Life with My Girl, Reyes
You're All I Need, My Love, My Valentine
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Second Place (Tied) - You're All I Need, My Love, My Valentine
Artwork Created by ANGARA

You're All I Need, My Love, My Valentine

by MyGirlReyes

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Monica Julieta Reyes, Dana Katherine Scully and all other Original X-Files characters included within this story belong to Chris Carter, the Fox Broadcasting Network & 1013 Productions and are being used here without their permission. References to the characters Xena and Gabrielle of Xena: The Warrior Princess belongs to Robert Tabert, Lucy Lawless Tabert, Renaissance Productions and Oxygen Channel. I am just borrowing them for a little while to satisfy my own needs and desires for their otherwise rather boring lives. No Copyright Infringement is intended. No profit will be realized.
Pairing: Scully/Reyes
Rating: R
Category: PWP/H/SL/UST/S - for a little Humor, smidgens of Strong Language, a little Underlying Sexual Tension, and then some Hot-Sex between Two-Hot-Females-in-love! Yikes! Let's have a little fun! And, actually, I am not sure if it qualifies for PWP either. But it's nothing like anything I have ever written before.
Pairing: Scully & Reyes
Episode Spoilers: None. But all of the dangerous, life-threatening events, including William's actual kidnapping (Provenance - Providence), have occurred leaving them constantly feeling as if they need to be glancing over their shoulders, just in case. This story takes place just a few weeks prior to the events of the Season 9 episode, William.
Crossovers: None (well, technically). The "Xena/Gabby" references belong to Rob Tabert, Lucy Lawless, The USA Network, Renaissance Pictures & The Oxygen Channel. Author's Note: The TV-Show Xena: The Warrior Princess does not exist in my MGR FanFic World. So, just keep that in mind. Xena and Gabrielle were two actual living, breathing women that found and loved each other lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime... hint, hint...
Summary: It's Scully & Reyes' first Valentine's Day together as a couple. Need I say more? Okay. Well, how many different places can two people enjoy themselves and make a little love in a 24-36 hour period, especially when they don’t have a baby to worry about for the night? Now. Need I say more? Oh, then use your imagination. Hehehe…
Permission to Archive: Maybe. Just ask my permission and tell me where you would like to do so before you do, please. And please keep all Disclaimers, Author's Notes and Special Notes with the story at all times. Thank you.
Date Archived: Story Started - 2/14/2004. Finished/Revised - 4/15/2004. Archived: ScullySlash - 3/29/2004, XFMU Archive during June/July - 2004 Updates.

Feedback: Yes. Please. The more the merrier. You may send it here.
MyGirlReyes' SRR FanFic Timeline: Part of the And Baby Makes Three - Just Another Day In The Life Series. For clarification - It's February 14, 2002. William will be one-year-old in March. Dana and Monica have been in a committed-relationship since May of 2001. Author's Note: Moni gave Dana a beautiful 2.0 Caret Diamond Commitment Ring in late October - 2001. Dana then gave Moni a beautiful 2.0 Caret Diamond Commitment Ring for Christmas - 2001. So they are most definitely in a committed relationship at this point.
Character Situations before we start the story: Story begins on a Thursday afternoon, Valentine's Day, 2002, at Margaret Scully's house. Monica and Dana have worked all day at their respective offices, finally left Georgetown around 3:30 PM, and have just rushed to Annapolis, MD to drop little William, Dana's 11 ½-month-old son, off at her mother's house for the night.
Special Author's Notes: Special thanks to the love of my life, my forever Valentine, Angara, for allowing me to use the beautiful SRR Spookies Awards Collage at the heading of this story. Thank you, honey. I love you. You sat up all night to make it and it is beautiful - almost as beautiful as you. I love you forever and forever... *kiss, kiss*

And now… on with the story…


You're All I Need, My Love, My Valentine

Margaret Scully's Place - Annapolis, MD:

4:43 PM: Dana glanced at her watch again as she stood by the front door to her mother's house, then to Monica, and then to little Wills sitting contentedly in the brunette's lap. They would need to be leaving soon if they wanted to make it back to DC in time for their Valentine's Day dinner reservations at one of the finest, most exotic and romantic restaurants in Downtown Georgetown.

Earlier in the week, Monica had pulled many strings to be able to guarantee the reservations for this Valentine's Day night. Hence, Dana did not want to take any chances on missing out on this wonderful opportunity to be extravagantly treated to a delicious night of good food, good wine and good lovemaking afterwards. Besides, after a long and hard workweek and workday, at their respective jobs, they needed this time together – alone - and without any more interruptions from family, friends, baby-sitters, or co-workers.

"Ach, ach… Achggm," she coughed again then cleared her throat as Monica and her mother continued to discuss a few more options to try, just in case little William began to fuss and fret during the night.

Monica glanced up. "Honey? Hold your horses, we'll make it," she teased as she then glanced down at her own watch. The reservations were set for 7:00 PM. It was not quite a quarter to 5:00; and they were only about a 45-50 minute drive away anyway. So, basically, they had plenty of time yet before getting in such a rush.

“Hah,” Dana huffed.

Maggie just smiled as she began to take little William from Monica's arms.

"I know, but it's really coming down out there. And I just, I don't want to take any chances. The bridges might be freezing over and—"

"Okay. But we're in the tank," Monica reassured her as she began to get up from the couch anyway. Her 4WD Ford Expedition XL should be able to get them through even the worst of snowstorms.

"I know, I just—"

Maggie chuckled. "You're just a worrywart, that's all," she said teasing her daughter.

"Hah," Dana huffed again then smirked.

Monica chuckled, too, then leaned over and gave little Wills a quick little peck on the cheek.

Dana then walked over to her baby-son and kissed him on the cheek, too, saying goodbye to him again for the third time tonight. "Good night, sweetheart. We'll be back some time tomorrow afternoon, okay? Grandma's going to take good care of you tonight."

"Eeooo!" He suddenly squealed out loudly in frustration.

"Oh sweetie," Monica immediately responded to his little squeals. "It's okay. Mommy and I'll be back tomorrow. You'll see. And you’ll like being with Grandma tonight. It'll be fun."

"Eeooo!" he squealed out again, then began to cry.

"Oh gosh, Wills, don't cry," Monica whispered into his ear as she instantly took him back into her arms while Dana reached up and stroked his little wet cheek, too. "Shhh, it's okay. We'll be back tomorrow," she cooed as she looked to his mother for more reassurance towards him.

"Eeoo, deeaadada, eeoo," he baby-babbled into her neck just beneath her ear shaking his head in slight rebellion.

"Oh, shhh, sweetheart," she murmured kissing his forehead as she still looked to Dana for an answer to the situation.

Dana just shook her head. She knew that her baby-son would be okay. He was just beginning to develop a stubborn streak. That was all. Plus, Monica was beginning to spoil him too much. And so he knew that all he really needed to do was let a few little pitiful tears fall, show a little frustration and sadness, and then Monica would just bend over backwards trying to make it all better for him.

Maggie caught her daughter's eye and smiled, quickly understanding the situation. She then reached back out for her little grandson. “Come here, sweetheart. Come to Grandma. Mommy and Aunt Monica need to leave, so we can go play, okay? You want to go and play on the piano? Hum?"

“Oh yeah, Wills, that's right. Grandma’s got that nice, big piano!” Monica chimed in, her eyes sparkling with delight. “Wow! Won’t that be fun? You can play a song!”

“Umhum, just like Tía Món, you can play a song, sweetheart,” Dana added, stroking her little son’s back with a palm, as she watched his baby ocean-blue eyes begin to sparkle with renewed interest.

He looked at his mother, sniffled a little bit, then rested his head against his Tía Món's shoulder for a moment, thinking about the situation. He then babbled, "Guba," as he reluctantly reached back towards his grandmother.

“Oh, that's my boy, come to Grandma. Let’s go play a song, okay?” Maggie said as she began to take him back from Monica's arms once again. “He'll be fine. Now you two go on and enjoy your dinner. Have a good time, okay?" she said then winked at Dana.

Dana quirked her lips, slightly embarrassed. "Um, thanks, Mom. We owe you one. As usual," she said, She then grabbed her partner by the arm and began to escort her to the front door.

In-Route to Georgetown from Annapolis, MD:

5:00 PM: The snow was falling more steadily, covering the streets and countryside with a fresh, new, clean and crisp blanket of pure white. There was nothing quite as beautiful as the splendor of a fresh, new-fallen snow.

"Oh frig," Monica grumbled the sighed heavily as she pressed the gas-peddle down a little more, giving the big vehicle a little extra speed to climb the approaching grade.

"But, Monica? No. Now listen. I think you're spoiling him,” Dana said again, becoming quite frustrated indeed with this latest conversation. They had been arguing over the recent exchange back at her mother’s house for the last several minutes.

“Hah, Dana? I don’t—”

“No, Monica. Now look. He has got to get used to this, us leaving him at times overnight. And, besides, I… We… We use to never have this problem with him. He never showed this kind of frustration. Crap! He could hardly wait to go to Grandma's just two months ago. And I just don't understand why he is suddenly so frustrated when we leave him, unless you're spoiling him. And that's what I think. I think you're spoiling him. And he's learning how to manipulate the situation. And you're letting him get by with it. And crap, Monica! We can't do that! We can't! As his parents, we—Oh, God, I don't know—And I can't believe that we're even arguing over this. Damn! But, it just doesn't make any sense!"

"Oh, but I think it does. And I don't want to argue over this anymore either. But, Dana, I think it makes perfect sense. And I don't think I'm spoiling him either. I think he's just afraid, after everything that has happened to him recently. And I think that—Well—I think he understands all of that. I think he understands and recognizes the danger and—"

"And so he trusts you. You're his protector. His savior."

"No. No more than you," Monica replied as she glanced back over to the mother of this little man-child for a moment.

"Yes, much more than me. And, oh God, Moni, you're my protector and savior, too. And I love you so much, at times it hurts."

"Oh, shhh, honey," Monica responded, quickly reaching over and clasping her honey's hand.

About an hour later:

6:07 PM: "Oh, for Godsakes," the brunette fussed once more, reaching up and rubbing her chocolate-brown eyes for a moment. "Damn!" she huffed.

They were at a standstill, stuck in heavy traffic, somewhere on US-50 headed west, a little more than halfway between Annapolis, MD and Georgetown, Washington, DC. Under normal driving conditions, they were only about a twenty-minute drive from their final destination. But something was holding the traffic up and creating a horrible traffic-jam along the snow-covered highway.

She glanced out the side window for a moment. The snow was really coming down heavily now, so heavily it was almost like a whiteout. "Oh Dana, God, I'm sorry. But there's just not much I can do about this traffic. It's got to be a tractor-trailer or something jack-knifed. I mean, the roads aren't that bad. And—"

"Shhh, I know, it's okay. But, we're not gonna make it."

"I know and I feel so bad. I know you wanted—"

"Shhh, no, let's not—it's just one of those things."

"Yeah, but I know you're disappointed. What a way to spend our first Valentine's. Shit. Stuck in a damn traffic-jam."

"Umhum, but it's snowing, and you love the snow."

"Yeah, but I'd rather be at home with you, or at your place, relaxing in front of the fire, instead of stuck out here inside this damn frickin' ass vehicle. Shit. Damn! And we left in plenty of time, but, damn! I didn't anticipate this. Shit!" she fussed again.

Dana smiled. It was rare to see her sweetheart show so much impatience and frustration over a situation that she could nothing about. …Hum. Well… She licked her lips, then quickly began to size-up their present situation, Monica's growing restlessness, and come up with an alternative plan to ease her sweetheart's mind and celebrate their first Valentine's Day together as a couple.

Monica sighed heavily again then reached up and turned on the radio hoping to hear the latest weather reports. Instead, an old love-song began to play.

"If a picture paints a thousand words…"

"Oh! God! I love that song!" she gasped.

"Then why can't I paint you…
The words will never show…
The 'you' I've come to know…"

"Hum," she smiled then quickly leaned over and gave Dana a nice and quick little peck on the lips.

"If a face could launch a thousand ships…
Then where am I to go…"

"Mmm, I think I want a little more than that," Dana teased…

"There's no one home but you…"

as she leaned back over herself…

"You're all that's left me too…"

and gave her lover another nice, wet and more passionate little kiss on the lips.

"And when my love for life is running dry…
You come and pour yourself on me…"

...the song continued to serenade them as they kissed more passionately.

"If a man could be two places…
at one time, I'd be with you…
Tomorrow and today…
Beside you all the way…"

"Mmm, I love you," Monica whispered as they finally broke off their first real kiss of the day. They just had not had enough time or the opportunity until now.

"And I love you, my sweet."

"If the world should stop revolving…
Spinning slowly down to die…"

Monica smiled then began to sing along with the music, serenading her honey, "I'd spend the end with you. And when the world was through. Then one by one, the stars would all go out. Then you and I, would simply fly, away…"

Dana was giggling, grinning from ear-to-ear, and happy as could be, her heart melting inside her chest.

"Did you like that? Hum?" Monica teased, winking at her and then leaning over for one more quick little peck on the lips, as another old love-song began to play.

"Mmm, umhum, you know I do."

"Precious and few, are the moments we two can share…
Quiet and blue, like the sky, I'm hung over you…"

"Ohhh," Monica smiled then began to serenade her baby again. "And if I can't find my way back home. It just wouldn't be fair…" she sang along, clasping her honey's hand. "Cause precious and few, are the moments we two can share…"

…Ohhh... Dana’s heart melted once more. She loved it when her baby sang to her as she was doing again, right now; and it happened quite often, actually. Monica loved to sing and serenade her; and Monica's deep and resonate alto voice had made Dana fall head-over-hills-in-love with her all over again, just now, as her beating, melting heart dissolved into another big pile of worthless mush.

"Baby, it's you on my mind, your love is so rare...
Being with you is a feeling I just can't compare..."

"And if I can't hold you in my arms... Oh, it just wouldn't be fair..." the brunette sang along again, glancing over and winking at her honey. "Cause precious and few, are the moments we two can—"



"Think you could somehow back up a little bit then maneuver us over to the shoulder?"

"What?" the brunette replied, furrowing her brow and glancing back over to the little redhead. "Gosh, honey, I don't know. Maybe. But that big truck's practically up my ass as it is," she said glancing up into the rearview mirror at the big eighteen-wheeler parked behind them.

Dana chuckled. "Are you sure? I think you've got the room."

Monica cocked an eyebrow then began to scrutinize their present position a little more closely. …Hum. Well. Possibly… And actually, her honey may be right. "Well, I can give it a try at least, but, why?"

"Just see what you can do. If you can't, then that's okay, too, but—"

"Okay, but, why?"

Dana chuckled as she reached down and began to unbuckle her seatbelt. "Just give it a try, baby. Okay? Can you give it a try?"

Monica cocked an eyebrow at her yet again.

Dana chuckled again then began to move towards the center between the bucket-seats.

"Dana? What are you doing?" Monica asked again furrowing her brow.

Dana smiled again. "Honey? Just move us over to the shoulder, okay? Can you do that for me? Please? I'm really getting sick of smelling the fumes from that van. It's making me, almost nauseous."

…Oh. Yikes! Okay… the brunette thought, cocking an eyebrow yet again. Well. She was beginning to get rather queasy herself from smelling the fumes from the vehicle stopped in front of them. "Okay, I'll see what I can do then," she responded then began to slightly back the big vehicle up, turning the front wheels to the left, then moving slightly forward, then turned the front wheels to the vehicle to the right, then reversing and backing up, then moving the vehicle forward, moving back and forth, and farther to the right, back and forth, and farther to the right, inching them closer and closer to the shoulder, and out of the main thoroughfare of stopped traffic.

"You're listening to the Mix, 97.1 FM, WASH, your light-mix for soft-rock..."

