she emphasized. "And Elisa," she added.

He nodded, his eyes beginning to water with unshed tears, as she turned towards the flight attendant then quickly followed him the last few yards and up through the first class passengers' area headed towards the exit ramp.

Bessie and George had been watching the quick exchange between their new friend and their fellow passenger then leaned over closer to the little window to take a peep outside at the jet black sedan that had just pulled up moments before and now sat conspicuously parked just at the end of the long steel ramp.

Three dark-suited men were busy bustling around all over the place as suddenly the tall, dark brunette bound down the steel steps towards them, the heavy rain and strong winds slapping her in the face, as she yelled something to them, causing them all to jump into structured action, one of them running up the ramp to meet her halfway, holding an umbrella over her as best he could as they then made their way back down the rest of the slippery steps and onto the asphalt.

Another tailored-suit then grabbed her briefcase from her hand and her overnight bag from off her shoulder shoving them both into the backseat of the car as she quickly spoke a few more words to the main tailored-suit in charge standing right in front of her. He then quickly opened the other back door to the sedan. They both hurriedly slid into the back seat while the two remaining dark-suits jumped into the front. Within seconds, the jet black sedan sped off, obviously in a very big hurry.

"Aw, Bess! You see that? Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" George quipped. It was like something out of a movie. He'd never seen anything quite like that before in his life!

"Aw, Lawd! Gawd have moicy!" Bessie said, too, responding to all that she had seen as well.

Most all of the other passengers on that side of the plane - and even others on the other side - had risen from their seats to peer out the small windows and see all the action, too. It just was not something the average person saw everyday.

The nice young man - the uncle of the abducted little boy - said another quick prayer for the safety of this federal agent, all the other federal agents and local police working on the case, for his sister and brother-in-law, for his own family, his wife and two young daughters back home, for the missing little girl and especially for the missing little boy, his own nephew, Brandon C. Chamberlain. He then glanced back out the window to the jet black sedan speeding away off in the distance, too.

The sedan sped up the blacktop parallel to the terminal then suddenly turned up another ramp and suddenly was completely out of sight.

Bessie and George looked at each other then shrugged. Their new friend must have been a very important person indeed for her to have received such a welcome as that, her own special ride, and being whisked away inside a jet black sedan speeding off into the distance completely out of sight.


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