Life with My Girl, Reyes
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by MyGirlReyes

The characters of Monica Julieta Reyes, Dana Katherine Scully and all other Original X-Files Characters included within this story belong to Chris Carter, the Fox Broadcasting Network & 1013 Productions and are being used here without their permission. I am just borrowing them for a little while to satisfy my own needs and desires for their otherwise rather boring lives. No Copyright Infringement is intended. No profit will be realized.
Pairing: Scully & Reyes
Rating: NC-17: Rated for Adult/Strong Language, Underlying Sexual Tension & Feverishly Fast & Passionate Sex. If under 18, you know what to do. Move on please.
Category: PWP/H/SL/UST/FF-Slash Sex. A little Comedy/Humor, a Little Romance & a Quick/Hot Romp in the... Well, you'd never guess.
Episode Spoilers: None
Crossovers: None
Summary: Scully sees her hot new lover, Reyes for the first time after a four-day/three-night separation and has a "homecoming present" waiting just for her.
Permission to Archive: Yes. Just ask my permission and tell me where you would like to do so, before you do please. And please keep all Disclaimers, Author's Notes and Special Notes with the story at all times. Thanks!
Date Archived: Story started on 9/07/2002, then went on a 17-month sabbatical as I finished She Mends Me. Finally Restarted on 2/17/2004 and Finished on 4/01/2004. Archived: ScullySlash Archive on 4/03/2004. XFMU Archive during June/July - 2004 Updates.

Feedback: Yes. Please. The more the merrier. You may send it here. Thanks.
MyGirlReyes' SRR FanFic Timeline: Part of the And Baby Makes Three - Just Another Day In The Life Series. For clarification - It's late June, 2001. William was born in early March, 2001. Scully and Reyes kept their renewed relationship/friendship at a platonic level until May. They have now been in a committed-lovers-relationship for about five to six weeks.
Time Line Inconsistencies: None in this story
Actual Scenes from Episodes: None in this story
Character Situations before we start the story: Special Agents John Doggett and Leyla Harrison returned last night to Washington, DC from an X-Files Case assignment in New York State that lasted a little over three days. Special Agent Monica Reyes stayed behind to reassess the crime scene and then finalize arrangements for transporting the last victim’s remains back to the Washington, DC District Lab. She has driven through the night, trying to make it back in time for an early-morning meeting with Deputy Director Kersh. She has just arrived back in DC herself and will, along with Special Agents Doggett and Harrison, debrief Special Agent Dana Scully, Assistant Directors Brad Follmer and Walter Skinner, three FBI Training Academy Cadets and the Deputy Director himself, Alvin Kersh, of their findings in an early-morning meeting. Scully's girl Reyes, has cracked the case, and will soon be debriefing the Deputy Director and all others in attendance of her findings.

PERSONAL TRIBUTES: To Kate for allowing me to use your wonderful Image of Dana & Moni at the beginning of this story, titling the page. Thank you, my friend!

And now on with the story…


Inside the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBIHDQ), Washington, DC
Entrance to Deputy Director Kersh’s Office:

6:19 AM: Special Agent Dana K. Scully stood just outside the doorway to Deputy Director Kersh’s office near a big picture window peeking through the blinds and scanning down along the street below. After a few more seconds, she glanced at her watch, curled her lips and then exhaled a very frustrated sigh. …Crap. Where is she?… she thought, then turned back towards DD Kersh’s office door, buttoned up and smoothed down her suit-coat, then entered his office.

“Good morning Dr. Scully,” three young male FBI Training Academy cadets said in unison.

She chuckled at the formal acknowledgment. Some of her students preferred to call her "Dr. Scully" instead of "Agent Scully". Funny thing was she rather enjoyed it. It was a nice change.

“Good morning. You're here awfully early," she replied smiling and quite surprised to see them all in attendence so early for the 6:30am meeting. ...If I could just get them to do that for class… she mused, chuckling again.

"Yes ma'am." "Oh, yes ma'am." "We wouldn’t miss this for the world, ma'am," they all three replied in unison.

She could hear the excitement in their voices, smiled again and then nodded in understanding. She remembered a time long ago, at Quantico, when she had first felt that same level of enthusiasm while training to become a Federal Agent. But those days were long gone. She had been through way too much at the hands of her own government to have much enthusiasm for the Bureau anymore. It was more like a daily struggle of trying to hide her contempt for the Organization. But she had learned how to hide her contempt when necessary. And today, conversing among these promising young cadets, it was necessary.

She quickly surveyed the room then decided on the seat closest to the end of the long conference table. She and the Deputy Director had their differences; therefore, she preferred to keep him at a nice, long distance and away from her immediate presence. Not only that, on this particular morning she was just not in the mood for small talk. Her "baby" was running late - very late, indeed - by a little over an hour. Hence, she was growing increasingly concerned with each passing minute. For Reyes never ran late. Never.

She then took her seat, squirming a little bit in the chair, crossed her legs, opened her briefcase, reached in and retrieved her notepad and then placed it on the table in front of her. Thankfully, DD Kersh was busy keeping the young cadets occupied, chatting about the Bureau and what to expect down the road as they continued their intricate training. They were all down at the other end of the table, thoroughly captivated and thrilled to have his undivided attention. She was glad that DD Kersh had approved her special request and had allowed them to attend, for she had wanted them in on this meeting for two reasons. First, in her opinion, they were three of her best students at the Academy demonstrating the most promise. And second, she wanted them to get a little first-hand experience with the agents assigned to the X-Files Unit, and how an agent should proceed in solving an X-Files case.

Doggett and Reyes had done an excellent job, along with the young Special Agent Leyla Harrison, in decoding the pattern and apprehending the perpetrator of this latest crime spree. And Scully had especially hoped that they would hear Reyes’ perspective on how to identify and proceed on an X-File. But if Reyes did not make it back in time, Scully would just have to leave it up to Doggett and Harrison to debrief the gathered cadets and agents. Harrison could pull it off and defuse Doggett’s annoyingly continual skepticism.

She glanced at her watch. …Ohhh, God. Where are you, Sweetheart? What’s holding you up?… she thought, so frustrated. But it was imperative that she hide her concern from her students and especially from DD Kersh. She could not afford to have him suspect anything. It could cost them both their jobs.

…Hum. Well… She began to think through some other options. If Reyes did not make it back in time for this particular meeting, she could always have her come by the Academy some time next week and debrief her entire class on the case. She smiled at that thought, imagining having Reyes come to her class, mesmerizing her students with her wildly-hypnotic theories and hypotheses, broadening their minds to the more extreme possibilities. Then they could have lunch together and go back to her office and …Oh yeah… Actually, that was not such a bad idea the more she thought about it. ...Hum... And the more she turned it over in her head, the more she liked it. She smiled at the thought of Reyes and herself inside her office, alone, during lunch, and no one else around to bother them for a little while. "Hum," she grinned then glanced back down at her watch. …God, baby. Where are you? You’re never late… she mused, her concern deepening with each passing second.

Hoover Building FBIHDQ Parking Garage:

6:20 AM: Special Agent Monica J. Reyes entered the FBIHDQ parking garage screeching the tires on her SUV to a halt. She needed to find an empty parking space and fast. She was running late, extremely late. She glanced at her watch. …Shit. Damn. Son of a... “Oh Dana, shit. I’m sorry, baby,” she whispered, frustrated with herself and the traffic-jam that had detained her by almost an hour and a half if not longer. Doggett and Harrison had driven back yesterday afternoon while she had stayed behind to go back over the last crime scene, gather more information, and then finalize the arrangements for shipment of the last victim’s remains. She had driven like a bat out of hell and through the night to get back in time for this meeting and, most importantly, for a chance to be alone with the love of her life, Special Agent Dana Scully.

The plan had been to push the metal to the floor and arrive early enough to be with Scully for about an hour - just one hour …One frickin’ hour… alone - before the meeting started. Her heart was beginning to pound with anticipation from just the mere thought of seeing her beautiful and excitingly passionate lover after four days and three nights of separation. She felt a nice little spasm between her legs as the silken smooth face of Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully flashed before her eyes. “Oh God, I missed you. So much,” she whispered, barely audible, as she screeched tires up to the next level, pushing her SUV and her driving skills to an almost precarious limit. But then a part of her got-off on it, the power and control of being in the driver’s seat - pushing and pushing, pressing and pressing - the throttle - harder and harder - to the floor, almost to the danger zone. Her eyes darted from side to side, looking for an empty parking place. ...There... She whipped into the spot and bounced to a halt, the seatbelt tightening across her chest and hips. She quickly put her cigarette out in the ashtray, unbuckled her seatbelt, grabbed her briefcase from the passenger's seat and exited the vehicle.

“Hey Monica! Come on!” a familiar male voice called to her. It was Assistant Director Brad Follmer. He was entering the second level elevator holding the doors open for her.

Reyes jogged over, holding her remote behind her...

…beep, beep…

...and locking the vehicle.

“Thanks. I’m running a little late this morning,” she said, giving a quick little smile to her former lover from a few years ago.

Follmer grinned then winked at her. “Naah. You’re not running late. What are you talking about? We’ve got ten minutes.”

Reyes smiled again in response, looking at him with those beautiful deep, dark mahogany-brown eyes of hers that he had fallen-in-love with almost four years ago. He knew he still had a thing for her. But she was just not interested anymore.