Dana quickly eased her way through the open area between the bucket-seats and back into the rear of the vehicle, then rummaged around for a couple of moments in the very back of the cargo area, behind the bench-seat, until she found what she was looking for.

Monica glanced back for a moment, watching her, then continued to inch their way over onto the shoulder.

Dana then pulled the baby-carrier up and out, detaching it from the bench-seat, folded it down into its most compact position, then moved it to the floorboard, then quickly reached down and found the lever to the rear bench-seat, yanked on it – hard - until it made a loud…


… -ing sound, releasing it so that it could fold down into a cargo position.

"Dana?" Monica cocked an eyebrow yet again.


"What are you doing?"

Dana chuckled. "What do you think I'm doing?"

Monica began to giggle. …Oh my God. Holy shit… Only her honey would be so bold as to want to fuck during a snowstorm, trapped inside a vehicle, stopped in a traffic-jam.

Dana quickly maneuvered her body up and over the folded-down bench-seat until her weight forced it down flat against its supports. She then smoothed the small fleece blanket she had found out along the surface area, creating a very nice and cozy little makeshift "bed" out of the area. …Oh yeah… This spontaneous little makeshift "bed" of hers would work just fine. She then glanced up at her lover.

Monica giggled again, then glanced up into the rearview mirror one more time, backed the vehicle up one last time, then forwarded them onto the shoulder. The big tractor-trailer truck quickly eased its way up beside of them, and behind the van that had been stopped in front of them, as the traffic still sat at a standstill. Monica glanced up towards the trucker's passenger's side window for a moment, checking out his possible line-of-vision, chuckled again, then glanced back to her mischievous little lover.

Dana smiled then cocked a mischievous little reddish auburn eyebrow.

Monica giggled again shaking her head in response.

"Come here," Dana barely whispered.

…Ohhh, God… Monica's heart skipped a beat. She then quickly reached down and turned the radio down to just a very nice, low, easy-listening background-music kind of level, then turned the windshield wipers off, turned the heater and fan controls down to just the floor-vents, turned the windshield and rear-window-defogger vents off, and then glanced back up to her lover yet again. "Oh God…"

Dana had already removed her coat and was now almost finished unbuttoning her blouse, exposing the glistening, creamy-white flesh of her chest to the glistening, creamy-white light of the moon.

...Whooohooo... She felt like a pussy cat in heat. Or maybe more like a tom cat in heat, ready to pounce on her pussy and give her what she wanted, a little pussy relief by the creamy-white light of the moon.

"…US-50 presently at a standstill. All westbound traffic is advised…"

Monica quickly unbuckled her seatbelt, pulled the emergency-brake lever up, securing the vehicle, then began to ease her way back through the area between the bucket-seats, too, and ultimately to her waiting lover.

"Mmm, that’s it, baby, come to me. Come, make love to me," Dana breathed softly again, barely audible, as she finished removing her blouse, quickly unhooked her bra and removed it, then lay back against the makeshift bed and spread her legs, her heart and soul already beginning to pound and burn with anticipation.

Monica quickly removed her own jacket, tried to fold it, then just pitched it off to the side and out of the way, as she then eased down on top of her lover, dropping a leg and thigh down between her legs, then gently began to caress a bared breast.

“Oh yes, baby, make love to me, make love to me, Moni,” Dana breathed again utterly breathless.

“Shhh, let’s take our time. Okay?”


“Okay baby,” Monica repeated softly as she eased down and began to gently lick and nibble all over her lover’s bared chest, then cup both her fully-exposed breasts with her palms, running her thumbs over the tightly-beaded little nipples, as another love-song began to play.

"Baby, I've been drifting away…"

…Oh God…

"Dreaming all day…"

…How perfect…

"Of holding you…"


"And touching you…"

“…you taste so good…” she whispered again as she began to lick and suck on a rigid little nipple - one, and then the other.

"Mmm… baby…"

"The only thing I want to do… is be with you…"

“Oh… ohh… ohhh…” Dana moaned into the sensations wrapping her legs up and around her lover’s hips...

"As close to you… as I can be…"

…while Monica leaned up and began to nibble and tug on her earlobe…

"Let's make love… All night long…"

…whispering, “I love you," to the little redhead.

"Until all our strength is gone…"

“Mm, oh baby, God, I love you, too, oh God, you’re so good…”

“Um, am I?” Monica giggled.

"Hold on tight…"

“Ohhh... Mmm... Umhum… oh… oh Moni...”

"Just let go…"

"Yes?" Monica teased, her own heart and soul beginning to pound and burn inside her chest.

"I want to feel you in my soul…"

…Oh yeah, baby…

"Until the sun comes up…"

"Ohhh… Dana…"

"Let's make love…"

…Monica moaned again, then leaned back in and began to run her tongue down along the side of Dana's neck, then down her throat and chest to the valley between her breasts, gently cupping and squeezing those beautifully-soft and creamy-white breasts with her palms.

"Oh baby…"

"God… I want you…" Dana panted.

"You've got me, honey," Monica teased teasing a nipple.

"Mmm… Ohhh... Now…"

"Do you know what you do to me?..."

Monica giggled as she glanced down to her lover's hands beginning to yank, pull, tug and fumble all around her belt-buckle and denium-covered ass, tugging hard on her leather belt and cupping her ass.

"Everything inside of me…"

"Hold on, I can get it," she whispered…

"Is wanting you…"

…as she rose up to her knees and began to undo her own belt-buckle then pull her leather belt free.

"And needing you…"

"Mmm, need you, need you, baby, need you, now…" the little redhead panted urgently yet again.

"I'm so in love with you…"

"Ohhh," the brunette chuckled again as she felt her lover's hands groping, circling and rubbing all over her denim-covered ass, and then the front of her crotch, grabbing at her zipper…

"Look into my eyes… Let's get lost tonight…"

…and then finally unzip her jeans…

"In each other…"

…as she quickly reached down and finished unbuckling the little redhead's belt, and then unzipped her jeans, too.

"Let's make love… All night long…"

"Oh God, Moni, need you, need you, come here, I need you, I need to feel you…" the little redhead panted impatiently yet again then reached up and feverishly began to unbutton Monica's shirt, then reach in and unhook her bra, freeing her swaying breasts from the confining material, too…

"Until all our strength is gone…"

She then cupped them, squeezing and massaging the soft, swaying mounds of flesh with her hands...

"Hold on tight… Just let go…"

"Ohhh… Oh God, honey…" Monica moaned into the arousing sensations...

"I want to feel you in my soul…" she then eased back down and began to nibble, suck and lick more feverishly along the squirming redhead's chest, breasts and abdomen - inching her way - down, down, down…

"Until the sun comes up…"

…until she suddenly, gently nibbled on the redhead's clit…

"Let's make love…"

"OH! Oh God, YES!" Dana cried out, grabbing onto her shoulders, and then cupping the back of her neck with her palms, urging her on with each little thrust of her mound. "Oh! Yes! God, yes! Yes! I'm gonna… Ohhh!" she panted again as her thighs tightened around the brunette's shoulders, her hips bucking up into the sensations, as she grabbed on even tighter, her hands, and fingers clutching at her lover's dark, raven hair.

"Mmm, that's it, baby," the brunette whispered, quickly moving her fingers down and replacing her mouth and tongue with them, then hugging the redhead's clit with them and massaging it, faster and faster, as she instantly moved back up and began to kiss, nibble, and suck all over her lover's throat, and neck, and earlobe. "Mmm, oh yes, that’s it, honey, that's it, I love you, I love you, oh God, yes, I love you so much, mmm, yes, that's it, just let go, let go, baby, just let go…" she encouraged her as she felt the squirming redhead's body begin to rise, tense and arch up into a beginning orgasm.

"…Oh! Oh God, YES! YES! Yesyesyesyeysyes..." Dana began to ramble into ecstasy.

"Mmm, oh baby, yes, that's it…" Monica panted breathless. "…oh God, yes, you're so beautiful…" she panted again as she just held on, stroking her lover's clit, faster and faster, and never breaking the intimate contact, then quickly wrapped her other arm underneath her lower back and bucking hips, protecting her soft, smooth, steamy wet skin from the carpeted flooring of their makeshift little bed.

Dana's hips suddenly arched up even higher, the fleece blanket crumbling up underneath her, as she soared even higher into paradise, her body shuddering into the sweet release.

"Oh God, Dana, my God, you're so beautiful, so beautiful, baby," Monica panted again as she watched her lover's face begin to glisten and shine in the beautiful moonlight, any indications of lingering stress gone from her beautiful, shimmering face. "Oh God, I love you, I love you, God, I love you…" she continued to whisper as Dana soon recovered, then suddenly, aggressively rolled them both over on their little makeshift bed, yanking, tugging and pulling feverishly on the brunette’s jeans and briefs, as Monica instantly raised her hips up off the carpeted flooring and gave the little redhead exactly what she wanted—full access.

Dana then began to yank, pull and tug even more excitedly on her clothes, pulling her jeans and underwear down and around to about her mid-thighs, then showering her inner thighs and sizzling crotch with warm wet suckles, kisses, nibbles, and licks all over her, her hands rubbing, clutching, and squeezing all over her glistening body and chest, then reaching up and cupping and squeezing her aching breasts again, hard and feverish, then running a hand back down between her legs, causing her to yelp and squirm into the sensations.

"Oh! Oh God! Dana!"

"Mmm, I want you, want you, need you, need you baby, need you, mmm, God, I need you, love you, love you, I love you, Moni, I love you, I love you, I love you…" Dana began to pant and ramble herself as she began to return the love, tickle and tease her lover's clit with her fingertips, and lick and suck on her tingling nipples with her mouth, then reach up and cup a breast, sucking, licking, tickling and teasing both her breasts, two nipples and clit, as Monica began to twist, turn and squirm more insistently into the sensations...

"Oh! Oh! God, honey…"

"Hum? What? What is it?"

"Oh! Oh! God, hon…"

"Hum? What? What is it, baby?" Dana teased her again as she increased the rhythm on all three tingling tips of pure ecstasy.

"Oh! Oh! God, ahhh!" Monica suddenly gasped, sucking in a deep breath and holding it, as she felt that familiar rush of an approaching orgasm begin to rock through her insides. She opened her eyes locking gazes with the little redhead. "Mmm! Oh! Oh! God… Yes!" she gasped again, sucking in another deep breath and holding it inside her lungs, as her whole body began to tense and arch up, her hips arching up into Dana's hand - perfectly still, perfectly motionless - for a few lingering seconds…

Dana smiled through her heavy breaths. Her lover was so incredibly beautiful, too, as she approached ecstasy.

"Oh! Oh! GOD! DANA!" Monica suddenly cried out into sweet release as her body began to rock and tremble into pure ecstasy, Dana taking the cue and massaging her clit even faster, then suddenly thrusting two fingers deep inside her slick inner walls, "OH! Oh GOD! Mi DIOS!" the brunette screamed out yet again in ecstasy as Dana increased the rhythm, pumping faster and faster inside her thick, slick inner walls.

…Pop. Pop!… Thud…

Monica's booted-foot suddenly slammed into the back of the passenger's side bucket-seat as she grabbed onto Dana's shoulders and torso even tighter, pulling her in tight against her chest, her body continuing to shudder and rock into another orgasm.

Dana giggled at the sounds. There was just not quite enough room for the tall and exquisite brunette to stretch out and be more comfortable as she came and came and came. But they were managing okay, as the redhead pumped her fingers faster and deeper inside her lover's thick, slick walls, then squeezed her own legs together and around her lover's bucking thigh, her mound and clit rubbing just perfectly against that bucking thigh, as she began to spiral and fly, and follow her lover into another quick little trip to paradise herself.

…squeak, squeak, squeak…

The vehicle continued to rock and pitch more aggressively into the rhythm, faster and faster, as the windows fogged up even thicker from the steamy-hot air, thicker and thicker, as the sounds of mutual climax continued to filter out into the cold night air just outside their hot little haven.

Ten minutes later:

6:30 PM: "Hum," Monica moaned, happy as could be, as they both lay there in each other's arms, still trying to catch their mutual breaths. "Um, baby. What brought that on? Hum? A little traffic-jam?"

Dana giggled. "Mmm. Umum. You."


"Umhum. And a little Faith."

"A little faith?"

"Umhum. A little Faith and Tim."

"Ah. Yes. Good song."

"Umhum. Mmm, and so is this one," Dana huskily groaned again as she began to ease her hand down inside her lover's still unzipped blue-jeans once again…

"Can I touch you?..."

…and run her fingers through her lover’s thick, dark-raven patch of fur.

"I can't believe that you are real…"

"Oh… Dana?"


"How did I ever find you?..."

"Oh God, baby..."


"You are the dream that saved my life…"

"Oh! Honey?..."

"You are the reason I survived… Baby…"

"Oh God, Moni, just listen to the song, okay? Listen to the song, while I make love to you again," Dana panted combing her fingers through her lover's thick, soft, dark-raven patch of fur again then dipping down a little lower.

"Oh… Oh… Ahh!" Monica gasped into her touch.

"I never thought that I could love…
Someone as much as I love you…
I know it's crazy, but it's true…"

"Mmm, I love you. God, I love you, Moni. Are you my girl tonight, hum? Are you my Valentine?" Dana whispered moving her fingers down a little lower then cupping her Valentine's steamy wet entrance.

"Mmm! Oh! Yes! Yes! Always…"

"Always? And until the end of time?"

"Mmm! Oh! Yes!Yes! Always. And until… Oh!"

"Mmm, you feel so good. So wet…"

"Mmm. Ohhh, you make me wet… Oh!"

"Hum. I do?"

"Umhum… Constantly…"

Dana giggled.

"Mmm. Oh! Dana? Cou—could we—wait a min—? Oh!"

"What? You don't want—?"

"Umum, not yet, I—We just did it and—and I—" she whimpered suddenly holding onto her lover's wrist.

"Oh, okay," Dana responded easing up on her seductive touches along her lover's entrance and clit.

"I—I just—"

"Shhh, it's okay. Did I make you sore?"

"Umum, nope, I just—I need to—catch my breath for a minute…"

"Mmm, okay, I love you."

Monica smiled through her heavy breaths. "And God, I love you," she whispered in response, so happy to have a partner that she could be so totally honest with, and not feel as if she had to sexually perform every time they made love.

"Mmm, but I still want you to listen to the words of that song though, okay?" Dana whispered into her ear. "I know it's an old one, but—"

"I know. I am. And they're from me to you, too, okay?"

"Mmm, umhum. By the way, I love you. Have I told you that lately?"

Monica giggled. Oh yes, she had told her—constantly—for the last half hour or more.

They both then began to giggle contentedly, wrapping up more snuggly in each other's arms, and finished listening to the song together, letting the words say everything they wanted to say to each other.

"I never thought that I could love…
Someone as much as I love you…
I know it's crazy, but it's true…
I never thought that I could need…
Someone as much as I need you…
I love you…"

The sweet and tender love-song ended then a commercial began to air.

After a few seconds…



"Will you close your eyes for a minute?"


"Would you close your eyes for a few seconds?"

"Um, I don't know. Maybe. Why?"

"Because, I'm asking you to."

"Oh," Dana chirped then began to giggle contentedly yet again.

"No, I'm serious. Would you? Please?"

"Um, I don't know. First, you have to tell me why?"

"Hah. Because I want to surprise you. That's why."

"Oh. Okay," Dana giggled, then closed her beautiful little ocean-blue peepers for a couple of seconds then quickly reopened them.

"Hah," Monica giggled, "Okay, smarty pants. Now will you keep them closed until I tell you?"

"Mmm, I guess," Dana quipped again, "If I have to," she teased then closed her little peepers once again.

"Please? Keep them closed?"

"Mmm, yeah, okay," Dana grinned again.

"Honey? Promise?"

"Yep. I promise," she said with her eyes still closed.


