Life with My Girl, Reyes
Just A Little Tuesday Morning Lovin'
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Just A Little Tuesday Morning Lovin'

by MyGirlReyes

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Monica Julieta Reyes, Dana Katherine Scully, and all other Original X-Files characters included within this story belong to Chris Carter, the Fox Broadcasting Network & 1013 Productions and are being used here without their permission. I am just borrowing all characters for a little while to satisfy my own needs and desires for their otherwise rather boring lives.
Pairing: Scully/Reyes
Rating: Soft R
Category: Friendship, Humor, Romance, Love
MyGirlReyes' SRR FanFic Timeline: This story is the Primary Sequel to Just a Little Monday Night Football. It's not quite 5:30 AM, early Tuesday morning – about four hours after the events described in Just a Little Monday Night Football - in the Fall of Early-to-Mid October, 2001. William is seven-months-old. Dana and Monica have been in a committed-relationship for about six months.
Summary: Monica and Dana have had a good night's rest, but are both still very tired from going to bed so late last night after watching the last of Monday Night Football. Dana put William to bed then went to bed herself. John slept on the couch and Monica finally made it to bed a few minutes later sliding in next to Dana. Things happened the night before, and will happen again this morning, to cause a little playful Tuesday Morning chitchat between John, Monica and Dana before the day's end.
Author's Note: This story is written in first-person from Monica's POV.
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Date Archived: Started: October 24, 2004. Finished: December 30, 2004. Archived: December 31, 2004


Monica, beginning to wake up for the morning—In Dana's Bed
Tuesday Morning ~ 5:23 AM:


"Mmm," I moan softly, rolling over onto my stomach and clutching my pillow, as I hear my gentle, sweet and adorable lover—Dana Scully—open the door, then close it coming back into the bedroom again. I now hear her tiptoeing softly towards me.

Ohhh. She is trying so hard not to awaken me. God! She's so sweet, so kind, so thoughtful, and so outrageously beautiful, with those dark-ocean-blue eyes of hers and that thick, red-auburn hair. God! I am so lucky to have her in my life. And I got to spend the night with her at her place again last night, too. I think she and her son might be spending the night with me at my place tonight. Though, I'm not sure. She might decide to wait until the weekend. Either way, it won't matter, because I know we'll be together again, no matter what the final decision.

"Mmm," I moan again as I feel her crawl back into the bed with me and slide her warm, sensuous body in next to mine. She feels so good lying next to me. "He okay?" I barely mumble into my pillow.

"Umhum. Just fine," she whispers then snuggles in a little more cozily.

"Took the whole bottle?" I mumble again.

"Umhum. The whole thing."

We both chuckle at her infant son's insatiable appetite when he first wakes up in the morning.

"And he's playing now?" I mumble again.

"Umhum, yes, shhh, go back to sleep," she instructs me then rolls over on top of me - her warm, soft breasts and petite, little abdomen pressing into my back - as I adjust myself to her added weight. But she's not heavy. Oh no. She's not heavy at all. She's perfect, simply perfect.

Suddenly, we hear her little son's baby-coos and babbles filtering into the bedroom through the baby-monitor.

We both chuckle again at his happiness.

"Y' sure he's okay?" I ask again.

"Yes, baby, he's fine. He always does this, plays like this, just after breakfast, remember?" she reminds me.

Oh yeah. Right. That's right. I forget on occasion how happy a baby he really is. He is such a good and happy baby. I smile again. And he always does this. He most always likes to play and entertain himself for a little while inside his crib before his mother and I finally get up for the day.

"Hum," I sigh again, content and reassured, then clutch my pillow once more before settling back down for another half-an-hour of sleep.

My woman then throws her leg and thigh over my butt sliding in against my side and back.

"Mmm," I moan again into the sensations then readjust my butt and hips to give her a little better angle.

Oh wow. She feels even better now, with her entire body lying on top of me; and if I were not so frickin' tired, I'd probably roll over right now, pull her into my arms, hold her, kiss her, and tell her again how much I love her. But I'm still so tired, and basically still asleep. But she understands. I know she does. She always does.

I hear her sigh contentedly with a little purr then lay her head back down between my shoulder-blades and wrap her arms around my ribcage.

"Mm," I whimper softly as she squeezes me really tight for a moment then relaxes her small arms around me once again. Oh God! I'm so lucky—so very lucky. Why? Because she loves me.

Wills had begun to whimper earlier as he had begun to wake up. But I must have slept through it; and by the time I had heard him, it was too late. She was already up, changing him, and giving him his morning bottle. Frig. I feel bad about that because, usually, I'm the one that takes care of him in the mornings, at least when I spend the night, or when they spend the night with me. I try to give her a break from her parenting-duties when I can, so that she can sleep-in late in the mornings without any interruptions. But this morning, I blew it. I drank a little too much beer last night, and, well. But I did get up about an hour ago and pee the last of it out. I hope. Jeez.

I hear her moan again as she readjusts herself then lowers her body farther down until I can feel her warm, firm mound pressing snuggly in against my butt.

Oh my goodness. She feels so good. "Y' okay?" I whisper again.

"Umhum. Just fine," she reassures me then hugs me again before settling her cheek back down between my shoulder-blades.

Oh honey. I can hear the weariness in her voice. Sweet baby. She's so tired. Dog tired, and no wonder. We went to bed much too late last night for anyone using any good common sense that needed to get up early the next morning. And then she surprised me last night, wanting me to make love to her - which I did - before we eventually dropped off to sleep. So that kept us up for at least another good half-an-hour if not longer. Wow! Plus, I don't think she finished her final preps for the lecture she has to give first thing this morning either, in the main Forensics Hall. But, she'll do fine. I know she will. She always does. She's amazing. Simply amazing. And always prepared, no matter what life seems to throw at her. Or at least she consistently presents herself to the world as always being prepared.

Hum. I don't know. It must be the medical doctor in her I guess, as I lie here in the dark thinking about it. Hum. But whatever it is, she's always prepared. She's my hero. I'll admit it. She's my hero. And I'll admit that I idolize her, too. I really do. She's like a goddess to me. From the moment I first met her, she was like my princess, and I instantly idolized her. Although, she practically scared the hell out of me that first morning, up on that hillside, with that tough, cool exterior of hers. I about choked on my cigarette trying to put it out and rise to the occasion. I didn’t know what the hell I had done so wrong in her eyes to cause such hostility. But I could feel her anger. She was so angry, and pissed that I was even there, in the same state with her. God! I felt like such a fool, and I didn’t even know what I had done to cause her such animosity. She did smile though. Once. Just once. But I did cause her to smile, as I fumbled around with my cigarette trying to inhale one last good drag off of it before snuffing it out with my boot.

Good God! What a memory. But, believe it or not, it's a good memory. Because it's the first time I ever saw her; and in that moment, I knew that I had finally found my forever soulmate, and that she would become the most important person in my life, meaning more to me than life itself. I'm not sure how I knew that, but I knew. I fell in love with her that day - at that very moment. And I fall in love with her a little more every single day that I am with her.

Gosh. John asked me the other day if it frightens me to love her so much. No. It doesn’t frighten me. She centers me, anchors me, soothes me, and gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. Hum. Funny. She has told me that very same thing on many an occasion—that I center her, anchor her, soothe her, and am her calm in the eye of her storm. Wow! I don't know. I try. I try very hard to give her the best of me every day. And that seems to be enough. She tells me it's enough. So what more can I do? She loves me. I know she loves me. Oh God! How she loves me.

But, not surprisingly, there was a time when I doubted her love for a little while, in the very beginning, when we'd only been together for a few months. But then I think she wanted me to. No. Actually, I know that she wanted me to, and deliberately tried to push me away for awhile, as she felt the need to protect me from all her enemies. But I finally convinced her that we were meant to be together - not apart - and that we were meant to fight her enemies together - not apart - and that we were like an invincible, unbreakable bond. Much stronger and unconquerable together, than ever apart. Plus, she needed me to stand confidently and faithfully beside her, and fight for her, fight for her son, and weather the storms of this life together - not apart. She needed me. And I needed her. We needed each other. And we are much stronger now – together - than either of us could have ever been apart. And I know that she feels the same way, and feels that same unique, enduring, and everlasting bond between us, no matter what the future has in store for us, waiting just around the corner.

Oh, I know that if death occurred – specifically her sudden or untimely death - I could make it without her. I would have no other choice but to make it without her. I've done it before in past-lives. So I know that I could do it again, if I had to. But I pray that the Fates of this life see fit to give us at least one more long, healthy, happy, and prosperous life together. Jeez. I think we both deserve that. I know that she does. She has been through way too much for any one person to have to endure all alone in this crazy life. And I am so thankful that we have found each other again, so that I can share these heavy burdens with her, and weather these storms of life together with her, and remain faithfully at her side, helping her to fight and protect herself and her son from all their enemies. Actually, our enemies, not her and her son's enemies at this point. And all the unjust, unwarranted, wrongful things that have been done to her over the last several years, and placed on her shoulders—things that she never deserved or had anything to do with.

It's so unfair. So much of it is so unfair. Hell! All of it is unfair! And I don't understand most of it, why the Supreme Powers that Be see fit to burden her - this one lone, worn and weary soul - so much, with all of this undeserved weight. But all I can do is follow her lead, trust in her, and be there to catch her when and if she falls. I can do that. I can catch her, protect her, and help her to heal when she stumbles or falls. She is so strong, so brave and courageous, and yet sometimes she needs my help. And thank God, I am here for her when she needs me. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hear her sigh softly again then feel her kiss my shoulder. God. She's so beautiful. Ohhh. She just sighed again pressing her mound in against my butt. Oh, gosh, she feels so good. And she seems to be having some trouble dropping back off to sleep this morning, just as I am. Oh honey. You need your sleep. I kept you awake much too late last night—me, and my Monday Night Football. God! She was so sweet to tolerate John and I as we watched the game together last night.

I begin to smile as I think back to some of the earlier football defense and offense strategies I taught her last night while she watched part of the game with us.

Whoa. Oh my God! What is she…? Ohhh… I feel her hands beginning to massage my neck and shoulder-blades. Oh my goodness, that feels so good. "Mm," I whimper softly. God! She loves to rub my back and shoulder-blades. God! And I don't know why. She says it's because I'm "built". Okay. So I'm "built". Right. If she says so. I grin. I don't know. Maybe. I work out. So, yeah, I guess I'm "built". But no more than she is. She's gorgeous! I grin again. She's got the most amazing abs, like a little washboard down there. And the way her muscles ripple and contract when I begin to make-love to her? Oh my God! And she thinks I'm "built"? Jeez.