“So. Good morning, Assistant Director,” she teased him, cocking an eyebrow at him and still a little out of breath.

“Good morning. I hear you cracked the case. Got him.”

“Yeah, I guess I did. Although, not as quickly as I had hoped. I didn’t recognize the pattern in time to save that last victim,” she responded.

Follmer nodded in understanding.

Reyes was just so hard on herself at times. She expected herself to always see every angle, and quickly enough to prevent any more casualties from a perpetrator. But sometimes it just did not work out that way. You did all you could do and still, sometimes, you just did not get there in time to save a life. Reyes quite often punished herself though, practically running herself through an emotional torture chamber, when she had not managed to "recognize the pattern" and "get there in time" to save an innocent’s life. But then that trait, among many others, was what had made her such an excellent federal agent and so good at her job. She loved people - all people - and even the perpetrator. And that was a very rare gift indeed within a special agent's line of work. Even when faced with pure evil, she tried hard to segregate the actions from the inner essence of the perpetrator. And then tried even harder to decipher what drove that person to such wicked and devilish behavior in the first place. Her unwavering kindness, compassion and sensitivity was always at the forefront, no matter what the case or who the perpetrator. Those were the very traits that Follmer had fallen in love with four years ago, and that still held him captive. And those were the very traits that Scully had fallen in love with several months ago, and that would forever hold her captive.

Inside FBIHDQ:
Deputy Director Kersh’s Office:

6:24 AM: Scully sighed then glanced at her watch for the third time in the last minute. …Ohhh. Where is she?… she mused. Thankfully, her students and DD Kersh were involved in deep conversation down at the other end of the table. Her mind was driving her to the point of near disarray with recurring thoughts of Reyes being involved in a possible car accident or something. A tractor-trailer truck might have jackknifed. Or a deer might have galloped out in front of her. Or, God forbid, she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Or, only God knows. It could be any number of things. And this was so unlike Scully. She had never been one to get so overly concerned for someone when one was occasionally running late. But this - this was different. This was Reyes - Special Agent Monica Reyes - the love of her life. And although they had only recently become committed-partners, she knew to the very depths of her soul that this woman was the love of her life. No one from her past had ever affected her in the way that Monica Reyes had. Reyes had somehow dipped down into her very soul and gently, tenderly loved it back into a vivacious existence. Scully was full of life again, vibrant and joyful, eager and playful, passionate and ecstatic to just be alive, not merely exist, but really be alive again. And there was such a difference in just merely existing from day-to-day and truly living life to its fullest again.

…Ohhh. Please… She glanced up, fidgeting a little bit in her seat, as the door to DD Kersh’s office opened.

Special Agent John Doggett walked in.

…Oh God, baby. Where are you? I’m dying here... she mused. She was really beginning to struggle with hiding her concern for her lover from all the others now gathered in the room.

Doggett walked over to the three young cadets, introduced himself, politely shook hands with them and then took a seat opposite Scully and one chair to the left, leaving the chair directly in front of her vacant.

“Mornin’, Dana. You’re lookin’ real nice this mornin’,” he grinned.

“Well, thank you, John. And you,” Scully replied smiling.

Over the last several months Doggett had become one of her best friends. They had had their differences in the past. And they still did to some degree. But Reyes knew him well, and knew how to handle his bravado and bullheadedness. She had been the catalyst between them to help them overcome their differences and see each other from another prospective. But then that was Reyes. She had a unique gift in knowing how to deal with people. And there was no doubt in Scully’s mind that Reyes could see all the way down into the very depths of one's soul. For she had with her.

A couple of minutes passed, the door opened again and in walked Reyes with AD Follmer following along behind. …Oh God. Thank God!... Scully’s heart leaped inside her chest. She swallowed hard taking in the sultry view of Reyes’ long, lean body, dressed in her black pin-striped suit and ivory silk top she had given her, just before she had left to go on this trip. She felt a very distinct little spasm in her groin causing her to squirm somewhat in her seat.

Reyes immediately searched the room. …There. There you are, my love… Her face instantly lit up into a beautiful smile, just for Scully. She then curled an eyebrow at the lovely little redhead.

Scully subtly smiled back, cleared her throat somewhat, and then glanced back down at her notepad hoping she had successfully hidden her excitement in just seeing her lover after four days and three nights of separation.

“Hey John,” the brunette said, walking over and beginning to pull her chair out, taking her usual position beside of him, close to the end of the large conference room table and directly in front of Scully.

“Mornin’,” he replied. He had vacated his seat just in time to finish pulling her chair out for her like the good Southern Gentleman that he always tended to be.

She smiled at him, then casually glanced over at Scully again and whispered, “Hey,” then winked.

Scully’s heart skipped another couple of beats. “Hey yourself,” she replied smiling again.

Reyes closed her eyes for just an instant, double-winking at her, and then glanced at her watch. 6:26 AM. Well, technically, she was not late for the meeting. But that was beside the point. She had been too late to share any quality time with Scully before this meeting was to start. ...Mmm...

Doggett glanced back over to her and asked, “Did ya run into that big accident out there on I-95? News said they had all but one lane shut down.”

“Oh God, yes. I sat in traffic for over an hour. And my damn cell, I swear. I couldn’t get a signal for shit,” she responded, lowering her voice as she glanced back over at Scully.

Scully nodded in understanding.

“I was afraid a that. Heard some big tractor-trailer jackknifed,” Doggett continued.

“Umhum. Yeah, I saw it. It was bad. But the officer on site said the driver had survived. And that’s all that counts on any given day.”

Doggett nodded in agreement.

Reyes took a chance and glanced back over at her lover while pulling her notes out of her briefcase.

Scully had never taken her eyes off her, drinking in every ounce of Reyes’ countenance. ...God... Just four days and three nights and it had seemed like a month! She wanted to - No - She needed to touch her, hold her, kiss her, caress her – anything - just to be with her. She needed desperately to be alone with her, just for a few minutes. That’s all it would take, to settle her heart and soul.

Reyes raised an eyebrow at her, sensing Scully’s frustration, then flashed that intense, penetrating gaze of hers at her, pouring every inch of her telepathic abilities into that look. …”I love you, baby. More than life itself”… she silently communicated to her, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul.

Scully instantly heard Reyes’ soft, smooth, gentle and soothing voice echo and bounce around inside her head. She had to look away. The intensity was so strong - too strong - and powerful for her to handle in this room full of students and co-workers. But, before she had looked away, she had seen the love, heard the love and - yes - had felt the love of Reyes, that was still encircling her heart and surrounding her very soul.

She inhaled deeply, attempting to regain control of not only her physical body, but her emotions as well. Every fiber within her wanted to rush around the table, grab Reyes out of that chair and rush her down the hallway to be alone with her, for just a moment. So she could kiss her, and hold her, and tell her how much she loved her. And not only that, she was horny as hell.


6:28 AM: “All right. Looks like everyone is here.” Deputy Director Kersh called the meeting to order.

AD Skinner had been the last to arrive with the young Agent Leyla Harrison in tow. She took her seat at the very end next to her hero, Agent Scully, and opposite Doggett. Skinner sat down at the other end, beside Follmer.

“Agent Doggett. What’s the latest on the Daniel Focshi case?” DD Kersh questioned.

“Well, sir, man’s in custody. In route as we speak.”

“All right. Give us the specifics.”

Doggett then began to debrief the Deputy Director and all the others in the room about the case.

The case had been on the books for several months. Then, last week, it had been turned over to the X-Files Unit, courtesy of Agent Harrison. She might be a young and inexperienced still-wet-behind-the-ears federal agent, but she seemed to have a knack for recognizing an X-File when she saw one. She had a very high regard for the two current agents, Doggett and Reyes, currently assigned to the X-Files. But Scully and Mulder would always be her heroes. Although, Doggett and Reyes were winning her over. Not that they were trying to. They were just good at their jobs as well.


6:37 AM: The meeting had been in session for almost ten minutes when Scully suddenly, "ach, ach," coughed a little bit.

Reyes almost too quickly glanced up from her notes and looked across the table at her to see what was wrong.

Scully hid a smile then raised an eyebrow.

Reyes’ heart skipped a beat. She inhaled rather deeply, then quietly closed her briefcase, leaving it on the table in front of her, and then looked back down at her notes.

Scully hid her smile, placing her chin into her cupped hand with her elbow propped up on the table. She had enjoyed that, getting Reyes’ attention, with just the mere sound of a puny little dry cough. Oh yeah, she had liked that a lot - a whole lot. She had Reyes right where she wanted her, in the palm of her hand. She had been Reyes’ lover and partner long enough now to know when Reyes was highly aroused and struggling to hide that fact. Undoubtedly, Reyes had missed her, too, just as much as she had missed Reyes.

“Scully. I want you to do the autopsy, pronto,” Skinner’s deep, resonant voice suddenly boomed into the room.

Scully almost jumped out of her skin.

Harrison hid an amused smile at seeing her hero, Special Agent Dana Scully, jump from being taken so completely off-guard. It was such a rare thing to see, after all.

“Yes sir. Quantico, sir? Or do you want me to use the District?” Scully quickly responded, covering her tracts and her ass.

Skinner had also noticed the flinch, and was somewhat amused himself. …What in the hell was that all about?… he thought, then hid his own smile, too, as he glanced over at Reyes then asked, “Reyes. Quantico or District?”