The giddy brunette then hurriedly reached down inside her front jeans pocket and pulled out a little black box. She then opened it with a hand, checking to make sure everything was still in place and had not shifted around inside from all of the frantic movement just minutes before. She quickly glanced up. Dana had kept her promise, for her little peepers were still casually closed. She smiled then leaned over and began to kiss the little redhead fully on the lips.

"Mmm," Dana moaned into the wonderfully sweet kiss and opened her eyes as Monica then broke away and whispered, "Be my valentine?" as she held the opened little box up in front of her.

'Be my Valentine?' she whispered as she held the opened little box up in front of her.

"Ah!" Dana gasped, her eyes widening in surprise. "Oh my God. Moni?!"


"Oh, my God! But… You… But…" she stuttered as she began to sit up. "But… Oh baby, my God!… I… You… I… My God!"

Monica smiled. "You like them?"

"Oh my God!… Yes, but…"

"But what?"

"But… They're… It's too much!"

"Umum. Not for my girl."

"But, oh God, Moni," Dana panted again, then sat up more comfortably, and then took the little jewelry box from her lover's hand. "Oh my God. They're beautiful, simply exquisite," she whimpered as the diamond earrings began to sparkle more brilliantly in the moonlight. "Oh Moni," she then reached in and began to pull one of the little earrings out from its little pedestal. Suddenly, the entire inner pedestal began to pull away from the little box, revealing yet another little 14K gold, diamond-studded present.

Suddenly the entire inner pedestal began to pull away... 'Ahh! Oh my God! Moni?'...

"Ahh! Oh my God! Moni?!"

"Well, my goodness. How in the world did that get in there?" the raven-haired beauty teased. "Must have been a mistake," she winked.

"Ohhh, Monica," Dana's eyes began to water.

"Oh no, honey, don't cry."

Dana just could not help herself as warm, happy tears began to run down her cheeks.

"Oh honey."

"Oh my God, I—I can’t believe, I—I can’t believe you did this. I—Oh my God."

"Well, that's what you wanted, isn't it? A set of earrings and bracelet to match your ring?"

"Yeah, but—Ohhh."

"Well? Now you have the whole set."

"Yeah, but—"

"Shhh, I love you, my diamond-studded lady," Monica whispered then eased her back down against their makeshift bed, taking the little jewelry box from her hand and putting in a safe place, then rolled over on top of her, and began to shower her with warm, wet, gentle and easy little kisses and licks all over her lips and neck once again, slowly igniting the simmering fire all over again.

Fifteen Minutes Later:

6:54 PM: "Mmm, I swear," Dana panted, trying to catch her breath from her latest little trip to paradise. "God, Monica. How do you do that? How do you kiss like that? I swear I come, with just a kiss!"

Monica smiled through her heavy breaths. "You know. We've done it a thousand times."

"Yeah, but, it just gets better and better, every time. Oh Christ. Whew."

"Well, I hope so. It better get better and better, every time," Monica teased then leaned back in and began to shower her with a few more orgasmic little kisses.

"Mmm, oh God. I swear—I can—almost—feel you—inside of—OHH!" Dana suddenly yelped yet again in impending ecstasy.

Monica just smiled as she perfected her telepathic abilities to their finest hour, making sweet, hot, and passionate love to her honey, with just her mouth, mind, tongue, and thoughts, loving her baby with her very soul, as she imagined herself inside of her, stroking, licking, massaging, and caressing every ounce of Dana's body and soul with her very own.

Fifteen minutes later:

7:10 PM: "Hum," Dana moaned, happy as could be, as she continued to lie there in her lover's arms recuperating from her latest little trip to paradise.

"Hum," Monica moaned happily as well, then glanced up at the dimly-lit clock of the car radio. "Oh shit! It's after seven. And we forgot to cancel those dinner reservations," she suddenly realized as she then glanced at her own watch, too, to verify the time.

"Oh well. They'll understand. Crap! We're stuck in a snowstorm," Dana chuckled as she shifted a little bit then eased her cheek back down along her lover's shoulder.

"Mmm, yes, fuckin' each other's brains out. Think they'll understand that?" the brunette teased.

Then they both cracked up laughing at their silliness, making steamy-hot, passionate, and impetuous love in the backseat cargo area of an SUV, something neither had done in years! They were both adults, early-to-late-thirties women after all. But, oh what fun they were having, acting like a couple of teenagers for a night – madly, passionately and recklessly in love.

Suddenly, they heard the sounds of the big truck engine parked next to them shut down. They both cocked an eyebrow, then heard the sounds of a cab-door opening and closing. Within seconds, they heard the sounds of footsteps crunching through the crisp, new-fallen snow. Dana's heart skipped a beat as Monica rose up just enough to barely rub a tiny area into the fogged-up window so she could take a peek. She quickly saw the big man making his way across the field just to the side of them.

"It's okay. I think he's just gonna, you know."

Dana nodded.

"Mmm. Actually, I think he's got the right idea," she added.

"And how is that?"

"I, um."

"You need to go?"

Monica chuckled. "Well? Don't you?"

"Mmm, I've been trying not to think about it."

Then they both began to giggle again.

"Well, my lady," Monica teased. "I think we need to come up with a plan."

"Well, I don’t want to go out there in the freezin' cold!"

"I know. Neither do I, but—Shit! This is when I wish we could just unzip it and hang it out there somewhere in the—"

"Oh no. Never. Don't want one," the little redhead quickly chimed in.

Monica snickered then cracked up laughing. "Never? Are you sure about that? You surely do like the idea when you use that little—"

"Hush. That's different. Besides, it's still you and me."

"Yeah, but—"

"But, nothing. No. Never. Only you can be inside of me."

"Oh." …Whoa!… Monica stopped her giggling. "Okay. Only me, huh?"

"Umhum. Only you. Nobody else. Ever," Dana emphasized as she leaned in for another warm, wet and juicy little kiss.

"Okay. Mmm, I think I—like that—mmm—I think I like that a lot," Monica panted through the warm, wet and juicy little kiss. After a few seconds, "Mmm, baby, that was wonderful, but—I still need to go," she whispered again.

"I know. Me, too. Where did that trucker go?"

Monica chuckled again. "Do you really want to know?"

"No, I'm just saying that—Well, where did he go? He's been gone an awfully long time."

"Hum. Maybe he needed to do a little more than piss."

"Oh God. Please."

"No, I mean maybe he needed to—"

"Oh Gawd." Dana cracked up laughing. She knew they had quite possibly given the man a very nice little steamy-wet-hot-and-spicy, sex-show earlier, too, that is if he had moved to his own passenger’s side window to take a peek. But then the windows were still quite fogged-up indeed, so maybe he had not seen as much of their steamy-wet-hot and spontaneous little session of lovemaking as they thought.

"Well?" Monica quipped.

"Well? If he did, he did it inside his truck."

Monica lay there for a few seconds thinking about it. "Hum, yeah, you're right. So, where'd the little pisser go?"

Dana cracked up giggling again. "I don’t know, but this little pisser is about to piss all over this carpet if we don’t come up with a plan soon."

Monica began to giggle again, too. What a situation they found themselves in, all of a sudden.

Suddenly, they heard a couple of other car engines shut down, doors opening and closing, and then the sounds of more footfalls crunching through the fresh, new-fallen snow.

They each cocked an eyebrow. ...What the hell?...

Monica then rose up, pulling her jeans all the way up her hips and over her butt and then re-zipping them, then reached over and grabbed her shirt. Dana began to do the same—get re-dressed—just in case something was going on outside of this SUV that they needed to be prepared for.

Monica finished buttoning her shirt, then tucked it inside her jeans, re-buckled her belt, then eased her way back up into the driver's seat. She then reached down and turned the car engine off so she could hear a little more clearly. Suddenly, she could hear the sounds of several muffled conversations all around the vehicle. …What in the hell?... She glanced back at Dana.

Dana just shrugged as she finished tucking her own blouse back in, zipped up her own jeans then eased her way back into the passenger's seat. She then barely cracked the window, just enough to peep out across the field. "Hum. Moni? Look. Come here and look."

Monica leaned over in the seat to look out the window, too.

"See it? There's a little restaurant just across the field."

Monica focused her eyes. "Oh yeah, Jack's Famous Deli."

"You can read that? Damn."

"Um, no, but I remember seeing it on the map now."

"Oh." ...What?... Dana cocked an eyebrow. …The map? Crap… Her partner's innate super-charged photographic memory, extra-sensory intuition, and telepathic skills never ceased to amaze her, for Monica had only looked at "the map" maybe once, almost a year ago, when she had first driven to Dana's mother's house. "Holy crap. You're amazing."


"The map! How in the hell could you remember that?"

"Oh. I don't know. But it's a little deli place right off of Forbes. It's only about two-hundred-yards, maybe not even that far from us."

"Yeah, looks like that's where everyone else is going, too," Dana observed as she noticed all of the tracks leading up through the snow towards the little diner.

"Well then, there's our plan, sweetheart," Monica said.

"Umhum. And I'm hungry, too."

"Mmm, okay, I guess we'll have to settle for a sandwich for our Valentine's Day dinner."

"Naah, I've already had my V-Day dinner. But I'll be ready for desert as soon as we get home."

Monica chuckled as she felt her cheeks grow the brightest rosy-red.

Snowy open field - Twenty minutes later:

7:35 PM: "Oops, be careful," Monica whispered, as she grabbed onto her partner a little more securely to keep her from falling on her ass. The snow was quite beautiful, but also quite slick in certain spots along the uneven terrain.

"I'm okay, gosh, Monica. Sometimes, I swear. Shit!"


"You protect me too much!"

"Hah. No I don't."

"Yes you do. You—Sometimes, I swear, you treat me as if I'm pregnant again or something."

"Well? It's just that—Mmm, never mind." The brunette quickly decided she wanted to drop the subject. She did not want to start another argument on Valentine's Day.

"No, what?"

"Nothing. It's—Nothing, Dana."

"No, what? What are you thinking?"

"Mmm, I'm thinking that, maybe you're right. And that I should just let you fall on your cute little ass out here in this cold, wet field," she teased as she began to playfully skip and run all around her partner.

"Ohhh," Dana began to laugh and giggle as the brunette suddenly scooped up a handful of snow, made a quick snowball, and then threw it at her, hitting her right squarely in the center of the chest with it.

"Ah! You."

"Me. What?"

Then they both began to jump, run and play in the snow for a few minutes on their way back to the vehicle, Dana falling on her cute little ass a couple of times, soaking her backside with the new-fallen snow, as Monica laughed her cute little ass off at her. Then Dana running and jumping up into her arms, then both of them falling down on the cold, wet ground, laughing their asses off.

They had not had this much fun since Christmas Day. And they were having a ball, playing in the snow, and playing with each other, not having a care in the world that others may be watching them as they played, rolled, kissed and loved on each other in the snow.

Just entering the Georgetown District, Washington DC:

8:17 PM: "Well? What do you want to do?" Monica asked as she glanced back over at her partner who was still fingering and admiring her new, incredibly beautiful one-half Caret diamond-filled tennis bracelet, along with her new one-half Caret diamond-filled hoop-earrings. And the 14K yellow-gold casings and fancy "S" links surrounding each little diamond did match the two Caret diamond-clustered, 14K yellow-gold, custom-made,engagement-and-wedding-band-styled ring that Monica had given her late last October just perfectly.

Dana didn't respond. She was still so overwhelmed by her new Valentine's Day presents. But, she could get use to this, Monica consistently spoiling her with little presents all the time and every holiday, whether it was gift-giving season or not.

"Honey?" Monica said again.

"Oh. I, um, let's go on to your place."

"You're sure? You don't need to stop by yours?"

"Yeah. I'm sure."

"Okay." Monica smiled, then turned at the next intersection and headed for her place.

Entering Lake Barcroft Subdivison - Lake Barcroft, Virginia

Monica's Place – 4500 Crossroads Circle, Lake Barcroft, VA:

8:43 PM: The moonlight glittering across the partially-frozen lake just beyond Monica's backyard was absolutely breathtaking it was so beautiful. And Dana loved coming here, to Monica's home. She felt so much safer and more secure here, out and away from the big city of Washington, DC. Especially, after everything they had been through over the last several months. Enemies abounded everywhere. But Monica continued to keep a watchful eye and extrasensory, telepathic sixth-sense over Dana, and her little son's whereabouts and safety. Maybe she did tend to be overly-protective at times. But she had almost lost the love-of-her-life and the love-of-her-life's infant-son also, on too many occasions, to not be somewhat overly-protective at times.

She pulled into the driveway then turned off the engine. Two little furry-headed kitties, one a chocolate-brown tabby and the other a red-auburn, instantly jumped up into the bedroom window seal to peep out at their human companions. Monica smiled at the two little sets of cat-eyes, watching their every move. "Well. I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever make it there for a while," she said glancing back over to her lover.

"Yeah. Me, too. That traffic-jam was pretty bad."

"Umhum, but I think we made the most of the situation," she teased beginning to chuckle.

"You think?" Dana quipped, chuckling, too.

"Umhum," Monica replied licking her lips.

"Well, I'm ready for my desert now."

"Hum," Monica giggled again as she began to unbuckle her seatbelt. ...Oh my goodness... She hoped her body was up to more coming, because she was desert, and she knew it.

After a minute or so, they both walked up the stairs and onto the front porch.

Monica keyed in the correct password to turn off her state-of-the-art security system.

…beep, beep…

It chirped, signaling them that it was safe to enter the residence.

"Monica? I, um, I need to go in first, okay?"

"What?" The brunette cocked an eyebrow.

"Yeah. I, um…"

"Okay. Well, just let me unlock the door."

"No. I've got it," Dana replied as she grabbed her own key to her lover's place out of her front pocket and walked up closer to the front door.

"Hum, right. Of course you do," Monica teased again.

Dana smiled as she unlocked the front door to her baby's place then eased inside. She glanced over towards the far-right corner of the room for a moment.

'Me-o,' the little brown-black kitty-cat chirped.

"Me-o," the little brown-black kitty-cat barely chirped.

"Well, hey Xe, where's your girl?" Dana responded as the sweet little brown-black kitty-cat began to rub on her leg for a moment.

"Meow, meeeeoooooow," the younger little red-auburn kitty-cat chimed in.

'Meow, meeeeoooooow' the little red-auburn kitty-cat chimed in.

"Oh my goodness, Lord have mercy," Monica chimed in herself, beginning to laugh at the desperate sounding little meow. "Is she dying or what?"

Dana chuckled, too. "No. She's just giving me the latest report, telling me all about it," she said as the little cat chirped and meowed quite insistently yet again.

Then they both laughed at her pitiful sounding little chirps and cries.

And that was the main reason why Dana had named her "Gabby" before ever even bringing her over and giving her to Monica as a present last fall. The petite, little red-auburn-haired tabby-cat liked to chat, gab, chirp, and meow all day long, to the point that it drove her other little brown-black and furry-haired friend nuts! But Xena had learned how to put up with it. She liked the little motor-mouthed, pain-in-the-ass. No, actually, she had grown to love the little motor-mouthed, pain-in-the-ass over the last few months. Besides, it was better than being alone all day, and some nights, while her primary human companion was out doing her job. And she loved her other beautiful, red-auburn-haired human companion, too; the one that had brought the little red-auburn-haired, furry and petite, motor-mouthed, pain-in-the-ass to her one day, surprising her, and her other primary human companion, quite nicely, with the little kitten.

"Okay, close your eyes," Dana said as she grabbed onto her lover's hand and then led her inside into the dark living room. "Okay, now, I want you to wait right here for a minute, okay?"


Dana then walked over to that same corner of the room for a moment, checking to make sure everything was still in place. The big, bright red ribbon and bow was still there. The two clever and intuitive little cats had obviously listened to her earlier instructions during the day, and had not bothered anything, played with anything, or grabbed onto any big, bright red ribbon or bow, and batted it around the living-room floor all afternoon since she had left them to go and meet Monica, back at her place earlier in the day.