"Mmm," I moan again. God!—the way she's beginning to massage my back and shoulder-blades. Ohhh, that feels so good. Wow! She's rising up into a sitting position, straddling my ass, and settling her own cute little ass down on top of it. Mmm, oh yeah. Now she's starting to give me a full-out backrub. Oh God! Does this woman know how to give a backrub. "Mmm," I moan again, rising up for a moment, then stretching my arms out to give her better access. Oh! Jeez! That feels so good. "Mmm," I moan again. Jeez! That feels so good. Oh my goodness. Now she's sliding her hands down underneath my shirt and beginning to massage and press her palms back up making her way up to my shoulder-blades. Oh. Yes. God! That feels so good. Jeez! "Mmm," I moan again. I can't help it. Ohhh. My back muscles are so tight and knotted-up this morning. I've been under a lot of stress lately at work, and that tends to happen most times. But this woman knows exactly how to rid me of any pent-up, built-up stress.

Oh yes. My goodness. "Mmm," I moan again into this incredibly arousing backrub. Oh! Jeez! That feels so good. She feels so good, sitting on my butt, and rubbing her mound and thighs in against my ass and hips as she gives me the most amazing backrub. Oh my goodness! Yes! I feel a little ripple of arousal rush through my insides. Oh my goodness! This woman knows exactly how and where to knead and massage my back to rev-up my engines. Mmm. God. Yes. That feels so good. "Mmm, baby," I finally whisper as I feel her squeeze my butt again with her thighs.

She doesn't respond. She just keeps on rubbing and massaging all over my back and shoulder-blades squeezing my ass with her hips and mound.

Oh God. "Mmm, honey, whatcha doin'?" I whisper again as I roll over somewhat to face her.

She chuckles then grins at me, cocking that gorgeous little red-auburn eyebrow of hers at me, and then leans down and kisses my bicep.

"Mmm, baby, whatcha doin'?" I tease her again.

She chuckles softly, then nuzzles her nose in against my neck and kisses my cheek as I roll over a little more and wrap my arm around her.

She cocks an eyebrow at me then leans in for another kiss—this time on my lips.

"Mmm." Oh yeah! I moan into the tender and sweet kiss. "Mmm." Oh yeah, baby! God! Is she ever kissing me all of a sudden! Jeez! Mi Dios! She's all over me, on fire this morning! "Mmm," I moan again as she keeps deepening and deepening the kiss. Ohhh. Her tongue is starting to probe and dart into me. Oh my goodness! Baby! I just creamed myself. Jeezus! Ohhh. I moan again into the arousing sensations. Oh, baby! My God! She's all over me! Squeezing me, squeezing my boobs, and playing with my tits! Whoa! God! Holy shit! I quickly glance at the clock. 5:43 AM. Shit! We both need to be up already. It's already a quarter to 6:00, and we always get up by 5:30, no later than 6:00. Holy shit! "Ohhh," I moan again. God! I don't think we've got enough time to… Oh baby! "Oh Dana," I gasp. My God! She's turning me on, squeezing my boobs and teasing my tits! "Oh baby," I gasp a little too loudly again. God! How she's touching me, squeezing me and kissing me all over this morning. "Oh… Mmm… Honey?" I mumble again through her arousingly passionate onslaught.

"Hum?" she purrs sending shivers throughout my body.

Oh God! When she kisses me like this, and kisses me like that, and kisses me like this. Oh my God! I just creamed myself again. "Ohhh," I roll completely over onto my back. Oh my God! "Honey?" I whimper again into her sexual onslaught as she quickly moves back up on top of me and shoves her mound in hard against me. "Oh! God! Honey?" I yelp at the instant contact.

"Hum?" she purrs again.

Oh God, baby! God! What a way to wake me up! Jeezus! "Oh," I gasp again as her hands quickly slip in underneath my shirt and find their way back up to my boobs. Oh! Jeezus! God! Shit! She's got my shirt off! How the hell did she do that? Oh my God, woman! "Oh," I gasp again as her hands and mouth quickly secure my tits. "Mmm. Oh!" I gasp again arching up and shoving my chest up into her face and hands. "Oh baby…"

"Shhh, John's on the couch," she suddenly reminds me.

Huh? "What?" I pant. Oh. Shit. Right. God! She's right.

"Shhh. John. Couch. Remember?"

"Oh!" Fuck. Yes. I remember. Fuck! "Mmm… Oh… Umhum…" I moan, sucking on my lower lip, as she begins to drive me insane! Absolutely, totally, unequivocally insane! My God! Waking me up like this, making love to me, before I'm even fully awake, licking, and squeezing, and kissing me all over, until I can hardly breathe anymore I'm trembling so much with anticipation. My God! She knows how to get me. My God! She knows. She knows! I can't resist! I've never been able to resist her! "Oh… Dana…" I gasp again as I begin to rock my hips up against her. Oh my God! My insides are beginning to ripple and quiver out of control.

"Shhh, I need you baby, so much. I need you so bad this morning," she whispers. "Please. Is that okay? May I have you this morning? Please?"

Oh God. "Yes… Yes, yes, yes…" I pant. Oh God, yes! Baby, yes! My God! You can have me any time you want me! Jeezus! I clutch at the sides of her face, running my fingers up through her hair, as she begins to lick, and tickle, and kiss her way down the valley between my breasts.

"Oh baby," I whimper again, throwing my head back against my pillow as she flicks her thumbs across my tits, then starts to lick me and kiss me all the way down until she suddenly dips her tongue deep inside my navel. "Ohhh, baby," I squirm into her touch.


Right. Shhh. I know. IknowIknowIknow! Shit! "Mmm," I moan again into the sensations. My God! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die, right here! From a heart attack! Trying to keep quiet! Shit! My God! My heart's pumping so fast. "Oh!" I jump again. "Mmm." She's cupping and squeezing my boobs again. "Oh!" I jump, for the third time, as she sucks and tugs on my tits so hard, tickling me with her tongue. Oh! "Mm," I whimper as I feel myself cream myself again. Oh baby, God! I cup her cheeks and pull her face up to look at me. I need her to look at me.

She looks at me and smiles, then cocks that gorgeous little eyebrow of hers at me again, then begins to run her hands down my abdomen, stopping just above my curls, and then dips her tongue down and begins to lick and kiss me all the way down my abdomen, sliding her mouth and tongue lower, and lower, and lower…

Oh God! Jeez! My God! My God! My God! I'm trembling! Oh my God! My God! I suck in another deep breath. Oh Jeezus! I need to… Oh! God! But I can’t! I can’t make a sound! Oh God! Or John might hear me! Oh! Shit! Holy shit! She's got me. She knows she's got me, as she watches me squirm underneath her, staring into my eyes, and running her mouth and chin across my clit through my pajamas.

"Oh… Dana…" I squirm again melting all over the bed. Jeezus! She's rising back up now, beginning to pull at the elastic waistband around my pajama bottoms. Oh Jeezus! I'm not sure if I can… Holy shit! But I've got to. I've got to keep quiet! She's now pulling them all the way down and off me, tossing them to the floor somewhere. She smiles at me then cocks that adorable little red-auburn eyebrow of hers at me again. Oh! Jeezus! Dana! I shiver and cream myself again! God! She's grabbing at the elastic waistband around my panties now. Oh Jeezus! I spread my legs for a moment in reflex.

"Mmm, Moni, you're so wet," she teases me. "Mmm, think I can have you now? Hum? May I?" she whispers as she begins to pull my panties off, too.

What? Huh? She thinks she needs to ask me now? After all this? Holy shit! "Yes," I pant. "Yes," I tremble. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasp as she prepares to devour me.

"Mmm, good, think I can make you come now? Hum?" she purrs again.

What? Oh God! "Yes," I gasp again as my insides contract. Jeezus! "Yes, yes, yes. Please, make me come. Please, baby. I'm all yours," I pant again understanding what she wants from me—full submission.

Suddenly, we hear Wills babbling and cooing through the baby-monitor again.

Oh no. Oh crock. I cock an eyebrow in concern.

She shakes her head, "No, it's okay, two-way's off."

"Y' sure?" I pant.

"Umhum, I made sure," she reassures me then leans back down and begins to lick and kiss me all over again.

"Oh baby," God! "I love you," I whimper and tremble. "I love you, I love you, I love you," I whimper again. God, how I love this woman. "Mmm, baby, I love you, I love you," I continue to ramble trembling out of control.

"Mmm, you do? You love me?" she grins cupping and squeezing my breasts again and again as she slides a hand down through my curls and barely caresses my clit.

"Oh! Yes," I jump—my hips flying off the bed. God, yes! "I love you… I love you…"

"Mmm, tell me again. How much..."

"Oh! I love you… I love you… more than... oh!" I jump again as she caresses my clit.

"Shhh, John's on the couch."

"I know… IknowIknowIknow…" I ramble. Damn! I know! Fuck!

She chuckles at me, getting a rise out of my current situation—the little minx.

Shit. I cock an eyebrow at her. Payback? Is that what this is? Payback? For last night? But I didn’t start it last night. She did. Shit. The little minx. "Ohhh," I moan too loudly again for the current situation.

"Shhh, tell me again… how much you love me..."

"Mmm... Oh… I love you… more than… oh... baby..." I whimper and shiver, gazing into her eyes, as she begins to circle my clit with her tongue, "...more... more than... oh... baby..." she keeps teasing me, touching me everywhere but where I need. I can hardly think anymore much less speak. Oh baby, God! Please! I throw my head back against my pillow again. She's driving me insane! Irrefutably insane! Teasing me and barely licking me, kissing and sucking me, before stopping and massaging me with her thumb. Oh baby, God! My clit's beginning to ache. Oh Jeezus! I need her! I need her so bad! Please! Please, baby, please! "Oh... Honey?" I whimper again grabbing onto her shoulders as my insides begin to quake.

"Shhh, in time."

"But… Please…" I whimper again. God! I need her to finish what she has started. "Oh… Baby… Please…" I beg.

"Shhh, in time," she whispers again.

"Oh… God…" I whimper in frustration. Jeezus! Is she trying to kill me or what? Shit! My clit is burning so bad. Shit! I need her. I need her so bad! Shit! Dana? Pleeeeease, I need you! Shit! I need you! Pleeeeease! I need you! I need you! I need… Oh God! Yes!… Yes, yes, yes… God, yes!… Finally! She's giving me what I need, gazing into my eyes, as she circles her tongue over the top of my hood, then down over the head, then down the sides of my shaft. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! God, yes, baby, yes! She's stroking me faster and faster, taking me higher and higher. Oh Jeezus, yes! Yes, yes, yes! I'm so erect! My God! I'm so erect! Jeezus! I think my whole body is erect now arching up into her touch.

"Mmm, Moni, God, you're so wet, so erect," she observes as well, teasing me, and kissing me, and licking me, and stroking my erect little clit faster and faster.

Oh God! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! "Oh… Baby…" I whimper again rocking my hips even faster into her rhythm. Oh God, yes! Yes, baby, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That feels so good. Oh God, yes! Yes, yes, yes! Now, if I can just keep quiet. Jeezus! "Oh," I barely whimper again as I feel that familiar burning sensation begin to spread throughout my insides, up through my abdomen and down through my pelvis. Oh yes! God, yes, yes, yes! "Oh," I suck in another deep breath. God! I've got to concentrate. John's just in the next room. Shit! But I can do this. I know I can do this. I can come, without making a sound. Oh God, yes. I know I can. I can do this.

