Life with My Girl, Reyes
These Dreams - Chapter 2
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These Dreams
Chapter 2

Back at Monica's Boat Dock and Backyard
Twenty minutes later:

"Well, baby, did you have a good time?" Monica teased her as she helped the little redhead up out of the boat.

"Oh gosh, yes, mmm, come here," Dana said, pulling her lover in for another quick kiss.

"Mmm," Monica moaned into the deepening kiss. …Oh baby… Suddenly, neither seemed to care who might be watching them as they both wanted to kiss their honey again.

They kissed and kissed and hugged and stroked each other's backs and bums, then slid their hands up to each other's shoulder-blades again, kissing and hugging and squeezing each other so tight, as they deepened and deepened their passionate kisses.

"Mmm." …Baby, God… Monica felt her insides convulsing from all the heatedly arousing passion. "Mmm, baby, quick, let's go inside, okay? Mmm, ohhh, baby." Dana had just slipped her hand up and around, and had squeezed one of the brunette's voluptuous breasts again.

"Mmm, okay." The redhead grinned then squeezed it again. "But first, I want you to show me the garden, would you?"

…Ohhh… Monica smiled tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "Of course, anything you want."

Dana smiled again. "Okay, well, I want to see this sumptuous garden again. It's magnificent. And it was too dark last night to really appreciate the beauty."

"Okay, I'll show you." Monica smiled, almost embarrassed with this luxurious backyard of hers. But it was pretty. Very pretty—simply spectacular in all its glory. And it had taken much work to create, then build and plant the layout and design of the various flowerbeds, ornamental plants and trees. "So, are you still feeling okay? No tummy-hurt?" she queried then wrapped an arm around the little redhead for another quick hug.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine, no more tummy-hurt."

"Okay, but you let me know if—"

"I will," the redhead said then let go of her and clasped her hand. "But why didn’t you show me that little trick last week?" she asked as she began to follow the brunette towards the first big flowerbed near the privacy fence.

"Well, how could I? With you all barricaded up inside the bathroom for half the night?" Monica reminded her.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." The redhead grinned.

"You forgot. How in the hell could you forget that? Leaving me out there in that godforsaken frickin' hallway all alone, for half the night, while you puked your guts out inside the bathroom? Dana? Shit." The brunette stopped in her tracks.

"Well, I—" She shrugged.

"Dana? Shit! Don’t you ever do something like that to me again, okay? Don’t. Ever. And I mean it."

…Whoa… "Well. Okay. I—"

"Dana, don't. Don't you ever shut me out like that again, okay? Don't. Now I'm serious, don't."

…Whoa! Crap!... The redhead cocked an eyebrow at her lover's continued outburst. "Well um. Okay. I'll—"

"Dana, don't. Don't just try. Do. I love you too much to ever be shut out like that again."

"Well. Okay. I'll—" …Wow! For Crissakes... "I um, but—Monica? It. That was—" She stammered yet again.

Monica continued to watch her for a few seconds in silence, fuming with frustration.

"Monica? I—"

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry honey, come here," Monica instantly softened then pulled her in, holding her tight.


"I know, I know, and I'm not angry with you, I'm just—It's just that—It hurt me the other night, when you shut me out like that. And, God! I love you too much to be sitting out there in that godforsaken hallway all alone, while you're just inside the doorframe from me, maybe six feet away, sick and vomiting your guts out. I—I can’t deal with that, okay? I just can't," she whimpered feathering her fingers through the redhead's hair and kissing her on the crown. "Please, Dana, don’t ever do something like that to me again, okay? Please? Don’t ever shut me out like that again, I can’t take it," she whimpered again as her eyes began to water with unshed tears.

…Whoa. Moni?… Dana instantly wrapped her arms around her and held her a little tighter in her arms, feeling the emotional turmoil her lover was suddenly in. "Baby? I. What—? Why are we talking about this all of a sudden anyway? Hum? What has brought all of this on?"

The brooding brunette shrugged. "I don’t know, I just, I guess that, we just never talked about it, and—and I—oh, I don’t know." She shrugged again. And she really didn't. Plus, they had not had any time to talk about that night—last Thursday night, only one week ago today—at all. The rest of the week had been too ferocious and unpredictable with their jobs and responsibilities. And, ironically, for this Thursday morning, they had just experienced the most amazing sunrise together, making love out on the water, on her johnboat, as the sun came up. So, what had caused all of this sudden emotional upheaval leftover from last Thursday night?

"Well, Monica? No. We haven't had any time to talk about it, but—"

"I know, it's crazy."

"No, it's not crazy. Talk to me, Moni, talk to me. Tell me what's going on, okay? Tell me," Dana said as she leaned out from her arms and made eye-contact.

Monica sniffled a little bit nibbling on her lower lip.

"Monica? What's going on? What's making you so upset? Hum?" She cupped her face.

"I—I don’t know."

The redhead stared into her eyes for a few seconds. "Well baby, I want you to talk to me, tell me what you're feeling, okay?" …Whoa. Crap… Dana could almost chuckle at herself, if the situation were not so serious at the moment. Because how unusual was that, for Dana Scully to want to talk about someone's feelings, whether those feelings were her own or someone else's. She was just not one for talking about such things. Feelings, emotions, or talking about much of anything else when it came to one's inner sanity and mental health, unless of course she were on a case. Now on the job, that was different.

"I—Moni? I need to tell you something. You need to listen to me right now, okay?" she said staring into her eyes. "Baby, you saved me that night, okay? You saved me," she said leaning back in and touching foreheads with her. "You saved me," she whispered, "and sang to me, and danced with me, and made love to me later that night, and—oh gosh, baby."

"I tried."

"You tried? Baby, you did!" Dana countered.

"I tried. And I don’t know what's wrong with me right now either, Dana. I don't know. I'm just, I guess it's just, it was such a hard night that night, and I—oh, I don’t know," she mumbled again resting her head down against the redhead's shoulder.

"Oh baby, it's all right," Dana soothed again beginning to rock her somewhat in her arms. "And whatever it is that's causing all of this, we'll get to the root of it, okay?"

Monica nodded. "I—Dana—Just, don’t ever shut me out like that again, okay? I can’t take it, I just can’t," she reiterated again.

…Oh my, my… Dana's lover was suddenly feeling so much dejection. And why, she was not sure. But then Monica had just suffered through one of the most difficult, hellacious weeks of her entire FBI career—in many ways a much more difficult, and exhausting week than she had suffered through herself. "Oh baby." She tightened her arms around her again. "It's okay, and I love you. And I'll try very hard not to shut you out ever again, okay? Never again. I'll try very hard."

Monica nodded and sniffled, nuzzling her nose in against her lover's neck, and breathed in that sweet, sensuous, aphrodisiacal scent. "Mmm," she relaxed into that sweet, aphrodisiacal scent, then kissed the sensuous little redhead on the neck, and then just below her ear, emotionally climbing her way back up and out of her dejected funk. "Mmm, Dana," she moaned again then began to kiss and caress the little redhead just beneath her jaw-line and then up across her cheek, inching her way closer and closer to her lips. "Oh baby, God, I love you. And I know you'll try," she whispered. "That's all I can ask of you, isn’t it."

"Mmm, yes. And I'll try. I will try," Dana replied, moaning into the gentle little kisses, and feeling her insides beginning to quake with peaked arousal all over again.

Oh wow. Neither cared again who might be watching them as the taller one squeezed the smaller one a little tighter in her arms, then began to kiss her all over her throat and neck again, then up her jaw-line and towards her lips, while the other did the same. Oh wow. They were so in love. And right now, neither cared who might be watching them as they put on another grand, blatantly open display of affection. Who cared? Right? Who cared? They were in Slidell, Louisiana after all: a suburb of one of the best, most open and accepting cities for gays and lesbians in the United States. New Orleans, right? So, who cared?

Near the shoreline, just across from Monica's Boat Dock and Backyard
Behind a Small Grove of Trees:

A lean, petite, well-built, greenish-blue-eyed, reddish-blonde-haired woman smiled as she watched the two unsuspecting lovers kiss, hug, and practically make love to each other all over again in the taller one's backyard, with all of their sweet and sensuous hugs and kisses. …Um, um, um. My goodness, so sweet, and so in love… She smiled again as she quickly glanced over to the calm surface of the water gently breaking, just a few feet in front of her.

Suddenly, another lean, tall, well-built, medium-blue-eyed, dark-raven-haired woman eased up out of that gentle break in the water, glanced over to the young reddish-blonde-haired woman for a moment, winked, then over to the two unsuspecting lovers still kissing and hugging in the taller one's backyard. She smirked. …Hum. Um, um, um. Still at it… She smirked.

The two unsuspecting lovers soon began to slow their hugs and kisses, then clasped hands, and then began to stroll around the backyard again, admiring all the green shrubberies and few flowers left in bloom.

Shannon McMahon shook her head in amusement then glanced back over to her waiting companion standing quietly behind a small grove of trees.

The young woman smiled again then cocked an eyebrow.

Shannon then joined her.

"Shan? Where have you been? What took you so long?" Cameron Cavanaugh asked with slight alarm in her voice.

"Oh you know, playin' with the baby gators," Shannon answered.

"Umhum, by the Gods, woman. What am I going to do with you?"


"You worry me sometimes."


"Oh, I don't know," Cameron replied as she clasped her lover's hand then pulled her in closer. "You'd think I'd get used to it after all these years."

Shannon snickered. "You'd think. So. All taken care of?"

"Yes, my love. Destroyed. Totally annihilated."

"Good. Any problems?"

"Nope. Nothing we couldn't handle."

"And Em?"

"She's fine, on her way back now."

"And you'll be joining her?"

"Soon. Tomorrow. I want to stay here with you, as long as it's feasible."

Shannon nodded then leaned down to kiss her lover on the crown.

Cameron smiled then glanced back up to the two unsuspecting lovers again, as they began to kiss, hug and caress each other all over again. "Oh my, my, would you look at that. By the Gods." Her heart melted yet again at the sweet, spontaneous displays of affection from the two lovebirds.

