Life with My Girl, Reyes
These Dreams - Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

These Dreams

by MyGirlReyes

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Monica Julieta Reyes, Dana Katherine Scully and all other Original X-Files characters included within this story belong to Chris Carter, the Fox Broadcasting Network & 1013 Productions and are being used here without their permission. References to the characters Xena and Gabrielle of Xena: The Warrior Princess belong to Robert Tabert, Lucy Lawless Tabert, Renaissance Productions and Oxygen Channel. References to the character NYPD Police Det. Olivia Benson of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit belong to Dick Wolf, Wolf Films and Universal Studios. I am just borrowing all characters of The X-Files, references to Xena, Gabrielle and Police Det. Olivia Benson for a little while to satisfy my own needs and desires for their otherwise rather boring lives. All other Original Characters and the Plot of the Story belong, and is Copyrighted to me, MyGirlReyes. Please ask for permission before archiving anywhere. Keep all disclaimers with the story at all times. Thanks.
Pairing: Scully/Reyes
Rating: NC-17
Category: A/AC/P/SL/UST - for Angst, Adult Content, Profanity, Strong Language and F/F Sex
Episode Spoilers: Everything up to Deadalive of Season 8. Special References to The Field Where I Died.
Crossovers: Technically, none. But References to Xena: The Warrior Princess and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit are included.
Author's Note: Even though the TV Show Xena: The Warrior Princess exists in our world, it does not exist in my MGR World of SRR FanFic. Xena & Gabrielle are/were two actual, living, breathing, in-the-flesh, soul-searching, ground-breaking, all-of-mankind-saving, women-in-love that - well - never mind. You'll just have to figure it out as you read my stories.
Time Line Inconsistencies: None in this story.
MyGirlReyes' SRR FanFic Timeline: Third Novel of the Dream A Little Dream of Me Series centering around more of the events happening between the opening scenes of Deadalive and the rest of that episode leading up to Empedocles of Season 8.
Summary: Coming Soon.
Sequel to: RESCUE ME. The 2nd Novel of the Dream a little Dream of Me Series.
Feedback: Yes! Please! It would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I would strongly advise you to read RESCUE ME first, before reading this story. This story is the sequel to that one. Also, I would strongly advise you to read the first novel of the series, SHE MENDS ME, to understand the full sequence of events, original characters, etc, within the Dream a Little Dream of Me Series. Thanks! Enjoy.


Chapter 1


Monica Reyes' Home - Master Bedroom
2469 Bonfouca Drive, Slidell, Louisiana
Thursday Morning – November 2, 2000 - 5:23 AM:

Special Agent Dana Scully rolled over again in her sleep, clutching her bedmate's pillow firmly against her chest and then taking it with her as she settled more comfortably on her lover's side of the bed.

Special Agent Monica Reyes glanced over to her slumbering, now-sleeping-on-her-side-of-the-bed-lover, Dana Scully, smiled, and then took another long drag off her cigarette. She then eased back in her rocking chair and glanced out the large picture window towards her backyard and the small lake down below. Amazing. She was absolutely amazed at how her new lover, Special Agent Dana Scully, had not awakened when she had first replaced herself with her pillow—now tucked snuggly inside the little redhead's arms—then rose up from the bed, walked over to the large-picture-framed window, found her sweatpants and a tee-shirt folded on the floor, slipped them on, then slipped some socks on, and then sat down in her big rocker, tucked her knees up to her chest, lit a cigarette, and then quietly began to watch as the day quietly began to unfold.

Suddenly, she heard a sweet, slight little snore coming from the snoozing little redhead. …Ohhh… She smiled, chuckling, and then glanced back over at the bed again at the peaceful little redhead. …Ohhh, sleep well, my love, I'll be back in a minute... she mused then glanced at her watch. 5:23 AM. She smiled again then took another long drag off her cigarette.

Soon, very soon, the sun would be coming up—within an hour or so at the very most—and then she would witness one of the most beautiful, spectacular sunrises of the year. If the clouds were any indication at all, today's sunrise would prove to be one of the most vibrantly spectacular sunrises of the year. But then, in her opinion, every sunrise was spectacular from this big picture window of hers located just to the right of her bed, no matter what time of year it was, or how many clouds were in the east, or what the weather conditions were. Even in the hardest and coldest of seasons, with or without heavy rainstorms, she could see the beginnings of a new day as the moonlit sky began to change its hue into that invigorating, electrifying twilight blue.

The little redhead rolled over again, whimpering in her sleep somewhat, then clutched the brunette's pillow once more squeezing it firmly against her chest.

…Ohhh… Monica chuckled again. She knew she was pushing her luck. She knew she needed to get back into bed, and soon, or her lover would soon awaken to find herself hugging nothing but a big, soft, plush pillow again. And she might not like that. Not two sneaky times in a row—once last week and now once this week.

Monica smiled again as she watched the sleeping little redhead hold on tight to her pillow. …Ohhh… Wow. It was so sweet watching, as Dana hugged her pillow so tight, she appeared to act as if her life depended on it. And was the brunette ever so thankful that the little redhead was finally getting a good, restful night's sleep, too, after everything they had each been through, while together, and apart, over the last several days. They both needed it after the hard week they had both just been through over the last several days, finding Mulder dead in that field, and then having to bury him last Saturday afternoon, and then Monica not being able to attend the funeral as she had planned with Dana, abruptly being called back to her own home Field Office in New Orleans on Emergency/Critical Status, and on assignment to lead a Search and Rescue Team Taskforce, in search of two small children gone missing.

"Oh. Whew," she sighed wearily. What a difficult last eleven days it had been, and for the both of them. It felt more like eleven weeks than a mere eleven days so much had happened.

Dana again mumbled something incoherently in her sleep.

Monica quickly glanced over to her again then took another quick drag off her cigarette before crushing it out in her ashtray. She would quickly get herself back into bed and with her honey, so Dana would not eventually wake up to find herself hugging just a boring, plush pillow again and not the brunette. But first, Monica needed to calm her extrasensory instincts back down a little more. Smoking this quick early-morning cigarette should help. And, luckily, her small air purifier was working quite well to rid the bedroom air of her cigarette smoke.

Dana was pregnant. And the brunette did not like the idea of smoking in front of her, contaminating that gorgeous, pregnant and petite little body of hers with her smoke. But Dana had insisted again that she not leave the house, or the bedroom, to go out onto her porch to smoke if she felt the need to light one up. Monica had not agreed with her, but it was no use in even trying to argue with the little redhead. She was going to win the argument no matter what Monica had to say, or how she presented or defended her own opinion. But then Monica had chosen—as she did on most occasions—to give in to her, and let her have her way. She just liked to press the issue with her every now and then to see how far the stubborn little redhead would go with her stubborn streak over a trivial issue before finally making a thousand-mile-mountain-range out of a molehill.

Monica grinned again then chuckled a little bit. The redhead was stubborn—tenaciously stubborn. Her new lover, Dana Scully, was about as stubborn as they came. But she didn’t mind. Actually, she found that tenacious little stubborn streak rather intoxicating. It certainly made for interesting times. And it was certainly a good thing that she had more of an even temperament about her. Or they would be experiencing heated exchanges quite often with their varying points of view, interesting discussions and differences-of-opinion about things.