"Mm," I whimper again as I begin to take control of my tingling body, and concentrate, slowing my labored breaths back down, and holding my impending climax at bay until I know I can control my verbalization. "Mm… oh…" I barely whimper again. God. I can keep quiet. I know I can. "Mm… oh…" I barely whimper once more then suck in another quick, deep breath. "Mm… oh… oh…" She's beginning to roll my throbbing clit between her fingertips and massage me a little faster, and a little faster, and a little faster. "Mm… oh… God…" I pant. God! I've got to keep quiet.

She cocks an eyebrow at me.

"Mm… oh… Dana…" I whimper softly then suck in another quick, deep breath. "Mm… oh…" Baby, I'm so close, so close, so close. But I can do this. I know I can do this. Oh yes, I can do this. God, yes. I can do this. Oh God! My heart's beginning to pound so hard inside my chest. Oh God. But I can do this. I know I can do this. Oh baby, yes, I can… "Oh… oh… oh..." Here it comes, here it comes, here it... Oh, I can feel it. Here it comes, here it comes, here it... oh God, baby, yes, I can feel it, I can feel it, here it comes, here it comes, here it… "Oh… oh… oh... ngh…" I whimper softly, stifling my need to verbalize, as my body begins to quake into orgasm.

Oh God, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God! My body is exploding into pure ecstasy! "Oh… God… I love you, I love you, I love you…" I ramble and tremble as I gaze into my lover's eyes riding out the waves as she smiles at me and begins to increase the rhythm.

"Mm… mm… oh…" I barely whimper again maintaining control, but God! I don’t know how much longer I can… "Oh… oh… ngh..." Uh-oh. Dana? No. Honey? No. Don't you… No. You know I can't… "Mm, ngh, OH!" I squeal and jump, much too loudly - enough to wake the neighbors - as she suddenly thrusts two fingers deep inside of me. "NGH! NGH! OHH!" I grunt and squeal again before I can regain control. Jeezus! Shit! The little minx! Shit! I hope John didn't hear that! Shit! "OH! Ngh! Ngh!" God! She's thrusting in so deep! Jeezus! "Ngh! Ngh! Oh!" Damn it! I can’t stop! Jeezus! And John's just in the next room! Shit! Holy shit! "Ngh! Ngh! Oh!"

She giggles as she thrusts. The little minx!

"Ngh! Ngh! Oh!" Jeezus! The little minx! "Ngh, ngh, oh," I let a few more orgasmic grunts escape before I can stop them. Shit! Concentrate! You've got to concentrate! Oh! Baby! God! "Ngh! Ngh! OH!" I grunt and squeal again as she pushes another finger deep inside of me. Good God! She's not playing fair. She's not… Oh! Shit! I can't… "Ngh! Ngh! OH!" I grunt again. Shit! Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! Shit! God! And she's still massaging my clit! Oh! God! I don't think I can... "Ngh, ngh, oh!" Dammit! I grunt into her every thrust—Jeezus!—as my hips keep flying off the bed, rocking and bucking into her fast-moving hand, as I quickly grab onto it. Oh! Jeezus! Shit! Are those the frickin' bedsprings I hear? Shit!

…squeak, squeak, squeak…

Shit! And we were supposed to get those fixed! Damn!

…squeak, squeak, squeak…

"Ngh, ngh, ngh," I grunt and grunt. Fuck! My God! And I know that John has got to be awake by now! Fuck! I know it! My God! I'm bound to have awakened him up by now! Jeezus! "Ngh, ngh, ngh!" Shit! I'm grunting much too loudly again. Shit! Dana? My God! "Ngh, nhm, mm," I begin to whimper a little softer now. My God!—she's loving this. Oh God, how she's loving this—driving me insane!—while my partner lies in there on the couch, probably wide awake by now, and laughing at every gasp, grunt, and squeak from me and the bed. Jeezus! Frickin' bed springs! Oh! "Ngh, ngh, ohhh!" Damn! She's pumping me faster again! Jeezus! "Ngh! Ngh! Oh!" Holy shit! She's gonna kill me! She's gonna frickin' kill me! "Oh… God… Dana…" I gasp as I feel my insides tightening down hard and grabbing on to her fast-moving hand. Oh! Jeezus! "Oh… baby… God…" I lightly grunt matching her every thrust and squeak of the bedsprings. Jeezus! We need to get those fixed! Oiled! Or something! Holy shit!

She begins to take pity on me slowing her thrusts back down.

"Oh… God… Honey…" I whimper. Shit! Holy shit! She's not playing fair! Shit! "Mm… mm… oh…" I barely whimper again. Damn! A little clit-play is one thing, but a deep-finger-fuck? Holy shit!

"Mmm, Moni, God, you're so hot," she giggles. "And, oh baby, I love you so much," she purrs then slows everything down to a complete stop.

I clutch her slowed hand again as I tremble and pant for every breath.

"Oh baby, God, I love you, and I needed to show you this morning, okay?" she whispers again rising back up and laying her head back down between my heaving breasts.

Oh God. She loves me. And she needed to show me this morning. My God. "Yes… God yes," I pant as I wrap my arms around her and squeeze her really tight. Oh God, how I love this woman.

Suddenly, we hear Wills babbling and cooing about something through the baby-monitor again. He then begins to laugh and giggle jingling the bells on his favorite toy.

For Godsakes! I hope he didn’t hear me. Or us, or... Shit! And John? Holy shit! But then what can we do about it now?

We both cock an eyebrow at each other and then begin to laugh and giggle at ourselves, and our own little early morning love-fest, too.


Ten minutes later…

I glance at the clock again. Frig! It's already 6:15 and Dana's mom will be here by 7:00. Holy shit! And she's still got her fingers pressed up deep inside of me.

She then looks at the clock herself. "Oh my. Is it really…?"


"Oh my. Gosh. Mom's gonna be here in thirty minutes."

"What? Thirty minutes?" I quip. Holy shit!

"Umhum. I asked her to come by early and pick up Wills, so that. Well. Hum."

"Oh my goodness. Then we need to…"

"Yeah. And fast."


Twenty minutes later…

"John," I say again as I kneel down next to him snoring on the couch. "John!" I finally raise my voice at him shaking him a little harder.

"Huh?" he finally responds, opening his eyes and staring up at me, obviously trying to get his bearings about where he is at the moment.

Thank God, we didn’t wake him up with that early morning love-fucking several minutes ago. "Hey, big guy," I smile. "Do you know where you are? Hum?"

He looks at me then drops his gaze down to my black-satin-laced, low-cut, hooked-in-the-front, practically-see-through bra and barely-covered chest. He cocks an eyebrow.

I smirk then chuckle again. He's seen me in less. I've at least got my pants on.

Dana then walks into the kitchen with only her quite-revealing, beige-and-lace, practically-see-through bra and panties on as well, with the fully-clothed little Wills on her hip. Oh boy.

"Mon? I can’t seem to find my billfold," she says all flustered from the kitchen table. "What the heck did I do with my billfold?"

"Last time I saw it, you were putting it inside your briefcase," I say.

"My briefcase? Why the heck would I put it in there?" She looks at me.

"I don't know. But the last time I saw it, you were putting it there, inside the front-zippered pocket."

"When?" She furrows her brow.

"Last night." I smile.

"Last night?"


"Oh. Okay. Well…" She believes me with no hesitation. "Wills is almost ready, so could you finish getting dressed and then load up those four bottles from the freezer for me? There ought to be enough … Oh! John! Gosh! I'm sorry. Good grief! Good morning!" she says, suddenly realizing that Special Agent John Doggett is sitting quietly on her couch staring up at her.

"I uh, mornin' Agent Scully," he grunts then lowers his eyes down the length of her almost-nude body for a few seconds himself.

I grin.

She cocks an eyebrow.

I chuckle. I can't say that I blame him. She's gorgeous!

She then looks at me, and gives me the most amazingly tender look, almost as if she thinks she needs to reassure me that she's all mine, or something. But I already know that. I'm not worried about his wandering eyes. Besides, who wouldn't steal a quick look down a gorgeous, scantly-clothed body like that?

"I uh…" he stutters again. "Guess I need ta be gettin' outta here."

"Oh no, John," she counters strutting her barely-clothed stuff into the living room. "You've got a change-of-clothes in the car, don't you?"

"Uh. Yeah."

"Well, you're welcome to take a shower here. That's what friends are for, right? And there's no sense in you driving all the way home just to take a quick shower when we've got one right here, right?" she says looking at me for my approval.

I nod in agreement.

"Uh. Well..." He seems a little embarrassed. "Um, you sure that'd be alright, Agent Scully?"

I chuckle again at his insistence on calling her "Agent Scully" this early in the morning. Undoubtedly, he seems to think that it will help him keep his wandering eyes and lustful thoughts out of the gutter and on a more professional level by calling her by her professional name.

She smirks. "Yes, I'm sure, John. Monica can go in early and cover for you until you get there, right Monica?" she says then looks at me again for my reaction. "Skinner will never know the difference."

"Yeah, I can do that," I nod in agreement then begin to stand. "I can cover for him, sure John, and there ought to be enough hot water left for one more shower."

"Great. Then it's settled," she says, then walks back into the utility room for a moment, finds her favorite laundered shirt of mine, then walks back out and pitches it to me with a wink.

Hum. I chuckle again as I catch it. She must want me to wear this particular low-cut, quite-revealing, ivory-silk shirt this morning. Hum. And between this low-cut, quite-revealing, ivory-silk shirt and my low-cut, quite-revealing, black-satin-laced bra, it should make for a very interesting day hanging out with all of the testosterone-filled men inside the Hoover Building all day long. Hum. Actually, I think she enjoys that, knowing that a few of them might begin to lust after what they think they might could have with me, and yet knowing that I am all hers, no matter what they might say or do. Um, um, um. The little minx. I grin then wink at her as I begin to put it on.

John looks up at me then glances down the length of my own scantly-clad upper torso again before wandering back up to my barely-hidden tits.

I chuckle. Nope. My rock-hard tits are not for him, only for Dana.

"Damn!" he suddenly reacts then turns his gaze towards anything in the room but the two scantly-clad women and small baby in the very same room with him.

I giggle again at his flustered state. My lacy-black bra is quite-revealing of my ample chest, hard tits and soft boobs. But, it's what Dana likes. And I like to please my woman.

"I uh… Damn!" he reacts again. "I'm sorry, Monica, I…"

"Hey, no big deal. Now hurry up and get off the couch, so you can go get your clothes," I say. "Dana's mom's gonna be here any minute."

"What? Crap. You're kiddin' me."

"Nope. Any minute. Now hurry up, big guy. I've gotta finish getting dressed myself before she gets here," I tease him then wink at the smiling Dana as she turns to leave the room carrying her darling little son with her.


Thirty minutes later…

I enter the parking garage of the Hoover Building. I left Dana back home with John, Wills and her mother. Wow! That should have made for an interesting encounter. I was just leaving as Mom Scully knocked on the door. Her expressions were simply priceless, as she noticed all the empty beer bottles scattered about all over the living room floor next to where John and I had been sitting last night as we watched the game together.