”District, sir,” Reyes quickly answered, her voice rather shaky.

Harrison's eyes widened as she glanced back over at Reyes, wondering what was up with that shaky little tone in her voice.

Scully made eye contact with Reyes, cocked an eyebrow, then asked, “Is the cadaver already here or…?” But she already knew the answer to her question. She just wanted to hear it from Reyes’ lips.

“No. Not yet. I um... achum,” Reyes cleared her throat, inhaling deeply then looked back down at her notes. “I um, sorry... It… It will be... be here by around 9:00 or so, our time,” she stammered.

“Okay,” Scully responded, licking her lips behind her cupped hand and smiling, quite intrigued indeed with her lover’s varying vocalizations. …Poor baby. You’re trying so hard aren’t you, to hide what I’m doing to you… she mused as she hid another mischievous little smile.

Skinner, and all the others in the room, continued to discuss more details about the case.

Harrison continued to watch Reyes rather casually from the corner of her eye. ...Hum... Something was up. And she knew it.

Reyes could hardly breathe her heart was pounding so fast inside her chest, as she continued to feel a soft and sensuous silk-clad foot inching its way up and underneath her right pants-leg, up and up and up, the back of her calf. She looked back over at Scully.

Harrison followed suit and glanced back over at Scully’s profile as well.

Scully cocked an eyebrow, watching Reyes and still hiding the lower half of her face behind her cupped hand.

"Achum," Reyes cleared her throat again.

Harrison shifted in her seat, intrigued with whatever was going on between her two favorite people in the room - her hero and the next best thing.

Scully's said soft and sensuous silk-clad foot continued to inch its way higher and higher and on up to the back of Reyes’ knee.

Reyes inhaled deeply as she felt another major spasm quiver inside her groin. ...Oh God... Those cute little silk-clad toes of Scully's began to graze ever-so-lightly behind the slight bend of her knee. …Ohhh. God... Her leg jumped from the arousing sensation.

"Ach, ach," Scully barely coughed again then cleared her throat.

…Umum. Nope. No way, Dana. No way. I can’t... Reyes thought. She was not about to look up and glance back over at Scully again. She was struggling enough as it was, just trying to keep her hips stationary in her chair, as she felt herself continue to soak her own silk-clad wet body part. And said body part was not her foot either. Her foot did not pulsate like that.

She took another nice long, deep breath, held it for a few moments, and then exhaled slowly. ...Mmm... She just knew that her heart was going to beat right out of her chest and onto the table, any minute now.

“Agent Reyes?” Follmer said, raising his voice for the third time.

“Sir?” she responded.

“You’re up,” he said. And he had said her name three times before she had finally responded. …What in the…? If I didn’t know better… he thought as he glanced down to her flushed chest.

“Right. Um...” she hesitated. She had no idea where to start. She had not heard a damn thing for the last ten minutes. But, she could do this. She could keep herself and her rising libido under control.

She quickly cleared her throat, "Achum," focused on a spot on the far wall for a few seconds, took another long, deep breath and then began to speak. “Last Tuesday afternoon, Agent Harrison and I…” she glanced over at Harrison for a moment and smiled, then winked, as she continued voicing her observations on the case.

Harrison smiled back. She really liked Agent Reyes, almost as much as she liked Agent Scully.

Reyes continued with her remarks to the gathered group, glancing back down at her notes on occasion, just as she felt that same wickedly, tantalizingly, mischievous little silk-clad foot spring into new life, rising even farther up her leg, moving to the inside of her thigh. Softly, slowly, sensuously, skillfully, stroking her soft bare skin inside her pants. …Oh shit!... Her legs involuntarily squeezed together for a moment as her hips bucked up slightly at the sensations. …Holy shit! Good God, Dana. You’re killing me!... Oops… Had she said that out loud? …Holy shit!… She had no idea! Had she said anything all? Hell. Was she saying anything right now? What the hell had she been saying anyway? She had no idea. …Fuck. Fuck-n-ay... she thought. These loose fitting, flared-legged, pin-striped black pants of hers and one devilishly, deliciously delectable little woman, known by the name of Dana Katherine Scully, were going to be the death of her yet! After a few moments, she began to hear the sound of her own voice still speaking, somewhere way off in the distance about the case, and actually sounding like it knew what the hell it was talking about.

Doggett had also noticed her seeming distraction, along with Agent Harrison, and quite possibly everyone else in the room. …What is up with that?... he thought. ...She’s usually on top of it… He stirred around in his own seat as well, while silently reminding Harrison of the anticipated fax coming in from the NYC Field Office.

…Oh crock… Harrison mused. Whatever was going on between her two female mentors, she was going to miss out on the rest of it, as she took the hint and reluctantly got up from the table, clearing her throat.

…Thank God!... Reyes thought as she paused for a few moments, thankful for the sudden distraction from what was happening underneath the table inside her pants-leg and just below her silk, soaked, wet panty-line.

Doggett cleared his throat, glanced over at Scully and then back over at Reyes. He then shifted and crossed his legs under the table.

Scully was in control - total control - not only of herself, but of her lover as well. And as small in stature as she was, she just knew that she could do it, have enough leg-reach to pull it off, and reach her ultimate goal - Reyes’ warm, slick, sparkling treasures - with her silk-clad big toe.

“…around 8:22 pm... and, um… Jo, John and I app… appre…” Reyes stopped for a moment, cleared her throat and then took another deep breath. “We um... we… apprehended the perp, Daniel Ray Focshi…” she continued, her libido climbing faster and faster, as Scully’s silk-clad foot inched its way closer and closer to its ultimate goal, higher and higher, inch by inch, and slowly up Reyes’ inner thigh. Reyes just knew she was going to die right there in that very room, her heart was pumping so fast, blood rushing through her veins, her groin beginning to ache with need between her legs. Either that, or she would suddenly, accidentally scream Scully’s first name out to the high heavens, for all the world to hear, out of pure torture. She could still hear the sound of her own voice, somewhere way off in the distance. “…took him down af... after… hah!” she slightly gasped, leaning her upper body over the table and resting her arms on either side of her briefcase, as she suddenly grabbed onto the sides and clamped down hard on the leather exterior. Her hips bucked up twice before she could regain control.

“Agent Reyes. Are you okay?” a low male voice suddenly boomed into the room.

…Huh? Was that DD Kersh?… Had he just asked her something?

Doggett glanced over at her, too. He could feel the heat radiating from all around her body. She was on fire! ...What the crap?... He then looked at Scully.

Scully just raised a casual eyebrow in response then shrugged.

He then glanced back over at Reyes, noticing the beads of perspiration beginning to glisten all along her hairline and down her neck. He didn’t know what was causing it, but he had been squirming around in his own seat as well. He had developed an incredibly large rock-hard hard-on, right there in the middle of a meeting with the Deputy Director himself. …Dear Lord… He said a silent prayer. …Please. Let this meeting run long… For there was just no way he would be able to hide his nice, large package if he had to get up any time soon. He shifted again in his seat, trying to ease the ache, and the uncomfortable and ever-increasing firmness inside his pants.

“Agent Reyes?”

…Huh?... Was that DD Kersh’s voice booming into the room again? Reyes looked up. She had released her tight grip on the sides of her briefcase. But she was still leaned over the table, trying desperately to breathe normally again and prevent the erotic dance her trembling hips were screaming to begin from beginning.

"Ach, ach... achum," Scully coughed again, then cleared her throat as she glanced down the table at Skinner and then at Follmer. Follmer was starring a hole right through her. …Asshole... she thought, cocking an eyebrow at him then turned back for another peek at Reyes. Her silk-clad big toe was relentless as it softly grazed Reyes’ own silk-clad, wet-hot outer labia, just to the side of her clitoris through her silk, soaked panties.

“Ohhh. My God,” Reyes softly moaned as she hastily pulled more air into her lungs then looked across the table at Scully, her eyes pleading with her to …Please… stop this feverishly agonizing torture. The ache and trembling between her legs was pure ecstasy. But not here. Not like this. She again squirmed in her seat, trying to regain some element of control. She was on fire! Her insides were ablaze with desire! Her hips were merciless in wanting to create a life of their own.

Scully began to take pity on her, and her priceless wet-hot prize, then began to ease her big toe and foot back down the edge of Reyes’ inner thigh - down, down, down - lovingly caressing the bend of her knee for a moment; then eased it on down, down, down along the back of her calf - down, down, down - and finally down and all the way out from underneath her pants-leg.

... Oh, Dana. God, honey... Reyes thought as she leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

“Agent Reyes,” DD Kersh boomed again.

“Sir?” she responded quickly reopening her eyes.

“I asked you a question. Are you okay?”

“I um. No sir, I um. I apologize, sir, but I... I think I might need to be excused for a few minutes,” she said, looking at him as she slowly eased herself up and out of her chair.

He nodded.

She then glanced around the room for a moment. Everyone else in the room was staring a hole right through her. …Ah geez. Holy shit... she thought as she then backed away from the table and headed for the door, ultimately out of DD Kersh’s office, with Follmer watching her every move like a hawk.

Doggett readjusted his seated position, giving himself a little more room for his own ever-increasing arousal.

After a few moments, DD Kersh said, “Scully. Go check on Reyes. See what's going on with her.”

…Yes! No problem… Scully thought. “Yes sir,” she replied, calm as ever. In times like these, it came in so handy to be the only medical doctor on site.