"Oh gosh," she yawned, then sighed, then laid her head back down against the backrest of her rocker again. She'd get up in a minute and go back to her honey and to the bed. But for another half-a-minute or so, she wanted to stay right where she was, curled up inside her comfortable rocker. She then closed her eyes and hugged her knees up to her chest once more as she began to reminisce about all the events that had led up to this very moment since one-and-a-half-weeks ago, to the very day.

It had been on a Monday morning, exactly eleven days ago, in the third week of October 2000, that she had met this woman whom would eventually change her life forever. John Doggett had called her on the Sunday night before, and had asked her to fly up to Helena, Montana on a whim, and help him on the Missing Mulder Case, feeling that she would have something to offer the team of agents assigned to the case with her expertise in Ritualistic Crime and Satanic Ritual Abuse. So, she caught a quick flight up from New Orleans and arrived late that very night. She felt that she could do her best friend, John Doggett a favor, and could reexamine the latest crime scene, look over the latest case notes, interview any eye-witnesses and make a fresh new, assessment of the case for him with her fresh, new, unbiased eyes, then meet with Assistant Director Walter Skinner, and then with Agent Scully, offer her own fresh assessment and recommendations on the case, and then do whatever they all deemed necessary to help find Fox Mulder.

Her motivations had been pure, impartial, and strictly professional, with no intentions of anything inappropriate or unacceptable to the bureau happening while she worked on the case. But—wow! Had she been in for the surprise of her life. She met Special Agent Dana Scully that morning, shared a tentative smile and a first light conversation with her, then received the most rude and aloof cold-shoulder she had received from someone in a long time from her, as the frustrated little redhead eventually turned and stormed off with John Doggett stumbling along beside her.

She then unexpectedly ran into her again, at the Saint Jean Hospital X-Ray room, later that same morning, shared another tentative smile and short conversation with her, then was surprisingly invited to a breakfast date inside the hospital cafeteria by the little redhead. She then took her up on the spontaneous invitation, shared a couple of muffins and several cups of coffee with her, and consequently ended up sharing one of the most amazing, fulfilling, enjoyable and enriching conversations she had shared with someone in a long time.

She then met the redhead out in the field later that same afternoon, did a little more investigative work by herself later that same night, spotted and tried to chase down a UFO for the first time in her life, found a missing person dead in a field, spotted two men in a get-away pickup truck, ran the license plates on that same get-away pickup truck, which then led them to a secluded UFO Cult Compound, which then led them to one of the cult-leaders by the name of Absalom, then several surveillance video tapes from the Compound, which led them again to another one of the cult-leaders, Jeremiah Smith, which, ultimately, led them to finding the missing Mulder, dead in that same field.

"Oh God," she groaned softly as she reminisced about all of the painful, gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking events that had happened next—events and split-second moments in time, that would change her life forever.

Dana had not handled the finding of Fox Mulder dead in that field very well at all. No. Actually, she had almost suffered a complete mental breakdown out there inside of that UFO Cult Compound for a few hours had Monica not been there to help ward-off the possibilities. Monica had been there to catch her when she fell emotionally, to the depths of utter despair, and had helped to lift her back up, to the land of the living, giving the distraught, almost hysterical at times, little redhead a part of herself that night as she held her in her arms, rocking her like a small child, comforting her, calming her, soothing her, and loving her back into sanity. And, interestingly, Monica fell in love with her that very night. Actually, a part of her had fallen in love with the highly intelligent, drop-dead-gorgeous, intriguingly fascinating, and yet quite frustratingly rude woman the morning before, the very first time she had ever seen her up on that hillside. But it took her logical mind a day or two to catch up to her adoringly doting heart.

Inadvertently, she had given the redhead just a little too much of her inner strength and calm that night, too. Too much of her inner emotional reserves and mental strength, to the point that she herself became sick physically—life-threateningly sick—until she almost died had Dana not been there to catch her, literally, before she fell down to the ground herself in a physically exhausted, psychically devastated heap. Dana saved her that night just as much as she had saved Dana. They had needed each other that night like no other. No one else could have done or given to them what each needed from the other that night to survive. Monica knew that, and she had a good suspicion that Dana did, too. They had not really had a chance to talk about it—all the events that had happened that night—basically, because they had not had the time. These last eleven days had been like being caught up inside a whirlwind, spiraling downward towards the depths of Hades, caught in the middle of it, with no way out, it had been so ferocious and unpredictable. But somehow, through it all, they had survived and had fallen more deeply in love with each other than either could have ever imagined.

"Ohhh," she sighed again rubbing her tummy. …Frig... Her tummy hurt.

And then there was this week, more like the last five-and-a-half days, that had been like a wicked, hellacious nightmare from hell since she had flown back home to New Orleans from DC last Friday morning to lead the Search and Rescue Team assigned to find the two small children gone missing. It had taken her and her team until late this last Saturday night to find the two little children and rescue them from the clutches of pure evil. It had absolutely been the hardest, most emotionally and physically exhausting case she had worked on since leading a SAR Taskforce in search of John Doggett's son, Luke, several years ago. And on this latest SAR Taskforce assignment, she had lost her own bureau partner in the process, for reasons she may never understand. In the final moments of that last rescue mission Saturday night, he had turned on her, and had wanted to kill her by shooting her in the back with a shotgun, or in the chest. It didn’t seem to matter, as long as he killed her. And as she had turned around to face him, another had quickly stopped him and shot him, in an effort to save her life, which ultimately killed him. He died several hours later. Obviously, it had worked. She was still alive, now sitting here inside her own house, inside her own bedroom, in her own rocker, with her own wonderful new lover sleeping in her bed.

…Oh God… She felt that familiar pang of emotional upheaval inside her stomach begin to spasm and burn again. …Shit… Her gut hurt. And she always felt this familiar twinge when she had been through such difficult times with her heart, body and soul. These last few days and week-and-a-half had been physically, emotionally and psychically exhausting for her, not to mention what being ultimately betrayed and then losing her bureau partner had done to her.

…Oh jeez… She squirmed a little bit in her seat. She really did need to take another dose of Prevacid, as soon as she was ready to get up for the day, or she might have some more stomach upset and bouts with nausea from her inner turmoil over his loss and betrayal. Maybe the Prevacid would help to calm her gut back down before it got too out of hand.

"Oh!" she jumped, startled, as she felt two soft hands and arms begin to wrap themselves around her.

"Hey baby, what are you doing out of bed?" the sleepy little redhead whispered into her ear.

"Oh, hey," she grinned clasping the little redhead's hands and arms then hugging them closer to her.

"What's wrong? Can't sleep?" the little redhead asked then leaned in a little closer against her shoulders.

"Umum, needed a smoke."

"A smoke?"


"This early in the morning?"

"Umhum, come here," the brunette said as she pulled the little redhead around and then down into her lap then kissed her lightly on the lips.

Dana chuckled then wrapped her arms around her once more.

Monica then began to lightly rock them back and forth in the rocker as she held the little redhead a little more securely in her arms.