"Yep. Remind you of anyone?" Shannon chuckled as the two unsuspecting lovers kissed again, then clasped hands for the second time around, and resumed their casual stroll around the backyard, the smaller one "ooohing", and "aaahing" and pulling her taller companion all around to the next exquisite plant she found, admiring all of the exquisite, exotic flowers and shrubberies still in bloom. Shannon just shook her head. "Um, um, um. What are those two still doing out here? Roaming around in the backyard, in the middle of the day, when they could be back inside getting all warm and comfy again? Good God Almighty."

Cameron giggled. "Oh, sweet warrior of mine, you know how much they love the out-of-doors."

"Umhum, almost as much we do," Shannon smirked then winked at her lover.

"Almost? Shannon? What—? Did you—? Did they—?"

"Umhum, in broad daylight no less, on that little johnboat of hers floating over there, just as the sun was coming up."

"Oh my goodness, does that bring back memories." Cameron giggled.

Shannon chuckled, too.

"And you watched?" Cameron asked slightly envious.

"Nope. Didn’t have to."

…Ohhh… Cameron stood there for a moment in silence, pondering that reply, then put her hand over her mouth, covering her soft giggles. …Oh my, my… Had someone been a little too loud?

"Shhh, shush, you don’t want them to hear you."

"They won't. They're too involved with the plants."

"And each other."

Cameron giggled again. Some things never changed. "So. What did you have to do to delay them?"

"Hum," Shannon smirked. "Well. My child is quite the tenacious one."

"Tenacious? Really?"

"Oh yeah. I had to give her a little trouble with the anchor."

"The anchor? Shannon McMahon!"

"Shhh, be careful."


They both quickly glanced up towards the other two lovers again. The two women were still roaming around the backyard slowly zigzagging their way closer and closer to the screened-in back porch.

"Well? It's not like I could board the boat with them. But, there for a minute, I thought she was going to jump in with me and catch me in the act."

"Oh wow, really?" Cameron laughed.

"Yes, really. She's good. Damn good."

"Umhum, well, she got it honest."

Shannon smirked again cocking that dark, raven legendary eyebrow of hers.

"Oh, but that 'look'. I think Dana inherited that one."

Shannon smirked again. "Umhum. It's in the genes."

"Yep, the genes, DNA imprints."

Both women chuckled as they watched their two very unique progeny, from two very distinct bloodlines, stroll around the backyard, holding hands, and inching their way closer and closer to the back porch. Soon, it appeared, they would be leaving the backyard and going back inside the house, out of their observers' protective view.



"Who is she the most like?"

"Which one?"


"Oh. Dana. Well. I would say me. She has your body-type, your physique, and coloring, but she has more of my personality I think."



"Bad temper?"


"Dogged determination?"

"Oh yeah."



Cameron giggled. "And an absolutely insanely, preposterous jealous streak?"

"Hum. Well, now that you mention it—"

"Then I'd say she's more like me."

Shannon began to laugh softly at the comparison. "Yeah, but she's got my eyes, I think."

…Ohhh… "Really?"

"Umhum, very blue, medium blue."

"Ohhh. And Monica?"

"Oh wow, Monica, my God, she's you Cam, all over again." Shannon's whole demeanor lit up into a bright and sunny glow. "She's got my body, my physique and skills, but she's you, baby, all over again." She smiled squeezing her lover's hand.

"Really? How so?"

"Oh, well, she sees the beauty and splendor in practically everything, Cam. She sees it in every new day, every new sunrise or sunset, every little animal, fish, reptile, or every little bird, tree, or insect; she sees it in everything—practically everything, Cam—the beauty and splendor of everything in the world. And she always chooses the high road. She'll take that higher road, that higher path, the right path, the best path for the circumstances, no matter how bad it gets. She chooses to take the higher road, every time, and doesn't allow the more sinister ways of this world to get her down. Oh Brie, she's so you, all over again; so full of life, love and tenderness, so gentle and kind. And so affectionate, Brie, just like you; just like you, baby, all over again."

"Oh Shannon." Cameron's eyes had watered up. "Wow. I haven't heard that in—decades."

"Oh. Um. Gosh. That's not a good thing. I apologize if I haven't—"

"No, it's not that. It was the 'Brie' part, the 'Gabrielle'."

"Oh." Shannon wrinkled her brow. "Did I call you that?"


"Oh. I'm sorry, I—"

"No honey, it's okay, it's just that, it took me back—to a long, long time ago—a time that I'm not sure I want to remember."

"Oh Brie, it was never that bad was it?"

"Yes. Yes it was, Shannon. Do you know how many times I've had to watch you die? And had no other choice but to accept that fact, as you left me here all alone, roaming around all over this earth without you, while I tried to—? By the Gods, Shannon!"

"Shhh, baby, shhh." The taller woman instantly wrapped her arms around the smaller. "I know, baby, but so have I. I've been left here all alone, too, to wander around all over this earth without you, a few times around."

Cameron squeezed her tight, knowing it was the truth. They both had suffered through centuries of lonely, hurtful times, when one or the other had to die too soon, and too young, as they followed their appointed destiny and saved the world and Humankind, over and over again from all its enemies.

They stood there in silence for a few moments contemplating each other's words and painful memories.

"Oh Xe, will it ever change? Will it ever end? Will our children ever be allowed to live out a long and fruitful life together for a change? Just once? A life, full of love, hope, and happiness? And not be separated again, for reasons unbeknownst to them? It's not right, Shannon, it's not right, that they should have to go through what we've been through so many times."

"Shhh, I know, but I'm not sure that they are destined to do that this time around."

Cameron wiped a couple of stray tears away then rose up from her other-half's arms to make eye-contact. "What makes you say that?"

"The Fates. They're on our side, Brie, Mankind's side; which means, they are on their side. And, with the Fates seeing the need to bring us here, to this very place, and to this very moment in time, to this parallel universe, well—"

The smaller woman began to nod in hopeful agreement. "Yes. But maybe they know that our progeny can't succeed this time without our help."

"True. The stakes have never been greater. But then their love has never been greater either." She nodded towards the other two women. "They've got the best of both of us, Brie. I see it. I can see it in both of them. They've each got the best of both of us inside their hearts."

The smaller woman smiled then looked out across the backyard to her child and then her soulmate's child still holding hands and talking about something—obviously so happily in love. …Ohhh, sweet Aphrodite, they're so cute… "So what more could they need, right?"

"Exactly." Shannon smiled, too, as she watched her descendent and her soulmate's descendent steal another kiss from each other. …Mm, mm, young love, sweet young love. So cute… "The forces of evil have never been greater, Brie. But, they have never been able to defeat love either—not supreme love—in its purest form. And with your little one carrying her own—"

"Oh yes, my child, carrying her own little child. This child will be the one, Shan. I know it. I have to believe that. I have to. Or I can’t—"

"Yes, you can. Oh yes you can, you must. They need you, like I need you, to see this final war-of-the-worlds through. They can't do it alone, and neither can we. But with the power of two squared—"

"We're invincible."

"Right. Exactly."

The smaller woman nodded then glanced out across the backyard to their counterparts again. "Oh! Yikes!" She quickly ducked in behind the closest tree just as her taller companion did as well.

Shannon then began to laugh. "Good God Almighty, you see what I mean? She's got my skills, and she almost caught us this time."

"No kidding. The Warrior Princess should be proud."

"I am," Shannon chuckled as she glanced back around from the tree to get another quick look at her progeny eyeing the area just in front of them. "Oh yeah. She's good, damn good," she said as she ducked back behind their convenient little hiding place again.

"You don't think she saw us do you?"

"Naah. But she feels us, senses us, knows we're here, watching them. She just doesn’t understand why. But she senses us, our presence. She also knows that we pose no threat, no danger or harm to them. So, she keeps casually watching, glancing over, and hoping to finally confirm her sixth-sense. As I said, she's—"

"Good. Damn good," Cameron finished for her. "Yep. And now, I just wonder how good she is in bed."

"Hah. Well Ms. Cavanaugh."

"What? Come on, let's get out of here. They're safe for now, and I want you to remind me of just how good you are in bed."

Shannon grinned then began to lead her horny little soulmate out of the thickets and towards their parked vehicle. Apparently, some things never would change. …Thank the Gods… She smiled as she glanced up for a moment towards the heavens and thanked Aphrodite, along with Cupid, her son.

In the Master Bedroom inside Monica's House - Ten Minutes Later:

The curious brunette glanced out her bedroom window once more, checking on things, and scanning the outer boundaries of her backyard below, just to make sure that she did not sense any more odd, unexplained scrutiny going on in and around those outer parameters. She had been experiencing the most bizarre sensations since fretting with that stubborn rope tied to her anchor earlier this morning anyway. And she couldn’t explain all of the odd feelings and sensations she had been experiencing since then either. But whatever it was there was no danger involved. Just simple observation. And she was sure of that.

She then turned back to her lover, smiling, and then sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. "You're sure you don't want some breakfast? Maybe a bagel, or a muffin or something? Or maybe a little orange juice?"

"Umum, I’m sure," Dana smiled as she wrapped the covers up more snuggly around her.

"Okay. So you're just wanting to go back to bed, then?"

"Yep, back to bed, with you in it."

"Okay, I think I can arrange that," Monica grinned as she began to ease herself back in underneath the covers as well.

"Hum," the happy little redhead sighed then rolled over closer to her. "Moni?"


"Would you—? You wouldn't happen to have some ice-cream in the freezer would you?"

She smirked. "Ice-cream?"

"Yeah. Ice-cream. I think I could really go for some ice-cream right about now."

The brunette chuckled. She knew the little mother-to-be was hungry. Why shouldn’t she be? She had to feed two right now. "Okay, what flavor?"

"What do you have?"

"Um, Chocolate Mint and Rocky Road."

"Oooh, Rocky Road?" Dana quipped happily.

"Umhum. I take it you like that favor?"

"Oh yeah, I love that flavor."

"Okay. Well, do you want me to go and get you some? Maybe a small bowl full?"

"A cup. Just a cup, with pickles and olives on top."

"What?! Pickles and olives on top? For Godsakes. What kind of breakfast is that?"

"A woman-with-child's breakfast." Dana grinned.