She smiled as she turned on the floor-lamp sitting next to the new item, then walked back over to her lover standing quietly in her own living room with her eyes still closed. "Okay, come here, walk with me," she said as she clasped her lover's hand again, and then led her over to her new Valentine's Day present. "Okay, now, open your eyes."

'Oh! Dana?' she gasped, her eyes widening in surprise...

Monica opened her eyes. "Oh! Dana?" she gasped, her eyes widening in surprise. "Oh my God. Honey?" she gasped again.

Dana chuckled.

"Honey? My God!" she gasped again as she tentatively reached over and fingered a couple of keys on the spectacular, new KORG Triton LE 88-Key Hammer-Action Portable-Keyboard/Synthesizer/Musical-Workstation. "Oh, my God! Honey? I can’t believe it! I—Oh God, honey! I love it, I love it, I love it!" she panted as she suddenly turned and whisked her lover up into her arms, squeezing her tight against her chest, and began to swing her around and around and around in the room.

Dana laughed and laughed, enjoying the little ride, yet playfully fussing with her, "Put me down. Mon? Put me down. Now. Moni? Put me down."

"Umum. Not until I get another good kiss."

So, the redhead gave her another awesome, electrifying, and heart-stopping good kiss.

"Mmm. Oh wow! Could I have another?" Monica teased as she began to lower her down to the ground.

"Umhum," Dana grunted then gave her another, even more passionately-electrifying good kiss.

"Mmm. God." …What a kiss!... the brunette thought, feeling the tingle from the edge of her tongue all the way down to the edge of her toes. ...Oh baby...

"Well? You like it?" the redhead grinned.

"Oh baby, God, you know I do. Oh Dana," the brunette breathed leaning in and giving the little redhead another passionate, electrifying kiss.

Dana just chuckled with happiness, so happy to know that she had pleased her lover just as much as her lover had pleased her on this, their very first Valentine's Day together. "Well? Check it out, honey," she said, encouraging the beaming brunette to check out her nice, new, musical toy.

The beaming brunette giggled again, then turned back to her new musical toy and began to gingerly finger some of the keys again, almost as if she were afraid she might break it.

"Sit down. Turn it on. Play me a song," Dana encouraged her as she gently eased her lover over, closer to the keyboard bench.

Monica tentatively sat down on the little bench, her little brown-black kitty-cat jumping up into her lap. "Hey Xe, check it out! What do ya think, girl? Hum?" she teased as she stroked the little kitty's chin.

"Come on, baby, play me a song," Dana said again as she wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and shoulders.

Monica instantly scooted the little piano bench back out, Xena getting the hint and jumping off of her lap, as she then pulled her lover down into it instead. "Oh God, Dana, I've wanted one of these for years! I—And I don't know what to say, I—"

"Um, just say you love me."

"Ohhh." Monica leaned in and gave her another good, electrifying kiss. "Mmm, baby, I love you. For the rest of my life, I love you. And for every life thereafter."

"Hum," Dana grinned, licking her lips.

"Well. A KORG. Is it—?"

"Umhum. The one you were looking for, the Triton LE. Top of the line," Dana confirmed as she shifted and made herself a little more comfortable, sitting in her lover's lap. "I um, I almost got you the Roland, but—"

"Oh no, this is perfect. Just perfect, baby."

"You like it?"

"Oh yeah. God, baby."

Suddenly the little bench squeaked.

…Whoa!… Dana furrowed her brow. "Are you sure this little bench can hold us both?" she asked, suddenly visualizing them both plopping down to the hardwood floor.

"Umhum," Monica giggled. "Oh my God, baby. Wow! Whew! Well. Where's my little Yamaha?"

"At my place. But if you want, we can move it back over—"

"Oh no, that's fine, but, how did you—? When did you—? God!" the brunette gasped again.

How had Dana pulled it off and surprised her so well, and with her own house and living room at that?

Dana chuckled again. "My little secret."

"Hum. Well, you had to have left work early to—"

"Shhh, my little secret."

"Did you go into the back bedroom?"

"No. Why?"

Monica just shook her head, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Well? Are you going to play me a song?" Dana teased her yet again.

Monica giggled. "Umum, not until I thank you properly."

"Oh. I see," Dana responded, cocking an eyebrow, as Monica suddenly picked her up and began to carry her back to the back bedroom.

"Oops. Wait a minute." She suddenly stopped just inside the hallway. "Do you think we need to get a shower or anything, since we soaked our butts out there in the snow?"

"Are you telling me I need one?" Dana giggled.

"No. But, I do."

"Well, actually, no. You don't. But, if it'll make you feel better."

"It would."

"Okay, baby. Let's go take a shower."

"Mmm, let's make it quick."

Dana cocked an eyebrow yet again. …Oh. Okay. Oh my… Usually, her lover liked to take long, hot showers and make a little love while feeling the warm, wet water cascade down their backs, but, tonight, she must have something even better in mind – something that had to do with a bed in a back bedroom.

The Master Bedroom - A couple of hours later:

11:00 PM: "Mmm," Monica moaned again as she lay comfortably in her own bed with her lover sprawled out all over the top of her, both of them stark-naked, lying in the midst of little red-velvet rose petals sprinkled out all over the bedspread, the bed-sheets and pillows, with only small candles and oil-burners helping to illuminate the moonlit room.

"Well? Did I thank you properly? Or do you need a little more convincing?" she whispered.

Dana chuckled. "Hum, let's see. I think I could use a little more convincing," she teased as she reached down and scooped up another small handful of little red-velvet rose petals into her palm, then sprinkled them all over the top of her lover's body, one by one, smiling and giggling, as she watched them delicately float down to her lover's chest, abdomen and mound. Oh, what a night it had already been – making love to the woman of her dreams, in a dream bed full of red-velvet rose petals.

Monica cocked an eyebrow. "Oh really?"


"Well, then. Let's see what I can do, to convince you, how much I love you, and thank you, and need you, and want you, and…" Monica continued to whisper as she gently rolled them both over in the bed again and began to shower her with more wet little kisses, suckles and nibbles all over her nude body again, refueling the fire and making sweet, hot, passionate love to her all over again.

Another couple of hours later:

1:00 AM: "Oh yeah, right there," Monica groaned again into the wonderfully nice, strong, hard, and invigorating back rub her lover was giving her - snap, crackle, and popping those tired, aching muscles out in her back.

"There?" Dana panted again as she leaned up on her knees and pressed even harder, using the heels of her palms and her entire body-weight to rub out the tense muscles along her lover's back and shoulder-blades.

"Umhum. Aowh! Yeah. You feel it?"

"Umhum. There's a little knot, right there," Dana panted again as she pressed her thumbs even harder against the tightly-knotted muscle.

"Aowh! Shit!"

Dana giggled.

"Mmm, baby, it's your turn now, anyway," Monica moaned again as she tried to roll over in the bed once again.

"Umum, not until I get this stubborn little knot out. Gosh, you think it's from your kick-boxing?"

"Yeah. This always happens when I do that one jump-spinning—aowh! Shit, baby."

Dana giggled again. "It's always gotta hurt a little first, before it can get any better."

"Mmm, not necessarily," Monica teased as she finally rolled herself over in the bed, in spite of Dana's earlier protests, as Dana stayed on her knees, straddling her mound now instead of her lower back and backside just seconds earlier. Monica then glanced down to their almost-touching mounds, Dana's pubic curls barely grazing her pubic fur, tickling her in all the right places. She cocked an eyebrow.

Dana grinned then cocked an eyebrow in return.

"You, are the best thing in my life," Monica said.

"Oh," Dana smiled, her eyes shining so brightly in the subdued candlelight.

"May I make love to you again tonight?" she whispered as she lifted and pressed her sizzling crotch up more intimately into the redhead's.

"Oh. God. Yes," Dana panted as she instantly leaned down into Monica's hands that were beginning to cup and caress her bare breasts, squeezing and massaging them, oh, so gently. "Mmm, you make me come, so easily."

"Only because I love you, so easily," Monica panted herself as she increased the rhythm of her hands, mound and crotch, squeezing, licking and massaging all over the redhead's breasts, rubbing and thrusting her mound up into Dana's crotch a little more insistently, as she lowered her hands down and cupped her thighs and buttocks, increasing the urgency and need, sucking hard on her bared breasts and nipples, as Dana just held on, beginning to gasp for every little breath, grabbing onto her lover’s shoulders and arching her back into the sensations, while they both began to feel yet another slow and steady rush begin to flood throughout their systems.

The Hallway – Two and a half hours later:

3:28 AM: Dana stood quietly, just inside the hallway from the main living room area, watching and waiting, while her lover quietly enjoyed her new musical toy. She had awakened almost twenty minutes before to find herself hugging a pillow instead of her lover, who had somehow managed to ease herself up from the bed, without ever awakening her, and tiptoe into the living room, so she could learn and experiment a little more with her new Valentine’s Day toy. Dana glanced over at the clock hanging on the far wall again. She had been standing there for exactly eighteen minutes. She smiled. She was so enjoying the mood, the atmosphere, and the bright, happy and gleeful expressions her lover was making as she tweaked, modified and adjusted all the many different levers, knobs and buttons all along the top of the console to her rockin' new portable music workstation. The redhead smiled again as she heard another soft and gleeful sigh.

"Oh yeah," Monica barely whispered again. She had her headsets on, but she was rockin' and jammin' in the moonlight with her new toy. Her old Yamaha, yammer-hammer was good, but this—now this! …Whoa! Yeah, baby!... she thought as she adjusted the heavy bass sound just a little bit more, then added a horn-section, with an alto-sax duet, then played some more chord-progressions. "Oh my God. Awesome," she whispered again, into the darkness of the room, as the sounds of a fully-orchestrated band began to play through the headsets. And she could control every little note and chord-arrangement through one touch of the keyboard, even the heavy bass, rhythm and drum section, with just one touch of a key.

She began to giggle at the sounds. She had suddenly switched the style from a much softer, easy-listening 80's Pop sound to a more highly-progressive Heavy-Metal 90's sound, with a lot more thumpin' bass, bumpin' rhythm and screamin' lead guitar. "Hum," she sighed, hesitating for a few seconds and trying to decide what sound she wanted to experiment with next. She then smiled as she quickly pressed a few more buttons, panned through the little computer screen menu again, and decided on a more 70's Disco-Dance sound, with a little bit of a Techno-Dance rhythm added in.

"Oh yeah," she whispered again as she played a couple of chords, adjusting the balance and reverb. It took her a few more tries, playing around with the correct chord-progressions, then, within seconds, she had it down! The heavy, vibrating, techno-dancehall sounds, rhythmically bumpin', pumpin' and grindin' through her headsets. She began to twist, sway and groove to the music, quietly singing an old dancehall song by Roxette.

"Heavenly bound, cause heaven's got her number, when she's spinning me around, kissing is a color. Her lovin's like a wild dog… She's got the look… What in the world can make this brown-eyed-girl turn blue… When everything I'll ever do, I'll do for you… And I say, nananana, na, na, nananana, na, na… She's got the look… What in the world can make this brown-eyed-girl turn blue… When everything I'll ever do, I'll do for you... She's got the look... Ungh!… Nananana, na, na, nananana…"

Dana chuckled over in the corner, still watching and waiting, while her lover swayed, grooved and moved to the music, experimenting and playing with her new toy. …Oh yeah, baby. You've got 'the look'… She chuckled again. She liked that song, too. She just wished she could hear the whole thing and all of the music her lover was crankin' out of her new musical toy.

"Oooh, love to love you, baby… Oooh, love to love you, baby…" Monica began to sing again. And she had it down! The sounds of Donna Summer's old 70's Disco-Dance song.

"Oh my," Dana barely whispered, chuckling again. …Oh yeah, and how I do love to love you, too, baby… She smiled again. She was getting such a kick, and such joy and happiness out of watching and listening to her lover experiment, learn and ultimately enjoy her new toy.

Monica then began to sing another, serenading herself, as she played an old favorite from her junior-high-school days. "We're runnin' with the shadows of the night. So baby take my hand, you'll be all right. Surrender all your dreams to me tonight. They'll come true in the end..."

"Oh yeah," Dana whispered softly yet again. ...Oh yeah, baby!... She loved that old, early 80's sound, and especially anything by Pat Benatar. she had grown up on Pat Benatar! Along with a little Prince, Annie Lennox and The Eurythmics, or a little Janet Jackson, MaDonna, or Heart. …Oh yeah, baby. You play it, girl! That's my woman!… she smiled again bursting with pure pride for her woman.

Monica then stopped again for a few moments, sighing contentedly, then reached up and began to flip and turn a few more knobs and levers, adjusting everything to her newest preference for musical style. She then scanned through the little computer screen menu until she found a more basic tempo, something a little more simple and easy, with a basic grand piano and strings arrangement sound. She fingered a few chords, found her key, and then began to play a song again, this time an old Lionel Ritchie love-song.

"Girl... Tell me only this… That I'll have your heart… for always, and you… want me by your side…"

"Oh God," Dana moaned. She just could not take it any longer, as she instantly padded over, lifted her girl's headsets up and breathed, "Whispering the words, I'll always love you…" into her ear as Monica about jumped out of her skin and into the attic.

"Holy shit, woman! Shit! You about scared me half to death!" she fussed.

"Ohhh, I'm sorry my sweet," Dana replied as she wrapped her arms more comfortably around the brunette's neck and shoulders.

"Um. Well? How long have you been up, anyway?"

"A while."

"A while. Really?"

"Umhum, since about… 'I found my thrill… on Blueberry Hill… on Blueberry Hill… That's when I... found you'…" she teased.

Monica giggled. Oh wow, it had been a while. "Yeah, well, I was checking out the Blues Style."

"Umhum. I'd say you've been checking out quite a few styles," Dana teased her again then sat down on the little bench next to her. "Well? Play me another, lover. And this time, I want to hear the whole thing."

"Oh God. How long have you been standing there, or here, or wherever you've been—?"

"Long enough, baby, to know that you have the most amazing voice. And, sometimes, I wonder why you have not pursued that. Your talent, it's such a waste, Monica, to not be using it for—"

"No. No, no, no, no—"

"But, Moni?"

"No, Dana. It's too hard! The music business—It's—"

"Harder than the FBI? Please."

"Well? In many ways, yes. At least with the Bureau I know I'm getting a paycheck twice a month, if I don't get my ass killed first."

"Hum." Well, Dana could not really argue with that.

"And besides, my music is my escape, my solace, my—oh, I don't know. But I know that I don't like sharing it with just anyone."

Dana smiled then leaned in, wrapping an arm around her more cozily. "Well, am I ever so very thankful that you saw fit to share it with me that night, when you first sang to me, sitting outside my bathroom door, back when we first met."

"Yeah, I remember. And that was a hard night, baby."

"Umhum. But you saved me. You saved my life that night. You saved me from myself, and—"

"And I fell so head-over-hills-in-love with you I could hardly breathe."

The redhead smiled. "Really? I thought it was earlier in the week, when we first met up on that hillside."

"Well, yeah, kinda, sort of, but not really. You were too angry and suspicious of me that morning, to—Well—I thought that you hated me and—"

"And, oh God, was I ever the fool."

"No. Just too much bad was happening in your life at the time and—"

And I think I don't want to talk about it anymore."

"Mmm, okay," Monica understood as she leaned over and kissed her on the crown.

"Now. Play me another, lover," Dana teased again.

"All right, I'll play you another, lover," the brunette teased back.

And she did just that as she pulled the headphone jack out of the little plug-in, adjusted the volume to the main unit, and then began to play and serenade her lover once again, this time with her sitting right there next to her.