Dana then leaned her head back against her shoulder.

"Oh! Look! See that?" the brunette suddenly yelped as she nodded towards something through the picture window and down towards the lake.

Dana looked out the window but saw nothing of any real significance. "Umum," she grunted.

"Oh, you're not looking."

"Yes I am."

"No you're not. You're not looking hard enough. I know you can see it, if you just look a little harder."

Dana smirked then cocked an eyebrow. She looked out the window and towards the moonlit lake again. "All right, I see it. That duck out there, right?"

Monica giggled. "Yeah. That duck. That boring, mundane, uninspiring, everyday, humdrum duck, who just happens to be swimming on my lake and finds himself on the uncommon waterfowl species list, documented with the Southern Louisiana Birder's Association."

"Really? The Birder's Association? And on your lake?" …Oh my…

"Yep. And on my lake. It's just as much my lake as it is yours or his or anyone else's," she grinned. "No, actually, it belongs to him," she nodded again towards the zigzagging duck. "I'm just borrowing it from him for a little while."

"Oh. I see," Dana grinned as she leaned her head back down against her lover's cheek and shoulder. "So what kind of a quack-quack is he?"

Monica giggled. "A Goldeneye."

"A Goldeneye?"

"Yep. Common Goldeneye. Male. Similar to the Bufflehead."

"The Bufflehead? Really? And you can tell that from here?"

"Umhum. See the small white patch he's wearing on his cheek? And his dark emerald green head, and that pure white belly, with the white and black streaks feathering down his sides, and that solid black back?"

…Oh my... Dana looked again then smiled. Yes. She could see all of those identifying features on that lone little quack-quack down there.

"And look at the profile, Dana. See the shape of his beak? You can tell so much from the shape of his beak, and his profile and body shape. Plus, the way he moves in the water."

"The way he moves?"

"Umhum, yeah. See the way he moves?" The brunette nodded towards him again as she watched the little quack-quack swim and zigzag around looking for his breakfast.

"Hum. The way he moves," Dana repeated. "Well. I think I like the way you move."

"Oh, you do now," the brunette giggled.

"Oh yeah, I love the way you move. I love the way you were moving around on me last night, twisting me, turning me, grinding into me, and turning me into a melting pot of cream, the way you were grinding your—"

"Hah. Dana?" the brunette huffed.

"What?" the little redhead replied continuing to move, twist, turn and grind her tight butt into the brunette's lap, giving her a nice little lap dance for the morning.

"God, you are such a tease."

"You want me to stop?"

"No. Just—"


"Well. I want to take you somewhere."

"Right now?" The redhead cocked an eyebrow.

"Um, yeah. But it requires you to slip on some of my clothes."

"Oooh, really." …Some of your clothes? Mmm... Dana liked the sound of that.

"Yeah and, it'll take a few minutes."

"Mmm, it usually does."

Monica giggled.

"Okay. So where are the clothes?"

"Well. You might not—"

"Moni? Where are the clothes? I'm game, okay?"

"Yeah, but it might not be what you're thinking."

"Mmm, I bet it is. I bet you want to take me somewhere, so you can show me something, am I right?"

"Yeah," Monica answered rather bashfully.

"And it requires me to be dressed, correct?"


"And so how long will it take for you to take me to this magical place?"

"Um, about fifteen, twenty minutes."

"Oooh, that long?"

"Yeah, if I'm careful, and take my time, and make sure you're still with me, every step of the way."

"Oh. Well. Baby, I'll be with you every step of the way. You'll see. And what if I told you that you didn't have to be so careful, or take your time, or be gentle with me, but that you could rush me into this magical place of yours in maybe five or ten?"

…Oh God… Monica grinned again feeling her cheeks turn pink.


"Well, hum," she giggled again.

"Oh God. Every time I hear that giggle." The redhead's heart had melted once again inside her chest. "Okay, come on, dress me, find me the clothes."

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'll be disappointed if you don't, okay?"

"Okay," Monica giggled again. "Well, I laid some sweats and a sweatshirt out, over there by the bed."

Dana grinned then got up to go and slip on a pair of her lover's sweatpants and sweatshirt.


Five minutes later…

"My God, you're so cute," Monica quipped appraisingly as she ran her eyes down the length of her lover's petite frame, clothed in a set of her own sweatpants and sweatshirt, then back up again.

"I'm not sure if I care to be cute," Dana deadpanned.

The brunette giggled again. "Well you're cute anyway, whether you like it or not," she said, taking her by the hand and then leading them down the hallway, down the stairs and into the living room, through the kitchen, through the family room, and ultimately out through the French doors onto her screened-in back porch.

"So, which do you prefer? Canoe or johnboat?" she said leading her down the steps of her back porch into the backyard.

…What?..."Um. We're going on a boat?" Dana raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah. It's better that way."


"Yeah. Haven't you ever done it on a boat before?" she teased.

"Um, nope, can't say that I have."

"Well then. There's always a first time," she replied leading them down to the boat ramp.

"But, Monica? Wait a minute. You're serious. You really want to take me out on the water, in a boat."

"Well, yeah, that's the only way I can take you out on the water."

"But… I…" …Wow!… "I'm not sure about this."

…What?... "Why?"

"I… I don't do too well on the water."

…Oh God… Monica had not even thought about that. …Oh shit… "Oh gosh Dana, do you get seasick or something? Shit. I didn’t even think—"

"No, no, it's not that, I just, the last few times I've been out on the water, it's been rather…"

The brunette could see the slight fear in her eyes. "Dana? My God! What happened?"

Dana looked up at her lover for a moment then back down at the water. "I um, nothing really."

"Dana?" …Bullshit…

"No. This is really important to you, isn't it?"

"Well, yeah, but not enough to cause you this much distress. Jeez!"

Dana looked back up at her lover again. Actually, maybe this would be a good time to try and lessen some of those old fears and bad memories of bad times on the water.

"Honey, we don't have to go, not if you don't want—"

"Yes we do. I think I need to. And I think you're the only one that can take me there," she said as she walked up closer to her lover then nodded towards the lake.

Monica just looked at her for a few seconds surprised by that answer. "Okay but, I promise you I won't let anything happen to you. You'll be fine, I'll keep you safe."

Dana nodded, "I know you will. Let's go, before I change my mind."

"Hah. Dana? No. Not if you're this—"

"Come on," the redhead said as she then pulled her lover towards the johnboat. "Maybe we'll try the canoe tomorrow, but right now I choose the johnboat."

"Okay, but the minute you feel like turning back—"

"I know, I'll tell you," the redhead said as she stepped in closer to the tied-up boat.

"You know how to swim. I am positive that you must know how to swim, right?" the brunette verified. All FBI cadets had to know how to swim before they could graduate the Academy.

"Oh yeah. Had to. Required. Plus, my dad was in the Navy."

"Okay, but I'm gonna put this life-jacket on you just to be safe."

Dana then reached over and took the whitewater-approved-river-jacket from her hand, and then began to put it on, as Monica began to loosen the ropes from the dock. She then grabbed the smaller, less efficient life-preserver from the storage compartment and put it on.