"Oh. Okay. A woman-with-child's breakfast. Well. Wow, is this typical then? Olives and pickles on things?" Monica began to laugh.

"Umhum." Dana grinned slightly embarrassed.

"And it doesn't make you sick?"


"Okay. Well, I'll go and get you some. I think I've got some pickles in the fridge."

"And olives."

Monica chuckled. "And olives," she repeated as she got back up out of the bed and then headed for the kitchen. …Um, um, um. Yuck. Pickles and olives. On ice-cream? Shit… she thought as she bound down the stairs towards the kitchen. But, if that was what her baby wanted then that was what she would get for her.

In the Kitchen - Five Minutes Later:

Monica glanced over at her little chocolate-brown tabby cat still sitting by the French doors that led out onto the back porch, inquisitively looking out the glass, and scrutinizing something. "Xena? Whatcha doin', girl? Hum?" she teased her.

"Ee-o," Xena chirped and squeaked, then glanced back out the French doors again to continue scrutinizing the same area some more.

Monica finished sprinkling a few olives over the little bowl of ice-cream then glanced back down at her little kitty again. …Hum… "Xena? Whatcha doin' girl, hum? What are you so interested in?" she said then picked up the small bowl of ice-cream, topped with pickles and olives, and walked over to the French doors to glance outside herself. …Hum…She didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Neither did she sense anything out of the ordinary. Her earlier hidden audience was gone from the premises.

"Ee-o," Xena chirped again.

Monica glanced down to her again then followed her gaze down to the center of the wooden flooring of her back porch. …Whoa. Wow. What the heck is that?... She suddenly noticed a slight spot of discoloration located right in the very center of the wooden flooring on her porch. Whoa! Wow! How long had that been there? And why had she not noticed it before now? And especially since she and Dana had just come through that very area just minutes before arriving home from their early-morning boat trip?

"Xe? What is it, girl? Do you want me to go outside and check on it? Hum? Is that what you're trying to tell me?" she said then knelt down and stroked her smart little kitty on the chin for a moment.

"Eep," Xena chirped again. Yes. She did.

…Hum… Monica knew that. And she also knew that, odds were, her little chocolate-brown tabby knew exactly what had happened out there on the screened-in back porch to cause such an odd and slightly discolored spot as that in the very center of her deck floor. She just had no way of communicating it to her. But the little cat had managed to get her attention long enough, by sitting by the French doors and staring at it, to cause her to take notice and come over and take a look herself.

Monica studied the spot again through the French doors then padded back to the kitchen to place the bowl of ice-cream back inside the freezer for a moment. She then walked back over to the French doors, unlocked the main lock then opened the door. "Come on, girl, let's go see."

"Me-o," little Xena chirped happily then followed her out onto the back porch.

"Okay, what is it, girl? Hum? What is it?" she talked to her little kitty again as she knelt down then ran a finger across the slight discoloration.

Xena watched, then chirped, and then began to rub her chin against her companion's kneecap, purring lightly and happy that she was finally taking notice of the odd substance.

…Hum. Powder. Some type of powder. Or ash maybe… the brunette deducted as she lifted her finger up to her nose and gave a quick little sniff of the light and airy, finely-grained substance. …Hum. More like ash, from a fireplace or something. Weird… she thought. And she really did not know what to make of it. But she was not experiencing any strong vibes of impending danger or trepidation from the substance or area surrounding it either.

She then reached down and stroked her little kitty again on the chin, wondering what the little cat had possibly seen in reference to this powdery, ash-like substance. Well. Whatever it was it didn’t seem to be causing any harm. And it was such a light and barely visible trace—had Xena not been so tenaciously inquisitive about it, to the point she had finally gotten Monica's attention to go outside and check it out, too—that she probably would never have noticed.

"Well, girl, I don’t know what to say, or how it got there, but it's probably just a little sand or dirt from my shoes from the other morning or something, okay?" She stroked the little kitty on the cheek again. "Or it might even be from last week. I don’t know. But it's nothing to worry about. Right?" She stroked the little kitty again.

"Me-ow," Xena chirped in disagreement. But how could she tell her what she had seen this morning—not quite forty minutes ago. Two blonde women—one a reddish-blonde and the other a lighter flaxen—take out a man (an alien replacement/super soldier type to be exact), presumably kill him, and then inject him with some type of clear substance, causing him to almost instantaneously burst into a pile of powdered ash, practically into thin air, like magic. He was gone—all traces of him—in the blink of an eye. Except for that slight little remnant of powdered ash on the wooden flooring located in the very center of the porch that the lighter-blonde had missed, as the two women had cleaned up any traces of their covert operation.

She chirped and squeaked again to her human companion, then turned for the doors wanting to go back inside the house. There was nothing left for her to do about the spot this morning. She had managed to get her human companion's attention long enough to "show her" the spot. But, unfortunately, she could not "tell her" what she had seen in reference to that spot. She would be keeping her eyes, ears, nose and sixth-sense-little-feline-intuitions open though, for any more signs of possible trouble. And maybe later on her human companion could use that quick little tidbit of information for future reference, too, just in case anything else strange happened in and around the parameters of their own backyard.

Monica then rose up to her full height, studied the little spot again for a few moments then turned to go back inside the house herself. Whatever it was, it did not seem to be a problem. And she was not going to concern herself with it this early in the morning anyway. Whatever it was, it was probably just some little traces of sand, ashes or dirt from an earlier excursion out on the water, or over to a friend's house, or possibly even from her own small charcoal grill out in the backyard or something she concluded. Although, the color and texture were rather odd. But, she would not fret over it. Her instincts had not spiraled into overdrive with a sudden heady sensation of danger or trepidation. She trusted her instincts. They had never let her down before. So why should they now? Her instincts had saved her life just days before. So, there was no need to get overly concerned about this little bare minimal trace of powdery ash. Whatever it was, it was not a problem for her, her kitty or her baby, waiting upstairs inside the house for a bowl of ice-cream.

…Hum… She was not going to secure a sample either, even though her meticulous FBI training would beg to differ with her quick decision. But it was not necessary. Her instincts would let her know if it were necessary. Besides, her baby was waiting upstairs for her olive-and-pickle-covered Rocky Road ice-cream. And, for the moment, that was much more important to her than this little spot of powdery ash outside on the back porch.

She opened the door then let herself and the cat in.

In the Master Bedroom:

Dana sat up in the bed again, pulled Monica's sweatshirt completely off, folded it, and then placed it on the floor next to the bed. She then scooted back down underneath the covers. It was a little cool in the room. But Monica would be back any minute now.


…Oh!... "Hey." And she was.

"I've got your ice-cream, and a little olive or two, with a little pickle or two," Monica teased as she walked farther into the bedroom with a small loaded tray of breakfast goodies in her hands—a cup of coffee, a small glass of milk, one bagel, one bowl of Rocky Road ice-cream, topped with pickles and olives, and a freshly peeled banana.

"Oooh, that looks scrumptious," Dana said scooting up in the bed again and revealing her unclothed upper body and chest.

"Hum." Monica cocked an eyebrow. …Wow!... She had forgotten how beautiful Dana's chest and breasts really were. And, too, this was only the second time she had ever seen them in broad daylight.

"Mmm, Moni, thanks, this looks great, exactly what I was hungry for," Dana said reaching for the little bowl of ice-cream.

"Um, um, um, let me set the tray down first," Monica cautioned, placing the small breakfast tray on the little table by the bed then eased in next to her. "Besides, I want to feed you your first bite, okay?"

Dana cocked an eyebrow. "Okay." She guessed she could handle that, her lover feeding her a couple of bites. She then scooted over in the bed slightly then leaned up against the headboard again.

"Yeah, that's it," Monica smiled too, then dipped a spoon into the ice-cream for a nice, big first bite.

Dana smiled allowing her to feed her this first bite. "Mmm, wow, it's so, cold," she shivered as her nipples instantly responded to the cool air in the room, and the even cooler substance just placed inside her mouth.

Monica glanced down again to her nice, firm, round breasts. …God… Her breath caught in her throat. She just could not help herself. Dana's breasts were beautiful. …Mmm… She quickly pulled herself back together and dipped the spoon in for another quick bite. She smiled waiting for Dana to finish her first.

"Mmm, gosh, this is so good," the hungry little redhead mumbled as she worked the first bite inside her mouth then swallowed it down her throat.

Monica then eased the spoon in feeding the little redhead her second bite.

"Mmm, thanks."

"You're welcome. Do you want some olives, or maybe a pickle with the next?" Monica grinned wrinkling her nose at the prospect.

"Please," Dana mumbled, soon swallowing the second bite, too.

….Mmm, yuck. Okay, baby, if that's what you want… Monica then dipped a couple of olives into the spoon and one very small pickle. "Okay, open up," she instructed as she fed her baby another third bite.

Dana chuckled and chewed on the third. She had never had anyone feed her before, at least not in her adult life. And actually, it was rather nice.

Monica glanced down again for a moment at her perked up little peaks. …Ohhh, gosh… She felt her insides react to the alluring sight. …Umum, in a minute, in a minute, calm down… She mentally chastised her rising libido then dipped the spoon in for another, fourth bite.

"Umum." Dana reached for the bowl and spoon.


"No. I can do it myself. You need to eat your breakfast," the little redhead argued. She had decided that she wanted to feed herself now, so that her baby could begin to eat her own quick breakfast, as they both leaned in and relaxed against the headboard together.

"Um, okay," Monica relented then reached over for the peeled banana. "You want part of this? I cut it in half."

"Yeah. I think so."

"Okay, and maybe a little milk?"

"Yeah," Dana replied reaching for the small glass of milk.

Monica chuckled. She was really taking care of her baby right now, offering her better choices for breakfast that just a small bowl of rich, dark chocolate ice-cream, with pickles and olives on top.

The two of them giggled and reminisced about the earlier sunrise they had just shared together as they ate their quick little breakfast together—one drinking some milk while the other had a few sips of decaf, then half a bagel, as she then split the other half with the little redhead.