My buddy drank too much beer last night. But then I can't really say anything. I did, too. But it is a rare thing for me to drink that much. And then I went to bed and made-love to my woman while he slept on the couch. And then she woke me up this morning in time to make-love to me while he still slept on the couch.

Wow! What a night! And a morning! God! And I still can't believe he didn’t hear us this morning, or Dana last night, or anything else we didn’t want him to hear through the night. Jeezus! But, thank God! Or he'd never let me live it down. Shit! He used to tease me constantly about my wildly adventurous sex-life back in New York. And, I must admit, I like wildly adventurous sex. And I didn't mind telling him about it back then. That is until I got involved with Brad Follmer. And John never liked Brad. Shit. That's an understatement. He hated Brad. Still does. I can’t say that I blame him. There was a lot of bad-blood that went down before that relationship was finally over. Whew. What a bad several months of memory. Thank God, all of that is over.

Um. Ironic. I glance up to see Brad pulling into his parking space. Jeez. What a crock that he would end up transferring here just before I transferred here myself. Sometimes, I really don't think that was just a coincidence either. Brad had access to my file and possible transfer. Hum. Oh well. We are managing to have a decent working-relationship in spite of the bad-blood and history between us. Of course, he doesn't see it that way. He seems to think that if he smiles, and winks, and flirts with me enough he might just get me back.


No way. Never. And hopefully one day he'll get that through his thick head that it's over between us without me having to really nail him on it. I've tried already. But he just doesn’t seem to get it. Maybe if I kiss and suck all over Dana's neck and throat one night inside one of these elevators, and then press my knee up between her legs while I grope and squeeze all over her boobs, he'll finally get it, that Dana and I are together now, along with everybody else in the building as the Security Guards tell everybody else what they saw.

I smirk then laugh. What a crock. Follmer, you are not God's-gift to me, whether you like it or not. Nope. I've already got my God's-gift. And buddy, you don’t even come close.

Hum. And there's Skinner pulling in just next to him. Great. I made it to work on time. How, I don’t know. Shit. And, I guess if Skinner comes by the office looking for John, I'll just tell him that he had to run an errand over at the District before coming in. That should work. It wouldn't work to tell him I left him at home alone, with my woman. I chuckle. But Skinner's cool. He knows, but he's classy enough to not mention it, or cause us any problems over it. Besides, the Bureau is getting better about accepting gays and lesbians into the ranks anyway. They still won't let us claim each other on our legal documents, health insurances, retirement pensions, life insurance policies, and everything else that matters legally, but at least they don't threaten us with our jobs anymore. That's a start.

Hum. I swear. Maybe one day, as Dana says.


Forty minutes later…

"Hey! You made it," I grin as John comes walking into our dungeon basement office holding a small bag and cup of coffee in his hand.

"Yep. Brought ya somethin', too."

Ohhh. "You did?" I widen my eyes as he sets the small bag and cup of coffee down on Mulder's old desk in front of me.

"Yep. Scully sent it with me."

Ohhh. "She did?" I open the small bag. "Ohhh." And it's a blueberry muffin at that. My woman.

"She always like that?"

"Like what?" I reply as I grasp the warm muffin and pull it out of its protective wrapper. Mmm, yummy. I take my first bite.

He grins then takes his suit-coat off.


"Always that hot in the mornin'," he explains grinning from ear-to-ear.

Oh my goodness. Hum. Well. And I wonder just what, specifically, he is talking about. How hot she looks? How hot she is? How horny and hot she is most every morning? "Hum. Well. I guess," I answer.

He snickers then winks at me.

"What?" I say again then take my first sip of coffee.

"I figure ain't no wonder you're always late, wakin' up every mornin' with a woman like that."

"Hah. I'm not always late. Shit! I'm rarely late. And who is it that is late this morning anyway, hum, hum?" I tease him then take another quick bite of my muffin.

He chuckles then sits down on the other side of Mulder's old desk.

"What?" I say again.

He grins then shrugs.


He begins to laugh.

"John? What?" I say.

"I dunno. She always like that?"

"Like what?" I say again feeling as if I'm beginning to repeat myself.

He begins to wiggle an eyebrow at me.

Oh Lord. "John?" But then do I really want to pursue this precarious conversation?

"You know. That horny," he quips.

Oh my goodness. Frig. My heart just stopped for a beat. Now. Is he talking about last night? This morning? Or both? Hum. I feel my cheeks beginning to grow the brightest crimson red.

"Well? Is she?"

"I um… John…" I hesitate.

"Yeah?" He continues to watch me.

I um… Well…" I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah? I'm listenin'." He grins again.

Oh Jeez. I inhale deeply, close my eyes for a moment, then sigh. "John?"


"Don't. Please don’t tease me about her, okay?"

"Huh? What?" His eyes widen in disbelief. "Don't tease ya? Since when'd it bother ya, me teasin' ya 'bout your sex-life?"

"Since, since it involves Dana Scully, okay? Jeez!" I say frustrated and embarrassed for my woman as well as for myself.

"What?! Aw hell, Monica, I'd be proud."

Oh shit. "John? For Godsakes!" I fret. I think I want to leave the room.

"What? Crap! She couldn't wait for you to come to bed last night and bang—"

"John?! Shit!" I fuss again covering my red cheeks and mouth with a palm. Jeezus! If Dana only knew. And besides, I didn’t bang her. I made love to her. Shit! And there's a big difference. Banging's not my style. Unless, of course, she wants me to use the… Oh jeez. "Well um. First of all, I didn’t bang her, John Doggett, okay? Got it?" I say rather testily. "I made love to her. And there's a big difference, my man, all right? Do we have that clear?"

He laughs heartily.

Oh God. I want to leave this room. Or hide outside in the parking garage. Either one will do. "John?"

"Oh crap. The hell you didn't! You were bangin' her for all—"

"John? Shit!"

He grins then begins to repeat some of the orgasmic utterances he must have heard coming from my woman last night. "Oh Moni… Christ… Oh yes, Moni, yes…"

Oh my God. "John? Mi Dios!" I fuss again. Jeezus! I want so much to just crawl underneath this table and hide. Shit! But I don’t think I'd fit! Jeezus! I can’t believe he heard us last night. I swear! I thought Dana was quiet enough. Jeezus! For Godsakes!


My cell-phone begins to vibrate. Crock! I pull it out from my pants-pocket. "Monica Reyes," I answer without even checking the Caller-ID.

"Hey." It's Dana.

"Oh. Hi," I smile even as John Doggett is still staring at me like a friggin' hawk. Frig! I quickly get up from behind the desk and turn away from him. I don't want to be rude but – damn! – I need some privacy.

"Did you like your muffin?" she asks.

"Oh. I um, umhum." I smile again.

"And the coffee?"

"I um, umhum. Thank you."

"You're welcome. And this morning?"

Oh my God. "I um, umhum." My cheeks begin to turn the brightest fire-engine red again.

"Well. I've just entered the complex, and I wanted to talk to you for a moment before my first class started."

"Okay. Everything okay?"


"No?" I wrinkle my brow.

"Nope. Do you think you could get off early this afternoon?"

Get-off? I giggle and smirk to myself. Oh yeah. I could probably get-off just about any time you wanted me to Dr. Scully, I think to myself. "Um, I don't know. What's up?" I say instead glancing over at John.


You? I muse surprised, cocking an eyebrow. "Explain."

"I didn't get enough of you last night. Or this morning," she flirts with me causing my heart to skip a beat.

"Oh," I reply calmly licking my lips. My God! My cheeks are beginning to burn again.

"And I need you to come home early this afternoon, so I can get a little more. Do you think you could do that for me? Come home early today? So I could get a little more of you?" she purrs again, allowing her tantalizing words to linger in my ear.

Oh Jeezus. My heart just skipped another beat. And I think I just creamed my panties again, too. "I um, yes. I think I can arrange that. Yes. I could—"

"Is John there?"

"Umhum," I affirm then glance around making eye-contact with him.

He winks at me.


"Oh, Agent Reyes, I need you so bad," she begins to really flirt with me. "I need you—so bad—to come home early today, if you can," she purrs. "Oh baby, I've got this horribly distracting ache, throbbing so deep inside of me, and I mean bad. Oh Moni, God, it's throbbing so deep."

Ohhh. Holy shit! I swallow hard. Dios mío!

"And I'm not sure if I can even make it through the day, baby," she teases me again. "I need you—so bad—to touch me—fuck me—and relieve it, once and for all. Okay?"

Oh my God! Jeezus! I swallow hard again then inhale a deep breath. Whew! My heart just did a summersault inside my chest. Whew!

"So could you come home early today, baby? And fuck me—long and deep—with those long, lean fingers of yours, so you can relieve me of this horrendous, relentless ache, before it gets completely out-of-hand?"

Oh! Mi Dios! Whew! Dana? Jeezus! If I could get away with it I'd fan myself right now. But then John would wonder why. Jeez. Instead, I inhale a deep breath and swallow hard. Whew! God! John is watching me. Whew! God! She's tearing me up inside with all of this flirtation and verbal foreplay. "I um, yes. I think I can arrange that," I answer calmly as I quickly glance back over at my all-eyes-and-ears partner again.

He winks at me again.

Oh, shit.

"Moni? I really need you—bad—and I'm really counting on you to take care of this for me today, okay?" she purrs again into my ear.

Oh God, yes baby, yes. My heart flutters again inside my chest.

"This relentless ache—oh Moni—it runs so deep," she whispers so softly I can barely hear her.

Oh God. My heart is pounding.

"And I just, I don't know how much longer I can..." She suddenly stops her playful flirtations.

Oh God! Whew! Jeezus! I wipe a brow. Jeezus! Breathe. Breathe. Just breathe, breathe, breathe.

"Sorry. One of my students," she says.

I smirk. I wonder what all, if anything, one of her students might have heard from this flirtatious and tantilizing, seductive-as-hell little Quantico Instructor.

"So, maybe, two? Do you think you can be home by two o'clock?"

I look over at John again. "I um, umhum, I think so. Earlier, possibly," I say as I begin to think about a believable excuse I can use on him later in the day to get the afternoon off.

"Oh Moni, yes, please. Then you understand the seriousness of my situation and the delicate condition I am in."

Oh Dana, God! I think my chest is beginning to flush. Jeezus! What she does to me. I grin then nibble on my lower lip for a moment. "I um, yes. I understand. Perfectly," I whisper so softly I know that she can barely hear me as well.

"Oh yes baby, then you do, you understand. Oh baby, you're the only one that can relieve me of this deep, relentless ache that's throbbing so deep inside of me," she barely whispers, too.

Ohhh, Dana, God. You're killing me, honey. I glance over at John again.

"Can you do it? Can I count on you?"

Ohhh, honey. "Yes. Always. Without a doubt," I say as I still try to play it cool in front of my all eyes-and-ears partner. "It can be arranged. Count on it, if nothing else more pressing comes up, later in the day."

