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 Forewarning: This page is a work in progress.
 When we are first introduced to Special Agent Monica J. Reyes ("This Is Not Happening"), she is currently assigned to the New Orleans, LA field office and has been called in by John Doggett, to help find Fox Mulder. Then, several months later, when Doggett assigns her to the "X-Files", she moves to 67 Bennett Avenue, Washington, DC (according to "4-D"). Then, in my goofy little head, and after what happens to her in "4-D", she decides that she's done with that particular aparment and wants to move out of the city. And she also has two other very important reasons in her life to make such a move, Dana & William. And her need to keep them protected from all of the alien replacement/super soldier types lurking around. So, as my Series develops, she will be moving from New Orleans, LA to Washington, DC, and then eventually to Lake Barcroft, VA. Below is a small discription of the wonderfully nice atmosphere she and Dana, along with little William, will share, at least for a little while. And as I continue through the Series, I will up date this page. But for now, so sorry that there is not more info on it. MGR

LAKE BARCROFT is only eight miles from Washington and is hidden in the woods off Columbia Pike. It is one of the greatest and best kept treasurers in Fairfax County with its five white sand beaches, sailing, fishing, and bird watching. First developed in the 1950's, it is a lush paradise that lawyers, high tech people, bankers, diplomats, politicians, and one retired Supreme Court Justice call home.
The 135 acre lake has over seven miles of meandering, heavily treed shoreline that make the lake look natural rather than man made. There are 1030 residences, 266 of which are lake front and many of which are lake view. All homes are within a short walk of one of the beaches. No gasoline powered engines are allowed on the lake, but many waterfront residents have private docks and electrically powered pontoon boats. Canoes and small sail boats abound. It it a quiet refuge from the fast paced world around it.Three private recreational clubs have tennis courts and swimming pools. Barcrofters publish their own telephone directory which gives the names of family members as well as the rules for boating and fishing on the lake. There is a monthly newsletter, a spring grden contest, and a Newcomers club.


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