Within minutes, Dana had finished her half of the bagel, her half of the banana, and was now finishing off the scrumptious bowl of ice-cream, with pickles and olives on top. "Mmm, that was delicious," she grinned then handed the almost empty bowl back to her lover.

Monica smiled. "You're done? Couldn't eat it all?"


"Okay," the brunette grinned. "Well. I'd hate to see this little bit of cream go to waste," she teased as she then dipped her fingertip down into the small bowl and moistened it with a little bit of the leftover ice-cream. "Mmm," she throatily groaned then placed that wetted fingertip inside her mouth and began to seductively lick the melting cream off, circling her wet tongue and lips around the moistened edge.

…Ohhh… Dana cocked an eyebrow as she watched. …Damn… Her lower lip dropped. …Damn… How erotic.

Monica then dipped her wetted fingertip into the little bowl once more, wetted it again with a little more melted cream, then lifted that same fingertip back up to her lips once more, circling and licking the melting cream off with her tongue, then easing it inside her mouth and barely sucking on it.

…Ohhh. Damn. Crap!... Dana's insides had just constricted. …Damn!... How could she be getting turned on again after just coming out there on that little boat about an hour ago?

Monica cocked an eyebrow. She knew what she was doing. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was turning her baby on again. And she was damn good at it, too.

Dana felt her breath catch in her throat. …Shit!... She then quickly reached into the little bowl of melting ice-cream herself and wetted her own fingertip, with a little of that melting cream, cocked her own little eyebrow again, then reached up and placed it just to the edge of her lover's lips.

"Mmm," Monica gutturally groaned again wrapping her lips around that proffered little fingertip, then began to suck—so erotically, so seductively, so hungrily—on that petite little fingertip, sucking and licking the melted cream off and inside her mouth.

"Mm," Dana whimpered. …God… She could have sworn she had just felt that little caress of a tongue—Monica's tongue—on her clit. "Mmm," she moaned again. …Oh baby…

Monica clasped her hand and finger, and then began to slide it in, deeper into her mouth, sucking and stroking it with her tongue and lips, wetting it, caressing it and hugging it with the inner walls of her mouth.

…Oh God… Dana's vaginal walls were going into convulsions—sweet, sexy convulsions—as her lover continued to make love to her hand.

Monica grinned again knowing exactly what she was doing, and exactly how much she was reigniting her lover's libido. "Mmm, you have the most beautiful hands," she whispered as she eased Dana's finger from inside her mouth, and began to shower her whole hand with gentle little suckles and kisses.

"Ohhh." …God… Dana felt a little love-cream wet her lover's sweatpants between her legs. …Shit…

"Something wrong?" Monica purred, cocking an eyebrow at Dana's changing expressions, then suckled and kissed each knuckle, one by one.

"Ohhh." …My God… The aroused little redhead whimpered again. No. Oh no, nothing was wrong, nothing at all—except for her slight concern about making another slippery wet mess inside her lover's sweatpants again. …Oh well… "Mmm," she throatily moaned herself. She would just have to get over it; for these tender little moments, gentle little kisses and seductive-as-hell little suckles were taking her back to a little motel room back in Helena, Montana a little over a week ago. …Mmm. Oh yeah, baby… But this time, there would be no holding back as it had been back then. "Mmm," she grinned then cocked an eyebrow herself. "No, just concerned about your sweatpants."

Monica chuckled. "My sweatpants?"

"Umhum. Oh!" the little redhead gasped again as the brunette suddenly sucked and kissed on the little crease between her thumb and index finger.

"Hum, and what about them?" Monica purred as she kissed and sucked a little harder on the fold of skin between Dana's thumb and index finger.

"Oh Monica." Dana's heart was beginning to pound inside her chest.

"Hum? What about them?"

"Oh my gosh. I think I made a mess."

"A mess? You mean when you came in them earlier?" the mischievous brunette teased.

"Um," Dana felt her cheeks warming a bright rosy-pink. …Oh yeah. A big, embarrassing mess…

"Um, I don't mind that you came in my sweats."

"Aaah, oh!" Dana gasped again as the brunette began to suck and tug on her thumb. …Oh my God… She had just creamed Monica's sweatpants again.

…Mmm, baby… Monica smiled. She knew what had just happened, too. …Oh yeah… She had a very good sense of smell. Oh yeah, she knew exactly what had just happened, and how aroused her lover was. "Mmm." She stared into her lover's eyes, forcing herself not to drop her gaze down to her bare chest, as she then asked her another question. "Mmm, Dana, may I touch your breasts? Please?"

…What? Oh my God. Yes. Yes! You can touch my breasts. Christ!… Dana nodded. …Oh my God. Yes. Of course, you can touch my breasts, anywhere you want, baby… Her breath caught in her throat again from her thoughts. …Oh wow… She found it so sexually intoxicating that Monica would ask her for her permission first, before acting on her desires, touching her and beginning to make love to her. Something about Monica asking her for her permission was so charmingly irresistible. It made her feel more like a woman; wanted, desired, yearned for; and yet respected, admired, almost celebrated for the alluring woman that she was; all woman, deserving of such celebration, admiration and respect.

Monica then set the little bowl of melting ice-cream out of the way, onto the breakfast tray, then rolled on top of the little redhead, easing both their bodies down in the bed, and then propped herself up on her elbows. "Mmm, baby, thank you, I can't wait to touch you. And I'll be very careful, okay?" she whispered as she carefully eased her hands in and began to lightly cup and squeeze the little redhead's swelling breasts and hardened nipples.

"Ohhh." Dana was in heaven. "Mmm, Moni." …God… She was in pure heaven. "Ohhh, baby." She closed her eyes and relaxed more comfortably against the bed. …Oh Moni, God, how you touch me, how you love me. Ohhh… It was so intoxicating.

"Shhh, just lie back, let me love you."

…Oh wow!... What her lover would say to her at times. "Mmm. Ohhh." Her lover's hands were so gentle, so warm and soft, gently caressing her breasts and nipples. …Oh baby… She was being so careful, practically worshiping her with her hands and fingers. "Ohhh, Moni." She was being so gentle and loving, and now beginning to use her mouth and tongue on her breasts as well, gently suckling, and licking, and kissing them, worshipping them with her gentle caresses. "Oh Moni," she whimpered again running her hands up through her lover's thick, dark hair and spreading her legs, beginning to beg her to make love to her again.


"Oh baby, God, feels so, ohhh…"


"Oh Moni."

"Yes? What do you want, baby?"

"Want you."


"Yes. Now. Want you now," she gasped lifting her hips up and beginning to shed herself of Monica's sweatpants even as the woman still lay between her legs.

"Um, now? So soon, after this morning?" the brunette teased her yet again.

"Um, yes, now."

Monica began to chuckle seductively as she helped the little redhead shed the unwanted sweatpants from her hips and legs then rose up temporarily herself to shed her own sweatshirt and t-shirt off.

"Ohhh," Dana moaned again as her lover then lay her naked torso back down between her legs and then pressed her erect nipple in against her entrance. …Oh my God... "Oh! Moni!" …God! That feels so good… "What are you doing?" she gasped at the erotic sensation.

"Just playin', teasin' you with my boob," she replied as she pressed and stroked the little redhead's entrance once again with her tight, taut tit.

"Oh my God." It felt so good.

The brunette then began to tease her all over her chest and tummy, licking and cupping and kissing and squeezing, then flicking her thumbs across her nipples, as she began to lick, kiss and suck all over her lower abdomen, pressing her tight, taut tit in a little harder against her entrance, and causing the redhead to pant and squirm with arousal. "Mmm, Dana, are you sure about this?" she teased the squirming little redhead again as she reached down and pressed her tight, taut tit in a little farther, stroking the little redhead's entrance up and down with it, driving the little redhead wild with desire.

"Oh! My God!" Dana's hips bucked up into the erotic sensations yet again. …Christ!... She'd never been tit-fucked before. "Oh! Baby!" But …Wow!... Did it ever feel good. "Oh! Moni!"

"Hum?" Monica teased her again, working her and playing her like a Stradivarius, replacing her tight, taut tit with a finger, then easing down and teasing her throbbing clit with her tongue, circling and licking, and licking and circling.

"Oh! God!" Dana gasped. She couldn’t believe it that she was about to come again. She couldn’t believe it! But she was. As her lover quickly repositioned her legs and thighs up over her shoulders, and then began to devour her—sucking, and licking and stroking her so fast she thought she would literally pass out from all the skyrockets going off inside her head.


Fifteen minutes later…

"Mmm, oh Monica, my God, I've never, Christ! Sweet Mary, Mother of God."

Monica began to giggle again. …Well, my goodness… She must have done something right—again—by the sounds of her lover's ramblings.

"Oh baby, my God! I can’t believe I came again, Christ!"

Monica chuckled again. "Hum. Maybe I didn’t satisfy you enough this morning. Was that it?"

"Oh no, you did, you did, it was just right, it was—Wow!"

"Wow?" Monica repeated teasing her again then rose up and kissed her lightly on the crown.

"Um, yes baby, yes, and could you hold me now? Just until I catch my breath?"

"Of course, my love, I'll hold you, just until you catch your breath," Monica teased her again as she eased in and then wrapped the little redhead up in her arms. "Mmm, baby, I love you so much."

"Mmm, I love you, too," Dana replied. …Gosh... She had never been so loved by anyone like this before in her life! Not even by her first lover. …Oh Monica, gosh, you're ruining me… she mused then rolled in a little closer. She would just have to be "ruined" for a little while—and spoiled, and pampered, and coddled. It was a rather nice arrangement she had going for herself at the moment.


Fifteen minutes later…

Monica kissed her lover's cheek again then tucked that naughty, sexy little stray lock of hair behind her ear once more. Her lover had dozed off to sleep. This little session of early-morning-lovemaking had been too much for the little redhead she guessed. But she didn't mind. Actually, she had anticipated it. She had studied about some of the changes that occurred in a woman's body while pregnant; and how that they could get so easily aroused, and yet so inconveniently weary, all at the same time. It could be rather frustrating. And it had to be frustrating for Dana to be so tired and yet highly aroused all at the same time. She chuckled. Oh well. As long as her baby caught up on some rest, it really didn’t matter to her. Although her clit was still tingling somewhat from her unrelieved sexual tension. But she'd get over it.