Within seconds they were both ready to go. Monica then stepped into the boat, took her lover's hand and then helped her in. "Here you go, sit right here, on the cooler, right in front of me, okay?" Dana nodded as she sat her slightly-anxious butt down on the cooler. Monica then finished loosening the ropes, freed the boat from its port, sat down behind her, and then cranked the small engine.

Within moments, they were out on the water. And it was beautiful—simply marvelous—with the still moonlit, slightly blue sky and reflections of the full moon sparkling atop the water and into the horizon. They were headed almost due north then slightly to the west. Dana was glad that her "skipper" knew the water and knew where they were going. She would have no idea where they were located if something happened to her lovely skipper while they were out on the water.

After a few seconds, she felt her lover begin to snake her arm around her waist. …Oh yes… That felt so good and so very secure. She leaned back between her lover's legs then rested a forearm on her lover's thigh. "Mmm," she sighed then clasped her lover's arm wrapped securely around her waist.

"You okay?" Monica whispered.

"Umhum, fine," she replied. She was fine, just fine. Actually, she was not bad at all. The scenery was simply breathtaking it was so beautiful.

Monica smiled tightening her hold around her charge then leaned in and rested her chin against her lover's neck and shoulder. Dana then leaned her head in against the brunette's cheek and closed her eyes for a few seconds. …Oh yeah. Not bad. Not bad at all… she thought as she felt her unborn son kick for the first time this morning. She chuckled slightly at his movements. …My, my, my, you don't miss a thing now do you, little son of mine… She grinned again. He must have jumped and preformed a couple of summersaults inside her womb, by the way the sensations felt. She grinned again then nuzzled her nose in against her lover's cheek and chin.

Monica instantly kissed her temple and crown. Within less than five minutes, she would have her where she wanted her. They were not going to go very far, or where she had originally planned to take them, since Dana had a slight fear of the water. She would not keep her out on the water that long. Plus, since she was pregnant, the wavelike movement might cause her to get a little nauseous. And she had not thought about that either, while she had been making these plans up inside her head last night to take her out on the water, and show her a sunrise, and the vibrant blue color of her eyes, represented in the vibrant blue hue of the twilight sky, at first-light, just before sunrise. …Hum… Well. She was just glad that they were going to have a very clear sky in the west and a cloud-covered sky in the east. It should make for a simply spectacular sunrise.

"Hum," Dana sighed happily nuzzling her nose in against her lover's neck.

Monica chuckled then leaned in a little closer and began to rock them gently back and forth in the boat matching the movement from the waves. Dana began to laugh—soon forgetting all about her fears related to the water.

After a couple of minutes, and a couple of swift turns to the west, Monica cut the engine then allowed the boat to float farther upstream. She then reached down to just the right of her knee and flipped on the switch to the trolling motor. "Okay, baby, here we go," she said as she guided them through the dense brush and overhanging trees for a few seconds until ultimately they were out on the open water of Lake Pontchartrain.

"Oh. My God!" Dana gasped at the superlative sight.

Monica grinned then maneuvered the small boat around until it faced almost due east, then turned off the trolling motor and crawled up to the front to drop the anchor.

"Oh my gosh! How much longer?" Dana gasped as her eyes widened with gleeful anticipation.

Monica chuckled glancing at her watch. "Um, about thirty minutes."

"Thirty minutes? That long?!"

"Umhum. It's not even first-light yet," she said as she finished unraveling the anchor rope, dropped it into the water, and then crawled back to her original position behind her.

"Yeah, but I didn't realize it took that long between twilight and the sun coming up."

"Well, I guess it depends on what you consider sunrise and the sun actually coming up. Are we talking daybreak? Dawn? First-light? Or when the sun has actually come up? And has just begun to peep its silver lining over the—?"

"Hah," Dana huffed then playfully slapped her on the thigh.

Monica chuckled then squeezed her woman in her arms.

A slight sound began to ripple through the water and near the edge of the boat.

"What's that?" Dana quickly jumped up.

"A fish honey, just a fish."

Dana then relaxed back down inside her lover's arms somewhat, yet was still glancing around the outer perimeter of the boat just to make sure.

"Honey? What are you so afraid of? Hum?"

Dana pursed her lips. "Nothing. I… Nothing."

"Umhum. Something." Monica cupped the side of her face and turned her head so she could look into her eyes. "Baby? What happened? You can tell me," she whispered as she watched her lover's jittery eyes.

Dana's lower lip dropped a little as she looked at the brunette then dropped her gaze down to her lips.

"Honey? What happened?" she whispered again in concern.

The redhead then cupped the back of her neck, and pulled her in for the most passionately electrifying kiss she had had since last night.

"Mmm, ohhh." …Wow!… The brunette moaned a couple of times into the sizzling red-hot kiss. …Whoa! Baby!... The little redhead had taken her completely by surprise again for the second time this morning.

They kissed for several seconds until they both were lightly panting in the moonlight from their mutual arousal, with what felt like tingling electrical charges surging throughout their nerve endings and peaking inside their very cores.

"Mmm, wow, that was nice," Monica smiled again then leaned in for another sizzling kiss rubbing her thumb across her lover's cheek.

"Mmm yes, very nice indeed," Dana agreed moaning into this newest kiss.

They kissed for several more seconds as the fish continued to jump and splash all around the boat making tiny little ripples and bubble-crested waves flap along the surface of the water.

Dana then reached up and decided that she wanted to unzip the front of her annoying life-jacket.

"You're sure about that?" Monica questioned.

"Umhum, it's beginning to get a little uncomfortable. And I know how to swim."

"Okay, but zip it back up when we get ready to leave."

"I know, I will," the redhead grinned as she finished unzipping it all the way down then spread the two sides out giving herself much more room and freedom to move.

Monica smiled then leaned in for another quick kiss.

"Mmm," Dana moaned again into this newest little kiss turning just a bit on her seat to give her lover better access.

Monica continued to kiss her very gently, just barely flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth, and driving the little redhead wild with heady desire. But the redhead would hold back, and not kiss the alluring brunette with such a powerful and scorching red-hot kiss as she had just moments before. The brunette liked to take things slow, and go at her own pace. So that is what she would allow her to do this morning, as they shared their first sunrise together, out on the quiet, secluded water of Lake Pontchartrain.

"Mmm," Monica moaned again gently sucking and pulling on the little redhead's lower lip.

"Oh… God…" Dana shivered into the tease.

"Oh baby, I think I could kiss you forever."

"Mmm." …Yes. Please do... "There's nothing stopping you," Dana panted breathless.

"No?" Monica grinned then nuzzled her nose in against her lover's neck trailing wet little kisses down her jaw-line and then along the nape of her neck.

"Mmm, no, nothing," Dana panted easing in even more comfortably against her lover's chest and letting her head fall back against her shoulder.

"Um, yeah, there ya go, baby, get a little more comfortable, while I hold you, and kiss you, and squeeze you, and... mmm…" …And soon make-love to you… Monica grinned as she kissed her lightly on the cheek, then wrapped her arms more securely around her squeezing, kissing and playing with her with every little squeeze.