She played a couple of more slow-groove love-songs, just for the beautiful woman sitting beside of her, then decided to switch to some classical music, just for the beautiful woman sitting beside of her; for classical music, was what the beautiful woman sitting beside of her loved most of all.

"Oh. Dana, check this out," she said as she again changed some of the settings, then add a full-orchestra sound to the output, adding some strings, violins and a cello as the lead from the keyboard.

"Oh my God."

"I know. My little yammer could do some of this, but, wow! Is this not amazing? And the best part is—if I can figure out how to do it—I can save every bit of this to disc, and bring it up anytime I want to use it. Is that not—? Holy shit!"

"Really? Well, think you can do a little Mozart? Or maybe Chopin?"

"Um, how about a little JB? A little 'Air on the G'?" she said as she began to play one of Dana's all-time favorites—Johann Sebastian Bach's Suite for Orchestra, No 3, in D major, 'Air on the G String'.

"Oh God, yes, baby, that's so—ohhh," Dana sighed softly as she leaned in more snuggly and wrapped both her arms around her lover's waist, listening to the beautiful sounds of violins, strings and cello.

She loved the classics, and her baby could play most any of her favorites from memory; and if she couldn't play it from memory, then just throw a little sheet-music in front of her, and then she could play practically anything she wanted after a couple of run-throughs. And the little redhead could hardly believe that she had fallen so head-over-hills-in-love with such a talented musician, pianist, guitarist and vocalist anyway - one that could sing, strum and play like an angel.

Monica played a couple of more songs for her from the great classical composers, then eased into a much more recent love-song, one that required her to sing the lead again. She began the opening instrumental as Dana continued to just lean her head in cozily against her shoulder, with her arms wrapped up snuggly around her, blissfully-in-love. Monica smiled then began the opening phrase.

"Oh, my love… my darlin'… I've hungered for your touch…"

"Oh God," Dana gasped. She loved that song!

"…a long, lonely time… And time goes by… so slowly… and time can do so much… Are you still mine?... I need your love… I need your love… God speed your love…"

"Oh God, Moni," Dana gasped again as she suddenly reached up, pulled her face in, and began to kiss, suck and nibble all over her, loving all of her needs away.

"Mmm… mmm… ohhh…" Monica panted as Dana continued her vigorous onslaught, her hands, mouth and tongue slipping and sliding all over her body, her hands grabbing at her shirt and ripping the buttons loose, then grabbing at her bra, ripping the frontally-hooked clasps loose, then easing down slipping, sliding, kissing and licking all over her.

"Mmm… mmm… ohhh…"


Within seconds, they had plopped down to the hardwood floor, the little keyboard bench giving way and tipping over from all of the heated action, as they moaned and groaned, loving and stroking, kissing and caressing all over each other, grabbing, ripping and unzipping clothing off as fast as they could.

"Me-ow? Ee-ow?" Two little pussy-cats came out from the back bedroom to see what the hell was going on.

"Ee-aow!" Gabs chirped quite loudly at the sight of the two grown women, rolling around all over the hardwood floor, lost from the world around them, and so into each other.

"Me-o," Xena chirped softly in agreement, then twisted her furry little brown-black tail up in the air, spun around, and headed back to where she had come from, bored-silly with this latest development, as Gabs quickly followed in right along behind her. …Me-ow!… Couldn't they come up with something better than that to do all day, and half the night, to pass the time away? …Me-o… Where's that kid, anyway? He's much more entertaining than these two.

"Mmm… mmm… ohhh… baby… take me to bed… now... please, take me to bed..." Dana finally panted.

"Umm… right… okay… to bed... now... right now..." Monica panted herself as she suddenly sat up, breathing quite heavily too, then got up, took her lover's hand and helped her up, then clasped her hand, as they made their way back to the bedroom once again, to finish what the little red-auburn-haired beauty had started.

The Bedroom - And yet another couple of hours or so later:

6:00 AM: Dana awoke suddenly, with a start, listening for any sounds of a baby crying. "Oh," she sighed softly, breathing in the sweet, flowery aroma of red-velvet rose petals. Finally, she remembered where she was and that she had the day off from work, along with her lover lying right beside of her. Plus, her son was at her mom's house today. So, there was no need to get up, rush, feed, bathe, diaper and clothe a baby-boy preparing him for when his grandma came, then rush, feed, bathe, shave and clothe herself after his grandma came, then rush off to her job this morning, as she lay so peacefully snug against her slumbering lover's chest.

"Mmm," she sighed contentedly as she cuddled back in against a soft, smooth and luscious bare breast.

"Think you need to call?"

"Hum?" Dana grunted. She could have sworn her lover was asleep.

"Your mom? Think you need to call her and check on Wills?"

"Oh. Nope. If there was a problem she would have called."

"Okay. Mmm, good morning, honey," Monica whispered squeezing her baby really tight for a moment.

"Um, morning. This is so nice, not having to worry about my son for once."

"Yeah. Maybe we should do this more often, now that he's getting older."

"Umhum. Maybe."

"It's nice, waking up with just you, me, and a cat named Xe."

Dana chuckled then reached over and stroked the little cat named Xe, peacefully slumbering right beside of them. "Umhum. But I wonder where the little Gabster is?"

Monica chuckled. "Oh wow, no telling, baby, no telling."

"Umhum. But, it's just that she's usually right here, next to Xe," the redhead said.

"Umhum. But I am quite confident that she is happily, contentedly, audaciously entertaining herself, without any help from Xe," Monica quipped. "Cocky little shit," she added. …Just like her rescuer, Ms. Save-my-furry-little-ass-from-the-cat-slammer Scully… she thought, too smart to say that out loud, in front of the little Gabster's rescuer. But she adored the little cat. The little red-auburn-furry-haired cat reminded her so much of her red-auburn-haired lover, with her feisty-and-fearless little kick-ass attitude.

Dana chuckled. That was true—knowing the feisty-and-fearless, spunky little cocky-as-hell, with a kick-ass-attitude-for-two, red-auburn-furry-haired kitty. There was just no telling where she was, or what she was up to inside of this great, big house—at least a great, big house to a formerly-homeless kitten—with so many rooms, closets, hallways, cabinets and crannies to lurk around and explore in.

"Hum. Well…" Dana began to revert back to her earlier musings. "Moni, I know it's hard on you, hard on our relationship, having a baby and all."

"What?" Monica furrowed her brow.

"What you said earlier about, us waking up, just the two of us, and—"

"Oh. Gosh, Dana. I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that—it's nice—waking up without any real responsibility for a change. That's all."

"I know, but—still. Sometimes I—"

"Hey now, shhh, you know I knew that if I wanted you I had to take the whole package. And I love Wills, like my own son, so—"

"He is your own son, in practically every sense of the word."

Monica smiled. Well, that was true because, very soon, she would be signing the final legal documents court-appointing her as little William Scully's legal-standby-guardian—giving her full-rights, full-access and the entire responsibility of his upbringing, just in case anything ever did happen to his birth mother and her partner, Dana Scully.

"So, how do you feel about that?" Dana asked. "Any doubts? Misgivings?"

"Hah. No. We've been over this a thousand times already."

"I know, but—"

"Dana? Come on now. Haven't I proven to you how much I love you and Wills? Haven't I—?

"I don't—that's not what I'm asking. I—"

"Dana? Stop."

"But, it's a lot of responsibility, even for two people, and—and if something ever were to happen to me, then—"

"Then I would love him, raise him, and take care of him, teach him how to skateboard, rollerblade and catch a wave or two on the ocean; ride a bike, swim, fish, canoe, anything he wanted to do. And I would send him to college, and onto graduate school, if that's what he wanted. And I would be there for him, every time he needed to talk, or wanted a hug, or my shoulder, or someone there for him to wipe his tears away, as he asked me about you, his mother, wanting to know more about you. And I would tell him that you were absolutely the most beautiful, best thing ever in my life, and the love of my life, and that you were the most caring, loving and gentle woman I had ever known; with more strength, courage and decency than I could ever have—"

"Oh God. Shush," Dana whispered as her eyes flooded over with tears.

"Well? You asked."

"Oh Moni, God," she gasped again then rolled over on top of her own partner—the most beautiful, loving, caring and gentle woman she had ever known, too, in her life; with more strength, courage and decency than she could ever have imagined in several lifetimes, too, as they soon began to make-love all over again.

The Kitchen - Two hours later:

8:15 AM: "Umm, well that hit the spot," Monica grinned as she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her tummy. The sweet, apple-jelly-and-cinnamon roll had been quite delicious this morning, along with her second cup of coffee.

Dana chuckled. "Umhum, but you didn't get it all," she teased as she reached over and wiped a crumb from her lover's chin.

"Oh. Thanks, Mummy."

Dana chuckled again then said, "Ready for that walk?"

"Yeah. Just about. I need to get another salt-lick out of the garage though, before we head down to the lake."

"Okay, I'll take care of this while you take care of that," the redhead said as she began to rise up from the kitchen table and gather their breakfast dishes.

"Okay," Monica agreed then rose up from the table, too, and pulled her lover in for another tight embrace.

"Oh! Honey? I can't give you a hug with all of these dishes in my hands."

Monica giggled. She loved it when Dana called her 'honey'. It was actually more endearing to her than when she called her 'baby', probably because it didn't happen nearly as often. "Okay, honey," she teased then began to inch them over to the sink, little by little, until her butt was pressed up against the counter.

Dana chuckled as she dropped the dishes down into the empty sink then wrapped her arms up more tightly around her, squeezing the breath out of her.

"Ahh," she gasped.

"Um, I just can’t seem to hold you tight enough these days, you know?"

"Mmm. Umhum," Monica moaned again then leaned down and gave her another warm and wet, little kiss.

Down by the lake - Thirty minutes later:

8:45 AM: "Oh Dana, look! Do you see him?" Monica said as she pointed across the still waters and just to the other side of the partially-frozen lake to yet another red-tailed hawk sitting up in the very top limb of an old Oak tree.

"Umhum. Oh gosh, look! He's circling!"

...the big, beautiful red-tailed hawk had left his perch and begun to circle...

And, sure enough, the big, beautiful bird had left his perch and had begun to circle, higher and higher over the tree-tops, and over the edge of the lake, and then suddenly dove down along the open field, just in front of them, in hot-pursuit of his mid-morning breakfast.

"Whoa! Wow!" the brunette gasped. "Did you see that? How the hell do they do that? They simply amaze me at how they can just swoop down like that, catch their prey, and then spiral upwards, escalating higher and higher towards the sky, swirling and rising towards the clouds—higher and higher—Oh wow," she breathed as she watched him scoop up his prey, then circle and spiral faster and faster above the tree-tops and into the open sky, free as a bird—because he was a bird.

"Yeah. How do they keep from just slamming into the ground coming in at that kind of speed?" Dana commented, too, as they began their casual stroll again just along the edge of the water.

"Oh Dana, be still," Monica barely whispered into her ear as she instantly stopped their movements, pulling her in just in front of her.

The little redhead glanced up to her.

"There," she silently mouthed again as she nodded over to the left, about two-hundred-and-fifty-feet in front of them, and just to the edge of her own side-yard.

'Ah,' Dana slightly gasped, as she watched the youngest of the three white-tail deer begin to move in a little closer...

"Ah," Dana gasped slightly, barely audible, as she watched the youngest of three white-tail deer begin to move in a little closer to the salt-lick Monica had set out just minutes before. "Oh, Moni, they're so beautiful."

"Umhum, yes, but not as beautiful as you," the brunette barely whispered, too, then kissed the little redhead just above her ear.

"Oh," Dana giggled. …Oh my… Her lover was such a romantic. And she loved every single minute of it.

They stood there in the snow-covered field, silently watching, as the older buck, his mate and then the younger buck, presumably their son, took a lick from the special salt-lick made just for deer, elk and moose during this time of year.

Monica's body suddenly shivered from the cold. "Oooh, goodness." She wrapped her arms more cozily around her lover standing just in front of her in hopes of getting a little warmer.

Dana instantly leaned back into her chest, grabbing her arms and squeezing them more snuggly around her.

The brunette shivered slightly yet again.

...Ohhh... "Cold, baby?"

"Um, yeah. Just a little."

"Okay, put your hands in underneath my jacket," the redhead whispered as she grabbed onto Monica's hands and then slid them in underneath her waist-length leather jacket where everything was all warm, comfy and cozy.

Monica smiled, nuzzling her nose in along her lover's neck, tickling her, and causing her to giggle, as she then began to inch her hands up along her lover's smooth, satin-covered breasts then began to lightly caress them.

"Mmm," Dana moaned. ...Oh baby... She had not worn a bra for just their short little walk down to the lake. And now, …Oh yeah… was she ever glad she had not, as her nipples began to respond instantly to her lover's gentle and easy touches along her breasts, squeezing them and cupping them more decisively through the thin, satiny-smooth material, then lightly pinching her shivering-erect nipples. "Mmm," she barely moaned again into the arousing sensations. …Oh baby… She just could not help herself. Her lover knew exactly how to touch, pinch and squeeze her tender little mounds. "Mmm," she moaned again as she felt a sudden surge of wetness gush out from her insides, soaking her satin briefs. ...Oh my God. Monica...

Monica kissed her yet again, just below her ear, then nuzzled her nose in, kissing and sucking along her neck, as she began to flick her thumbs and fingertips more rapidly over the tops of her lover's tenderly-aching peaks.

"Mmm, ohhh," Dana moaned again rolling her head back against her lover's neck and shoulder, her breathing coming in quick little gasps and shivers in the cool morning air.

"Mmm, I love you, Dana Scully, don't you ever forget," Monica whispered into her ear as she began to shower her lover's neck and throat with warm and wet little kisses and suckles, cupping and squeezing her breasts, and lightly pinching her tingling nipples—basically beginning to make-love to her all over again—as they stood out there in her own backyard, in a half-a-foot of snow, outside in the cool, frosty February-morning air, with a family of deer just in front of them, and who knows who all else around them within earshot or eyeshot.

But did they really care? Hell no, as Dana suddenly reached up and grabbed onto her lover's busy hands through her leather jacket—Monica relentlessly cupping and squeezing her aching breasts, and fueling the raging fire surging within her—as more wetness gushed out from the depths of her insides.

"Ohhh, Moni," she responded to the wetness and trembling of her insides.

"Hum?" Monica replied as she continued her highly-arousing sexual onslaught, glancing around the perimeter, checking for any signs of unwanted company—quite satisfied indeed that the coast was clear—as she intensified her efforts and fueled the feral fire raging inside the little redhead, cupping and squeezing her swelling breasts, and sucking on her neck—hard—as the aroused little redhead began to collapse more heavily into her arms, her legs going weak in the knees, her hands suddenly letting go of Monica's busy hands as she began to turn in the brunette's arms, then grab onto her face and neck, pulling her in and kissing her with a raw-passion that Monica had not felt in quite a long time, begging her…

"Moni… please… fuck me… fuck me, now…"

…Oh God… The little redhead most always responded this way when they started something in a more out-in-the-open, vulnerable and ultimately quite dangerous surroundings. Something about the danger made the little redhead more amorous and aroused than inside the comforts of their own home. The raw-passion, the lust, the carnal, fanatical sense-of-need her lover would feel; it was downright addictive.

"Moni… plea… fuck me… fuck me, now…"

"Oh God baby, okay, just hold onto me," the raven-haired beauty panted as she instantly picked up her needy, lusty little lover and threw her over her shoulder, playfully patting her on her backside, then began to trudge up through the half-a-foot of snow, up through her own backyard, and up through the last few yards to the garage door, then rushed inside, and threw her down to the pile of old quilts still lying in the corner used to protect her furniture from the move last summer.