She gently cupped her crotch, barely caressed her clit, and then hugged it for a moment. …Oh well… She'd be all right. She could handle it. Her lover would soon be rested up enough and then could give her what she needed, too.

Her thoughts then drifted back to exactly one week ago today. …Holy shit… She had been so sexually frustrated she thought she would absolutely explode—from the inside out!—with all of that pent-up, sexually unfulfilled tension rushing through her insides that night. …Whew. Wow, baby. You about killed me… She chuckled again. …God… But then just lying here in the same bed with the little redhead tended to make her all tweaked up and ready for a little action again anyway. Her clit was still tingling, and so achingly erect with arousal. …Hum… Oh well. She would be ready, for whenever Dana was ready, to make love to her again. Last night was a very nice little appetizer for things to come. And she could hardly believe it that she had come with just a little breast-play last night either. But they both had such intense sex-drives right now for some reason. Undoubtedly, their pheromones were at peak and driving them both wild with desire for each other.

"Hum," she sighed lightly, tucked her chin in against her lover's crown, and then began to slowly drift off to sleep herself.


Thirty minutes later…

Dana awakened from her little nap to find her lover dozing peacefully on top of her, with her head tucked in just above her breasts, her arm draped comfortably over her abdomen, and her knee draped comfortably over her hip and thigh. …Oh Moni, I dropped off on you, didn’t I? Crap. I'm sorry… She mused as she began to run her fingers through her lover's thick, dark, raven hair and stroke her shoulder-blades.

The dozing brunette whimpered a little bit into the touches then slid her hand over the redhead's growing abdomen.

…Ohhh… Dana grinned. Her little son had just kicked in response to the familiar sensations.

"Mm," Monica barely whimpered, too, in response to his little kick, then gently stroked the area just above his little foot again causing him to kick once again in response. "Ohhh, bebé, yes, I feel you," she chuckled. "I know you're in there, niño," she mumbled almost incoherently.

He kicked again causing Dana to chuckle as well at his antics.

"Oh. You're awake?" Monica responded to Dana's chuckle.

"Umhum, did I drop off on you?"

"Yeah, but it's okay."

"Um, well, come here, I'm gonna make you scream," the redhead said as she instantly took control and rolled her unsuspecting lover over in the bed, then quickly shed her of her sweatpants, pulling them all the way off in seconds, and then eased up between her legs, resting her mound in just to the edge of hers, and began to stroke her unrelieved heat with her hand.

"Mmm, ohhh, Dana." Within moments, the surprised brunette was hungrily aroused all over again—her tingling clit erect with arousal and throbbing with every little stroke of her lover's hand. "Mmm, ohhh, baby." She spread her legs a little more as Dana increased the rhythm, massaging and stroking her clit and entrance a little faster, as she kissed and thrust her tongue deep inside her mouth. "Mmm, ohhh, baby," she panted, matching her lover's every stroke with her hips, and thrusting those hips hard against her hand and fingertips. "Mmm, ohhh, Dana." She was going to come, any second now—any second. "Mmm, ohhh, yes, yes baby, yes…"

…Ring. Ring…

"Fuck," she reacted as her body tightened slightly.

Dana slowed her strokes.

…Ring. Ring…

"Mmm, ohhh, shit."

Dana then stopped her strokes.

"Oh no, baby no, don't stop," she rambled.

"But. I thought—"

…Ring. Ring…

"Ohhh." Monica grabbed onto the little redhead's stilled hand. …Oh baby, God…

"I—I'm sorry, but I thought that—"

"I know, I know, I might need to get it," she said stroking her lover's hand and waiting for the message machine to kick in and answer the phone-call for her.

"Hello. You've reached the Reyes residence. Please leave a message after the beep … Beeeeeeeeeep…"

"Mon? It's Eric..."

"Oh fuck," Monica reacted again to her ex-boyfriend's voice.

"…really need to come over some time today, I figure like maybe around my lunch-break or somethin', and get…"

"What?! Fuck no," she reacted again, still holding onto Dana's hand, then quickly reached over and grabbed the phone off its cradle. "Eric? What the hell are you talking about? You know it's my day off. Shit! And I told you yesterday—" she hesitated. "Um, okay, what?" she grumbled then listened as he explained himself.

Dana pursed her lips then eased back down against her lover's pulsating body and chest. …Oh my, my. Poor baby… Monica's heart was pounding so fast below her ear, her whole body was pulsating with arousal. …Wow. Poor baby... She must have really been close to coming—closer than the little redhead had first thought. …Um, um, um. Well, well, well. As soon as you end this conversation and hang up the phone, I'll start again, my sweet, and finish making love to you… She grinned then kissed her gently between her breasts.

Monica grinned at the sweet and tender kiss then stated firmly, "No. That is unacceptable," to him then glanced over by her dresser. "Um, yes. I see it." …Crap!… He had left his wallet and checkbook over on the floor, by her dresser yesterday afternoon, while he had quickly packed up his things to remove them from her home. Their three-month relationship was over. And he had come by yesterday afternoon to pick up his things, because the love-of-her-life had now entered her life—eleven days ago to be exact—and was now in her town, in her bed, lying on top of her, and waiting patiently to make love to her again. …Shit… But he had left his wallet and checkbook over there on the floor next to her dresser yesterday afternoon. "Eric? No. Now listen. That's not—" She stopped again then listened to his side of the situation. "Oh Christ, okay, shit. No. It's just that, I'm on my day off, and I've got an out-of-town guest staying…"

…An out-of-town guest?... Dana chuckled. …Hum. Well. That'll work...

"Yes. Yes. Umum. Nope. Until further notice." …Smartass…

Dana chuckled again at her sudden change in tone.

…Ohhh… Monica felt her lover's slight chuckles against her chest then reached down and cupped her chin making eye-contact. "Baby, I'm sorry," she mouthed, barely audible, and lifting the mouthpiece up and away from Eric's earshot for a moment.

"No problem." Dana shook her head and winked.

Monica twisted her lips for a moment then double-winked herself. "Be done in a minute."

Dana nodded and grinned. It was okay. Monica had to do what she had to do to appease him and curb him from coming over some time later in the day around lunchtime. It was not her fault that he had called while they were in the middle of doing something so much fun.

Monica winked at her again then responded back to him, "Okay, but can you make it some time later in the afternoon? Like maybe around three, three-thirty? Right. You've got some cash on you, don't you?" She wanted to at least be considerate of his situation. She winked at Dana again then nodded over to the leather wallet and checkbook lying on the floor next to her dresser.

Dana glanced over. "Oh. Crap," she mouthed herself. No wonder the handsome, young, baby-blue-eyed, Brad-Pitt-look-a-like had called. He was out of money, without his ID and without his Driver's License.

"Umhum. Okay. Three o'clock. I'll leave it in a plastic bag inside the birdfeed-canister out on the back porch. Nope. No, I’m not going to be here, and even if I were—Eric? Umm," she grumbled. "No. I told you yesterday. I'm not, I don't want to have this conversation with you right now. Nope. Not until some time next week. Hah. No way. Would you just listen to yourself right now? You're already getting angry! No. I told you! Shit! I am not going to discuss this with you right now! End of discussion. Nope, not until you can—" …Oh fuck… She rolled her eyes. She could hardly believe it that she was on the phone arguing with her ex-boyfriend, while her best-girlfriend was between her legs patiently waiting for her to hurry up and get off this frickin' phone! So she could begin to make love to her again! …Shit!… "Yes. Between three and three-thirty." They agreed. She smiled then winked at Dana.
Dana grinned.

"Right. Next week. Bye." She hung up the phone. "Good God, Al—I'm sorry."

Dana chuckled.



"Christ, he left his—" She nodded over by the dresser again.

"Um, yes, I saw that. So he's coming by at three to pick them up?"

"Yes, gosh, I'm sorry, Dana."

"It's okay, it's not your fault. But are you sure he didn't do it on purpose?"

She smirked. "Um, no, actually, I'm not. I think he did. Nice detective work, Agent Scully."

Dana chuckled again. "Well. He's keeping his line of communication open for a little while longer, until he can figure out what happened," she said then eased in, kissing her lover on the cheek, and then the nose, and then the lips, resuming where they had left off.

"Mmm, ohhh, yeah, I know, and I'm not sure if, mmm, ohhh, I'll, mmm, ohhh, Dana…"


"…mmm, ohhh, God, don’t stop, whatever you do, don’t stop, please, don't stop, mmm, ohhh, baby…" the panting brunette wriggled and squirmed through the deepening kisses.

"Um, I won't," Dana reassured her as she slid her hand down and began to drum her fingers across Monica's steamy-wet entrance again, massaging and lightly pressing them inside, then slid a wetted thumb up towards her swollen clit again, rebuilding the heat.

"…mmm, ohhh, baby…"

It wasn't taking Monica's body long at all to resume its impending orgasmic responses to Dana's seductive stimulations.


"…mmm, ohhh, Dana..."

"Hum?" Ten minutes later, the little redhead was still teasing her, kissing her, stroking her, and playing with her, keeping her exactly where she wanted her—right on the edge of an orgasm—and yet deliberately slowing down her strokes, just when her baby was about to come, driving the squirming brunette wild with unrelenting sexual tension.

"…mmm, ohhh, baby, God, what are you—? ohhh…" she wiggled and moaned into every little tease.

"Learning. Doing my research."

…Your research? Shit... "…mmm, ohhh, God, but baby? ohhh, mmm..."

"Discovering what you like, and what you don’t like," the redhead explained as she dipped her fingers inside her once again—just barely inside her steamy-wet entrance—then gently circled the velvety-soft folds of skin.

"…mmm, ohhh, baby, God..."

…Ring. Ring…

"…oh no, nononononono…" the teetering-on-the-edge brunette began to ramble.

Dana instantly stopped her strokes—again—in reaction to the intrusive chime.

"Hah. Dana? Christ!" she fussed.

…Ring. Ring…

"Well, I—" The redhead shrugged.