She quickly finished sliding her shoe back on, then re-adjusted her pants-leg, smoothed out her suit-coat and then casually got up from the table. She could not afford to appear anxious. Follmer had been watching her very closely for the last couple of minutes. And that could be a problem. It was time for a little bullshit.

She glanced over at Doggett and then asked, “How was she yesterday?”

“Fine. I thought,” he said.

“Well. She appears to be a little feverish. Skin flushed, lightheaded, a little disoriented. All signs of a high temp. Is that first aid kit still in the top drawer down stairs?”

“Yeah. Why?” he asked.

“What do you need, Agent Scully?” Skinner chimed in, wondering why she would ask about a first aid kit.

“Oh, I just, I had an extra thermometer stored inside of it. And if she’s running over 101* temp, then I’m going to medicate her and send her home,” she said, looking over at DD Kersh questioningly.

“Fine. Just let me know one way or the other,” he responded, then nodded in approval.

…Yes! You’re so good, Dana… she mused. She had given them all a good line of bull, then grabbed her purse off the table and left the room.

Follmer sat silently considering her words. After a few moments, he agreed. Reyes’ chest did tend to flush like that when she was running a high temperature, or when she was extremely aroused. He quirked his lips at what had been running through his mind. Reyes was most definitely heterosexual. He should know. They had been in a relationship for a little over a year, almost three years back. And Scully had a baby so … Naah… His imagination had been playing tricks on him again.

Doggett watched Scully leave the room, then chimed in, “Makes sense. She was burnin’ up over here.”

Skinner raised an eyebrow. What in the world was going on with all of his female federal agents this morning, anyway? “Anybody know what happened to Agent Harrison?” he asked.

Follmer chuckled.

“I’d say she’s still waitin’ on that fax you wanted, sir,” Doggett said, covering for her, although he had been wondering the same thing himself.

DD Kersh just sat there. What in the hell else was he supposed to do, until all of his missing female federal agents showed up again?

FBIHDQ Main Corridor:

Scully entered the main hallway just in time to see Reyes entering the ladies’ room at the far end of the long corridor. She glanced at her watch, grinning from ear-to-ear, as she made a mental note of the time. …Oh yeah. Plenty of time, baby, plenty of time. To fuck your brains out… she mused. Most all of the other Hoover Building employees were not even due in for another good half an hour, at the very least. And she didn’t need a half an hour to finish what she had started. Plus, she, Reyes and Harrison were the only women in the building this early in the morning anyway. So, no one would come pecking on the ladies' room door any time soon. Harrison would soon be back with that fax and then the meeting would resume without them having to be there. Oh yeah, her little plan was working perfectly - just perfectly - better than she could have ever imagined.

She continued her casual stroll down the long hallway, glancing around to see if she had missed anyone, just to be sure. She then made a quick little detour to the janitor’s closet, re-adjusted and fine-tuned her plan, found what she needed, put everything in its place and then resumed her casual stroll down to her final destination.

Ladies' Restroom:

Reyes swayed down to the far end of the small room where there were three stalls to the right, and a long countertop with three sinks and a large wall-sized mirror to the left. …Thank God!… she mused, relieved that no one else was around this early in the morning to roam the hallway or come into the ladies’ room any time soon. She hurriedly pulled off her jacket, slung it over the door to the last stall and then turned to lean up against the countertop and face the mirror. Her chest and neck were brightly flushed from her heightened arousal and blood pressure. Little beads of perspiration were all around her hairline, and down her chest, and on down into the valley between her breasts. …Good God… She wondered what everyone else must be thinking back in DD Kersh’s office as she held onto the countertop, her hands trembling, her breathing erratic, her entire body slightly quivering with need. “Mmm… Whew…” she moaned, leaning her head and shoulder up against the wall, as she cupped her aching crotch with her hand and pressed lightly against her soaked entrance, holding very still and hoping to ease some of the throbbing inside. “Ohhh, God, Dana. I swear,” she whispered as her inner muscles instinctively tightened and convulsed, needing something – anything - to clamp down on and hold onto. “Good God, honey. You’re gonna kill me yet, woman,” she whispered again, chuckling softly, then promptly removed her hand from her sizzling crotch from hearing movement outside the door. She then leaned back up against the countertop to hold on.


Scully quickly placed the yellow “Closed for Cleaning” triangular stand-alone sign out in front of the ladies’ room door, did another quick survey around the hallway, just to be sure of course, and then entered the ladies’ room herself, locking the door behind her. She then turned and looked down at the other end of the little room. “Ohhh, Moni,” she gasped softly, just standing there, frozen in her tracks, and taking in the vision before her. …My God! You’re so beautiful!… she mused. And Reyes was beautiful, simply magnificent, standing there, tall and exquisite, long, dark brunette hair cascading down all around her neck, her breathing irregular, perspiration rolling down her flushed chest, her legs weak and struggling to just keep herself vertical.

"Mmm," Scully gutturally groaned again. She could feel her own body rapidly losing control and reacting to her handiwork. “God, Monica,” she whispered again, knowing she had pushed it, pushed her luck and pushed her girl Reyes, almost passed her endurance. Reyes was tittering on the edge of a powerful orgasm. And she knew it. And she had not even begun her onslaught.

Reyes glanced down the little room towards her, panting lightly as she curled her upper lip into a playful little smirk and then cocked an eyebrow.

Scully smirked, too, then cocked an eyebrow as well, then grinned.

Reyes chuckled. "Well? You just gonna stand there, or come see what you’ve done to me? Hum?” she teased.

Scully’s heart skipped a beat.

“Mmm, baby, come here. Quick. Come see what you've done to me," the brunette teased her suggestively yet again as she turned, then eased her back and shoulder-blades up against the back wall. Then deliberately, seductively, erotically cupped her own burning, sizzling crotch again with her palm.

"Oh God. Moni," Scully responded, breathless from Reyes’ tantalizingly seductive little move. Seeing Reyes cup her sizzling, aching crotch, and begin to tease and play and stroke her own wet-hot clit through her thin, black, pin-striped suit-pants was almost more than she could handle as she hurriedly hustled down to the end of the small room, quickly pulled her own jacket off, and then slung it up over the stall door alongside Reyes’. …Oh baby!… She had such a weakness for watching her lover pleasure herself.

Reyes chuckled again, then whispered, "Come here, honey. Give me a big hug. I need a great, big hug," she said as she let go of her sizzling, aching crotch and opened her arms up, inviting Scully in.

"Oh God, baby, I missed you, missed you so much." Scully leaped up into her waiting arms, hugging her so tight it almost took her breath away.

"Mmm, me, too, baby, me, too. And, God, I love you. Been needing to tell you that for days," she mumbled into Scully's neck and throat as she picked her up off the floor and began to swing her around and around in the air for a few seconds.

"Mmm, love you, too," Scully giggled, like a young school girl in love, as she began to shower Reyes with warm, wet little kisses all over her neck and jaw-line.

"Umm," Reyes throatily groaned into the warm, wet little kisses, then began to shower Scully with a few warm and wet little kisses herself, all along Scully's neck and throat, as the intensity began to increase. "Mmm... God honey," she began to pant again, her body and libido trying to spiral out-of-control once more.

"Shhh, I know, door's locked," Scully mumbled, then grabbed the sides of her face, pulling her in and capturing her hungry lips with her own, thrusting her warm, wet tongue deep inside Reyes' mouth.

"Mmm... Oh... God... Da..." Reyes panted again through the feverish kiss as she set Scully back down on the floor. Her legs were just too weak to hold the seductive little redhead. And she needed to lean back up against the back wall again, before she quite possibly fell down.

Scully broke off the feverishly-hot and passionate kiss for a moment, then grinned a mischievous little grin, then shoved Reyes' back and butt more securely up against the back wall.

"Honey? What are you...?... Oh!" Reyes yelped out in spite of herself as Scully hastily cupped her sizzling, aching crotch with her palm.

"Shhh, trust me, we've got time, plenty of time."

"But...? What about... the meet…?… Oh!… Your stu...? Oh!… Honey?… Mmm..."

"Shhh, they can wait. Just let me love you. I need to love you," Scully panted as she stared into her lover's hooded eyes, her own eyes full of lustful need, too.

Reyes' heart fluttered inside her chest as her throbbing clit began to sizzle and burn more insistently with desire from Scully’s hand and fingers rubbing and massaging it more urgently through her thin pants. The redhead kissing her again and again and again, feverishly on the lips, as she then reached down with her other hand and quickly unbuckled Reyes’ belt, then quickly unzipped her zipper.

"Mm, mm, mmm..." Reyes moaned quietly into the feverish onslaught, her pants sliding free and slipping all the way down to the floor into a nice little heap around her feet as Scully quickly reached down inside her silk briefs and hugged her soaking wet, pulsating clit with her fingertips. "Oh... Mm... Da..." she gasped softly, her eyes widening, her lips parting, her lower lip dropping from the sensual sensations, as her body shivered a little more insistently into Scully's sensual touch.

"Mmm, shhh, you’ve got to keep quiet, while I make-love to you, okay? Okay, baby? Can you do that? Hum? Keep quiet, while I make-love to you?" Scully whispered breathlessly herself as her own body struggled to maintain control.