"Oh yes, wonderful. Then I'll be ready and waiting for you, okay? Just let yourself in, and come straight to the…" She stops her flirtations once again. "Hold on," she whispers.

Right. Hold on. Frig! I can’t believe she is flirting with me like this over the phone with some of her students buzzing around her already inside the lecture hall. My God!

"Okay. I'm back. Listen. Mom has William until about six. Time enough?" she says.

"Oh yeah. Plenty," I grin.

She chuckles. "Oop. Another student. Gotta go, baby. My lecture is to start in ten."

"Okay. Do well. But I know you will."

She chuckles. "Oh yeah, piece of cake, and thanks. You love me?"

Oh God. "Yes. More than I could ever convey."


I grin again.

She then collapses her cell-phone.

Ohhh. My heart just sank inside my chest, even though I know I'll be seeing her again, in just a few short hours. But, God! My heart is actually beginning to ache for the sound of her voice again. God! I am so in love with her. Jeez! I then collapse my cell-phone and turn around to find John still staring at me with the most ridiculous expression on his face. "What?" I say cocking an eyebrow at him.

He snickers then grins at me beginning to roll his eyes and whistle.

Oh Lord. He is really beginning to enjoy the fact that he knows so much about me, and the top-secret scoop on my and Dana's relationship.

"What?" I say again slightly flustered.

"I didn't say nothin'."

"Mmm, umhum," I groan. He didn't have to.

I then ease myself back down into my chair. But I know that he must be thinking something, by the looks of that impish little grin he's still wearing on his face. I smirk then begin to thumb through the small stack of case-files sitting in front of me on the desk. Surely, there is an old cold-case file or something that we can begin to work on together around here. Because I know him, and I know that he is not going to stop this playful chitchat with me until one of us leaves the room. And I don't feel like having to get up and leave the room any time soon. For one thing, I didn’t get much sleep last night. I'm tired. And – yes – I'm a little sore. Dana wore me out this morning. Jeezus! Waking me up like that. Although, I'm not complaining about it, as I smile again.

"Hey. You can at least wipe that silly grin off your face," he quips playfully.

"Oh. Sorry," I shrug then grin again.

He smirks then leans back in his chair, crosses his arms across his chest and begins to stare at me.

Oh Lord. Good grief. John Doggett, I swear, and his investigative mind. "What?" I finally say becoming increasingly annoyed with his ongoing scrutiny.



"Yeah, you. Both of you."

"Both of us?" I widen my eyes.

"Yeah. You two are so cute."

"Cute?" I quip.

"Yep. Cute," he grins then wiggles his eyebrow at me again.

Ohhh, good grief. "Mmm," I groan then reach for another sip of my coffee.

"And hot."

"Hot?" I look up at him.

"Yep. Hot. Damn hot."

Oh Lord. "John?" I glance away.


I then cock an eyebrow at him.


"Could we, can we just drop this conversation, before it turns into—?"

"What for? I like makin' ya squirm."

Oh, for Godsakes. "John? You are not making me squirm. I would be glad to tell you all about the finer details of my awesomely satisfying sex-life, now that I am with the ardent and most-adventurous Dana Scully. But not when they involve her, okay?"

"Aww. Why not?"

"John Doggett? I swear."

"Well? Who else they gonna involve? Ain't like you're gonna be with anybody else anytime soon. Am I right?"

I stop what I'm doing for a moment and look at him. Hum. Well. "Good point," I verify then look back down at the old case-file I've opened laying in front of me. And he is right. I am never going to be with anyone else but Dana Scully, ever, in this life.

"Yep. And all I'm sayin' is, you two were cute last night."

"Cute, huh?" I grin again remembering a few of those finer details from last night. Hum. And this morning. I chuckle. "So, we were cute last night, huh?" I tease him again, beginning to nudge him and play along with this little game of fuck-and-tell with him after all. I won’t say too much. But I'll play along for a little while.

"Yep. And this morning."

Uh-oh. Shit. "This morning?" I widen my eyes at him.

"Yep. And loud."

Uh-oh. Oh shit. Christ! I cock an eyebrow at him.

"Yep. Real loud. Especially you. I thought you was gonna—"

Oh my God! "John?"

"Damn, Monica, I thought—"


You were so loud, I thought—"

Jeezus! "John? Hush!" I push myself from the desk and cover my beet-red face with my palms.

"Well? You was loud. Damn loud. Hot, bothered and loud."

Oh my God. "John?" Jeezus! "Could we—?"

"Ngh! Ngh! Oh!" he begins to grunt, presumably imitating the sounds he heard out of me this morning, too.

Oh my God! Fuck! "Um… John?"

"Ngh! Ngh! Oh! Yeah?" he grunts some more then laughs.

For Godsakes. Please let this be a dream - just a frickin', fuckin' dream - from a horny little figment of my imagination.

"Ngh! Ngh! Oh! Dana! Ohh!"

Oh my God! He's not going to stop. Shit! "John?!" I say again. Jeezus!

"Ngh! Ngh! Ohh! Yeah?"

Mi Dios! He heard me. God! He fucking heard me! God! He fucking heard me getting-off and getting fucked by Dana Scully this morning! Shit!

"Crap. I'm just surprised either one of ya's even walkin' this early in the mornin', after all that bangin' goin' on last night and this mornin'."

Ohhh! Christ! My chest is beginning to flush bright red again, just like my face and cheeks. Shit! But he was snoring this morning when I first entered the living room to get him up. Shit! What the hell? The little sneak. Shit! "Well um… I um… John…" I stutter.

"Yeah?" He grins at me again.

Shit. Wow! I don’t even know what to say to this man. He is my best friend and all, and usually I don’t care if he teases me. But this is different. This is so frickin' different. This is Dana Scully we're talking about—Special Agent Dana Scully! And I don't feel comfortable in telling him anything about my sex-life with her. Frig! She's my one-and-only, and it's so special—so much more special than anything I've ever had, or experienced with anyone else before—and I don't want to cheapen it. She means everything to me. And I'm not going to cheapen our sex-life by entering into this fuck-and-tell-all conversation with him. I've done it with him hundreds of times before in the past. But then all of those sexual encounters were with lovers I never really cared about—not in the way that I care about this woman. None of them come within a thousand-light-years of what I feel for this woman. Plus, I would imagine now, that because it's sex between two women, it has his curiosity at peak.

Oh wow. I finally just lean back in my chair again and look at him. God! What more can I do? What more can I say?

He smiles at me.

Oh frig. I glance away again. Shit! But I think he's beginning to understand now that I am a little hesitant to talk about it; and that this is so different—so very different—and that I am not as comfortable in talking to him about it as I used to be. I don’t know why. Gosh. I've always felt secure enough to open up to him and tell him about all the little secrets in my life, just as he always has with me. But this is so different—so very different—because this is the love of my life, Dana Scully. And that makes all the difference in the world. Some things are just too intimate and private to share with anyone else but my woman.

Oh God. I lean farther back in my chair and shake my head. What more can I say? He heard us. He heard me. Jeezus! He heard me! And he caught Dana banging me into paradise this morning. Jeezus!

I finally cross my calf over my knee, lean back a little farther in my chair and cross my arms over my chest. "Shit," I fret then rub my forehead. Dios mío! I sigh again then look at him again. Jeezus! Dios mío! My best friend hearing me get fucked this morning. Christ! But maybe he's—No—Dana and I have always been very careful with our lovemaking when out on a road-trip. Surely, he's never heard us before inside one of those dusty old motel rooms when out on a road-trip.

Ohhh, for Godsakes. I rub my forehead again and then begin to chuckle at the rather comical situation I am beginning to find myself in. So. He heard me. He heard me getting fucked this morning by my woman. Wow. Frig. Oh well. I glance back up and look at him.

He smiles then winks at me reassuringly.

Oh frig. Gosh. I shake my head then close my eyes.

"Ya ain't even gonna comment?" He baits me.

I peer back over at him letting the silence linger in the room for a few seconds. Hum. "Well?" I reply. "No. What can I say? Except that I apologize if we kept you up late last night. We never meant for you to hear us. And we certainly didn't intend for you to hear us again this morning. Gosh! I didn’t even know that—Wow!" Both times had come as a complete surprise to me, too. Oh my little woman, my hot and horny little woman. I grin again. "But. Anyway. Sometimes I—Sometimes we—It's just that—Ohhh." I rub my aching temples again.

He snickers.

"Mmm, John... John, John, John," I say. Good grief. I know that there is nothing here that has been said or inferred this morning to be embarrassed about. But it's personal. And I think I'm more embarrassed for Dana than I am for myself. Cutting up and joking with him about my sex-life is one thing. But we're also talking Dana here. Not just me. And that is different. Talking to him about my sex-life really doesn't matter to me, either way, when you get right down to it. Good God! I've certainly heard all about the finer details of his intermittent sex-life with some of his former bedmates. And those details were quite hot if I say so myself. He's a great lover. And I think maybe him talking to me, and asking me about what a woman likes in bed sometimes, might have had something to do with that. He's a very good listener, and practitioner, of his newly-acquired knowledge. But now when it comes to Dana—it matters.

He smiles at me again then leans forward and rests his elbow on the table.

"What?" I say.

"She always like that?"

"Like what?" Damn it! I am so repeating myself this morning. Shit!

"So happy when you're around."

"Oh! I..." Wow! I didn't expect that. "What do you mean?"

He smiles again. "Aw damn, Monica. There ain't no doubtin' how much she loves ya. I never seen her like that—so happy and relaxed, cuttin' up and havin' some fun like she was last night," he smiles.

"Oh. Really?" I feel myself blushing again. Jeezus! What is wrong with me this morning to blush so much when it comes to my woman?

"Yeah, I never seen her like that. Looks good, looks real good, real nice."

Ohhh. "Ya think?" I grin.

"Aw yeah. And you're doin' it for her, ya know?"

"Doing what?"

"Givin' her a life."

"Ohhh… John…" My heart just skipped a beat. Wow! That was a very nice thing to hear this morning.

"It's true. And I ain't just sayin' it. I've been workin' with her for goin' on two years now, and I ain't never seen her so happy and relaxed like she was last night, like she's really enjoyin' herself for a change."

"Um, yeah, well, William is the reason for that."

"Naw, that ain't all of it, Monica. Don’t sell yourself short. Kid's a big part of it but—"

"The biggest."

"Naw, he ain't all of it. He ain't the reason why she looks at you the way she does, or grabs your hand when she thinks ain't no one else lookin', or stops what she's doin' just to give you a quick wink from across a room, or jumps my ass every time she thinks I'm bein' too hard on ya, or calls you every damn morning, or—for cryin' out loud! if that ain't enough—every afternoon, too, and then sends some breakfast over for ya, like she did this morning, and—"

"Okay, okay, you've made your point." I smile, so happy. God, I never knew I could be so happy.

"She loves ya, Mon. And crap! I'd give anything to have a woman love me like that."