Well, what?" …Damn!…

"I, well—" She shrugged again. …Wow!… She didn't really understand why she had stopped either. And she had assured her just minutes before that she wouldn't. But for some strange reason the disruptive phone was bothering her this morning. And, too, she was on a mission. She wanted to take her sweet time and learn all about her lover's sexy body—every little curve, every little groove, every little indention, every little crease, every little wrinkle, every little fold of skin—in and around her entrance and very core. She was a medical doctor after all. And she wanted to memorize every little centimeter of her lover's sensuous body. And burn those sweet, delectable memories into her brain—as she learned, manipulated, and stimulated her body—monitoring all the reactions to her stimulations, as she burned those sweet, delectable memories into her brain forever.

"Honey?" Monica whimpered again grabbing onto her stilled hand. "Please, I need you to—"

…Ring. Ring…


"Oh shit," she grumbled again. …Fuck! God!... Her entrance and vaginal walls were convulsing so urgently right now. But Dana had stopped—again—in spite of her earlier assurances.

"Hello. You've reached the…"

"Well, baby, I'm sorry. But—"

"Hah. Dana? Dios mío!" Monica was so frustrated. But what more could she say? Dana had stopped on her—again—with all of her magical manipulations.

Dana just shrugged.

"…Brown. When you get this, give me a call, okay? I need to talk to ya. It's important. Not urgent, but important. Thanks. … Beeeeeeeeep …"

"Oh crap, and what would he be wanting this time of morning anyway? And on my day off at that. Shit!" the hot-n-horny brunette grumbled again at the cryptic message as she readjusted her hot-n-horny pelvis for a moment.

"Brown. He's your new partner right?"

"Yeah, possibly. Brown or Gordon."

"Maybe you should return the call."

"Hah. Hell no, God! No way, not right now. Shit! I need you to finish making love to me," she said grabbing onto her lover's hand and placing it right back where she wanted it—right between her legs.

"Oh," Dana yelped. "Okay." She was happy to oblige.

…Ring. Ring…

"Well, fuck! Fuck-n-ay!" the frustrated brunette growled again. "Damn phone."

Dana snorted.

"Shit. Damn! It's my day off, but does anybody give a flyin'—?" she fussed again.

Dana giggled. "Ohhh, poor baby." Yes. She did. She gave a flying fuck. And she wanted to give her a fuck, too, if the phone would ever stop ringing.

…Ring. Ring…

Dana giggled again then suggested, "Well, we could just ignore it this time, want to?" rising back up and tenderly kissing the flustered brunette once again on the lips, beginning to start all over again.

"Mmm, oh yes, please, that's what I wanted you to do, please, ignore it, Dana, yes, please, let's just ignore it," Monica insisted grabbing onto her hand once again and placing it right back down where she wanted it—right squarely between her legs.

…Mmm, oh yeah… Monica was so wet. "Okay, easy baby, I'll take care of you," Dana reassured her once again even as the phone continued to ring.

"Mmm, ohhh, yeah, I need you to—"

"Shhh, sweetie I'm going to start over again, okay?"

"What? No, why? Don't do that."

"Shhh, yes, baby, I need to start over again, so I can do it right," the redhead said. Her lover was still somewhat flustered right now to not start over and get her emotions back in-sync with her body.


"Shhh, baby, trust me."

"Hello. You've reached the…"

"Oh frig, I hope it's not—"

"Shhh, Moni, trust me, we're going to ignore it this time, right? That's what we want to do, isn't it? Hum?" the redhead said as she began to suckle and kiss her lover all over again, slowly making her way back down to the valley between her legs.

"Mmm, ohhh yes, yesyesyes…"

Dana chuckled at her lover's pants. She was so about to come again.

"…Gordon, and I need to talk to you—stat. Something's come up and…"

"Oh crock," Monica reacted again to this latest caller, frustrated. …Shit!... She was almost there—about to come—all over again. …Shit!… But she couldn't relax and just ignore this disruptive phone-call anymore than Dana could at the moment.

"…called and Reigel's threatening to call you back in…"

"What? Oh God, no, surely not." She looked at Dana.

Dana instantly stopped her loving licks and kisses—again.

"…guessing around eleven…"

"Ohhh." Her eyes watered up.

"…imperative that I speak with you…"

Dana just sighed, frustrated herself. But what more could she do? Monica needed to answer the phone-call. It sounded rather important—if not urgent.

Monica quickly rose up, kissed the little redhead on the cheek, and then grabbed the phone off its cradle. "Hey, it's Reyes, what's up?"

…Oh wow, gosh… Dana just pursed her lips in frustration. …Good grief… Surely her baby's boss was not about to call her back into the office this morning after promising her the rest of the week off. Surely. …Darn… She wasn't finished making sweet, hot, passionate love to her this morning. But then, she wouldn’t be surprised. FBI agents didn’t have lives outside the bureau. They were on call twenty-four-seven. That's how it was, and that's how it always would be. …Darn. But now? Crap…

"Really?" Monica replied then looked at Dana again. "But why? I don't understand, I thought—Um," she grunted then reached up and caressed the redhead's cheek. "Okay, but he needs to talk to Cunny, not me, because I'm not the one that—Um. Okay. What time?"

…Oh no, please… Dana's tummy lurched inside her gut as she lay there listening quietly. …Oh God, no, please don't call her back in, please, please not now, please… Gosh. It had been such an incredibly fantastic morning—with the exquisite sunrise, the exhilarating lovemaking, the refreshing little breakfast—with Rocky Road ice-cream, and all the little olives and pickles on top—and then some more rejuvenating lovemaking. …Crap… And now this—all of these disruptive phone-calls to interrupt them, every single time they tried to continue with their soul-cleansing lovemaking. …Crap…

Of course, it was understandable why Eric had called. He needed his wallet, ID and checkbook. But for Reigel to possibly be calling her baby back into work on her much-needed day off? …Crap… Granted she had already taken two of her other personal days off. But still. She deserved them—taking some of her own annual/personal/vacation days off—after everything she had just been through over the last several days on the job. …Hum… Although, something must be up, for both Brown and Gordon to call her within a minute or two of each other. …Oh gosh… She groaned inwardly, so frustrated at the situation, too.

"No, I'll call him, I'm not going to wait on it, and thanks, Eugene. Jim called me earlier, so, yeah, okay. No. I'm fine. Umhum, and I'll call him right now. Thanks, you're a sweetheart." She then hung the phone up.


"Well. Reigel's threatening to call me in for another meeting with the board, Internal Affairs."

"What? Why? I thought you had already given them your statement."

"I did."

"So what's the glitch?"

"I don't know. Honestly, I don't."

"But you had nothing to do with what happened out there. Christ! The man tried to kill you!" Dana reacted in anger.

"Shhh." Monica instantly wrapped her arms around her for a few seconds. "Shhh, I know, and it'll be okay. Just let me call Cunny, and see what's going on, okay?"

Dana nodded growing more agitated with each passing second herself. But then when an FBI agent had been gunned down in the line of duty, it could take several days, if not several weeks, to sort out all the details to the bureau's satisfaction.

Monica then dialed her immediate boss's office phone number.

Dana rolled back over in the bed, deciding that the best thing she could do for right now was calm herself back down, lay back, relax, and just wait and see what happened next. But she certainly did hope that Cunny (or Reigel) would not call her lover back into work right now, to meet with the local Internal Affairs Board to give them more information, from her perspective, as to what all had transpired out there in the swamps last Sunday night when her crazed partner, Agent Brian Pierce, had threatened to kill her and had been deliberately gunned down in the process to thwart his deadly threat.

…Crap… She listened quietly as her lover talked to ASAC Cunningham on the phone. She could hear most of the conversation too, because he had a rather loud voice, and Monica had angled the earpiece up from her ear slightly, so that his voice could carry over into Dana's earshot as well.


Fifteen minutes later...

"Oh whew," Dana sighed in relief.

"Um, yeah." Monica did, too.

"Thank God you don't have to go in."

"Yep. Not until tomorrow morning at least. But, I'm still a little concerned."

"Well, I don’t think there's anything to be concerned about. It sounds as if they're just making sure they've got all the i's dotted and the t's crossed."

"Yeah. Whew. And I really don't want to remember anything about that night right now either, you know?"

"Mmm, me neither, so let's see how quickly I can take our minds off that night and onto much better things, like right now, this morning," Dana grinned as she ran her hand down her lover's tummy and caressed her navel then back up towards her chest and gently cupped a breast.

"Mmm, oh yes," Monica smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

"Oh yeah?"

"Um yeah. Make love to me, Dana Scully, before I die of deprivation."

"Oh my, my. Then I shall not let you go—not for even another second—without my touch. And chance the possibility of a carnal, Dana-deprivation."

Monica giggled.


Fifteen minutes later...

"Mmm, ohhh, yes," the trembling brunette panted and moaned—her body shivering and squirming into her lover's touch, with every little stroke of her hand. She was close, so very close to coming again.

…Ring. Ring…

"Oh no, nonononono," she reacted to the disrupting chime once more. …Not again, please...

"Shhh, let's ignore it."

"Right, let's just, ohhh..."

…Ring. Ring…

"…ohhh, Dana, please don't stop…"

"Shhh, baby, I won't."

"…ohhh, please, don't stop, I'm so close, so, ohhh yes, yesyesyes…"

…Ring. Ring…

Dana chuckled at her lover's encouraging pants. She was so close, so very close, right on the teetering-edge of climaxing again.

"Hello. You've reached the…"

"…mmm, mmm, ohhh, ohhh!…"

Dana grinned again as her lover's pants grew heavier, and deeper, and faster. …Oh yeah, baby, almost, almost baby, almost…

"…ohhh! nghh! nghh!…"

…Oh yeah, baby, that's it, that's it, almost, come on, come on… Her lover's hips were bucking and dancing so fast she could hardly keep the pressure steady. …Oh yeah, that's it, that's it, baby, mmm, yeah, come on, come on, just a few more…



"Mi Dios!"

They both jumped in reaction to the male voice yelling at Monica through the answering machine and into the room.

"It's Cunny! Where the hell are you?!…"

"Oh Christ," Monica reacted again as her body tightened up once more. Hell. It was her boss! Yelling at her through the answering machine.