Dana just laughed enjoying every second of the doting attention she was receiving.

They stayed that way for several minutes, both in pure heaven, whispering and giggling, while Monica teased her with her tongue and warm, wet kisses down her neck, enjoying the peaceful, quiet solitude of the lake together this early in the morning. "You warm enough?" she whispered after a few moments of silence, tickling the redhead's ear.

"Umhum. Perfect. Just perfect."

Monica chuckled. "So what are you thinking?"

"Um, I'm thinking that, I've never done this before."

"What? Watch a sunrise?"


"You're serious."


"Really?" Monica furrowed her brow.

"Umhum," Dana nodded again. She knew it was sadly ridiculous. But it was the truth. She had never taken the time in her much-too-busy, yet somewhat-boringly-mundane life to watch something as simple as a sunrise—not until now.

"You're kiddin' me," the brunette said stunned.

"Nope," Dana shook her head. "I've never taken the time to just sit back and watch. I've seen them a thousand times, but I've never, I've, um, I've never, done this before," she stammered, suddenly breathless with anticipation.

…Well my goodness… Monica gazed into her eyes for a few seconds trying to comprehend the realization of that. …That's—ridiculous! Simply absurd! Jeez!… She could hardly believe it. "Well then, I ordered one up Dr. Scully, especially for you."

"You did?" Dana giggled.

"Yep, I did, simply the best, most spectacular sunrise of the year. How about that?" Monica grinned then leaned in for another kiss.

Dana giggled enjoying this newest kiss.

"Mmm, it makes me happy to know that I'm giving you your first real sunrise, and that you're spending it with me, out here on the water. Wow, Dana! That's special."

Dana chuckled again. "You think so?"

"Oh yeah, don't you? I mean, here we are, all alone and out on the water; with me holding you in my arms, sitting, waiting and watching, while all the twilight colors begin to warm the moonlit view, and turn the moonlit sky into that awesome blue. Look, Dana. See? It already is. It's almost first-light." The giddy brunette smiled again as she pointed up towards the eastern hemisphere. "God, Dana. Look! I mean, isn't it wild? How the clouds change into so many different colors before the sun actually peeps up over the horizon? Wow! And first-light is my most favorite time of the day, too. It's absolutely my most favorite time of the day. I just love how the sky begins to turn into that expectant hue, vibrant and blue, full of life, and promise, like something's about to happen, if we just sit, and wait, and watch, and appreciate all the effort."

…Ohhh… Dana continued to sit, happily listening, as her lover continued to tell her all about the many reasons why she loved this time of the day so much. And the twilight sky—more accurately, first-light—and how that the three corners of the sky would soon be turning into that vibrant, electrifying blue, just like the color of her eyes. Or at least the same electrifyingly blue hue that Monica saw in her eyes.

"Hum," Dana chuckled. She could listen to her lover's voice tell her about something all day long—literally, all day long. She was not much of a talker herself, but she loved the sound of her lover's voice, whispering softly into her ear, occasionally kissing her just above it, and now telling her again how much she loved her. "Oh gosh, baby, you don't have to tell me that all the time, you know."

"I know, but I never want you to doubt."

"I won't. I don't! My God! You show me in more ways than I could ever count."


"Yes, really, by taking me out here on the lake, spending so much quality time with me like this, giving me something that I've never taken the time to experience myself. My gosh, Monica! I—Wow!"

Monica grinned nibbling on her lower lip for a moment.

"Monica? You give me so much joy, so much peace, and—gosh!—I don't even know how to articulate it at times—what I feel when I'm with you, okay? Can you understand that?"

Monica nodded grinning.

Dana grinned again too, then leaned in for another quick kiss.

"But Dana? Do you understand that I—I not only feel things, but that I—I need to verbalize those feelings, too. And that I'm very vocal, and outspoken about—"

Dana snorted then began to laugh. …Oh my… How could she not know that?

"Oh frig, sometimes I just don't know when to shut up, do I?"

"Oh gosh, no, don't you ever shut up, Monica Reyes. Gosh. I love hearing you tell me all about the many things you care about, think about, and want, feel, what you love, and—gosh. That's who you are, Moni, and whom I fell in love with, okay? So don't you ever stop doing that. You can tell me anything you want, baby. Just because I don't say, doesn't mean I don't want to listen. I'm just not as inclined to—talk. That's all."

Monica nodded. "Yeah, but you feel. I know how much you feel, Dana Scully. And I can feel it in your heart how much you love; and all of that unreciprocated love you have bottled up inside of you just dying to come out and be free; free to love, and give, and trust, and, oh baby," the brunette groaned placing her hand over her lover's heart. "I can also feel the pain, all of that pain and sorrow, you've got bottled up so deep inside of there, too."

The redhead's eyes had begun to water.

"And, piece by piece, I'm going to try my best to help ease some of it away, okay? By doing the little things, like this, like right now, today; showing you the moon, the stars and a sunrise; the color of your eyes; and bringing those promises of life, love, hope, power and energy into this world. That's what a sunrise means to me, Dana. And every time I look into your eyes I can see those same promises of life, love, hope, power, and energy, residing inside of you, and—"

"Oh Moni, God, I—I'm not nearly the—"

"Yes you are. You're every bit the person I think you are, Dana, and much more. You hold those promises here—right here—inside your heart, inside your soul. I know, 'cause I can feel them, see them, and touch them with my own."

"Oh baby," Dana whimpered as she cupped her lover's cheek and then began to kiss her all over again with all the fire and passion she could muster for this early in the morning.


Five minutes later…

Dana was still tucked in comfortably between her lover's legs, and inside her lover's arms, as they began to watch that vibrant, electrifyingly blue hue take over the moonlit sky.

"Oh, Dana, look, there it is. There's the color," the brunette showed her as she pointed up towards the north, then the northwest, and then high above them.

…Oh wow… "You really think so?" Dana grinned in awe of the beautiful blue hue that was beginning to surround them.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's the color, the color of your eyes, the most enchanting color in the world," Monica grinned, too, then quickly squeezed and kissed her baby just above her ear.

Dana chuckled then watched as the morning star began to sparkle more brilliantly in the east.

"Oh God, I'm getting chills just watching this," Monica breathed into her neck.

Dana giggled again, "Monica, I swear, you should be a poet or something, you're so romantic."

Monica chuckled, "Um, no, I've just got a little inspiration."

"Um, you do?"

"Oh yeah. You."

"Me?" the redhead chuckled as she turned to kiss her lover once more.

"Oh yeah," Monica moaned again. …Oh God, yes… How this woman could inspire her, excite her, and turn her on so quickly she realized, as she felt that familiar little quiver of arousal ripple through her insides yet again.

They kissed for several seconds before Dana finally had to pull away. Actually, she was experiencing the same familiar little ripples and quivers of arousal happening just inside her entrance as well. And she didn’t want to make a slippery wet mess inside of Monica's sweatpants between her legs.

Monica cocked an eyebrow, lightly panting in the cool, morning air.

Dana reached up again and then cupped her neck pulling her back in for another quick, scorching, red-hot kiss.