"Mmm, umhum," Reyes responded, nodding, her eyes beginning to beg Scully to make-love to her, as her body began to tremble more urgently with need. "Oh!… Um," she bit on her lower lip for a moment as she sucked in another deep breath, stifling her need to verbalize more loudly in reaction to what Scully was doing to her.

Scully continued her soft, gentle, sensual rubbing, stroking and massaging of Reyes' wet-hot outer labia and wet-hot, slick clit, then barely dipped down along her wet-hot, slick inner folds.

"Oh!... God, Dana…" she yelped out again then sucked in another deep breath and held it for a few seconds. ...Jesus!... How in the world could she keep it quiet with all that Scully was doing to her this morning?

"Shhh, baby, quiet, you've gotta keep quiet, and look at me. Just look at me, baby. Focus. And look into my eyes," Scully quietly instructed her as she continued to stare into Reyes' lust-filled eyes with her own while she massaged, stroked and rubbed her wet-hot slick treasures with her hand, instantly unhooking and unzipping her own pants with the other, then slid the well-hidden and already-harnessed, silicone, L-shaped, double-sided dildo resting comfortably against her mound into position, inserting the slightly smaller end into her own wet-hot, slick folds, as a little twitch of a red-auburn eyebrow and a slight little shiver of her own body almost betrayed her little homecoming surprise for Reyes. "Mmm, look at me, baby, just look at me. Look into my eyes, okay? Just look into my eyes," she barely whispered again as Reyes continued to follow her instructions, focusing and gazing into her eyes, her breathing coming in short little gasps, while her body trembled even more passionately out-of-control. "Oh God, Moni, I love you,” the redhead panted, then whispered, “Welcome home," just as she ever-so-gently inserted the larger end of the silicone toy inside Reyes' warm, wet cavity - slowly, slowly, slowly - sliding it in, deeper and deeper inside of her warm, wet folds, as Reyes' eyes widened in surprise, her eyebrows rising a little higher, as her lower lip dropped a little lower from this newest, most intensely-erotic sensation.

"Oh... God… Da... My God..." she whimpered breathless into the feel of the warm, wet, firm and thick, slick toy sliding ever-so-slowly deeper and deeper inside of her wet-hot slick folds and inner cavity, then slowly sliding back out, almost to her entrance, then slowly sliding back in, deeper and deeper, as her inner muscles reacted and tightened, clinching and grabbing onto the wonderfully warm, wet, firm and thick, slick little two-sided toy.

"Mmm, you like? Hum? You like it, baby?" Scully teased her as she continued to slowly slide and thrust the toy, in and out, slow and deep, in and out, slow and deep...

"Ohhh," Reyes’ body continued to tremble and quiver, her own lust-filled eyes full of wonder and surprise, as she stared into Scully’s lust-filled eyes, full of joy and happiness, spreading her legs out even farther in invitation, then, suddenly, feeling her back and shoulders begin to slide down the back wall. “Oh… Da…” she barely whimpered again as she hurriedly grabbed onto the countertop with one hand and grabbed onto Scully's deep, thrusting hips with the other.

"Shhh, that’s it, hold onto me, baby, just hold onto me," Scully quietly instructed her again as she began to increase the rhythm, pumping and thrusting a little faster, and a little more forcefully, as she wrapped her arms more securely around Reyes' upper torso, supporting her and her added weight.

“Oh!… God,” Reyes whimpered as she quickly grabbed onto Scully’s shoulders, burying her head in against her neck and upper chest, gasping, "Oh!... God... Da... Oh!... Honey..." with quick little shivers, her body and insides reacting and responding in the most delicious of ways, her inner walls clamping down hard on Scully's little homecoming surprise, her hips and pelvis bucking more urgently into Scully's mound, as Scully continued to increase the rhythm, faster and faster, her hips bucking and matching every little buck and thrust. "Oh!... God... Da... Mmm..." she quickly sucked in another deep breath, burying her face in along Scully's neck, stifling her sounds of orgasm, as she feverishly reached down and cupped Scully's bucking hips and thighs, pushing Scully's own suit-pants down and out of the way, too, then began to buck and pump and push and thrust her hips more vigorously into Scully's groin and mound.

"...oh... oh... umm... mmm..."

They both moaned and groaned, sucking in deep breaths and holding the air inside their lungs, as they stifled the sounds of mutual climax, over and over - and then another, over and over - and then another, over and over...

"...umm... oh... yes... yes!... ohh!... shhh... shhh... mmm... ohh..."

Deputy Director Kersh's Office:

7:04 AM: ...Shee-at... DD Kersh thought frustrated. ...What in the hell?... He had wanted this meeting to last about an hour at the most and …Shee-at... he thought again. Half of his agents had been gone for a little over twelve minutes. And where the hell were they all now? “Agent Doggett,” he finally said, breaking into the silence.


“Go see if you can find Agent Scully. See what’s holding them up.”

“Yes sir,” Doggett responded. ...Oh crap... he thought as he eased his way out of his chair and quickly turned his back to his audience. He didn't want anyone else in the room to notice his quite large package trying to burst through at the seams inside his pants. He hastily walked over to the door, left the Deputy Director's office, entered the main corridor and then headed down the long hallway towards the ladies' room. He figured that would be the best place to check for his two best friends and favorite ladies, especially if Reyes was quite sick.

Just outside the Ladies' Restroom Door:

Within seconds he had made it all the way down the hallway and just in front of the ladies' room. Obviously, he had noticed the "Closed for Cleaning" sign sitting just outside the doorway. But that did not necessarily mean anything if Reyes truly was sick, and needed to moisten her face and forehead in case of a high fever. So he walked up to the door, hand curled into a fist, and started to knock.

“…umm… mmm... ohhh... baby... ” filtered out from inside the little room.

... Whoa!... His hand, curled into a fist, stopped. He leaned in a little closer pressing his ear up against the door.

“…mmm… ohhh... yes... that's it... that's it... ohhh... yes, baby... yes...”

...Whoa!... His rock-hard penis sprung up into renewed action. ...Damn!... He quickly went one more door down and hurriedly entered the men’s room, checked the one stall and then quickly locked the door.

Inside the Men's Restroom:

He leaned up against the nearest wall available, fumbling around with his zipper with one hand as he fumbled around for his handkerchief with the other. ...Crap!... His pulsating penis sprang out of its prison before he could finish getting his zipper all the way down. ...Damn! Crap! Where is my damn…? Ohhh!… Finally! He found it, his catch-a-shooting-wad handkerchief. His penis was throbbing and pulsating so insistently, trying to thrust all on its own, he was afraid it might blow-its-top before he was ready, and spill his shooting-wad all over the bathroom floor, before he had even had the chance to securely cover it and begin to jack himself off. ...Damn!... He had not been so sexually-aroused in years! He felt like a young teenage kid in high school, his loins were aching so much from all the pent-up sexual build-up, ready to erupt and burst free from his bobbling rod. …Aw Gawd!... He was about to explode! Any second now.

He hurriedly placed his handkerchief over and around the head of his rod causing it to jerk and thrust more feverishly out-of-control. ...Whoa, hang on there, boy. I'll let ya shoot in a minute... he thought as his legs tried to fail him. He quickly leaned more heavily in against the back wall.

“…umm… oh Moni… yes, baby… yes… oh yes... that's it... that's… ohhh...” Scully's soft, sultry moans suddenly filtered into the room.

...Damn!... He could hear them through the air-conditioner vents as they made-love over in the ladies' room. He could hear them!

“…mmm... oh Dana… love you, baby... mmm… love you... God… feels so... ohhh...” Reyes' soft, sultry moans suddenly filtered into the room as well.

...Holy crap!... Doggett quickly grabbed onto his aching, throbbing, thrusting, pulsating penis and began to stroke and pump it as fast as he could, holding the handy catch-a-shooting-wad handkerchief in place.

Inside the Ladies' Restroom:

"...oh... ohh... yes!… Yes! YES!" Scully suddenly cried out much too loudly for the present situation.

"...shhh, shhh, honey, gotta be quiet," Reyes quickly reminded her as she suddenly had an ingenious idea, then reached up and slapped the button on the hand-drying blower machine along the wall just next to them, causing it to...


... into action.

"...mmm... mmm, oh Moni... God, baby..." Scully panted again as Reyes continued to pump and thrust and push and press more aggressively against her crotch - pushing and pushing, pressing and pressing - the toy - harder and harder - inside of her wet-hot, slick cavity - then lifting her bare butt a little farther up along her hips, wrapping Scully's legs around her pelvis, and then quickly moving them both over to the countertop, resting Scully's bare, bucking butt and hips along the smooth surface, as Scully instantly lay down along the convenient counter, bucking and pumping and thrusting and pushing more excitedly against Reyes' mound, tightening her legs around her hips, as Reyes tightened and squeezed and clamped her inner muscles more securely around her end of the two-sided toy, then thrust and pumped and pushed and pressed, deeper and deeper, and faster and faster, and harder and harder, inside of Scully's wet-hot, slick folds, Scully's end of the two-sided toy slipping and sliding, deeper and deeper, and faster and faster, and harder and harder, inside her own warm wet, slick walls, as they both spiraled higher and higher, over the mountaintops and through the early-morning sky, into another more wonderfully powerful climax than any before, both able to stifle their moans and groans as they reached the heavenly crest together, again and again and again...