…Oh crap... Dana instantly stopped her manipulations. …Damn!...

"Ohhh! Dana? Christ!" Monica grabbed her crotch again. …Jeeezzzus! Not again... Her insides were convulsing so fretfully.

"…Pick up. I need you to pick up…"


"Oh baby, I'm sorry, but I—"

"I know, IknowIknowIknow, Christ!" she panted again. How could she pick up the phone when she was about to come?

"…Reyes?! Where the hell are you?! I need you to…"

"Trying to get fucked goddamn it!" she reacted again to the intrusive phone-call.

Dana snorted then burst into a fit of laughter. …Poor baby…

"Jeeezzzus H. Christ!" she fussed again looking at Dana.

Dana just shrugged trying to quiet her giggles.

"Ohhh! My God!" she panted again. …Jeeezzzus!...What would it take to get a little peace and quiet around her this morning, so she could get a good lay? She quickly inhaled a deep breath, looked at Dana again, then answered calmly, "Hey, it's Reyes, what's up?" then quickly sucked in another deep breath, and held it, concealing her heavy breaths.

…Ohhh, poor baby... Dana watched her as she sucked in several more deep and controlled breaths—covering the mouthpiece with her hand—as she concealed those shivering close-to-orgasm pants from her boss. …Poor baby, my gosh... She chuckled again at her lover's predicament.

Monica cocked an eyebrow at her. It was not funny—not in the least—how much her body was aching and trembling for some relief.

Dana cocked an eyebrow then leaned in and resumed her kissing and caressing all over her breasts. After all, she had promised her she wouldn't stop.

"Oh, mm, mm," the teetering-on-the-edge brunette began to whimper in response. …Oh my God! Dana? I'm on the phone! With my boss! Shit!...

Dana cocked an eyebrow yet again running her tongue all around the panting brunette's areola, then suckled on the tight, taut tip.

"Oh, mm, mm," she barely whimpered again, practically inaudible. …Dana? My God!... But she couldn't do a thing about it—Dana's little suckles and kisses on her breasts—as she held onto the phone with one hand and covered the mouthpiece with the other.

Dana grinned, deciding to take full advantage of the situation, and then dived in a little lower—kissing, licking and suckling down her abdomen, cupping her crotch with her hand and gently caressing her clit—beginning to make love to her all over again, even as the teetering-on-the-edge brunette still conversed with her boss on the other end of the line.

"Mm, oh." …Dana?...

…Mmm, yummy… From the little redhead's perspective, this could prove to be a very interesting experiment—very interesting indeed—to see how well her lover could hide what she was doing to her, as she made love to her, causing her to pant, shiver and tremble all over the bed.

"Mm, mm, oh," Monica barely whimpered some more, quickly squeezing her legs together and stopping the little redhead's mischievous little strokes against her throbbing clit.

Dana grinned again. …Oh baby, that's not gonna work. I can still get to you. Oh yes, I can, I can still get to you… She giggled. Her hand was still conveniently trapped between her lover's legs—trapped directly over her steamy-wet entrance and clit—giving her all the access she would need to have a little fun yet. She then took full advantage of this latest situation and began to wriggle her fingers just inside her lover's entrance.

…Oh! My God! Holy shit!... "Mm, mm, oh," Monica whimpered and panted, barely audible, then stated calmly, "Yes sir, nine o'clock," as she stared into her mischievous little lover's eyes, then took a chance and grabbed onto her mischievous little hand, pulling it up and out from between her legs, as she sucked in another quick, deep breath and held it to keep her boss from hearing her light pants. "Yes sir, I can be there," she answered quickly, then sucked in another quick, deep breath.

Dana cocked an eyebrow yet again. …Mmm, baby, that's not gonna work either, oh no, I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you… she mused then began to suckle and lick and tug on the brunette's rock-hard nipples some more, almost driving the trembling brunette into a slight panic, with the urgent need to hurry up! And get off this frickin' phone! So she could come! And scream!—the little redhead's name out, as Dana had said she would do, almost a little over an hour ago, had it not been for all these godforsaken phone-calls. …Good God!... She had been on the edge of climax three times! Just to stop and start over again.

Dana continued to nip and tug on her breasts—suckling and pulling on her nipples with her lips—as the brunette held onto her hand, holding it down flat against her tummy, determined to not let it go and allow this little minx of a woman to begin to make love to her again. At least not between her legs, until she could get off this godforsaken phone.

Dana giggled. She knew her lover was still basically on the teetering-edge of orgasm. She could feel it, touch it, smell it, as her lover trembled underneath her. And she had decided that it was just a matter of seconds now, before her lover would ultimately come from her suckling kisses anyway—on the phone, conversing with her boss, or not—as she continued her sexual onslaught; suckling, licking and tugging on her voluptuous breasts, one and then the other, and inching her hand down towards the brunette's aching crotch, even as Monica tried to stop her contrary little hand.

…Oh! God!... Monica squeezed that contrary little hand once more, trying to keep it still and flat against her abdomen. Dana had now inched it down a little farther, to her lower abdomen. And she was having no luck at all with her slightly panicked attempts to keep that contrary little hand still. Her tenacious little lover was successfully inching her way down, closer and closer, towards her tingling clit, closer and closer. …Oh, baby, God!...

Dana had reached her pubic hair.

…Oh Jeezus!… And if she did not stop what she was doing—combing her fingers through her thick, dark-as-midnight pubic hair, and inching her way down, closer and closer to her clit—she was going to come! Simple as that. "Mm, mm," she whimpered again. …God! Baby? God!... Her heart was pounding so hard inside her chest she thought it might absolutely explode from all her pent-up sexual tension. And her clit was throbbing so deep she could almost panic from the need to relieve it from all of the sexual pressure. …Oh God!...

Dana continued to inch her way down a little farther until her middle finger was just within an inch of her goal.

…Ohhh! Christ!... Monica's entrance was beginning to quiver again in anticipation. And if the little redhead did not stop what she was doing—circling her finger closer and closer, within a half-inch of her goal—she was going to come! Right now! Any second! She was going to come! Even as her boss was still on the other end of the line, giving her further instructions, as she quite possibly lost control and just came! With him hearing every single slip of her tongue on the other end of the line. …Ohhh! God! Christ! Dana?...

Dana kept circling and circling her middle fingertip lower and lower towards her clit.

…Ohhh! Christ!... She sucked in another quick, deep breath, squeezing her legs together yet again and forcing her teetering-on-the-edge orgasm to the wayside once more, as she took a calculated risk and let go of her lover's tenaciously mischievous little hand, then grabbed onto the back of her head, temporarily slowing her nips and tugs on her breasts, and then eased her chin up.

Dana relented.

Their eyes locked.

She widened her eyes at her. …"Dana? Honey, please! I can’t take any more."…

Dana grinned wickedly. …"Oh yes you can, I know you can."…

…What? Oh my God, no, baby, no, I can’t take this, not any more, no, oh my God!... She reacted to her lover's thoughts. And, oh no she couldn't. She couldn't take any more of this, not for hardly another second, could she take any more of this. She couldn't—all of these stimulating little manipulations along her breasts, mound and just to the edge of her clit. She was about to explode! From all the pent-up sexual pressure. And she couldn't take it anymore. She couldn’t. Or she was going to come! Simple as that.

Dana grinned wickedly yet again. …"Oh yes you can, baby, I know you can, and I'm gonna make you come, right now, right this instant, so I can watch you squirm."…

"Oh God," the trembling brunette whimpered softly in response to her lover's thoughts then quickly repositioned the mouthpiece over her lips and replied calmly to her boss yet again, "Yes sir, I can do that, tomorrow morning," then raised the mouthpiece back up and out of the way of her slight whimpers. …Ohhh! Dana! God!... Her hips were beginning to dance all over the bed again, searching for some relief, and for Dana's hand, to hurry up and come enter her quivering center and fill her warm, wet chamber with her fingers. If Dana touched her anywhere near her quivering entrance, she was going to come. Simple as that.

Dana then reached up with that same hand and caressed her flushed cheek.

…Ohhh, Christ! Thank God… The brunette pulled the mouthpiece back down in front of her lips. "Yes sir, Reigel's office, tomorrow morning. See you then," she said then hurriedly hung up the phone—slamming it down against its cradle, and almost dropping it down to the floor in the process—then grabbed onto her lover's hand, pulling it from her cheek, and then shoved it down between her legs, as fast as she could take it there, then thrust Dana's fingers deep inside her. "Ngh! Ohh!" Her body jerked up into the sudden fullness. She then gasped, "Dana! Quick! Finish it! Finish me, baby, finish me! Please! Finish me!"

…Whoa! Wow! Okay!… Dana quickly rolled them both over in the bed then slid in underneath her, pulling her up into a kneeling position, and then began to thrust her fingers deep inside of her, deeper and deeper, as Monica threw her head back, grabbing onto her shoulders, and began to ride out the orgasmic waves, exploding into an orgasm within milliseconds.

"Ngh! Ohh! Yes! Dana, Yes! Oh! YES! DANA!" she puffed, and panted, and ultimately screamed Dana's name out with every thrust.

Dana creamed herself. …Oh yeah!… How she loved making this woman scream out her name like that when she came. …Oh yeah, baby!... She was making her baby scream! Just as she had said she would, not quite an hour-and-a-half ago. Which just magnified her need to see how much more she could take.

"NGH! NGH! OHH!" Monica grunted into every thrust, slamming her hips in hard against her lover's hand, arching her back and pushing her crotch in even deeper, needing her to go in even deeper and fill her insides with her hand.

Dana cocked an eyebrow, wondering if her lover really did want her to fist her, like a fish. She quickly decided that she would not do that right now, but just give her a little more of her hand, all of her knuckles, all of her fingers, and then slide and curl two of those fingers up towards her cleft, stimulating her G-spot, for a nice climactic end to this awesome little session of heatedly passionate lovemaking.

"NGH! NGH! OH! NO, WAIT!" The panting brunette suddenly panicked and grabbed onto her hand.

…Oops. Uh-oh… Dana slowed her strokes. "What baby? What is—?"