"Oh God… yes… fuck me… fuck me, now, now, now…" the lustful little redhead urgently panted again as Monica hurriedly began to strip every element of clothing off that needed to be striped off—her jacket flying off to the side, her t-shirt hurling up and flying off to the other side, her bare breasts bouncing free with her tightly-erect nipples aching so hard with arousal—as she then began to rapidly strip every element of clothing off of her squirming little lover as well— Dana's jacket hurling off to the side, her blouse getting ripped wide-open, her beautiful, flushed breasts and tightly-beaded nipples coming into full view—as Monica hurriedly jerked the last of the buttons free, then reached down for her belt-buckle, the belt-buckle suddenly becoming quite contrary indeed, as she fumbled and fought with the stubborn loop.

After a couple of seconds…

"Oh God, honey. Help me," she panted in frustration as Dana quickly reached down—groping at her own belt-buckle, hook and zipper, too—then reached up to start on her lover's.

Neither could get everything unhooked, unbuttoned, unbuckled and unzipped quite fast enough to meet their needs. But they were working on it—fast and furious—they were working on it.

"Oh God! This fuckin' zipper. Shit!" Monica fussed again.

"It's all right, baby, it's comin', it's comin'…"

"I'm comin', and I'm not even tryin'."

Dana snorted, then they both burst into giggles and laughter through all of their frenzied efforts.

Two furry-headed little pussy-cats came out from the kitchen and into the utility room, then over to the door that was still open—leading out into the cold garage—to see what in the hell was going on this time to cause such loud moaning and groaning, twisting and squirming, and loud, metal zippers being feverishly unzipped.

"Ee-aow!" Gabs chirped quite loudly again at the sight of two grown women rolling around all over the dusty old quilts in the winter-cold garage, lost again from the world around them, and so into each other—the tall, dark and gorgeous raven-haired one all over the top of the shorter, more petite, light and beautiful auburn-haired one, bumping, grinding and humping her as fast as she could.

"Eeo?" little Gabs chirped again. …Can humans hump?... she wondered, as Xena chirped softly, "Meo," …Yes, they can… in response, then twisted her furry little brown-black-ass-of-a-tail up in the air yet again, spun around, and then headed back to where she had come from—bored-beyond-ridiculous with this latest development—as Gabs chirped again, and then quickly followed in right along behind her.

…Me-aowh!… Crazy humans! And in the cold at that! You'd think it was mating season for two hard-up, pussy-cats-in-heat. And, well, actually, it was mating season for any and all hard-up, pussy-cats-in-heat.

A couple of minutes later:

"Oh! Yes! Harder! Harder! Harder, baby, harder!" Dana cried out again into every thrust.

"Ngh! Ngh! Oh! Like that? Hum? Ngh! Ngh! Oh!" Monica grunted into every thrust as her bucking hips and mound pressed even harder against her lover—the back of her own hand and knuckles planted firmly against her own throbbing clit—as two warm, long, rigid fingers slid in and out, deeper and deeper, inside her lover's thick inner walls.

"Oh! Ngh! Yes! Yes, baby, yes! Oh! Ngh! God! YES!" Dana suddenly cried out again, clutching at her lover's tightly-muscled bare ass with her hands, her nails digging into the sweet, baby-soft skin, as she climaxed yet again from the powerful thrusts, her body quaking and shuddering into this newest release.

"Ngh! Oh!" Monica grunted into the sensations. After another few seconds of strong, powerful thrusts, grunts and groans… "Ngh! Nngh! Oh yeah! NGH! Oh! There it is! OHH!" Monica grunted one last time herself as she climaxed, then collapsed down on top of her spent lover, utterly exhausted herself from all the tenacious strength and tedious balance it had taken for her to stay poised on one hand and thrust deep inside the little redhead with the other, thrusting her hips and mound so rhythmically hard, as her knuckles stayed firmly planted in place, rubbing and massaging against her own pulsating clit, ultimately causing her to climax, too, right along with her lover.

...Mmm... Oh wow! She didn't need a leather harness or a silicone dick to fuck her lover! She had mastered the intricate position! and could fuck her baby any time she wanted to, with her hand and fingers—better than most any man—as that same hand and its knuckles gave her all the stimulation she needed too, to climax, right along with her lover.

After a few seconds…

"Mmm. Oh baby, God," Dana panted gasping desperately for every breath. "Holy moly, baby. My God. Wow! You've got it down, baby! Mmm. Ohhh," she groaned again tightening her inner muscles around her lover's long, thick, slick, and hot, and in-the-flesh, multi-fingered, rock-hard, rock-solid "dick" yet again, her insides quaking and shuddering into the wonderful sensations.

"Mmm," was all Monica could respond as she lay panting heavily on top of her lover. ...Jeez... She was exhausted—absolutely, unequivocally exhausted. It was hard to do—keep that convoluted position and balance for so long—as she thrust and thrust and thrust her fingers, deeper and deeper and deeper, inside her lover, giving her baby a good mid-morning fuck for the day.

They lay there for a few more seconds…

"Oh Moni. God, baby…" Dana panted again as she wrapped her arms and legs up more tightly around her lover.


"God… I have never… You… Whew…"


"I—I could never do that. I—I don't see how you do it."

"Mmm, yes you could. You do it, every time you use the little—"

"No. That's what I mean. I need the harness—and Flipper. But you can do it, without any of that. God, baby!"

"Mmm," Monica moaned, chuckling again, as she began to roll them both over to the side facing each other. She then smiled through her heavy breaths gazing into her lover's lovesick eyes.

"Oh wow. And you know the best part?" Dana panted again.


"It's you. All you. No toys, no leather, no silicone. Just you. And you're still hard, even after you come," Dana teased her as she tightened her inner muscles around Monica's long, thick, slick, hot and in-the-flesh, multi-fingered, rock-hard, rock-solid "dick" again.

"Oh," Monica grinned, cocking an eyebrow, then began to giggle. …Oh yeah… She understood the redhead's observations. That had always been a problem for her, too, with all of those quick-little-spurt, then limp-for-much-too-long, utterly-spent men she had fucked in her past as well. "Hum. Still hard, am I?" she teased seductively, licking her lips, as she began to regain renewed strength and endurance, ready to instantly fuck her baby over and over again for a long as she wanted. Her baby wouldn't have to wait for the exclusively-male refractory-phase to end to have another good, fast and furious fuck this morning if she wanted it.

"Oh yeah. Perfectly hard, baby, perfectly. Ohhh, Moni," Dana moaned again as her lover began to tease her with her long, thick, slick, hot and in-the-flesh, multi-fingered, rock-hard, rock-solid "dick" all over again.

"You want some more? Hum?" the brunette teased beginning to gently thrust and curl her fingers inside of her again.

"Mmm. Oh! Ohh! Baby, yes!"

Monica smiled. ...Okay... She'd give her baby a little more—as much as she wanted—until the lusty little redhead was ready to stop.

Kitchen – Some few hours later:

2:37 PM: "Oh crap," Dana fussed as she quickly pulled the oven-door open to reveal a slightly over-cooked rump of roast.

Monica giggled as she cut another slice of freshly-baked sourdough bread off from the main loaf.

"Hah. It's not funny. I do this every darn time. I swear, your oven is hotter than mine."

"Oh," Monica snorted then cracked up with laughter.

Dana suddenly realized the insinuations, too, then began to laugh, too.

"Oh baby, does my oven cook hotter than yours, hum?" Monica teased her again as she bounced over to her and began to tickle and tease her along her ribcage and backside.

"Ah! No! Quit! ... Moni?"


"Quit! Or I'll never get dinner cooked."

"Oh, shhh, come here," Monica stopped her tickling and teasing then took her into her arms.

"Crap. Can you believe that? I've ruined a perfectly good cut of meat. I swear."

"No honey, it's not ruined. Maybe just a little dry, but it's not ruined. Besides, the gravy's what makes it anyway."

"Um, okay. If you can live with it I guess I can, too."

"Oh, now."

"Well, you're a better cook than I am anyway. Shit!"

"No, I'm not. You're just not used to my oven."

Dana cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, wanna bet?" she said as she reached down and cupped her lover's sizzling-hot, crotch-of-an-oven through her jeans.

Then they both cracked up giggling yet again.

Thirty minutes later:

3:09 PM: "Oh, my God. We have got to stop this already. Or neither one of us is going to be able to walk in the morning," Dana panted through her heavy breaths.

"Mmm. Oh, wow. I know. And this tile floor doesn't help a bit. Jeez. I've already got some carpet-burns on my ass from last night."

"Oh no, poor baby," Dana giggled sympathizing with the stinging carpet-burns.

"And then you scratched my ass all up earlier, in the garage—"

"Oh no. Did I? I'm sorry," Dana giggled.

"Hum," Monica chuckled. She could live with the tiny, little love-marks.

"Just means you're too good, baby. You're just too good."

"Hum," Monica giggled.

Then they both cracked up giggling again as they glanced around the kitchen floor—articles of clothing strewn about all over the place.

"God! What is wrong with us?" Dana said again. "You'd think we hadn't done it in years!"

"I know. What hormones are you on now, anyway?"

"Oh no, don’t blame it all on me."

"Well. Hum. You said you needed a little more experience cooking with my oven. Maybe that’s all it is."

Dana snorted, then cracked up giggling again shaking her head.

Living Room – About an hour later:

4:11 PM: "Oh God, I'm so exhausted. Did we get any sleep at all last night?" Dana said as she leaned back a little more comfortably against the couch.

"Nope, not much," Monica replied, tired herself. "But, we need to be leaving soon, if we're going to get that boy of ours back home tonight."

"I know. And the snow will just make it worse. What's the traffic-report?"

"Not bad. But we might ought to call first, before we leave."

"Okay. Oh wow. I am getting much too old for these all-day-and-all-nighters."

Monica chuckled, "Aw now, I don't know. You're doin' pretty good for a woman bumpin' forty."

"Hah. That's a few years off yet mind you."

"Only two."

"I'm not thirty-eight yet."

"Nope. Eight days."

"Is that all?"


"Eight days? Ohhh," Dana groaned then picked up the phone to call her mother.

Outside in the backyard by the stockpile of firewood – Twenty minutes later:

4:33 PM: Monica swung the big, heavy mallet yet again, splitting the small log into four sections, as her lover stepped out from the den and onto the snow-covered deck.

"Honey?" the redhead called to her.

Monica instantly turned towards her.

Dana smiled. Her lover was so gorgeous standing out there in the deeply-packed snow, in her old, khaki hiking-boots, her black-denim-jeans and her lumberjack-styled, red-and-black-checked coat, with a bright-red turtleneck sweater peeking out from underneath, panting lightly from all her hard work, as she cut some extra firewood for the weekend. "Honey? Could you come here for a minute?" she said again as she walked a little farther out onto the slick, snow-covered deck.

Monica smiled as she walked over to the edge of the deck, her lover meeting her halfway.

"You almost finished?" Dana asked as she reached up and caressed her lover's cheek.

"Umhum. You ready to go and get Wills?"

"Umhum. Mom's going to meet us halfway."


"Umhum. And I want you to take a nap on the way. Okay?"

"Oh no, I'm fine."

"No. I managed to get a little more sleep than you did last night. So I'll drive, while you sleep."


"Shhh, no, you don't always have to be the one taking care of me, you know."

Monica smirked. "I know."

"So, it's settled then?" Dana said, smiling again, then reached up to caress her lover's soft, silken-smooth cheek once again.

Monica shrugged.

"Oh Moni, you're always taking care of me, even when you're so exhausted you could collapse from the fatigue."

"Well? Yeah but, I just love you so much. That's all. And, you—"

"Shhh, shush."

They stood there for a few seconds, Monica on the snow-covered ground, Dana on the snow-covered step just in front of her, as they gazed into each other's eyes.

Monica then leaned in for a kiss—her heart melting yet again, every single time she ever touched those soft, sweet, full and cherry-red lips with her own.

They kissed for several more seconds, both lost to the sensuous sensations and immense love engulfing them. Neither had remembered how true-love actually felt or how strong true-love could actually be—so powerful, and all-consuming—until their split-in-half souls had finally found each other again, after a few lifetimes of separation.

"Mmm," Dana moaned again into the sweet, syrupy kiss.

Monica tongued her lightly yet again, as Dana felt another little spasm twitch inside her groin.

"Mmm, Moni. God."

Monica giggled, for she was feeling the same urgent little spasms inside her own sexually-aroused groin.

"Baby, we need to go."

"I know," Monica whispered as she broke off the intimate kiss and then gazed into her lover's eyes for a few more seconds before finally reaching down and grabbing the big, heavy mallet off the ground—quickly gathering her tools up before leaving to go and get little Wills.

The Den, on the floor just in front of the fireplace – Three hours later:

7:35 PM: "Here you go," Monica said as she knelt back down beside her lover and handed her another cup of hot-chocolate while her lover held their sleepy little son, Wills, in her lap.

“Thanks, baby.”

"Umhum, you sure this old sleeping-bag is soft enough?" Monica asked as she then sat down beside her on the hardwood floor.

"Umhum, lie down, so Wills and I can lie down with you," Dana whispered.

"Okay," Monica responded as she then began to lie down on her side, atop the old sleeping-bag, with her back facing the nice, big roaring fire in the fireplace.

Little Wills then grabbed onto her hand and began to stand then lean in against her so he could see the pretty orange flames rise and flicker towards the chimney flue.

Dana then stretched out on her side, too, facing the fire and her lover, with their little baby-son positioned securely between them.

Monica chuckled as little Wills began babble and coo, leaning in more steadily against the brunette's abdomen and ribcage, and using her warm, soft body as his prop, while he still held onto her hand. "Whatchya doin' little man? Hum? What’s my little Wills doin'? Watching the fire? Hum? Is Wills watching the pretty fire?" she cooed to him.

"Eeya! Babapa, babapa fuh, bapa fuhr," he squealed out, pointing at the pretty fire roaring in the fireplace, then began to babble and coo, imitating the vowel and consonant sounds as best he could, babbling away to his little heart's content.

Monica chucked again as Dana then leaned over next to his little baby-ear and whispered, "Good boy, Wills, yes. Bapa fuhr, pretty fire. See the pretty fire? Bapa fuhr, pretty fire," she whispered, using the same basic phrase yet again, pronouncing the words his way and then the more accurate way, consistently describing the fire and accurately pronouncing the words once more, so he could try to imitate the sounds a little more accurately, too. “Oh, and look Wills. Your Tía Món is so pretty, too. Yes. She is so pretty. Very beautiful, actually,” she whispered suddenly as she made eye-contact with his Tía Món.

Monica smiled as the little redhead then leaned all the way in towards her for a wonderfully nice and sugary-sweet little kiss on the lips.

They kissed a few more times as little Wills babbled and cooed between them. He then began to receive several little sugary-sweet baby-kisses along his little baby-cheeks and forehead, too, as both mommies leaned in and showered him with sweet little motherly kisses. He had no doubts. He was loved—immensely. And what better gift could his two parents give to him than to feel loved, protected and adored?

Xena and Gabby suddenly scampered into the den to see what was happening with their three favorite human companions this time around as they relaxed in front of the fireplace.

"Oh! keekadz!" Wills squealed out yet again in delight.

"Oh yes! Kitty-cats. See the pretty kitty-cats?" his mother responded to his little squeals of delight as she glanced up to her lover, making eye-contact and then smiling and winking at her. His pronunciation of that particular word was getting better and better every day. Soon, he would be able to say 'kitty-cat' quite accurately, so that everyone would understand what he was trying to say.

Monica smiled then winked, too—happy and quite amazed indeed at his rapid progress. He was learning verbal communication very quickly for a baby not quite a year old.

"Deeaadada! ¡Ew gadda!" he suddenly squealed out yet again, patting Monica's shoulder to get her attention, then reached over and patted along Xena's back. "¡Ew gadda! ¡Ew gadda! Deeaadada! ¡Ew gadda! Yeeoohbabagagooeeoo…" he babbled and cooed, then jabbered away using his own baby-language again.