Inside the Men's Restroom:

"...ngh, ngh, ngh... Nggghhh!" Doggett grunted one last time as he unloaded his wad into his handkerchief. "Good Gawd," he groaned. He certainly hoped that Scully and Reyes had not heard him, as he could them, while he jacked himself off. ...Good grief. For cryin' out loud... What a way to start out the morning, overhearing one's two best friends moan and groan and bump and grind as they screwed each other silly.

Suddenly the sounds of the hand-drying blower machine stopped again over in the other room.

"...oh... ohh... ohhh, baby… hit it, hit it again..." Doggett could hear Scully's soft, sultry voice filter into the room again as it came in loud and clear. He grinned, then…


…the roar of the hand-drying blower machine started up all over again.

He then cracked up laughing in spite of himself. But he had to give Reyes some credit. It was working. The roaring sounds of the hand-drying blower machine was working very well indeed to camouflage most any of the other sounds, especially the highly-erotic moans and groans, coming from both Scully and Reyes inside the other room, as they screwed and bucked and banged and fucked each other silly. One thing was for sure, he would never be the same again when he heard, saw or used a hand-drying blower machine to blow his hands dry.

He stifled his laughs as he began to clean himself up.

Inside the Ladies' Restroom:

“…oh… ohh… ohhh God, yes, baby, yes! Yes! YES!” Scully cried out yet again as she climaxed, Reyes pumping the dildo deeper and deeper, and faster and faster, inside her vaginal walls.

“Shhh, honey, you’ve got to be quiet, okay?” Reyes teased her yet again in response as she held her squirming body securely against the countertop, bucking and thrusting her hips harder and deeper, her hands cupping and squeezing Scully’s aching breasts, her thumbs and fingertips pinching and rolling all over Scully’s taut little nipples, bringing her to climax, over and over...

“…oh… ohh… God... I'm trying, but I... can’t…“

“Shhh, yes, you can…” Reyes whispered again, giggling, as she quickly reminded her baby to keep her vocalization down. She then quickly covered Scully’s mouth and orgasmic cries with her own, thrusting her tongue in deeper and deeper inside her mouth, as she began to slow her thrusting hips down and ease the feverish onslaught.

“Mmm, mmm, ohhh,” Scully moaned softly into the deepening kiss and slowing thrusts, holding on and wrapping her arms and legs more securely around Reyes’ torso and hips, surrendering herself completely into her lover's ever-capable hands.


7:09 AM: After a couple more minutes of feverishly-hot and passionate lovemaking, Reyes finally collapsed down, completely exhausted, and on top of Scully’s trembling body, slowing her bucking hips all the way down to a complete stop. "Mmm. God. Whew, honey, my God. I don’t know when… Whew…" she panted as she continued to lean over the countertop and on top of Scully’s steamy body, both of them panting, trembling and breathless, using the strong countertop for much-needed support. "Mmm... God, that was... Holy shit, woman," she panted again, desperately out-of-breath, as she lay against Scully’s heaving chest and upper torso, burying her cheek in against Scully’s crown. “Oh baby, what you do to me," she mumbled again into Scully’s ear, then began to shower her with sweet and tender little kisses all along her neck and throat.

Scully giggled tightening her hold around Reyes' back and torso. She knew what she did to her. She drove her lover consistently crazy with pent-up sexual desire and need. And their new two-sided little silicone toy was going to add even another way to her tantalizing little collection of wonderfully-erotic ways to drive her lover crazy with pent-up sexual build-up and frustration as it was still pressed so deeply snug inside of both of them.

Reyes then barely leaned up to make eye contact. "Mmm," she moaned as she began to run her fingers through Scully's soft, silken red-auburn hair, then leaned in for another quick little kiss. "Mmm. God, I love you. You know that don’t you?” she whispered again as she leaned back up to make eye contact yet again. She never wanted Scully to go for very long without hearing those three most-important words from her.

Scully smiled and nodded, her heart and soul brimming with pure joy at hearing those three most-important words from Reyes’ lips once more. Oh yeah, she knew. And she would never tire of hearing those three beautiful, most-important words from Reyes’ lips either. And she would never again hesitate to tell her the same thing as she had done in the beginning when they had first become lovers. “Mmm, and I love you, too. Te amo, mi cariño,” she whispered back grinning from ear-to-ear.

Reyes giggled. She loved it when Scully spoke to her in Spanish. And Scully's understanding and pronunciation of the words were getting better and better every day. “Mmm, te amo, mi tesoro. Siempre,” she answered back. "Guess we, need to get ourselves together here, don’t you think?" she whispered again as she reached down and lightly fondled Scully's bare breast again with a palm. During all of the heatedly-passionate lovemaking, they had both frenziedly unbuttoned each other's blouses and undone each other's bras, giving each other full access to each other's beautifully flushed chests and breasts.

"Umm. Umhum," Scully grunted, nodding in agreement.

Reyes smiled as she gently fondled her breast a little more carefully, then gently caressed the tight, taut nipple. “Oops, booby-leak,” she teased as a sudden little trickle of breast-milk began to leak from the achingly tender nipple.

“Oh, for Crissakes,” Scully fussed, becoming a little frustrated with this latest development.

“Oh baby, it's okay, just a little meal for Wills,” Reyes whispered, still chuckling, as she wiped the warm, wet trickle up with a fingertip. “Mmm, must of given them a little too much lovin', touchin' and squeezin' this morning, huh?”

“Umum. Nope. Never,” Scully teased back beginning to chuckle, too. Reyes was so good and understanding about her achy, leaky, lactating, baby-feeding breasts.

"Oh. Never?" Reyes responded cocking an eyebrow. "Hum. Well. Just wait until I get you home then," she teased her again then leaned down and licked on the achy, leaky nipple again, lapping up another warm, wet little trickle of syrupy-sweet, baby-feeding breast-milk.

Scully giggled as her insides clutched at the silicone toy still pressed deep inside her. "Mmm," she threw her head back against the countertop as her body began to respond yet again to the whispered words, sweet little suckles, and gentle little nibbles and licks along her nipples and breasts. "Mmm... Moni..."

"Yes, my love?" Reyes whispered as she began another warm, wet and passionate kiss along her lips.

"Mmm… ohhh… Don't want you to stop, but... mmm… ohhh..." she moaned again into this newest, most wonderfully warm and wet, passionate kiss.

Reyes quickly glanced at her watch as she continued to gently fondle a breast and kiss her woman on the lips, then eased back off, breaking the intimate contact. She smiled, then rose all the way up, helping Scully to stay comfortably positioned atop the countertop. She then winked as she reached down between her legs and began to back away and pull her end of the double-dildo out from her insides. "Um," she whimpered a little bit at the uncomfortable feeling. Her insides were not quite ready to let go of the warm, wet, slick and thick toy. But they were running out of time and needed to get back to the meeting. She then cocked an eyebrow. "You ready?"

"No, but, do what you must," Scully responded then reached down between her legs and cupped Reyes' hand as Reyes began to ever-so-gently pull her end of the wonderful new play-toy out, too.

Inside the Men's Restroom:

Doggett quickly finished cleaning himself up, zipped up his pants, washed his hands, checked his watch and then put his ear up to the wall. Nothing. ...Hum. Must be done... He then quickly straightened up his tie and shirt, brushed off the back of his suit-coat, put it back on, then quietly walked over and unlocked the door, and then left the room.

Deputy Director Kersh's Office:

Follmer, Skinner, Kersh and all the others in the room continued their small-talk about the Major League Baseball bullshit and about the entire league threatening to strike again. They all could hardly wait until football season started again. Kersh glanced at his watch. Doggett had been gone about five minutes. He would not send the posse out quite yet to go and look for him. But if it kept on, and he kept losing his agents every few minutes within the FBIHDQ building – well. He would just have to carry this meeting on all by himself.

Inside the Ladies' Restroom:

Reyes and Scully finished washing their new little sex-toy off, playing with it, and teasing and playing with each other, as Reyes detailed further analysis on the wonderful new little toy itself, asking Scully quick little questions of when, where and how she had purchased it, and just how long she had been planning to use it and do her inside the ladies' room.

"It's your homecoming present," Scully teased her again.

"Umhum. Well then. Maybe I should leave town more often," Reyes teased her back.

"Oh no, don’t you dare. Only when you have to," Scully replied as she quickly leaned in for another wet and juicy little kiss, then finished hooking her bra and buttoning her shirt back up, then finished zipping her pants back up as Reyes did the same.

"Oh, I’m just teasing ya, baby. Come here," Reyes grinned.

Scully smiled as she quickly dropped the cleaned silicone toy down inside her purse then rose up on her toes for another kiss.

They had quickly gotten themselves and their clothes back together, all hooked, buttoned, pulled and zipped back up. But there was not much they could do about the overly-heated look they both still had along their mutual chests, necks and cheeks.

Reyes chuckled, checking her brightly-flushed chest out in the mirror again. “My gosh. Any ideas?” she said, glancing back over at the little redhead for a moment then back into the mirror once again realizing just how brightly-flushed red her chest, neck and cheeks actually were.

”Um, nope.”

“Hah. Dana? My God. You’re the one that got us into this mess. Now, come on, Doc, think.”

“Oh, there’s no problem for you. I just need to come up with something believable for me.”

“Oh, really. And what is that supposed to mean?” the brunette teased cocking an eyebrow.

“Baby, you’re running a temp of a 103*, and so I’m sending you home, straight to bed.”