Ohhh. I watch as a little glimmer of sadness washes over his face. Oh John, God. Life can be so unfair sometimes. So frickin' unfair. I could almost feel guilt for being so happy when my best friend is so sad. Darn that Barbara Doggett!

"When ya gonna ask her?"


"When are ya gonna ask her? Pop the big one?" He grins at me again.

"Oh." I smile. Okay. I know what he's talking about. Oh yes, the big one. Hum, yes, the big one that will change my life forever, no matter what her answer. Hum. Well. "Next week," I reply. "I'm not exactly sure how yet, but weekend after next."

"Yeah? Weekend after next?"


"That's why you're takin' the whole week off?"


He grins at me again then leans back in his chair. "Ya already got the ring?"

"Yep, well, no. It's still going through some minor changes at the jeweler's."

He nods. "Custom made?"


"And you designed it?"

"Yep," I giggle.

"Y' sure she'll like it?"

"Oh yeah. I'm sure." I blush as I feel my cheeks warming bright crimson red again. Gosh! That's all I've been doing all morning! Blushing, panting and moaning when it comes to my woman.

He watches me for a few seconds. "It's a solitaire?"

"Yep. Kind of."

"Silver or gold?"

"Gold. Yellow gold, 14K, engraved, with a single one carat diamond, round-cut, in the very center, and a one carat cluster of smaller diamonds surrounding it."

"Whooo! Crap! That sound's nice, Mon, real nice!" he says leaning a little farther back in his chair. "That's real nice! A two carat diamond ring? Shit! That'll be the talk for a while."

I grin again. "Well, I hope not. I don't want people pestering her over it, but—" I shrug.

"But they're gonna notice. Shit! Must a cost ya a fortune!"

"No, not really. Nothing would be too much for her. She's worth every penny and more. Besides, it's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, you know? So, I need to get it right, right?"

"Yeah, but dadgum! I figure you got it right with a two carat diamond ring! Crap!"

I smile again then lean my head back against the filing cabinet behind me. Mmm. I certainly hope so. We can always have some minor changes made if she wants to after seeing it and trying it on.

"So am I gonna get to see it before you leave?"

"Oh yeah, I'll bring it in, as soon as I pick it up, next week."

"Alright. Sounds real nice. Ya nervous?"

"Um no, not really."

"Y' ain't nervous."


"You're sure you ain't nervous." He cocks an eyebrow at me.

"No, not, well, yeah, maybe a little I guess."

He chuckles. "Seem awful sure of yourself."

"No. Just sure of Dana. And that's all that matters."

"Aaah, right," he says leaning forward and over the desk. "So whadiya gonna do if she says no?"

"John?" I react. She won’t say no. I know she won't. Jeez. Although, I've lost several night's sleep over the last few weeks considering the remote possibility, and how I'll handle it as graciously as I can, if she does say "no" to the most important question I'll ever ask her in my entire life. Jeez.

"Naw, seriously, Mon, whadiya gonna do if she says no?"

"John? Please. Do we have to rehash this again? We've already been over this how many times, already? And I—"

"I’m just makin' sure that you're sure 'bout what you're plannin' to do, before you go out there and—"

"And what? I'm sure! I'm sure, John! I've never been more sure about anything or anyone else in my life! Okay? Damn! I'm sure! More than ever! Okay? Dammit!"

"Aw, alright, calm down," he says, "but I had to ask. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t ask ya the tough questions? 'Sides, you're my best friend, and I don’t wanna see ya gettin' yourself hurt or something—mopin' around here all day long and—"

"I won't."

"You're sure."


"You're really sure about that."

"Yes!" I shout again emphatically.

"Aw, alright."

"John? Shit! You know I can't be 100 Percent sure. But I'm 99.9. And isn't that enough? That's all the odds anyone could ask for, right? I mean, I can’t guarantee to myself that she's going to say yes, but—damn!"

"Aw, alright, I know, calm down," he says again watching me closely.

"Ohhh," I groan feeling my eyes begin to water with unshed tears. Shit. I close them. Jeez! She won’t say "no". I know she won't. I know her heart. She loves me. And that'll be enough, won’t it? God!




"No. I don't want to talk about it."


Oh, all right. Damn! Frig! If you insist. "John? Don't you think I've thought about it a thousand times already? Don't you think that I think about it for a little while almost every day trying to prepare myself for the day when he walks back into her life again, and—?"

"Well, there ain't no guarantee on that either."

"Oh, but I think there is, John, I think there is. It's like, he's always there, just underneath the surface, just out of reach, and yet always there, lurking, like an albatross, never giving her the freedom and relief she so richly deserves from all this madness. And I think that one day he's going to return, totally out of the blue, and walk right back into her life, expecting her to—"

"Aw crap! He ain't got no right to expect her to do any damn thing!"

"Hum," I sigh.

Yes. In some ways, I would have to agree with him on that after everything Dana has been through over the last several months thanks to Mulder. Her life—and William's—has been in danger so many times over the last year I can hardly keep count of them all. And every single time that danger leads us right back to Mulder. But, I regress, I will not allow myself to feel that way, blame him, hold him responsible, or condemn him for his actions, or lack thereof. Granted, he tucked his tail and ran out on her just when she needed him the most—giving birth to his assumed son and then leaving her to raise him alone. Gosh, that was so—But—Dana and I now have our own thoughts and credible theory on how she actually did conceive, and who the father is—if we can call the plausible, nameless, quite possibly extraterrestrial sperm donor a father. But, apparently, Mulder is a victim, too, of all this madness, whether he is the actual father or not. And he has saved her life on several occasions—including the time when she was fighting a deadly form of cancer. So I cannot forget those times and am forever indebted to him for that. He saved my woman's life.

I sigh again. "John? Look," I say leaning forward across the desk again. "He's her best friend, and one of the most important people in her life. I could never expect her to give that up, him up, or her loyalty to him up. I would never do that to her. And, besides, I respect him. And I'll do whatever I have to do - as the need may arise - to find him, help him, and protect him, and - oh, I don't know - whatever. And if that isn't enough—"

"Oh crap. You're a better man than I'll ever be," he says.

"Nope. Not a better man, John Doggett. Maybe a better woman," I wink lightening the mood. "But, seriously now, I know you're heart, John. And I know that no matter what your differences might be with the man, you'll be there for Dana, Wills and me, and—"

"But he ran out on her, Mon! And that ain't right! The asshole. He ran out on her! She had his kid and then he runs out on her? Crap. What kinda crap is that?! It don't matter that she asked him to leave. It just ain't right for him to leave her like that, leaving her to raise his son, the little tyke, like that all by herself. It just ain't right!" he stated emphatically.

"Hum. Well," I sigh again in frustration. Actually, I do agree with him. It isn't right. And I don't fully understand Mulder's motives. But his choices and decisions are his own to make. And he'll have to live with them, just as I'll have to live with mine. And I know one thing, I'll never leave her, no matter how hard or dangerous it gets, I will never leave her. "Oh frig," I sigh again in frustration. "Well. First of all," I look at my own best friend again, whom I love just as dearly as Dana loves hers. "She's not raising him all by herself. She has—"

"How can you sit there and take up for the man?"

"Oh gosh," I sigh again in growing frustration. "Because, she loves him, John. He's her best friend. She loves him, as I do you. And I have no right to—"

"They ever lovers?"

"No. No more than you and I."

He cocks an eyebrow at me then watches me very closely for a few seconds. "No more than you and I, huh?"

"Right. No more. It was one of those 'once on a lonely, weary, dark and dreary kind of night' kind of things, you know?"

He nods then purses his lips. He knows. He's been there and done that - with me."And you believe her?"

"Yes, of course I believe her. Her actions speak volumes, John. She obviously prefers women. Frig. You've seen most of her private scribblings and personal notes hidden on many of the out-of-town case-files all these years - and Mulder's. No wonder Mulder felt the need to watch over her all those times on some of those old field trips."

"Yeah. Can't deny that. She's lucky she never got caught on some a that."

"Right. And I think Mulder didn't confide in her a lot of times because of it. I think - no - actually, I know that the little tidbit of information you gave her last year really did hurt her, when you informed her that Mulder sometimes kept things from her. It really hurt her. And when she studied that last medical report describing his terminal condition, and then saw the tombstone? Oh gosh. It really hurt her, John, to know that Mulder had not trusted her enough to confide in her about that. But, she's moved on now, and understands his reluctance to tell her the truth at the time."

John nods. "Good. I never meant to hurt her with all that, I just—"

"She knows. So, my point is, who cares? Who cares that she dropped into bed with him that one night? Who cares? It happens all the time. Right?" I tease my own best friend then wink. Hell! John and I did the very same thing - once - on a cold, lonely, dark and dreary night ourselves, so long ago. Well, actually, it wasn't that long ago, but - shit! It happens!

"Um, yeah," he replies then smiles curling his upper lip at me.

Ohhh, frig. I know that look. I know that he's remembering that same lonely, dark and dreary night, too. Frig! It was absolutely one of the worst, most heart-wrenching and difficult nights of my life. And I - I was so lonely and hurt that night, utterly devastated by what my lover had done to me that night. So, yeah, I needed someone. Someone that I could trust, and could count on to console me and love me through my pain. So yeah. I ended up on my best friend John Doggett's doorstep that night - drunk. And before the night was through, we had done it. Or at least we had tried. It wasn't John's fault. I came on to him that night, but I couldn't follow through. I was too hurt and devastated by my lover to come through and have sex him that night. But he took care of me anyway, and loved me through to the other side. I woke up the next morning in his arms and in his bed. We've never talked about it much since then. And yet, we don't have to. We trust each other. And more than that, we love each other. John was there for me when the love of my life had sent me away, forcing me out of her life for those few months.

Oh gosh. He's looking at me, coughing a little bit and clearing his throat, with that darling little puppy-dog look in his eyes. I know what he's thinking. It was a good night, in spite of all the misery surrounding us. All the loneliness and devastation. I think we might have saved each other that night from many of our darkest demons. I'd hate to think where I might have ended up had John not been there for me. Sometimes you just need someone, a good friend, someone you can trust completely, to love you and hold you until you can find your way again. I owe him that. And I love him, dearly.

Oh gosh. He's clearing his throat again. I know how he feels. "Yeah but, all I'm sayin' is, you'd never leave her. Am I right? Ain't no way you'd ever leave her, no matter how tough it gets on ya."

"No. You're right. Absolutely not. I'll never leave her," I state with absolute conviction. No way would I ever leave my woman, Dana Scully, my soul-mate. It took us much too long to find each other again, this lifetime around.

"There ya go. Ya see what I'm sayin'?"

"Oh gosh. Yes," I sigh. Yes. I understand exactly what he is saying. But it is not my place to judge my woman's best friend.

"All I'm sayin' is, ain't no way I'd run out on the mother of my own son. Damn! And leave my only kid behind, too? Damn! Ain't no way!"

I nod, understanding where some of his sudden outburst of anger is coming from. He has every reason to feel angry.

"It ain't right, Monica! It just ain't right!"

"Oh John," I sigh again. No. It's not right. But, it's the way that it is, like it or not.