"¡Ah! ¡Si!" Monica suddenly understood, so excited that little Wills was quite possibly learning his Spanish, too, along with his English. "¡Si! Ella gata! Gata bonito, the pretty cat," she responded to his little attempts at Spanish as she reached over and began to pet the pretty little kitty, too.

"Ewa gadda. Eeeyooo! Babagoogeeoobabagama…" he squealed and cooed, then began to baby-babble incoherently yet again jabbering away, and making all sorts of sounds, imitating the consonant and vowel sounds, as he learned how to verbally communicate more precisely every day. Soon, he would not only be saying words more accurately, but he would soon be speaking in short sentences, too.

Dana smiled. She was not quite as convinced as Monica was that little Wills was actually trying to imitate Spanish sounds of language along with English sounds. But, whether he was or wasn't, what better teacher could she hope to have than her own lover, her own partner, and his other mother, to teach him Spanish along with his English? And, she had to admit, he had specifically baby-punched his second Spanish-and-English-speaking mother on the shoulder, to get her attention from his other primarily-English-speaking mother as he baby-babbled and cooed about the pretty kitty-cat.

Monica then reached over to pet sweet little Gabby sitting contentedly next to Xena. The last thing she would ever want for this little kitty, is for this little kitty, Gabby, to feel left out from all the special attention Xena was receiving. "Oh, so pretty. Look, Wills. Look at the other pretty kitty. Isn't she pretty? So pretty. Pretty Gabby. See Gabby? It's Gabby and Xe. Gabby and Xe. Gabby and Xe…" she repeated as she began to stroke one and then the other teaching little Wills the different sounds of their names.

"Ohweeya! Gagagaba, gabba, gabba…" he squealed out again in excitement then began to baby-babble again, trying to actually verbalize the smaller cat's name, as he patted little Gabby's head, the sweet little red-auburn-haired kitty enduring his baby-pats.

Both women chuckled at his actions and babbling verbalization, delighted that soon, very soon, he would be able to say Gabby's name more accurately, too, for he was very close to saying it accurately now.

Suddenly he reached up and patted Monica's cheek with a palm, squealing out happily yet again.

“Oh Wills, yes, I love you so much. Yes, Tía Món loves you so much,” she instantly responded, widening her eyes and raising her eyebrows at him into a funny expression, then leaned in for a kiss, teasing him with her happy and jovial facial expressions.

"Deeaa! Deeama," he squealed out happily yet again then began to pat along her ribcage as she wrapped an arm more securely around his little mid-section. "Deeaa, deeaadada, dadadadadada…" he began to baby-verbalize again still patting along her ribcage.

Both women chuckled again then began to laugh at his little 'dadadadadada,' baby-babbles.

Dana shook her head, then commented, "Gosh, it's so funny how he only does that with you. I can't figure it out that he calls you ‘dada’, especially when we never use the term."

"I know. I don't quite understand that either. But the 'D' sound does tend to be one of the first utterances, right?"

"Yes. But why doesn't he do that with me, too? He seems to only associate it with you—Dada—I—Gosh, I never wanted him to do that, you know?"

Monica just shrugged. It really didn't matter to her, at least not in the very near future. Besides, he would learn how to pronounce her name soon enough; and she was still not quite as convinced as Dana was that he actually associated the 'D' sound and 'dada' with her as much as he was just babbling, as all babies do. But it did tend to frustrate Dana to some extent. She really wanted him to call his other mother Tía or Tía Món. They had discussed it in length a few months ago when he had first begun to baby-babble "dada" and point to Monica. They had considered 'Jules' from Monica's middle name, but then quickly decided that the 'J' sound might be a little too hard for him to learn in the beginning. And 'Moni' would certainly not be appropriate because it was too similar to 'Mommy'. So, they had decided to go with a Spanish flare and call her Tía, Tía Món or Tía Mónica around him.

Little Wills continued to gibber, jabber, babble and coo, carrying on a boisterous conversation with his two mommies, babbling and cooing, gurgling and jabbering, as they babbled and cooed, gurgled and jabbered right along with him, imitating his sounds, and then exaggerating the correct pronunciations, teaching him, encouraging him and rewarding him for all of his little efforts at verbal communication.

Dana then lay back against the old sleeping-bag, so happy and content, as she watched, listened and observed while her lover continued to parent her child—their child—Monica's soon-to-be-court-appointed son.

"Dada," little Wills babbled again as he reached up wanting Monica to kiss his little finger. And she did, as always.

Dana chuckled. "Hum? And why don't you do that with me? Hum? Why don't you say that with me?" she teased him as she leaned in to give him another quick little kiss.

"Weeyaa!" he squealed out yet again in happiness as he turned and patted along his mother's cheek, too.

Monica giggled. "Because you're not his 'dada'. You're his 'weeyaa'!" she teased him as she then rolled to her back and lifted him up in the air, beginning to raise and lower him up and down, playing with him, and allowing his flailing little arms to flounder around like a little fish, while he squealed, grunted, babbled and cooed, as happy as any little baby-boy could be.

Dana giggled, too. "Oh, so I'm your 'weeyaa'? Not your 'mommy'?" she teased him, too, as she rolled in next to her lover, snuggling in close and watching, as her lover lifted him up and down, up and down, easing his little face and forehead down to her lips, then kissing him, and then lifting him back up, then down, then up, then down, up and down, up and down, as little Wills squealed and babbled happily in delight.

Thirty minutes later:

8:05 PM: "Um, not much longer, I don't think," Dana barely whispered under her breath, her eyes still closed, as Monica continued to lightly hum serenading their little son to sleep.

They were all three still lying comfortably on the old sleeping-bag, just in front of the slow-burning fire, with little Wills on his tummy and on top of his mother's chest, still barely squeezing her breast through her pajamas with his little hand, with his little head tucked in against her chin, as she lay comfortably in Monica's arms, all snuggled in against her long, lean body, with her own head tucked in against the brunette's chin, as Monica lay slightly on her side again. This time facing the warm and toasty fire herself, as she continued to hum a lullaby to her charge, one arm wrapped snuggly around her lover's shoulder-blades as the other lay comfortably along her lover's midsection and little William's backside. She glanced down to the two slumbering kitties, just at the foot of the old sleeping-bag, the petite little light-auburn-haired one all snuggled in against the slightly bigger and dark-raven-haired one. She chuckled through her lullaby. At this rate, everyone in the house would soon be asleep, including herself and Dana, if things continued to go on as they were right now. Moreover, the old sleeping-bag had been perfect—simply perfect—and a wonderfully cozy idea that Dana had come up with earlier in the day, just before leaving to go pick up little Wills. It had been so relaxing to lie on the floor, just in front of the fireplace—a roaring, beautiful, big fire burning—as they played with little Wills, just the three of them, and loved on him—giggling and cooing and talking to him—helping him to learn how to verbally communicate, as they both waited for his little baby boy energy-level to finally run down and give into a peaceful slumber for the night.

Dana opened her eyes making eye contact.

Monica smiled, still humming, as she leaned down and gave her a light little peck on the lips, then eased down and gave Wills a light little peck on the crown.

"I think he's asleep," the redhead whispered softly.

Monica cocked an eyebrow then ran her palm up along his back. He didn't move. He was out like a light. She chuckled then leaned back in for another warm and wet, little kiss from his mother.

"Mmm," Dana moaned into the warm, wet kiss. "This is so nice."

"Umhum. And he's so beautiful, Dana, so beautiful. God, I love him," the brunette whispered as she gently caressed his little back and shoulder-blades again—amazed at how much she could love this little baby boy, a child that she had not even given birth to. And yet she could feel such love and such total, absolute devotion and interconnectedness with him.

Dana smiled glancing down to her sleeping son then back up to her lover.

Monica smiled again then gently rolled them both up on top of her holding them both so protectively close in her arms.

"Mmm," Dana moaned again then snuggled in and dropped a thigh down between her legs as she cradled her sleeping little son more cozily between them. He was still out like a light snoozing so peacefully between both his mommies now.

Monica tightened her hold around her charge for a moment, leaned down and kissed her lover on the crown, then sighed happily. She could hardly believe how happy and contented she could be, feeling such immense joy and happiness, lying here in her own home, in her own den, in front of her own fireplace, with the two most important people ever in her entire life lying in her arms, and her two furry little friends slumbering contentedly down at the edges of their feet, too. …Wow!... What had she ever done to deserve such immense happiness?

"Mon? Let's go to bed," Dana suddenly whispered, out of the blue.

The raven-haired beauty cocked an eyebrow.

Dana then cocked a little red-auburn eyebrow herself as she pressed her thigh more intimately in against her lover’s groin.

“Mm,” Monica barely responded to her lover’s mischievous little leg-and-thigh-press against her groin, then cocked a dark-raven eyebrow yet again. "You're serious," she whispered.

"Umhum. Very," Dana purred very low and seductively as she pressed her thigh in even more convincingly against her lover’s warming groin.

“Oh,” she responded as her hips and pelvis pushed up instinctively against Dana’s insistent thigh in spite of herself. …Oh my goodness… Dana was really beginning to tease her with her thigh. "Oh," she barely whimpered again in spite of herself. ...Um, um, um... The little redhead was begin quite insistent with her desires for them. And sometimes her lover's highly-energized sexual-appetite amazed her beyond comprehension.

"Is that a problem?" the lustful little redhead whispered again then pressed her thigh more urgently against her clit.

"Oh. Umum. No, I um—No. I'm just—No," the brunette rambled as she began to let go of her charge.

Dana then eased out from her lover’s arms leaving the sleeping little William lying on top of the brunette's chest, sat up, stretched her back out for a moment, then eased up to her knees and then reached down for little Wills.

Monica smiled as she then began to sit up herself, with Dana’s help, and cradled little Wills in her arms being very careful not to awaken him.

"Here, I can take him," Dana lightly whispered again as she then took little Wills from her arms, holding him, until Monica could rise up and stand.

Monica then stood up, stretched her back out for a moment, too, then knelt down to retrieve their slumbering little son.

Within moments, they were both down the hallway and inside the nursery placing little William in his crib. They both stood there watching him sleep for a few moments. Dana then reached up and wrapped her arms around her lover—Monica pulling her in close, too.

"Mmm, Moni. Thank you."

"For what?"

"For loving me, loving my son."

"And how could I not? You're my destiny."

"You think?" Dana teased.

"Umhum. I know."

Dana chuckled then squeezed her own destiny in a little tighter in her arms for a moment, too. “Come on, baby, let's go to bed."

Monica chuckled at her lover’s impatience. "Okay, but I need to throw another log or two on the fire for the night."

"Okay. I'll wait."

Monica then eased her arms down to get a little better grip on the little redhead then lifted her up in her arms for a few moments holding her so tight as Dana just collapsed into her arms enjoying every single minute of it. "Mmm, go onto bed now. I'll be there in a minute," she whispered as she began to ease her back down to the floor.

"Okay, don't be long."

"I won't. Do I ever keep you waiting for very long?"

Dana giggled. No. Her lover was pretty amazing at how she could come up with the most inconspicuous, unusual and improbable places to make a little love. It must have been that wildly creative and innovative streak that flowed consistently through her.

Monica winked at her, then eased in for another quick little kiss, cupping her cheek, then leaned back out and double-winked at her yet again before leaving the nursery for the den.

"Mmm," Dana moaned softly into the darkness of the room. She then reached down and lightly caressed her sleeping little son's cheek for a moment before turning herself for the bedroom. Her body and soul still yearned and burned for her lover. She just could not seem to get enough of her these last few days—weeks—more like months. "Mmm." And she wasn't sure why. But then she had never been so in-love with anyone in her entire life! And …Oh wow!... did it ever feel so good to be so ravenously in-love.

The Bedroom – Fifteen minutes later:

8:21 PM: "Oawh," the little redhead yawned rolling over in the bed for a moment to clutch her lover's pillow. "Mmm," she sighed again, happy as could be. Suddenly, she heard her lover's soft, distinctive footsteps coming down the hallway towards the bedroom. She smiled, her heart bursting with pure joy.

Monica entered the bedroom carrying two little pussy-cats, one a little red-auburn in her arms, the other a dark-raven draped over her shoulders and back of her neck with her little padded paws curling down along the front of her chest.

Dana giggled. "What are you doing bringing them to bed?"

"Well, you know they'll end up in here anyway. So, I thought I'd save them the trip," the brunette said as she eased down to the bed, Xena jumping down from the back of her neck, as she then placed little Gabby down on the bed next to her.

"Oh my," Dana giggled again as she reached out to pet her furry little look-a-like.

"Eeow," little Gabby chirped then rubbed up against her palm.

Monica chuckled, too, then ordered them to the foot of the bed. "All right girls, you know where your spot is," she said as Xena chirped then eased in for a quick little goodnight caress too, before moving down to her spot on the bed. "Um, um, um. Have I spoiled you or what?" the brunette said as she reached down to give the brown-black little kitty-cat a stroke underneath her chin.

"Yep. You've spoiled them. Almost as bad as you have me," the little redhead teased.

Monica chuckled again, then eased in under the covers herself sliding in next to her lover. Suddenly, she realized that her lover was not wearing any pajamas. Or at least it appeared to be that way, that her lover had gone to bed naked. She cocked an eyebrow, rolling in a little closer, then slid an arm in along her lover's warm, soft bare abdomen, scoping out the possibility. ...Hum... She then eased her hand up, feeling around for the bottom of her lover's pajama-top, just to make sure she was not imagining things.

Dana chuckled cocking a little red-auburn eyebrow herself. "What are you looking for? Hum?" she teased.

"Oh, just looking—feeling around."

"Oh yeah? Finding anything of interest?"

"Oh yeah," the inquisitive brunette said as she then eased in, lifting the covers up and out of the way, then nuzzled her nose in along her lover's bare chest. "Oh yeah. Um-hum, very interesting," she said again, burying her face and cheek in along the warm, sweet valley of her lover's creamy-white breasts. "Mmm, God, you feel so good, smell so good, taste so good," she breathed again inhaling a deep, long breath, and filling her nostrils with that distinct flowery Scully-scent, unique only to her lover, intermingled with a little whiff of bath soap, still lingering from her recent shower.

"Mmm, take your clothes off. I want to lie here with you, utterly naked. Okay?"

The brunette cocked a dark-raven eyebrow again. "Okay. Sounds good to me," she said as she rose up and began to shed her own pajamas off as well. Within a half a minute, she had all of her clothes off, too, including her underwear. She smiled then eased back down along her lover's stark-naked body.

"Mmm, yeah, just lie here with me, okay? Lie here with me. I need you to lie with me."

"Okay baby," Monica responded, moving in and rolling in on top of her, sheltering her from all that could harm her. "I love you, honey. Are you okay?" she asked beginning to grow a little concerned over her lover's seeming sense of urgency.

"Umhum, just, I need to feel you next to me, on top of me, inside of me."

Monica widened her eyes, then rose up on her elbows, making eye-contact, as her fully nude body stayed draped all over the top of her lover's fully nude body, her legs wrapped up around her lover's upper thigh, as her mound rubbed in against her lover's warm, soft crotch.

"Oh yes, baby, yes. Love me. Love me like you do," Dana panted.

"What?" Monica cocked an eyebrow.

"Love me. Love me like you do," Dana panted again.

"Oh. You mean—"

"Yes, I need you, I need to feel you, now."

"Oh." ...Oh wow... The brunette's heartbeat and respiration quickened instantly inside her chest, from her lover's words. She knew exactly what her lover wanted from her. The amorous little redhead wanted her to make-love to her—with just her thoughts, her spirit, her mind, her very soul. She wanted her to use her extrasensory abilities to love and caress her with her very soul. And she could do that—very easily—for the beautifully petite, little red-auburn-haired woman was so easy to love.