"Mmm," Monica moaned again reaching up and barely rolling the stimulating little redhead's erect nipple inside her fingertips.

"Oh," Dana shivered into the touch. "Mmm."

Monica then felt a little more confident and cupped her breast through the thick cotton/polyester blend.

"Oh," Dana shivered again then reached up and cupped her lover's hand.

"Want me to take you home?" the brunette whispered beginning to cup both her breasts with both her hands through the warm, thick material.

"Oh no, no way," Dana panted easing her head back down against her lover's shoulder again.

"Mmm, you sure? Don't want me to take you home?" Monica whispered again, flicking her thumbs a little faster over Dana's pert little nipples, kissing her neck, and then just below her ear, and then back down along her collarbone, rolling and flicking those rigid little nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, as Dana rolled her head back and began to whimper and pant more uncontrollably with desire. "Mmm, you sure baby? You sure you don't need me to take you home, so I can make love to you?" she breathed again tickling her ear.

"Oh Moni, God, no, please, make love to me, right now, right here," she panted arching her back and grabbing onto her lover's thighs.

Monica chuckled, then slid her warm, soft hands in underneath her lover's sweatshirt—just as she had planned—and then began to cup and squeeze those swelling breasts, flicking her thumbs across those tingling nipples, as the little redhead whimpered and trembled into the beginning sunrise.

"Oh yes… God Moni, yes…"

Monica looked up for a moment and glanced out across the water. …Oh baby, wow!… The reflections in the water were simply breathtaking as the eastern sky and clouds began to change their hue. "Oh honey, look. Open your eyes, and watch. Watch what I see with me," she whispered into her baby's ear.

Dana opened her eyes panting for every breath. "Oh God… It's so… ohhh…" she moaned again as her lover gently sucked on her neck, trailing little wet suckles and kisses all the way down and across her collarbone, and then back up again, as she slid her hand down, and inside her sweatpants—soon finding exactly what she was looking for.

"Ohhh… Moni…" the redhead moaned again as her lover dipped her finger down and gently caressed her clit. "Ohhh… Moni…" she whimpered breathless as she rotated her hips up into her hand.

"Mmm, yes, Dana, let me make love to you, while you watch the sunrise, okay? Keep watching, baby, keep watching, while I make love to you," Monica purred into her ear as she gently circled and caressed the little redhead's clit, building the heat.

"Mmm... Ohhh, God… Moni…" Dana shivered into her words, opening her eyes again, and then keeping them focused towards the east, watching for the sunrise, as the sky began to turn that vibrant, bright blue, and the clouds began to turn that glowing bright red and burnt orange, with speckles of creamy peach, pink and gold mixed within—the colors bouncing off the clouds, and reflecting into the water all around them.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby, keep watching, keep watching, she's coming, she's coming, the sun'll be here any minute," Monica purred again as she eased her fingers in just to the right of Dana's clit and began to massage and stroke then circle and tease her tingling hooda little faster.

"Oh baby… God…" Dana panted again spreading her legs and rocking her hips up into these newest sensations. …Oh God, baby, God, my God… She was about to come. She was about to climax right here, right now, out in the open air, out on the open water, on an open lake, in a johnboat, with not another soul in sight. "Mmm… Ohhh… God, baby, God, my God…" she panted. She had never done anything like this before in her life. She'd never had sex, or experienced an orgasm out in the open wild like this, for all of Mother Nature to see. And she may as well get over it—her concerns about making a mess inside of Monica's sweatpants—because she was already so wet she could practically compete with the lake surrounding them.

"Mmm baby, look, here she comes, here she comes, she's gonna come, she's gonna come, any minute now," the brunette teased her again, then dipped her fingers down a little lower and wetted them a little more with her lover's slick arousal, then eased them back up through her entrance, caressing her velvety smooth inner labia with her fingertips, then hugged her tingling clit with her palm.

"Ohhh... Baby…" Dana panted again reaching down and clasping her lover's wrist with her hand as she held on a little tighter with the other clutching her lover's knee and thigh.

"Mmm baby, look, here she comes, her she comes, she's gonna come, she's gonna come, look baby, look, she's comin', she's comin', any second now," she teased her again as the sky began to turn that bright brilliant bluish-white, the clouds sparkling with vibrant warm colors of burnt orange, peaches and cream. "Oh yes, baby, yes, here she comes, here she comes, she's gonna come, she's gonna come, she's coming, she's coming, she's coming…" she teased her again tickling her ear as she stroked her lover's clit a little faster and a little faster.

"Oh. Oh. Oh! Ohh! Moni! God! God! My God! Ohhh!" the little redhead panted and squirmed, her liquids gushing out all over her lover's hand, as she began to come in her arms, her hips bucking and rocking into her climax.

"Oh God yes, baby yes, my God, look at you. All that fire, and power, and energy," Monica breathed into her ear, tickling her neck and throat, as she began to kiss and suck all over her neck and throat, massaging her pulsating clit even faster.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!" Dana continued to pant and moan through her orgasm, cupping her lover's magical hand, as she reached up with the other and grabbed onto her shoulder digging her nails in with every orgasmic wave.

"Mmm, yes, baby, yes, that's it, let me take you higher, and higher, and higher," Monica breathed again as she increased the rhythm and leaned back herself, giving the orgasmic little redhead a little more room.

"Oh! Ohh! OHH!" the redhead cried out as her legs suddenly tightened and squeezed together, her throbbing clit instantly tucking in underneath its protective hood.

"Oh God baby, my God, that was beautiful, so beautiful," Monica panted herself as she concentrated on not coming herself, with Dana's butt rubbing against her in all the right places. …Jesus… She was about to come herself. But she didn’t want to do that. This was Dana's time, and Dana's occasion for love. And she wasn't going to take that away from her. This was her time to come in the wild open space. "Mmm, that's it, just relax, relax into me," she whispered again as she felt the little redhead collapsing down into her arms. She then began to slow the rhythm back down and cup her lover's heat, pressing her fingers just inside her entrance.

"Oh, my God… Monica… My God… Hold me… Just hold me," she panted as she began to relax her shivering body against her lover's.

"Mmm, yes, I'll hold you, baby, I'll hold you forever," Monica breathed as she began to reposition them, then give them a little better view of the sunrise. "Oh baby, look, there she is, here comes the sun," she chuckled at her impeccable timing. Actually, more like Dana's impeccable timing, for she had climaxed just as the sun had begun to peep up over the horizon. …Mmm, the climax of daybreak…

"Oh… Yes… God…" Dana panted again as she collapsed more deeply into her lover's arms, and began to focus her gaze upon the most spectacular sunrise she had ever seen in all her life, as it began to unfold right before their very eyes. "Oh Moni… My God… It's so beautiful…" she whimpered again, gazing at the sunrise, as the big, bright yellow and gold, glowing ball continued to peep up over the horizon, streaking its warm, bright and luminous, creamy-white rays up through the heavens, and piercing right through the colorful clouds; alive with deep reds, bright pinks, and burnt oranges—those radiant colors spreading out across the clouds, as the colorful, vivid reflections on the water seemed to aim straight up her insides and swallow them both up, carrying them both into the heavens, and into that magical place of pure bliss.