"Like I said, you'd make a better man than I'll ever be."

I chuckle then smirk at the thought raising an eyebrow at him. Me, a man. Okay. Yep. Been there, done that - in a former life. I chuckle again. "Well. Think of it this way. He has saved her life, on numerous occasions, and—"

"Aw, hell, no he hadn't. He ain't done no such thing. All he's ever done over the years is put her life in danger, while she's saved his sorry ass from—"

"John?" Jeez! I am trying so hard to stay above the Mulder-bashing that so many seem to be doing anymore, including - obviously - my own partner at the moment. I understand all of the Mulder-bashing, but then I also understand and hear Dana's perspective on the man more often than he does. So, I guess that helps me form a little bit better opinion of the man than John because of that. I trust Dana, and I trust her judgement. Plus, I've scanned through most of the old X-Files that directly involve her health and safety. And gosh! I... Sometimes I... Whew! I want to sweep her up and steal her away from all of this madness. And I think one day that I just might, when the time is right. Ohhh. "Huh?" I suddenly jump. I haven't been listening to him for the last several seconds.

"You ain't been listenin'! Now hear me out, Monica!"

"Oh. John? Shhh, I'm listening. I'm sorry. I'm listening." I smile at him.

"Well. All I'm sayin' is, you're the one's been savin' her! You're the one's been savin' her from all this crap since the day you two first met!"

"I—No, I—"

"Monica? You saved her that night."

"Which night?"

"Any night, every night, that first night, take your pick, any night a the week!"

Whoa! "John?"

"No, Monica! Any night, every night, you've always been there for her, every night since ya'll met. No wonder she loves ya so much. Ain't none a the rest of us can say that."

"Oh. Well," I respond. "No, I have not been there for her every night. For one thing, she wouldn't have allowed me to do that. God! It took me almost six months to convince her to occasionally drop her guard and lean on me for a little while when she—"

"Bullcrap! Look at that first night after you two first met. Just look at that first night. She trusted you, instantly."

"No. I wouldn't say instantly."

"The hell she didn't. Shit, Mon. You and I both know what happened that night, and the next night, and then all the rest of the nights that week."

"Um, yes. A lot of bad."

"And a lot a good. A lot a good came out a all that, too."

I look at him and smile. Oh yes, it did. A lot of good. A whole lot of good. So much good it changed our lives forever, Dana's and mine. "Well, yeah, but, she's so strong, so independent and capable, so courageous. And she doesn't need me to—"

"Yes, she does. She don't like to admit it, but, she does need you every now and then."

"Hum," I chuckle. "Well? Yeah. But don't we all? Don't we all need someone to lean on sometimes, every now and then?" I wink at him. John and I had needed each other that night, several months ago, too. "And how do you know my woman so well anyway? Hum, hum?" I tease him lightening the mood again. I really don't want to delve into any painful memories centering around my woman right now.

"Well, I had to cut that weird, slimy, whatever-the-hell-it-was out of her that night. She'd 'bout had it that night, collapsed on me."

"Um, yes, I remember, when you called me and told me about it. You saved her life that night, along with her baby's."

"Yep, and I didn’t even know she was pregnant at the time. Damn!"

"But she told you soon after."

"Yeah. Took a long time to gain her trust though."

"Mmm. Yes," I smile. Yep. That's my woman. Very few have the honor and privilege of having Dana Scully's trust. I can count them on one hand. Um, maybe two. Nope, maybe one and a half.

"You got it first meetin'."

"No, I didn't."

"Yeah, you did."

"No, I didn't, John. She hated my guts that morning."

"Naw. I pissed her off. That's what happened."

I smirk then laugh. "Yep, you did, my man. Jeez! You put me in such a bad situation that morning I could have kicked your ass. Should have. Jeez! And can you believe it's almost been a year? Frig! And all we've been through together since? I never would have dreamed all that we would witness, the challenges, the hardships, the near-death experiences, me, falling in love with Dana Scully, and, well shit, me falling in love with any woman—period!"

"Yep. You done gone lesbian on me."

"Oh yeah. But only for one," I laugh again. "Only for one."

"You ever miss it?"



"Men? You mean a dick?" I cock an eyebrow at him.

He snorts.

"No, I can honestly say that I don’t."

"Aw, hell, Mon. You're tellin' me you don’t miss a good—"


"Aaah, crap," he sighs then glances away playfully.

"You know a man's dick is not necessarily God's gift to a woman. How many times have I told you that?"

"I know. Shit. It's all in the tongue, right?" he chuckles then sticks his tongue out at me wiggling it.

I crack up giggling.

He keeps wiggling it at me.


"What? I'm gettin' good at it."

I crack up laughing again. I'm sure that he is. Maybe he needs to use that little trick on his ex-wife the next time he goes up to New York to visit her.

"She's got awfully small hands though," he comments again.

"What?" I yelp.

"Her hands. Small. And short fingers."

Oh my God! "And what has that got to do with anything?" I feel myself beginning to blush again, as hard as I am trying not to.

He holds two fingers up. His middle and his index.

"Yes?" I cock an eyebrow.

He begins to pump them up in the air.

Oh my God! Jeezus!

He then pumps them a little faster. "Ngh! Ngh! Oh!"

Oh my God! I blush three shades-of-red as I about fall out of my chair. Shit!

"Well? Am I right? Ngh! Ngh! Oh!" He teases me again.

Good God! He's right. Ohhh! My God! He is so right. Whew. Um, um, um. Too much HBO and Showtime for this man.

"It ain't in the size, is it? You always told me that. It's in the rhythm? The angle? The—?"

"John Doggett! I swear!" I jump up from my chair. My God! I'm so red! Red as a beet! But why should I care? Except that he heard me this morning, grunting to every pump of her hand.

"But how does she reach—?"


…Ring. Ring…

Ohhh! Thank God! Saved by the bell.


Ten minutes later…

"Tell me again, about that angle," he says still teasing me and picking up where we left off before Skinner called.

"I'm not saying a word. Done. Over. No more discussion."

"Hum. I could see how she could reach—"


Just then, we hear the elevator doors open. It must be Skinner bringing that cold-case file down for me to take a look at. He wants me to run a profile on the perp. I've not run a profile in almost a year. Gosh! But, I'll give it my best shot.

"Reyes. Doggett," he barks as he enters the small room.

"Morning, Sir," John immediately responds.

"Sir," I nod.

"What's wrong with you?" he says glancing down at my flushed chest for a moment.

Oh Christ. "Um. Nothing, I—Is this the case-file?" I quickly ask taking the manila folder from his hand.

"Yeah, you're as red as a beet."

No shit. Thank you, Sir. I realize that, I think to myself. But I only smirk in response.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Sure. Fine."

"You're not coming down with something are you?"

John stifles a snort then turns towards the nearest filing cabinet and pulls a drawer out.

"No. I'm fine. No problems, Sir, just a little warm in the room."

I hear John stifle another snort as he closes the drawer then opens another.

Oh, I'm gonna kill him. If Skinner ever leaves this room, I'm gonna kill him.

"Alright. I'll see what I can do. You hot, too, Doggett?"

Ohhh. Good God. As I stand here—as still as a statue—trying my best to keep from just losing it in front of the man.

"Naw, I'm alright. But she's been hot all mornin'," John quips in my behalf.

John Doggett? I swear. I'm gonna kill him. I think I'm gonna kill him, as I stare a hole right through him.

"Alright. I'll turn it down, control's up on third."

I suck in a deep breath. Whew! "Thank you, Sir, I—It's probably just these wool pants."

He nods then leaves the room.

We both wait until we hear the elevator doors close.

"John Doggett? I swear!"

He bursts into laughter.

Within seconds I do, too.


I glance at my watch again. Frig. 12:17 PM. I close the old case-file Skinner brought down to me earlier this morning and begin to write out more observations and my assessment on the perp. I've not run a profile in so long I'm afraid that I've become a little rusty. But my old psyche training and Behavioral Sciences skills have finally begun to kick in, thank goodness. I guess you never really lose the skills after all. You just have to dig a little deeper when you haven't used them in a while.

Oh gosh. John is smiling at me again. I swear. He has had more fun today, ribbing me all day long about my sex-life, or rather mine and Dana's, the way I sound in bed, the way she sounds in bed—if only he knew, she can get much louder than she did last night, as can I—and the way the bedsprings squeak and ping to the rhythm, the way Wills seems to just sleep right through, or babble and coo right through, and if we ever worry about him hearing us, and on and on and on. For Godsakes. He's been like the little Energizer Rabbit that goes on and on and on. For Godsakes. And then, he just won't quit with the idea of me asking her to spend the rest of her life with me weekend after next. Oh boy. But, at least I have his good graces—as if I needed them—and his well wishes, which I might need, along with some good vibrations. But, I won’t complain. He is so supportive of mine and Dana's relationship. I would rather he not have heard us this morning, or at least me this morning, or heard us last night either, but, no harm done I guess. It's made for a rather interesting day.


My cell-phone begins to vibrate. Talking about good vibrations. I won’t even say where my cell-phone is located right now, but it's definitely waking me up with some nice little jolts to the... Oh yeah. I reach down and grab it out of my lap. And I said I wasn't going to say where it was at the moment. Um, um. I glance at the Caller-ID. I knew my honey would be calling me soon. She's on her lunch break, as I should be. But I'm working through lunch. Anyway.

"Hey baby," I answer as I glance over at John and wink.

"Hi. Everything still set for two?"


"Think we could make it your place instead of mine?"

"Sure. If you want."

"I want. Mom's bringing Wills home earlier than I thought so, you know?"

"Okay. Need me to pick him up later?"

"No. I can go get him about five and then we'll come back."


"Are you leaving soon?"


"How soon?"

I chuckle. "Um, in about an hour. Where are you?"

"In your bed."

Whoa. My heart just skipped a beat. "Already?"


I glance at my watch again. Gosh. At least another hour before I can leave.

"And Mon, I’m already so wet just lying here thinking about you I can hardly—"

"Hah. Dana?" Jeez!


Oh my goodness. She just made me cream myself again. For Godsakes. It's got to be all of those weeks of not getting any. Whew, am I ever so hard-up and happy that she's not breast-feeding anymore. God! My wild and ravenous lover is back. Yeayaaaa!

"So. When are you coming home?"

"Soon. In about an hour."

"Mmm, okay, I think I can wait."

Ohhh. I glance over at John again. Gosh, if I didn’t know better I'd swear she was pregnant again. It's got to be the hormonal changes she's going through. Whew! But am I ever looking forward to keeping up with her rejuvenated libido.


Five minutes later…

I collapse my cell-phone and slide it into my pants-pocket.

"Ya need to leave?"


"Do ya need to leave? Go home?"

"Oh. Um. Well. It would make things a little easier." On my crotch. I nibble on my lower lip. Oh yeah.

"Alright, I can run that up to Skinner for ya."

"You don't mind?"

"Naaa. Go on, get out a here."

"You sure?"

"Yep. If somethin' comes up I'll call ya."