"NGH! OH! NO!" the panicked brunette panted again clutching at her hand and signaling her to stop whatever she was doing.

…Oh crap… Dana instantly stopped her G-spot stimulations and then resumed her deep-finger-thrusts following her lover's cues as to what she really wanted, to be finished off.

"Mm, oh, yes, that's it, that's it, yes, that's, yes, yes, yes…" the orgasmic brunette whimpered again recovering rather quickly from her earlier slight panic.

"Better?" Dana asked thrusting her fingers in deeper and faster.

"…mm, oh, yes, yes, just like, yes, yes baby, yes, just like, mm, oh…" the brunette whimpered again as her hips began to dance again, thrusting hard against her lover's hand, as her mound bumped and grinded against her breasts. "…mm, ohh, yes, just like, oh yes, yesyesyes…" she instructed feeling yet another climactic wave coming on.

Dana giggled. She was about to come herself, just sitting there thrusting her hand deep inside her lover, as her lover straddled her hips, on her knees, and bumped her mound in against her chest. …Oh baby!... Her lover's mound was dancing and bouncing so fast, bumping her breasts with every single thrust, and soaking her chest with that sweet, musky aroma. "Oh Moni." She could easily come herself. "Mmm, baby." She wrapped her arm around those thrusting hips and waist a little tighter and then buried her face in, just above her sweaty mound, then breathed in that fresh, sweet, aphrodisiacal scent of her woman, as the orgasmic brunette began to come in her arms again, rocking her hips in a little faster, and a little harder, as the redhead matched her every thrust.

"Mmm, ohhh! Yes! Dana! Yes! Oh! God! DANA!" she screamed out yet again, her knees and thighs squeezing in against the redhead's hips and ribcage, signaling that one last, final climax, before collapsing down into her arms, tossing them both to the bed, as Dana then stilled her hand and wrapped her other arm more securely around her.

"Oh Moni."

"Mm, oh, Dana," the out-of-breath brunette panted.

"Hum?" Dana grinned licking her lips. …God!... Was this woman ever so hot when she came.

"Oh, mmm, my God," she panted again, trying to catch her breath, as she lay there exhausted on top of her smiling lover.

"Yes, my sweet?"

"Mm, oh, God, don’t think, I can move," she panted again.

Dana began to giggle.

"Mm, oh, hush," she panted again then began to giggle, too.


And yet another fifteen minutes later...

"Mmm, oh Moni," Dana teased her again.

"Yeah?" Monica grinned then rolled over in the bed again.

"Wow," the redhead teased her again.

"Gosh, I didn’t hurt you did I? Or the baby?"

"No, of course not. I love it when you come against me like that."


"Mmm, yeah, bathe me with your sweet juices."

…Ohhh… Monica giggled again, slightly self-conscious about her sweet juices, then rolled over towards the little redhead once again.

"Mmm Monica, that was so out-of-this-world."

"You think?" she giggled.

"Mmm, yeah, I think. Gosh, I love to make you come like that, and scream my name out like that when you do."

…Ohhh… Monica blushed, slightly self-conscious about her tendency to scream her lover's name out like that too when she came. She chuckled then buried her flushed face and cheeks in against her lover's neck.

"Oh baby come here, come closer," Dana whispered, then snaked her arm underneath her ribcage and pulled her in wrapping her up even tighter in her arms.

"Mmm, my gosh, what you do to me sometimes, woman," Monica panted again, snuggling her warm, sensuous body in against her.

"Yeah? You okay? Did you get enough?" Dana teased her again as she combed her fingers through her thick, raven hair.

"Oh, my gosh, yes, are you kidding? Yes! It was everything I could ever want and more," she said tickling her ear with that comment.

"Mmm, good, because, there for a few minutes, I was wondering if we'd ever—"

"Mmm, I know, frickin' phone," Monica chuckled then nuzzled her nose in against her lover's neck.

"So, are you okay? Really?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well. When you—When I—When we—Um, gosh baby, I should have waited before trying that so soon."

…Huh? What?... Monica cocked an eyebrow as she rose up to look into her eyes. "Dana? What are you talking about?" "When you—When I—When we—Well—When you—Gosh. I'm almost positive, that you were about to—" "Oh. That." …Jeez... The bewildered brunette suddenly understood. "I um—Wow! I—I panicked, Dana, I—I didn't mean to, but I panicked," she said looking away. "Oh no, it's all right. I'm just glad that you told me, sweetheart. Especially if it didn't feel quite right, and you didn’t want it right then. And I apologize for trying it so soon, I shouldn't have tried it without talking to you about it first. But I'm glad that you trusted in me enough to tell me," Dana responded cupping her lover's cheeks and raising her head up so she could look into her eyes again.

"I um—Wow! I—Gosh."

"Moni? I want you to always tell me, okay? I want you to always tell me, when something is not going quite right, or the way that you would like for it to, when we make love. Okay? Tell me, and I'll stop. Immediately."

"I um—Wow! Okay." Monica's eyes widened in amazement, gazing into hers.

"Good. I want you to tell me, sweetie, so that I can adjust to whatever you need."

"Oh. Wow. Okay." Monica gazed into her eyes, mesmerized with that fresh, new idea. None of her other lovers had ever asked, or cared enough, to learn about what made her feel good; nor had they been willing to adjust themselves to whatever she might need to feel good.

"Good, baby. Now, I want you to tell me what happened. What made your body react and tighten up like that? Do you know?" she said caressing the brunette's cheek with her thumb.

"Um, well, actually, it—It felt like—Like I was gonna—Jeez!" she gasped as her eyes suddenly widened in slight panic all over again.

"Oh. I see," Dana chuckled. …Oh my, my. So you were that close… She chuckled again. …Umhummm… Which meant, her baby had probably felt that quite common, yet quite frustrating, false sensation of needing to empty her bladder, just before letting go and releasing into an ejaculation. "Hum." She smiled again, her eyes twinkling with the thought. "So, maybe it felt like, you needed to empty something?" she smiled, understanding her lover's slight panic and hesitation from just moments before.

"I—Yes! God! It freaked me out! And I thought—Christ!" The brunette's cheeks flushed the brightest cherry red again.

"Oh sweetheart," Dana chuckled at her embarrassment, reaching up and caressing her cheek. "Baby, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. And you weren't about to do that," she clarified. "You were about to ejaculate. Your body wanted to ejaculate," she explained as she continued to rub her thumb across the flustered brunette's bright rosy-red cheek. …Oh baby, it's okay… Her lover's body was so virginal when it came to some things—like ejaculating for the very first time.

"I—Really? I was? It—I was about to—?"

"Yes," Dana grinned leaning up and rubbing noses with her.

"But I—Really?"

"Umhum. You don't feel like you need to go right now, do you?"

"Um, no."

"Okay. So, you see?" she grinned again. "It most always feels like that, just for a few seconds, and then it goes away. And then—Whoosh! Wow! Splash!" She widened her eyes at her.

"Splash?" Monica felt her cheeks growing warm again.

"Yeah. Whoosh. Wow. Splash," Dana giggled again rubbing noses with her.

"Well, um—Yeah, but—I mean—Gosh! I'm not sure that I like that, I mean—God!"

"Oh baby, that was my fault. Don't—Oh Moni, I hope you don’t make any final decisions based on that. That was my fault, and I should have never tried it, not without talking to you about it first, and explaining to you what it might feel like, and what to expect, just before ejaculating, and splashing your sweet juices all over me. I knew you—"

"Oh God." Monica buried her bright-cherry-red, flushed cheeks in against her lover's chest again. …Jeez…


"You—Gosh, that is so embarrassing, all this talk about, my sweet juices and—Jeez," she said. …Christ! How embarrassing… She didn’t know what was so sweet about them.

"Oh yes, my sweet. You and your sweet juices. Mmm, I'm so revitalized by your sweet juices, like a cup of sweet nectar, on a bright summer day."

"Oh gosh," Monica groaned again, very embarrassed indeed, as she kept her bright-cherry-red, flushed face and cheeks buried in against her lover's chest.

"Sweetheart? There's nothing to be embarrassed about," Dana giggled again. "And I would really like to try it again, too, if you'll let me. I'd really like to try it, and this time talk you through it, as I take my time, alleviate your concerns, and allow your body to relax and respond into it naturally; with no preconceived notions of how it is supposed to be, but just let it happen, naturally, okay?" she said beginning to stroke the brunette's back and shoulder-blades with her palms.

"I um. Hum." Monica lay there quietly, thinking about her lover's wants and desires for them. …Hum… Well. She had always wanted to learn how to ejaculate. And the only one she would ever even consider teaching her was Dana Scully. …Hum…

"So, you think you might be ready to go for it? Or not?" the redhead prompted her.

"Right now?" Monica yelped. …Jeez!...

"Nooo," Dana laughed heartily. "No, of course not right now. But, maybe later. Like maybe some time later tonight, or tomorrow afternoon or something."

"Hum." Monica lay there thinking about it as she listened to her lover's strong, steady heartbeat. ...Hum... "Yeah. Okay. I'm ready. At least I think I'm ready. But, I got spooked earlier, so—"

"I know, baby, and that was my fault. I should have never tried it without discussing it with you first. I knew you'd never done it before. But, will you let me be the one to teach you? Hum? I'd love to be the one to teach you, and show you how."

"Oh my God," Monica giggled. …Jeez… She could not imagine it being anyone else but Dana Scully, to teach her how to do something as intimate and as special as that. "Oh my God, Dana. You're the only one for me, my gosh. I'd never want anyone else but you to teach me," she winked then leaned in for another kiss.

"Mmm, the only one?" Dana grinned squeezing her tight.

"Oh yeah, the only one for me, my love," she reiterated beginning to shower her with more suckles and kisses all over her neck and throat and chest and wherever else she wanted more kisses.

"Mmm, okay, tonight. Or tomorrow afternoon, or—"

"Both," Monica offered as she continued to shower the little redhead with more suckles and licks and kisses.

"Mmm, Moni."


"Mmm, yeah, right there."

Monica chuckled again then rolled her over and began to concentrate more of her efforts on "right there".


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