"Oh Moni. Can you do it?" Dana asked as her heartbeat and respiration began to quicken, too, staring into her lover's dark-chocolate, mesmeric eyes and losing herself into those dark-chocolate hypnotic eyes while that deep, penetrating gaze of Monica's pierced her right through to her very soul. She knew it took an immense amount of mental strength, power and stamina to do what she was asking. And they had not had much sleep last night. But she also knew that Monica was very strong, focused and gifted, due to her extraordinary, extrasensory, almost supernatural gift.

Monica smiled then leaned down a few inches until their lips barely grazed, their tongues lightly darting out and teasing each other. "Yes baby, but are you sure? You sure you're not too tired?" she whispered barely audible.

"Yes. I'm sure. Please, Moni. Please, make-love to me like you do. I need to feel you, inside of me," the little redhead panted yet again.

"Oh Dana, God. Okay, I'll love you, baby, with every ounce of my soul," she said then leaned in and began to gently graze and suck on her lover's lips—the upper, and then the lower—teasing her, back and forth between her upper, and then the lower, as she focused her energy and concentrated on the little redhead's eyes, never breaking the intimate, penetrating eye-contact. ...Mmm, God, I love you. I love you, baby. Can you hear me? Hum? Can you hear me? Hear my voice, telling you how much I love you? Hum? Can you hear me? Feel me? Feel how much I love you? Hum?... she mused as she concentrated and focused her dark-chocolate, hypnotic gaze more penetratingly into Dana's bright blue.

"Oh," Dana shivered slightly into the penetrating gaze. ...Yes... She could hear her as the brunette's tantilizing little suckles, tugs, and teases along her lips drove her wild with desire—her body and soul beginning to tingle and burn with growing anticipation.

Monica smiled through her gentle kisses, increasing the intensity of her penetrating gaze, and pouring all the love, passion and devotion she could muster into her look, beginning to love her baby and fill her famished soul with just her mind, her thoughts, her spirit, her very soul.

"Mmm, ohhh," the little redhead moaned again, her heartbeat quickening, her blood-pressure rising, her breathing beginning to come in short little gasps, as she felt that sweet and familiar slow-burn beginning to radiate throughout her very core. "Oh Moni," she lightly gasped again—her body beginning to shiver more visibly from the immense emotional intensity, as her lover gazed into her eyes—loving her, caressing, stroking her, penetrating her to her very core, with just her mind, her thoughts, her spirit, her very soul—imagining herself inside of her—penetrating her, stroking her, caressing her, loving her —to the very center of her soul.

...Oh Dana. I love you. I want you. I need you. Feel me. Feel my love. Feel me inside of you. Feel me, baby. Feel me, now. Loving you, loving you, loving you. I'm loving you, I'm inside of you, loving you, loving you, loving you... the telepathic brunette mused, concentrating her thoughts more intently on the little redhead and staring into her sparkling deep-ocean-blue eyes, as she continued her gentle and easy kisses along her lips, teasing her gently with her tongue, and barely flicking it in and out of her lover's mouth.

"Oh. Oh Moni," the little redhead lightly gasped again, determined not to close her eyes and break the enchanting spell, as her deep-ocean-blue eyes stayed transfixed on her lover's piercing dark-brown.

Monica cocked an eyebrow—her own body beginning to shiver slightly from the intense telepathic energy she was using, and her own breathing beginning to come in short little gasps, too—as she continued to imagine and visualize herself and her tongue licking, teasing, stroking, and ultimately probing inside her lover's warm, wet cave—stroking, licking, teasing and probing, twirling and circling around and around, deep inside, and all the way to the very center of her lover's very soul.

"...oh... oh... ngh!" Dana suddenly groaned, her hips bucking up into her lover's groin, as she grabbed onto her lover's bare butt, squeezing her soft buttock cheeks inside her palms. "Oh... oh... oh God!... Moni!... I... I can feel it... I can... feel you... inside of... Ohhh!" she groaned out yet again, her hips bucking up one more time into her lover's groin as her words came out in short little gasps.

"...Mmm, Dana... Love me... Please baby, love me, too... Please, love me... with your mind... Please, baby...." the brunette petitioned softly, her own soft whispers coming out in short little gasps, too.

"...oh... oh.... but... I don't know how..."

"...Yes. Yes, you do... Yes, baby... You do... Just focus... Focus on me... On my eyes... On my... Ohhh!" the brunette suddenly groaned out quite loudly herself. "Oh God... Yes... That's it... That's it, baby... Yes... Oh God..."

"...oh... oh... Ngh!" Dana suddenly groaned out quite loudly again herself as her hips bucked up into the brunette's aching groin once more. ...Oh God... She was about to come. But she didn't want to come. Not yet. She quickly held back her orgasm then refocused all of her spiritual energy on her lover—imagining and visualizing herself licking, teasing, stroking and probing all around her lover's warm, wet cavity, too—teasing, licking, stroking and probing—with just her mind, her thoughts, her spirit, and her very soul as well.

"...oh, oh, ah, my God..." Monica began to pant, barely audible, as her body shivered and trembled more urgently into the arousing sensations. ...Oh God, Dana, yes baby, yes, please, don't stop, don't stop, please, don't stop... she pleaded as her heart and soul began to pound and burn more urgently inside her chest—her clit, entrance and very center burning with need from all the physical sensations her lover was creating inside her body, with just her mind, her thoughts and imagination—the little redhead tenaciously envisioning herself stroking, licking and caressing all around the shivering brunette's burning clit and wet, hot cavity with her tongue and lips—circling and teasing, sucking and nibbling on her lover's very center.

"...oh, oh, mmm..." the trembling brunette panted softly, cocking an eyebrow, as the little redhead did the same.

"...mmm, mmm, Mon..."

Their hips and pelvic areas began to buck and rock more vigorously into each other with their legs squeezing together into a mutual approaching orgasm.

"...oh, oh. Ngh!" Dana gutturally groaned out again into the beginning orgasm. She just could not hold it back any longer. "Oh, oh God Moni, God," she trembled and shuddered as her release led her lover into a sweet and gentle release, too—their hips and pelvic areas rocking into the wonderfully sweet sensations, her clit twitching and burning into a wonderfully satisfying orgasm.

"Oh! Ohhh!" Monica groaned out quite loudly too, her hips jerking, then jerking up hard once more against the redhead's mound, her own clit and insides burning and quivering into the sweet release. "Oh God, honey," she panted, instantly dropping down into her lover's arms, utterly breathless, as her lover wrapped her up more snuggly in her arms, both of them shivering with the sweet, gentle ripples of aftermath.

After a few moments, the little redhead smiled, reaching up and brushing her lover's thick, dark-raven hair out of her eyes.

The shimmering brunette smiled, too, her face glistening with pure bliss, as she made eye-contact again.

Dana grinned. "Oh God, my God, did you come?"

"Mmm, umhum. You know I did," the brunette chuckled.

"You did? You really did?" Dana's heart leaped inside her chest.

"Yes, baby. You know I did," she repeated.

"But—? I—Really? You did? You really did?" Dana's eyes watered up with tears.

"Yes honey. Oh no, now. Why are you crying, hum?"

Happy tears were rolling down the jubilant little redhead's cheeks even more fervently from nothing more than pure bliss.

"Oh Dana, shhh."

"Oh God, but I did it! I did it! I actually did it! I—I—Oh God!" the little redhead choked out through her tears.

"Shhh, yes, you did, baby. See? I told you, you could," Monica smiled again, caressing her cheek. And she was happy, too—for the both of them. Because this newest perfected skill of Dana's could open up many more doors, channels and intimate paths for them, taking them all the way into each other's very hearts and souls if they wanted it to.

A few months ago—after several months of mild disagreements, and extreme frustration on Monica's part—Dana had finally acknowledged and accepted the fact that she did have undeniable psychic/telepathic/extrasensory skills, too, just like Monica. And even though her newly-discovered skills might not be as strong, sensitive, or as powerful as Monica's, she still had been learning how to use them, hone them and perfect them—again, with Monica's help—over these last few months, and ultimately strengthening them until she could actually communicate telepathically and make-love to her baby, creating all the physical sensations needed, inside her lover's very soul, to reach that ultimate pinnacle of emotional, physical and spirtual climax, using only her thoughts and imagination.

"Oh, baby. It was wonderful. Perfect. Pure heaven," Monica whispered again, encouraging her lover, and helping her to build her confidence in her most recently acknowledged extrasensory abilities. "Mmm, God, baby. I could feel you—feel your love—all over me—surrounding me—inside of me, my heart, and my soul," she choked out herself as warm, happy tears began to run down her cheeks as well.

"Oh God. Look at us," Dana giggled through her happy tears, reaching up and wiping a couple of stray tears away from her lover's wet cheeks, too.

Monica smiled, gazing into her lover's lovesick eyes, as her own lovesick eyes spilled more tears of pure bliss down her cheeks.

They lay there together, Monica on top and Dana on the bottom, with her body sprawled out all over the top of the little redhead, basking in the purest of spiritual intimacy—their legs intertwined and straddling each other's thighs, as their physical bodies practically merged into one; their immense joy, love and devotion for one another encircling them, enveloping them, surrounding them; their intermingled spirits beginning to float, rise and spiral high above them; both of them lost inside the spiritual interconnectedness, as they both began to feel that wonderfully slow and familiar burn begin to spread throughout their very cores all over again.

This latest little round of lovemaking might not have been quite as physically demanding and energetic as some of the others had been—ones that they had been sharing all day and all night, since last night, but it was just as spiritually energizing and revitalizing. And much more significant. For their very souls were currently interlinked, intertwined, interconnected, and miraculously merged into one. And each time they used their psychic/telepathic/extrasensory skills to love, touch and caress each other's very souls, it just strengthened their very souls—cores, spirits—and melded them that much more into one unconquerable, invincible spirit—a perfect union of two souls, blended into one—of one mind, one body, one spirit—preparing them for all of the difficult challenges that still lie ahead, as they continue to battle all the dark, evil, relentless forces surrounding them.

After a couple of minutes of perfect spiritual union...

"Mmm," the dark-raven-haired beauty moaned tightening her arms around the other half of her split-in-half soul.

"Mmm," the red-auburn-haired beauty moaned, too, following suit, and tightening her arms around the other half of her split-in-half soul, too.

"God, I love you, you know that, don't you?"

"Mmm, wow, yes, how could I not after that?"

The raven-haired beauty chuckled.

"Oh God, Moni. There's no way to even describe what we just—wow!"

"I know," the raven-haired beauty agreed.

"I—I just—I just wish that, I knew how to—wow!"


"I—God, Moni—I could feel you—inside of me. And I'm still feeling you.And I—I just—wow!"

Monica then rose up to look into her lover's lovesick eyes once again.

"What?" the little redhead said cocking an eyebrow.

Monica just shook her head. "There is no way, is there? to describe what we just did. The fire. The tingling. The urgency. That slow burn. The—wow," she finally panted herself.

The little redhead giggled rising up for a kiss.

Monica instantly obliged her.

They kissed for several more seconds, lost inside that familiar, slow-burn rushing through their insides, tingling all the way down to their very toes.

Dana then rolled them both over in the bed, dropping her hips down between her lover's legs, and pressed her groin more snuggly in against hers.

"Mmm," Monica grinned cocking an eyebrow. "You ready for a little hands-on?"

"Mmm, I don't know. Maybe, but, I'm rather tired."

The brunette giggled. "Well, for Godsakes, I wonder why? We've been making-love all day and night."

Dana giggled, too.

"So. Having said that, if it's all the same to you, I think I'm ready to call it a night."


"Yeah. I'm pretty tired."

Okay. But on one condition."

"Uh-oh. What's that?"

"I wanna watch."

"What?! Dana?" the brunette gasped.

"Yeah. I want to watch. I want to watch you pleasure yourself."

"Oh, for Godsakes. Dana? Honey? I'm tired. I—I'm not even sure if I could tonight."

"Oh, I know you can do it. It just might take you a little longer."

"Mmm," the brunette groaned. "Honey, I—I'm not kidding, I—I'm really tired. Especially, after what we just did. And what you just did to me, inside of that gorgeous little head of yours."

"Ohhh." Dana continued to lie on top of her, watching her, watching her changing expressions, and thoroughly enjoying the several moments of quiet deliberation her lover was obviously running through her mind. "Well?" she finally asked.

"Well, what?" Monica quipped.

"You gonna do it? You can use Flipper," Dana teased as she suddenly reached down between the mattress and bedsprings and pulled out their favorite dolphin-shaped dildo.

"Oh no, honey, no. I know I don't want that. I'm sore as it is."

Dana snorted.

"Well? I am. Shit!"

"Ohhh. Well what about Junior? Or Dev?"

Monica snorted herself. "You're going from Junior to Devin? Holy shit!" She began to chuckle, too, as she took the assortment of silicones toys from her lover's hand then shoved them all back in between the mattress and bedsprings.

"Well?" the little redhead teased her again.

"Well, what? Honey? You know I would, but—I'm not even sure if I could handle you right now, just your pinky."

Dana giggled again. "Oh, I know, and it's okay. I understand. It's just that—you're so beautiful when you pleasure yourself, and I—I just—wow!"

"You like to watch," Monica chuckled again. "But, sweetheart, maybe tomorrow night, after we rest up, okay? How about that?"

The voyeuristic little redhead nodded in agreement.

"Besides, I just want to lie here with you, and feel you on top of me for a little while. Okay? I just wanna, lie here with you. And maybe even go to sleep, with you on top of me, okay?"

Dana giggled. "Okay. We can do that," she teased as she rubbed her crotch in a little more seductively against her lover's mound.

"Mmm. Honey?"


"You, are such a tease."

"Umhum. But you love me for it, now don't you?"

"Mmm. Umhum," the brunette grunted as she squeezed her lover in a little tighter in her arms.

...purr, purr, purr...

The two little kitties—one a dark-chocolate-brown and the other a light-auburn—continued to purr and dote on each other, licking, nibbling and grooming each other, totally lost from the world around them, as they fell deeper and deeper in love, too, just as their human counterparts had. And, yes, little kitties can fall in love, too. Especially, when their souls keep recycling back into this world in all different forms, shapes and sizes, their spirits eventually finding each other again, and again, and again, with the help of their human counterparts.

...purr, purrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrr...

Monica finally glanced down to the two blissful little cats. "My goodness, those two have their little motors running, don't they?" she chuckled in reference to their loud mutual purring.

"Mmm, yes, quite like ours," Dana teased.

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmm. Umhum. I think they've finally gotten the hang of it. Don't you?"

Monica began to giggle as Dana then began to purr quite seductively into her ear.


The two sets of lovebirds continued to converse, purr, play and kiss on each other, all snuggled in together—the two human lovebirds talking about these last few days together, their first Valentine's Day together, when they first met, when they first made-love, when they first admitted their undying love for one another, when they ultimately committed their individual lives and futures together—talking about anything and everything, as they inevitably dropped off into a peaceful slumber, all wrapped up in each other's arms—totally, utterly and blissfully in love—as the two feline lovebirds continued to purr, lick, nibble and kiss on each other, too, making up for lost time, as they fell ever more deeply and blissfully in love with each other, too. It had been a very nice first Valentine's Day for both sets of lovebirds. And the next one should prove to be even better. Things just got better and better for them—two sets of lovebirds so totally, utterly and blissfully in love.


THANK YOU for reading my story! Also, I would like to include this particular song for Moni & Dana's First Valentine's Day. It does fit the situation and was the inspiration for the title. The words fit them so well.

My Valentine
By Martina McBride

If there were no words, no way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears, no way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you
And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine
All of my life, I have been waiting for all you give to me
You've opened my eyes and shown me how to love unselfishly
I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine
And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
'Cause all I need is you, my valentine
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

To actually listen to this song, go HERE.
Or go to the SRR LoveSongs/Music Page to hear it and many more. Enjoy!

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