Reyes giggled. “Oh yeah? Straight to bed? Hum. Got a temp of a 103*? Wow! Hot-blooded, am I?”

“Oh yeah. Very.”

“But… I need to finish the debriefing.”

“Nope, that won’t be a problem. I’ll go back in for you, throw them a line, tell them I’ve sent you home immediately, then sit-out the meeting, go down to the District as soon as it's over, do the autopsy, and then meet you back at your place.”

Reyes began to giggle again. “Hum. And just when did you start thinking about this little master-plan of yours? Hum? To mentally fuck my brains out underneath the table? And then physically fuck my brains out inside the ladies’ room?”

Scully giggled, too. “Are you going to file a formal complaint, Agent Reyes?”

“No. Just covering my ass. That’s all.”

“And what about mine?” Scully teased, cocking an eyebrow.

“Oh, yours is covered quite well at the moment, but - we’re cutting up here, but - what about Brad? He could be a problem.”

“No shit,” Scully responded.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he was watching me like a hawk right before I left to come find you.”

"Uh-oh." Reyes pursed her lips. She did not like the sound of that at all. She glanced at her watch. 7:13 AM. They had been gone about twenty minutes. “Well. We need to talk about it, but…”

“Yeah. Out of time. Let's go,” Scully said as she quickly unlocked the door.

Reyes then opened it, stepped out and about fell over the “Closed for Cleaning” sign. “Shit!” she shouted, her one word echoing down the hallway, as she then looked around to see if anyone else was nearby. Luckily, the hallway was still empty.

Scully burst into a fit of laughter in spite of herself.

“Well, where the hell did it come from anyway?" Reyes fussed. "And where the hell does it go?” she added.

Scully pointed down the hallway through her giggles, “Closet’s down there."

Reyes smirked, then picked it up and carried it down the hallway towards the janitor’s closet. Thank God, it was only about a quarter after the hour. By 7:30 the place would be swarming with people.

Scully opened the closet door as Reyes set it just inside the small room.

Reyes then smiled. “Closed for cleaning, huh? Did you get a thorough cleaning, Agent Scully?” she teased again.

Scully snorted then burst into another fit of laughter punching her on the arm in the process. Reyes loved to see her laugh like this. She seemed to be doing it much more often lately, too. They both then straightened themselves up, preparing to give a real shit-load-line-of-bull to everyone left in the room when they got back down to DD Kersh's office.

Back inside the Ladies' Restroom:

After a few more seconds of complete and utter silence, another taupe-colored-nylon-clad foot wrapped inside a burgundy-colored, high-heel leather shoe began to step down from the back of the porcelain throne.


The two, burgundy-colored, leather high-heels clicked along the tile floor. Agent Harrison then leaned in a little closer into the corner of the stall and peeked through the crack of the door again. Her two favorite female federal agents had been gone for about a minute. She quickly checked her watch again, just to be sure.

“Ohhh,” she finally released a breathless sigh of relief. “My God,” she breathed again as she felt another little gush of hot liquid soak her panties. "Jiminy jeepers," she whispered softly. And to think that she had felt such frustration when she had needed to leave the meeting to get that fax out of NYC, afraid that she would miss something interesting happening between her two favorite female federal agents. ...Jiminy jeepers!... What luck! She had ended up with a front-row seat! To something very interesting indeed! And she could hardly believe it! What she had just witnessed - her two favorite female federal agents inside the ladies' restroom fucking each other silly with… ...What was that? A dildo? With a harness? Whoa! Jiminy jeepers!... She had just gained a renewed respect for her most favorite female federal agent, Dana Scully. …Jiminy jeepers!... And boy, did her most favorite female federal agent, Dana Katherine Scully, know how to use one, too. …Dang!… Visions of Agent Scully's leather-harnessed butt and hips - bumping and thrusting deep inside Agent Reyes' very center - flooded her thoughts.

"Ohhh,” she moaned again, utterly breathless with all that she had just audibly and visibly witnessed. "Mmm." She leaned up against the cool metal surface of the stall door for a moment to rest her forehead. “Oh my God,” she moaned again, utterly breathless. Mere minutes before, she had managed to climb up onto the back of the porcelain throne and hide her presence, just in time, as she had heard Scully's footsteps entering the ladies' room just seconds behind Reyes'.

“Ohhh. My God,” she moaned again as she reached down and stroked her own aching, burning, pulsating clit yet again. …Oh! My God!... And to think that all she had needed to do was check on a run in her pantyhose before she made her way back to the meeting.

"Ohhh," she groaned again as she stroked her tingling clit then cupped herself yet again glancing at her watch. …Oh crock! What a crock!... She just did not have enough time to give herself what she so desperately needed - a quick little self-fuck. …Ohhh!... And she had practically come earlier, anyway. Just from observing and hearing what her two favorite female federal agents had been doing to each other only minutes before. "Ohhh." Thank God for that hand-drying-blower machine, or she may have groaned a little too loudly herself a couple of times, making her well-hidden presence instantly known, as her two favorite female federal agents moaned, groaned, bumped and grinded so frantically hard for several minutes, screwing each other silly.

"Ohhh," she groaned again as visions of Agent Reyes' bare butt and bucking hips - bumping and grinding so forcefully hard and fast into Scully's very center - flashed before her eyes, too. "Ohhh. Yawhsaaa!" …She bangs! She bangs! Can that woman bang!… She snorted at her own thoughts. But, oh yeah, baby, could that woman bang!

A wicked little grin began to spread across her face. "Um, um, um. Ummhum…" She had liked what she had seen from Special Agent Monica Reyes, too. …Oh yeah, baby!… And how had she done that anyway, hold onto that slippery-wet dildo sliding so fast and tight inside her vaginal walls, as she banged Agent Scully across the countertop? …Oh yeah, baby! Whoohoo!... Talking about some vaginal muscle strength! …Yawhsaaa!... Her boyfriend would be screaming to the high heavens if she grabbed onto him like that.

She giggled wickedly yet again. And she had just gained a renewed respect for her second favorite female federal agent, Monica Julieta Reyes, too. "Oh, yawhsaaa, Agent Reyes. I had no idea," she whispered, giggling and grinning from ear-to-ear, as she released the lock on the stall door then walked over to the countertop. …Ohhh… And to think that Agent Scully had just been royally fucked on top of this very countertop by Agent Reyes. …Holy cow... "Mmm," she inhaled deeply. She could still catch a little whiff of hot sex between two women lingering in the air. ...Oh! Yawhsaaa!...

She then glanced up in the mirror for a moment as she laid her file folder down next to the sink. "Um, um, um." She then reached up and wiped a trickle of sweat from her brow. Her face, cheeks and chest were as flushed bright-red as Reyes' and Scully's had been. She began to laugh even more heartily at the situation. And who would have ever dreamed? She would have never imagined that Scully and Reyes had become lovers. She had heard the rumors about Reyes and Follmer; and the latest set of rumors about Reyes and Doggett. But Reyes and Scully? And what about Scully and Mulder?

"Dang," she barely whispered again wondering if Mulder had even known before he had left to go into hiding. She grinned again. Actually, from all the rumors she had heard about him, a little double-female-action would have been just his style.

She snorted again, then giggled, as she reached over to hit the hand-drying blower machine to wash her hands. "Oh my God," she hesitated. ...Yawhsaaa... "Um-um." She would never be the same again when she heard, saw or used a hand-drying blower machine to dry her hands. Nope. Never. "Ohhh," she groaned again as the door to the ladies' room suddenly opened. She jumped slightly with a start.

"Harrison?" Scully yelped somewhat startled herself.

"Oh! Yes! Agent Scully, I um…"

"They're waiting for you in Kersh's office," Scully stated matter-of-factly as she walked over to the nearest sink.

"I um, yes! I know! I um…"

"Did that fax come in?" the calm, cool and collected redhead asked as she laid her purse down along the countertop and began to unbutton her blouse.

Harrison cocked an eyebrow. "I um, yes! I... Yes, it did! I um…" she stuttered around as she watched Scully begin to unhook her frontally-hooked bra and reveal a tight, taut little nipple and a firm, round creamy-white breast. …Oh my God! Holy cow!… She swallowed hard, licking her lips.

Scully glanced over to her. "Something wrong, Agent Harrison?"

"I um, no. No! I um. I had a run in my hose, and I…" she stuttered around yet again as she watched her mentor pull a breast-pad from her purse then place it over her leaky nipple. …Ohhh! Jiminy jeepers!… Her insides were going into spasms watching her mentor innocently caress her creamy-white breast and tight, taut little nipple. …Oh Gawd!… She was just beginning to learn something new about herself, too. Something that she would have never dreamed. She really liked what she was seeing right now - a tight, taut little tit, atop a creamy-white little breast - as suddenly, visions of a tall, dark and gorgeous brunette sucked hard on that tight, taut little tit just as a similarly gorgeous small, light redhead twisted and squirmed into the sensations. ...Ohhh. My God... Oops... Did she just groan out loud?

Scully glanced back over to her in the mirror for a moment, then quirked a smile cocking an eyebrow.

Harrison nibbled on her lower lip, then quickly turned and grabbed a paper towel from the towel dispenser to dry her hands. She wanted nothing to do with that hand-drying blower machine right now. Oh no, nothing at all to do with it, while Scully was in such close proximity. ...Jiminy jeepers!...