"Okay. Thanks, John, I owe you one," I say as I rise from my chair and begin to put my leather jacket on.

"Naaa, you go on home, have some fun."

I grin at him as I begin to button it up. Oh yeah. I'll be having some fun all right. Um-hum.

"Oh. Crap! Almost forgot," he says as he jumps up from his seat and then walks over to his suit-coat hanging by the door.

I watch him pursing my lips.

He then reaches down inside a coat-pocket and pulls a small brown paper bag out.

What the hell? I widen my eyes in wonder.

He then pitches it over to me. "Here. You gonna need this."

I look at him for a few seconds then slowly open the little bag. "Oh my gosh," I snicker. "A bottle of WD-40?" I say as I begin to giggle.

"Yep. Ya need to do somethin' 'bout them bedsprings, or I'd a never woke up this morning."

I laugh heartily. "And I thought it was all of my 'Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!' that woke you up this morning."

"Aw hell no, don’t do that. You're gonna give me a hard-on just listenin' to all that."

I snort then giggle and laugh some more. Oh gosh. And I will most definitely be putting this little can of WD-40 to good use and fixing those frickin' bedsprings.


Thirty minutes later…

I unlock the front door to my house. Dana's car is already pulled inside the garage and locked up tight for the night; which means she'll probably be taking my car, or we'll be riding together, to go and pick up Wills later in the afternoon.

I glance at my watch. Oh yes, I'm almost an hour earlier than we had planned. If Skinner had not brought that case-file down when he did, I would have been able to leave even earlier. Oh well. Duty called. And now my duty is calling again, here at home, with my woman.

I walk into my living room, set my briefcase down by the door, throw my keys onto the coffee table, pull my gloves off and then my coat. I glance down the hallway. I know she's waiting for me. God! I'm tingling inside. I want her so badly too, just as badly as she wants me. I've missed her so much these last several weeks. Oh, we've been making love, but it hasn’t been with near the same intensity as when we first got together since she's been breast-feeding. The amount of raw passion just hasn't been the same. I'm sure it's due to her hormonal changes and the pain it causes to breast-feed. Besides, her little baby-feeding-boobs have been off-base for months! And that's driven me frickin' nuts! God! I can’t wait! Last night, for the first time in weeks, she let me touch them. Ohhh! God! How I've waited for that moment for so long. Ohhh! I take a deep breath then walk down the hallway towards the bedroom.


I enter my bedroom. Oh God! She's so beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! And mine. All mine.

"Hey, baby. Come here. Hurry," she grins at me rising up from the bed and into a sitting position.

"Hey." I walk over to the bed then lean down to kiss her. "Mmm, did I come home early enough to take care of you, hum? Take care of my baby's delicate condition?" I smile.

"Oh yeah, barely," she giggles as she hurriedly begins to unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants, then slide her hand down inside my briefs and then the other one up towards my boobs.

"Mm, oh, baby," I melt, staring into her eyes, as I quickly recognize a hunger there that I've not seen in several weeks. Oh yeah, baby! I've been deliberately holding back for months in respect to the fact that her libido has not been quite up to par. She couldn't help it with the birth, the baby and the breast-feeding and all. But now, oh wow! By the look in her eyes, I don't think I'll need to be holding back any longer. She's back! My insatiable lover is back!

"Mmm, oh!" I moan again then jump a little as she slides her hand farther down inside my briefs and begins to do me before I've even had a chance to take my first stitch of clothing off. Jeezus! I've still got my boots on, much less my socks, and yet she's… "Mmm, oh!" I jump again and shiver, instantly collapsing down to the bed, as she rolls me over to my side and begins to rub and massage my clit and entrance so hard, "Oh my God!" building my heat so fast I can hardly… "Mmm, ohhh!" God! I can hard believe how fast… "Ohhh!" God! I roll to my back as she wraps her other arm around me, then has a change of heart and begins to unbutton my shirt, sliding her other hand up and unclasping my bra, her mouth and hand diving in for my breasts, as she increases the rhythm with her other down between my legs. "Mmm, ohhh baby, God." All I can do is moan, twist and squirm. I'm already about to come, any second now, as she rubs and massages me a little harder, and a little faster, sucking and pulling on my breasts, a little harder, and a little faster. Oh! Baby! My God! I'm gonna come! I’m gonna… "Mmm, ohhh, God!" I'm coming! I'm coming! "Ohhh, baby, God!" My toes are beginning to curl inside my boots, as she nips and tugs on my tits. "Mmm! Ohhh! Baby! God!" She's sending me instantly over the edge and into paradise with every little nip and tug. Jeezus! I've never come so quickly before in my life! Ohhh! Jeezus! "Oh! Oh! My God!" She's riding me, riding my leg and thigh, as I quickly grab onto her butt and shove her groin down hard against me, wondering for a moment if we might create a little static electricity between my wool pants and her satin briefs, but, who cares? as she begins to pant and moan into orgasm right along with me. "Mmm, mmm, ohhh," I stare into her eyes, as we come together, riding out these newest waves of ecstasy together.

God! We make such good lovers. And we make even better partners. God! I love her. And I haven’t even been home for more than five minutes, and yet she's already taken me to paradise. Jeez! Wow! How does she do it? How does she do that? Take such control over me, and take me to places I've never even been before inside my head?


Thirty minutes later…

"Mmm, baby," I mumble taking a deep breath. "Oh God." I need to catch my breath. Whew. I've still got most of my clothes on. For Godsakes! Neither of us can seem to stop long enough to shed me of my clothes! Christ! "Oh God." I think I'm coming again. "Mmm. Ohhh! God! Yes! My God!" I am. I am. I'm coming again. "Ohhh! Ohhh! Dana!"


Thirty minutes later…

"Oh baby. That was incredible," she tells me.

"Hum, you think?" I giggle. She seems to always think I'm the incredible one when I come. But doesn't she know? She's the incredible one for making me come so easily. God! No one has ever been able to do that to me the way she does. No one. Nope. She's the incredible one, for loving me and amking me come the way she does.

Well. Finally, we've gotten all of my clothes off. Both of us are now lying in my bed stark naked with Xena and Gabby down at the foot enjoying the little ride and sway of the mattress as I take my woman on another little trip to paradise.


Thirty minutes later…

"Mmm, oh baby, that was nice."

"Nice?" I grin, cocking an eyebrow at her as I reach up and tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. That sexy little stray lock is always falling down in her eyes after great sex, especially when she's on top, as she is right now. "Is that all? Just nice? Was it only nice?" I tease her and wink at her again.

"Oh no, you know, it was—God! I can hardly think right now much less speak. And baby, God! You want me to tell you how—oh baby, God! Just give me a minute, okay?" she giggles then leans down again to give me another wet kiss.

"Mmm." I chuckle, too. I know. I know how incredible that last little trip to paradise was. I know. She was flying so high I thought she was gonna pass out on me for a few seconds, her orgasm was so intense. She does that sometimes. If I time my strokes just right I can actually cause her to pass out on me at times. I grin. I wonder if anyone else has ever been able to make her do that—actually pass out for a few seconds while she's coming. "Hum. Well, my lovely Dr. Scully, is there anything else I need to do for you this afternoon that requires my immediate attention? Have I met your needs? Your requirements? Your standards? Relieved you of your delicate condition? Or do you need a little more?"

"Hum. Give me a couple of minutes, and then I think I'll need a little more," she teases me then leans down again and begins to suck and tickle and lick me all over my bare chest again.

"More? Oh baby, a little more?"

"Um, yes. Much more," she winks.

I giggle at her insatiable appetite this afternoon. "Oh my goodness, Dr. Scully, what has happened to cause you such a lusty appetite?"


"Me?" I smile.

"Umhum." She nods as her eyes suddenly begin to water.

Whoa. "Hey. What's this? What's wrong?" I say as I quickly reach up and caress her cheek.

She begins to shake her head. "I—I don’t know. Hormones I guess, I—I don't know. At times I, I guess I'm afraid that I might, lose you one day. That you'll, find another or, get bored or, things will get too hard for you, and—"

Whoa! What the—? Where is all of this doubt coming from all of a sudden? "I—Baby? Listen to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, okay?" I cup her cheeks.

"Really? You really do?" She looks at me with such intensity, such sincerity, such emotion, wrinkling her brow.

"Yes, baby. Really. You're my life," I say stroking her cheek. And gosh! If I had the ring with me right now I'd probably ask her to marry me—right here, right now. But darn it. I guess I'll just have to wait, until next week some time at least.

She sucks on her lip for a moment looking down then back up making eye contact with me again.

"What honey?" I say caressing her cheek again.

"I—I don't know," she smiles then shakes her head collapsing down into my arms again.

Ohhh, honey. I just hold her tight, keeping all of her relentless insecurities at bay. Frig.

Week after next, when I finally ask her to marry me, and ask her if she would consider spending the rest of her entire life with me, merging our lives, our dreams, our goals for the future, our possessions, our finances, our legal accounts, and whatever else needs merging with me, it should rid her—once and for all—of her ongoing insecurities about me; and the fear she carries so deep that I might one day leave her and walk out on her.

I guess I have Fox Mulder to thank for that—putting that kind of relentless fear and insecurity into her head. But, this road I have chosen to travel with her will never get too hard, too tough, too rough, too difficult, too anything, to cause me to ever leave her or walk out on her. I'll never leave her. She's my soul-mate. One day, she may choose to leave me. But I'll never choose to leave her. I could never leave my soul-mate. And I'll make a solemn promise to her, too—very soon—with a tangible ring to mark my word. Hopefully, that will be enough to rid her of these demonic insecurities once and for all. But, until then, I'll just hold her tight, and kiss her, and tell her again how much I love her, before we get up from here, clean up, take a quick shower, and then pick up her darling little son for the night. I think that will be enough. God knows we've made physical love enough times since last night to leave our physical bodies without any doubts. Jeez! I chuckle.

"Hum." I then lean down and kiss her on the crown again. "I love you, baby. More than life itself."

"You do?"

"Yes. I do."



"Please, please, tell me again, don't ever stop telling me."

"Oh honey, I won't. I won't ever stop telling you."

She giggles then rises back up to look at me.

I smile then double-wink at her again. She loves it when I double-wink at her. I need to do it more often I guess.

"Oh," she giggles again then leans down and begins to kiss me, sucking on my lips, and showing me again how much she loves me.

"Mmm." I think I'll just lie back down, relax, and enjoy these precious moments together with my one-and-only.

Ohhh. I think I'm in heaven, with a little redhead lying on top of me beginning to suck me dry all over again.

Ohhh. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell her about John hearing us this morning and last night. But right now, ohhh, I think I could actually come again, if she keeps doing what she's… oh yeah… I could come again… oh yeah… I could actually... ohhh yeah...

"Mmm. Dana?"


"Oh yeah. Right there, baby… Right there…"


"Umhum… Oh! Yeah!… Right… Mmm!"

I hear my woman beginning to giggle so mischievously, as she licks me clean for another time around.

"Ohhh." The little minx.


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