"Mmm, you like?" Monica chuckled.

"Mmm… Oh Monica… Yes… It's so… Ohhh…" the breathless little redhead whimpered again as her eyes began to spillover with ecstatic tears.

"Oh, shhh, it's okay," Monica smiled, cupping her lover's heat with her hand, as she kissed those happy tears away. She understood Dana's emotional reaction to the sunrise, for her body was still shivering slightly with little orgasmic aftershocks from her orgasmic release. And watching the sun burst through the open sky, and spread its climactic wings through the heavens, while she had spread her own climactic wings through the open sky. Well, no wonder Dana was so overwhelmed with orgasmic emotion.

"Ohhh… Moni… My God…" Dana whimpered again simply breathless.

"Yes?" Monica chuckled happily.

"Ohhh… Wow… I…Wow…" Dana whimpered again utterly breathless. "I've never… I… Wow…"

Monica chuckled again. "Are you enjoying this? Watching the sun rise with me?"

"Oh God, yes. Yes. And the water. It's so… Ohhh…" Dana gasped again as she continued to watch, lay back and relax, while the changing scenes blossomed before their very eyes.

Monica chuckled then nuzzled her nose in and kissed her again on the side of her neck.

"Ohhh, Moni. My God," Dana whimpered again simply awestruck with the sheer beauty of it all.

It truly was one of the most spectacular and dazzlingly colorful, glowingly bright and beautiful sunrises she had ever seen, as she and her lover floated quietly on the water, inside this wonderful little johnboat, with the little ducks and geese circling and swimming all around them, and little fish still jumping and splashing all about them, with a kingfisher or two beginning to dive down into the water for their first catches of the day, as she and her lover's own new day began.

And how could she ever have been more lucky than she was right now? Relaxing comfortably in her lover's arms, just after a nice, heatedly passionate little climax, as they watched, waited and enjoyed this most spectacular event flourish right before their very eyes?

"Oh Moni… My God… This is so… Wow…"

She was speechless. What could she say to the woman whom had just treated her to one of the most incredibly spectacular mornings and spectacular thirty minutes of her life? And it was just a sunrise—an orgasmic-filled sunrise—and yet she had never taken the time in her life to really stop whatever she was doing, be still, tranquil, and just watch, as the sun unfolded its glowing wings upon the earth. Who would have thought? And then to have just been made-love to, too, just seconds before the sun revealed its glowing wings? …Oh my God!... What timing her lover had had—simply the most impeccable sense of timing.

She sighed, blissfully happy and totally satisfied, wondering just how long her lover had been planning this little early-morning orgasmic sunrise.

"Mmm, baby, did I make you happy?" Monica whispered nuzzling her nose in against the nape of her lover's neck again.

"Oh God, yes. My God," Dana responded simply breathless. How in the hell could she not be happy after that? …Wow!... She would never forget this orgasmic little morning—the first morning she had ever really taken the time to catch a sunrise, and have her lover make-love to her all at the same time.

"Mmm, may I kiss you?"

"Oh God, yes, please, baby, yes…"

Monica chuckled then turned her in her arms and kissed her for several minutes as the sun, the moon, and the stars seemed to shift positions—the moon and the stars fading away, as the sun blossomed and flourished into the horizon—welcoming the new day in.


Five minutes later…

Monica was sitting in the bow of the boat reeling the anchor in. She glanced over at her charge once again. "Honey? Are you feeling all right? Feeling sick?"

"No, I'm fine," the redhead said ignoring the uncomfortable sensations growing increasingly frustrating inside her tummy.

Monica did not believe one word of it. She had seen that look before. "Dana? You need to tell me if—"

"Hah. Monica? What if I am? What the hell can you do about it?" she fussed, out of nothing but pure frustration, as the increasingly uncomfortable feeling continued to gurgle relentlessly inside her stomach. …Oh God!… This was not the time to get morning sickness. "Shit!" she fussed again leaning over a little bit and clutching at her stomach.

…Uh-oh… "Dana?" Monica was instantly on her knees in front of her. "Are you feeling seasick? Nauseous?" she said stroking her forehead.

"No, but, oh God. Every now and then I still get hit with a little morning sickness."

"Okay, well, give me your hand."

"What?" the redhead panted beginning to feel really nauseous.

"Give me your hand, baby," the brunette said as she clasped the queasy little redhead's hand then rolled it over with her palm facing it up. "Here. I want you to press right here, just between your thumb and wrist."

"What?" Dana panted again.

"Here. Right here. Like this," she said as she gently but decisively pressed two fingers in against the nerve, instantly relieving her lover of her queasiness.

Dana cocked an eyebrow. "Oh my God," she yelped. "How did you do that?"

"Right here. See?" She showed her again.

Dana then clasped her wrist herself and ran her thumb over the area. "What is that? Some type of acupressure or something?"

"Um, I don't know, I guess."

Dana then pressed the area again with her two fingers simply amazed at the instant relief it gave her fretful tummy. She then looked up at her lover again cocking that pretty little red-auburn eyebrow of hers at her.


"You you've done this before, haven't you?" Dana said staring into her lover's eyes for several seconds. …But—When?... She wondered furrowing her brow.

Monica then wrinkled her own brow in curiosity.

"You, you've shown me this before, haven't you? I know you have," the redhead repeated as her mind began to think back through the last week-and-a-half and any opportunity that Monica might have had to do this and show her such a wonderful new little trick as this.

"Um, I don't know, maybe," Monica shrugged.

"No, I you—I know that you have shown me this before," the redhead stated emphatically.

"Okay," Monica shrugged again. "If you say so."

"No—I—You—" The redhead stammered again. "I know that you have shown me this before." …But when? Where? And why?... She began to concentrate as she looked back down at her wrist and pressed her two fingers in against the area again. …Hum… Well. One thing was for sure, it was working. She was not suffering from any more morning sickness or queasiness after learning this neat little trick. She then looked back up at her lover, staring into her eyes, and searching for something—she wasn't quite sure.


"You—I—Show me again," the investigative little redhead said as she grabbed onto Monica's hand once more.

…Oh! Wow!… The brunette's heart jumped to her throat. …God!… Did that sound familiar—eerily familiar. …Okay, I'll show you again, just like I always do—Huh? What? Like I always—? What the hell?… The brunette's heart jumped and slammed against her chest wall again in excited familiarity. …What the—? Where in the hell did that come from?... She cocked an eyebrow herself at her own random thoughts. But something about Dana's words and actions had just given her heart and soul quite a reaction—one that she did not quite understand. But that oddly familiar question and clasp of her hand had made her heart go pitter-patter all the same.

But really, how many times had the brunette heard the little redhead say those words to her through the centuries, wanting her to show her new ways to do something, whether it be loading a Gatlin-gun, swinging a walking-staff, setting a booby-trap, cleaning a rabbit, wielding a sword, or driving an old beat-up 1923 Dodge Brothers pickup, her forever soulmate was always asking her to show her how to do something, whether she remembered it quite yet herself or not. But her soul had certainly remembered. And, in fact, both their souls had.