Scully smiled again then shrugged, "Booby-leak."

"Oh yeah. Right." Harrison almost burst into a fit of giggles but managed to suppress her impulses. She then glanced away.

"Happens at the most inconvenient of times."

"Mmm. Right," the young rookie agent said again as she felt her cheeks begin to burn with renewed heat. …Oh, yawhsaaa! I guess so… she thought as visions of Reyes licking and caressing that very sweet, warm, leaky white breast flashed through her thoughts yet again. ...Ohhh... She creamed her panties again. ...Ohhh, yawhsaaa!... She needed to get out of there and fast! "Well, I um, I… I'll… I need to get back to the meeting, and, um…"

"Okay. See ya there in a minute," Scully winked.

Harrison's heart skipped a beat. ...Oh my God... "Right," she replied again, breathless, as she left the room.


She then began to walk up the long corridor towards DD Kersh's office.

"Agent Harrison?" a soft, luscious female voice suddenly rang out from down at the other end of the corridor towards the elevator.

…Ohhh Gawd… She creamed herself yet again as she felt a nice, little twinge inside her groin. And she knew exactly why. Her other favorite, lusciously-hot, female federal agent was calling to her from the other end of the corridor. …Ohhh. My God!… She turned towards the lusciously-hot female voice.

"Um, Agent Harrison? Could you do me a favor?" Reyes asked as she sat down along the nearest bench, just next to the elevator, and began to open her briefcase.

…Ohhh Gawd! Jiminy jeepers!... Harrison could hardly look at Agent Reyes right now without flashes of incredibly hot sex and her bare butt and bucking hips running through her thoughts. "I um. Of course," she said as she began to walk back down the corridor towards the elevator and Reyes.

Reyes smiled that typically warm, bright and beautiful smile of hers.

Harrison felt her cheeks blush bright-red.

Reyes cocked an eyebrow. "Something wrong, Agent Harrison?"

"I um, no. No! I um. What can I do for...?..." ...Ohhh, yawhsaaa! What you could do for... Oops... Gawd!... Had she said that out loud? "I um. Wh...? What do you need, Agent Reyes?"

"Well. I would really appreciate it if you would take this with you to the meeting, and sit in for me. I um, Agent Scully is sending me home and... Well. I trust you to do it, give them my observations on the perp, in my place," Reyes said as she began to hand her own official report on the case to her.

"Oh wow!" ...Holy cow!... "Okay. Of course, I... I'd be honored," the little blonde replied, beaming with pride, as she reached out to take it from Reyes' hand. …Oh wow!... Agent Reyes was actually going to trust her to do the debriefing with her own official report! …Holy cow!... Their hands slightly grazed. "Oh!" she yelped out again into the sensuous physical contact.

Reyes wrinkled her brow. "Agent Harrison. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I, um, yes. Yes! I… I'm fine! I..."


The elevator door suddenly opened with John Doggett standing inside. "Harrison? Where have you been?" he said as he stepped out from the elevator then suddenly realized that Reyes was in close proximity, too.

Reyes then began to stand closing her briefcase.

Scully then walked up. "John? I'm sending Reyes home. She's coming down with... something. I'm not really sure what."

Doggett quickly glanced away, nibbling on his lower lip to keep from bursting into a fit of laughter, as did Harrison. Both agents were suddenly struggling like hell to hold it together and not just lose it in front of Scully and Reyes.

"She's running a bit of a fever and…"

"Achachach," Doggett began to cough to keep from bursting into a fit of laughter.

"John? Are you okay?" Reyes said instantly putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Achachach… achach, oh yeah… fine…" he hacked.

"Achachach… Must be… something in the... air… achach..."Harrison had begun to hack, cough and choke, too.

"Umm... Pollen... achach..." Doggett choked out.

Reyes and Scully just looked at each other, both cocking an eyebrow, cool and professional as could be.

Deputy Director Kersh's office:

7:40 AM: Harrison continued to debrief the gathered group, doing a fine performance indeed in taking Reyes' place and expounding on Reyes' findings on the case.

Scully smiled. Reyes would have been so very proud of her, had she been there, too, to hear Harrison's own personal comments and observations as well as Reyes'. Reyes had taken her in under her wing for this case, and had spent a lot of extra time with her over the last few days, answering her questions, and throwing new and different, utterly bizarre ideas at her to see how she would handle them.

Doggett rolled his eyes again at one of Harrison's own most recent and outlandish comments. But, if Reyes had been there, she would have probably voiced a similar utterly ridiculous and outlandish theory as well.

Scully just chuckled, then caught his eye and winked.

Doggett smiled, too.

Then Harrison glanced over to her, as if needing reassurance again from her still number-one favorite female federal agent. But then Reyes was running a close second, if not tied for first, after all that she had observed, seen and heard today of her two favorite, female, gorgeously-hot federal agents.

Scully smiled then winked at her, too, giving her that quiet and subtle reassurance she needed to carry on with her thoughts and observations on the case.

She blushed slightly, cleared her throat, then carried on with the debriefing.

"Mmm," Sully sighed softly as she leaned back in her chair. Soon, very soon, this meeting would be over. And then she could rush over to the District Lab and do the autopsy. And then she could hurriedly rush home, pick up her son, then rush over to her baby's place, put him to bed for his afternoon nap, and then take up where she and her baby had left off, and make sweet, hot and passionate love to each other for the rest of the afternoon, trying out their new toy, and catching up on four days and three nights of separation.

Doggett smiled again, very impressed indeed with Scully's amazing sense of control and professionalism. No one would ever have guessed in a million years just what she and Reyes had been doing just a half an hour or so ago. And, as he thought back, he was very impressed indeed with Reyes' sense of control and professionalism as well. For no one would ever have guessed in a million years, standing out there in front of the elevator, just what Reyes had been up to either, just minutes before. And to think that the two of them could stand there together, side by side, so cool and aloof, 100% totally professional, without a hint of what they had just been doing to each other inside of the ladies' room. Fucking each other silly. …Damn!… "Hum," he groaned suddenly then shifted in his seat again.

Scully glanced back over to him cocking an eyebrow.

He just smiled. His two best friends' secret relationship was safe with him. And he was just glad to finally have confirmation that they had ultimately become lovers again. They had fallen in love with each other the moment they had first met and laid eyes on each other atop a remote mountaintop in Montana. But they had gone through so much crap, along with a thousand-mile separation for the first few months, until it had caused a heavy strain on their budding relationship, stifling it to a complete halt for a few months. But basically, he just wanted them both to be happy, for he loved them both very, very much.

Harrison glanced over herself to Doggett and then to Scully. Her two favorite female federal agents' secret relationship was safe with her, too. And she was just glad to finally have confirmation that Scully had someone to love again and someone to love her in return. Mulder was gone now. And probably would be for a very, very long time. If not for always. And Scully deserved someone like Reyes. And ...Holy cow!... In many ways, Reyes was her perfect mate - her perfect opposite - complimenting Scully in every way. Just as Mulder had. ...Hum... But then maybe Mulder and Scully had never been as close in a physically intimate way as she had assumed, anyway. Because Scully certainly knew how to use that leather harness and one of those... ...Ohhh. Yawshaaa!...

Several seconds of utter silence filled the room.

"Harrison? Is there a problem?" DD Kersh's voice suddenly boomed into the room.

"Huh?" she jumped. She had stopped mid-sentence, with her mouth hanging wide-open, just sitting there in utter silence. "Huh? Um, no! No sir, I um..." She quickly regained her composure, glanced down at Reyes' notes for a moment, then began again where she had left off. Her visions of a tall, dark and gorgeous brunette and a petite and beautiful little redhead making-out in the ladies' room had disoriented her there for a few seconds. She glanced over at that same petite little redhead for a moment.

Scully smiled then winked.

"Achum," Harrison cleared her throat again, taking a moment to pause, gather her thoughts and catch her breath. Well. No matter what, or who did the asking, her two favorite female federal agent mentors' secret relationship was safe with her, too. Although she would probably tell her boyfriend all about it as soon as he got home tonight. He would get such a hard-on with the very idea of peeping through the crack of a stall door inside a ladies' room and watching two gorgeous women make-out. "Achum," she cleared her throat again then resumed the debriefing.

"Mmm," Scully sighed again then glanced at her watch. She then began to calculate how much time it would take to leave FBIHDQ, drive over to the District Lab, do the autopsy, write up her final report, then drop by her place, pick up her son and kiss her mom goodbye, stop by the store, then drive over to her baby's place, have a little dinner, put Wills to bed for his afternoon nap and then, ultimately, pick up where she and her baby had left off this morning and have a little afternoon delight. ...Hum... Not much longer, and this meeting would be over. She smiled as warm fuzzy thoughts of a tall, dark and gorgeous brunette began to flood throughout her senses.

Inside an SUV Traveling East on Pennsylvania Avenue:

Reyes smashed her cigarette out in the ashtray then reached down for another. She placed it in her mouth then lit it up. She then glanced at her watch. …Hum… Her baby should be home by early-to-mid afternoon. Which meant that she had plenty of time to go straight to bed, take a quick nap, catch up on a little missed sleep, rest up, shower up, clean up, and ultimately pick up where she and her baby had left off this morning and have a little more afternoon delight. "Hum. Oh yeah." She smiled as warm fuzzy thoughts of a petite, light and beautiful little redhead began to flood throughout her senses.


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