"Mon, show me again," the fascinated little redhead said urging Monica to show her again, pulling on her hand.

Monica grinned. …Oh wow!... Something about this entire exchange seemed so oddly, wonderfully, excitingly familiar. "Okay. I'll show you again," she said. "But you already know how to do it," she grinned as she reached down and showed the inquisitive little redhead the easy pressure point once again.

"Why? Why do I already know how to do that?"

"I don't know. Why do you?"

"Because you—" the redhead hesitated again.

"Because I what?"

"Because you—Because you—"


"Because you— Hell, I don't know," the redhead trailed off with utter bewilderment.

"Because maybe you're a medical doctor? And you've probably studied about acupressure and pressure points in medical school at one time?" the brunette said not really comprehending the significance of Dana's words, frustrations and inquiring thoughts either.




"Are you sure?"


The brunette snorted. "Well, we're really beginning to make some progress here."

The redhead smirked.

Monica laughed at her adorably charming little smirk. "Well um, do you mind if I finish reeling the anchor in so we can go home?"


"Yes. Home. Back home, to my place. Honey? Are you sure you're okay?" she queried again reaching up and cupping the little redhead's cheek.

"No. Yeah. I. I'm—Hell! I don't know!"

Monica wrinkled her brow in concern. Her lover suddenly did not look so well. And it had nothing to do with her earlier queasiness. "Dana?"

"Huh?" Dana studied her dark mahogany eyes again. …No. Something isn't right. Something's off. Something's—Blue. They should be blue. You're eyes should be—No, no, no, that's not right. This is right, this is exactly right, exactly how it should be… she thought as she studied those dark mahogany eyes some more, staring into her lover's soul, and trying to pry herself out of this bewildering hallucination she seemed to be finding herself in.

"Honey, are you okay?" Monica grabbed onto her forearm.

"Huh?" She felt like she was on a ship, in a trance, on the ocean, feverish, daydreaming or something, with a tall, dark and gorgeous woman, stark-naked, and lying in a small cot next to her, stark-naked, and right there with her, somewhere, out on an ocean, inside a small, wooden cabin, on a big ship, but. …No. No. No. What the crap? What is going on?... she thought then looked up at Monica again.

Monica hadn't moved. She was still right there holding her arm and kneeling in front of her. And she hadn't moved either. So why did she feel as if she had just moved, traveled, spanned across centuries of time, to some other magical place, before suddenly being whisked back to this place, inside of this magical little boat? …Gosh!… Maybe it was some type of side-effect she was experiencing from her pregnancy, and all of the hormonal changes she was going through or something. …Crap!…

"Dana? Honey, answer me. Are you okay? You look a little lightheaded or something," Monica broke into her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah, I… Kiss me."

"What?" Monica yelped in disbelief. The little redhead could change her thought-processes at the most bizarre of times.

"Kiss me," she said again then leaned in and did the deed herself, sweeping the surprised brunette completely off her knees almost, as she pressed her lips hard against the other woman's mouth.

"Mmm. Ohhh." …Whoa!... Monica felt her insides reacting to this most recent heatedly passionate kiss sending little quivers up through her insides. …Mmm! Wow! By the Gods! Whoa! Where the—? For Godsakes… She cocked an eyebrow yet again. Now where in the world had that phrase come from? ...By the Gods?... She shook her head at her own random, bewildering thoughts. …Hum… She was really beginning to feel the need to have that highly anticipated yet frustratingly postponed, magical-wonders-of-the-universe talk with her mystically-gifted grandmother coming on.



"Are you okay?"

"Uh. Yeah. I think so," she said then snorted with laughter. Oh yeah. She was fine. She had just wandered off into some other magical place for a few seconds there, too. But, oh yeah. She was fine. "God. Yeah. What the hell is going on with us this morning?"

"I don't know, but it was rather nice." Dana chuckled, too, holding her hand.


"Yeah, just—confusing."

"Yeah. I agree. Confusing. So, are you feeling any better?"

"Yep. Much."

"Okay. Well, may I finish reeling this anchor in then, so that I may take you home, my love?"

"Oh yeah," Dana grinned letting go of her hand. She loved hearing those words. No one had ever called her that before. And it was nice, very nice indeed.


Ten minutes later…

Monica was still scooting around all over the front of the boat leaning out far over the water and tugging, then changing the angle of her forceful tugs, as she tried her best to break-free the anchor from whatever it was lodged underneath. "Dana. Go ahead and zip it up. It won't take but a minute to get this thing loose," she said again as she reached down into the cold water once more and yanked hard on the rope causing the boat to buck and rock into the movement. "Shit!" she fussed again. …What the hell is going on down there?...

"It's got to be wrapped around something below the surface," Dana offered.

…No shit, Sherlock… Monica smirked. "I know, and I'll get it, just give me a minute."

Dana grinned as she began to zip her life-jacket back up. She was happily admiring a simply fantastic view of her lover's tight bum at the moment as she pulled and yanked on the tightly wedged rope.

Monica gave it one more good, swift yank. Suddenly the rope broke free. "Well fuck! Friggin' rope! Shit! I swear! I've never had such a problem as this before!" she said relieved. She truly had not wanted to have to go in for a swim this early in the morning just to get the anchor free. But if worse came to worst she could have always cut the rope and just be done with it.

Dana just cocked an eyebrow.

"Frig! It almost felt like somebody had a hold of the damn thing down there, and was—Shit! Is that crazy or what?"

"What do you mean?" Dana furrowed her brow.

"I mean like, every time I felt it begin to give, it would—Oh, I don't know. We're free. So it doesn't matter now."

Dana glanced back over the side of the boat. …Hum. Weird…

"Okay, we're ready. God! I'm sorry, Dana! I never meant to keep you out here this long."

"It’s okay. This little pinch thingy you showed me is really working."

…Yep. It always did. What?!… The brunette's eyes widened yet again at her random thoughts. …Where in the hell did that come from? Shit!…She really was beginning to feel an urgent need to talk to her Grams, and soon. Strange things were really beginning to happen all of a sudden. "Well, um, great! So, just keep doing it, okay? Every time you feel that urge coming on," she said, smiling at the little redhead, as she scooted back around her and then took her seat.

"Okay," Dana smiled, easing back, so she could use the brunette's chest as a comfortable backrest for the quick trip home.

Monica hastily cranked the small engine, pulled her lover in closer to her, and then began to steer them home from their magical place on the lake.

"Hum," Dana sighed happily.

What an incredible morning and adventure it had been. She rather hoped that they would be doing something similar tomorrow morning, too, that is if Monica wanted to. She had a good suspicion though that Monica would be up to something similar tomorrow morning. Who knew what the highly adventurous and creative brunette had up her sleeve for the next day? Somehow, the redhead knew that she would not be disappointed, no matter what the coming adventure would be. And there would probably be a little "coming" involved on her part, too.

"Hum," she sighed happily yet again. She could most definitely handle that. Now, tomorrow morning, she just needed to make sure that there were a little more "coming" exercises for her lover to enjoy, too.

She grinned then clasped her lover's hand once again as she soaked in all of the beautiful scenery surrounding them on their way home.


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